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Potato Thriller: Steamed Potato Edition

Hunt down Potato Man, the most notorious serial killer, in this insane horror/thriller/action game, filled with deadly enemies and unexpected situations.

Potato Thriller: Steamed Potato EditionSamer Khatib Snowconesolid Pro
Potato Man is infamous for his practice of deep frying his victims, making him the most well-known serial killer around. A tip-off about Potato Man's location leads Quindalin and Dexter, two impressive bounty hunters, to embark on a mission to apprehend him and put an end to his reign of terror. However, attempting to catch this dangerous felon could prove to be the greatest blunder our heroes ever make... In "Potato Thriller," you'll experience an absurd horror/thriller/action game with an unpredictable plot and ever-changing gameplay tactics. You'll take on the role of Quindalin, the most skilled bounty hunter available. Traverse the twisted, dark universe of Potato Man and strive to survive hazardous surroundings, confront lethal adversaries, meet eccentric individuals, and encounter numerous unforeseen circumstances. But that's not all; "Potato Thriller" is jam-packed with countless jaw-dropping revelations that will leave you completely stunned.
Boris and the Dark Survival

Guide Boris through the abandoned cartoon studio, outrun the Ink Demon, uncover secrets and discover new characters and abilities.

Boris and the Dark SurvivalJoey Drew Studios
Experience the ultimate fear with the complete edition of Bendy and the Ink Machine, featuring all three major content updates: “Symphony of Shadows”, “The Unleashed”, and “The Wolf Trials”. The “Symphony of Shadows” update introduces the eerie melodies of the dark-filled studio, waiting to be explored. Unravel new mysteries in the form of additional missions, songs, characters, and secrets, while enjoying new dance steps for Boris, who is braver than before! But beware, the monstrous Ink Demon lurks around every corner, preying on those who let their guard down. Discover even more by playing as the insane composer, Sammy Lawrence, an unlockable character exclusive to this update. Become Boris the Wolf, the friend and companion of Bendy, and explore the abandoned cartoon studio in search of the necessary supplies to keep going. But be careful, as the Ink Demon is always one step behind, ready to pounce on you at any moment. Scavenge for resources constantly and keep yourself on the move, watching your stamina levels and regularly stopping to eat to avoid being caught. Unveil new secrets that lie hidden in the studio’s shadows and pieces of the backstory of Joey Drew Studios, if you dare. Venture into “The Wolf Trials” and discover a new suspenseful storyline filled with darker levels, locations, and enemies that lurk around every corner. Experience new discoveries and surprises, and uncover the deep and horrific secrets of Joey Drew Studios. “The Unleashed” offers even more terrifying enemies roaming around new areas that you must explore as you play as a new character. Discover new secrets and elements in the game that will keep you biting your nails in fear. The “Symphony of Shadows” update adds more locations, playable characters, tunes, unlockables, and abilities for players to enjoy. Discover even more secrets and lore to the twisted storyline that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Take on the challenge and explore the studio at your own risk. The fate of Boris the Wolf is in your hands. Will you be able to outrun the darkness that storms through the studio, or will you fall prey to the Ink Demon? Brave the horror and immerse yourself in the gripping gameplay of Bendy and the Ink Machine complete edition.
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Alien: Isolation

Play as Amanda Ripley in her quest to uncover the truth behind her mother's disappearance on Sevastopol space station, while evading an unknown menace and a deadly alien.

