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Marvel Contest of Champions

Fight as Marvel heroes & villains in epic versus battles. Collect, level up & build your ultimate team to become the Ultimate Marvel Champion.

Marvel Contest of ChampionsKabam Games, Inc.
Embark on an epic journey with your treasured Marvel Super Heroes and Super Villains to witness the ultimate cosmos showdown. Marvel Contest of Champions furnishes you with the opportunity to summon the likes of Spider-Man, Wolverine, and Iron Man, and more for a ferocious fight. Are you ready to fight your way to becoming the Ultimate Marvel Champion? Be transported to the forefront of the greatest battles in Marvel history. Captain America vs. Iron Man, Hulk vs. Wolverine, and Spider-Man vs. Deadpool are all in your control now. The Collector, the Elder of the Universe beset with greed, has beckoned you to engage in an epic brawl against various nefarious villains like Kang the Conqueror and Thanos among others. Enjoy the ultimate fighting game free of charge on your mobile device with Marvel Contest of Champions. Join forces with your friends and other Summoners to form a robust alliance. Develop a cornerstone strategy and help them keep their champions in the fight. Together, combat other Alliances from all over the world in Alliance Wars and rise to the top by battling in Alliance Events or fighting Alliance Quest Series designed for quest maps specially formulated for awarding exclusive Alliance rewards. Assemble your team of champions and choose wisely from Iron Man, Wolverine, Hulk, Storm, Spider-Man, Deadpool, Star-Lord, Gamora, Magneto, and Winter Soldier among others. Embark on a journey throughout classic Marvel storytelling fashion to defeat Kang and Thanos before battling a new, powerful cosmic competitor who could potentially lead to the destruction of the Marvel Universe. Improve your team's defense and offense using multiple Mastery trees. Collect, level up, and wisely manage your teams of heroes and villains to gain synergy bonuses hinged on team affiliation and relationships taken from the pages of Marvel Comics. Pair Black Panther and Storm or Cyclops and Wolverine for bonuses or collect a team of Guardians of the Galaxy for a team affiliation bonus. The stronger your champion, the higher their stats, abilities, and special moves will be. The Contest adds new champions frequently, so you are never without a challenge. Travel through an exquisite storyline in classic Marvel fashion, fight with heroes, and villains in locations spanning the infamous Marvel Universe like the Kyln, Wakanda, Avengers Tower, Oscorp, Asgard, The Savage Land, S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier, among others. Explore dynamic quest maps and undertake highly charged fights using controls developed solely for the mobile platform. Follow Marvel Contest of Champions on social media and stay updated with their thrilling adventures! Before utilizing the services offered by Kabam, please read the Terms of Service Agreement and their Privacy Notice. The Terms of Service Agreement and Privacy Notice govern the relationship between you and Kabam. Visit them on and
Marvel Puzzle Quest

Collect and battle with over 250 Marvel characters in this match-3 RPG game, featuring alliances, events, and unique challenges.

Marvel Puzzle QuestD3 Go!
MARVEL Puzzle Quest, the original Super Hero Match 3 game, is waiting for you! Join a global community of over 20 million players and fight as over 250 of your favorite Marvel Super Heroes in this role-playing (RPG) game, with a thrilling twist of match-3 puzzles! Challenge your favorite Marvel characters and participate in MARVEL Puzzle Quest's exclusive campaigns. Complete daily quests and engage with epic event stories! You can draft your own dream team from the largest mobile roster of Marvel characters to date! Choose your favorite Super Heroes or your most detested villains. You are free to mix and combine your teams according to your preferences. Is it Iron Man, She-Hulk, and Rocket? Yes! Daredevil, Nebula, and Venom? Absolutely! Features: ★ Collect and upgrade your favorite Marvel Super Heroes and Villains ★ Fight in epic RPG gameplay with a match-3 puzzle twist ★ Log in daily for rewards with S.H.I.E.L.D. Resupply and unlock new challenges ★ Enhance your match-3 skills with Puzzle Ops and tackle challenging skill-based puzzles! Each puzzle has different clear requirements, so every board is unique! ★ Create Alliances and assemble teams to battle opponents in PvP Tournaments, and defeat epic raid bosses Match 3 Gameplay: Every match-3 puzzle you solve accumulates Iso-8, allowing you to build up your team's abilities and manipulate the game board to fight against the most powerful characters from across the Marvel universe. Outsmart your opponents and crush them with evidence from Jessica Jones! Use Kamala Khan's Burst Healing to keep up team morale! Count down to destruction with Captain Marvel's powerful timed gems! Go Airborne and rain destruction on your enemies with Vulture! Throw an attack tile hailstorm at your enemies with Storm's devastating power! Recruit Marvel's Best Heroes and Villains: Recruit teams of three from over 250 of your favorite Super Heroes and Super Villains from X-Men, Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy, Eternals, Inhumans, and even some MARVEL Puzzle Quest originals! Each character features their own in-game Marvel comic book cover. Explore the multiverse and play with the alternate versions of your favorite heroes! Slash your foes with Samurai Wolverine or take up Peggy Carter's shield as Captain America. There is a massive multiverse of possibilities! New characters are added regularly to MARVEL Puzzle Quest, including Moon Knight, Miles Morales, Black Widow, Loki, Thanos, Scarlet Witch, America Chavez, Captain America, and many more! You can even collect Limited Edition characters like Spider-Ham, Devil Dinosaur, and Howard the Duck to add to the fun! Play MARVEL Puzzle Quest and unleash your inner Super Hero as you join the Marvel Universe! Follow MARVEL Puzzle Quest on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. Created by Broken Circle Studios, © 2022 Marvel Game Software © 2022 D3 Go!
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Marvel Strike Force

