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Zombie Waves

Survive the zombie apocalypse alone or with friends. Fight terrifying monsters, customize skills and gear up for epic boss battles.

Zombie WavesFun Formula
Enter a world overrun by flesh-eating monstrosities and navigate the dangers lurking around every corner in this post-apocalyptic horror game. You'll need to stay alert, as the infected will stop at nothing to overwhelm you with their sheer numbers from the moment you set foot in this unforgiving landscape. To survive, you'll need to rally like-minded companions to your side as you uncover the truth behind the outbreak. Every step of the way, you'll be challenged to test your skills and push yourself to the limit. The gameplay features responsive one-handed controls, allowing you to easily defend yourself against the horde as you progress through the game. With 100+ unique roguelite skills and ultimate abilities, you'll be able to craft tactics and synergies that help you stay one step ahead of the competition. As you move through the game's many different stages, you'll begin to understand just how dark and dangerous this new world really is. You'll face an array of grotesque bosses, each one more formidable than the last. But with smart strategies and a steely resolve, you'll be able to cull the hordes and become a beacon of hope in humanity's darkest hour.
Immortal Awakening

Join the Immortal War to save the world from collapse in this epic RPG with PVE dungeons, PVP battles, and character customization.

Immortal AwakeningNeocraft Limited
Join us now and receive exclusive information and rewards! Connect with us on our official Discord channel or Facebook page. Our Homeland has been caught in the middle of the Immortal War, a centuries-long conflict between Deities and Demons. As an Awakener, blessed by the Human Last Shelter, the world's fate rests in your hands. Will you be able to save it from the impending Grand Collapse? Prepare to face epic Boss battles in numerous PVE dungeons! With strategic designs and a wide variety of enemies, the legendary loot is well worth the challenge. Be on the lookout for various bosses with unique skills sets and claim victory to obtain legendary gear sets. Can you survive till the Doomsday arrives? Are you ready for some intense PVP battles? Enter the Ancient Arena where blood enemies fight to the death. Winning is everything. Dodge incoming attacks, use your skills wisely, and unleash your ultimate power. Whether it's one vs one or 5 vs 5 battles, or even GVSG modes, everything you can imagine is possible. Can you crush your enemies by any means necessary? Slay the enemy monsters in front of you and reap the souls of the fallen. Gain the honor you are chasing for by simply clearing the battlefield. Slash through enemies and emerge victorious in 1 vs thousand battles with a feast of AOE skills combination. Tons of EXP will help your level skyrocket! Create your own hero and show off your wisdom to outsmart your friends! Customize your hero from head to toe and come up with your own build strategy. Every character is unique, just like you. Will you hunt or be hunted in the world of doom? Capture the Immortal beings, whether they are Gods or Demons, and become a Legend as you unravel the plot-twisting background story. Our sensational art design will immerse you in gameplay like never before. Don't just tell the legend, be the legend. Join us now!
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Special Forces Group 3

SFG3 is a fast, competitive and skill-based FPS with new graphics, 40+ maps, improved guns, offline mode, and 9 game modes. Play online with friends and customize your fighters and guns.

Special Forces Group 3ForgeGames
Experience the never-ending battle between counter terrorist and guerilla fighters in the action-packed PvP shooter game, Special Forces Group 3. As a sequel to the popular SFG2 series, the game retains familiar arenas, weapons and characters, but with a significant boost in graphics, visuals and technical performance. SFG 3 is a highly competitive and skill-based first-person shooter that rewards quick reflexes and strategic gameplay. Its new progression system, which includes fighter and gun customization, ensures that players stay engaged even in the long run. Enjoy the new and improved gameplay of Special Forces Group 3, featuring: - Revamped graphics and stunning visuals - User-friendly menu - Over 40 new and improved maps - Enhanced collection of pistols, shotguns, submachine guns, rifles, sniper rifles, machine guns, grenades and bulletproof vests - More than 100 new character skins, weapons and characters. - Offline single player mode with AI-controlled bots - 9 thrilling game modes, including Classic, Resurrection, Capture the Flag, Zombie Mode, Bomb Mode, Knives, Deathmatch, ArmsRace, and Sniper - Up to 8v8 PvP mode where skill counts - Support for 10 languages, including English, German, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Turkish, Portuguese and Spanish. - Cross-platform play through Wi-Fi router Join the intense FPS action of Special Forces Group 3 today and challenge yourself to become a legendary fighter on the battlefield. Like us on Facebook at or join the community on VK at
Battle of Warships: Online

Command legendary battleships and improve them with advanced weaponry in Battle of Warships, a realistic naval simulator with 20+ ships and weather variations.

Battle of Warships: OnlineMobileGDC
If you’re looking for a mobile game that brings you back to the sea battles of the 1942s and naval warfare, look no further than Battle of Warships, a legendary battle app and ship simulator. In this game, players get to navigate unique ships used during WW1 and WW2, improve their ships by increasing health points, engine speed, and turns, and customize their navy army with the flag of their country. With daily rewards, level advancements, and ship upgrades, you can become the God of War and achieve victory over your biggest enemy. The game features more than 20 unique battleships, including legendary ones such as YAMATO, Missouri, Bismarck, South Dakota, and even an aircraft carrier with planes and jets. In addition to the impressive battleships lineup, there is also a unique update system, which allows players to modify their ship with torpedoes, interceptors, missiles and other advanced technology weapons. With the latest 3D graphics, Battle of Warships will not disappoint. You will experience super-realistic battle graphics that resemble real wars and WW1 and WW2 games genre. The game’s touch control is totally easy and intuitive, and you can choose different versions, including the gyroscope. The weather change system on the game maps also adds uniqueness, with fights happening in the rain, sun, sunset, and even snow. Massive world battlefield area, comprising of mountains and glaciers will be your companions in this navy games fleet. Lastly, Battle of Warships is a multiplayer game and ocean wars simulator. You can play with friends or co-up for free on Android. Victory is not far off, so get ready for war and become the commander of your own fleet!
Pico Tanks: Multiplayer Mayhem

Fast-paced 3v3 team strategy tank brawler. Choose from thousands of customizations and game modes. Upgrade, rise up leaderboard, and engage in a dynamic community.