Alien: IsolationFeral Interactive
Ellen Ripley made a promise to her daughter to be back before her 11th birthday, but fate played otherwise. After fifteen years, Amanda Ripley finds out that the flight recorder from her mother's ship was found at Sevastopol space station, and she decides to unravel the mystery of her mother's vanishing. However, there is an unknown threat, and Amanda must use her instincts and valour to survive and find the truth. Alien: Isolation is a game that delivers a horrifying survival experience with its exquisite visuals, compelling storyline, and intense atmosphere. It's an exceptional survival horror game made available on mobile. The mobile game has a revamped interface with full customisation options that let you run, hide, and survive in the space station. You will need to use all of your skills and grit to survive in Sevastopol station as you explore it and scavenge for resources to piece together weapons and deterrents. The Alien is after you, and you need to make calculated moves to avoid it in the shadows and ventilation ducts. The game has been inspired by Ridley Scott's sci-fi horror masterpiece, Alien, and delivers a similar vibe through art direction and production. Alien: Isolation - The Complete Collection includes all seven DLCs, including 'Last Survivor,' which features Ellen Ripley's final mission aboard the Nostromo. Alien: Isolation requires Android 10 or later and a minimum storage space of 11GB. Recommended to have a minimum of 22GB free space for installation. The game is officially supported by several devices, including ASUS ROG Phone II, Google Pixel 3 / 3XL / 6 / 6a / 6 Pro, Motorola Moto G100, OnePlus 6T / 7 / 8 / 8T / 9 / 10 Pro 5G, Samsung Galaxy S10 / S10+ / S10e / S20 / S21 5G / S22 / S22+ / S22 Ultra, and many others listed below. Lastly, Alien: Isolation is developed by Feral Interactive and © 2021 20th Century Studios. SEGA owns the game software, excluding 20th Century Studios elements, and Creative Assembly Limited originally developed it. The Creative Assembly logo, SEGA logo, and Android are trademarks of The Creative Assembly Limited, SEGA Corporation, and Google LLC, respectively. Feral Interactive Ltd owns Feral and the Feral logo, while all other logos, trademarks, and copyrights belong to their respective owners. All rights reserved.
Metel: Horror Escape

Escape from a maniac as a victim in puzzle game Metel. Atmospheric 3D gameplay with English voice acting. Early access with three of four characters.

Metel: Horror EscapeLinked Squad
Metel is a puzzle game infused with horror elements that will have you take on the role of a maniac's victim. In this game, you must escape captivity while also discovering the riveting backstory of each character. While navigating your way out, it is imperative to keep a low profile, as you do not want to alert the maniac of your escape plan. Embrace the immersive 3D gameplay from a first-person perspective that accompanies the game's well-designed puzzles, which will undoubtedly pique your interest. The game's engrossing visual design creates the perfect atmosphere fit for a horror game, preparing you for an exceptional gaming experience. One of the game's outstanding features is its unique gameplay, which deviates from the norm, providing dynamic and thought-provoking gameplay. Additionally, the game's voice acting is presented in English, contributing to the game's immersive experience. Note that Metel is currently in its early access stage, so only three out of four characters will be available in the game.
Endless Nightmare

Investigate, listen, hide, and attack to escape the horror house, find clues, solve puzzles, and uncover the truth to survive.

Endless Nightmare707 INTERACTIVE: Fun Epic Casual Games
Get ready to test your courage and immerse yourself in a thrilling adventure where screams are inevitable. In "Endless Nightmare 1: Home", you'll play as James, a police officer who lost his wife and daughter in a brutal murder at home. As you commence your quest for the truth, you'll soon realize that this house holds many secrets that have yet to be revealed, and that your journey will take you through an endless nightmare filled with mystery and danger. The gameplay is centered around investigating each room to uncover clues, solving puzzles and brain teasers, and venturing into unknown territories. Pay attention to your surroundings and listen carefully to the sounds of the environment, as danger may be lurking in the shadows. You may even encounter a horrifying mad woman who likes to make noises, but don't worry, you can escape and outlast her by hiding under tables or in closets. Use clever strategies like breaking vases or cups to distract her and explore other rooms. Find various items to help you collect clues and uncover the murderer's identity. Piece together the truth and survive the horror house. And if hiding isn't your thing, collect taser gun parts and become a killer yourself! Don't forget to use your furry friend, the dog, to assist you in finding clues and protecting you. And if all else fails, there's always the free rewards! This first-person adventure game creates an immersive experience with stunning 3D designs, realistic graphics, and scary sound effects. The creepy atmosphere, combined with challenging puzzles and horrific sounds, ensures you'll have a spine-chilling experience - make sure to wear your headphones for the scariest effect. Endless Nightmare 1: Home has multiple difficulty modes, making sure everyone can find the right amount of scary for their courage levels. The mini world you'll enter is full of mysteries, adventures, and horrors, waiting for you to solve and survive. Are you ready to challenge your fears and navigate through this creepy house to discover the truth? Play Endless Nightmare 1: Home, and let the adventure begin!
Radiation Island

Craft, survive, and unravel the secrets of a parallel world full of dangers in Radiation Island. Hunt, mine, and scavenge in a vast open-world environment.