Battle as Super Heroes and Super Villains in MARVEL Strike Force. Assemble a squad and evolve each character for strategic domination in epic 5v5 battles!

Marvel Strike ForceScopely
Get ready for an epic battle alongside your allies and adversaries in MARVEL Strike Force. This game is packed with action and is visually stunning. Super Heroes and Super Villains are teaming up to protect Earth against an incoming attack. It's time for you to assemble your ultimate squad of MARVEL characters. You can choose from a vast selection, including Doctor Strange, Loki, Venom, Spider-Man, Captain America, Iron Man, and many more. Recruit and form an unstoppable strike force consisting of powerful MARVEL Super Heroes and Super Villains. You have to fight in a bid to save the universe. Ensure that your heroes and villains are equipped and upgraded to become stronger than ever before. Strategic domination is key to winning this battle. Pair up Super Heroes and Super Villains to perform devastating combo moves that will obliterate your enemies in seconds. Become an expert in-fight tactics in 5v5 battles as you fight to vanquish the greatest villains of the Marvel Universe. The gameplay cinematics in this game are groundbreaking. You will witness your heroes unleashing dynamic chain combos with a single tap. The visuals are stunning and will provide you with an engaging mobile game experience. Are you ready to join Marvel's Super Hero teams and fight for Earth's survival? Download this app now and accept our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. You can find them at and

Play MARVEL SNAP - the innovative, 3-minute collectible card game loved by millions. Featuring 50+ locations, snap mechanic, no limits play, and regular updates!

Enter the captivating world of MARVEL SNAP - the game that received numerous Mobile Game of the Year Awards and gained worldwide recognition. You are invited to embark on a thrilling journey in this fast-paced collectible card game that features innovative mechanics. Get ready to play anytime and anywhere on your mobile device! Assemble your impressive deck of 12 cards, each of which portrays an iconic Marvel Super Hero or Villain possessing a unique power or ability. The aim of the game is to outsmart your opponent by using your skills and wit. It takes only a few minutes to master the gameplay, and each match lasts 3 minutes. Discover why everyone is raving about MARVEL SNAP - download now! Forget about waiting for your turn - games in MARVEL SNAP are short yet intense, each lasting around three minutes. Concentrate on the essential and cut out the fluff. Start your journey with a FREE starter deck that will help you progress. There are no obstacles, no ads, and no limit to your play. Enjoy playing at your own pace, unlock your favorite characters, and collect hundreds of new ones as you advance in the game. Are you a fan of strategy games and crave for compelling gameplay diversity? MARVEL SNAP offers captivating gameplay mechanics that make every match feel different. Play your cards across 50+ locations across the Marvel Universe, each with a unique set of game-changing abilities. From Asgard to Wakanda, be ready to use your problem-solving skills to their maximum potential. Savor the sensation of playing MARVEL SNAP on various devices, including mobile and desktop. Feel free to switch your platform since the game is cross-platform and ensures your progress remains safe. "SNAP" is a game-changing mechanic unique to MARVEL SNAP. This innovative element lets you raise the stakes during a game and put pressure on your opponent. With "SNAP," double down on your rewards if your winning hand needs extra incentive. If you're bluffing, you can still increase your rewards! Unlock an endless collection of heroes and villains in MARVEL SNAP, each with a unique card design. Mix and match your preferred character collections from the entire Marvel Universe, including exciting variations like Chibi, 8-bit, and Cartoon. Experience the game with regular updates. The game stays fresh and exciting with daily, weekly, and monthly updates, offering new cards, locations, season passes, challenges, missions, and events. What are you waiting for? Join MARVEL SNAP now and see why it was awarded Mobile Game of the Year!
Marvel Battle Lines

Join Marvel heroes & villains to save the universe in this epic action card game! Collect & upgrade over 300 cards & dominate the battlefield.

