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Battle Prime

Battle Prime is a tactical multiplayer shooter on mobile, with console-level graphics and unique war heroes. Join teams, grab rewards, and dominate opponents in PVP battles.

Battle PrimePress Fire Games Limited
Battle Prime is an action-packed multiplayer third-person shooter game that boasts console-level graphics, making gameplay on mobile devices a visual treat. Experience explosive warfare with powerful war heroes having unique abilities and fighting styles in this tactical, next-gen shooter game. The battleground awaits you! Strike first, annihilate enemies, show off your skills, and claim your rewards as the coolest Prime in legendary PVP games. With an array of heroes to choose from, players can opt for either FPS shooter mode or third-person gameplay and make use of a wide range of weapons to unleash destruction on their opponents. Being mindful that snipers can shoot from longer ranges, strategize and cooperate with your team to achieve victory. PICK YOUR CHARACTER The world of royale battles beckons! Choose one of the Prime Agents, each a unique fighting machine with respective abilities and playing styles. Enter the fray wielding a heavy-duty firearm to deliver massive firepower or opt for an agile character with lightning-fast reflexes to take out enemies in the blink of an eye. From the battlefield to attack and kill, engage in unforgettable PVP games! JOIN THE MILITARY BATTLE Put your skills to the test and compete in fast-paced team-based battles in multiplayer mode. Join forces with friends and stand shoulder to shoulder against your enemies. Take up the mantle of sniper or army commander and protect your team with cover fire as you make a counter-attack. Shift between Prime agents at respawns for greater tactical supremacy and maximize your chances of victory. In this tactical shooter, become a lion in the Savannah or a cod in the ocean, channeling your inner predator to emerge as a winner. GRAB REWARDS Become the coolest Prime Agent and win exclusive rewards by dominating PVP battles and achieving Battle Pass Missions in each season. Explore new shooting weapons and heroes, perfect your skills, and revel in the glory of victory as a cod in royale battles or a shark on the battlefield. ENJOY THE GRAPHICS With its cutting-edge mobile engine, Battle Prime boasts photo-realistic graphics of highly detailed war heroes, weapons, and maps, making you feel fully immersed in the modern army world. Develop your inner battle commander and join the ranks of legends on the war zone, your war face forward!
Bloody Harry

Fight zombie veggies as vegan chef Bloody Harry, with 15 weapons to unlock and climb the global highscore list. Watch out for dessert-loving boss zombies!

Bloody HarryFDG Mobile Games
Join the vegan chef "Bloody Harry" on his quest to eliminate zombie vegetables in this thrilling game! Every level presents a new obstacle, with an escalating number of opponents to overcome. Survive the onslaught and make your way to the exit! Upgrade and obtain 15 unique weapons that will aid in your battle against the zombie horde. With endless levels to conquer, prepare for unexpected surprises and dangers at every turn. Scramble up the global leaderboards as you progress through the game and defeat increasingly difficult boss-zombies. These behemoths may consume all of your ammunition before falling, leaving them as a mouth-watering treat. Delicious, right? You bet it is!
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Sword Art Online: Variant Showdown

Join Kirito and friends in Sword Art Online Variant Showdown, an action-packed mobile game featuring an original storyline and unique battle system.