Radiation IslandAtypical Games
Embark on an epic survival adventure with Radiation Island, where you reign supreme and shape your own destiny in a vast open-world environment. As a survivor of the Philadelphia Experiment, you find yourself stranded in an alternate reality - a world full of mysteries and surprises waiting to be unravelled. Explore the vast expanse of this new world, filled with breathtaking beauty and stunning landscapes. Journey through enormous forests, inhabited by dangerous predators such as wolves, bears and mountain lions. Discover abandoned villages and military compounds, complete with hostile zombies ready to protect valuable items, weaponry and secrets of this world. You can even swim and dive, providing you can steer clear of the ferocious crocodiles. To survive in this harsh environment, you must hunt for wild animals, fish for food or gather fruits to overcome hunger. Delve into the earth and mine for resources, to create weaponry, tools, and vehicles to help aid your journey. Discover hidden treasures, equipment and firearms to protect yourself from the perils of radiation, anomalies, harsh weather, and raging zombies. Experience the full day and night cycle and face the dangers of darkness and cold. Will you be able to face challenging obstacles and solve intricate survival puzzles to return to reality? The path you take is yours to determine, Radiance Island is waiting for you!
Layers of Fear: Solitude

Layers of Fear: Solitude is a VR game where you play as a disturbed painter in a Victorian Mansion dealing with horrifying visions and reality shifts.

Layers of Fear: SolitudeAspyr Media, Inc.
Step into the mind of a tormented painter in Layers of Fear: Solitude, a terrifyingly immersive VR experience now available on Daydream. Prepare to be spooked as you navigate the first person perspective of a painter, tormented by his own psyche and confronting horrifying visions that threaten to derail his magnum opus. As the player, breathe in the atmosphere of an eerie Victorian Mansion where each room is a fully immersive VR experience that unravels the tortured secrets of the painter's past. The painter's mental state is constantly deteriorating, leading to dynamic changes in the environment around you. Be prepared for an unnerving experience at every turn. Travel back in time and explore a world that's been painstakingly recreated from the 19th century. The game's creators have gone to great lengths to ensure a hyper-realistic Victorian setting that's beautifully detailed and draws inspiration from masterpiece paintings, as well as architecture and décor from the same era. Layers of Fear: Solitude blends original and classic art, culminating in a feast for the senses that transports you into the game's dark world. The game's story-focused exploration gives you a chance to uncover the painter's tragic past by immersing you in the environment. The game's features make for an unsettling and unforgettable experience that's bound to stay with you long after you've played it. If you're looking for a twisted psychological horror experience that blurs the lines between reality and the imaginary, Layers of Fear: Solitude is the perfect VR game for you.

Survive the horror in an abandoned house in Delusion, a short game similar to Granny. Don't expect a masterpiece.

DelusionHaunt Studios
As you travel to your new job at night, you come across an old deserted residence deep in the forest when your car runs out of fuel. As you approach the entrance, you are struck from behind by an unknown entity. When you come to, you discover that you are not alone in this eerie house. Delusion is a terrifying game that draws inspiration from the popular horror game Granny. It is designed to offer a survival experience filled with horror elements. Although the game is just 5-15 minutes long, it promises to keep you on the edge of your seat throughout. Please note that this is our first attempt at developing a mobile game and is still under development; therefore, it may not be a masterpiece. If you are a fan of horror survival games, Delusion is the perfect game for you! Get ready to face your deepest fears and fight for survival in a haunted house filled with terrifying surprises at every turn.

