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Let’s go to Valhalla 🌅

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Vikings: Valhalla

Build, raid and battle in Vikings: Valhalla The Game. Upgrade weapons, recruit warriors and allies in this original story based on the Netflix series.

Vikings: ValhallaNetflix, Inc.
This exclusive strategy game is now available only for Netflix members. Dive into the stunning world of Vikings: Valhalla, where your ultimate goal is to become a legend among the gods. Your journey begins with building a settlement and leading raids against your rivals. You need to showcase your might by participating in player versus player battles, recruiting new warband members, upgrading your settlement, and unlocking siege weapons and military tactics to expand your reach on the battle map. Your end goal is to earn resources, riches, and glory. Forge alliances with other players, engage in trading, and visit the market to benefit from alliances and earn resources. Get ready to unlock a brand-new storyline and progress through the game's campaign mode where you will experience an epic story of betrayal and revenge. In this game, you will have the opportunity to battle alongside famous characters from the hit Netflix series like Harald, Freydis, and Leif. All these features have been created by Emerald City Games, a renowned development studio. In conclusion, Vikings: Valhalla is an exciting strategy game filled with action, adventure, and epic battles. Become a legend among the gods, lead your warband, and raid your way to the top!
Northmen - Rise of the Vikings

Lead a Viking raid through England, build your settlement, train heroes, and make strategic decisions in Northmen - Rise of the Vikings.

Northmen - Rise of the VikingsSEAL.GAMES
Experience the ultimate Viking adventure with Northmen - Rise of the Vikings, a thrilling mobile game that puts you in the shoes of a courageous Viking warrior. Your objective is to pillage the kingdoms of England, and etch your name in history. This game presents a unique combination of roguelike, base-building and RPG elements, allowing you to create a prosperous settlement on the shores of England. Accumulate resources, train your heroes and coordinate them for adrenaline-fueled conflicts. However, be careful, as every decision you make has a consequence, and you have to be well-prepared for sudden events. Your journey will take you through diverse locations of the kingdoms of England, ranging from humble monasteries and villages to fortified cities and castles. Expect the people of England to fiercely defend their land, so you better be strategic with your choice of heroes and usage of their skills to become victorious. At the end of your journey, you will face Ragnarok, the battle of gods. Only the most resolute leaders will achieve victory and future glory. Therefore, make wise decisions as you rise to become the most authoritative Jarl in history! Ready for the ultimate Viking experience? Download Northmen - Rise of the Vikings now and trail the footsteps of the greatest Viking warriors of all time!
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Battle, craft, and conquer in Niffelheim, a hostile world where fallen warriors fight for survival and a chance at Valhalla.

NiffelheimEllada Games LLC
Welcome to the free version of Niffelheim – an exciting action-packed game with in-app purchases and ads. You have the option to disable ads or purchase a premium account, which unlocks all items, content, and chests in the game. However, bear in mind that you can play the game without any purchases. As a player, you take the role of a courageous warrior who died in battle. However, instead of reaping the rewards of Asgard, you are stuck in the harsh world of Niffelheim. To survive in this hostile world, you must explore neighboring lands, raid dungeons, and find your way to Valhalla. Crafting is an important aspect of the game where you can brew potions from slain beasts and mushrooms to strengthen yourself. Cook meals and poison to fend off the most powerful troll. As you explore the dark caves, you will discover powerful artifacts that can aid you in winning the final battle. But beware - the caves are heavily guarded by powerful giants, deadly spiders, and hordes of undead. Reclaim your portal to Asgard by collecting all its pieces. Be careful; these pieces are protected fiercely by your enemies. With the bones, teeth, and fur from your fallen enemies, craft new weapons and armor to defend yourself from enemy attacks. As you progress, the Death Priests will try to manipulate you with ultimatums. It's up to you to choose whether to follow their orders or fight against their dead minions. In Niffelheim, warriors remain warriors even after their death. Set out to prove yourself to the gods and face the last challenge by unraveling the mysteries of this land, defending yourself and ensuring you have enough provisions. Embrace the cold, darkness, and death - as a true warrior, you won't fear them.
Viking Rise

Lead your Viking tribe to conquer Midgard in Viking Rise, an online multiplayer real-time war strategy game featuring audiovisual magnificence, global multi-player battles, and more.

