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May 13 - May 19 New games

12 games
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Devil War: Doom Shooting Game

Devil War: 3D first-person shooter with challenging battles, pets, and equipment upgrade system in a science fiction world. Save humanity!

Devil War: Doom Shooting Game707 INTERACTIVE: Fun Epic Casual Games
Step into an action-packed 3D first-person shooter and become a devil hunter in Devil War. With doom on the horizon, it's up to you to take your sniper and save humanity by eradicating all devils. Brace yourself for the challenges of this sniper action game and experience an immersive story while engaging in science fiction warfare. Your objective is to eliminate deadly sins, defeat seven lords, and complete seven areas. In your quest, resist devil attacks, defeat lords, and collect equipment to strengthen your arsenal. Upgrade your pet, an imp, and turn it into a lethal fighting machine. As you progress, equip yourself with more powerful guns, build up your weaponry, and become nearly invincible by upgrading to the top-level equipment. Advance your hero and unlock divine skills to help you complete missions and obtain even more rewards. Enjoy the following game features in Devil War: * Epic FPS game with stunning visual effects * Simplified controls that make it easy to aim and shoot your targets * Fast-paced battles that keep you engaged and challenged * Unique development system that allows you to upgrade your hero, equipment, and pet * Exquisite game graphics with real character models, equipment, and maps * Ingenious game level design that demands strategic thinking * A rich selection of hero skins to choose from * Fascinating storyline that immerses you in the game world * Rich game contents to keep you entertained The Devil War universe is complex and the experience is unforgettable. Play now to explore this new world, destroy evil forces and devil worlds as a demon hunter, and protect humanity from doom. Meet up with fellow Devil War players on the game's Discord or Facebook pages for even more fun and excitement! Facebook: Discord:
Boxes: Lost Fragments

Explore a lavish mansion as a legendary thief, solve 20 original puzzle boxes, and uncover a mysterious and compelling storyline.

Boxes: Lost FragmentsSnapbreak
As a renowned thief, your next mission beckons you to a luxurious and magnificent mansion. Inside, a series of intricate puzzle boxes await you, created for an undisclosed purpose. Before long, it becomes apparent that you are no longer in command of the situation, and possibly never were. Disbelief begins to consume you as you ponder whether this estate is simply a lavish residence or a place of confinement. What should have been a simple in-and-out job, slowly becomes a daunting fight for freedom and answers. Enthused by the enigmatic ambiance, complex machinery, and flawlessly responsive controls of the most impressive escape room games, we have crafted twenty exclusive puzzle boxes that will put your endurance and skill to the test, allowing you to explore and decipher this captivating and perplexing quest. Each puzzle box is a pleasure to behold, unique, and aesthetically pleasing— a mystery to unravel.
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Champion Tower Defense

Command divine heroes in epic tower defense battles while utilizing strategic skill combos and a variety of hero combinations. Survive endless waves and push your limits.

Champion Tower DefenseBEBOLDLAB Inc.
Lead the charge with divine-powered heroes and protect your realm from an endless wave of brutal enemy attacks in this thrilling tower defense game. Immerse yourself in the ultimate tower defense experience that combines popular tower defense mechanics, strategic skill combo Blasts, cooperative hero tactics, and precise positioning. Don't wait any longer to push your limits, download now and join the fight! ■ Tower Defense Battle Get ready to fight and protect your kingdom as you meticulously deploy your team of legendary heroes in strategic slots to fend off dragons and monsters in epic tower defense battles. ■ Skill Combo Blasts With the unique strengths and weaknesses each hero possess, you must implement strategic moves and utilize their abilities. Keep an eye on the battlefield and make tactical decisions during combat with an easy touch-and-drag control system. For those new to skill combo battles, the auto-battle option is there to let your heroes attack on their own. ■ Legends Survival Match Create a team of up to 10 legendary heroes and take on a never-ending wave of monsters. Upgrade their skills, fight and survive for as long as you can. ■ Heroes Epic RPG With thousands of hero combinations at your disposal, develop your own offensive and defensive strategies. Only a masterful combination of heroes can lead you to victory. Collect heroes from various countries and classes, work on team tactics and strategies, and create synergies to conquer the enemy. Follow us on Facebook: Contact us for any questions or concerns:
Vampire Legacy. City Builder

Vampire Legacy: City Builder challenges you to reunite humans and vampires by building and managing a medieval settlement, while unraveling a dark curse and recruiting heroes.

