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Baseball Tycoon

Create and manage a baseball club with rich gameplay, unique facilities, hero players, crafting, competition, and social interactions. Dominate the baseball world!

Baseball TycoonYUGU GAMES
As the newly appointed General Manager of a brand-new baseball team, you must be feeling quite excited to take on this challenge. With its rich and immersive gameplay, top-notch facilities, and a variety of player heroes in different styles, you are in for an exciting ride that will test your skills as a club manager. Your ultimate goal is to create a legendary baseball team that will go down in history books. One of the most crucial aspects of your job is venue operation. You must focus on personal promotion and attract more clients to your team. By doing so, you will unlock more courses and training facilities, allowing you to design a unique club that reflects your personal style. The next aspect of your job is team operations. You will have the opportunity to build your own professional baseball team and compete for the championship. You will need to recruit heroes, train and upgrade them, and develop tactics that will unleash their full potential. Additionally, building your stadium and inviting fans to cheer you on will play a significant role in winning matches. In competitive competitions, you will need to make quick decisions and plan your commuting strategy carefully. Whether you have fragmented time or are an expert at competitive games, there are options for all players. Automatic competition is available to help you win even if you are not experienced in competitive games. Crafting workshops is another exciting feature that allows you to collect raw materials and graphics to create various baseball equipment. You can either fully outfit your players to improve your team's ability or complete specific orders to bring in additional income to the club. With over 100 types of visitors, it's essential to understand everyone's interests and preferences. Use the over 100 club facilities, classes, and buildings available to build your baseball empire. There are over 80 professional baseball heroes, each with their unique strengths, working at the club or being a key player in the game. Over 200 kinds of various props, raw materials, and equipment are available, satisfying the hearts of any collectors. Social interaction is a significant aspect of the game and allows you and your friends to compete on the court and follow the leaderboards in real-time. With outstanding performance, you can win everyone's support, build the world's strongest baseball club, and dominate the baseball world. In conclusion, use your skills and creativity to create a legendary age of baseball clubs that will take the gaming world by storm!
Football Club Tycoon

Build, manage & compete in Football Club Tycoon. Assemble a top team, expand your venue & creations, and prepare for thrilling battles. Dominate with skill & strategy!

Football Club TycoonYUGU GAMES
Are you ready to step up your game? Unlock your potential and become a Tycoon of a Football Club! Take Control of Your Venue Grab attention with unique marketing strategies! Draw in more customers by creating various sports rooms and training facilities! Let their needs guide you as you discover new and innovative ways to enhance their game, from dribbling and shooting to defense! But beware — risks come with the territory. Keep your eyes peeled and your club secure from any potential troublemakers. Form a Winning Team Recruit and train top-rated football athletes to create an all-star dream team! Develop their innate skills and push their limits as they grow beyond what you ever thought possible. And when the going gets tough, turn to some high-tech solutions to keep your team in tip-top shape. Intense Battles Await Expand your influence through practice matches and watch your team ascend to fame! Put your management and football prowess to the test with league rankings that change at a moment’s notice. With competitors from all corners of the world, every day is a new chance to become the champion! Expand Your Empire Show off your unique style and aesthetic by customizing your sports arena. And don’t stop there, with over ten other peripheral buildings ready and waiting to be unlocked, you can create a thriving neighborhood centered around your club and become the ultimate Football Tycoon! Are you ready for an exciting journey where all aspects of your skills will be put to the test? Get ready to dominate the game like never before. Let the challenge begin!
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Blocky Basketball

Dribble, Spin and Shoot in this fun, comic basketball game. Control the court, score slam dunks and unlock over 65+ amazing characters.

Blocky BasketballFull Fat
Experience the ultimate basketball showdown filled with amusing and quirky gameplay in Blocky Basketball! Step onto the court and unleash your inner baller with fast-paced, comedic basketball action. Are you ready to show off your skills and make that epic slam dunk? Score some major points with the game's user-friendly controls featuring easy one-touch gameplay. Compete against iconic extraterrestrial squads in intense one-on-one games. Time your moves to perfection, execute flawless passes, and make those game-changing shots happen! Slide to victory with simple and seamless swipe gameplay. Take advantage of the field by passing the ball and sprinting past your rivals for some high-flying dunk action! Gather your own team of specialists by unlocking over 65 unique characters! If the top team is too challenging for you, maybe a Gorilla Mascot, a Game Developer, or even a Vampire can offer some valuable experience and give you the edge you need! Join the #BlockyBasketball Community and be involved! Share your thoughts and ideas on what you would want to see in the game and join the hoop frenzy!
TOP SEED Tennis Manager 2023

Train and manage a young tennis player's career on 3D courts, upgrading skills while facing every pro tournament. Strategize every move to become a tennis legend.