Marvel Battle LinesNEXON Company
Get ready to embark on an exciting adventure with Marvel’s iconic cast of heroes and villains in the epic action card game, Marvel Battle Lines. Assemble your dream team and create powerful decks to conquer the battlefield! With over 300 cards available, featuring favorites such as Iron Man, Thanos, Captain America, Captain Marvel, Thor, Spiderman, and more, your strategic possibilities are virtually endless. Play against other fellow Marvel fans from all around the world and see who reigns supreme on the battlefield. Join your favorite heroes, such as those from the Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy, S.H.I.E.L.D., Wakanda, and the Spider-Verse, on a cosmic adventure to collect fragments of the Cosmic Cube and save the universe from impending doom. Marvel Battle Lines is a game of strategic gameplay that requires a solid plan to be able to take down the enemy. Form Battle Lines and attack your opponents while also employing epic team-up skills to increase the power of your cards. Summon characters from similar teams and reap the benefits of Team Synergy. Test your mettle in a variety of game modes, such as real-time PvP modes, where you can showcase your strength and skills to other players. Face off against Ultron and his minions on your quest to reclaim the Triskelion and climb to the top of the leaderboard. Collect and upgrade your cards to take your gameplay to the next level. Marvel Battle Lines features a never-ending roster of heroes and villains straight from the comic page and the movie screen, including Black Panther, Doctor Strange, Loki, Ant-Man, Rocket Raccoon, and new and exciting characters being added regularly. Stay updated with the latest news and events related to the game by following their Facebook and Twitter accounts. And if you need any help, you can always visit the official forums or contact the support team in-game. Please note that Marvel Battle Lines requires a minimum OS 4.4 or better, such as a Samsung Galaxy S6 or stronger, to ensure smooth gameplay. If you encounter any problems, please adjust the app permissions or upgrade your device to meet the recommended specifications. Join the fray and become a legendary hero today!
Spider Fighter

Craft new skills & fight villains in an epic spider game. Become the best hero of battles against criminal gangs in the ultimate dark city brawls.

Spider FighterStarplay DMCC
SPIDER HERO WITH SUPERPOWERS After being bitten by a radioactive spider, a man went through mutations in his body, gaining incredible superhuman abilities. These include a heightened sense of danger known as "spider-sense," unmatched strength, perfect fighting skills, and superhero speed and agility. CRAFT YOUR SKILLS Make use of various devices that enhance your spider powers in creative ways. BATTLE VILLAINS In this game, just like the hero, supervillains received their powers after scientific experiments gone wrong or with the misuse of technology. BECOME THE GREATEST HERO TO BATTLE CRIMINAL ORGANIZATIONS The game takes place in a city overrun by criminal bosses. The corrupt police and army force are powerless to stop them, causing the city to be on the brink of collapse. Now it's your turn to step forward as the chosen one and use your incredible spider-hero powers to defeat these villains. Become the best superhero fighter and save the city from despair! AN EPIC SPIDER GAME The fighting game is designed in the popular "beat 'em up" genre, similar to the superhero games from our childhood and comics. Fight like a hero and use your hard-hitting melee attacks along with your epic superpowers. ULTIMATE DARK CITY BRAWLS This game is made for all the fans of spider heroes and other superheroes from the world of comics. Act unpredictably and use lightning-fast spider moves to confuse your opponents, defeat your rivals, and gain experience to level up your superhero. Collect cash to unlock new perks, passive enhancements, and active super-abilities to become an unbeatable superhero from an ordinary man! Unleash your fury on the streets of dark criminal cities! UNLOCK NEW ABILITIES AND COMBOS Use amazing spider abilities, passive enhancements, and powerful abilities to defeat your foes. DON'T HESITATE TO PLAY THE SUPERHERO SPIDER GAME You are a spider hero, move with agility, and avoid enemy attacks while delivering swift and powerful strikes. This game features a hybrid fighting system of a mere mortal and a superhero.
Spider Fighter 3

Play as Peter, the iconic spider hero, battle city gangs & villains, unlock new suits, and swing through iconic locations. An immersive and action-packed spider hero experience.

