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Designer City: Empire Edition

Design and develop a town into a sprawling empire spanning thousands of years with no wait times or limitations. Attract people, construct buildings and provide entertainment for happy sims.

Designer City: Empire EditionSphere Game Studios

Develop your own ancient town and transform it into an empire that spans thousands of years with Designer City Empire Edition! This city building game is free of wait times and limitations, allowing you to let your creativity run wild. In order to attract people, you'll need to build various types of homes, from basic houses to luxurious villas and mansions. But that's not enough - your residents will also need a source of income, which means you'll have to develop businesses and industries for them to work in. To ensure the well-being of your sims, you'll also need to include markets, libraries, schools, and a military to keep your empire safe. Give them plenty of entertainment options, such as bars, restaurants, theaters, and stadiums. And don't forget to build sporting arenas and amphitheaters for events that will bring your people together. What's unique about this game is that you can start with a small Roman city and expand into other ancient civilizations, such as the Egyptian, Aztec, Byzantine, Persian, Norse, Chinese, Korean, and Japanese cultures. Unlike other city building games, Designer City Empire Edition allows you complete freedom to design your town your way. Manage your resources carefully, keeping your city clean and pollution-free. Make sure they have access to enough water, power, and food to thrive, and your residents will work harder and generate more income. What sets this city building game apart is that you won't need to worry about gathering building materials or hiring builders. You have the complete freedom to build your empire your way. With offline or online gameplay available, you can play Designer City Empire Edition anytime, anywhere, even without an internet connection. Please note that while this game is completely free to play, there are some optional in-game items that require payment.

The Silent Age

Travel through time to a dystopian future with The Silent Age, an atmospheric point-and-click adventure game with mind-bending puzzles and an eerie soundtrack.

The Silent AgeHouse on Fire

Dive into a tale of adventure and excitement in The Silent Age, where you'll discover a somber future where mankind has disappeared. Travel through time and experience two starkly different eras: the iconic 70's and a desolate present day gripped by eerie silence. Brace yourself for an atmospheric point-and-click adventure game, featuring stylized visuals and a haunting soundtrack that will leave you breathless as you uncover the mysteries within.

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Cell to Singularity

Tap to evolve life from single-cell to human and beyond. Upgrade tech to survive on Mars. An addictive, informative clicker game.

Cell to SingularityComputerLunch

Embark on an incredible journey through the history of life and its evolution in this captivating cosmic clicker game.

Rayman Mini

Shrunk Rayman navigates 48 levels with plant allies in a macro-photographic world. Players set their own pace for a fun, family runner platformer game.

Rayman MiniUbisoft

Rayman has found himself shrunk to a minuscule form of an ant! In order to break this spell, you will have to rely on your allies such as insects, mushrooms, as well as other plants. All of this takes place in a fantastic and utterly photographic world that is teaming with life. Rayman Mini takes players on an incredible journey throughout the game's 48 levels, from the lovely river, to spider nests, and the very depths of a tree. Rayman Mini is an utterly engaging runner platforming game that can be enjoyed by anyone in the family! It offers fast-paced and enjoyable experiences that let players choose how they want to indulge themselves in the game. It is possible to engage in a simple run or simply opt for a challenge in getting befitting and perfect scores. To get past the super-sized environment which you have found yourself in, it is all about being in the right rhythm, as you seek out the perfect flow. You can rely on your sharp reflexes when it comes to memorizing maps, as you play on and on through the various levels. There may even be hidden secrets that you can find as you progress further! There are various choices for players to make, and you can choose between three characters! You can also unlock tons of different customizations - and there are multiple costumes available for use. And this isn't all! Rayman Mini is just the start of the fun that the game intends to provide players, with lots of miniaturized fun experiences still yet to come! Stay tuned as we dive you deeper into the incredible world of Rayman Mini!

Armed Heist

Become a ruthless bank robber in Armed Heist, customize weapons and outfits, and face off against cops in dynamic scenarios.