TOP SEED Tennis Manager 2023Gaminho
Experience the ultimate 3D tennis game with TOP SEED featuring exhilarating power-ups and customizable sports management gameplay. Help a budding tennis player reach stardom by competing in pro tournaments that offer valuable experience and ranking. Enhance your player's abilities, strategy and tactics to dominate the court and clinch championship titles. In the career mode, embark on a gripping journey to shape your tennis star's future by strategically recruiting and upgrading your pro tennis staff and making informed decisions based on the opponent's style of play. Grind your way up the tennis ranks, simulate a tennis career and make your first career ace. With TOP SEED TENNIS GAME, be the 16-year-old tennis prodigy who starts from Rookie tournaments and reaches the prestigious Grand Slams with challenging gameplay, ranking up your player's profile and gaining fame on the pro tennis circuit. The US Open 2018 is just around the corner and you can join the excitement with TOP SEED by your side. Managing your tennis career is not as easy as it seems in the game. You will encounter fun sports games to train your player technically, physically and mentally to improve their overall gameplay. As a sports manager, your role is to assemble the best technical staff from coaches to fitness trainers, to ensure that your player learns tennis skills like serve and volley, baseline defense or ace. With TOP SEED's strategy on and off the tennis court, train and upgrade your pro with the latest tennis skills and strategies. There's a lot of planning to do, and a lot of adapting that needs to be done to fit the context of the match. Careful management of tactics with a Tennis simulator gameplay can make all the difference in the match. Strategize the best offense and defense with every serve and every smash. Participate in every tennis tournament out there and graduate into the ultimate tennis legend by continually practicing match tactics. US Open 2018 is coming up fast. Download TOP SEED game now and make history on the tennis court! Join the TOP SEED team, the best tennis game ever, by following us on Facebook at TopSeedGame and Instagram at topseed_official.
Idle Five Basketball tycoon

Create, recruit, and manage your own basketball club, swipe to earn cash, train and upgrade players' skills while participating in global events and matches.

Idle Five Basketball tycoonGaminho
Are you ready to become a multimillionaire or even a billionaire in the basketball league? Get indulged in Idle Five! Experience the excitement of building your own dream basketball club from scratch with the help of valuable players and by constantly swiping to earn huge sums of cash. Take complete control over your team and be the ultimate sport tycoon in town. Here are the exclusive features of Idle Five: ▪ Manifest your dream club with your desired city, name, jersey, and logo ▪ Look for the top players in the transfer market to form a dream team ▪ Earn cash through casual and effortless swiping gameplay by the players you have acquired ▪ Receive idle cash even when the game is offline ▪ Engage in business events and earn loads of money ▪ Level up your players and improve their basketball skills like shooting, passing, dribbling and defense to enhance their value further ▪ Compete and defeat the best basketball teams while traveling around the world ▪ Play strategic matches in NBA's atmosphere to win big ▪ Manage your dream team's formation and lead them to victory ▪ Share your top five unique players with your friends and showcase your talent to the world ▪ Play anywhere with both online and offline modes If you like games that involve management, clicking, tapping and the NBA, Idle Five is just the right pick for you. Idle Five is an extraordinary free game with a simple yet captivating gameplay, unlike any other basketball game. Take over the recruitment and finances of your club with the super intuitive “swipe and tap” gameplay, interact with your sponsors and explore new business strategies to make your small team a giant basketball empire! Rise to the top and celebrate success like never before. 💰💰💰 Let's become the wealthiest and most successful basketball tycoon ever!💰💰💰 Create fantastic teams around the most prominent cities such as New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Chicago, and make them legendary. The game is also available for smaller cities and countries, so start your journey today. --- If you encounter any issues or have any suggestions, feel free to ping us a message at ⭐️️🏀 Your Idle Five Team ️🏀⭐️ Privacy Policy: Terms of Service:
Idle Eleven - Football tycoon

Swipe, recruit, and manage your soccer team to become the ultimate tycoon in Idle Eleven, the addictive sports clicker game.

