GamelistsMar 25 - 31, 2024 New games

Mar 25 - 31, 2024 New games

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AFK Journey

Embark on a legendary adventure in Esperia, a fantasy world, using classic strategic cards & real-time battles in AFK Journey.

AFK JourneyFarlight Games
Embark on an exciting journey with AFK Journey, a 3D strategy card RPG, set in the picturesque world of Esperia. Here, you'll join forces with your companions to drive away the Miasma and create your own heroic tales. Get ready to meet your allies at the tavern, awaiting your arrival. This colossal and magical world with its breathtaking graphics is undoubtedly a feast for the eyes. Get lost in Esperia's beauty and explore the land, discover hidden treasures, and experience seasonal changes as you wander through its magical terrain. AFK Journey combines classic strategic cards with real-time combat, adding an extra layer of thrill to the battles. A strategic game plan, impeccable timing and a complete mastery of advanced tactics are essential ingredients to crush your opponents with their ultimate spells. The ever-changing battlefield and varying terrains make every fight unique and challenging. Pay close attention to the environment, for the terrain plays a vital role when it comes to controlling your enemies. As the chosen one, you need to adjust your formation, use combat mechanisms wisely and make strategic moves to defeat the menacing opponents. Endure and succeed; take a well-deserved break around the campfire when fatigued. However, know that the adventure never sleeps, and even during breaks, there are tons of loot to collect when you wake up fresh and energized. Create your own heroic tales and defeat the miasma with your companions in Esperia. AFK Journey is the ultimate card strategy RPG packed with action, exploration and adventures – be prepared for an unforgettable adventure.
God Sacrifice

Get free scrolls and embark on legendary adventures! Forge equipment, summon gods, and conquer challenges. No grinding, just fun!

God SacrificeDHGAMES
***Claim your 100 Advanced Summon Scrolls for free! Login now for a limited time offer!*** Acquire countless equipment, level up your strength, encounter mythical heroes and embark on epic quests! [GAME HIGHLIGHTS] ☆★Forge Equipment Amass plentiful equipment by offering divine stones to the altar. Obtain unique equipment and dominate your journey with ease! ☆★Summon Legendary Deities The benevolent deities bestow blessings upon you for synthesizing powerful equipment. Call upon them and ally with them to fulfill your aspirations! ☆★Infinite Activities Are you ready to confront perilous quests, engage in fierce tournaments and clash with world bosses? Only the well-prepared emerge victorious! ☆★No Monotonous Grinding, Just Pure Relaxation Experience a laid-back RPG free of tiring grinding. Join forces with divine beings and savor every moment of your experience!
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World of Warships Legends

Command iconic warships and lead epic naval battles. Choose from hundreds of historical models and modes, and earn rewards in-game without breaking the bank.

World of Warships LegendsWargaming Group
Get ready to command legendary warships and engage in the ultimate naval warfare experience in World of Warships: Legends. Choose from an impressive lineup of over 400 historically accurate models of warships from 10 different nations, including classics such as Yamato, Bismarck, Iowa, Atlanta, and Massachusetts. Take control of three distinct warship types – fast-paced destroyers, adaptable cruisers, or powerful battleships – each with unique strengths and playstyles. With thrilling PvP gameplay and intense 9v9 battles against skilled opponents from around the world, put your strategic skills and teamwork to the test across a variety of game modes, including the intense Arena Battles, Ranked Battles, or the chaotic Brawl mode, where anything goes. But that's not all - join the special events such as Halloween, New Year and Anniversaries to experience unique game modes and earn exclusive rewards. In addition, customize your warship with special camos, skins, and dedicated Commanders in collaboration with world-famous titles, making your vessel truly your own. Unlock new warships, upgrades, and customization options by earning valuable in-game currency while playing the game for free. If you want to take your experience even further, the in-game Store offers a variety of items for purchase at reasonable prices. With breathtaking graphics, strategic gameplay, and the thrill of naval combat, World of Warships: Legends is the ultimate mobile gaming experience for history buffs, strategy enthusiasts, and competitive players alike. Download it today and set sail on a journey to becoming a legendary naval Captain! This game is available on phones and tablets only and requires a device with at least 3 Gb RAM, Adreno 640 or newer GPU, and Vulkan 1.0. Connect with the community through our main website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Discord, and Reddit. Don't miss out on the chance to forge alliances and conquer the seas!
Strange Horticulture

Strange Horticulture is an occult puzzle game. Grow powerful plants, solve mysteries, and explore the dark forests of Undermere. Unlock its secrets now!