Survive Granny's hide and seek in an evil abandoned village. Uncover its mysteries, fight monsters, and defeat the witch. Terrifyingly voiced dialogues included.

KuzbassWetBox Squad
Experience heart-pumping terror with this captivating horror game that is sure to leave you sleeping with one eye open! Prepare for a petrifying game of hide and seek with a demented granny, where survival is the only reward and the secret of the village is waiting to be uncovered. Join Slavik and his family as they journey to a sinister location - an abandoned village - to mourn the passing of his grandmother. The already eerie setting soon reveals itself to be something far more unsettling, with few inhabitants and those that do remain sending shivers down your spine with their appearances alone. Will you succeed in unraveling the unsolved mysteries of this place and vanquishing the evil that lurks within? Or, will you choose to gain phenomenal powers at the cost of your loved ones? The decision is entirely yours! Engage with actors performing all the dialogues within the game and solve baffling puzzles while navigating through spine-chilling and creepy locales of an abandoned city. Feel the adrenaline rush as you sense danger lurking around the corner. Delve deep and explore a wicked abode in the village, lend an ear to the spine-tingling stories of the locals, take shelter from frightening monsters and devise your escape plan! Obtain the strength required to battle the witch and reveal her ominous secret.

Escape the dusty house by solving puzzles and avoiding the Puppetmaker in this 3D horror game. Stay silent to survive.

Step into a chilling world of suspense with this 3D first-person horror game. Your objective is to escape from an old, dingy house where you are trapped with a reclusive, enigmatic Puppetmaker. But be warned, stealth is key! To make it out of the house alive, you must solve puzzles with your logic, all while avoiding the Puppetmaker's watchful eye. Any sound or movement you make could be your undoing, so make sure to stay vigilant at all times. Do you have what it takes to make it out of the house before the Puppetmaker catches you? Find out in this spine-tingling game.
Scary Child

Face the dangerous Scary Child, a ghostly killer who takes on the form of a child's doll. Collect items, find keys, and defeat him one room at a time.

Scary ChildZ & K Games
Welcome to the Haunted House! Are you brave enough to face the terrorizing child? Once, there was a notorious killer who operated at night, stealthily crept into homes, and preyed on his victims. He was pure wickedness, with a heart full of malice. After every kill, he took a keepsake as a remembrance of his victims. However, he met his end when he was run over by a car, and his keepsake - a child's doll - was left behind at the scene. Little did anyone know, the ruthless killer had infused his soul into the toy, thus reborn. In this game, the scary child will appear in two forms: as a doll and as a ghost, which makes confronting him even more challenging. The killer doll can bite, kick, scratch, and inflict harm - just like his human form. The goal is to free the child from the ghost by conquering each room, which undoes the magic that haunts the entire house. As you progress through the different levels, you can collect various items to be stored in your inventory, and you can use them to progress further. Beware, though - if the Scary Child bites you, you're as good as dead. You can always relive the level through the restart feature. The game gets more exciting as you search for keys to unlock the doors to the different rooms of the haunted house, completing each mission step by step. Be mindful not to make too much noise - the Scary Child is perceptive and can hear you. Your ultimate mission is to conquer this evil spirit, but it's no easy feat. Are you ready for the challenge that awaits you in this 2018 horror game? Get ready for the following features: challenging missions, a genuinely horrifying environment, hints to help you achieve your goals in each level, collectibles to gather for use in completing your mission, keys to unlock doors to specific rooms, and creepy sounds that will send shivers down your spine. Good luck!
Endless Nightmare: Weird Hospital

Discover the creepy truth in Endless Nightmare's horror hospital with weapons, upgradeable skills, and hiding tactics to survive.

