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Dere Vengeance

Dive into a fourth-wall-breaking pixelated horror adventure, face nightmarish challenges, and embrace the surreal meta-horror story of DERE Vengeance.

Dere VengeanceAppSir Games
Indulge your fears in an innovative platformer that shatters the fourth wall, blurring the line between reality and fantasy. UNIQUE GRIM PIXEL UNIVERSE Let the eerie soundscape and meticulously crafted pixelated art immerse you in ghastly situations, inexplicable glitches, psychological horror, and warm memories of antique scrolling games. AMICAL COHORTS Benefit from the mentorship of A.I.D.E. and the benevolent and morally upright "Dev," who will accompany and support players every stride of the way. The fellow travelers will also add a strange allure to the surreal adventure of participating in this exclusive game. Endure peculiar characters, frightening monsters, and disturbing anomalies during your odyssey. STRENUOUS YET EQUITABLE Experience intense fear as you maneuver through horrendous but just platforming challenges with exactitude and agitation. The hardcore tough gameplay is redolent of vintage games that are difficult to put down, stimulating your mind for the type of scares that make most of the horror genre highly effective. PLOT THAT SMASHES THE FOURTH WALL Dive into an electrifying meta-horror that transgresses the limits of the empirical digital horror classification, integrating terror and anxiety into a genuinely surreal experience. In DERE Vengeance, the player is an active participant in the plotline. SPOOKY EXPEDITION Embrace the perfect amalgam of terror and excitement in this plot-rich platformer that guarantees authentic terror and delightful gameplay. You can begin DERE Vengeance without playing our other games, a course of action not recommended, as this spine-chilling adventure has its own unique and captivating episode. Untangle the engrossing tale of DERE Vengeance, the gripping new chapter in the critically acclaimed fright series DERE EXE and DERE EVIL EXE!
Dere Evil.Exe

Jump, run, and manipulate Knightly in DERE EVIL EXE's heart-racing world. Blending pre-noughties nostalgia with meta-horror, it's a 2D side-scrolling game worth playing.

Dere Evil.ExeAppSir Games
Do you dare to play DERE EVIL EXE, an exceptional creation that combines thrilling mystery and a unique, retro platformer experience? In this game, you embody a silent protagonist by the name of Knightly. Utilize your jumping and running skills while exploring surreal landscapes, all of which were designed in pixel art style. This world is teeming with terrifying creatures called Corruptions that embody their creator's greatest fears. The cunning and creepy creator hides behind an innocuous façade of cheerfulness as they set dangerous traps for you to fall into. Survival won't be easy, and only the bravest of players will emerge unscathed. DERE EVIL EXE is truly worth the challenge, as Touch Arcade awarded it a perfect 5 out of 5 stars. Pocket Gamer praised this game for impeccably blending the nostalgia of pre-noughties games with meta-horror. Edamame Reviews stated that DERE EVIL EXE is yet another great offering from AppSir, with a score of 95 out of 100. Get lost in a game that's a throwback to the 80s and 90s arcade classics with DERE EVIL EXE. The game features side-scrolling levels with the simplicity and aesthetics of retro games. The game contains catchy chiptune music or ominous orchestral music, depending on the situation. Immerse yourself in a terrifying story that bends creepypasta horror in ways never seen in a video game before. The standalone sequel is playable without having played the other story-based games and visual novels in the series. Experience the game to the fullest by taking advantage of an optional in-app purchase to disable ads permanently. It's highly recommended for a truly immersive experience in a creepy and engaging game like DERE EVIL EXE.
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Journey through a fallen kingdom, defeating enemy warriors with a sword in a retro pixel art RPG. Upgrade, discover hidden chests, use poisons, and experience different weather conditions.

