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LEGO Ninjago: Shadow of Ronin

Help the Ninjas regain their memories and stop Ronin's evil plan in LEGO Ninjago: Shadow of Ronin, battling through iconic locales and powerful enemies.

LEGO Ninjago: Shadow of RoninWarner Bros.
Ronin, the new dangerous threat in Ninjago, is stealing the Ninjas' memories using an ancient weapon called the Obsidian Glaive and has an army of dark samurai helping him. In LEGO Ninjago: Shadow of Ronin, players need to help the Ninjas recover their memories and abilities before Ronin completes his plan, unleashing a more significant evil on Ninjago. The game features some iconic locations from the TV series, such as the Ice Temple, the Toxic Bogs, and an unexplored island. The players will also visit Spinjago mountain village, where the Ninjas are currently doing their training with Grand Sensei Dareth and Sensei Wu. LEGO Ninjago: Shadow of Ronin presents exciting features to enhance the players' experience. You will explore Ninjago and fight your way through iconic places from the TV series, including the Ice Temple, the Toxic Bogs, and Chen's Island. Uncover the secret behind the Obsidian Weapons, powerful yet ancient tools. Defend Ninjago from the classic villains you know, including the Serpentine, Nindroids, and more. The game presents cool vehicles like bikes, jets, mechs, and even dragons so that you can travel around levels. You will use the Spinjitzu Power to solve puzzles and overcome enemies by unleashing an elemental tornado. You can switch between "Virtual d-pad" and "Casual" controls, improving touch screen controls and enhancing brick bashing functions. Get ready to battle against Ronin, his dark samurai, and all the classic villains lurking around Ninjago!
LEGO Tower

Build, operate and manage a LEGO Tower, construct apartments, trade items, collect unique Minifigures, decorate, and unlock hidden characters in this casual/strategic business sim game.

LEGO TowerNimbleBit LLC
Create, manage and operate your very own LEGO Tower! Erect a vast assortment of abodes and enterprises for your Minifigure tenants to reside, labor and relish life. Drop by the towering structures of your buddies and exchange goods to aid them in their construction endeavors. Garner a slew of unparalleled Minifigure elements and uncover cloistered characters. Build the LEGO Tower of your dreams to extraordinary altitudes, the only restriction is the limit of your imagination, with content hailing from NINJAGO, City and Creator universes! Refine your management abilities and develop the ideal habitat for your inhabitants! Hone the embellishment of each and every tenant's dwelling place and bit of commerce! Color-coordinate every brick or let your creativity go wild and pattern away! Attain amazing rooftops such as NINJAGO, City, Hidden Side, space-themed and pirate-inspired. Unleash exclusive covert figures similar to the Diner Attendant, Adventurer, Ninja, Medical Practitioner, Pop Idol, Female Warrior, Cosmonaut, Space Enthusiast, Zombie and countless others! Access fresh LEGO cars, trucks and additional vehicles and support them in accomplishing assignments by searching for veiled objects in your tower. Discover boundless collectable Minifigure elements that await your perusal to mold each and every inhabitant into the protagonist of their own narrative! The simulation of managing your tower's commerce can be executed in a laid-back or strategic manner, the decision is yours. Grant your workers a vacation and allow your shop to sit idle or allocate staff members their dream positions to amass enormous profits. Monitor how the existence of your tower's residents is taking shape by following their constructed social network. You can even log into your LEGO Life account to safeguard your tower's progress across multiple devices and procure extraordinary character elements in both LEGO Tower and LEGO Life!
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LEGO Friends Heartlake Rush

Join the LEGO® Friends on missions in Heartlake City. Race, collect, customize vehicles, and boost with Zobo the robot. Unlock characters and cars in a safe environment.

