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Jan 8-14, 2024 New games

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Tactic Legends: Strategy Cards

Tactic Legends" blends skill and strategy in a fantasy world with immersive storytelling. Win two out of three battles using archer, spell, and special cards.

Tactic Legends: Strategy CardsKayisoft
Join an exciting adventure of strategic expertise in "Tactic Legends," a card game that masterfully combines intellect, tactics, and a sprinkle of good fortune. The game is set in a world that captivates the players' imagination, and it calls on them to be part of intense battles that challenge their minds. The goal is to outsmart your adversary and claim dominance in this quest for victory. Gameplay Mechanics: The core of "Tactic Legends" lies in its two-round battles. Each player commences with two valuable diamonds that signify their life in the game. The objective is to claim two out of three rounds, utilizing a diverse range of cards including archer, front, siege, spell, and particular cards. Losing a round means forfeiting one diamond, which intensifies the suspense and exhilaration of decision-making. Types of Cards: Archer, Front, and Siege Cards: These cards form the foundation of your army, with each of them providing unique strengths and weaknesses. Spell Cards: Use potent weather spells to disrupt your enemy or fortify yourself. Special Cards: These comprise of crafty spy cards, allowing you to get more cards while also supporting your opponent, and revival cards to bring back non-hero units from the graveyard. Distinct Abilities and Tactics: Bondable Cards: Unite these cards to hike their power and develop a compelling force on the battleground. Horn Cards: Use these to double the points of non-hero cards and potentially tip the game in your favor. Golden Cards: These cards remain impervious to weather spells, providing strategic support to your gameplay and serving as a robust defense mechanism. Strategic Depth: Every card in "Tactic Legends" embodies distinct abilities that demand careful consideration and strategic planning. Players need to balance their offensive and defensive tactics, adapt to the fluctuating gameplay, and outmaneuver their adversaries. Rich Lore and Immersive Gameplay: "Tactic Legends" is not merely a game; it is an immersive world that envelops players in a vibrant universe with a rich history and lore. Every card has its story to narrate, and players become integral parts of an epic narrative as they engage in battles. "Tactic Legends" is not just a game but a trial of intelligence, bravery, and strategic expertise. Whether you are a seasoned card game aficionado or a novice, this game provides a tough, enriching, and fascinating experience. Ready your cards, strategize your moves, and dive into a world where valor and tactics reign supreme! Privacy Policy: Explore how we protect your information and respect your privacy at Terms of Use: For a seamless gaming experience, please familiarize yourself with our Terms of Use at
Cyber Realm

Immerse yourself in a cyberpunk world, exploring a vast and free-roaming cityscape filled with magical wonders, mechs, and mythical creatures. Master your skills to protect the city and defeat epic bosses in this captivating real-time RPG.

Are you ready to immerse yourself in the futuristic world of "Cyber Realm," a thrilling 3D open-world adventure game with a cyberpunk twist? This captivating ARPG will transport you to a city bursting with mechs, mythical creatures, and magical wonders, waiting for you to explore! The game is crafted with Unreal Engine, providing a vast, free-roaming cityscape at your fingertips. Master mighty mechs and learn supernatural abilities to engage in dynamic, real-time battles, with the ability to string together multiple skills to unleash your true potential. By teaming up with other players, you can face epic bosses while staying ahead of the latest fashion trends to create an iconic appearance. As a hero, you will defend the city against invading alien creatures and secure the future. Elemental Fusion is a unique feature of the game, allowing you to equip gear with various elemental qualities to unlock your character's full potential. Combine wind and fire or other elemental forces to create explosive effects that blast your enemies away! Fashion is not just about appearance in "Cyber Realm." It’s a reward for your effort and hard work! Earn new outfits, hairstyles, and accessories by leveling up and defeating bosses, creating your own unique style and standing out from the crowd. In this game, teamwork is essential to repel menacing monsters and huge beasts. By collaborating with players from diverse professions, you can engage in epic team battles, employing your unique set of skills to safeguard the metropolis from imminent threats. Equip your mech with exclusive weapons, including laser blades, gatling guns, and cannons, and take advantage of a 50% damage reduction. With each shot, you can demolish magical creatures efficiently and deliver explosive damage! "Cyber Realm" guarantees players an immersive journey where every decision they make shapes the destiny of their city. Are you prepared to safeguard, conquer, and stand out in a world where mechs, magic, and myth collide?
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UCDS 2 - Car Driving Simulator

Ultimate Car Driving Simulator 2: heart-racing gameplay, multiplayer races, breathtaking visuals, and customizable vehicles – get ready for an unmatched driving experience!

