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NETFLIX Moonlighter

Daytime shopkeeper, nighttime adventurer. Manage your shop and explore dungeons, slay monsters, and uncover secrets that will unlock as you play.

NETFLIX MoonlighterNetflix, Inc.

This action-packed RPG is exclusively available on Netflix for members to immerse themselves in a world of adventure where they'll manage a shop by day and explore dungeons by night. Step into the shoes of the hero, Will, a brave shopkeeper who yearns to become a hero. During the day, you'll become the boss by carefully setting item prices, recruiting assistants, and managing gold reserves, among other tasks. Keep a keen eye out for thieves looking to steal your valuable offerings. Build meaningful relationships with fellow villagers as you work to restore prosperity to the small town of Rynoka. Witness new businesses blossom before your eyes as you assist the community in establishing fresh endeavours. Enchant your armor and weapons to level up your abilities and craft new equipment by interacting with villagers. The highlight of the game is the dungeon crawling portion, where players can test their combat skills and search for rare treasures to sell in their shop. The more you explore, the more mysteries and secrets you can uncover. This adventure-RPG offers players the best of both worlds, allowing them to experience the thrill of exploring dungeons and the satisfaction of owning a prosperous shop. Get ready to embark on an epic journey where you'll find yourself drawn to the fascinating world of the hero, Will, as you manage your shop by day and explore Rynoka's dungeons by night.

Towaga: Among Shadows

Mastery of light against enraged creatures in an enchanted world of spells and mysterious past - Towaga: Among Shadows.

Towaga: Among ShadowsNoodlecake

Towaga: Among Shadows presents a thrilling challenge as you face various hostile creatures eager to attack and tear you down. To fend off these dangerous foes, you must hone your light-mastery skills, whether battling on foot in dense jungles or soaring high above temple peaks.

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Build charming towns with endless possibilities, from cathedrals to canal networks, using an easy and relaxing gameplay with no goal in mind.

TownscaperRaw Fury

Unleash your imagination and construct delightful island settlements with winding pathways. Develop cozy villages, magnificent cathedrals, intricate canal systems, or elevated metropolises. Step by step. Without a specific aim. Without a defined gameplay. Just pure creativity and elegance. That's all. Experience the innovative Townscaper, a passion project that resembles more of a playful tool than a traditional game. Explore a swatch of colors, place multi-colored building blocks on a non-linear grid, and behold how Townscaper's advanced algorithm transforms them into charming, picturesque abodes, arches, steps, bridges, and flourishing gardens, adjusting to their shape.

Speed Dating for Ghosts

Find companionship and closure in the afterlife by deep conversations with smoldering poltergeists and a ghost dog. Speed Dating for Ghosts, the best indie game of 2018.

Speed Dating for GhostsCopychaser Games Inc.

Rue Morgue Magazine hailed it as the Best Indie Game in 2018, while the game received an Honorable Mention for Excellence in Narrative at the Independent Games Festival in 2019. Are you interested in having in-depth conversations with a smoldering poltergeist who creates mayhem in the world of rich men? Or do you prefer a ghost dog that seeks out its owner? Alternatively, robbing a bank could be your thing; ghosts like all sorts of things. Speed Dating for Ghosts is a unique game that is part horror, part comedy, and quite frankly, part heartbreaking. It is about finding companionship and closure in the afterlife. More than a dozen ghosts, from a variety of backgrounds, genders, and time periods, can be met. A minimalist art style complements the range of conversations that these lost souls bring to the table. You will learn about each ghost's life and death, and then assist them in finding peace if they like you enough and are willing to open up to you first. Some of your dates may turn sour based on what you say and how you say it. Not everyone gets along, even in the afterlife. Gary, Hattie, Kyo, and many others can now be dated on iOS for the first time, whether you are on the bus, couch, or library. Take your device with you wherever you go!

Hyper Light Drifter: Special Edition

Explore a vast, ruined world and battle vicious enemies in Hyper Light Drifter: Special Edition, with updated mechanics, stunning visuals, and an evocative soundtrack.

Hyper Light Drifter: Special EditionAbylight S.L.