LEGO Friends Heartlake RushStoryToys
LEGO Friends Heartlake Rush is the game that your kids will never tire of! In this game, they will be able to explore the city with their best friends. Choose any of the seven characters, including Ethan, Emma, and Mia, and enjoy an exciting adventure with them! With each character's unique personality, your child’s creativity and imagination will soar. The game encourages kids to express themselves while providing the excitement of exploring and customizing vehicles with a vast array of special items. As you travel through the city, collect coins and look out for special items like ice cream, fruit, flowers, gifts, and confetti bombs. With these items, you can transform your cars and decorate them with colored tires, aerial toppers, and decals. Your child can also unlock flair for their characters and cars to customize them to their liking. Flying, driving, jumping, ducking, and dodging are necessary tasks throughout this game, and it is filled with plenty of missions that earn your child points, which will increase their level. The game features exciting enemies to dodge, as well as opportunities to transform their car into a jet by picking up Zobo the robot. All characters and cars are available to play with once they have been unlocked by earning coin rewards. Additionally, mix and match characters, custom cars, and decals to encourage a true LEGO building experience. At the forefront of this game is safety. There are no third-party advertisements or hidden data collection. Instead, LEGO marketing content and information are served, such as LEGO news about sets and other LEGO games, intended to inspire creative play. Moreover, StoryToys takes children’s privacy seriously and ensures that the app complies with privacy laws, including the Child Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA). You can learn more about the information collected and how it is used by viewing their privacy policy. Immerse your child in a fantastic and safe gaming experience with LEGO Friends Heartlake Rush! LEGO, the LEGO logo, and the FRIENDS logo are trademarks and/or copyrights of the LEGO Group. ©2022 The LEGO Group. All rights reserved.
LEGO Star Wars: Castaways

Customize your character and explore a new Star Wars world in LEGO Star Wars: Castaways, available exclusively on Apple Arcade.

LEGO Star Wars: CastawaysGameloft
LEGO® Star Wars™: Castaways is an action-adventure game, set on a mysterious new planet, where players can fulfill their Star Wars fantasies in a social environment. It is exclusively available on Apple Arcade. Players can build their own LEGO minifigures using the hundreds of available pieces in the game and join fellow Castaways on the secret planet. The goal is to solve the mystery of a growing threat to life on the planet. Along the way, players can explore a new island, meet new characters, and engage in activities such as racing Microfighters and throwing dance parties. The game also features simulations of key Star Wars moments across iconic locations, battles with foes, puzzles to solve, and flight simulations to enhance piloting skills. Players can team up with friends online, communicate through LEGO Emotes in the Social Hub, and challenge family members in the Hippodrome, or join forces to complete quests and earn rewards. With a unique LEGO Star Wars minifigure customized with iconic costumes, players can relive their favorite Star Wars moments and create their own unique story as a Castaway.
LEGO Brawls

Design your own heroic minifigure, build power-ups, and brawl your way to victory in iconic LEGO levels with your team.

Craft your path towards the peak in this cheerful, collaborative action-packed game of combat where the unexpected can occur at any moment. • Develop your personalized heroic figurine with one-of-a-kind fighting capabilities! • Construct outrageous power-ups by using LEGO bricks! • Collaborate with your team to dominate renowned LEGO arenas! • Engage in battles amidst 8 diverse level designs, including traditional favorites like Castle, and an exciting new entry, Jurassic World! • Broaden your inventory of figs and power-ups! • Transform yourself into the master brawler!
LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham

Join the fight against Brainiac, blasting off into space with over 100 playable characters, unlock special suits, and complete 45 missions in LEGO Batman: Beyond Gotham.

LEGO Batman 3: Beyond GothamWarner Bros.
LEGO® Batman: Beyond Gotham is a thrilling game packed with action and adventure that requires iOS 8 or later to run. Join forces with iconic heroes and villains, including DC Comics characters, and embark on a mission to save Earth from the notorious Brainiac. Unlock over 100 playable characters, each with unique superpowers and abilities. From the Justice League and BIG LEGO Figures like Solomon Grundy, to Lantern heroes and villains, the game has a diverse range of characters to play with. Plus, there's no need for additional purchases to unlock all characters and abilities. Discover special suits that provide heroes with even more powers, such as Batman's bomb-igniting Demolition Suit, Cyborg's incognito Stealth Suit, or the Joker's tricky Decoy Suit. Take advantage of each suit's unique abilities and wreak havoc in outer space. Explore a fascinating original story set in outer space and Lantern worlds, such as Zamaron and Odym. Alternatively, visit iconic DC realms such as the Hall of Justice, the Batcave, and the Justice League Watchtower. Discover 45 missions full of intense action and adventure beyond Gotham. In addition to the massive list of characters already available, keep collecting even more fan favorites like Batman Beyond, the Dark Knight, and Batman '66 throughout the year. Choose between "Touch Screen" and "Classic" control styles to find the perfect play-style that suits you best. With its impressive range of features, LEGO® Batman: Beyond Gotham will keep you entertained for hours.
LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Play as your favorite characters, solve puzzles, engage in blaster battles, and experience high-speed aerial battles in LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens mobile game.