Idle Eleven - Football tycoonGaminho
Welcome to Idle Eleven, where you can become a millionaire, or even a billionaire, in the world of soccer! Design your very own soccer club, and bring in the most talented players to your team. Through swiping and tapping, you have the ability to accumulate massive amounts of wealth, as you steadily cultivate and manage your dream team. In this casual management clicker, you have the opportunity to become the ultimate sports tycoon, and lead your team to greatness. Whether you’re a fan of idle games, clicker games, tycoon games, or soccer games, this game is sure to satisfy your cravings.
Idle soccer story

Swipe to create and manage your dream soccer team, recruit top players, travel the world and become the richest sports tycoon ever! Play online or offline in Idle Soccer Story.

Idle soccer storyGaminho
Wanna be the kingpin of soccer? How about a billionaire? Take a dive into Idle Soccer Story, and start building your dream soccer club with the most valuable players in the transfer market. With casual and simple swipe-based gameplay, collect the money generated by your players, even when you're not playing. Not just that, train your players and improve their soccer skills to multiply their value, and earn more money. Travel across the world, playing and winning intense tactical matches in a soccer anime atmosphere. Idle Soccer Story is not just any other soccer game. Manage the finances of your club through a super intuitive "swipe and tap" gameplay, deal with your sponsors, find the right business strategy and build your small team to turn it into a giant soccer empire. With a unique, free, and easy-to-play game, Idle Soccer Story is the perfect game for those who love idle, clicker, tycoon, tapping, and football/soccer games. Become the ultimate soccer manager and insanely rich business tycoon now! A unique feature of Idle Soccer Story is that you can play the game offline and online for free, without any connection required. Share your unique main team with your friends and show the world your soccer prowess. Participate in business events to earn astounding amounts of cash and write your success story. With such an immersive gameplay experience, Idle Soccer Story is all set to become your favorite game. So, start playing, and if you have any problems or suggestions, send a message to Your Idle Soccer Story team is always here to help you.
AFK Football:Soccer Game

AFK Football is an immersive soccer RPG that allows you to master strategic combos, compete in PvP, and customize your club while exploring intriguing backstories.

AFK Football:Soccer GameWildlife Studios
⚽️ READY TO START THE ULTIMATE SOCCER RPG ADVENTURE? ⚽️ Experience the thrilling AFK Football world, a unique blend of soccer strategy and RPG! Participate in challenging competition with players globally, master strategic combos, and uncover interesting backstories of our specially designed stars. AFK Football is not just any sport game, it's an epic journey to dominate the world of soccer! ⚽ Strategic Idle Football Play ⚽ Get into the soccer action with our fast-paced and emerging gameplay. Build your team and level up your soccer skills! 🏆 PvP Ladder and Social Competition 🏆 Invite friends or challenge football managers worldwide. Reach the top of the leaderboard and be recognized as the best sports manager globally! 💡 Unique Strategies and Challenges 💡 As a football manager, show off your skills by creating unique strategies and choosing the right players to counter the opposing team and conquer the field. 🥇 Quests and Accomplishments 🥇 Tackle daily, weekly, and campaign quests to unlock new powerful stars and rewards. Winning soccer games is just half the story, conquering every challenge is key! 💪 Build the All-Star Team 💪 Create the most powerful team with soccer stars in the universe of football RPG games. 🤝 Community Involvement 🤝 Collaborate with your guild members and form alliances to ascend to the top of the football world. 🎨 Club Customization 🎨 Show your creativity by personalizing your club and expressing your unique style. 📖 Immersive Story 📖 Unfold the backstory and personalities of each hero as you progress in your journey to dominate the world of football. 🔍 Infinite Hero Combinations 🔍 Comb through countless combinations of stars and discover the key to winning in this dynamic football RPG! In AFK Football, you're not only a soccer manager — you're a master of strategy, an inspiration to others, and the designer of your soccer journey. With every soccer match, quest, and strategic move, you shape your peculiar legacy. It's more than a game, it's a football universe anticipating your domination! Be part of the exciting AFK Football world today and showcase your soccer skills globally. Start your epic football RPG adventure today! Your one tap away to being the ultimate soccer manager. Get AFK Football now and start managing your club today!
Blocky Hockey

Win the Hockey Cup by skating into the arena, avoiding brawls, shooting to score, and building a team with over 50+ mascot blocky characters.