Pico Tanks: Multiplayer MayhemPanda Arcade
Pico Tanks is an exciting 3v3 tank battle game that emphasizes team strategy. Create your own unique tank with limitless gameplay opportunities, and compete in thrilling 3v3 battles on multiple maps with various game modes to choose from! Work with your team to triumph over your opponents and win in this real-time PvP battle arena that highlights the importance of teamwork. Experience chaos during the 3v3 modes, with the option to play with friends or match up against players at your skill level. Participate in the following game modes: ● 'Hold the Flag': Your team will try to capture and hold the flag for the longest time before time runs out. ● 'Fetch the Cargo': One powerful tank on your team must take the cargo before your adversaries and drag it back to your base, while the rest defend. ● 'Team Deathmatch': Take out enemy tanks to score points and win the battle. Don't wait to hide in the bushes, attack your enemies, heal your allies, or herd sheep! Additional modes will become available as future updates are applied. Become the master of tank design by creating tanks that suit your style and team's strategy. Utilize your ability to swap tanks during a battle to your advantage, and go wild crafting your own tanks with endless customization possibilities! ● Select your preferred weapon of choice that aligns with your play style for a satisfying experience. ● Pick a tank base with the stats you need to be skillful with your weapon of choice; the more armored, the more abilities you can carry! ● Use power-ups like deploying an airstrike to finish off an opponent, or throwing a repair pack at your friends. ● Customize your tank with character and expression by selecting only the best skins and toppers. You can go crazy, show off, or look awesome -- we won't judge! Prepare to engage in multiplayer mayhem in this incredibly artistic PVP game. Once the smoke clears, meet with your team to refine your tactics and continue mastering your skills. You can upgrade your tanks, climb the leaderboards, and join the dynamic community. Unlock skins and toppers as you progress, and collect research to improve your tank bases, weapons, and abilities. Expect more features, game modes, maps, and items in future updates! Experience the thrill of Pico Tanks by downloading it now for free. Please be aware that while it is free to download and play Pico Tanks: Multiplayer Mayhem, there are optional in-app purchases for a handful of items that can only be obtained by using real money. The awards and recognition received add to the quality of gameplay provided: ● Winner - Gamer's Voice Award for Mobile Gaming, SXSW Gaming 2019 ● Finalist - Indie Prize Showcase, Casual Connect Europe 2019
Marble Clash: Crazy Fun Shooter

Marble Clash: Crazy Fun Robot Shooter is a free-to-play, action-packed battle royale game where players control cute transforming robots to collect coins and defeat opponents in a challenging and fun PVP arena.

Marble Clash: Crazy Fun ShooterMAD PIXEL
Are you a fan of adorable mecha that can transform? What about entertaining 3D shooter games with awesome combat sequences? Well then, come and check out Marble Clash: Crazy Fun Robot Shooter! GAMEPLAY: Get ready for an exciting and challenging battle! You will control a robot equipped with various firearms. The objective is to gather the most coins before the round ends. But be careful, it won't be as easy as you may think! There are other players in the game, and they have a similar goal, which is to steal your coins! You can either fight them off, destroy them, and acquire their coins. Or, if you need to flee, you can quickly transform your robot into a marble ball with just one button and run from the danger. But keep in mind that while you're in that state, you can't attack! To beat your opponents in PVP, auto-aiming will significantly aid you. Plunge headfirst into the fight and emerge as the last person on the field to win the battle royale! ROUNDS: The game has four rounds, and each one finishes when the time is up. Half of the participants will be removed at the end of each round, leaving others to continue the battle royale. The final round is demanding since the winner needs to gather the most coins! It will be tough! Can you manage it? THE MAP: The game world is separated into four regions, which are all available at first. However, with each round, one of the areas will vanish, giving you less space to move and cover. The fight for every coin will be brutal, and you must rely on tactics and strategy skills to keep moving and avoid getting cornered for too long! Your adversaries could be anywhere! Learn the map carefully so you know where to take cover and collect new coins - that way, victory could be yours! Join the PVP arena, aim quickly, shoot accurately, and survive the battle royale! CUSTOMIZATION AND IMPROVEMENTS: As you advance through the rounds, you will receive experience and coins. By leveling up, you will unlock a new type of weapon and parts for your marble robot. As you upgrade it, you will become more powerful, stronger, and faster. With increased firepower, you could become truly invincible! You can customize your robot by selecting the components that suit your playstyle: do you prefer miniguns that unleash a storm of bullets to stun your enemies, uncontrollable rockets for area of effect damage, or shotguns that excel at short range? The choice is yours! Select your preferred weapon and participate in the PVP battle royale as the last survivor! Upgrade your weapons and emerge victorious in the battle! SKINS: There are many cool and diverse skins available in the game! We believe in giving our players choices, so the robot's appearance is exclusively cosmetic and does not affect its stats. You can choose from over 30 different paint options to create a unique and irreplaceable appearance! The decision is yours! Prove to your friends that you have excellent fashion sense by customizing your transforming robot to look cute and stylish! OTHER GAME FEATURES: The game has many features that make it a blast to play, such as gorgeous graphics, an intuitive interface, dynamic gameplay, advanced auto-aiming, awesome music and effects, and an array of weapons at different levels. You can play the game in whatever manner you choose! Dive into the fray, defeat your opponents in PVP, and emerge victorious from the battle royale. Choose your favourite weapon, upgrade your mech, and become the best shooter in town! Most significantly, Marble Clash: Crazy Fun Shooter is entirely free to play! Download it right now and join the fun battle of cute little transforming mecha! We are eagerly anticipating your arrival!
Warhammer AoS: Soul Arena

Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Soul Arena is a free-to-play autobattler where you choose your captain and create synergies to be the last person standing.