LEGO Star Wars: The Force AwakensWarner Bros.
Get ready to embark on a remarkable intergalactic journey, replaying the greatest adventures of the galaxy in LEGO® Star Wars™: The Force Awakens™ on your mobile! Take on the roles of the brave characters from the movie, such as Finn, Rey, BB-8, Han Solo, Poe Dameron, as well as Kylo Ren and General Hux. Renowned for its clever and humorous takes, LEGO® Star Wars™: The Force Awakens™ takes fans on a fresh expedition into the Star Wars™ universe, bringing a new life to this much-loved story. Moreover, players will be given access to more levels that have not been told before and will explore the approach to Star Wars™: The Force Awakens™. FEATURES: • Get ready to plunge into new gameplay mechanics never before seen in any LEGO game, such as Multi-Builds, Blaster Battles, and enriched flight sequences. • It's all about having choices! Decide from different building options offered by the Multi-Builds system, whether you use them to solve puzzles or experiment with in your leisure time. Each action you take will progress your experience count in distinct ways. • Use your surroundings to your advantage by taking cover and indulging in intense Blaster Battles to keep off the relentless First Order. Claim victory by emerging successfully! • Rely on the exhilarating rush of high-speed and fast-paced flights to set the tone, with arena-based aerial battles and dogfights you have never seen before. • Keep the excitement going by purchasing the All Content Season Pass, which would open doors to new levels and characters. Be prepared for additional exciting content that will be released throughout the year.
LEGO Star Wars Battles

Lead iconic characters in PvP battles inspired by locations from throughout the Star Wars galaxy in LEGO Star Wars Battles – a tower defense style free mobile game.

LEGO Star Wars BattlesTT Games Ltd
Immerse yourself in the world of LEGO® Star Wars™ and experience the ultimate real-time, multiplayer, player versus player battles! Engage in epic battles between your favorite characters on legendary locations from throughout the galaxy. Ever wondered what would happen if an Ewok took on a Tusken Raider, or if Chewbacca went head-to-head with Boba Fett? This game gives you the chance to find out! Collect characters, troops, and vehicles from the entire Star Wars™ universe, and build formidable armies on both the light and dark side. In this tower defense style game, you can build LEGO towers to defend your base or capture your opponent's territory. With over 40 units from various eras of the Star Wars™ franchise, including favorites such as AT-ATs, AT-RTs, Y-wings, and TIE fighters and characters from Star Wars™: The Phantom Menace, Star Wars™: A New Hope, Star Wars™: The Clone Wars™, and more, there's something for everyone. Expand your ability to win by discovering unique combinations of units and building different strategies to attack and defend. Using different tower types such as the Droid Factory, Turbolaser, and Flame Tower, you can create an unstoppable army that will leave your enemies in pieces. Unleash the power of characters such as Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, Yoda, and Boba Fett, each with their own game-changing abilities and unique troops that will support their strategy. Visit legendary Star Wars locations such as Naboo, Hoth, Scarif, and Geonosis while experiencing exciting battles through different eras. With new units to discover along the way, the game offers endless possibilities for expanding your options in battle. Download LEGO Star Wars Battles for free and experience the ultimate Star Wars™ adventure. Please note that some in-game items require real money payment, but the game makers commit to making this feature as fair and transparent as possible. A network connection is necessary to play this game, as there is no offline mode available. If you're having problems, check out the Help and Support page at for assistance. LEGO, the LEGO logo, the Minifigure, and the Brick and Knob configurations are trademarks and/or copyrights of the LEGO GROUP. This game was produced by TT games under license from the LEGO GROUP. All rights reserved. © & TM Lucasfilm Ltd.
LEGO Builder's Journey

Builder's Journey: a poetic, puzzle-filled adventure through a beautifully rendered LEGO® brick world. Embrace creativity and playfulness.

LEGO Builder's JourneyLEGO
Builder's Journey is an exceptional game that will captivate you with its addictive gameplay. This poetic puzzle game is set in a captivating LEGO® world, showcasing the most detailed LEGO® elements ever seen on video screens. As you progress through the levels, you will face challenges that will require you to follow instructions or be imaginative and bend the rules. In this game, you'll be taken on an immersive journey through a world of brightly colored bricks that bring the environment to life. The game is accompanied by a stunning soundtrack that will provide you with an even better gaming experience. Builder's Journey is a heartfelt story of joy and sadness that guides you through the ups and downs of life. This game guarantees to provide you with a unique experience that will help you discover who you really are and what your true potential is. The game's puzzles are solved one brick at a time, allowing you to savor each level. There are times when you must experiment and explore the world as much as possible, but above everything else, you must play the game as if you are on a journey of self-discovery, becoming who you were meant to be. Get ready to immerse yourself in a world of creative building blocks, enchanting graphics, and a captivating soundtrack. Builder's Journey is an astoundingly polished debut game created by LEGO's new studio, Light Brick. Get your bricks ready and join in on the adventure filled with play, connections, and surprises at every turn.
LEGO Jurassic World

Relive all Jurassic films in LEGO fun, customize your dinosaur collection, wreak havoc and explore Isla Nublar and Isla Sorna.