UCDS 2 - Car Driving SimulatorSir Studios
Get ready for an adrenaline-fueled journey with Ultimate Car Driving Simulator 2, a racing game that takes the excitement and thrill of its predecessor to an unprecedented level. Navigate dangerous terrains, execute jaw-dropping stunts, and compete against global rivals and friends for the ultimate driving adventure. With heart-pumping gameplay, stunning graphics, and a wide array of customizable vehicles to choose from, UCDS 2 guarantees an unparalleled driving experience that will keep you on the edge of your seat! ●Dynamic Upgrades and Customizations Select from a diverse range of vehicles, each with its unique capabilities and characteristics. Upgrade your ride to boost its performance on the most challenging tracks. With an impressive variety of options ranging from supercars to monster trucks, the possibilities are endless! ●Multiplayer Battles Engage in adrenaline-pumping multiplayer races against competitors from around the world! Compete head-to-head and show off your driving skills as you race towards victory. The inclusion of multiplayer cups adds to the competition and excitement. ●Adventure Mode Enhancements Embark on an epic journey through stunning landscapes, from treacherous inclines to sprawling cities. Each environment presents its unique challenges and opportunities for stunning stunts. Can you master them all? ●Nerve-Wracking Stunts and Trials Pull off daring flips, gravity-defying jumps, and stunning stunts to score bonus points and rewards. Overcome unique challenges to unlock new stages and vehicles. The more audacious your stunts, the more impressive the rewards! ●Personalization and Adaptation Customize your rides with an extensive selection of skins, paint jobs, and decals to create a unique look. Refine and upgrade your vehicles to match your playing style and dominate the tracks. Flaunt your style to the world! ●Competitive Team Races and Weekly Challenges Climb the ranks and show off your driving skills in competitive team leagues and challenging weekly events. Compete against similarly skilled players and earn rewards as you climb the leaderboard. Will you reach the top and become a driving legend? Ultimate Car Driving Simulator 2 is not just a game - it is an action-packed adventure that will keep you captivated for hours. With easy-to-use controls, captivating 2D visuals, and a massive selection of vehicles and tracks to explore, this game promises endless fun and challenges. Whether you're a casual gamer or a seasoned racing enthusiast, Ultimate Car Driving Simulator 2 is the perfect game to test your driving skills while having a thrilling experience. Get behind the wheel and prepare to conquer hills, perform breathtaking stunts, and rise as the ultimate driving champion! At Sir Studios, we value your feedback and are passionate about creating unique, original content for our racing games, including new cars, bikes, cups, levels, and features. If you come across any bugs or encounter a crash, kindly inform us so we can address the issue. We highly appreciate your feedback, preferences, and concerns about our racing games. Please reach out to Stay Connected: Website: Instagram: Twitter: Terms of Use: Privacy Policy: Ultimate Car Driving Simulator is a registered trademark of Sir Studios Inc. All rights reserved.
Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat

Join the epic battles and immersive combos of Devil May Cry in the authorized mobile game, Peak of Combat, featuring the classic characters, scenes, and weapons from the original series.

Devil May Cry: Peak of Combatnebulajoy
Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat" is a mobile game that has been authorized and developed by NebulaJoy. It's an action-packed game that features the iconic characters, scenes, weapons, and BOSS, which has been reproduced with industry-leading motion-capture technology. This game is a masterpiece that brings the immersive combo experience and ever-charming battles of Devil May Cry series to your fingertips. The game perfectly retains the free, flexible, and strategic gameplay style of Devil May Cry series, which allows you to showcase your skills with the most gorgeous and unconstrained fighting style. From the smoothness of the character's movements to the intricacy of the combo chains, Peak of Combat ensures that players have the most diverse experience while playing the game. The game also restores the classic, Gothic world of Devil May Cry with the highest quality art scenes and stunning visual effects. You'll witness the undisclosed, brand-new plot of the original series, which will enhance your experience with the game even further. Ensure you pre-register for the game on the official website. The game will be available soon for you to experience the addictive, combo-battle of "Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat" on your mobile phone. Follow our official social media accounts on Twitter, YouTube, Discord, and Facebook for more game-related updates that will keep you updated with the latest features of the game.
Go Go Magnet!