Warhammer AoS: Soul ArenaTrophy Games - Football Manager makers
Soul Arena is an incredible and innovative free-to-play autobattler game that will take you on a thrilling journey to the world of Warhammer: Age of Sigmar. In this breathtaking turn-based war game, you can master the strategy and tactics of your team while enjoying the fun of auto chess. As a player, it’s all about your skills and how well you play the game. No Underlords or Legends are required here, as you are the one in control. Before each match, you will have the opportunity to choose your captain based on your style of play, be it control, midrange or aggro. Your Warhammer: Age of Sigmar army is powered by your powerful “chess pieces,” or units. As you collect and merge similar units from the shop, upgrade them to become even stronger when you collide in battle. It's essential to think strategically and take advantage of powerful bonuses to create synergies that can be unlocked by mixing units from different factions and shop classes. Like most battle royale games, the objective is to be the last player standing, with your magic making opponents quiver on the ground. That makes the game more exciting and drives you forward toward becoming an auto chess hero. Soul Arena is a cross-platform game, available on mobile devices as well as PC and Mac via Steam. Whether you're on the go or streaming on Twitch, your progress is shared across all platforms, so you never have to start over. You can opt to play solo with the amazing AI puzzle mode, or go online and play against friends or other players worldwide. In Soul Arena, you get access to many incredible features: the amazing world of Warhammer: Age of Sigmar, an ad-free mobile game, fast and intense games like no other autobattler. Also, there are only four players to brawl in a match, an AI for single player adventures, idle rounds so you can relax, team-up with other players, skins, loot, epic rewards, daily battle pass quests to level up, an ever-changing meta-game and vast selection of achievements. The setup is also esport friendly, so you can join tournaments and climb up the global leaderboard. Overall, Soul Arena is a fantastic game that immerses you in the thrilling universe of Warhammer: Age of Sigmar, providing you countless hours of entertainment. Download and play the game for free now and join the challenge. Be sure to read Trophy Games Privacy Statement to know more about how your data is protected. Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Soul Arena © Copyright Games Workshop Limited 2023.
Knives Out

Survive with friends, explore an expansive map with 100+ players, customize your look, and enjoy road trips in Knives Out.

Knives OutNetEase Games
Explore the thrilling survival journey of Knives Out! 【Fly anywhere you desire】 Discover the extensive map with over 100 players and chart your way to victory in Knives Out's battleground. 【Forge new alliances on your survival quest】 Experience the thrill of combating with teams and make new friends in this action-packed survival game. 【Unity during Adversity】 Unite with your teammates in Knives Out and combat your way to glory with coordinated teamwork. 【Live it up with your friends in speedy sports cars】 Feel the rush of the wind in your face as you and your squad reach the finish line in Knives Out's high-speed vehicles. 【Curate your bespoke look to stand out】 Browse through a plethora of fashion outfits to style the unique identity that suits you perfectly in Knives Out.
T3 Arena

T3 Arena: console-quality, easy-to-play hero shooter. Battle in teams or go solo with unique heroes and game modes. Join now and grow with the community.

T3 ArenaXD Entertainment Pte Ltd
INTENSE & STYLISH HERO SHOOTER ‣ Choose Your Style. Take on the enemies alone or with friends in T3 Arena. Get in Clubs and make new friends while devising strategies to triumph over your opponents on various maps and game modes. ‣ Cool Heroes with Unique Abilities. Explore the vast collection of heroes in T3 Arena, each with individual powers, and select the best one according to your play style. Be a short-range tanker or a sniper, the choice is yours. ‣ Varied Game Modes. Join the exciting T3 Arena battles, featuring an array of multiplayer modes that keeps getting updated in The Lab. Immerse yourself in team-based competitive shooting. ‣ Console-Quality Graphics. Experience a visual treat with breathtaking graphics and animations in T3 Arena. Feel the adrenaline rush with this ultimate shooter game in the comfort of your palms. TRY SOMETHING NEW Whether you’re a pro gamer from other MODA games or a lover of mobile FPS games, T3 Arena is the perfect choice for you. It's easy to pick up this free-to-play game and start playing. Mastering the game, however, takes skill, like any other competitive game. Join T3 Arena and be part of a thriving community. GAME MODES ‣ Team Deathmatch (3v3) Engage in a thrilling battle against an opponent team. Score 20 eliminations first to win! ‣ Crystal Assault (3v3) Attack or defend? Work out a team strategy to defend your crystal from shattering. ‣ Control (3v3) Cooperate with your team to take control of a point on the map, up to 100%, and ensure victory. ‣ Payload Race (3v3) Escort your team's payload to the destination while keeping the opponents away. The first team to reach the finish line wins! ‣ Free-For-All (Solo) Bring on the chaos! Six heroes compete for the ultimate win with 12 eliminations. ‣ Payload Escort (3v3) Both teams focus on escorting a payload to the same destination. If attackers protect and reach it in time, they win or else defenders do. ‣ Clash (3v3) Choose your hero wisely in this BO5 game mode, as there are no respawns during the match. GAME FEATURES ‣ Fast-Paced 3v3 Matches. Join the worldwide player base and never wait for a match again! ‣ Action-Packed Shooting Game. Keep the momentum going and stay on the move to win. ‣ Unique Heroes. Explore the vast range of heroes and choose that best fits your play style. ‣ Easy-to-Play. Start playing the game in no time and defeat enemies while playing with friends. ‣ Real-Time Communication. Collaborate with your team using voice chat to implement strategies effectively. OFFICIAL LINKS ‣ T3 Arena on YouTube ‣ Join the T3 Arena Discord Server ‣ T3 Arena on Facebook ‣ T3Arena on Twitter ‣ Play T3 Arena on Instagram Enter the T3 Arena and join the incredible multiplayer shooter game with a stylish interface on your mobile. Be a part of the thriving T3 Arena community and experience the ultimate shooting game today!
Arena Breakout

Arena Breakout is a tactical FPS extraction looter shooter with customizable guns, high stakes, realistic gunplay, and winner-takes-all battles.

