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Into the Badlands: Champions

Into the Badlands": an isometric martial arts RPG with a variety of lethal characters, stunning graphics, and epic quests. Conquer the Badlands and rule the territories.

Into the Badlands: ChampionsReliance Games
Get ready for the ultimate martial arts RPG action game that will keep you hooked for hours. Badlands No.1 is an isometric, one versus many free-flow combat experience that is simple to pick up and impossible to put down. Prepare to enter a world where nobody is innocent, as it is built on blood. Play as your favorite heroes and villains from the popular TV show - Sunny, The Widow, Bajie, Tilda, Pilgrim, and many more. With deadly martial arts skills, build a roster of lethal characters, each with their distinctive fighting style and superpowers. Survive epic quests in an unforgiving world and conquer territories to rule the Badlands. Keep an eye on your enemies, as they will be constantly trying to reclaim their territories. Utilize your soldiers to protect your turf and to conquer new lands. Each character comes with a specific set of skills that includes magical capabilities or weapons like swords, butterfly shurikens, daggers, five-ring Chinese broadswords, modified katanas, wakizashi, European longswords, Chinese double Jian, and many more. Build your strategy and hone your skills with gameplay mechanics that take a minute to learn but a lifetime to master. Time your taps, swipes, and double taps creatively to face incoming rivals. Sneak up on enemies to destroy them with crushing blows. Prove your combat prowess and defeat the territory boss in the best weapon-based fighting game ever made. Upgrade your fighters and trade to build a stronger roster. Level up your fighters, unlock special abilities and powers, and collect cards either by participating in events or picking up loot from the store. Utilize the card trading system to customize your roster and create the ultimate fighting squad. Experience multiple game modes that include story mode, events, and more. Enjoy stunning graphics and thrilling sound effects, and immerse yourself in iconic locations from the show. Badlands No.1 offers global leaderboards, making it easy to compete against players from around the world. This game is completely free to download and play, but you can purchase some items from the store. You can restrict in-app purchases in your device settings. Badlands No.1 is also optimized for tablet devices, making the gameplay experience even better. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube for more information and updates. Badlands No.1 - the best martial arts RPG action game on your phone, get ready to conquer the Badlands!
Rysen Dawn

Rysen Dawn - Parkour as a live streamer and gain sponsors. Show off moves, listen to in-game music/emotes, and use photo mode to capture your best moments.

Rysen DawnR-USER Games
In Rysen Dawn, take on the role of RYSEN, a gifted parkour streamer who earns an income from broadcasting his skills. Showcase your parkour moves to in-game supporters, and rise to become a famous live streaming master of parkour. The mobile graphics provide an immersive gaming experience, with easy to use touch controllers. Receive reactions from the game's characters when you use emotes, which can include displaying a simple trick or dancing. Immerse yourself in the game's music using the in-game emote system. Use the sponsorships you earn as a live streamer to obtain in-game currency. The game runs smoothly on 60 frames per second. Photo mode is a game feature that allows you to take screenshots and store them in InternalStorage/R-USER Games/RysenDown/Screenshots. Your screenshots' resolution will not be affected in photo mode, even if you take a picture at 30% resolution. Music lovers should note that you must unlock and equip headphones before you can load music in-game. Store your music in InternalStorage/R-USER Games/RysenDawn/Musics, and only *.mp3 files will play. You may enable Auto Scan Music in settings, which eliminates the need for loading music manually by presenting a button to do so in the upper right-hand corner of the emote wheel if you enable headphones. Finally, ensure that your device has at least 2 GB of RAM, and that you have allowed all necessary permissions to avoid experiencing black screens.
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Dark Forest Survivor

Survive a plane crash in an eerie forest, gather resources, repair your plane and escape in "Dark Forest Survivor".

Dark Forest SurvivorKetchapp
Step into an enthralling adventure into the heart of the unknown with the game "Dark Forest Survivor." Shaken by a traumatic plane accident, you must fight to survive in a haunting forest. Traversing through the mysterious landscape, search for valuable resources and erect a safe retreat, all while facing the reality that the darkness is not just a danger but a deadly entity that looms at every turn. Your chief objective is to repair your partially destroyed plane and depart from the unforgiving woodland. Every move you make, whether it be gathering supplies, reinforcing your shelter, or improving your own abilities, can change the balance between living and succumbing to the unending night. In the midst of the omnipresent darkness, sources of light are your hope of survival, repelling the unyielding obscurity that desires your demise. Your shelter isn't just a refuge, it is evidence of your indomitable passion to conquer the unfamiliar. Challenge yourself with the intricate difficulties of "Dark Forest Survivor" as you develop your survival expertise and boost your skill set. Will you be able to overcome the perilous forest, mend your plane, and become the valiant conqueror of this enigmatic journey? The fate of your success summons you from the depths of the dark forest.
Disney Speedstorm

Race through Disney and Pixar-inspired worlds with an incredible cast of heroes in this hero-based combat racing game, featuring extensive customization and online multiplayer.