Sword Art Online: Variant ShowdownBandai Namco Entertainment Inc.
Get ready to celebrate a decade of the SAO anime with the release of Sword Art Online Variant Showdown, a new mobile game that will immerse you in the action-packed adventure of Kirito and his friends. Your journey begins when rumors arise that Cross Edge, a new game that supposedly causes memory loss, is leading its players into a dangerous state. As the team investigates, they get attacked by an unknown entity and are forced into an arduous battle. Are you willing to take on the challenge and become a hero by taking command of Kirito, Asuna, and other fan-favorite anime characters in exhilarating 3D battles? Fight your way through ferocious enemies such as The Gleam Eyes to prove your worth in this completely unique SAO Battle System. Make use of each character's distinct Sword Skills to effortlessly switch between defense and offense, taking down vicious bosses with ease. The system allows for players to counter the enemy's special attacks with swift parries and awaken their heroes, unleashing their true power on the battlefield. Prepare yourself for a brand-new adventure with an all-new original storyline. Dive into the world of Cross Edge, a VR action game created by a middle school prodigy and solve the mystery alongside the SAO team. What's more, you'll be introduced to Layla, a brand new character who adds a layer of mystery to the storyline. Customize your party with your favorite characters from the anime to broaden your horizons. With each character possessing unique special techniques and skills, it's crucial to build a team that exploits your opponents' weaknesses. Take advantage of the Ability Cards to power up your fighters and increase your chances of victory. Strategically equip the cards to optimize each party member based on their specific strengths and weaknesses. The customization options don't stop there! Try out different accessories and change the color of your character's outfits to your liking. Re-live favorite moments from the anime by adding unique characters to your party to unlock secrets only seen in SAOVS. The game offers plenty of in-app purchases that can enhance your gameplay and speed up your progress. However, these items are entirely optional and can be turned off in your device settings. Join Kirito, Asuna, and your favorite SAO characters to embark on the latest SAO adventure in Sword Art Online Variant Showdown today!

Roblox: create, share experiences with friends and explore a massive global community. Customize avatars, chat with friends, and indulge in limitless adventures.

RobloxRoblox Corporation
If you're looking for a platform that lets you explore an endless amount of virtual experiences and connect with friends, look no further than Roblox. As a global community, you can join millions of other players and let your imagination run wild. Already part of the Roblox community? Simply log in to access all the exciting features that await you in this limitless metaverse. With an ever-growing collection of experiences created by the community, you can embark on epic adventures, compete with players from around the world, or simply hang out and chat with friends in an immersive virtual space. What's fantastic about Roblox is that you can take all the fun with you. With full cross-platform support, you and your buddies can join from your computer, mobile device, Xbox One, or VR headset. The possibilities are endless! Show off your personality and make a statement by customizing your avatar with a wide range of hats, shirts, faces, and gear. With a continuously expanding catalog of items, you can create a unique look that reflects your style. Stay in touch with friends by using various chat features like private messaging and groups. Connect with people all over the world and make new friends while experiencing different worlds and adventures. If you're someone who loves creating virtual experiences, Roblox lets you tap into your creativity. You can build your own games and other experiences, which you can share with other users in the Roblox community. If you need any assistance with anything related to Roblox, their dedicated support page is the perfect place to start. Access information on how to create your experiences, contact the team, or read the privacy policy and terms of use. Remember, a network connection is required to join, so it's best to be connected to Wi-Fi to enjoy all the fantastic features that Roblox has to offer.
Sonic CD

Time travel to save the world, defeat Dr. Eggman and recover the seven Time Stones in SEGA's Sonic CD, part of the SEGA Forever classic games collection.

SEGA's critically acclaimed Sonic platformer has returned! Enjoy time travel as you battle to rescue Amy Rose and recover the seven Time Stones, in this epic game that features Amy Rose and Metal Sonic. Sonic CD offers an adventure that brings the past, present, and future together, while attempting to defeat the villainous Dr. Eggman and his creation, the menacing Metal Sonic. Sonic CD is a commendable piece of SEGA's Forever classic games collection, a goldmine of classic free SEGA console games brought back to life on mobile! GAME FEATURES: - Assemble all seven Time Stones and save Amy Rose and defeat Dr. Eggman. - Navigate time by travelling between the past, present, and future versions of each level. - Use Sonic's spin dash and super peel out moves to zoom around stages with fluidity. - Finish the game to unlock Miles "Tails" Prower's character. - Sonic CD offers both the US and Japanese soundtracks! SEGA FOREVER FEATURES: - PLAY FREE of charge. - SAVE YOUR GAME PROGRESS and continue the adventure anytime, anyplace. - LEADERBOARDS - showcase your high scores on the world's leaderboard. - CONTROLLER SUPPORT: HID compatible controllers - DOWNLOAD THEM ALL and reminisce with Sonic CD! TRIVIA: - In Sonic CD, Sonic spoke for the very first time. Stand still on Sonic for 3 minutes to listen for yourself! - The original Sonic CD release features a shuddersome secret message screen that welcomes pirates. - Sonic CD offers two different endings, and was the first game in the series to feature full-motion video cut-scenes. - The European and Japanese versions of Sonic CD offers different music from its American counterpart. CLASSIC GAME FACTS: - Sonic CD was initially released in Japan on September 23, 1993. - Sonic CD became the SEGA CD's all-time top-selling game with 1.5 million copies sold. - Sonic CD was the first Sonic game that included CD-quality red book audio. - In 2011, Christian Whitehead, the creator of Sonic Mania remastered Sonic CD. - - - - - Privacy Policy: Terms of Use: Although game apps have advertisements, they don't have in-app purchases. An ad-free game option can be unlocked with an in-app purchase. Unless a user is under 13, the game may contain "Interest-Based Advertisements" and may gather "Precise Location Data." For further information, read our privacy policy. © SEGA. SEGA CORPORATION, the SEGA logo, SONIC THE HEDGEHOG and SONIC CD, SEGA Forever, and the SEGA Forever logo are registered trademarks or trademarks of SEGA CORPORATION or its affiliated companies.
Call of Duty®: Warzone™ Mobile