Viking RiseIGG.COM
Looking for an exciting online multiplayer real-time war strategy game where you can lead a tribe of Vikings to explore and conquer the world of Midgard? Look no further than Viking Rise! As the Viking leader, you'll strategize and use your wits to utilize the strengths of your heroes from Norse mythology and Viking history to conquer Midgard and become the strongest ruler in Valhalla. But the journey won't be easy - throughout Valhalla, you'll encounter enemies and hidden dangers as well as opportunities to plunder, develop, and hunt. With stunning audiovisuals, you'll explore magnificent oceans and towering mountains as you immerse yourself in the vast Nordic landscape. And with a stunning original soundtrack composed by Mikolaj Stroinski, you'll truly feel like you're stepping into the world of the Vikings. As you expand your territory, you'll personalize it with a wide variety of Viking-style structures, whether you decide to develop a commercial trading center, a land of rich resources, or a powerful military fortress. And with a variety of tools at your disposal, including naval combat, real-time battles, and the ability to summon legendary Viking Heroes to fight for you, you'll be able to adjust your battlefield strategy to become the strongest in Midgard. So what are you waiting for? Join Viking Rise today and claim your place as one of Midgard's greatest legends. And don't forget to join our Discord and Facebook communities to stay up to date on the latest news and updates.

Conquer the new continent of Northgard with Vikings, resources, and strategy while fighting foes and solving mysteries. Unique clans and victory conditions!

In Northgard, you take control of a Clan of Vikings who have just arrived on a newly discovered, mysterious continent filled with danger and riches. As a fearless Viking, your mission is to explore and conquer the newly found shores of Northgard, earn fame for your Clan and make history through conquest, trading, or devotion to the Gods. But be warned, the land is not only filled with opportunities but also with dire wolves, undead warriors and giants that can make survival a challenge. Moreover, the harsh winters of the North are not forgiving and require you to manage your resources carefully to thrive. Assemble your band of vikings and assign them a variety of job roles such as farmer, warrior, sailor, and loremaster. As your settlement expands, explore new territories to gain strategic advantages, and master different victory conditions such as Conquest, Fame, Lore, and Trading. You can experience the saga of Rig, the Viking High King, who is murdered in Story Mode: Rig’s Saga. This kickstarts a journey that will see Rig's son, accompanied by his right-hand man Brand, explore the continent of Northgard to make new friends and foes. Along the way, they will face a greater threat than Hagen and discover the reasons behind Rig's assassination. Northgard offers different Multiplayer modes such as Duel, Free for All, and Teamplay, where you can play against other Mobile players with up to six players. To complete the 11 campaign chapters, mastering the unique specifics of the six first clans is paramount. The unforgiving wilderness of Northgard requires skills, tactics, and experience. However, more clans are joining the fight for Northgard, such as the Clan of the Snake, Dragon, Kraken, Horse, Ox, Lynx, and the latest addition, Ratatoskr, Clan of the Squirrel. Each clan has a unique specialization and set of abilities that you must master to unlock their full potential. The Clan of the Snake, for example, relies on cunning guerilla tactics to take the lead. The Clan of the Dragon pleases the gods by embracing the old ways and sacrificing to gain their favor. Meanwhile, the Clan of the Kraken harnesses the bounty of the sea and unleashes its brutal might. Similarly, the Clans of the Horse, Ox, Lynx, and Ratatoskr all have their unique playstyle. The game has been carefully redesigned for mobile with a revamped interface, Game Center achievements, and iCloud support to share your progress between iOS devices. If you face any issues with Northgard, Playdigious' customer support team is always available to assist you. Reach out to our support team at and provide as much information as possible on the problem you face.
Bad North: Jotunn Edition

Defend your island kingdom against Viking invaders in Bad North, a charmingly brutal real-time tactics roguelite. Plan your strategy on procedurally-generated islands and unlock upgrades to develop your troops.

Bad North: Jotunn EditionRaw Fury
Prepare for the fight of your life as Viking invaders threaten to destroy your kingdom. The recent death of your king has left your home open to attack, and as the new ruler, it’s up to you to defend it. But survival is the only goal in this game; victory is a distant hope that grows dimmer by the minute. Bad North is a captivating and ruthless real-time tactics roguelite that will test your skills and strategy. Fight off the Viking horde to protect your idyllic island kingdom. Command your troops to take full advantage of the unique landscape of each island. Make calculated moves or suffer the consequences. Fail, and your bloodthirsty enemies will eradicate your subjects. Experience the charming yet violent reality of war as you navigate procedurally generated islands with beautifully designed visuals. Your soldiers carry out your commands in the heat of battle, making for a dynamic and immersive combat simulation. Simple user inputs keep the game approachable for new players, while its depth and challenge will engage veterans. Stand your ground to keep hope alive for peace to return to the Bad North. Your troops' survival depends on your strategic prowess, so plan wisely. Lose a commander, and they’re gone forever. If you lose everything, it's over. Key Features: REAL-TIME TACTICS ROGUELITE: Strategize and relocate your troops wisely to outmaneuver the Vikings' individual counters to your moves. Each move could be your last, so plan your battles and retreats carefully! Lose a leader, and they're no longer available. Lose everything, and it's a game over! INTELLIGENT UNIT CONTROLS: Command your troops and monitor their positioning while they navigate and fight the enemy. They will respond intuitively to the ever-changing terrain. PROCEDURALLY GENERATED ISLANDS: Explore stylistically unique islands and develop strategies around their features to save your kingdom from ruin. UNLOCKABLE UPGRADES: Improve your defensive strategy to reap greater rewards, and turn your untrained soldiers into experienced warriors. The fate of this kingdom rests solely on your shoulders.
Vikings: an Archer's Journey

Vikings: An Archer's Journey - Help Nott, the Valkyrie, rescue her wolf from the underworld by defeating evil monsters and collecting special arrows.