LEGO Jurassic WorldWarner Bros.
If you're a Jurassic Park enthusiast, then it's time to put your brick-building skills to the test with LEGO Jurassic World™. This videogame offers a unique opportunity to relive the excitement of all four monumental films: Jurassic Park, The Lost World: Jurassic Park, Jurassic Park III, and Jurassic World. Enter a world of LEGO bricks and hilarious antics, as TT Games delivers another classic LEGO adventure, jam-packed with action-packed sequences, hilarious humor, and unforgettable moments. Explore the sprawling grounds of Isla Nublar and Isla Sorna, and experience the adventure 65 million years in the making. Get ready to wreak havoc as a variety of LEGO dinosaurs, with 16 prehistoric creatures to choose from, including the formidable T. rex, crafty Raptors, the friendly Triceratops, and the vicious Compy. But that's not all – you can customize your very own dinosaur collection, by experimenting with DNA and collecting LEGO amber, to create the Dilophosaurus rex, a completely original creation. Populate your own paddocks with your unique dino-creations, as you complete exciting special Free Play missions. Whether you're reliving your favorite moments from the films or creating your very own Jurassic adventure, LEGO Jurassic World™ is the perfect game for any dinosaur lover.
LEGO Marvel Super Heroes

Play as Marvel's iconic heroes or villains, including Iron Man, Spider-Man, and Hulk, to stop Loki from destroying the world in this action-packed LEGO adventure.

LEGO Marvel Super HeroesWarner Bros.
In LEGO® Marvel™ Super Heroes: Universe in Peril, players are taken on an epic adventure as they guide a team of superheroes through the entire Marvel Universe. The original storyline sees the likes of Iron Man, Spider-Man, the Hulk, Captain America, Wolverine and other fan-favorite characters join forces to put a stop to Loki's plans to construct a super-weapon capable of destroying the world. With over 91 playable characters to unlock throughout the game, such as Iron Man, Spider-Man, Captain America, and Wolverine, players will have access to a wide variety of super-powered characters to aid in their mission. Additional character families can be purchased through the in-game store. There are 45 action-packed missions to complete, spanning across iconic locations from the Marvel Universe. Players will have access to an assortment of superpower abilities such as flight, super strength and invisibility to take down the various enemy threats that lie ahead. Using quick combat moves and performing Super Moves like Hulk’s Thunder Clap or Iron Man’s Arc Reactor will be essential in overcoming the challenges that await. For those looking for an extra challenge and ways to earn rewards, the game also includes a variety of challenges to complete. Whether players prefer console or touch screen controls, the game allows for seamless switching between both modes. It is important to note that this game is packed with hours of cinematic content, requiring a significant amount of available space on your device to install. With 2.2gb needed when installing over wifi, it is recommended to download the game on your computer and then sync for a smaller file size of 1.1gb. To ensure optimal stability, it is advised to restart your device after installation. Internet connection is not required to play this game and in cases of difficulty, support can be reached through In LEGO® Marvel™ Super Heroes: Universe in Peril, players will embark on an unforgettable adventure with a cast of iconic Marvel characters that is sure to be a blast for gamers of all ages.

Fortnite is a multiplayer survival game with exploration and building elements. Players must scavenge for resources and outwit their opponents on a shrinking battleground.

FortniteEpic Games
Get ready to immerse yourself in a thrilling multiplayer online game that has it all - action, strategy, and survival - with Fortnite's heart-pumping Battle Royale gameplay. Experience the thrill of intense combat as 100 players battle to be the last one standing on the ever-shrinking battleground. Explore a world on the brink of destruction, from lush forests to decaying urban environs, all designed to captivate you with their stunning visuals. Every resource you collect, every move you make, could be the key to staying alive. Use your resourcefulness to erect barricades and towering fortresses from scavenged materials, plot strategic paths, and set ambushes to get the edge over your opponents. Fortnite offers innovative gameplay modes, limited-time events, and cross-platform play to keep the challenge interesting. Embrace the battle with a rotating playlist of exhilarating options that cater to both casual and competitive playstyles. Choose your landing spot with care, searching for weapons, ammunition, and healing items to give you the upper hand. From shotguns to assault rifles, each weapon offers distinct advantages to master. Utilize strategic consumables such as health boosters and stealth-enhancing tools to turn the tide of battle in your favor. Join forces with friends and communicate seamlessly using in-game voice chat to execute maneuvers, share resources, and plan ambushes. Embrace the challenge of flying solo, relying on your wits and reflexes to secure the elusive Victory Royale. Ready to showcase your strategic prowess? Get ready for a high-energy, adrenaline-fueled experience that features top-tier graphics and heart-pumping battles, where only the boldest warriors will succeed in Fortnite. Are you up for the challenge? Gather your squad, gear up, and let the battle commence!
LEGO Legacy: Heroes Unboxed

Assemble your dream team of LEGO minifigures in this turn-based RPG adventure, battling enemies & building sets. Exclusive for Netflix members.