Experience iconic Call of Duty®: Warzone™ on your phone, with up to 120 live players in a match, classic combat, maps, and multiplayer modes.

Call of Duty®: Warzone™ MobileActivision Publishing, Inc.
Experience the next level of Battle Royale mobile gaming with Call of Duty®: Warzone™ Mobile, the newest addition to the long-standing franchise. Join up to 120 live players in epic, larger-than-life maps with classic Call of Duty® gameplay, weaponry, and vehicles, powered by the unified Call of Duty® technology to have a seamless multiplayer FPS experience. The state-of-the-art graphics and controls of this FPS game are optimized for mobile devices, providing quick and thrilling gameplay that puts your combat skills to the test. Team up with your friends to tackle Warzone's latest era of Battle Royale, featuring the iconic Verdansk as the fan-favorite map, enabling you to explore multiple points of interest, including the Stadium, Dam, Airport, and the Gulag! Engage with more competitors than ever before, bypassing bots and experiencing thrilling competition that will captivate you. Battle Royale Mode takes you through a PvP experience where players fight to be the last one standing, while Multiplayer Mode enables you to lead your squad to victory. Additionally, the game offers countless contracts, killstreaks, and strategies that evolve constantly, providing endless re-playability. To play Call of Duty®: Warzone™ Mobile, you need a device that is Adreno 618 or better and has at least 6GB of RAM. Enjoy a seamless gaming experience with social features such as Battle Pass, chat channels, and a cult following of friends with cross-platform capabilities, providing an unmatched connected multiplayer experience. Pre-registration for Call of Duty®: Warzone™ Mobile begins on September 15, 2022, on Google Play. Availability of rewards and the actual launch date(s) are subject to change. The internet connection is mandatory as it requires players to communicate and may include optional in-game purchases. Standard terms and conditions apply; see for more details. ACTIVISION, CALL OF DUTY, and CALL OF DUTY WARZONE are trademarks of Activision Publishing, Inc. Google Play is a trademark of Google LLC. All rights reserved.
Sonic the Hedgehog 2 Classic

SEGA's classic Super Sonic masterpiece, Sonic The Hedgehog 2, is back with 12 Badnik-infested zones and boss fights against Dr. Eggman's terrifying Mecha Sonic!