Sail the seas, catch treasure and build a powerful crew in Go Go Magnet. Attack other players, customize your fleet, and join your friends in this epic adventure.

Go Go Magnet!Oh BiBi
Get ready to immerse yourself in turbulent action, treasure hunt, and epic battles! Experience an unparalleled adventure as you navigate through enigmatic islands, burst bubbles of valuable treasures, and form the ultimate crew! Team up with your friends and play together in Go Go Magnet! FISH! Unlock the riches of the deep sea by casting your appealing hook for gold, coins, and treasures of different kinds! But there's more to fishing than meets the eye; collect maps, devise strategies, and unleash the power of magic to open up quests and discover hidden fortunes! EXPLORE! Travel to vivid islands, uncover secrets, and engage in battles with powerful rulers to advance to the next phase of your epic journey! Sailing is not about mere navigation, but about conquering the vast sea! ATTACK! Want more action? Attack other players' ships, take part in legendary battles, and rob their gold to become the wealthiest pirate ever! Shield your bounty on your island and crawl your way to triumph! CUSTOMIZE! Personalize your crew by selecting from a myriad of unique characters! Create the most stylish and potent sea vessels, and amass more treasure than ever before! WIN BIG! Join thrilling events, embark on side missions, and accumulate specific items to become the ultimate adventurer of Go Go Magnet! Collect coins, build up your fortune, and flaunt your skill in the art of fishing and exploration! JOIN YOUR FRIENDS! Form clubs and rally your crew! Plan and execute strategies together, and engage in trading cards to enhance the strength of your fleet and dominate the game! PLAY NOW! Have you ever dreamed of becoming the ruler of the oceans? The opportunity is now! Unleash your inner explorer and sail through this captivating adventure! Remember, only the daring, bold, and magnetic ones can rule the vast sea! Ahoy, fellow pirates! Follow us on our social networks to get exclusive bonuses and surprises and to join the most legendary crew sailing the seven seas! Chart your way to greatness: Discord: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: YouTube: TikTok: Are you ready to embark on this magnetic journey? Don't forget to check our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service to ensure a seamless sailing experience: Privacy policy: Terms of Service: Sail away, gather your crew, and magnetize your adventure with Go Go Magnet!

Cornsweeper is a whimsical, addictive game with chill music and beautifully illustrated levels where you pop popcorn and avoid explosions.

CornsweeperRobert Morrison
Cornsweeper is a laid-back and enchanting game that allows you to sweep your mind while making popcorn. The game has a unique #Lofi&popcorn vibe that will calm your senses. One of the most attractive aspects of Cornsweeper is its stunning visuals that provide the game with a beautifully illustrated aesthetic. Alongside the visuals, the game has a chill Lo-fi inspired OST that will relax your mind. With 70 handcrafted levels, the game will undoubtedly keep you engaged and provide you with hours of entertainment. In addition, you can unlock the Arcade Mode by completing the levels, and this will allow you to experience a whole different level of fun. While playing the game, you can collect all 28 items purchasable from The Stall to add to your gaming experience. Moreover, the classic gameplay has some exclusive and accessible twists that you won't find in other games. Cornsweeper is not only a game but a Pomodoro tool that you can use for your daily tasks. You can purchase an item in The Stall and then use the Arcade Mode to break down your work into manageable intervals. The game will give you a toy-like sense of discovery every time you take a bite. It also incorporates clues and secrets to add to its allure. In summary, Cornsweeper is a game that you don't want to miss. It has a unique charm that will provide you with an entertaining and relaxing experience that you'll never forget.
WW2 Frontline 1942

Frontline 1942: an exhilarating WWII shooter with unique characters and maps, a vast arsenal of weapons, and immersive team battles.

