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Chrome Valley Customs

Restore, customize, and trade classic rides in Chrome Valley Customs. Design vehicles to your exact specifications and solve auto-themed puzzles as you earn the title of master mechanic.

Chrome Valley CustomsSpace Ape
Embark on an adventure to Chrome Valley Customs, where classic cars reign supreme! Channel your inner mechanic and refurbish, fine-tune, modify, and swap vintage rides to earn the prestigious title of master mechanic. You'll use your creativity to create vehicles that are tailored to your preferences, from restored muscle cars to scrapyard treasures. RESTORE these vehicles to their former glory, and watch them sparkle with newfound charm. For a modern look, you may opt for sleek and contemporary car designs, or go for a retro vibe for other cars. Our garage crew is always ready to make things more relaxed while you put your auto-oriented match puzzles knowledge to the test and SOLVE them. Take on the driving challenges with explosive tools in hand and RACE through levels. What are you waiting for? Begin your journey with Chrome Valley Customs and revive those forgotten vehicles back to life! 🚘 Do you have any inquiries? Do you need help? Contact us! Connect with us! Ready to join the Chrome Valley Customs Discord Server?
Car Mechanic Simulator 21

Be the best car mechanic in Auto Body Shop! Test, fix, and sell restored cars, all while exploring the city in Car Mechanic Simulator 2021.

Car Mechanic Simulator 21Digital Melody Games
Get ready to become the leading car mechanic in your personal Auto Body Shop! 🚘 Do you revel in playing games that involve car tuning, fixing, building or drifting? Are you an avid car aficionado? Do you enjoy playing simulators? Are you intrigued by auto mechanics? Do you find joy in fixing mechanical issues and troubleshooting? Would you like to learn about automotive engines and their functionality? If you replied with a resounding “YES,” then you have found the right game. The Car Mechanic Simulator 2021 game, with the added city drive mode, will undoubtedly enthrall you. Explore old barns or receive work requests to locate iconic autos. Refurbish the engine, brakes, exhaust, gearbox, and suspension. Test-drive the vehicle on a track. Remove dirt and rust, add filler, and repaint the vehicle. Impress everyone with your car tuning skills and sell restored cars, establishing yourself as the ultimate mechanic. Pimp your cars and command attention! 😎 ✔️This game supports various languages, such as 🇬🇧 English, 🇵🇱 Polish, 🇷🇺 Russian, 🇨🇳 Chinese, 🇯🇵 Japanese, 🇰🇷 Korean, 🇹🇷 Turkish, 🇵🇹 Portugues, 🇪🇸 Spanish, 🇫🇷 French, 🇩🇪 German, 🇮🇹 Italian, and Arabic. ✔️Different intriguing projects. ✔️Dismantle and assemble car parts, extract damaged parts, and replace them with new ones. ✔️Realistic car components such as an ABS module, brake caliper, drum wheel cylinder, air filter, belt tensioner, cam gear, and much more. ✔️Test your cars on the track to determine the damaged parts. ✔️The NEW game mode: Repair orders. Now, three repair jobs await you each day, and you have 24 hours to test the vehicle and identify what fixes are required. Complete the repair project within the given time frame, and you will be rewarded. ✔️You may now test every car by driving it on the track while taking into account various car deterioration types. ✔️45 new vehicles are waiting to be renovated: Haltbar Swing, Onyx 428, Miraco Chicara, Deaton Immersa, Darter Razor, Miraco Togo, Burneu Y14, Motor B88, Maxim Sphera, Elenos Phoenix, Onyx G-200, Mototare Voyage, Onyx Agra, Calette Aceros, Calette Santiago, Calette Marina, Darter 4x4, Calette Upcarry, Super Onyx, Power H, Nano S-140, Elanos Tuan, Vagner 712, Onyx Electra, Onyx Roadtamer, Exuss Prince, Ursa Veteris, Ursa MX, Rino M, Rino S, Sakura Ventus, Onyx Arbor, Royal MX, Onyx Eval, Mayen Fam, Onyx Magna, Ribssan Cirok, Katagiri X20, Sakura YR, Emixia Z, Miraci X-S, Oxyxen, Katagiri Aiomx, Super Celer, Arinusz GT. ✔️Unlock new cards and compete in different game modes. ✔️Access the premium store for extra content. ✔️Unlock new achievements. Drive around town with your cars, access towing trucks, gas stations, car washes, car detailing and car dealers, just like the Car For Sale Simulator 2023. Experience a brand new approach to Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 and 21, with different locales, new tasks and many new car models awaiting your repair skills. Play junkyard, time trial, city driving, drag racing and other exciting modes! Fix tires and engines, paint cars and sell them to the new customers. If you seek a fantastic car tuning and restoration game that will keep you entertained and eradicate any notion of boredom, look no further!
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Car Mechanic - Restore Cars

Restore old cars and solve match-3 puzzles to create power-ups, paint, and clean up parts in a fun car restoration game.