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 ClassicSEGA
Sonic The Hedgehog 2, one of SEGA's classic Super Sonic best-sellers, has made its way to mobile! Get ready to reunite with your favourite blue hedgehog for some more running, jumping and arcade-style action. Dr. Eggman is up to his old tricks once again and is searching for the seven Chaos Emeralds that will allow him to finish his ultimate weapon, the Death Egg. The only ones who can stop him are Sonic the Hedgehog, Tails and Knuckles in this remastered game from the SEGA team that brought us Sonic Mania! Sonic The Hedgehog 2 is part of 'SEGA Forever', which is an ever-expanding collection of classic SEGA console games that are now available on mobile for the first time. The game features 12 Badnik-infested zones, ranging from underwater caverns to neon-lit casinos. You're going to run, jump and spin through thrilling courses with Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and more. The game has three exciting gameplay modes to choose from, including Online, Time Attack and Boss Attack. Fight Dr. Eggman's creations, including the terrifying Mecha Sonic, and collect all the Chaos Emeralds to transform into Super Sonic and Super Knuckles. The mobile version of Sonic The Hedgehog 2 also comes loaded with unique features such as the option to play the classic Sonic arcade game action with ad-support or ad-free via in-app purchase. You can save your game progress at any point in your adventure, compete globally on leaderboards for high scores, and benefit from video game controller support with all HID compliant controllers. If you're a fan of classic arcade games, Sonic The Hedgehog 2 will be right up your alley! SEGA has breathed new life into some of the best classics from the 90s, allowing users to relive these childhood favorites on modern devices. The game is free, though it has ads, and does not require in-app purchases to progress. However, an option to play ad-free is available via in-app purchase. It is important to note that users under the age of 13 may be exposed to 'Interest Based Ads' and that the game may collect 'Precise Location Data'. More information can be found in the privacy policy. Copyright of Sonic The Hedgehog 2 and other registered trademarks remain under SEGA CORPORATION and its affiliates.
Sonic the Hedgehog Classic

Race through iconic zones collecting rings and defeating Mr. Eggman in the classic Sonic arcade game, now optimized for mobile with remastered soundtrack and new playable characters.

Sonic the Hedgehog ClassicSEGA
Experience the nostalgia of the classic Sonic arcade game that started it all, now with mobile optimization! If you hold a special place in your heart for classic SEGA games, then you must try playing Sonic the Hedgehog! Immerse yourself in high-speed action as Sonic the Hedgehog races through loop-de-loops while collecting rings. Prepare to relive the excitement of playing through all seven zone levels in the original classic game and help Sonic and his friends defeat the notorious Mr. Eggman! Sonic the Hedgehog is the newest addition to the SEGA Forever classic arcade games collection. Indulge in a vast selection of free SEGA console classic games now brought to life on mobile devices! FEATURES - Mobile Optimization. With widescreen support and 60FPS, the legendary soundtrack is fully re-mastered for unrivaled performance. - Packed with Action. Challenge yourself with the all-new Time Attack game mode where you can test your skills. - Get your Friends Involved. Play as Sonic's friends Tails and Knuckles for the first time. Enjoy using their unique abilities to fly, climb, and glide around levels for an exclusive gaming experience. - Arcade Gaming. If you are a fanatic for classic games from the 90's, then you will love playing Sonic the Hedgehog on your mobile device. The classic SEGA game has been remastered to perfection for mobile devices, bringing you the best classic gameplay while optimizing the arcade experience. - Controller Support. Sonic the Hedgehog on Android offers exclusive support for Power A Moga, Nyko, XBOX, and all HID controllers so that you can experience a smooth and seamless gaming session. Relive moments from the past with Sonic the Hedgehog arcade game remade for mobile devices. Run, jump and race your way through engaging courses and levels. Unlock Sonic’s friends, including Tails and Knuckles, for added fun and excitement. FACTS ABOUT SONIC THE HEDGEHOG VIDEO GAME - Sonic Jam is responsible for introducing Sonic's spin dash move, which has now made a comeback in this mobile game remake! - Sonic The Hedgehog was initially released in video game arcades on SEGA's Mega-Tech and Mega Play systems. - While in the West, "Eggman" is known as Dr. Robotnik's nickname, his actual name in Japan is "Eggman." Enjoy a mobile gaming session without any inhibitions! Sonic The Hedgehog Classic is ad-supported and does not require any in-app purchases to progress. However, ad-free play is available with an in-app purchase. Note: Except for users under 13, this game may contain "Interest Based Ads," which may collect "Precise Location Data." Please refer to our privacy policy for further details. © SEGA. All rights reserved. Sonic the Hedgehog, SEGA, SEGA Forever, and the SEGA Forever logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of SEGA CORPORATION or its affiliates.
Call of Duty: Global Operations

Call of Duty®: Global Operations, a tactical MMO PvP game, lets players control armies and wage global battles using iconic Call of Duty characters and modern strategies.