Arena BreakoutLevel Infinite
Hey gamers, Are you geared up to undertake a new operation, recruit? Arena Breakout is a revolutionary Tactical FPS that grants an unparalleled immersive experience. In Its striking gameplay design, it features an unprecedented extraction looter-shooter experience that will take your war simulation limits to new heights on your mobile device. You can construct and tweak ultra-realistic weapons and even Nurse your team to the battlefield. Every fight is an all or nothing affair that demands you to put everything on the line. You can confront your opponents head-on, or rely on covert tactics, while alternatively, you also have the choice to bypass the bullets altogether and hold your ground. You are free to play the way you always wanted. Keep alive and escape from the battleground for a chance to amass a big win, but be prepared to push through challenges with all your might. [Game Features] **SHOOT AND LOOT** Shoot to kill, loot to survive. Acquire all the spoils and emerge victorious. **BREAKOUT FOR THE WIN** It’s not about being the last one to survive, Escape the combat region with your loot and walk away unscathed to win the game. **WIN, OR LOSE IT ALL** Risk everything to seize everything. Arena Breakout provides high stakes and with it, high reward. March forward and capture what's rightfully yours in this war simulation tailored for mobiles. **ULTIMATE GUNSMITH** Players can use a unique system called Gunsmith to customize their weapons with over 10 modification components and a pool of 700 weapon parts. **REALISTIC GUNPLAY** Arena Breakout brings to you Real-time dynamic rendering that creates life-like light and shadow imageries, Volumetric Cloud technologies to make the experience more profound, and using over 1,200 sound effects make the visuals and storyline more powerful to match console-level gaming. If you wish to share feedback or want additional information, feel free to visit: Facebook: YouTube: TikTok: Instagram: Twitter: Twitch: Discord:
Robot Warfare: Mech Battle

Assemble your own garage of robots with unique abilities and weapons, battle in dynamic 6v6 matches and use up to 10 robots per battle in this multiplayer shooter game.

Robot Warfare: Mech BattleAzur Interactive Games Limited
ROBOT WARFARE presents an epic multiplayer online shooter game developed by the experts in the genre. Engage in thrilling 6v6 battles against your foes using your own fleet of robots equipped with advanced weapons and distinctive abilities. With a diverse collection of 25+ original robots available, each with its unique abilities, players can indulge in the gameplay as they desire- jump from building to building, conceal behind shields, infiltrate enemy lines using full invisibility, or move from one cover to another. As you level up, you will have access to even more robots to increase your chances of victory. Moreover, this game features exclusive drone-helpers that fight alongside you. You can equip your dronewith your favorite weapon for even more devastation. You can bring up to 10 robots to battle or switch among them in real-time, thanks to the power of Pilots. These make things even more thrilling as you no longer have to select your favorite robot. Robot Warfare possesses a unique system for upgrading your weapons and robots to get the upper hand in battles. This game provides exceptional graphic quality, with detailed and beautifully designed robots and maps to enhance the visuals. Also, Robot Warfare has an enormous social network with a great community of players. You can chat with the developers and other players, get the latest news, and engage in exciting contests and giveaways on their Facebook page. Join us to experience revolutionized space battles! Facebook:
Sniper Elite

Sniper Elite Showdown offers deadly accuracy, strategic gameplay, realistic environments, customizable loadouts, and competitive multiplayer. Become the ultimate sniper assassin.

Sniper EliteSvenGames
Get ready for the ultimate sniper adventure where precision, strategy, and patience are your strongest weapons. Download Sniper Elite Showdown and begin your journey to becoming the ultimate sniper assassin. This game is perfect for players who crave a realistic shooting experience, but be warned, it is intended for mature audiences and may contain violent content. Sharpen your skills with deadly accuracy, taking down enemies with precision timing. Account for wind, distance, and bullet drop as you take the perfect shot. Employ strategic gameplay and use your surroundings to your advantage. Utilize stealth tactics, traps, and your tactical awareness to outsmart your adversaries. Experience the iconic X-ray kill cam, witnessing the incredible impact of your shots. Watch as your bullets penetrate your targets in astonishing detail for a visceral and immersive experience. Engage in global operations, traveling to different locations around the world, each with its own unique challenges and scenarios. Adapting to different settings and taking on diverse missions will put your skills to the ultimate test. Immerse yourself in stunning and realistic environments, complete with meticulously crafted urban, rural, and industrial settings. Dynamic weather and day-night cycles add to the realism and challenge, making every mission a unique experience. Choose from an array of authentic sniper rifles, secondary weapons, and gadgets with customizable loadouts that cater to your preferred playstyle, allowing you to optimize your efficiency in the field. Complete missions to earn rewards, unlock new weapons, and enhance your sniper's abilities. Level up to become an even deadlier marksman, and test your skills against other players in intense multiplayer modes. Engage in tactical sniper battles, team-based challenges, and prove your dominance on the global leaderboard. Overall, Sniper Elite Showdown offers an unparalleled sniper experience with top-of-the-line graphics and realistic gameplay. With dynamic environments, customizable loadouts, competitive multiplayer modes, and a progression system, it's the ultimate game for any sniper enthusiast.
World War: Fight For Freedom

Defend against waves of enemy attacks in World War 3 Defense with a wide range of weapons, including real-life ones, and battle planes, tanks, and soldiers.