Blocky HockeyFull Fat
Get ready for an exhilarating sports experience as you step into the arena and compete with other teams to claim the Hockey Cup! Move across the rink with agility and avoid confrontations with the opposition by using swift gestures. Your performance will be rewarded with high scores, provided you react promptly! Showcase your prowess by aiming at the goal post and shooting with precision to outdo the varied and formidable teams that stand in your way. Can you emerge victorious, navigating through intense brawls and lead your side to the summit of the leaderboard? With over 50 unique and charismatic characters to disclose, curate a bizarre yet potent lineup of mascot blocky characters that will astound spectators and dominate the rink.
Blocky Football

Choose from 80+ blocky characters to run and avoid opposing football team. Become the master in awesome 3D 'retro' style.

Blocky FootballFull Fat
Looking for a game that will test if you are the fastest? Look no further than Run Like a Beast! In this thrilling game, you'll be challenged to demonstrate your speed and agility against a tough opposing team. Before you start playing, take some time to choose the character that best represents you. With an impressive collection of over 80 characters, you'll be spoilt for choice. From blocky football players to blocky animals, there's something for everyone in this game. Once you've picked your favorite character, it's time to get started. The goal of the game is simple: avoid the opposing team as they try to take you down. To accomplish this, you'll need to swipe across the field with lightning quick reaction times. The faster you move, the higher your score will be! One of the things that sets Run Like a Beast apart is its amazing 3D "retro" style. You'll feel like you're playing an old school arcade game, but with all the updated features of a modern mobile game. And with different playing fields and weather effects, you'll never get bored. Full Fat is an industry-leading mobile game developer with over 20 years of experience. So when you play Run Like a Beast, you can trust that you're playing a professionally designed game that will keep you entertained for hours on end. What are you waiting for? Follow Full Fat on Facebook, Twitter, and their website to stay up-to-date on the latest news and updates. Download Run Like a Beast today and see if you have what it takes to become the football master!
Blocky Rugby

Play rugby, dodge tackles, score tries, and compete with friends in a retro-style runner with different pitches and weather effects.

Blocky RugbyFull Fat
Looking for an entertaining and exciting rugby runner game that is both fresh and fun? Look no further than this game! Prepare to avoid tackles, score tries, and make conversions, all while running as fast as you can with your rugby ball. How many points can you earn? This game packs several features that are sure to captivate your attention. One of the highlights is that it's easy to play, making it perfect for all players regardless of their experience. The retro blocky graphics give it a unique and attractive style, which is also visually appealing. With plenty of characters to choose from, you'll have an enjoyable time identifying the rugby player that best appeals to you. Another great aspect is the different pitches and weather effects, which give the game a touch of realism. Step up your game and challenge your friends to beat your high score. Connect with other enthusiasts on Facebook and follow Full Fat Games on Twitter to stay updated on the game's latest developments, too. Overall, this game promises to provide an addictive and thrilling rugby runner experience, perfect for players of all levels. So, grab your rugby ball and start running towards the goalpost today!
Blocky Soccer

Experience fresh, fun soccer runner with realistic physics and humorous gameplay! Compete in matches, dodge tackles and win trophies in different pitches and weather.

Blocky SoccerFull Fat
Experience the excitement of being a striker as you run, dribble, and shoot your way through a fresh and enjoyable soccer runner game! This game provides the ultimate entertainment with its combination of genuine physics and amusing gameplay. Dodge through defenders, participate in matches, claim international trophies and challenge your nerves in penalty shootouts! The ultimate question is: how many championships can you secure? MAIN FEATURES • User-Friendly Soccer Fun • Old-School blocky-style graphics • A wide selection of characters to choose from • Various pitches & weather impacts • Compete against your friends • Receive Free Gifts Stay updated through

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