GamelistsMar 4 - 10, 2024 New games

Mar 4 - 10, 2024 New games

11 games
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War of Evolution

Control and customize the evolution of a species, from microscopic organisms to space-faring civilizations in the War of Evolution game.

Embark on an epic journey of evolution with War of Evolution, where you will take the reins in controlling the development of a species, starting from its humble beginnings as a microscopic organism and guiding it through various stages until it reaches its peak as an intelligent and social creature, capable of ruling over the planet and venturing out into the vastness of space. In this game, survival of the fittest is the name of the game as you begin as a single-celled organism. Your ultimate goal is to find ways to grow your organism and fend off predators by consuming smaller creatures while avoiding danger. From there, you progress through each stage of evolution including cell, creature, tribe, civilization, and space, all while customizing your organism any way that you see fit. Shape your world and lead your species on a path to dominance by modifying everything from its appearance to its abilities. You are free to use your creativity to design the ultimate creature that is vivid and distinctive, then present it to the world. Strengthen your strategies and build your clan all the way to a galactic empire, hunting enemies with smart strategies and upgrading your gear to become the supreme leader. As your tribe expands from a small peaceful town to a bustling metropolis, your blueprint of the buildings should change as you learn how to adapt and evolve. You can personalize everything and create the ultimate city, then broaden the horizons of your civilization by reaching for the stars! To know more about War of Evolution, check out our Facebook page at
Kingdom: The Blood

Pre-register for Kingdom: The Blood, an action game set in a zombie-infested Joseon Korea. Experience intense battles in traditional Korean architecture and outfits.

Kingdom: The BloodYJM Games
Get ready to immerse yourself in a zombie-infested Joseon Korea's last royal dynasty with the action-packed game, KINGDOM: The Blood, inspired by the acclaimed hit series. Traditional Korean elements shine in the game, showcasing stunning traditional architecture, a variety of traditional outfits, and intricate character movements that will leave you in awe. Zombies will come at you from every direction, so be prepared for thrilling and intense combat. It's best to run from the swarm of fast and agile undead adversaries to avoid their devastating bites. Along with the zombies, you will encounter enemies with distinctive movements and attack patterns that are sure to keep you on your toes. Powered by Unreal Engine, the game has an exhilarating action-packed control-based combat system. Experience the adrenaline rush of impactful strikes with manual controls and mix and match skills to create your unique fighting style. Challenge yourself and others with a variety of battle modes, from multiplayer to PvP, and band together with fellow fighters to take down intimidating bosses. Training sessions will offer additional rewards that will help you grow with each encounter. The game's minimum system requirements call for a device with at least 6GB of RAM and 4.5GB of storage space. Don't miss out on the exciting pre-registration period, which runs from February 5th to March 4th, or the Mobile Play Test, running from February 5th to 13th. The game is available for download on the Google Play Store at To disable permissions, follow the instructions for your Android device, allowing or denying permission according to your preferences. Remember, the app might not provide individual permission functionality, so permission can be denied using the method above.
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Gods Unchained

Forge a unique destiny in Gods Unchained, a tactical card game where every card and victory is truly yours. Collect and trade over 1800 cards.

Gods UnchainedImmutable
Experience the ultimate strategy card game and take hold of your destiny with Gods Unchained - the celebrated game that lets you own every triumph and card. Set loose your divine powers and construct mighty decks to outpace your opponents. Step into a world that's entirely under your control and keep all the rewards from your hard-earned victories. Collect, exchange and create a deck that's distinctly your own. Embark on an unforgettable journey of self-discovery and skill as you seek to dominate your adversaries in various game modes while mastering six different domains at the same time. With over 1,800 cards to collect, the possibilities are endless. Immerse yourself in the free-to-play game that's anything but dull! With Gods Unchained, you start from scratch, giving you a genuine shot at becoming an elite TCG strategist and tactician. Enter the realm of Eucos where gods, mortals, and creatures fight to the death amid intense, nail-biting action. The team behind the game comprises veterans like Daniel Paez (Blizzard and Activision) and Chris Clay (former Game Director of Magic The Gathering: Arena). Experience the game that a close-knit community of trading card game fans plays every day, filled with excitement and endless possibilities.
Ghost In The Mirror

Ghost in The Mirror" is a humorous adventure game with pixel art, gripping stories, and eerie connections between the living and the dead in this anthology of ghost stories.