World War: Fight For FreedomHorus Entertainment
World War 3 Defense is an exclusive FPS game that takes place during World War 3. The game revolves around defending against enemies that include tanks, airplanes, battleships, armed soldiers, and helicopters. Uniquely, the game consists of over 50 types of tanks, several combat planes, ships, drones, and other military vehicles. In this game, players will receive air support attacks from B58 bomber planes and ought to use a variety of weapons ranging from 50mm machine guns to heat-seeking missiles, javelins, and NLAW. The game features real-life weapons including M60 machine guns, 75mm AT, and Gattling guns, while the enemy arsenal includes the MB78 tank, Fuchs APC with a gun turret and missile launcher, Cobra attack helicopters, CH53 Shercoskys, F101 fighter jets, and C-130 Hercules transport planes. Players are tasked with defending against waves of enemies where they have to eliminate various foes including infantry, heavy tanks, and missile-equipped planes. The game starts easy with few enemies but gradually becomes challenging as the enemy waves become more numerous. World War 3 Defense offers more in-depth content and weaponry compared to its mobile version, and striking a balance between the number of weapons equipped and the number of enemies is important to achieve victory. It is also crucial for players to shoot down enemy soldiers dropped from planes. Although the game has some physical limitations, it remains an excellent action shooting game with improvements in missions, weapons, technical movements, and more. Are you a fan of action shooting games, sniping games, survival shooting games, tower defense games, battleship games, combat plane games, combat tank games, combat robot games, or war games? If yes, then World War 3 Defense should be your top choice. So, get ready to fight for freedom in this fantastic tower defense game.
Shadowgun Legends

Shadowgun Legends is a first-person shooter with thrilling story campaign, PvP battles, co-op missions, and endless customization options, featuring over 700 unique guns.

Shadowgun LegendsMADFINGER Games
Are you a fan of online shooters and looking for a new adventure? Do you want to exterminate nefarious extraterrestrials while enjoying a space ale and expanding your gaming horizons? Then Shadowgun Legends is the perfect choice for you! This award-winning action-packed first-person shooter features a sci-fi universe under attack. As a Shadowgun, you're one of the last lines of defense against the alien invasion. Play in the epic story campaign, the competitive PvP mode, or the co-op games. Prove your worth as the ultimate shooter and become a legend. The immersive online multiplayer gameplay allows you to team up with friends in intense co-op games, available for every mission, dungeon and arena. Join a guild or create your own and enjoy multiplayer shooting games together. Socialize in the Brno fallout town, where you can meet new friends in the bar and beyond. Get ready for the apex of your gaming adventures! The thrilling story campaign spans across three diverse planets and features hundreds of missions, each playable in co-op mode with tons of action, adventures, and loot. Fight to save humanity, shoot aliens, and unlock your full potential. Compete in PvP multiplayer battles and challenge your friends to modern combat in 1v1 duels. Or join a team in various tactical 4v4 multiplayer games. Progress through the competitive leaderboards and reach the apex of legends. This epic PvE looter shooter includes raids, arenas and the chance to shoot giant bosses for glory and legendary loot. Team up with friends and fight against the alien threat in War Games Arenas and Special Dungeons, available only on mobile devices. With over 700 unique, super futuristic guns to choose from, including pistols, assault rifles, sub-machine guns, heavy machine guns, shotguns, sniper rifles, and rocket launchers, you'll always be able to pick the right gun and unleash mayhem. The game also offers endless customization options, including over 1000 futuristic armor pieces, paint cans, and skins. Build your own unique-looking armor sets with horns or halos and have fun. Choose between touch control or an enhanced virtual joystick and enjoy our unique FPS controls system, approved by millions of players worldwide. Gamepad support is included, and easy controls with auto-fire shooting allow you to focus solely on your survival. Become a legend as you progress through the Fame System that rewards your every action. The more you play, the more famous you are, and the more the world reacts to your actions. Fulfill your destiny and become legendary. Shadowgun Legends pushes the frontiers of what is possible on mobile devices. With breathtaking graphics, it blurs the lines between console and mobile gaming. At MADFINGER Games, quality is our top priority, and we always challenge ourselves to push the limits of mobile FPS online games. With more than 200M players, we bring you the ultimate multiplayer free-to-play shooter. Join our community and stay up to date with all the latest news on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Get ready to become a Shadowgun Legend!
Battle Prime

Battle Prime is a tactical multiplayer shooter on mobile, with console-level graphics and unique war heroes. Join teams, grab rewards, and dominate opponents in PVP battles.

Battle PrimePress Fire Games Limited
Battle Prime is an action-packed multiplayer third-person shooter game that boasts console-level graphics, making gameplay on mobile devices a visual treat. Experience explosive warfare with powerful war heroes having unique abilities and fighting styles in this tactical, next-gen shooter game. The battleground awaits you! Strike first, annihilate enemies, show off your skills, and claim your rewards as the coolest Prime in legendary PVP games. With an array of heroes to choose from, players can opt for either FPS shooter mode or third-person gameplay and make use of a wide range of weapons to unleash destruction on their opponents. Being mindful that snipers can shoot from longer ranges, strategize and cooperate with your team to achieve victory. PICK YOUR CHARACTER The world of royale battles beckons! Choose one of the Prime Agents, each a unique fighting machine with respective abilities and playing styles. Enter the fray wielding a heavy-duty firearm to deliver massive firepower or opt for an agile character with lightning-fast reflexes to take out enemies in the blink of an eye. From the battlefield to attack and kill, engage in unforgettable PVP games! JOIN THE MILITARY BATTLE Put your skills to the test and compete in fast-paced team-based battles in multiplayer mode. Join forces with friends and stand shoulder to shoulder against your enemies. Take up the mantle of sniper or army commander and protect your team with cover fire as you make a counter-attack. Shift between Prime agents at respawns for greater tactical supremacy and maximize your chances of victory. In this tactical shooter, become a lion in the Savannah or a cod in the ocean, channeling your inner predator to emerge as a winner. GRAB REWARDS Become the coolest Prime Agent and win exclusive rewards by dominating PVP battles and achieving Battle Pass Missions in each season. Explore new shooting weapons and heroes, perfect your skills, and revel in the glory of victory as a cod in royale battles or a shark on the battlefield. ENJOY THE GRAPHICS With its cutting-edge mobile engine, Battle Prime boasts photo-realistic graphics of highly detailed war heroes, weapons, and maps, making you feel fully immersed in the modern army world. Develop your inner battle commander and join the ranks of legends on the war zone, your war face forward!
Standoff 2

Join 200 million players in Standoff 2, a realistic FPS game with detailed maps, skill-based gameplay, weapon models, and competitive modes.

