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Kuroko MizunaKuroko Mizunafrom Skich app
DanMachi: Memoria Freese

Build a powerful team and battle through a dynamic dungeon in the fully-localized mobile RPG, DanMachi Memoria Freese, featuring exclusive stories and original voice actors.

DanMachi: Memoria FreeseWFS, Inc.
Embark on a captivating adventure in Memoria Freese, the first ever fully localized mobile RPG based on the popular anime series "Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?". Enter the world of Orario and lead your team to victory through a vast dungeon that changes depending on the time of day you decide to play. Be amazed by the impressive adaptation to mobile gaming, where you can unlock new abilities and level up your favorite characters. Enjoy exclusive storylines crafted by the renowned creator Fujino Ōmori himself, and appreciate the fresh designs and costumes that add a twist to the anime series. The original voice actors from the anime will also make you feel right at home with their familiar voices. Unleash the full potential of your team by dominating in PVP battles and equipping your characters with special costumes. Raise your tactical skills to the test and engage in powerful battles with the Normal, Hard, and Very Hard difficulty ratings. Compete against other players in monthly challenges and measure your strength progression. Join the millions of fans worldwide and become part of the Memoria Freese global sensation. Discover the Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? (Danmachi) story and be part of the hype while watching the anime on HiDive and Crunchyroll. Check out the privacy policy and terms of service on and connect with us on Facebook and Twitter @danmemoen. Don't miss out on the adventure of a lifetime and join us on the Memoria Freese journey today!
One Night, Hot Springs

Play as transgender woman Haru in Japan's hot springs in ONE NIGHT, HOT SPRINGS, a visual novel with sensitive themes and seven possible endings.

One Night, Hot Springsnpckc
Part of A YEAR OF SPRINGS, ONE NIGHT, HOT SPRINGS is a fascinating visual novel where the protagonist, Haru, is invited by her old friend Manami to stay for a night at the hot springs in Japan. Haru is a young transgender woman and just wants to enjoy the hot springs. She doesn't want to cause any trouble. The game is designed for all ages, but it raises some sensitive issues that transgender women face in Japan. These topics can be personal and difficult for some players. Moreover, keep in mind that this game depicts Japanese characters and their culture. As Haru, you get to experience the hot springs adventure in Japan. The game has a total of seven endings, and the playtime is approximately 30 minutes. Through the game, you will get the chance to understand the lifestyle and struggles of a transgender woman in a conservative society. The graphics and visuals in the game help to create a realistic and immersive environment that draws you in to experience something that is unique and eye-opening. For anyone who is curious to explore diverse cultures and lifestyles, this game is an excellent choice. It is both informative and entertaining. It's an exceptional opportunity to experience something new and gain knowledge about different cultures while playing an exciting game.
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2236 A.D. Secretary Stories

In "Artificial Intelligence and New Year's gift", meet PASS and his owner Yotsuba through the eyes of cute virtual novel mascot, Masuko.

2236 A.D. Secretary StoriesChloro ORG
Meet Masuko, your adorable A.I. assistant in this visual novel, where laughter abounds but tears are scarce. While there may not be a deep exploration of complex themes like artificial intelligence or cryptocurrency, Masuko and her owner Yotsuba will take you on a heartwarming journey filled with surprises. Set in the year 2236, Masuko is an A.I. secretary system, PASS, designed to assist individuals on their personal smartphones. Join Masuko and Yotsuba on a journey of discovery in a world that is neither dystopian nor utopian, but rather, one that is simply sweet and charming. So what are you waiting for? Say hello to your new friend, Masuko, and let the adventure begin. Featuring the charming theme song, "Juliet" by Prhyzmica.
The Expression Amrilato

SukeraSparo" presents "Kotonoha Amrilato", a pure yuri adventure game about two girls learning to communicate in an Esperanto-based language. Free with in-app purchases.

The Expression Amrilatoalliance
SukeraSparo, a niche brand of yuri games, made an exceptional debut with "Kotonoha Amrilato," the pure yuri ADV where two girls struggle to communicate while learning a new language. The story is set in the world of "Juliamo," a language created from Esperanto supervised by the Japanese Esperanto Association. It follows the tale of high school girl Rin and a beautiful girl from a different world, Luka. It's not just a great adventure game but also a perfect entry point for those who are interested in learning Esperanto through a fun quiz format. You can play the first half of the story free of charge, and purchasing the scenario unlock key allows you to finish the story to the end. This is a definitive pure yuri ADV game that features voice acting. It requires approximately 530 MB of storage space. You can unlock all the story scenarios with a price of 2,852 yen (tax included), and there are no other additional fees. The story starts with high school girl, Rin, who becomes shocked at how the atmosphere of the local shopping street suddenly changes after finishing some snacks. The familiar place that she thought she knew turns into a space where she can't read the signboards or understand the conversations of the people around her. Rin becomes lost and starts to feel hopeless when a cute girl, Luka, who looks like an idol, comes to her rescue. The two girls, Rin who claims to have a positive attitude, and Luka, who can only speak broken Japanese, start to communicate and weave an aggravating yet pure yuri tale. The content has been modified to be suitable for all ages, so it's a perfect adventure game for everyone to play. Copyright: (C) SukeraSparo
Cirno's Perfect Summer Vacation

Join Cirno in a free Touhou adventure; Freeze Gensokyo and venture to New York City in search of summer chills!