Vampire Legacy. City BuilderCrazy Panda FZCO
Welcome to the world of Vampire Legacy: City Builder, a captivating game that immerses you in a medieval world fraught with secrets, where humans and vampires live together in a delicate balance. The intricate storyline, which recounts a long-forgotten event that disrupted the lives of the local populace, creating tension between the two races, will keep you hooked till the end. As the head of a village, it's your responsibility to restore the prosperity of the town by mining resources, constructing new buildings, and developing the economy. Make your town an icon of success through the construction of breath-taking architectural wonders, signifying your achievement of reuniting humans and vampires. Don't forget to keep your citizens happy by organizing fantastic festivals and decorating the streets. Recruit a team of the most remarkable heroes to help you deal with the mysterious curse that's haunting your village, such as a brave lady from the vampire clan and a genius botanist from your community. Get absorbed in the intricately designed world of Vampire Legacy: City Builder, with its stunning graphics that bring the medieval world to life, featuring majestic buildings, cozy streets, and mesmerizing sceneries. Get ready to experience an adventure full of mystery and thrills as you tackle sudden plot twists that arise in this fantastic world of fantasy. Download Vampire Legacy: City Builder now, and begin your journey to reunite the two feuding sides separated by darkness.
Guild of Guardians

Embark on an epic journey as a Guardian to conquer dungeons, loot, craft, and summon while competing on the leaderboard in Guild of Guardians.

Guild of GuardiansImmutable
Guild of Guardians is the ultimate Fantasy Idle RPG that offers the players an opportunity to embark on an epic adventure. The game presents a captivating fantasy world where the players can build an invincible team comprising of mighty Guardians. In this game, players will need to strategize their battles and collect exclusive and extraordinary loot and runes to enhance the abilities of their Guardians. The players will also need to pave their path towards legendary status in the magical world. Players will enter the fascinating world of Elderym, which was once a vibrant and thriving world. However, it has since been devastated by a corrupting force that has laid waste to its landscapes and twisted its inhabitants. Players will explore the remnants of the once-great cities that are now reduced to ruins and fight the evil creatures to restore the light to Elderym once again. The game offers a chance for players to build their dream team as each Guardian possesses its own unique abilities and skills. Players can strategically customize their Guardians to crush their enemies and anyone who dares to stand in their way will not survive. Challenging dungeons await the players in Guild of Guardians. They will face off against the most fearsome enemies in an increasingly challenging dungeon raid. However, with each victory, players will collect new powerful resources and equipment to level up their Guardians before continuing their epic journey. Players can loot, craft, and summon as they progress in their adventure. As they craft powerful weapons and summon new Guardians, they use the rewards from their Dungeons Challenges to enhance their resources and Guardian. The most powerful and fearless Guardians climb to the top of the leaderboard to stand a chance at winning exciting seasonal prizes. Players can connect with the community via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Discord, and YouTube. In the case of issues, players can contact the support team at Unleash your inner warrior and set on an epic adventure in Guild of Guardians. So, what are you waiting for? Join the fantasy world and conquer your enemies today!
Amikin Survival: Anime RPG