Call of Duty: Global OperationsElex
Get ready to lead armies and engage in global conflict like never before with Call of Duty®: Global Operations, the latest tactical MMO PvP game developed by Activision and Elex, the talented makers behind Clash of Kings. Nuclium NM (72) is a newly discovered element that can be turned into a deadly weapon, and its limited supply has caused governments and private operators to fight over it, plunging the world into chaos. You must stop GLOBUS, a malicious corporation determined to use the weaponized Nuclium to terrorize the world. In this latest Call of Duty tale, it's all up to you to save humanity from anarchy! Build, upgrade and customize your military base with an extraordinary army led by the iconic characters of the Call of Duty universe. Create epic multiplayer battles, develop unique strategies and defeat opponents from around the world. Recruit dozens of Heroes, featuring the likes of Captain Price, Ghost, and Soap, and cooperate with them to bring down your enemies. Improve your commander's battle skills, assign troops to match their strengths, and raid opponents to secure more resources. Choose a unique research path to upgrade your buildings, gain a competitive edge, and personalize your commanders according to the specific needs and requirements of your army. Take part in co-op PvP wars, play through a thrilling PvE campaign, and hone your tactics with breathtakingly realistic 3D graphics that will make you feel like you're right on the battlefield. Join alliances and raid your enemies to emerge victoriously. You can connect and play with your friends, as well as introduce new and exciting in-app purchases that will provide you with further opportunities to challenge yourself. Please note, the game is currently in beta, and developers are continuously working to improve it by adding additional content while fixing any bugs. You can share your experience and give feedback on the game by sending an email to An internet connection is required to play and make the most of the social features, real money purchase options, and push notifications to keep yourself up to date on new content and events. Neither Elex nor Activision makes any guarantees concerning online play or features and may modify or discontinue online services at their discretion with reasonable notice. Call of Duty®: Global Operations is the property of Activision Publishing, Inc. All trademarks and trade names are their respective owners' properties.
Call of Duty: Mobile

Experience the beloved shooter game on your phone with new seasons, iconic maps, and game modes. Customize your loadout, team up, and compete!

Call of Duty: MobileActivision Publishing, Inc.
Get ready for an unprecedented experience with CALL OF DUTY®. The world-renowned first-person shooter game is back in action-packed new seasons! Take on popular Multiplayer modes such as Domination, Team Deathmatch, and Kill-Confirmed on classic maps like Standoff, Shipment, and Raid, exclusively on CALL OF DUTY®: MOBILE. Join forces with other gamers and compete in an unforgettable multiplayer experience any time, anywhere. Looking for a fast-paced 5v5 team deathmatch? A terrifying Zombies action? Or a thrilling sniper vs sniper duel? The free-to-play CALL OF DUTY®: MOBILE by Activision has got it all. No matter where you are, get ready to experience the excitement of one of the most popular shooter games of all time right on your phone! Enjoy console quality HD gaming, intuitive and customisable controls, stunning 3D graphics, and immersive sound effects. Take the iconic franchise with you wherever you go. Play CALL OF DUTY®: MOBILE for free today and enjoy new seasonal content each month! With every season, players can participate in new game modes, events, and themed maps, unlocking exciting rewards. Each season builds on the CALL OF DUTY® universe, introducing unique and unlockable content for players to explore and enjoy. Customise your loadout with dozens of iconic operators, weapons, score streaks, outfits, and new gear for a unique and personalised gameplay experience. Challenge yourself in Competitive mode, or team up with friends in Social mode to sharpen your skills. Rally with other players and get involved in Clan Wars to earn rewards and contribute to your community. As part of Activision's commitment to accessibility and ease of access, players can choose from a range of download options to reduce app size and optimise storage. Choose the best options for you, such as HD resources, maps, weapons, and operators. So, do you have what it takes to beat the best? Download CALL OF DUTY®: MOBILE now! And don't forget, we always welcome feedback from our players. To share your thoughts, go to > Settings > Feedback > Contact Us. Join the CALL OF DUTY® universe and subscribe for updates on Please note that an internet connection is required to play the game. CALL OF DUTY®: MOBILE also includes social features that allow players to connect and play with friends, as well as push notifications to keep gamers informed about new content and exciting events in the game. Players have the option to opt-in or opt-out of these features. © 2024 Activision Publishing, Inc. All rights reserved. CALL OF DUTY and ACTIVISION are trademarks of Activision Publishing, Inc. All other trademarks and trade names are the properties of their respective owners. By downloading, installing or using the App, you agree to Activision's privacy policy and terms of use. Visit to view Activision's privacy policy, and to view Activision's terms of use.
Payday: Crime War

Join a crew and heist your way to the ultimate Payday in PAYDAY: Crime War, the best co-op first-person shooter with fast 4v4 PvP game modes. Download for free today!