In this indie game, step into the shoes of a medieval fighter who embarks on a quest armed with only a sword, to traverse through the ruins of a kingdom that has long since crumbled. Experience the majesty of this once-grand kingdom in all its pixelated, retro art glory, with different weather conditions ranging from sunny, snowy to rainy that are sure to dazzle you. With each level becoming progressively harder, you need to not only wield your sword with skilled precision, but also need to defeat enemy warriors to gain XP points. These points will help you level up in terms of skills and unlock magic abilities that can help you during the game. Scattered throughout the levels are chests filled with hidden gems that you can sell to earn silver coins. Alternatively, slaying warriors, wolves, monsters and giants will also give you valuable gems to help you throughout the game. Sometimes, you may need to utilize these gems, as well as various poisons to kill harder warriors, granting you temporary abilities. These abilities include slowing down time, as well as invisibility and many others. The best part? This game does not require an internet connection, so you can play it offline. Also, this game offers controller and gamepad support for better gameplay experience, without any ads disrupting your journey. Begin your journey as the "Castellan" medieval warrior to explore the fallen kingdom with all its challenges and beauties within this retro pixel art world.
Super Chicken Jumper

Save the world as a chicken. Run, jump, and fight evil forces in 6 worlds with cute anime girls to help.

Super Chicken JumperSewer Cat
The fate of the world is at stake as it faces the threat of destruction by evil forces from the past. In order to save humanity, you have been entrusted by the president to combat this imminent danger as Chicken- the only individual capable of doing so. Your mission is to run, jump, dodge, and attack your way through the obstacles and foes to fight off this evil hell. The game showcases a cast of charming anime girls with their unique personalities that will aid you in your journey. Be mindful of the mushrooms power-ups as some may lead to perilous consequences. Be prepared for a challenging yet fun gameplay as you explore six different worlds, each with its own set of obstacles and enemies standing in your way. Obtain weapons and items to help you become the greatest Chicken, and prove your worth by undertaking more than 20 different challenges and earning the title of "CHICKEN OF THE DECADE". With an endless mode featuring six different stages, get ready to showcase your skills and take on the deadliest threats that are lurking in the shadows. All while being under the watchful gaze of a delightful, yet fearful president. Do not be a coward; step up to the challenge and save the world!
Dungeon Munchies

Hunt, cook, and eat monsters for abilities in side-scrolling action RPG, Dungeon Munchies. Pair dishes with handcrafted weapons.

Dungeon MunchiesmaJAJa
Embark on a thrilling adventure in Dungeon Munchies, a side-scrolling action RPG that challenges you to hunt down monsters, cook them, and then eat them to gain new abilities. Your ultimate goal is to escape the massive underground complex where you've been mysteriously revived, and to do so, you'll need the help of an undead chef named Simmer. But be warned, danger lurks around every corner in this bizarre facility. As you progress through the game, you'll have a chance to experiment with different combinations of dishes, which will impact your gameplay style. With a limited stomach that can only hold seven dishes at a time, you'll need to choose wisely. Maybe you'll go for guava juice to recover health, grilled shrimp to increase damage output, or crab stir-fry for a watery shield. The choice is yours. But cooking isn't the only skill you'll need in Dungeon Munchies. You'll also have to craft a variety of deadly weapons using animal and plant parts, which you can then pair with your favorite dishes for even more power. From swords to bows to axes, the possibilities are endless. As you explore the dungeon, you'll encounter a cast of eccentric characters who want you to do their bidding. From the AAA license-holding Necro-Chef Simmer to the diabolical voodoo "Lord of the Forest," everyone seems a little unhinged. And in a place like this, something just doesn't feel right... Dungeon Munchies is available in multiple languages, including English, Spanish, German, Korean, Japanese, Traditional Chinese, and Simplified Chinese. Are you ready to fight your way out of this underground labyrinth and uncover the dark secrets within?
Kitty Death Room

Navigate traps and enemies as a daring kitten in Towers of Everland. Solve puzzles, face bosses, and uncover secrets.