Amikin Survival: Anime RPGHelio Games
Embark on an adventure-filled with surprises and enchantment in the game 'Amikin Survival,' combining strategy, survival, and RPG elements. Join forces with adorable creatures to hunt, craft, and battle your way to the top as a champion. Immerse yourself in a vast open-world game, offering quests, tales, and memes at every turn. Take your first step as a survivor into this magical world. 🌟Become an Amikin Collector: Gotta Catch 'Em All! 🌟 Roam the wilderness in search of Amikins, mythical beings with unmatched capabilities and lovable personalities. These faithful companions are vital to your survival and success, providing a mixture of entertainment, strategy, and unexpected friendships that add flavor to your journey. Assemble your dream team and prepare for an adventure filled with excitement and anime-inspired charm. 🌟Home Base Haven: Automation with a Hint of Magic!🌟 Transform your base from a shelter into a magical hub where your Amikins are in charge. Their exclusive abilities ease build-up and automation tasks, adding a touch of magic to your daily routine and refined building games ingenuity. Experience your base transform into a lively hub, all thanks to your Amikin allies' innovative spirit. 🌟Power-Up Parade: Merge & Breed! 🌟 Combine and enhance your Amikins' abilities by merging the same types and breeding them to inherit top-notch traits. Boost every member of your squad to a champion's level, preparing them for the battlefield. Engage in this strategic enhancement process, eliciting inspiration from the best RPG games. 🌟Epic Explorations: Where Fantasy Meets Sci-Fi! 🌟 Explore the vast and wondrous world of Amikin Survival, where mysteries await and a fusion of fantasy and science fiction thrives. Introducing this world to the mixture of magic and technology, the gameplay is dense in discovery- similar to the immersive open-world games and adventure games. 🌟Meme Magic: Your Daily Dose of Laughter Guaranteed! 🌟 'Amikin Survival' blends anime's playfulness and whimsy with the RPG games' strategic depth, enriched with humor and meme magic. Relish in lighthearted and comical adventures and chuckles over nods to current pop culture, enjoying your journey filled with laughter and joy. Ready for an adventure you won't forget? 'Amikin Survival' invites you, fusing the excitement of anime games with the depth of strategy games and the allure of building games in a magical world. Build your base, expand your Amikin team, and explore the realm teeming with exciting discoveries. Download now and launch your epic journey filled with magic, trials, and the warmth of companionship. Start your legendary saga in the fantastic world of 'Amikin Survival' today!
Fortias Saga: Action Adventure

Fight dark forces to save humanity in Fortias RPG. Collect gold, recruit heroes, and battle monsters across diverse worlds.

Fortias Saga: Action AdventureONDI
Discover the world of Fortias, a vast continent ravaged by war in the 730th year of the Eradel calendar. A fierce conflict between human alliance and dark forces has arisen, threatening to annihilate the human race. Take on the role of a hero and embark on a perilous journey through multiple worlds to stop the dark forces' assault. Fight against swarms of monsters that serve the dark forces and collect gold, bread, and diamonds to boost your heroes' stats. Strengthen the defense of human faction buildings and heroes by strategically using the loot you acquire. Recruit diverse and powerful heroes through the Summon system, create teams, and confront mighty bosses in epic battles. FortiasSagaRPG features a vintage art style that immerses you fully in the game's retro world. Explore divine landscapes, visit more than 100 maps, and experience the thrill of new discoveries. Test the limits of your chosen heroes against thousands of monsters, elites, bosses, and obstacles. With over 90 unique heroes to join your crusade, allow your strategic mind to form the strongest party possible. Acquire rare, randomly generated heroes to increase your power exponentially. Roam the vast continent, confront monsters from different worlds, and defeat the dark forces' army. Stay tuned for more news and updates by following us on Facebook:
Braid, Anniversary Edition

Manipulate time to solve platform puzzles in the indie classic "Braid" Anniversary Edition. Updated graphics, audio commentary, and behind-the-scenes content. Netflix membership required.