LEGO Legacy: Heroes UnboxedNetflix, Inc.
This one-of-a-kind adventure game is an exclusive treat reserved for Netflix members. Gather a top-notch crew from a variety of minifigure favorites- choose from the likes of Captain Redbeard, Princess Storm, or Hot Dog Man- and start a captivating journey of exploration, monster battling, and set building. This turn-based RPG masterpiece takes you on thrilling missions and online battles with other players while competing to top the global ranks. Unite with the iconic LEGO minifigures from different eras, including the fiery Majisto, Volcano Explorer Iggy, the striking Princess Argenta, and the recently introduced Shanty Legend, Scarlett. With each character boasting an impressive set of unique skills, prepare to create your dream mashup of LEGO heroes and combat a range of foes with unbeatable tactics. Every new minifigure presents new potential strategies and unlocking more abilities as you power them up. Rediscover stunning LEGO sets from every available setting, including LEGO Pirate, LEGO Castle, and LEGO City with additional sets to be added. Build fascinating LEGO sets and uncover their secrets. Unlock heroic powers for your minifigures by unveiling hidden powers. Experience multiplayer fun by joining forces with friends, fighting your rivals, and borrowing characters to participate in campaigns and special events. The game delivers you an exciting and immersive LEGO world that offers lots of laugh out loud moments while encountering dangers, adventures, and thrills. The game requires 3G or Wi-Fi internet connection for downloads, updates, playing with friends, and other features. A 500 to 600 MB download is necessary, and the download size is subject to change without notice. LEGO, the LEGO logo, Brick, and Knob configurations, NINJAGO, and MINIFIGURES logo are trademarks of the LEGO Group. The game was created by Gameloft, and conditions of use can be found on its official site. To play, you must have active Netflix membership. Privacy policy, end-user license agreement, and terms of use are likewise available on the Gameloft site.
LEGO Bricktales

Design puzzles from your imagination in LEGO Bricktales. Help your grandfather save his amusement park by exploring beautiful dioramas and solving puzzles.

LEGO BricktalesThunderful
LEGO® Bricktales introduces an innovative approach to building puzzles where you can use your creativity to come up with your own solutions. You can bring your creations to life in a stunning LEGO world where each puzzle has a constructive resolution. Follow a fascinating journey to save your grandfather's failing amusement park by exploring a variety of LEGO diorama biomes, ranging from bustling city corners to towering medieval castles, and tropical Caribbean islands, all made brick by brick. Accompanied by your little robot friend, solve puzzles and earn new skills to further delve into the secrets and mysteries of the worlds you encounter. From aesthetic designs such as market stands and music boxes to functional physics-based puzzles like cranes and gyrocopters, each diorama offers multiple construction spots that let you unleash your intuitive brick-by-brick building. In addition to completing specific quests and puzzles, you can customize the amusement park rides to your liking. Your grandfather has called for assistance as the park is on the verge of closure and the mayor is threatening to shut it down if the necessary repairs are not made, leading to the family losing the land. Hence, your goal is to use an alien technology-based device powered by happy crystals to revitalize the park. Harvest happiness crystals by making people happy and resolving their issues, all while travelling to different locations worldwide using a portal. Save the day and be part of an exciting building adventure. LEGO Bricktales presents a globetrotting adventure filled with fun secrets to uncover and lively dialogue to enjoy. You can explore five distinct story world biomes and the amusement park hub, all crafted entirely from LEGO bricks. You will discover the most intuitive brick-by-brick building in a LEGO video game that lets you see your creations come to life in a three-dimensional world. Different types of puzzles will put your building skills to the test, providing varying challenges, such as using your engineering genius to build a bridge for a digger or designing a new throne for the King. Complete a construction spot to unlock Sandbox Mode, where you can perfect your building skills using a vast selection of additional bricks from various themes. You can collect numerous items and unlock new options for your wardrobe or sandbox mode, allowing you to make a unique character of your own design.

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