Ghost In The MirrorSui Arts
Are you ready to embark on an adventure of a lifetime? Then Ghost in The Mirror might be the game for you! While it started as a horror game, the creator's sense of humor took over and added irony, jokes, and vulgarity to make it a one-of-a-kind experience. As the solo indie developer, Sui will be narrating the events and guiding you through this journey in which you will forget all about ghosts thanks to the constant fourth-wall breaks. Ghost in The Mirror is an anthology of graphic adventures with lots of storytelling, puzzles, and wild humor. This modern adventure game collection still captures the essence of '90s games. The first episode, "Here Be Dragons," takes place in the 18th century and tells the story of Roger, a morally dubious boy running from the law. This journey starts in a pirate village with light puzzles and comedic moments but will take us adrift at sea, surrounded by mystery, ghosts, and more. What sets Ghost in The Mirror apart are its character-guiding mechanics throughout different eras and its 2D world, vivid pixel-art scenarios, and handcrafted animations that add depth to the game. Puzzles and meta-puzzles like classic point-and-click games are here, so you'll explore interactive locations and engage with quirky characters. Collect necessary items that, when used creatively, might reveal the programmer's sheer foolishness. Your choices and outcomes personalize the gaming experience, while achievements unlock your potential. With an original and captivating soundtrack, Ghost in The Mirror immerses you in its eerie yet thrilling atmosphere. Play comfortably using touchscreen, keyboard, mouse or controller, considering your personal preferences. Specters, spirits, ghosts, poltergeists, ectoplasms, whatever you call them, Ghost in The Mirror will challenge your beliefs. Do you believe in Ghosts? You'll have to answer that question directly in the game. What are you waiting for? Get Ghost in The Mirror and let yourself be captivated by an epic adventure!
Soul Shifters: Online

Be the Daemon Lord, explore, battle, switch, and assimilate with unique abilities in an online world. Play with friends. Save humanity. Download Soul Shifters: Online.

Soul Shifters: OnlineXtreaming Games
Get ready for a breathtaking adventure with SOUL SHIFTERS: ONLINE and become part of a mesmerizing universe where humans and Daemons clash for supremacy. Incorporate the power of assimilation and transform into hybrid warriors to tackle challenging feats. Immerse yourself in this electrifying journey, where your bravery will define the fate of the universe. --- INCREDIBLE FEATURES --- - ASSIMILATION: By incorporating Daemons, you can become a hybrid warrior and use their unique and lethal abilities in battles. - TACTICAL DAEMON SWAPPING: Face diverse challenges and switch between Daemons during combat to pick the ideal Daemon for each moment. - UNIQUE ABILITIES: Your synergy with your Daemon will evolve as you progress. Master up to 1 standard ability, 3 elite abilities, and 1 supreme ability for each Daemon. Employ elemental powers to crush your adversaries. --- IMMERSIVE WORLD --- - EPIC CONFLICTS: Challenge other hybrid warriors in epic duels and defeat powerful Daemons. Explore dangerous areas to become the most potent Daemon Lord. - INTRIGUING NARRATIVE: Engage in various micro-narratives with non-playable characters, with stories that are both light and amusing. --- CHALLENGES AND ACHIEVEMENTS --- - INTENSE BATTLES: As you become stronger, engage in intense confrontations. Overcome Legendary Daemons in epic battles that could determine the world's fate, with the possibility of assimilating them and becoming even more robust. - MAP EXPLORATION: Explore the map freely and uncover hidden chests, solve mysteries, and discover new areas. --- TECHNICAL FEATURES --- - PLAY WITH FRIENDS: As Soul Shifters is an online game, invite your friends for epic adventures. Form tactical alliances to tackle challenging challenges. - MULTIPLATFORM: You can enjoy the flexibility of playing this game on various platforms, and you can also sync your progress and dive into the action spontaneously. --- EMBRACE YOUR DESTINY --- Download SOUL SHIFTERS: ONLINE today and begin your unique and thrilling experience that combines strategy, courage, and power. Humanity relies on you to become the true Daemon Lord and save the universe!
Stray Cat Doors 3

Enjoy a stage-clear adventure game with the protagonist, a girl with a black cat hat, and cute kittens to assist in solving puzzles.