Endless Nightmare: Weird Hospital707 INTERACTIVE: Fun Epic Casual Games
Get ready for the ultimate horror experience with the newly released game, Endless Nightmare. Set in a spine-chilling hospital, the game follows the story of Jake, who wakes up in the creepy hospital investigating the missing people of Oak Town. As he makes his way through the hospital, danger lurks around every corner. With numerous evil eyes watching his every move, Jake is on a quest to uncover the haunting secrets of the creepy hospital. Armed with weapons, the game becomes a contest between good and evil. Featuring a variety of gameplay, Endless Nightmare offers players the chance to explore, investigate, hide, strategize and attack their way through the game. The first-person perspective allows players to carefully search each room for clues and items while solving free puzzles to uncover the hospital’s secrets. As the game progresses and the dangers increase, players can hide in cabinets and outsmart the ghosts. When faced with powerful bosses, players can use their tactical skills to defeat them. With weapons like knives and guns, players can pacify the horror in the game. As weapons are upgraded, they become even more powerful. Players can also learn new skills to increase their chances of survival. Exquisite 3D graphics bring the game's horror to life, while the creepy sound effects and music add to the eerie atmosphere. Endless Nightmare is a popular and epic ghost game with complex plots and cases. With everything from game puzzles, ghost encounters, talents, weapons, battles, and material resources, players will face multiple challenges as they encounter different kinds of ghosts. Each ghost has its own identity, and the player must find it to advance through the game’s plot. This exquisite horror game promises a one-of-a-kind adventure and reasoning experience. With the well-designed free puzzles, complex plots, and exquisite art style, Endless Nightmare offers a complete view of the game world. The game can be played offline, and progress can be saved for a proper thrill experience. Step into the dark and eerie world that is Endless Nightmare: Hospital and discover the story before experiencing Jack's chilling nights. Use your wit and tactical skills to infer the case using all the clues and items at your disposal. Uncover the secrets of the hospital and find a way out, the nightmare starts now. Share your opinions with us on our Facebook page!
Krusty Krab Nightmare

A Night in the Office, a horror game where you must complete missions and escape the monster hunting you at night. Will you make it out alive?

Krusty Krab NightmareOneTonGames
A Night in the Office is an eerie gaming experience that challenges you to complete multiple tasks to exit the office. Playing as a manager of a restaurant, you must work through the night to finalize paperwork, secure all finances, and ensure the office is locked down before leaving. But, suddenly, at 3:00 am, you begin to hear abnormal sounds coming from outside your office, signaling that something is terribly wrong. Keeping your cool is critical to your survival as the evil Nightmare relentlessly pursues you! Don't let it catch you! Your only chance is to sprint for dear life and escape this dangerous situation. This game is the perfect choice for fans of "five nights" concept games. We promise that you will be on the edge of your seat with fear! Brace yourself and good luck!
Forgotten Memories

Psychological survival horror game, Forgotten Memories follows Rose Hawkins as she searches for a missing child. Classic horror mechanics mixed with deep storytelling and smooth gameplay.

Forgotten MemoriesPsychose Interactive Inc.
Get ready to face your fears and dive into the haunting world of Forgotten Memories. This game has been highly acclaimed and was even a finalist in the CVA videogames awards, with nominations for Best Audio, Best Original Music, Best Indie Game and Best iOS Game. According to AppSpy, this is "the most thrilling horror game of 2015". The game's developers have created a truly unsettling experience with a chilling atmosphere and expertly crafted scares. 148Apps has described this game as "an atmospheric tale of horror" and PocketGamerUK said it's a "well put-together tribute to survival horror games of yesteryear". In Forgotten Memories, you'll take on the role of Rose Hawkins, a fearless woman on a mission to find the missing child, Eden. But things take a terrifying turn when Rose finds herself trapped in a world frozen in time, and must overcome her deepest fears to uncover the truth behind her investigation. This game is a true spiritual successor to the great horror games of the 90s, offering a classic survival-horror experience with deep exploration, reflection, puzzles, action and survival, and a gameplay focused on fear mechanics. Forgotten Memories offers a gaming experience like no other, with a deep psychological story, stunningly rendered environments and smooth gameplay action that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Enjoy classic survival horror mechanics, immersive storytelling and a climatic psychological horror experience. Stunning visual effects and smooth touch and gamepad controls make this game a joy to play. And the best part? There are no in-app purchases to worry about - you'll be completely on your own in this bone-chilling adventure.

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