Are you looking for a thrilling first-person shooter game that guarantees non-stop action and intense gameplay? Look no further! Standoff 2 is the game for you. Join a vast community of over 200 million players worldwide and experience the legacy of its predecessor. With high-quality graphics and seamless animation supported by 120fps, you'll feel like you're in the middle of a real-time team standoff on your smartphone. Travel around the world, from the picturesque provincial towns to the top-secret laboratories in the mountains, with Standoff 2. The game offers stunning and detailed maps that will leave you awestruck. What sets Standoff 2 apart from the rest is that it's a skill-based game. It's your prowess and competencies that matter here. Also, its intuitive and finely calibrated controls make it easy to play. Standoff 2 comes with over 20 weapon models so that you can choose your favorite model and start fighting. In competitive mode, play as a team with your friends and participate in matches that put your rank on the line. The key to winning is teamwork and technical mastery. You'll receive your first rank after calibration, and you need to win battles to increase it. Create your clan and enlist your friends to win fame and glory together in savage clan battles. Pick a skin for your favorite gun and add stickers and charms for a bold design. Don't miss out on this exciting game! Download Standoff 2 and join the community right away. Follow them on social media to stay up to date and receive tech support when you need it. Embrace the challenge and grab your favorite gun to join this epic standoff!
Devil War (Early Access)

In Devil War, lead a team to destroy the portal to hell and save humanity by defeating lords, developing pets, and upgrading weapons. Immersive gameplay, stunning visuals, and rich content.

Devil War (Early Access)707 INTERACTIVE: Fun Epic Casual Games
Welcome to Devil War, an engaging science fiction shooting game that will provide you with plenty of action. The story takes place in 2033 when humans activated the "Ring of Hera" and opened a portal to Hell, allowing countless devils to pour into Earth. By 2053, devils had taken over the planet, and your mission is to bring peace back to the world by leading a team and undertaking "Finality," a mission to destroy the portal. Are you ready to eliminate deadly sins and defeat the devil menace? With seven areas to complete, seven lords to defeat, and a range of dangerous obstacles, you must fight to resist the devil's attacks to obtain powerful equipment. The pet function is at your disposal – upgrade the imp and let it help you in battles. To increase your chances of winning, equip yourself with robust weapons, create an arsenal, and handle all battles with ease. The top equipment and advanced hero will make you unbeatable. With every mission you complete, plentiful rewards await. In this free-to-play science fiction shooter, you get to experience an engaging storyline, an immersive experience and valued gameplay. Simplified controls, automatic aiming, and shooting, fast battle rhythms, ingenious game level design, and optimum graphics will enhance your overall experience. The unique development system, which includes hero advancement, equipment collection and pet upgrade, plus a wide range of hero skins to choose from will keep you hooked. Enter the world of science fiction warfare, experience battles and immersive story-campaign modes. Kill the devils, complete the levels, stop the spread of evil and protect human existence. With Devil War, leading the charge to destroy the evil forces will become an epic experience for you. Join the Devil War community on Discord (, or visit us on Facebook ( and get ready for an epic battle!
Off Road: 4x4 Truck Games

Off Road is the ultimate mud truck driving game with stunning graphics, realistic physics, endless upgrades, and challenges. Test your driving skills now!

Off Road: 4x4 Truck GamesAzur Interactive Games Limited
Get hooked to the thrill of ultimate mud truck driving game and experience a realistic car racing simulator with Off Road. Brace yourself as you traverse through rough environments, testing your driving skills in the toughest challenges. With stunning, detailed graphics, an extensive collection of 4x4 trucks and realistic driving physics, Off Road offers a supreme off-road racing experience! With its realistic driving physics, various 4x4 trucks and different driving characteristics, Off Road provides a unique customization experience to tune each truck as per the players' preference. The game offers a simple and convenient in-game map, real cars and trucks sounds, and dozens of off-road racing challenges and time trials. Challenge the best 4x4 off-road games traditions and overcome various extreme obstacles on your journey. For fans of Snow Runner, 4x4 Mania, Offroad Outlaws, Mud Runner, and other off-the-road mudding games, Off Road provides an open road truck simulator and endless dirt racing experience. Become a real professional off-road mud truck driver by completing all the challenges and passing races. Are you ready to embark on a unique off-road adventure? Download the Off Road drive rally simulator and experience the road less traveled. Join our community on Instagram, Facebook, Telegram, and Discord for further updates and tips.
Force of Warships: Battleship

Take command of a real battleship and compete against players worldwide in this dynamic naval shooter. Upgrade your fleet to victory in tournaments and challenges.

Force of Warships: BattleshipXDEVS LTD
Experience the thrill of naval combat with Force of Warships – the ultimate dynamic battleship game! Battle against players from around the globe and become a real battleship captain in this action-packed shooter. Take control of both after-wartime and present-day ships of any class, and use an array of weapons - guns, torpedoes, artillery, and missiles - to secure the ultimate victory. Challenge yourself to lead an exciting 3D sea battle, play with friends online against enemies, and emerge victorious in epic ship battles against destroyers, cruisers, and battleship craft. Join forces with players worldwide in the online PvP action game to fight multiplayer navy games with real captains, and prove that your fleet is invincible. With a range of legendary and modern warships from around the globe, choose the warship craft that suits your gameplay style and offers tactical advantage as benefits and traps lie everywhere. Upgrade your ships and weapons to dominate naval battles, and take advantage of upgrade systems, perks, and awards to lead a unique fleet. Participate in weekly tournaments, daily quests, and challenges to earn amazing rewards, and immerse yourself in the fantastic graphics of modern warship games, overlooking sea arenas and epic naval battles. So, what are you waiting for? Join Force of Warships’ community of sea lovers, military tactics enthusiasts, and action shooters on Facebook and Discord. Are you ready to command your battleship to victory?
War Robots Multiplayer Battles

Play as a Mech commander in War Robots, an action-packed shooter game with over 50 robots and customizable weapons. Battle multiplayer and explore the lore.