Braid, Anniversary EditionNetflix, Inc.
To play "Braid Anniversary Edition," you must have a Netflix membership. The highly-regarded indie classic has been updated with refreshed artwork and even more in-depth creator commentary. Explore connected worlds with bizarre time properties. As you search for the Princess, you'll delve into memories and regrets from the past. This remastered platformer boasts fully repainted graphics and new sound effects. Use the unique properties of time to solve puzzles, like rewinding or pausing time. Successfully navigate hazards, unlock doors, and collect jigsaw puzzle pieces as you go. If you get stuck on a puzzle, no worries! Move to a different challenge and come back later. Everything you loved about the original game remains, including the ominous score. However, with an immense amount of effort, the developers have reimagined the game in high-resolution. Enjoy new visual details, animations, and sounds that further draw you in. But the biggest addition to the game is the extensive developer commentary. You'll have access to over twelve hours of insight and conversation from creator Jonathan Blow, artist David Hellman, and other team members. Navigate the in-game world to access the commentary, which also contains new puzzles and redesigned classics. As always, Thekla Inc. has produced this game. It's worth noting that Data Safety applies to the information you provide and use in this game. For more information, please refer to Netflix's Privacy Statement during account registration or other contexts.
Athenian Rhapsody

Build your own story in Athens with 16 unique party members, tons of enemies to fight or befriend, varying battle mechanics, puzzles and social events.

Athenian RhapsodyTop Hat Studios, Inc.
Welcome to Athenian Rhapsody, a hilarious and fresh RPG offering a comedic adventure in the wonderful world of Athens. Your goal is to create your own Rhapsody, which is the tale of your thrilling journey in this world, and it's all up to your decision-making skills. No other player can have an adventure exactly like yours. You will come across 16 possible characters to join your party. These personalities are all unique, and you will appreciate their depth and appreciate how you can adventure with any one of them. With various options, there is a perfect match for everyone. In this world full of action, you will have plenty of opportunities to encounter all sorts of enemies, and you are free to befriend them or fight against them. The possibilities are endless, and the opponents range from strange, tough, wacky, goofy to downright cute. Each battle you face features varied gameplay mechanics, keeping the experience fresh and exciting. Your opponents will nominate diverse characters and tactics. Prepare for the challenge and switch up your strategy according to the situation, and you'll face various mini-games. Humor is the fundamental creative component for this game. It delivers a fast-paced, zany, and ironic experience where everyone can laugh. The comic style complements the quest progress and enhances the player's escape and engagement. You will not run out of things to do, and there's always a new adventure waiting for you. Feel free to dive into rabbit holes, suspicious maneuvers, and pursue hidden secrets that will enrich your experience. You decide on your adventure and have complete control of the narrative. There's no need to rely on RNG; you choose the direction you want your pathway to follow. This way, your player experience becomes personalized, and your progress is then recorded into your playthrough's Rhapsody. The game features a series of mental challenges and puzzles that will intensify as you progress. Be prepared to face mind-bendingly challenging trials such as "Spell Richard" and the infamous 3x3 slide puzzle! An online social and event system enables you to share your Rhapsodies with others. Combining, reading, and even deleting Rhapsodies allows you to interact with friends or make new ones. After completing a playthrough, you will receive a Rhapsody. Each Rhapsody represents a tangible piece of your unique experience that you can cherish forever. By combining Rhapsodies, you can create even more complex and insane adventures. The ultimate objective of Athenian Rhapsody is to provide players with an impactful and genuine experience. It's a game that offers something for everyone, and hopefully, players will relate to their Rhapsodies and use them to reflect on their lives. The game is meant to be exciting and fun, so remember to enjoy the journey.
Zombie Siege: Survival

Engage in thrilling combat as a survivor, fighting wave after wave of enemies in "Zombie Siege: Survival". Upgrade weapons, adapt to unique adversary behaviors, and progress through challenging levels.