Armed HeistSozap

Armed Heist is a bank robbery game that will surely get your adrenaline pumping! Your task is to rob banks and armored trucks while avoiding bullets. With over 70 bank shooting challenges, this is the perfect third person shooter game that will get your heart racing. Your goal is to become a ruthless crime boss, but beware - you need to be quick to avoid getting killed. One of the best features of this game is its customized weapon system. With pistols, shotguns, snipers, and assault rifles, you can build the ultimate arsenal to take down the cops. Modify your weapons with a variety of sights, suppressors, grips, barrels, stocks, and skins to improve its performance. The game also features a 3D crime map that shows low security banks and armored trucks. From there, you can choose which heist to pull off. Each heist is different, with dynamic scenarios that change depending on your moves and skills. Want to create your own bank robber? The game allows you to customize your character and even earn skins, bulletproof vests, and outfits. With high-quality 3D graphics and immersive gameplay, this third person shooter is one of the most intense online games out there. Unlike first person shooter games, Armed Heist puts you in an active and dynamic view. The camera rotates around your character, giving you a more immersive experience. So, get ready to grab your gear and start robbing banks - this game is not for the faint of heart!

Alto's Odyssey

Explore a vast and poetic desert, discovering secrets and stunning visuals on an endless sandboarding journey. Unlock six unique characters and enjoy photo and zen modes.

Alto's OdysseyNoodlecake

Gaze beyond the horizon and behold the splendor of the magnificent uncharted desert. This game is a proud recipient of the 2018 Apple Design Award and hailed by notable critics as a "perfect sequel". It offers a relaxing and fun gaming experience that’s difficult to put down. Embark on an endless sandboarding journey with Alto and his friends as they explore the desert’s secrets. You'll soar through breathtaking dunes and canyons, discover hidden temples and plants, and encounter mischievous lemurs. Alto’s Odyssey is not just an upgrade to the critically acclaimed Alto’s Adventure, but it's also a standalone game. The game boasts of easy to learn, difficult to master gameplay that even beginners will find easy to pick up. As you explore diverse biomes, you’ll discover a new world of possibilities that includes hot-air balloons and moving grind rails. The game also depicts dynamic lighting and weather effects such as sandstorms and shooting stars that make the experience even more vivid. In addition to discovering new areas and secrets, players can also meet new characters and unlock new abilities. Alto’s Odyssey features six unique characters, each with their own attributes that ultimately give gamers an immersive experience. The game has Zen Mode, a serene soundtrack that captures the desert's essence, with no scores, coins, or power-ups. It’s just you and the endless desert. Gamers can also take beautiful photos of their trip through the desert using the Photo Mode. Pinch, swipe, pan and zoom to frame the ideal shot, and share it with friends and family. Moreover, Original music and handcrafted audio make the game even more immersive. Lastly, Alto's Odyssey is a premium game that doesn’t contain any ads or in-app purchases, and purchasing it once enables you to play it forever. In conclusion, Alto’s Odyssey is a game full of surprises, an endless journey that may take you wherever your imagination leads.

Marvel Snap

Collectible card game with innovative mechanics, featuring Marvel characters at 50+ locations across the universe, no ads or pay-to-win, accessible gameplay, cross-platform play, and regular updates.