Stray Cat Doors 3パルスモ株式会社
The latest version of Stray Cat Doors has finally arrived, featuring a new protagonist with a black cat hat. Work together to uncover the secrets of the dream world with this charming new character. In this stage-clear adventure game, players can solve various mysteries with cute characters in tow. Explore levels by controlling characters, navigating through traps, and solving puzzles. Even if the challenges prove to be too tricky, beginners can find hints to help them along the way, so players can enjoy the game no matter their level of experience in adventure games. This installment boasts a variety of colorful and adorable kittens that pop up to help solve puzzles and offer comfort with their heartwarming presence. In addition, other characters also appear throughout the game, making it a lively and colorful experience. Experience a significant increase in puzzle volume in this version of the game, with challenges ranging from traps to puzzles, providing players with a much more nuanced experience. Dress your character in various outfits thanks to the returning Dress-Up Feature from the previous installment. Collect costumes and other items via a free Gacha where you can spend medals that don't even need to be purchased, as they can be entirely obtained within the game. That being said, you may need to watch an advertisement or two to keep the medal pool stocked. Relax with beautiful background music that is unique to each stage. Have fun with adorable cats and animals that you can summon with the touch of a button on the home screen, those creatures provide an engaging experience with fun and varying reactions to your interactions. This game is perfect for players that love games featuring cats, as well as puzzle-solving, adventure, and escape games. It's also suitable for fans of cute animals and characters and those who love collecting items. Additionally, players who have played the previous game should check out this updated version. Control your character simply by tapping or swiping. Collect four items necessary for clearing stages, use items in the inventory to navigate puzzles, and use food to summon cats and animals on your home screen to receive presents and increased reactions. Access missed events and special episodes in the gallery, take advantage of hints when stuck, and search for hidden treasure chests to receive gacha medals. Don't forget to watch advertisements to earn extra medals. Get all the details and the official download from If you have any questions about the app, get in touch through the official website. Although this game is free to play, some paid content is available.
Poppy Playtime Chapter 3

Explore the haunted Playcare orphanage in Poppy Playtime Chapter 3. Solve puzzles, avoid Huggy Wuggy, and unveil the sinister truth.

Poppy Playtime Chapter 3A3 Home Studio
Step into the eerie world of Poppy Playtime Chapter 3, where you'll encounter the infamous Huggy Wuggy and explore the eerie orphanage of Playcare that resides below the mystical toy factory. Meet new challenges in the form of spooky puzzles that accompany the furtive Huggy Wuggy apparitions, lurking in the darkness, beyond bloodstained bedsheets and bone-chilling reverberations. Brace yourself to survive if you can! Embark on your most daring encounter yet with Catnap in Poppy Playtime Chapter 3, with numerous thrills and spills waiting to be discovered. The upcoming stage of this game brings with it new nerve-racking beasts, far more dangerous than the Catnap toys. - Playcare is a massive, surreal institute of Playtime, where you can look forward to exploring dark, haunted corners. - Poppy Playtime Chapter 3 surpasses its predecessors with a superior GrabPack to quirk up your playstyle. - Enhance your gameplay with new and innovative hand gestures using Huggy Wuggy. - The red smoke caused by Catnap can only be navigated safely with the help of a Gas Mask. - All-encompassing truths will be uncovered while falsehoods can never remain undisclosed for an indefinite amount of time.
Mike the Planet Miner

Mine resources, conquer puzzles, and explore extraterrestrial worlds to build a starship home in this cosmic adventure.

Mike the Planet Miner1DER Entertainment
Embark on an exciting interstellar journey through the vastness of the galaxy, where the Pioneer 10 probe crashes on a mechanized planet swarming with robots. Reacting promptly, the robots detect the probe and commit themselves to unraveling the mysteries shrouding its origin. In a stroke of genius, they decide to team up with Mike: an industrious mining automaton, who's been tirelessly collecting cosmic resources to construct a starship that will take him back to Earth, where he belongs. Get ready to explore the depths of the galaxy in search of resources and answers. The game features an array of celestial bodies, including five unique planets that players can visit. As you travel, you'll encounter various puzzles, providing an intellectual challenge that adds depth to the gameplay experience. But be wary! These planets harbor alien life forms, both friendly and hostile, that will either assist you or provide an unwelcome challenge. In order to tackle these obstacles, players can equip Mike with a variety of specialized tools, introducing a rich tapestry of dynamic challenges. The game boasts stunning graphics that will immerse you in visually stunning and meticulously crafted environments, making your gameplay experience all the more riveting. As you traverse through various landscapes and environments, you'll be met with unexpected surprises, twists and turns that will keep you on the edge throughout the game. In conclusion, Mike the Planet Miner is a captivating and challenging adventure that promises a unique interstellar experience. So why wait? Start your cosmic exploration today and solve the mysteries that will lead you back to Earth via the starship you construct. Mike awaits you! Be sure to join the community on Discord, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and visit the website,
Duel Revolution

Catch and train unique monsters on Bitacora island, engage in real-time battles, join an enthusiastic community, and customize your character in Duel Revolution.