Strange HorticulturePlug In Digital
Are you ready for a mysterious and occult adventure? Then Strange Horticulture is the game for you! In this puzzle game, you'll be in charge of a local plant store where you can discover new plants, chat with a coven, pet your cat – all while being thrown into a dark and magical mystery that has lasted for hundreds of years. Welcome to Undermere, a peaceful town nestled amongst hag-filled forests and mountainous terrain. You're the Horticulturist, the proud owner of the famous Strange Horticulture store. With an exciting and diverse cast of customers, you are thrown into an occult mystery that dates back centuries – you never know what will happen next! Explore the wilderness that surrounds your local store to discover new plants – but beware! The forests and lakes in these areas aren't always safe for a simple herbalist. You might stumble across powers that you never thought possible, or even lose your mind completely. Use context clues to determine which sites are worth visiting – and which ones aren't. Catalog every plant that you discover in your trusty encyclopedia – and use the clues you've found whilst exploring to learn more about them. As a result, you will become an expert in the art of the strange plants you have discovered. With the knowledge that you have gained from identifying these plants, you'll be able to use their effects to change the story arc – from hypnotic hallucinogens to deadly poisons. Strange Horticulture has been designed to offer you the best user experience possible – both on mobiles and tablets. You'll be taken on a grand adventure through the world of Undermere in the greatest of settings. Are you ready to go on a mystical journey? Let's play Strange Horticulture!
Solace Inc.

Recruit your team, hack, slash and blast through hordes of enemies to save humanity in Solace Inc. - the ultimate survivors-like game.

Solace Inc.aplovestudio
Looking for a solution to your problems? Look no further than Solace Inc., the foremost time-traveling mercenary company in the galaxy! Our cutting-edge technology enables us to provide fast and reliable services wherever and whenever you need them. With hundreds of eager employees ready to take on any challenge, hiring us means you can rest assured that business will be taken care of, without you having to get your hands dirty! Solace Inc. is a survivors-like game in which you lead your recruits against endless hordes of enemies. The game offers a diverse range of weaponry including hacking, slashing, shooting, and blasting tools to help you dispatch your foes. With endless combinations of recruits, the possibilities are limitless, allowing you to become an unstoppable fighting force! Key Features: - Unlock and recruit over 100 unique characters - Take on challenging missions and face off against intimidating enemies - Upgrade your gear and unlock alternate game modes - Enjoy charming dialogue and interactions with a large cast of characters - Discover and unlock special cameos from other games and creators - And much more! If you're ready to join the ranks of Solace Inc, don't hesitate to submit your application today. We're looking for brave warriors like you to fight for our cause!
Bunny Haven

Transform a garden into a bunny rescue sanctuary, serve cafe customers and match them with lovable bunnies. Create an atmosphere just for you while taking care of them.

Bunny HavenRunaway Play
Step into the world of Bunny Haven and immerse yourself in the enchanting world of adorable rescue bunnies. Take on the role of a sanctuary owner with the mission to provide these cute bunnies a forever home where they can be loved and pampered. Each bunny in the sanctuary is unique and endowed with distinct features, adding a touch of personality to your haven. Create a personalized aesthetic by adding stunning furniture and accessories that reflect your style. You'll not only wow the bunny floofs but your café customers as well. With an added café management component, whip up scrumptious delicacies and serve the customers. Play matchmaker and pair up customers with their perfect bunny buddies, bringing people and animals closer together. Inspiration for each rabbit in Bunny Haven is drawn from real-life species, bringing alive their quirks and personalities. Bunny Haven offers a therapeutic experience full of relaxation and cuteness in equal measure. From the comforting nature of interacting with the bunny floofs to creating unforgettable memories, spending time playing Bunny Haven is an investment in joy. If you're an avid fan of cafe games, restaurant games, animal games, or pet games, then Bunny Haven is a must-try. Get access to this fun-filled world designed with utmost care to promote ethical care towards real-life bunnies. Bunny Haven is completely harmless and inclusive. Bunny Haven is the latest creation of Runaway Play, an award-winning mobile games studio. Download it for free and indulge in tons of fun and excitement. Bunny Haven will request your permission to access your photos, media, and files so that you can save images to your device or share with friends. Get ready to embark on a heartwarming journey, creating memories and playing with adorable rabbit floofs. Contact for suggestions and issues while playing the game. Bunny Haven is free to download, but some items can be purchased for money.
Stone Age: Digital Edition

Build your prehistoric tribe and advance humanity's civilization while competing for resources and balancing food in Stone Age: Digital Edition.