Disney SpeedstormGameloft
Embark on a thrilling racing adventure where heroes rule the tracks in Disney Speedstorm, an arcade racing game by the same creators of Asphalt series. Be prepared to face the heat on high-speed circuits that mirror Disney and Pixar worlds and test your skills with each character to claim victory. The game features a fascinating lineup of notable characters, such as Mulan, Sulley, Mickey Mouse, and Baloo, who are ready to rumble. Upgrade each racer's stats and take advantage of their unique abilities that can influence the outcome of a race, making every game a different experience. Disney Speedstorm poses an exciting and action-packed arcade racing experience as anyone can dive right in, but mastering skills and techniques such as timely boosts, expertly drifting around corners, and adapting to varying track conditions are essential to succeed and dominate. You can enjoy the game modes such as single player mode or compete against friends in local or online multiplayer modes. You can also battle against players worldwide and establish yourself as an online racing legend. Get ready for an immersive experience in fascinating Disney and Pixar-inspired race tracks that mirror classic films such as Pirates of the Caribbean, The Jungle Book, and Monsters, Inc. These environments have been designed explicitly for racing and bring a new and refreshing perspective to the game. Having your racer suit, the kart livery, wheels, and wings that reflect your desired style is crucial. Choose from the extensive customization options that allow you to personalize your racer, kart and show off stylish wings, and wheels. Disney Speedstorm offers regular updates and new content, including new racers from Disney and Pixar, unique skills to overcome or master, and customized tracks. The support crew characters, environment, customization options, and collectibles will regularly drop into the mix, providing a fresh dose of excitement to the game. Don't miss out on the fun and stay up-to-date by visiting official sites and social media pages, offering useful tips and insights for avid gamers. The app allows you to buy virtual items within the game, and you may encounter third-party ads. Ensure you acknowledge and comply with the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy as you enjoy playing.
Dead Blood: Survival FPS

Survive hordes of zombies in a Wild West setting with weapons and essential equipment crafted from scavenged resources.

Dead Blood: Survival FPSCrazy Panda FZCO
Step into the wild west and challenge yourself to a nerve-wracking battle against hordes of brain-hungry zombies in this first-person shooter game, Dead Blood. Brace yourself for an intense experience as you fight for survival in a perilous world that requires quick reflexes and strategic thinking to stay alive. With a wide range of weapons at your disposal, including guns, bombs, and melee weapons like the old fella club and Scandi axe, you can take down the zombie horde any way you please. Explore your surroundings and scavenge for resources to craft better weapons and equipment to aid your survival. Thankfully, you'll have a few surviving companions to guide you at the start, including the mayor's daughter, Elsa, and Henry, the local gunsmith who will provide valuable insight on blueprints and weapon production. Felix from the tailor shop will also come in handy for repairs and crafting. The immersive Wild West setting is stunningly designed, enhancing the overall gameplay experience. From The Hunt scavenging adventure to looting resources and completing special orders from the mission board, there are many ways to survive in this unforgiving world full of zombies and other dangers. Dead Blood is not just a zombie survival game; it combines the best elements of the Wild West genre with thrilling gameplay. The captivating storyline, stunning graphics, and intense gameplay will keep you hooked for hours. Stay stealthy as some of the undead can hear and smell you, and even call on others to fight you. Don't wait too long to indulge in the action-packed adventure of Dead Blood. Your blood is pumping, and the wide-open range is waiting for you to explore.
Alien World - dbd alien games

Experience limitless fun in this 3D Sci-Fi war games FPS offline with impressive graphics and various game modes including team deathmatch and offline sniper shooting.

Alien World - dbd alien gamesIram Shehzad
Welcome, action enthusiasts! Get ready to indulge in the world of 3D Sci-Fi war games FPS action. Unleash your inner sniper and dive into multiple Sci-Fi war games, filled with endless fun. Are you a fan of commando gun shooting games FPS? Well, your wait is finally over. Discover the ultimate action game & Sci-Fi war games FPS offline 2022 now. Prove your worth by completing all missions and become the number one commando in the adventure shooting games genre. The advanced gun games will put your skills to the test. Enjoy the Sci-Fi war games FPS offline 2022 for free without Wi-Fi and experience a new level of entertainment. Team Deathmatch is one of the most impressive features of the Sci-Fi war games FPS offline. The gun game of 2022 offers fantastic graphics coupled with a handy campaign mode to make your game-time more enjoyable. Take your gameplay to a new level of fun in the Sci-Fi offline fps shooting game of 2022. Take on the role of a secret commando in our latest 3D gun shooting game. Unleash your inner soldier and defeat the enemy in one of the best offline shooting games out there. Rule the battlefield as an army soldier and become a super-soldier in our advanced gun games. Play multiple secret missions while indulging in the best shooting offline games for free. Our Sci-Fi war games FPS offline boosts many exciting features, including a "shoot-to-kill" mode in the best FPS offline shooting game. Compete against intelligent enemies in team deathmatch, enjoy the offline Sniper Shooting Game Mode, take on the assault mission gameplay in the action game category, or play the free-for-all gun shooting game mode. The Gun Shooting Games offer a 3D gameplay that is recommended for players of all ages. These offline games provide non-stop entertainment by indulging in fps shooting game levels. In our gun games offline, you can compete with friends and enjoy a 3D perspective of offline shooting games. This shooting game is highly recommended for fans of all ages, as it guarantees non-stop entertainment.

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