Duel RevolutionGame Matter
Enter the world of Duel Revolution, the unparalleled MMO game that features epic monster battles! Set foot in the bewitching island of Bitacora; a land teeming with diverse monsters known as Evo. Capture and train them to become the most skilled Evo dueler in an array of real-time battles against other players. You can catch 50 uniquely different types of Evo each armed with its own set of distinct abilities. Every Evo has its strengths; the onus is on you to figure out how to use each creature in combat. With upcoming updates, exciting new Evo's are constantly being added to our game. Challenge other players to fierce face-offs or venture into the island where you can engage wild Evo and opposing duelists. Immerse yourself in an enthusiastic community of Evo duelists, share strategies and enhance your social circle. Featuring a skill-tree based system with 12 meaningful levels, you can customize the skills and strengths of your Evo to match your gameplay style. Exhibit your style and make your character stand out through various customization possibilities. We are committed to delivering regular updates and new content to keep the game exciting. Embrace the epic adventure and join the ranks of the ultimate Evo masters in Duel Revolution!
Crayola Adventures

Crayola Adventures offers open-ended storytelling and adventure-style gameplay, letting players create their own characters, worlds, and plot lines, all with unlimited creative freedom.

Crayola AdventuresRED GAMES CO, LLC
Crayola Adventures is not just a game, it is a world of creativity waiting to be explored. This game offers open-ended storytelling where adventures-style gameplay is merged to create a unique ever-evolving experience that brings your ideas and creativity to life. The only limit to what you can create in this game is your imagination. You can start by creating a rock or pop band, or explore the outer limits of space by designing a rocket ship. You can even challenge an evil genie or make him your friend, turn him into a majestic blue giraffe, design your ultimate bedroom or turn it into an evil lair, rescue a robot and make him the hero, or create a hero from the purple dragon that eats your dad's stinky socks or the ice-cream headed lizard. The possibilities are endless. You are the mastermind behind your own unique stories that only you can dream up. In Crayola Adventures, you can color, draw, paint, and craft your way through unique worlds such as Real Life, Fantasy, and Sci-fi, among others. You can create your own one-of-a-kind characters, personalize their journey, customize your scenes with your art, and determine how the narrative unfolds. You can build your dream treehouse, fill your bookshelf with stories you write, collect trophies from your adventures, and unlock new rooms and items to tell even more tales. Design your characters and stories to make them undoubtedly yours. You are the author, illustrator, and hero. Your imagination, creativity, and choices inspire the adventures you embark on. You have the power to create books from a variety of genres, settings, and story arcs, or invent your own. You can personalize your hero and their sidekicks to make them as unique as you are by choosing from thousands of combinations of hairstyles, skin colors, accessories, and outfits. This game is safe, secure, and fun for the whole family as there are no in-app purchases. You can bond as a family by imagining, creating, and reading stories together. You can share your adventures with friends and family using Share Play. Crayola Adventures is COPPA and GDPR compliant, ensuring the safety and privacy of your children online. This game is recommended by parents and loved by kids. Learn through gameplay by practicing problem-solving and creative expression while having fun. Build confidence in reading, writing, and storytelling skills. Support cognitive and fine motor development as you express yourself with unlimited creative choice. The dynamic voiceover brings the characters and their inputs directly into the narration, empowering players of all reading levels. Express yourself with unlimited creative choice by deciding if your characters go to space, decorate their bedroom, fight dragons all day, or do anything your imagination allows you to do. Your choices mean every session can have a different ending. The princess gets eaten by the giant or the magical clouds give you flying powers? You can also design a world where your protagonist, whether it's an alien or your best friend, feels at home in their cozy treehouse. Crayola Adventures provides best-in-class digital creative tools to craft extraordinary characters and illustrate customized worlds with an array of digital Crayola art tools. You can design your logo for your electro pop band, start a new fashion trend with your t-shirt design, or draw the wallpaper for your bedroom. It is your world to create. This game offers new content each month, providing an ever-evolving excitement that keeps your inspiration flowing and ensures there's something for everyone. Privacy Policy and support can be found on the website. Terms of Service can also be found on the official website of Crayola Adventures.
Marsaction 2: Space Homestead

Establish a colony on Mars & eradicate the Swarm through base building, mecha warfare & strategic alliances. Expansive exploration awaits. Will you rise to the challenge?