Marvel SnapNuverse

Enter the breathtaking world of MARVEL SNAP, an award-winning mobile game that has hooked millions of players worldwide. This unique collectible card game offers fast-paced action and innovative gameplay mechanics that have been praised for its ingenuity and accessibility. With its simple concept, all you need to do is build a deck of 12 cards featuring your favorite Marvel superheroes and villains, each one with unique abilities. The goal of the game is to outsmart and outwit your opponents by mastering the gameplay mechanics in just a few minutes. Download it now and discover for yourself what makes MARVEL SNAP so addictive! Every game takes only three minutes to complete, so there's no need to wait around. No more ads, no more gacha, no more pay to win. With a free starter deck, you can begin your journey into the multiverse of Marvel right away. Play, earn cards, and grow your collection by mastering the game without the need for costly microtransactions. Unlike other collectible card games, there are no random card packs to buy in this game. If you love strategy games and crave variety, MARVEL SNAP has you covered. With over 50 different locations across the Marvel Universe to play, each one has unique and game-changing abilities. Explore the worlds of Asgard and Wakanda, and test your creative problem-solving skills against some of Marvel's most iconic locations. And unlike other games, you can play on both mobile and desktop PC, and your progress is saved and synced. One of the game's standout features is the innovative "Snap" mechanic. This unique feature allows you to raise the stakes during a match and apply pressure on your opponent. Use the "Snap" mechanic to double down and potentially double your rewards, or even bluff your way to success. For collectors who enjoy collecting rare and unique cards, MARVEL SNAP is a dream come true. Each card is a work of art, featuring different variants of Marvel superheroes and villains from various media, including classic comics, chibi, 8-bit, cartoon, and more. The game is continually updated with new challenges, missions, and events to keep your experience fresh and exciting daily, weekly, and monthly. With so much to discover, what are you waiting for? If you're into fast-paced strategy games and love Marvel Universe, this game is the perfect fit for you. Don't hesitate—take a few minutes to learn the basics, and you're all set for an epic journey into the Marvel Multiverse with MARVEL SNAP.

Shadow Fight 4: Arena

Enter the ninja realm and become the shadow fight hero in this immersive 3D multiplayer fighting game with easy controls, PvE story mode, and epic heroes.

Shadow Fight 4: ArenaNEKKI

Enter the ninja realm and become an ultimate shadow fight hero in SF Arena, a thrilling multiplayer 3D fighting game. This game has been awarded the "Best Mobile Game of 2020" at the DevGAMM Awards and has received over 500 million downloads. The game's immersive 3D graphics and animations will transport you into the epic combat action. Use easy controls to maneuver your hero and experience a console-level battle on your mobile device. Choose to play against AI opponents in the compelling PvE story mode that brings you closer to the heroes and tells new stories in the world of Shadow Fight. Alternatively, form a team of three heroes and partake in fun multiplayer battles for an exhilarating experience. Only victory is achieved if you defeat all of the opponent's heroes in a battle, or you can fight against machine-learning bots for training. Build your own team of the best warriors, samurai, and ninja and collect and upgrade all heroes with unique abilities to suit your style. Upgrade your abilities and talents, level up and unlock cool ninja talents like in Naruto, and decide which style is the most fun for you. Join tournaments to win fantastic rewards and cool experiences, and chat with other players on Discord, Facebook, Reddit, or Twitter to learn new secrets and get all the latest news. Choose a free download of SF Arena and discover the mystery of the shadow realm where only the toughest warriors survive. To ensure optimal functionality, a stable internet connection, or Wi-Fi, is needed to play online PvP games. Play this game for free, and become an epic ninja!

CASE: Animatronics

Survive the night and uncover the hacker behind the twisted animatronics in Animatronics: a first-person stealth horror game.

CASE: AnimatronicsOOO VALNAT

Prepare yourself for an utterly terrifying experience in Animatronics, an heart-pounding and challenging first-person stealth horror game. In this nerve-wracking game, you will step into the shoes of Detective Bishop, an exhausted detective who works tirelessly at the police department late into the night. Your life takes an unexpected turn when you receive a distressing call from an old friend and strange things start happening all over the department. As Detective Bishop, you are trapped in the police department of an unknown horror, controlled by an anonymous hacker. All the exits are tightly locked, and the power has been sabotaged, which means there's no way out. But that's not the worst part. You have been injected with an unknown virus that turns animatronics into terrifying monsters. Everywhere you turn, they are watching you with their piercing red eyes and following you with the sound of clanking metal. Unravel the mystery of this dreadful nightmare, survive the night, and get to the bottom of what's causing all the madness. You don't know what you're up against, but you must use your detective skills to uncover the secrets, all while hiding and running from the creepy animatronics. Can you survive, or will you succumb to the terror that awaits you in Animatronics?