Payday: Crime WarPopReach Incorporated
Get ready to take on the action-packed world in PAYDAY: Crime War, the all-new mobile twist on the official PAYDAY® experience! Grab your favorite firearm and prepare for an adrenaline-pumping co-op first-person shooter game on mobile. For the first time ever, challenge other heisters in fast-paced 4v4 PvP game modes. Don your mask, team up with a crew, and execute the perfect heist for the ultimate payday in this free-to-play game! Immerse yourself in the tension of 10-minute classic heists and browse the Crime.Net database of available jobs with your friends. Take on classic heists from Payday: The Heist® and Payday 2® with a new mobile twist! Go loud or stay stealthy and work together to plan out your strategy for the perfect heist. Heists are never the same, so pre-plan carefully for an ever-changing experience. Enter the crime war, join a gang, and take on other heisters from around the world in unique 4v4 game modes. Win battles to climb the ranks and become the most feared crew in the city. Fire off a rain of bullets to support your crew or take charge to lead them to victory! Customize your heister with dozens of options including weapons, masks and outfits. Unlock and earn your favorite heisters and upgrade your skill tree according to your playstyle to become a legendary heister. Choose the best loadout to maximize your payday! Now, experience the world's most beloved heist game on your phone for easy, on-the-go enjoyment. Console-quality HD gaming with customizable controls, voice and text chat, exciting 3D graphics and sound, all free-to-play on mobile. The developers will continuously add new features, heists, and weapons to the already thrilling Crime War. Do you think you have what it takes to compete with the best? Download PAYDAY®: CRIME WAR now! Let's make this heist a success! Please note: We value your feedback and welcome any suggestions to improve the game. For feedback, email Subscribe for updates at, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Discord. * A stable internet connection is required. * PAYDAY: Crime War is recommended for Android 5.1.1 or above and at least 2GB of memory. * This app contains social features for optional play with friends.
Bloody Bastards

Fight against your bastard brothers with a range of weapons in this unique pixel art, physics-based medieval game.

Bloody BastardsTibith
Enter the brutal world of Bloody Bastards, a medieval fighting game that pits you against your illegitimate siblings. Harness the power of an extensive collection of weapons such as daggers, axes, swords, maces, and hammers to destroy your adversaries in the arena of champions. Experience a truly unique fighting encounter that blends pixel art, ragdoll mechanics, and 2D physics. Take control of each hand individually by simply tapping and holding on either side of your screen, with a double-tap allowing for movement. Select from a broad range of shields, body, leg, and head gear, and pair them alongside your weapons to create lethal combinations that number in the thousands. Prove yourself as you rise to the top of the ranks, with only one survivor standing amidst the chaos. Highlighted Features: - Experience a fast-paced, physics-based, 2D fighting experience - Explore a wide variety of levels in different locations and environments - Customize your fighting style through hundreds of different weapons and equipment - Battle against different enemies that provide unique and challenging encounters with each level - Claim victory over others with the insane multiplayer feature and challenge your friends - Utilize Google Play Leaderboards to showcase your skills and progress Head over to for further details and updates.
Zenonia 4

ZENONIA 4: Return of the Legend - HD visuals, dynamic combat, gear customization, PVP modes, and new revelations. Play as Regret, Chael, Ecne, Lu, and more.