Spider Fighter 3Starplay DMCC
Are you prepared to transform into the ultimate spider protagonist and safeguard the city from devastation in the long-awaited movie game? As Peter Parker, get ready to embody the role of the legendary spider hero and defy notorious city mafia and malicious villains. This game offers an exhilarating hero action experience that allows players to employ their spider abilities to swing through the city streets, evade obstacles, and confront enemies in epic battles. The game comprises magnificent graphics and an immersive plot that brings the spider hero world to life in an unprecedented manner. Fans can explore the iconic movie and comic locations like Times Square and Oscorp and battle different villains. As you advance through the game, you will unlock new suits and abilities that come with their exceptional powers and features ranging from the classic suit to the enhanced iron suit. These powers will give you the energy to face any challenge thrown at you by the city gangs. The game's open-world sandbox mode offers limitless exploration opportunities, where you can swing across the city, complete side missions, attempt various challenges, and discover hidden collectibles. This feature provides an ideal way to escape from the main storyline and experience the city's essence. This game offers the ultimate spider protagonist experience; it is more than a mere game. Fans of the comics, movies, and action-packed games can become involved, affiliated with the legend and fight like a genuine superhero. With fascinating gameplay, stunning graphics, and an epic storyline — this is the ultimate opportunity to save the city as the ultimate spider hero. Download now and witness the journey of the most iconic spider hero of all time!
Spider Fighter 2

Become a superhero and fight criminal gangs in this 3D spider hero action game. Unlock new abilities and combos to become the city's champion.

Spider Fighter 2Starplay DMCC
Experience the thrill of being a true superhero and fighting against the city gangs in this new AAA hero action game! In this 3D environment, control the spider hero like a pro to outwit the mafia bosses attacking the city. The police and army have failed miserably, and the fate of the city lies in your hands. Utilize your superhero fighting skills to defeat the thugs and emerge as the ultimate champion! Engage in ultimate dark city brawls in different locations of the city of dark streets. Display your fast flying spider attacks and gain experience to move up the superhero levels. Collect cash to unlock new perks and passive and active super abilities for an adventurous journey full of action mortal brawls of spider superheroes, versus gangsters and their bosses. Be unpredictable, unleash your rage on the streets of the city of vice, and make justice in this city of darkness. Unlock new combos and abilities and use them to fight the unethical gangs and mafia bosses. Use the incredible spider power of the superheroes in melee attacks or ranged combat to become an absolute superhero from a simple man. Are you ready to download and take on the challenge of being the superhero the city deserves? Be the man who saves the city and enjoy the magnificent graphics that can compete with the best gorgeous beat 'em up games. Fight away the thugs from the streets and become a brilliant spider hero fighting the crime lords in one of the best spider heroes fighting games!
LEGO Marvel Super Heroes

Play as Marvel's iconic heroes or villains, including Iron Man, Spider-Man, and Hulk, to stop Loki from destroying the world in this action-packed LEGO adventure.

LEGO Marvel Super HeroesWarner Bros.
In LEGO® Marvel™ Super Heroes: Universe in Peril, players are taken on an epic adventure as they guide a team of superheroes through the entire Marvel Universe. The original storyline sees the likes of Iron Man, Spider-Man, the Hulk, Captain America, Wolverine and other fan-favorite characters join forces to put a stop to Loki's plans to construct a super-weapon capable of destroying the world. With over 91 playable characters to unlock throughout the game, such as Iron Man, Spider-Man, Captain America, and Wolverine, players will have access to a wide variety of super-powered characters to aid in their mission. Additional character families can be purchased through the in-game store. There are 45 action-packed missions to complete, spanning across iconic locations from the Marvel Universe. Players will have access to an assortment of superpower abilities such as flight, super strength and invisibility to take down the various enemy threats that lie ahead. Using quick combat moves and performing Super Moves like Hulk’s Thunder Clap or Iron Man’s Arc Reactor will be essential in overcoming the challenges that await. For those looking for an extra challenge and ways to earn rewards, the game also includes a variety of challenges to complete. Whether players prefer console or touch screen controls, the game allows for seamless switching between both modes. It is important to note that this game is packed with hours of cinematic content, requiring a significant amount of available space on your device to install. With 2.2gb needed when installing over wifi, it is recommended to download the game on your computer and then sync for a smaller file size of 1.1gb. To ensure optimal stability, it is advised to restart your device after installation. Internet connection is not required to play this game and in cases of difficulty, support can be reached through In LEGO® Marvel™ Super Heroes: Universe in Peril, players will embark on an unforgettable adventure with a cast of iconic Marvel characters that is sure to be a blast for gamers of all ages.
MARVEL Future Fight

Recruit Marvel Super Heroes to save the world from destruction! Collect characters, complete quests, and compete against players in this action-packed RPG.