Cirno's Perfect Summer VacationChaos Cute Soft
What Grows in the Night

Grow plants to escape a barren farm as a scarecrow in What Grows in the Night, but beware of what lurks in the fields.

What Grows in the NightAssemblage Adventures
What Grows in the Night, developed by Studio Calamari, is a captivating GxGB visual novel. The game immerses you in the life of a Scarecrow that lived on a forlorn farm, playing a simple role of keeping the birds at bay. For years, she had no desires or demands. However, her simple existence was about to change when an unknown lady arrives, offering her a new life. The lady's demand is to cultivate some plants, and behold, she will liberate the Scarecrow from the farm. But, if she fails, she will revert to her earlier role of being a regular Scarecrow. Following the lady's instructions, the Scarecrow begins to take care of the plants, with no other task to fulfill and walks aimlessly at night. Soon, she comes across a friendly lion and a playful rabbit that bring meaning and joy to her life. However, the plants start growing out of proportion, and the Scarecrow senses something awry inside her, urging her to flee. If you want to get familiar with Studio Calamari's other creations, do visit their primary page at The players can help by visiting the game page and support it by giving it a rating of five stars or try the desktop version. What Grows in the Night is a unique and compelling experience that will keep you glued to the story with its beautifully crafted characters and unexpected twists.
The Ancestral Legacy!

The Ancestral Legacy is an exciting visual mystery novel game with changing fate, bewitching characters & unique visuals. Download now to meet the spirit.

The Ancestral Legacy!Buff Studio Co.Ltd.
Kyung Lee retreats to a tranquil countryside village for his summer vacation. However, his peace is shattered by an unwelcome encounter, wherein he is told, "You belong to the Lee lineage? I will observe all that you perceive through your own eyes. Rest assured, you shall be duly rewarded." As time progresses, the spirit gradually transforms Kyung and those around him... The Ancestral Legacy is a gripping and visually-striking mystery novel game that will maintain your interest till the end. It is an interactive mystery novel which incorporates a convenient messenger format, staying true to the genre. The game's primary features include an enigmatic storyline that will keep you guessing until the very end, with each choice you make greatly impacting the plot. Its distinctive visuals add to the overall horror of the game, with layouts that flow seamlessly with the narrative. Additionally, the fascinating and beguiling characters are perfect for the thriller genre. The fate of each character alters based on Kyung's choices in the game. The game has achievements to unlock, various endings, and an engrossing epilogue to read. The witty conversations will keep you hooked as you delve into the mysterious tale. This game is perfect for fans of 7Days, Underworld Office, The Sign, Simulacra, and other games, particularly those who gravitate towards animatronics, ghosts, spirits, and horror simulations. It is also well-suited to anyone who has an affinity for text games (such as light or visual novels), decision games, episode simulation games, and games wherein choices play a crucial role. The game's addictive storyline and captivating characters make it an excellent choice for those who prefer interactive story games. The Ancestral Legacy permits players to step into Kyung's shoes, giving them the opportunity to encounter mystery, horror, and thrills while devising their storyline. The game offers a diverse range of episodes, and each chapter is packed with sensational stories. Download The Ancestral Legacy now and experience the spirit firsthand. Follow Buff Studio story team's Twitter page for more news and updates.
Parasite Days

Survive a parasite growing from your arm in this free adventure game with multiple endings. Choose wisely for your immune response.

Parasite Days合同会社ズィーマ
Imagine waking up with a strange, adorable creature sprouting from your arm. Rather innocuous at first, it soon dawns on you that the creature is not only alien but also a ruthless parasite that feeds off of you. Will you choose to defeat it or let it sap your energy? Experience the world's initial parasite-purging epic game where your immune system is the ultimate weapon. Realize the importance of your immune system by selecting the appropriate supplies that will help revitalize your health and build up your defenses against the invader. This game requires you to discover culinary combinations that not only provide sustenance, but also trigger unique reactions to combat your temporary ailment. Unlike most games, this one is exceptionally user-friendly with simple, uncomplicated controls. With multiple endings to reach, your decisions and reactions play an integral part in changing the course of the story. Best of all, this game is entirely complimentary. Although there are shared circumstances with previous games, this game is independent, and its conclusion leaves possibilities of good or unfavorable endings. Play innocent or execute shrewd actions, but decide before it is too late.

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