Zombie Siege: SurvivalLi Lin Chuang Xiang
Are you ready for the ultimate test of survival? Do you have what it takes to overcome wave after wave of enemies in the free third-person shooter game, "Zombie Siege: Survival"? As a survivor in a city rife with danger, it's up to you to use your skills and strategy to stay alive. Thankfully, a diverse arsenal of weapons is at your disposal, ranging from classic pistols to high-tech sniper rifles and even heavy machine guns. Each weapon will be necessary for your survival, so be sure to upgrade your gear through battle and unlock new firepower to fend off the relentless zombies. The game features an exciting story-driven campaign, where every decision you make is critical. You'll face a variety of adversaries, each with their own unique behavior patterns and attack methods, making it necessary for you to continuously adapt and respond. As you progress through the campaign, you'll unlock and master new weapons, adding new strategies and fun to combat. Defeating challengers, earning rewards, and enhancing your equipment and skills will allow you to face even greater challenges. Even without an internet connection, you can dive into battle anytime, anywhere, with the game's offline mode. So, what are you waiting for? Join "Zombie Siege: Survival" and prove your courage and skills in this exhilarating survival game!
Evergreen: The Board Game

Evergreen is an abstract strategy game where players grow trees, build ecosystems, and compete for the greenest planet. Play solo or multiplayer matches with expansions for new ways to play.

Evergreen: The Board GameHorrible Guild
Evergreen is a game of strategy that focuses on growing trees and building a thriving ecosystem on your planet. The objective of the game is to create the greenest and most fertile planet with lush trees, bushes and lakes. This could be achieved both by playing solo or multiplayer modes. In the solo mode, you can play against AI bots while in the multiplayer mode, you can challenge friends and online players from anywhere in the world. To begin playing, you must draw a Biome card from the available pool, which will help you determine the area of your planet you're going to work on for the current round. You will then proceed to plant seeds, grow trees and create forests by placing bushes and lakes strategically. You will need to use the power of nature to gain extra actions to help you beat your opponents. Each round in Evergreen has a different Biome card to use, which allows you to develop specific areas of the game board and activate its power to grow more trees. The Biome card that is least chosen becomes the most valuable, thereby teaching players the need to focus on unselected areas. You need to concentrate your trees in the most fertile areas and ensure that they collect light without shading each other, which allows you to score more points. The Pines and Cacti expansions introduce new plants that interact uniquely with light and shadow in exciting ways, allowing you to discover new forest-planning strategies to get the most points. Each modular expansion comes with a new power, and players can use only six powers at a time. If a new power is added, another must be removed. The game is designed with network planning gameplay that allows you to make the best use of available actions in each round to create the most prosperous environment. It also features over 20 achievements to unlock as you play. The game's artwork by Wenyi Geng adds to the wonderful experience of playing Evergreen. To fully enjoy the game features, you'd need to create a Horrible Guild account to access its online functionality and cross-platform multiplayer challenges. Play Evergreen, the game adaptation of the critically acclaimed board game created by award-winning designer Hjalmar Hach and illustrated by artist Wenyi Geng, and test your skills against players worldwide!
Europe Front: Remastered

WWII shooter with Soviet Union and Germany campaigns, authentic weapons, military equipment & epic battles. A realistic and immersive experience.

Europe Front: RemasteredM.O.A.B
Step into the battlefields of World War II in this thrilling single-player shooter that immerses you in a captivating atmosphere of the 40s warfare. With two main campaigns representing the Soviet Union and Germany, as well as additional missions, you will never have a dull moment. Prepare yourself for the intense combat scenarios on the front lines of the most vicious conflicts during the World War II era. Equip yourself with authentic weapons and legendary military equipment to battle through epic campaigns based on real historical events. Witness the legendary moments of the past in the fierce fighting lined up behind the walls of Stalingrad. Head towards the Sicilian shores to conquer your opponent. You will be fighting on the vast Eastern Front, where the real war happened. The game's stunning graphics and realistic physics will immerse you in the atmosphere of war. The sound effects bring the game to life with every gunshot and every exploding bomb. Experience the trench warfare, urban warfare, and massive battles that changed history forever. Put your skills to the test and work your way through the campaigns. Are you ready to join the fight and experience the adrenaline rush of the battles of the World War II era? If you are ready, then grab your weapons and step onto the battlefield. Victory is needed!

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