Kitty Death RoomRaiyumi
In this thrilling game, a fearless feline ventures into a perilous tower fraught with perilous snares and foes. Get acquainted with the tired denizens of the tower and aspire to ascend to the summit of this gut-wrenching odyssey. Confront intimidating bosses that will ignite your fury! Do you possess the cunning to unravel the puzzles and unravel its enigmas? Highlights: - A mind-boggling 54 levels brimming with a plethora of sub-levels. - Three boss arenas that will test your skills. - An abundance of secrets to uncover and explore. - A phenomenal soundtrack to thrill your senses. - Numerous covert techniques to resolve riddles and accelerate progress.
Castlevania: Grimoire of Souls

Castlevania: Grimoire of Souls - side-scrolling mobile game with iconic characters, action-packed combat, new multiplayer mode, classic sound, and visuals.

Castlevania: Grimoire of SoulsKONAMI
Explore the dark and mysterious world of Castlevania with an exclusive mobile game, "Castlevania: Grimoire of Souls". Experience a thrilling and action-packed game with impressive side-scrolling gameplay, a wide range of attacks, weapons, and unique character moves at your disposal. Use your hacking, slashing, whipping and blasting skills to demolish Dracula's army. Choose to play as Alucard, or unlock other legendary characters like Simon Belmont, Charlotte, Shanoa, and Maria, each with their distinctive combat styles that you can master to take down formidable enemies and bosses. Join the all-new Bounty Hunt multiplayer mode where you compete against other players from across the world. Race against time to defeat as many enemies as you can and dominate the leaderboard. The game's classic visuals and soundscapes are designed by renowned artists from the long-running history of Castlevania, including Ayami Kojima with character designs and music by Michiru Yamane. Get ready to experience a new original story that encompasses the entire Castlevania universe. This free-to-play game offers optional in-game purchases. Make sure you have internet access and compatible devices required to embark on this thrilling adventure. Get your controllers ready for an immersive gaming experience unlike any other!
Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

Mobile port of classic action RPG Castlevania. Play as Alucard and battle through Dracula's castle. New continue feature, achievements and controller support. Available in 6 languages.

Castlevania: Symphony of the NightKONAMI
Castlevania, an iconic game from the renowned series is finally available to play on mobile devices. This game is a direct copy of the classic action RPG which has been adored by millions. You will play as Alucard, jumping, dashing and slashing your way through Dracula's castle. You will come across an array of enemies and characters who are unique in their own way. You will rediscover the world of Castlevania with one of its original groundbreaking games. The music and graphics are spectacular, which adds to the excitement and thrill. Castlevania is a unique game that offers the following features: Game Controllers: The game is fully compatible with game controllers, which makes the experience of playing the game even more enjoyable. Continue Feature: The game offers a new continue feature, which enables the players to pick up where they left off. Achievements: Unlock achievements through hard-fought battle milestones. Languages: The game is available in six different languages, which includes English, Japanese, German, French, Italian, and Spanish. Certain notes to keep in mind before playing the game: Pixel 4: Turn off the "Smooth Display" option.
Take Flight 2

Take to the skies in this addictive 1930's cartoon style mobile game. Battle new foes, collect skins, and challenge friends in duels.

Take Flight 2Waffle Games, LLC
Prepare to soar through the clouds in this cartoon-inspired mobile game set in the 1930s, now with even more excitement and adventure in Take Flight 2! As a continuation of the popular Take Flight!, this sequel features exciting new mechanics, including joystick controls, challenging boss battles, an array of fresh aviators and aircrafts, social capabilities, and other enhancements that take gaming to new heights. With the game's popularity reaching sky high, here are some of its most noteworthy features: * EXPERIENCE BEAUTIFUL CARTOON GRAPHICS FROM THE 1930s * * GET LOST IN THE ADDICTIVE ENDLESS GAMEPLAY LOOP * * TEST YOUR SKILLS ON COMPETITIVE LEADERBOARDS AGAINST FRIENDS AND PLAYERS WORLDWIDE * * GO HEAD TO HEAD WITH A PAL IN A ONE-ON-ONE DUEL * * COLLECT AN ABUNDANCE OF SKINS TO SHOWCASE YOUR STYLE *

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