Alto's Odyssey: The Lost City

Uncover mysteries and secrets in Alto's Odyssey: The Lost City. Ride hot air balloons, wingsuit, and meet unique characters in stunning biomes only on Apple Arcade.

Alto's Odyssey: The Lost CitySnowman

Embark on a never-ending sandboarding adventure in Alto's Odyssey as you journey with Alto and his companions to uncover the secrets of The Lost City. The journey takes you through spectacular landscapes, including windswept dunes, breathtaking canyons, ancient temples, and massive caverns in a fantastical realm far from home. Along the way, you'll perform amazing tricks, grind across vines, bounce on hot air balloons, glide in your wingsuit, and escape mischievous lemurs while solving the mysteries of the desert. Alto's Odyssey features a unique trick system that's easy to learn but hard to master. You chain together combos and complete hundreds of goals to unlock new items and abilities. What's more, you'll explore four stunning biomes, including The Dunes, The Canyons, The Temples, and, for the first time, The Lost City. Each has its unique gameplay and visuals, promising a rich and diverse experience. Discover new heights with hot-air balloons, moving grind rails, wall-riding, and wingsuiting as you master the elements. The desert is not only home to dynamic lighting and weather effects, but also swirling wind vortexes and rushing water. Unlock six unique characters, each with its attributes and abilities, and enjoy the game's meditative Zen mode that eliminates scores, coins, and power-ups. Instead, it's just you and the endless desert in a serene soundtrack. Capture your memorable journey through the desert with the game's photo mode, where you can pan and zoom for the perfect shot. With original music and handcrafted audio that's best enjoyed with headphones, Alto's Odyssey is an experience like no other. Play across all Apple devices and rest assured that your progress will always be in sync with iCloud support.

Shadow Assassin

Leo avenges his village, fights Lilith, and saves his beloved one in Shadow Assassin, an intense platformer with shadow style and RPG elements.

Shadow AssassinNCCSOFT

Lilith, the paramount ruler of Hell, has shattered the barriers to our world subsequent to a summoning ceremony. The village of Leo has been ravaged and incinerated by the ruthless Lilith. In Shadow Assassin, players will follow the tale of Leo, the descendant of Beowulf, as he seeks revenge and endeavors to rescue his cherished one. This platformer game, embellished with shadow aesthetics and RPG components, offers a series of challenging levels where players must exhibit their skills before heading off to the ultimate battle against Lilith. Players have the opportunity to amplify their hero's capabilities, augmenting the potency of their damage with in-game currency. To achieve this, players must think strategically, scavenge resources, and sidestep any obstructions that appear in their path. The perilous shadows conceal those that seek to damage you, so keep a close watch to avoid the traps! Shadow Assassin is the game that tests the mettle of even the bravest gamers. Do you have the courage and skill to overcome the challenges that lie ahead?

WorldBox: God Simulator

Create life, watch civilizations prosper and simulate disasters in the free, offline god and simulation sandbox game <b>WorldBox</b>.