WW2 Frontline 1942XDEVS LTD
Frontline 1942 is an exhilarating first-person shooter game that combines action and military genres. You will be able to pick your side and join online shooting games where you will face off against players from across the globe. Arm yourself with a variety of weapons and immerse yourself in realistic battles that are brought to life with stunning graphics. Get ready to experience the atmosphere of war as you engage in dynamic shooting action that will leave you breathless with excitement and flooded with adrenaline. Explore thrilling battlegrounds during World War II where the action never stops. The maps are filled with legendary locations, including tanks, ships, and constant combat. With each map being distinct, it provides diverse tactical opportunities that you can use to your advantage. Step into the shoes of heroes from different countries such as the United States, Russia, Japan, and Germany. In these war games, players can choose characters with different appearances, giving them a chance to relive epic battles from history. Unleash a vast arsenal of 23 different weapons, including legendary Mosin and Mauser sniper rifles, powerful Thompson submachine guns, and a wide selection of pistols and machine guns. Get ready to feel the power while enjoying the variety of weapons that will allow you to take your enemies down in multiple ways. Upgrade your favorite weapons using the upgrade tree that lets you add new characteristics and increase damage. You can customize your weapons based on your play style and become a more effective fighter. Each soldier possesses unique passive skills that come into play during combat engagements. These skills will influence the gameplay without any manual activation, making your soldier more effective in battle. Join forces with like-minded players in war games and engage in team battles to defeat your enemies in online shooters. Collaborative efforts, coordination, and strategic thinking will help you achieve victory and become an irresistible force on the battlefield. Frontline 1942 offers an unforgettable experience that allows players to immerse themselves in the intense atmosphere of warfare. With diverse characters, thrilling maps, and numerous weapon upgrades, this online military game offers a chance to compete with global players and feel the true intensity and strategic depth of military action. Join the millions already playing by connecting with us on Facebook or our Discord server. Be part of history and relive epic moments of World War II in this gripping shooter.
Rage Swarm

Grab weapons, slay enemies, gather loot to beat the level in this action-packed game.

Rage SwarmVoodoo
Select a badass armament and charge through a horde of adversaries to conquer the level. Keep in mind to accumulate valuable spoils to level up your gameplay experience. Traverse through thrilling landscapes and battle against fierce foes in this action-packed game. The enemies are ruthless and won't hesitate to cut you down, so make sure to master your combat skills and wisely choose the best weapon to demolish obstacles. Devise your own strategy to outsmart and overpower your foes, while dodging their attacks and aiming for the kill. The game is bound to test your reflexes and quick thinking as you advance further into more challenging levels. Conquer every enemy that comes your way and emerge victorious!
Rise of Arks: Raft Survival

Survive post-apocalyptic sea landscape via upgrading sea shelters, forming alliances, competing for resources, epic battles against monstrous creatures in "Rise of Arks.

Rise of Arks: Raft SurvivalImmersive Games HK
Set in a post-apocalyptic world after a catastrophic tsunami, "Rise of Arks" is an action-packed survival game that will keep you on the edge of your seat. As the appointed commander, your job is to lead your people to safety through the challenges and dangers of this enigmatic world. One of the key elements of the game is to construct sea shelters and fortify your defenses against monstrous creatures. Upgrade your buildings, train your armies, and recruit heroes with unique abilities to create a resilient community that can survive amidst chaos and adversity. Venture into the unknown and collect vital resources from hidden areas while rescuing stranded survivors to bolster your safe haven. Unveil the secrets and treasures shrouded in the mist, enhancing your chances of survival in this unforgiving environment. Survival in this world demands resourcefulness and strategic acumen. Compete with others in the vast ocean to secure essential supplies necessary for your community's survival. Form alliances with other survivors, pooling your collective knowledge and resources to face the horrors of the apocalypse together. Strategically assemble your team of heroes, upgrade your troops, and engage in epic battles against monstrous adversaries, earning you valuable rewards. Your leadership skills can turn the tides of battle, earning you a revered place in the maritime realm. "Rise of Arks" delivers a captivating gameplay experience that immerses you in a unique world where survival, camaraderie, and strategic prowess are essential. Rebuild your community, survive against all odds, and establish a lasting maritime legacy for generations to come! Follow along on Facebook or join the Discord community to stay up-to-date on all the latest news and updates.
Tower: Clash of Heroes

Summon heroes and battle across time in this auto-chess meets RPG tower defense game. Compete in real-time duels and join forces with friends in cooperative mode.