Zenonia 4Com2uS Holdings Corporation
ZENONIA® 4: Return of the Legend is an exceptional Action RPG game, now stunningly rendered in HD. As the world faces an emerging ancient evil, the heroes of bygone times must assemble once more to shift the course of destiny. In this fantastic adventure, you get to join Regret, Chael, Ecne, Lu, and more to embark on a journey filled with epic quests. The game's graphics and stunning visuals are optimized for modern, high-quality displays. It features spectacular animations that bring out the best of every element of the game. Additionally, ZENONIA's overworld finally gets the HD upgrade it deserves, making it possible to explore every inch of it with vivid clarity. The combat system in ZENONIA® 4 is dynamic, visceral, and exciting. Prepare to become a force to be reckoned with as you unleash formidable combo attacks and devastating skills that feature explosive graphical and aural flair. Equipping your Slayer, Blader, Ranger, or Druid class hero is a strategic decision that can change the course of your adventures. With numerous armor options, weapons, and items to choose from, every upgrade creates a significant impact on the game's overall experience. ZENONIA® 4 offers a definitive action RPG experience that takes you through the game's levels, from Normal to Hard and Hell mode. You get to master the Fairy sync system and annihilate hundreds of legendary monsters using powerful weapons and skills. The PvP experience in ZENONIA® 4 is expanded and even more challenging than ever. You can engage in the new 2-on-2 arena battles, asynchronous online PvP, and compete in the Abyss zone for loot drops. To make the experience even better, you can hire other player data as mercenaries, participate in classic 1-on-1 rumbles, and more. As you delve deeper into the secrets of ZENONIA's beloved characters, you get to collect titles that boost the effects of your hero's abilities. The game's storyline is immersive, and the revelations about the characters are jaw-dropping. Finally, to stay up to date with news and events related to this game, visit the official website at and the YouTube channel at *Disclaimer: There may be additional costs when trying to obtain certain items. Be aware that changing your mobile phone information may affect your saved data, and deleting the game without backing up your data will cause it to be restored to an initial state.
Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode II

Play as Sonic, Tails, and Metal Sonic in Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode II. Foil Dr. Eggman's plan to build Death Egg mk. II on Little Planet and unlock Episode Metal.

Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode IISEGA
Join Sonic, Tails and Metal Sonic on a thrilling 2D adventure! Metal Sonic has teamed up with Dr. Eggman, and they are now on Little Planet, planning to construct a new Death Egg around it. Sonic and his trusty sidekick Tails must put an end to Dr. Eggman's evil plan by taking down the Death Egg mk.II in five distinctive Zones that promise a classic 'Sonic feel.' The game's soundtrack, composed by Jun Senoue, adds to the game's enhanced gameplay and overall experience. Unlock Episode Metal and play as Metal Sonic through incredibly challenging versions of Zones from Sonic The Hedgehog 4: Episode I, completing them to unveil the full story behind Sonic The Hedgehog 4. Sonic The Hedgehog 4: Episode II also includes a great range of features such as leaderboards, controller support, and cloud saves that are available with a free download from the Google Play Store for Android devices. Collect all Red Star Rings and complete all the Special Stages to unlock Super Sonic, while you work with Tails to perform the Rolling, Copter, and Submarine combos. The SEGA Forever collection also offers an ad-free play option with a one-time in-app purchase of $1.99/ €2.29 / £1.99. SEGA FOREVER FEATURES: Play free with or without ad-support, cloud saving and Controller support are available, and save your progress at any point in the game to compete globally in the leaderboards. With expert development by Sonic Team and Dimps followed by the lead Programmer Koji Okugawa, Sonic 4: Episode II manages to retain it's famed fast-paced action with new levels suppleminted by the original episode. Retro gamers and fans of the series will enjoy the game's throwbacks, referencing Zones and features from the 16-bit Sonic series while keeping the simplicity of its controls. A must-have for any Sonic fanatic, Sonic The Hedgehog 4: Episode II received high praise in 2012 when first released. This successor of the Sonic Series is undoubtedly a worthy addition, serving as a breath of fresh air to the gaming franchise. Play and enjoy the game without requiring any in-app purchases, except for ad-free play. Nevertheless, kindly note that for users under the age of 13, this game may include "Interest Based Ads" and may collect "Precise Location Data". Check our privacy policy for more information. Sonic The Hedgehog 4: Episode II is copyrighted by SEGA CORPORATION and its affiliates.

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