War Robots Multiplayer BattlesUPWAKE.ME
Greetings, Commander! Looking for an exciting action-packed game that you can take with you on the go? Look no further than War Robots, the thrilling shooter that puts you in the pilot's seat of a colossal mech! With its exciting PvP battles, challenging tactical strategy, and world-class gameplay features, War Robots is the ultimate choice for gamers looking to prove themselves in high-stakes battles against players from all over the world. Choose from a roster of more than 50 unique and formidable robots, each with its own distinct style, design, and special powers. Whether you prefer massive ballistic missiles, powerful plasma cannons, or heavy-duty shotguns, there is a robot in War Robots that can suit your playstyle and help you achieve your goals. Customize your robot with the weapons, modules and gears you desire, and develop a deadly combat style that will help you outmatch your rivals in every match. You can even join up with other players to create a powerful clan and find trusty partners who will fight alongside you and become your friends in the game! If you prefer to go it alone, you can express yourself with special modes like the Arena or Free-for-All, where you can put your tactics and skills to the test against other players. With every update, the War Robot universe continues to grow and expand, and the dynamic and ever-evolving community of players is always happy to help you navigate its many intricacies. To stay up-to-date on all the latest game updates, patch notes, and development stories, visit the official War Robots website, and check out the news and discussions on Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit. But beware: your success on the battlefield depends on a stable internet connection, so be sure to play with care! So what are you waiting for, Commander? Get ready to jump into the action, outmaneuver your rivals, and prove yourself as the most brilliant, agile, and fearsome pilot in the War Robots universe!
Iron Force 2

Join forces in 5v5 PvP tank battles with real people from around the world, dominate opponents with your squad, build your arsenal and move up the league ladder.

Get ready for some all-out, action-packed, online multiplayer tank battles with real people from all over the world in this thrilling sequel to the popular game, Iron Force. As one of the millions of players who downloaded Iron Force, take control of a full fleet of tanks and participate in exciting, accessible, arcade-style tank battles on your mobile device. Join forces with friends and players worldwide to form squads and legions in 5v5 PvP battles. Choose your role based on your team's strategy and engage in real-time, winner-takes-all tank battles against opposing squads. Encounter rivals with similar rankings and skills to ensure balanced matchups, giving you more opportunities to conquer the battlefield. Work together with your squad to execute a winning strategy in online multiplayer battles. Complete objectives, fight your enemies, earn rewards, and advance up the league ladder to unlock bigger and better tanks. Start off with a troop of three tanks, each with its own unique strengths and attributes. Upgrade their performance to execute the perfect plan and dominate your competition. Fire up the fun and fast-paced action with intuitive arcade-style gameplay and pick-up-and-play controls that allow you to jump straight into the fight. Experience the thrill of real-time shooter combat as you control your team's fleet of powerful tanks and go head-to-head against opposing squads with weapons blaring on three immersive maps--Havana, Italy Town, and the Freight Yard. So, get ready to dominate the battlefield and ignite your passion for tank battles in this epic, worldwide, online multiplayer sensation.
Zombeast: Zombie Shooter

Fight off hordes of unique zombies with an arsenal of weapons in this story-driven, offline FPS survival game.

Zombeast: Zombie ShooterAKPublish pty ltd

★ Enjoy a thrilling offline survival first-person shooter game against bloodthirsty zombies! ★

Equip yourself with dozens of weapons and become an expert in annihilating the undead!


Zombeast is a groundbreaking shooter game that can be played offline and it has one objective: kill all the zombies! You are stranded in a city filled with insane zombies. It's up to you to become a proficient zombie hunter so that you can protect yourself from a horde of lifeless creatures! Engage in an engaging story mode that tests your survival skills in a world destroyed by a zombie apocalypse. Each day may be your final one, so you must use all of your abilities to stay alive and hunt down every zombie in a bloody and gruesome attack. Don't second guess yourself and remember: zombies don't forgive mistakes!


• Immerse yourself in intense gameplay featuring haunting visuals and sounds that depict a dystopian zombie apocalypse. • Campaign missions and mini-objectives will frequently challenge you to vanquish the zombies.


• Obtain a vast selection of zombie-slaying weapons and equipment that will help you dominate the hordes of zombies. • Use pistols, sniper rifles, miniguns, shotguns, assault rifles, explosives, and even baseball bats to obliterate the zombies!


• Study the zombies and understand their unique characteristics. Obese zombies, jumping zombies, sword-wielding zombies, toxic zombies-there is no type of zombie that we haven't included! • This first-person shooter game is simple to learn but difficult to master as a zombie hunter. In order to survive in this world, your primary objective is to kill them all. Take refuge behind vehicles and barricades located throughout each location and start shooting!


• An endless running mode will enable you to become a proficient zombie slayer by honing your skills on various types of zombies. • This offline zombie game is always updated with new missions, features, and content.


• Progress as a zombie hunter, or become a target. Enjoy this zombie survival game with a fast-paced, first-person shooter experience! • A zombie killer cannot show compassion. Continue surviving for as long as you can!


• Take on challenging levels with modifications: each zombie strength and speed gets boosted! • In this zombie shooter game, use enhanced firearms to destroy the insane zombies!


MaskGun is a free, real-time FPS PVP shooter game with 40+ weapon customizations, custom characters, and 1v1 mode. Choose from 3 different game modes and engage in tactical combat with friends.