Experience the award-winning action RPG from Heart Machine that has finally arrived on iOS in its most polished and refined version yet, the Special Edition. Winner of the Audience Award and Excellence in Visual Art awards from the prestigious Independent Games Festival, Hyper Light Drifter has also received over 14 nominations for Best Visual Design, Best Audio, and Best Original Game categories. With a 9/10 rating from Destructoid and a 9.5/10 from Game Informer, Hyper Light Drifter is a hallmark of excellence with flawless gameplay mechanics, fascinating art, and captivating combat. Eurogamer also recommends it for its punishingly precise gameplay and stunning visuals which provide a grand and relaxing gaming experience. Polygon describes Hyper Light Drifter as a mix of contemplative moments and breakneck action, while Darkstation praises the game for its flawless execution, fascinating world to explore, tight controls, beautiful music, and faith in the player. The game is set in a beautiful, vast, and ruined world riddled with dangers and lost technologies, where echoes of a dark and violent past resonate throughout a savage land steeped in treasure and blood. Drifters of this world are the collectors of forgotten knowledge, lost technologies, and broken histories. You play as a Drifter haunted by an insatiable illness, traveling further into the lands of Buried Time in hopes of discovering a way to quiet the vicious disease. With its modernized mechanics and designs on a much grander scale, Hyper Light Drifter offers an action-adventure RPG experience in the vein of the best 16-bit classics. Discover a dark and detailed world with branching paths, hazards that could easily crush your frail body, and numerous vicious enemies. Upgrade your weapons, learn new skills, discover equipment, and explore secrets abound. This game is easy to pick up, but difficult to master. The game also supports 120 fps gameplay on iPad Pro and 60 fps on iPhone and iPad, making for a smooth and immersive gaming experience. It is compatible with MFi controllers, has Game Center achievements, and features haptic vibration. Moreover, everything from each character to subtle background elements is lovingly hand-animated, and the evocative soundtrack composed by Disasterpeace adds to the immersive experience. With all the content from the original game and more weapons, enemies, and areas from the Special Edition, Hyper Light Drifter is an amazing game that promises an unforgettable gaming experience.


Discover the mystery in this award-winning interactive story-driven adventure. Multiple endings, stunning visuals, and fun puzzles.

BestLuckJae H Yoo

Game Of The Day" has taken the gaming market by storm, with a presence in Korea, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Australia. This narrative adventure has also managed to win numerous recognitions, such as the prestigious Golden Joystick Award TERMINUS 2017 in the USA, where it also won Best Overall Game & Best Game Design TERMINUS. The game has also been featured at INDIECADE 2017, E3 MIX 2017, Game Happens 17 in Italy, and Nordic Game Discovery in Denmark. It was a finalist at PlayDate in the USA, ReVersed in Austria, and PixelPop. It was selected as the best game for Cinekid Digital Culture in the Netherlands and featured on the official selection of BIC in South Korea. It was also nominated for the GOUDEN LEEUW CINEKID MEDIA AWARDS in the Netherlands. The "New Games We Love" App Store featured the game in 31 countries, and the game received an 8.5/10 rating from KickMyGeek, which said it was "a narrative adventure without any text, but that tells a story by intentions, feelings, sensations, emotions, with puzzles that will make you open the doors of this game with a lot of pleasure, intensity, and happiness." The fully interactive story-driven adventure experience promises a unique gaming encounter with intriguing interactions. The game has been designed to tell a mysterious and heartfelt story, which encourages players to immerse themselves in the game's multiple endings. The game offers puzzles that will entice you to explore the game's many surprises. The main character has a mysterious girl that appears in his dreams each night. She points him in different directions, leaving him to question what he is searching for and how this girl is connected to him. This game is enhanced by Emmy-nominated composer music and sound effects, which animate the game's beautiful scenes and art featured by a former Walt Disney artist. The illustrations make this game an artistic masterpiece that showcases stunning cinematical scenes. For those interested in contacting the developer of this game, visit their Twitter @Fkkcloud, or email This game is truly a masterpiece in the gaming world!

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