Stone Age: Digital EditionAcram Digital
Step into prehistoric times and lay the groundwork of human civilization – the journey to a prosperous future for humanity lies in your hands! With Stone Age: Digital Edition, lead your tribe through the Stone Age and create a civilization that stands out. As a human in the Stone Age, starting from scratch with primitive tools, gather gold, stone, and wood to gain higher knowledge levels and erect solid structures. However, with scarce resources, competition is fierce for the limited number of spaces on the board that produce them, and the need to procure food for your growing tribe only intensifies. In Stone Age, players take on the role of humans from prehistoric times, collecting wood, stones, and gold, and building their village to achieve new levels of civilization. With a combination of luck and strategy, you must attain the perfect balance to advance your tribe. The game's mechanics are straightforward, comprising three simple steps. First, place your workers in the areas they can scavenge for resources. Next, utilize the resources you gathered to construct structures and tools. Finally, make sure your workers are fed and happy. There is a limited number of space on the board, so you must make the best decisions with every round. Focus on developing your tribe by accumulating resources, building new structures, and expanding your culture while ensuring that your people are well-fed. The game features immersive gameplay in the era of the Stone Age, with worker placement mechanics that make the player responsible for their tribe. It has three levels of AI for you to play solo, and limitless replayability, making it a great game to start your journey with board games. Stone Age: Digital Edition is an excellent port of a classic board game that has won or been nominated for numerous board game awards. It delivers a unique board game experience on the convenience of a digital platform, with online multiplayer and matchmaking from day one. Unique features include online ranking systems with divisions, and synchronous and asynchronous online game modes. Get Stone Age: Digital Edition today, and step into the past to build a better future for humanity!

WizUp!: Wizard idle game with 45+ resources, unique upgrades, and no ads or in-app purchases. Collect resources, purchase upgrades, prestige, and repeat!

Step into the mystical world of WizUp! - an ultimate wizardry game that lets you be the master of your power and destiny. The game offers an enticing combination of an incremental, resource management and idle gameplay that will keep you captivated for hours. Your prime objective is to tactfully slay enemies, accumulate resources and progressively upgrade your arsenal to grow stronger. The flexibility of the gameplay allows you to proceed at your own pace- slow and steady wins the race! Get ready to embark on a magical journey where you will discover over 45 assorted resources, upgrades, and items. These items come with unique mechanics that will keep you engaged throughout the journey. The game presents you with a plethora of impressive mechanics. For instance, awaken to earn Paradox Anchors, which can be shattered to obtain Mirrors of Sight, which in turn can be shattered to obtain Mirrors of Remembrance to boost your Global Storage. Take charge and balance the allocation of your Orbs of Power to increase your Rune Drop Chance, Damage, XP Gain, and Chaotic Essence Production. You can upgrade over 10 unique Rings with each offering different perks. For example, the Ring of Stars ("The Stars send you aid") that awards you with 1 Star Seed every time your wizard dies. The game comes ad-free and does not contain any in-app purchases. Get started today and experience the unparalleled excitement and thrill that the mystical world of WizUp! has to offer.

FIRESKY: RPG game where you collect heroes and cards, engage in PVP battles, and follow diverse characters on a quest to defeat the Demon King.

FIRESKYConcept Haus Mobile
In FIRESKY, embark on a thrilling adventure filled with fiery dodgeball battles and unravel the intricate story of an age-old conflict that has endured for centuries. The game is an action-packed RPG where you encounter a diverse cast of heroes, each with their own fascinating backstory, as you explore the stunning worlds and engage in epic battles, all in your quest to become the greatest guardian in the FIRESKY universe! Enter a world of magic and mystery, where you can collect heroes and cards, and engage in battles with enemies and other guardians in an enthralling story or the intense PVP arena. The compelling storyline is about a group of heroes who are on a mission to destroy the formidable Demon King and his army, with each hero possessing a unique history that is unlocked through the game's progression. The first season centers around Keiko, a blood-born princess who seeks revenge for the death of her parents and is determined to take down the Demon King himself. With each hero possessing a distinct backstory, players get to explore different timelines and perspectives, gradually unlocking the universe's secrets that are essential in your mission to defeat the Demon King. Whether you are engaging in the intense PVP Arena or the gripping story, FIRESKY boasts a roster of over 30 distinctive characters, each with their individual powers and abilities. The gauntlet adds an extra layer of strategy to the game, where players can control their weapons' crafting to suit their unique fighting style. Skilled players can showcase their mastery of the gauntlet while competing against the game's top fighters in the PVP arena. While FIRESKY is easy to pick up, honing your skills to become a master takes time and dedication. To gain an edge against tough competitors, players must strategize and carefully collect gems and cards, crafting them into formidable weapons and magic to dominate the competition. So, are you ready to join the fray and become the greatest guardian in the FIRESKY universe?
Art of Rally

Master the Art of Rally in challenging stages with iconic cars from 60s to Group B, racing through stylized environments.

Art of RallyNoodlecake
Experience the thrill of driving legendary automobiles from the 1960s to Group B on demanding tracks that traverse stylized landscapes influenced by actual global destinations. Put your skills to the test by racing for top honors on the scoreboards, competing in daily and weekly competitions. Can you perfect the craft of rallying?

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