Tower: Clash of HeroesVIBGYOR ASIA LIMITED
Step into a time-bending adventure as heroes stumble upon an enigmatic portal and find themselves transported to a realm unlike any other. A powerful but mysterious time guardian oversees this domain - but with hidden intentions. Will you stand with your allies and confront this enigmatic foe or will you turn against them and choose the path of conflict? ▶ Apply Strategic Deployments and Engage in Fierce Battles Experience the rare combination of the auto-chess genre with RPG tower defense gameplay as you face off against your foes on the frontlines. Choose your lineups carefully, and make use of available points for tactical placements on the battlefield. Heroes of the same profession gain significant advantages when deployed together, enhancing their stats in unexpected ways. ▶ Compete for Glory in the Peak of Season and Legendary Hall Join real-time 1v1 duels with fellow summoners and test your limits to win prestigious trophies. In this fair and competitive arena, players push their strategic aptitude and demonstrate their skills on a global stage. Make your mark on the game and earn exclusive rewards with every seasonal chest. Whether you prefer the 5-Marksman Burst Lineup or the 5-Mage Attack-speed Lineup, the choice is yours! ▶ Join the Traditional Breakthrough, Cooperative Mode Customize your lineup and team up with up to 10 fellow heroes in the unique cooperative mode. Coordinate strategies with your teammates for synergistic advantages, even playing solo with best-suited companions. Join an alliance and forge strong bonds with other players as you go up against tough challenges together. ▶ Obtain Adorable Characters with Guaranteed Gold Cards Don't let the charming characters fool you. Each hero is a hidden gem, waiting to be discovered. Start small and develop your unique formation, with guaranteed gold heroes for every ten draws. Explore various professions such as mages, warriors, marksmen, healers, summoners, and more. You have the power to build and perfect your ideal team. ▶ Play on a Global Server and Test Your Limits With no barriers, join worldwide competitions and collaborative play with summoners around the world. Enter the smoke-filled arena and relish the excitement that every battle brings. Whether you prefer to play alone or join an alliance, there is no limit to what you can achieve. Join the summoners now and claim your destiny!
Mapless Doomsday

Mapless Doomsday: a witty and unique rogue-lite adventure with sassy zombies and harsh conditions. Upgrade your heroes and survive the apocalypse.

Mapless DoomsdayPatrick Er
Get ready for the ultimate doomsday experience with Mapless Doomsday - a game that blends dark humor with casual gameplay. Fight off hilarious yet terrifying zombies as you embark on a rogue-lite adventure where you must constantly explore, fight, and survive. Featuring a unique hero system, this game allows you to upgrade your heroes, unlock skills, and items to take on even more challenging content. Expect harsh conditions and dangerous environments where you'll need to gather resources and improve your survival skills to stay alive. But don't worry, Mapless Doomsday also delivers plenty of wit and humor with cheeky zombies and sassy characters to keep you entertained. Download the game today and prepare for a zombie apocalypse you never knew you needed. Will you survive the doom? Or will you laugh through the challenge? The choice is yours!
Blade X: Odyssey of Heroes

Blade X, an isometric view Action RPG with unique heroes and endless battles against monsters and bosses. Launches on January 9!

Blade X: Odyssey of HeroesYJM Games
Blade X, the ultimate Action RPG in isometric view, is scheduled to be released on January 9th! Immerse yourself in the game's true-to-life combats with your unique hero skills and experience raw action with each hit like never before. Prepare to be captivated by the game's stunning graphics and phenomenal feedback. You will relish the power of brilliant skills at your fingertips and feel the rush with every strike. With Blade X, expect an endless stream of compelling content. Challenge yourself in Guardian Mode by holding the frontline against a horde of monsters, topple relentless bosses in Sealed Relic Tower, and compete in Dimension Gate to rise through the ranks. Blade X flaunts a variety of heroes with unique fighting techniques. You can meet different heroes with peculiar characteristics and partake in stylish battles with their exceptional skills. Join Blade X's official Discord and Facebook platforms and be the first to receive its latest updates before anyone else does! To disable permissions, follow these easy steps: for Android 6.0 or higher versions, go to Settings > Apps > App permissions > Tap to allow or don't allow permissions; for versions below Android 6.0, update AOS to deny permission or delete the app. Expect the best gaming experience with Blade X, with a minimum system memory of 4GB RAM and 2.5GB available storage on Android 8 / IOS 13 or higher.

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