Marsaction 2: Space HomesteadLeyiGames
In the distant future of 2253, humanity has extended its reach beyond the blue skies to dwell on the dusty terrain of Mars. As an ambitious pioneer, you have the opportunity to create a home for your fellow citizens on the crimson planet. Your goal is clear: conquer the unfriendly terrain of Mars, eliminate the ominous Swarm, and construct an extraterrestrial civilization. The antagonistic bug-like enemy will stop at nothing to annihilate your troops. But you have a big advantage, with your cutting-edge mecha troops and state-of-the-art technology, you're more than up to the challenge. Do you have the insight, bravery, and authority to develop a new world for humanity? Embark on the journey now and take the first steps into this vast area of the unknown. Mars is hoping for a victorious hero! GAME FEATURES Thriving Base Establishment Expel the hostile swarm and develop your Space Homestead, a beacon of human imagination. Sketch your base design, concentrate on enriching resource production, and ensure your new settlement's survival against the unceasingly aggressive extraterrestrial ecosystem. Advanced Mecha Warfare Take command of various cutting-edge mecha units, personalize, and improve your mecha to match your operational inclinations, guaranteeing that your army is a deadly force on the battleground. Dynamic Troop Expansion Move forward in the game to open up new innovative technologies, units, and enhancements. Train your soldiers, furnish your Captain, recruit mighty Heroes, and develop your strategies to transform into the ultimate Martian commander. Massive Mars Exploration Mars is full of hidden secrets longing to be revealed. Navigate your way through the treasure-filled terrain, locate sought-after resources, and engage with unexplained ancient ruins. Each breakthrough progresses your expedition further into the unknown, ensuring your place on the red planet. Strategic Alliance Coordination Forge alliances with other leaders worldwide. Cooperate to win shared goals, support one another's homesteads, and synchronize in colossal alliance wars. Together, you have the power to rule Mars as a united front. [SPECIAL NOTES] · Network access is mandatory. · Get information in Privacy Policy: · Access the Terms of Use:
Zombie Forest 3: Underground

Survive the zombie apocalypse in a fortified bunker, explore, build, and scavenge resources by day, defend against hordes of zombies by night.

Zombie Forest 3: UndergroundAlexander Tavintsev
Experience the start of the apocalypse in the dark woods and survive against hordes of zombies. In the heart of the undead-infested forest lies a solitary cabin with a fortified basement that will serve as your sanctuary. Your main objective is to survive at all costs by securing your shelter with fortified defenses, identifying resources, food, equipment, and weaponry. During the day, you will be engaged in improving your shelter by adding new rooms, constructing fortifications, and searching for resources. Come nighttime, you will have to fight off the hungry zombies with all your might to make it through till the next sunrise. As you grow stronger and more settled, it will be the perfect time to seek salvation from this accursed forest. Game Features: - The character editor allows you to create a unique appearance for your character. - With a vast map, discoverable locations are aplenty. - Construct various fortifications to expand the capabilities of your bunker. - Develop additional rooms that increase the efficiency of your shelter. - Use the radio to search for distress signals and find new locations on the map. - Daily updated assortment of goods from the merchant. - Fight shrieking hordes of zombies or wild beasts in the arena for various prizes. - Get ready for daily random events that influence your ability to survive. - Create and upgrade vehicles for a faster means of transportation. - Make informed uses of your economy by selecting items you can exchange, grow, or create. - Use a fuel generator, solar panels, and wind turbines to distribute energy inside the shelter. - Gain experience from completing quests, annihilating zombies, or reading books. - Distribute experience points to the hero's characteristics and acquire special skills. - Equip up to five clothing items and two weapons from an extensive inventory list with 160 unique armor pieces and 50 weapon types. - Choose from 90 variations of consumables: items such as resources, ammo, food, healing items, books, seeds, car components, and crafting parts. - Upgrade weapons and clothing accordingly. - Learn to manage time effectively, as time is your main resource. Make sure to utilize it wisely. Survival is a challenge, but with willpower, perseverance, and strategy, you can overcome the odds. Adventure awaits you in the cabin – are you ready to face the horde?

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