WorldBox: God SimulatorMaxim Karpenko

WorldBox is a stimulating and free god and simulation sandbox game designed for players that love creative destruction. You can bring forth life, observe it grow and prosper, spawning magical creatures such as orks, dwarves, sheep, wolves, and even elves. Alongside this, civilizations can craft, build, and go to war with one another. Players can assist them in their evolution and help them build robust societies by providing them with the necessary tools and resources. The game provides a sandbox environment to indulge your curiosity, allowing you to experiment with a range of powers and fostering the development of new skills. You can stir up a dissolving ground by using acid rain, summon tornadoes and underground worms or use a Heat ray. Moreover, you can simulate multiple disasters such as meteorites, volcanos, lava, tornados and geysers, and watch creatures evolve and civilizations rise. You can craft a pixel art world using various free tools, brushes, and magic. By applying different pixel types, players can paint their worlds. You can simulate scenarios such as Conway's Game of Life which can quickly destroy civilization, or Langton's ant cellular automata. As a player, you are free to experiment with different creatures and powers in the magic world simulation and explore different mythological races. Players can become the god of their own pixel art world, giving life to their imagination and building the world of their dreams. You can play the sandbox game offline, without requiring a Wi-Fi connection. Download Super WorldBox - God Game for Free and take your first step towards a creative destruction experience. If you encounter any issues while playing the game, kindly reach out to the game support team via supworldbox@gmail.com. The game developers are open to feedback and suggestions for more powers and creatures. To further explore Super WorldBox, you can visit their website, Discord, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit or Instagram accounts.


In SOULS, you must save the world from darkness with over 60 unique heroes and strategic gameplay. Immersive graphics bring this epic adventure to life.


Embark on an epic adventure in SOULS, a land shattered and consumed by darkness. The story starts on an ancient continent that is broken apart, leaving a world in despair. Experience the game's exquisite art style, with a graphics design that immerses you completely in this gaming adventure. Explore the beautiful world that comes to life as you progress through the game. Discover more than 60 unique heroes with their distinct personalities. Each one has their own set of skills that can be used to your advantage. Learn to understand their strengths and weaknesses and enter their world to explore their unique personalities. Strategy and gameplay are key components in this game. It is vital to use your various heroes and their skills effectively to defeat different enemies. The tile-based combat system allows you to experiment with different formations to find the most efficient way to obliterate your foes. In SOULS, you are the hero that the world needs. With your courage and strength, you have the power to save the world from ultimate destruction. With each step, uncover hidden surprises along the way and unlock the secrets of the world. Show that you are indeed the hero that the world needs and save the world from darkness!

The Walking Zombie 2

Survive the zombie apocalypse while completing story quests and leveling up skills in this offline FPS/RPG, with crafting, vehicles, and a karma system.

The Walking Zombie 2Alda Games

The world that you'll be entering in Walking Zombie 2 is a bleak one where a zombie apocalypse has occurred. Born into this post-apocalyptic world, survival will be your number one priority as you fight against different types of zombies, bandits, and boss monsters. Take on story and side quests, level up your abilities and strengths, buy and sell equipment, and interact with survivors in this mobile FPS/RPG game that can be played offline. Combining survival RPG and first person shooter elements, the game offers numerous quests and various weapons with different ammo as you battle against the zombies who rule the world. You can use melee weapons, grenades, and guns to take them out, all while healing yourself with food and medkits. Each completed quest will earn you better equipments, improved skills, and perks that make your character even stronger. You have the choice to increase the number of hit points, improve your lockpicking skills, or reduce fuel consumption and limit the influence of the undead on the planet. The game boasts features such as a single player post-apocalyptic FPS set in a polygonal graphics style, a karma system where your moral choices affect the gameplay, a variety of stories and side missions, and numerous weapons, protective gear, and other equipment to suit your survivalist needs. Enjoy optional crafts and building in the game's open-world part, weapon skins, traders in settlements, car and truck rides, and humorous mini-games. You play as the chosen one, blessed with the gift of immunity to the zombie virus, and destined to save the world. However, your story starts on a tragic note. Team up with allies and uncover the truth about your birth, while searching for a cure to end the zombie apocalypse. The game keeps expanding, with new content being added to introduce new mechanics of crafting tables and other tools to ensure your survival. Your actions in the game can also lead to hostility from certain survivors such as bandits, corrupt politicians, cultists, and gangs, on top of the zombie enemies. With these challenges, you'll need to keep on fighting and enduring. Are you ready to take on the challenge of survival against the zombie apocalypse? Play Walking Zombie 2 on your mobile device today!

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