MARVEL Future FightNetmarble
Looking for a thrilling action-packed RPG game featuring the most famous Superheroes and Villains from the Marvel Universe? Then Marvel Future Fight is here with over 200 characters available to play. The iconic characters include the Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy, Inhumans, Defenders, X-Men, Spider-Man, and more. Summon the strength to defend your universe as the convergence is obliterating the world as we know it. The game starts as S.H.I.E.L.D’s director, Nick Fury sends an urgent message from the future. Recruit your favorite characters, complete missions and fight with other players in the gameplay. Collect powerful Marvel Superheroes and Supervillains to create your ultimate team and gain the leading edge. Gain access to a variety of outfits that will enable you to increase the powers of your characters while enhancing their appearance. Explore the Epic Quests of upgrading robust characters such as Captain Marvel and Doctor Strange to maximize their strength and unique superpowers. Play through different missions to encounter a thrilling and dynamic gaming experience. Engage in PvP Arena modes and challenge the strongest teams in the world. Try teaming up with a friend and bring their character into missions for emergency assistance. Form an Alliance and compete with other Alliances, the winner’s joy all for the taking. Marvel Future Fight is a game with compelling stories of its own. Get lost in the thrill of Special Missions, featuring the New Avengers, Inhumans, and even Spidey’s Foes. Auto-match in the game language is available for easy play. Discover who’s responsible for threatening the survival of your universe with unique, never-before-seen stories. Protect your cause and enjoy the game.
LEGO Duplo Marvel

Play as MARVEL heroes, build with virtual LEGO® DUPLO® bricks, and solve puzzles to save the day in LEGO® DUPLO® MARVEL.

LEGO Duplo MarvelStoryToys
Embark on thrilling escapades and engage in pretend-play fun with your beloved MARVEL superheroes, including Spidey, and Captain America, along with other renowned characters. This captivating game pack offers an open-ended play experience for your child to assist their favorite MARVEL hero in saving the day. Be it shooting cobwebs with Spidey and his companions or rescuing a cat with Captain America, each pack presents an opportunity for interactive and invigorating problem-solving challenges to strengthen your child's learning and development. Not to mention, they can build marvelous structures with virtual 3D LEGO® DUPLO® bricks. Is your child a budding architect keen on creating their very own Spider-Man HQ? LEGO DUPLO MARVEL offers a host of benefits and opportunities for your child, including but not limited to: - Enhancing their IMAGINATION by enabling pretend-play scenarios with MARVEL superheroes - Amplifying their SELF-CONFIDENCE with positive play experiences - Encouraging CURIOSITY through child-centric 'explore and discover' play patterns - Promoting CREATIVITY and SELF-EXPRESSION through constructing with virtual LEGO DUPLO bricks - Boosting REASONING AND PROBLEM-SOLVING skills with an array of fun and challenging puzzles Get ready for thrilling adventures with your beloved heroes in LEGO DUPLO MARVEL! This amazing app features several fun-filled packs, including: - CAPTAIN AMERICA HELPS OUT - SPIDEY AT HOME - IRON MAN UNDER WATER - AVENGERS WINTER FUN - FUNFAIR SUPER HEROES - IRON MAN SPACE RESCUE - HULK SMASH! - SPIDEY HQ BUILD & PLAY - Unleash endless possibilities for play with virtual 3D LEGO DUPLO bricks, props, and characters, including your favorite MARVEL superheroes! PRIVACY At StoryToys, we prioritize children's privacy and ensure that our apps comply with privacy laws worldwide, including COPPA (Child Online Privacy Protection Act). If you want to learn more about the type of data we collect and how we use it, please read our privacy policy at Note that while this app can be played for free, additional content is available for purchase through in-app transactions. Google Play does not allow in-app transactions and free apps to be shared via Family Library. Hence, the purchases you make within the app will not be shared via Family Library. For further information, read our terms of use outlined here: LEGO®, DUPLO®, the LEGO logo, and the DUPLO logo are trademarks and/or copyright of the LEGO® Group. Copyright 2023, The LEGO Group. All rights reserved. Copyright 2023, MARVEL.

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