Vikings: an Archer's JourneyPINPIN TEAM
Introducing Nott, a determined Valkyrie who has earned the wrath of Viking deities. As a result of her actions, her loyal wolf Oder has been sent to the netherworld. Without her trusted companion, Nott embarks on a quest to find him in the cold and misty domain known as "Helheim." Thankfully, Nott is an accomplished archer. She will find special arrows along the way to help her defeat the malevolent creatures plucked straight from Nordic mythology. In addition, Nott must enlist the aid of several Viking heroes who have fallen in battle. They will complete her mission for her and, if reunited with Oder, will be freed from hell. This shooting game with its minimalist graphic style is a combination of a "shoot 'em up" and an "infinite runner". From beginners to experienced players, it has something to offer everyone. From a selection of incredible vikings, select your marksmen and relish this lovely bow game. Each time you play, the levels are randomly generated, providing a new gaming experience. The archery game has easy-to-learn controls but is difficult to master. Collect different firing power-ups, including Bullet Time, Multi-Arrows, Explosive Arrows and Target Assistance. Hit all targets to attain a series of deadly combos! Meet five unique Vikings, each with its own individual attributes. When the darkness begins to grow, group elimination yields an excellent bonus. Challenge your friends in the Google Play Center and compete to top the leaderboard. Earn trophies, maintain your rank, and enjoy an immersive and unique sound experience with the original soundtrack. Vikings: An Archer's Journey is a free game with advertisements and in-app purchases.
Vikings: War of Clans

Create an invincible army and become the mightiest conqueror in PvP and PvE battles in Vikings: War of Clans, featuring stunning graphics and exciting gameplay.

Vikings: War of ClansPlarium LLC
Welcome to Vikings: War of Clans - a thrilling MMO strategy game that will take you on an epic journey of battles, power, and domination. In this vast and immersive world, you can become a mighty conqueror, and rule over millions of players across the globe! As a brave and wise Jarl, you can lead your army to victory, build and upgrade your structures, engage in campaigns, train fearless warriors, and accumulate wealth as you advance through the game. With superb graphics, a captivating storyline, and intense battles, Vikings: War of Clans will keep you engaged from the first moment! Vikings: War of Clans offers a wealth of features, including stunning visuals, a completely free-to-play environment, a vast array of troop classes, and multiple language options, allowing you to connect and engage with players worldwide. You can take on a variety of quests and tasks in exchange for rewards, craft weapons and gear, and even enjoy puzzle-solving games that will enhance your strategic skills. You can join a mighty clan and lead them to glory, or become a valuable member of an existing community. Please note that Vikings: War of Clans is a completely free-to-play game, although in-app purchases are available for real currency. You can easily customize or disable this option in your device settings. An active internet connection is necessary to play. Our team is always working on improving gameplay, and regularly introducing new updates to make the Viking world even more captivating. We encourage you to share your ideas and suggestions with us, as we continue to work together to create an unforgettable gaming experience. Are you ready to become a Viking hero? Join us today! For support, please visit Follow us on social media: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Learn more about our Privacy Policy at and our Terms of Use at For privacy requests, please contact us at

Guide disgraced Viking Oddmar through physics-based puzzles to prove his worth and reclaim his place among his brethren.

OddmarMobge Ltd.
Experience the journey of Oddmar, a Viking who is struggling with his life in the village and is considered not worthy of a place in Valhalla. He has been ostracized by his fellow Vikings because of his lack of promise. However, one day, he is given the opportunity to redeem himself, although it comes at a cost. Immerse yourself in an epic Viking story that is presented in a motion comic format, providing a truly immersive experience. Embark on a journey through 24 beautifully hand-crafted levels, each designed with physics-based puzzles and platforming challenges that will test your skill and determination. Discover your true power with weapons and shields that have been magically imbued, unlocking new abilities and giving you an edge in combat. Encounter new friends and foes as you travel through magical forests, snowy mountains, and treacherous mines, creating an immersive and engaging world that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Oddmar supports Google Play game saves and game controllers, allowing you to fully engage with the game and have complete control over your journey. Initially, an internet connection is required to complete the download of app data for Oddmar, but after that, you can play offline and fully enjoy the game. Join the community of Oddmar, where you can connect with other players and share your experiences at,, and If you have any questions or feedback, the admin team is always available to help at Finally, to ensure your privacy is protected at all times, please review our Privacy Policy at

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