Car Mechanic - Restore CarsGiraffe Games Limited
If you're into cars, you'll absolutely love this fun match 3 car restoration game. Solve hundreds of challenging puzzles as you restore, fix and assemble cars to their former glory. Get your hands dirty and use a range of different tools to breathe new life into old cars. From cleaning and painting to screwing and welding, you'll learn all the skills you need to take each vehicle from junk to jewel. But that's not all – this game also features a variety of exciting power-ups that you can unlock by matching various items on the board. With lots of levels to explore and enjoy, you're guaranteed to have hours of fun playing this light and engaging game. Best of all, you can download it for free and start playing right away. And if you ever feel like speeding things up, you can always purchase some in-game items to help you progress faster. Just remember that you can disable this feature in your device's settings if you prefer not to spend any money.
Car Mechanic Simulator Racing

Build your repair and tuning skills, expand your car collection, and compete in racing events in Car Mechanic Simulator Racing.

Car Mechanic Simulator RacingPlayWay SA
Step into the shoes of a rookie mechanic who aims to open their own car repair workshop and make a name for themselves. Experience the thrills of a dynamic day-night cycle that keeps you on your toes and forces you to prioritize your work. As you take on increasingly complex orders, your repertoire of skills expands, which unlocks a plethora of additional opportunities. Not only can you tune and maintain vehicles with latest updates, but you can also compete in challenging races and take part in car collections. 🚘 ⚙️ Car Mechanic Simulator Racing boasts the following features: ✅ Repair cars, fine-tune your own vehicles, compete in high-octane races on multiple tracks, challenge other players for the top spot on the leaderboards, add to your personal car collection, and trade cars with others. ✅ Unlock more than 25 unique skills with various perks, including faster repair times, increased earnings, and access to new game modes. Select the order in which you unlock your skills and customize your gameplay to your preferences. ✅ Choose from 42 stunningly designed cars across different genres, such as vintage classics, heavy-duty utility vehicles, powerful muscle cars, and sleek sports cars. ✅ Get your hands on 1100 car parts to construct fully functional engines (R4, R6, V8, etc.), chassis (RWD, FWD, AWD), and other elements. Tweak the paint, rims, spoilers, and wings, and get set for the races. ✅ Show off your skills on a diverse range of tracks, and put your driving skills to the test against other players. Compete in multiplayer mode and see how you fare on the leaderboards. ✅ Trade cars and expand your garage inventory by finding the best deals. Master the art of the trade and become the most successful car dealer around. ✅ Improve your repair skills and unlock advanced tuning options, including engine swaps. Earn more money for your workshop and climb up the racing ranks. ✅ Enjoy the game in seven different languages, including English, Polish, French, German, Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese (Brazil). Are you a fan of car restoration, mechanic, customizing games, or simulator games? If yes, then Car Mechanic Simulator Racing is the game you have been looking for. Rev up your engines and speed ahead to experience the ultimate racing adventure. Don't miss out on the ultimate car restoration game. Download Car Mechanic Simulator Racing now and start your journey towards becoming a top mechanic and racer.
Car Detailing Simulator 2023

Clean, polish, and customize 30+ car models in your own virtual garage. Upgrade your skills, tools, and workshop to become a pro detailer and earn money.

Car Detailing Simulator 2023Digital Melody Games
Are you tired of spending hours washing your car by hand? Want to learn how to be an expert in care and detailing? Then look no further than Car Detailing Simulator – the ultimate virtual game for all car enthusiasts. With over 30 different car models to choose from, you can become a master detailer in the comfort of your own garage. From polishing the bumpers to waxing the paintwork, this game has everything you need to turn a dirty car into a shining masterpiece. Put your detailing skills to the test as you clean every inch of the exterior and interior with precision and care. You'll even be rewarded with new cars to add to your collection or sell on the open market if you do a good job! This game is perfect for those who want to become a professional car detailer. You'll learn everything from the basics of cleaning to advanced techniques that will make any car look brand new. Upgrade your workshop and tools as you progress, and use the best AMMO products to tackle even the most complicated jobs. With Car Detailing Simulator, you can confidently tackle any detailing job without risking damage to your car. Choose from a wide range of auto care tools, including washing, polishing, wheel cleaning, and interior vacuuming. You can even remove stubborn stains and customize your cars with different tuning elements. But this game isn't just about detailing your own cars. You can also run your own business and earn money while upgrading your workshop to handle the toughest jobs. Work on different cars to increase your skills and abilities, and become a pro detailer in no time. Don't settle for a dirty car. With Car Detailing Simulator, you can keep your vehicle looking its best without spending hours with a hose and soap. Take your car detailing to the next level and experience the satisfaction of a job well done. Start playing today and get ready to be amazed at what you can achieve!
Car Master 3D

Customize cars in your own body shop! Upgrade your garage, repair, paint, and customize vehicles in this addictive and satisfying car mechanic game.