Are you ready for the ultimate PVP FPS shooting game with more than 40 weapon variations, multiple amazing maps, and a brand-new 1v1 mode? Look no further than MaskGun, an immersive and free game that takes your mobile gaming experience to the next level. With a wide range of different characters available, including gangsters, snipers, secret agents, and mobile legends, you have complete control in this FPS gun game. Upgrade your characters, invite your friends, and enjoy easy controls and auto-shooting as you engage in a modern combat warfare setting. With new maps added regularly, it's your duty to protect and fight for your squad. Play tactical 5v5 shooting games like team deathmatch, Rumble, and Control point. You can even challenge your friends to an exclusive 1v1 match, complete with Voice Chat and the Spectator Feature. Team Deathmatch is perfect for those who want to compete with others as a squad. With different roles assigned, use your tactical skills and strategic planning to reach the kill target. In Rumble mode, engage in an exciting 5v5 and 1v1 modern combat experience with various weapons at your disposal. For Control Point, capture and control three objectives on the map to earn points. This unique PVP shooting game challenges your strategy and adaptation to new tactics. Get started quickly with auto-shooting and take your pick from over 40 modern combat guns, including sniper rifles, shotguns, machine guns, pistols, and assault rifles. Explore nine different maps, including Yard, Ryokan, Downtown, Airport, Courtyard, Mayan, Blizzard, Favela, and LightHouse. And with real-time friends, you can recruit friends and play with them when they are online in PVP mode. Complete missions and achievements to level up and unlock content. Customize your shooter character using a variety of equipment, masks, armor, and gear. Choose from a variety of guns, including sniper rifles, shotguns, pistols, and more. Pick a character to suit your personality, such as gangsters, mobile legends, or fun female agents. MaskGun is a free-to-play game with no energy system, so you can play as much as you want. With new content, modes, and maps added every month, ensure endless PVP action. Participate in clan events with players worldwide and see if your clan can dominate and compete with globally playing clans. For lovers of shooting games, MaskGun is the perfect game. Share your feedback with us at Remember, MaskGun ® is a registered trademark.
Critical Ops

Experience intense FPS action on mobile with Critical Ops - no pay-to-win, just skill and strategy in competitive game modes. Join the esports scene now.

Critical OpsCritical Force Ltd.
Critical Ops is a multiplayer FPS designed exclusively for mobile devices, offering stunning 3D graphics and fast-paced action that requires both quick reflexes and tactical skills to come out on top. Do you have what it takes to rise to the top? Featuring competitive combat through meticulously-crafted maps and challenging game modes, Critical Ops offers intense first-person shooter gameplay. Whether you're fighting alongside a group of allies or aiming for a high score on your own, the result depends entirely on your skills and strategy. Best of all, there are no in-app purchases that give an unfair advantage, so everyone gets an equal opportunity to win. Arm yourself with a wide variety of modern weapons such as pistols, submachine guns, shotguns, assault rifles, snipers, knives, and even grenades, and compete in intense PvP matches to perfect your aim and shooting skills. Face off against other players of similar skill levels in ranked matches to earn your spot among the elite. Make new friends and join clans to play together, or show off your skills by hosting private matches and tournaments with your own prizes. With the Critical Ops League, you can even watch the pros in action or assemble your own team to compete at the highest levels of esports. Choose from a variety of game modes to suit your play style, from Defuse where one team must plant and defend a bomb while the other tries to prevent or defuse it, to Team Deathmatch where two teams go head-to-head in a timed battle, to Elimination where the last man standing wins. Whether you prefer quick, matchmade games with similar-skilled players, competitive ranked matches, or custom games of your own design, there's something for everyone in Critical Ops. Regular updates ensure that the game is always evolving and improving, with better performance, themed events, new features, cosmetic customization options, and rewards to keep things fresh and exciting. Which side will you choose in the standoff between Coalition and The Breach? Join the Critical Ops community today and find out! Connect with fellow fans on Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit, watch gameplay videos on YouTube, voice chat on Discord, or visit the official website for news and updates. Privacy Policy and Terms of Service are available for review on the website. Don't wait—download Critical Ops and become a legend today!
Modern Combat 5: eSports

Modern Combat is a mobile FPS with intense shooting action, customizable classes, and a thrilling campaign, featuring all game modes and regular new events.

Modern Combat 5: eSportsGameloft
Immerse yourself in the dynamic shooter game that took the world by storm with its stunning visuals, an outstanding collection of firearms, and a captivating multiplayer experience. Modern Combat is a cutting-edge mobile FPS that lets you select from over 10 diverse classes, delivering instant warfare action when you go online. Dive into a thrilling campaign that puts you in the role of a one-man army on a mission to save the world. Armed with your lethal weapons, you will encounter one dire circumstance after another as you navigate your way through the storyline. Experience every game mode imaginable with regular new events that are constantly updated. Play different modes like Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, Push the Payload, Free for all, Battle Royale, and thrilling single-player campaigns. You can even partake in Ranked PvP pub stomps if you have the skillset to do so. Engage in intense shooting action that will put your abilities to the test, showing everyone that you are the top shooting expert. Compete with other players and climb the individual as well as team leaderboards. Watch seasoned professionals in action as they carry out their assaults on the opposing army in an FPS showdown. With the help of Global and Squad chats (including voice notes), you can coordinate your troops, plan your tactics, and become a master of the battlefield. Take up the challenge of the mobile shooter campaign that will take you from one part of the globe to another swiftly. Experience fast-paced story missions where you will come across unique first-person shooter challenges. With top-quality graphics, music, and voice acting, you will feel like you're in the midst of a real warzone. Personalize and level up over 10 different classes that include Assault, Heavy, Recon, Sniper, Support, Bounty Hunter mode, Sapper mode, Kommander type, Marauder mode, Morph, or Tracker level to enhance your shooting skills to the max. Elevate your game by earning experience points by competing in pubs and completing campaign missions. Develop your tactical approach, and acquire higher-tier guns and expendable items to reign over your opponents. Keep in mind that in the battlefield, mercy has no place. Train hard, fight hard. Answer death's call with the ferocity of war. Whether you want to dominate pubs or have some fun with friends, get into the action right away. Note that Modern Combat 5 requires an active internet connection. Check out their social media pages and official website to stay updated on the latest features, exciting events, and more. Join the battle today on Discord:

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