Car Master 3DSayGames LTD
🚙 MAKE CARS YOUR OWN IN YOUR PERSONAL BODY SHOP 🛠️ Do you fancy yourself as an expert 👨🏻‍🔧 auto mechanic? Do you enjoy watching programs about car restoration and mending? Then it's time to get your hands dirty and tune-up cars in your very own well-equipped garage with the Car Master 3D mechanic game! Customers head to your vehicle body shop to have their cars customized! You provide a full range of high-quality services at your workshop including car repairing, washing, fine-tuning, coloring, and much more. Assist your customers and gain cash to develop your workspace, get better equipment, and reveal unique new personalization perks. 😄 A COMPLETE VEHICLE FIXING GAME 🧰 In your car restoration studio, you can refurbish decrepit old cars into brand new ones that sparkle and shine! 🚘 This challenging car fixing game enables you to give every vehicle a complete makeover. Time to let your creative juices flow! Fix fender benders for affluent customers or repair dents and damages for unlucky customers who've totaled their cars. Pump up tires and choose wheels from a variety of shapes and sizes. Determine whether your client prefers a show-stopping car or one with lowered suspension. Wash and polish all types of vehicles. Personalize cars with your preferred colors 🎨, funky stickers, amazing decals, trendy logos, and an array of spoilers. Swap out broken windshields and windows with elegantly tinted glass — and you get to pick the color! GAME CHARACTERISTICS ★ Become a mechanic at your own auto shop with this fun, addictive and free car maker game. ★ Each car that enters your garage requires a unique service package according to the customer's requests. Upgrade flashy sports cars, police cars, ambulances, food trucks, taxis, and more! Ensure your customers are pleased with the final product. ★ Turn a profit to become a true car master. 💰 Earn cash and obtain rewards to upgrade your auto bay, enhance your equipment, and restore your inventory! Go above and beyond for rare parts, wheels, and designs. ★ Hone your skills and put your knowledge to work. The higher your level, the greater your repair capabilities. ★ Engaging and rewarding gameplay that keeps you focused and helps you unwind. ★ Special levels that feature VIP cars for your wealthiest clients. ★ Striking and vivid 😲 3D graphics. ★ Personalize your gaming experience with the optional vibration setting, just like you customize your cars! Think you have what it takes to be a master? Buckle up and experience this car maker game for yourself! Download Car Master 3D now and take your very own garage simulator and car customization station for a ride! 😍 Privacy Policy: Terms of Use:
Motor World: Car Factory

Build your car empire, make workers happy, please customers, and expand worldwide. Compete with friends and conquer fans in this lively car factory game.

Motor World: Car FactoryOh BiBi
Enter the delightful and vibrant Motor World, brimming with splendid vehicles and cheerful individuals! As a small-time car manufacturer, you have a chance to ascend to the pinnacle of automotive infamy. Create and enhance your automobiles, ensure the satisfaction of your customers, manage the contentment of your workers, arrange storefronts that appeal to prospective buyers, and connect with friends. RUN YOUR AUTOMOTIVE DYNASTY: ▪ Blend and construct an excess of 300 cars, it's your job to create them all! ▪ Manage and cultivate your workers' skills and expertise ▪ Enhance your factory and retail locations to draw in more clientele EXPAND YOUR GLOBAL PRESENCE: ▪ Be a pioneer of trends in the car manufacturing industry, mold each car to reflect your personality ▪ Garner loyal fans from all around the world ▪ Overcome outlandish quests and sudden, unexpected events that come your way PLAY AND CONNECT WITH FRIENDS: ▪ Compete with other car manufacturers through Game Center ▪ Challenge your friends to a race ▪ Invite them to work for you ▪ Send and receive tokens of appreciation amongst your friends ENJOY A VIVACIOUS WORLD FULL OF EXCITEMENT: ▪ Revel in several enticing mini-games ▪ Engage with a diverse cast of characters, including FatCheez, The Doc, Catman, Mr Coffee, and many more! ▪ The lively crowd, whimsical circumstances, user-friendly controls, and seamless gameplay mechanics guarantee your engrossment for countless hours! Discover secrets and tips to becoming the supreme car manufacturer at: Facebook: Twitter: @oh_bibi
Car Factory Simulator

Build and manage your own car factory, from assembly to painting, suspension to motor, in this innovative economic strategy game.

Car Factory SimulatorAppscraft
This game is a must-play for economic strategy enthusiasts. You have the opportunity to manage a car factory from scratch and see it through development all the way to success. Start by constructing your very own workshops, from the first phases of stamping and welding to paint application on the assembled body. And the customized selection of car colors adds a fun personal touch. In the meantime, adjust the production of the suspension and carefully craft the motor. Then, bring the pieces together in a specialized factory to create the final product. To finish, install the car seats and dashboard while undergoing a quality check. There are countless other tasks involved as the player aims to organize and manage their car factory. We're proud to say that we put a lot of time and effort into perfecting this game. We're constantly listening to feedback and suggestions from our player community to help us develop and refine the game- making it a truly stellar experience.

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