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MaxMaxfrom Skich app

Spy on tenants in oppressive, dystopian society. Make morally challenging decisions that shape story with multiple endings. Available on mobile.

BeholderCreative Mobile
Step into a dystopian future where the government is a totalitarian State with complete control over its citizen's lives. The laws are stringent, citizens are under constant surveillance and privacy is non-existent. You are the manager of an apartment building, entrusted with the task of ensuring that tenants have a comfortable living space. However, that's only a facade, your real mission is to spy on your tenants for the State. In Beholder, players must strike a balance between moral responsibility and serving the State. You need to bug your tenant's apartments while they're away and observe their conversations to uncover any threats to the State's authority. You are required to notify your superiors of any tenants who violate laws or plot against the State. This game is all about making choices, and every decision you make has a profound impact on the story's direction. Should you report a father for his subversive activities and orphan his children? Or should you use the information to blackmail him and improve your family's financial situation? Not only must you make difficult decisions, but in Beholder, people aren't just objects. Each character you encounter is well-developed, with a unique past and present. Beholder is a game of multiple endings, and each choice you make determines your outcome. The Blissful Sleep additional story is also available for players to purchase, which introduces new characters with compelling backstories to uncover. Beholder features 3D Touch, allowing players to interact with characters using force touch. Additionally, players can sync their game across their devices using Cloud technology. Join the Beholder community on social media and meet other fans of the game. Please review the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use before you start playing.
Poly Bridge 2

More levels, mechanics, custom physics engine, soundtrack with new 13 tracks and added Spring material for bouncy fun and competitive play in Poly Bridge 2.

Poly Bridge 2Dry Cactus Limited
Are you ready for a new challenge? Get ready to experience additional complexities, new mechanisms, and a bespoke physics engine with Poly Bridge 2. Delight in hours of mind-twisting entertainment and rediscover your imaginative engineering abilities! Acoustic enthusiasts, get ready to be blown away by Adrian Talens' new full-length soundtrack that comes with Poly Bridge 2. Sit back and enjoy the soothing melodies of the critically acclaimed soundtrack that comes with 18 of the original Poly Bridge songs remastered and 13 completely new tracks that are bound to leave you spellbound. The all-new Spring material is here to add a bit of cushion and bounce to your bridge constructions, leaving your bridges more flexible and more enjoyable to play with. We have raised the bar this time by designing a custom and fine-tuned physics engine exclusively for bridge simulations. It provides an accurate and predictable simulation outcome for everyone, keeping the competition alive and the experience as immersive as possible for all players. Are you ready to take the challenge?
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Pocket City

Build, respond and manage disasters or crimes in your unique city. Unlock buildings and terrains through gameplay. Pocket City is a classic city building game with no microtransactions.

Pocket CityCodebrew Games
As a mayor in Pocket City, your goal is to design your very own city and be its creator. You can build zones for commercial, residential, and industrial purposes and also construct parks and recreation spots. You must be prepared to deal with the problems of crimes and disasters that plague your city! You can observe and witness your creation coming to life with all the hustle and bustle. What sets Pocket City apart is that there are no microtransactions, and you do not need to wait forever for a reward. All rewards are obtained through gameplay. Pocket City is a modernized city-building simulation game for Android devices that offers fresh gameplay and new features. You can create distinctive areas of your town by establishing specific zones and iconic buildings, just like in the old-school games. You can also cause thrilling activities such as block parties or devastating incidents like tornadoes to happen with just a tap of your finger. Complete quests to gain XP and money, which can unlock more advanced structures by levelling up. As you level up, you'll also unlock new territories with different terrain sets. You can unleash your creativity and imagination as you design and develop your unique city in Pocket City. It would help if you managed your cash flow, optimize traffic, and add joy to the lives of your citizens—your progress and achievements are monitored in real-time. With its advanced graphics, Pocket City has an array of animated buildings, vehicles, animals, and people that offer a dynamic city-building experience. You have the option to upload your progress to the cloud and resume your gameplay on any device, or simply share with a friend. You can enjoy Pocket City in both portrait and landscape modes, with its user-friendly and touch-based city-building system. You can even play the game offline if you're on the go or don't have access to an internet connection. Best of all, with no microtransactions, the game is fair and enjoyable for everyone.

Build and manage cities, connect transportation networks, tackle emergencies, and erect world wonders in city-building game TheoTown. Unlock contents and expand with user-made plugins.

TheoTown is an exhilarating urban planning game that lets you construct and oversee a whole array of cities simultaneously. Assume the role of a city planner and flex your management skills to build a bustling metropolis 🏢. As mayor, it's your responsibility to erect awe-inspiring skyscrapers 🏙️, establish efficient transport systems, and negotiate emergency events, like fires and natural disasters. In addition to renowned landmarks like the Eiffel Tower, Statue of Liberty🗽, and Big Ben, you can customize your cities with user-made plugins! 🔌 Begin building your urban empire by zoning areas for construction 🚧, laying down roads, and supplying water and energy 💧⚡ to residences and businesses alike. Enjoy realistic traffic simulations with speed control ⏳ and solve traffic woes 🚗 to get your city flowing smoothly. Expand your influence through the construction of rail, subway, and tram networks 🚈🚋. Through careful planning, you'll grow your cities and unlock new attractions 🔓, lure businesses and satisfy citizen demands to increase your tax revenue 💰. Keep your inhabitants safe by building fire departments🚒 and police stations 🚔 to extinguish fires and prevent crimes. Expand your city like New York, Tokyo, or San Francisco 🗼, and add famous skyscrapers like the Petronas Towers🏗️. Construct diverse power sources, from solar panels to fusion power plants ⚡, and improve the living standards of your people by building parks and schools. You can even manage operational emergency vehicles to extinguish fires, solve crimes and prevent outbreaks 💧🔥. Checking out different entertainment venues or constructing your own leisure park with multiple rides and attractions 🎪 has never been easier! Connect your cities to other regions with airports and manage airplanes✈, build harbors and ships🚢, and construct numerous soccer stadiums⚽🏟️. Whether you want to experiment without funding 🛠, share screenshots 🖼, or generate hundreds of customized plugins 💠, TheoTown has got you covered. Play TheoTown offline with no pay-to-win incentives 🤝, and take your place as the mayor of the most exceptional cities ever created! ❤️
A Planet of Mine

Explore, develop, and encounter factions in A Planet of Mine, a mobile strategy game featuring innovative world generation and diverse species.

A Planet of MineTuesday Quest
Looking for an interesting exploration game that helps you develop your own civilization? Then play A Planet of Mine, an immersive strategy game that is now optimized for mobile devices. The game introduces innovative world generation technology, offering players a truly unique adventure every time they play. With multiple species to choose from, each with varying advantages and options for completing tasks, players can explore new biomes and planets and even encounter artificial intelligence-controlled factions. Will you choose to trade or go to war with them and try to control the entire system? The options are limitless. A Planet of Mine is adaptable, providing core features without ads, so you can enjoy the game without financial limitations. Additional opportunities, species, challenges, and game modes can be picked up through special game packs that can be purchased. The game is also available on PC to access whenever and wherever you want. Do you have any questions, bugs or tips to share? Join the A Planet of Mine Discord community to begin connecting with other gamers and fans of the game. Check out our TOU to understand what applies when playing the game:
Pocket Build

Pocket Build - A sandbox building open-world game with hundreds of items, beautiful 3D graphics, ultimate sandbox mode, and endless possibilities. Build your own world, be creative, and craft your land.

Pocket BuildMOONBEAR
Explore your imagination with Pocket Build – the ultimate sandbox building game that lets you create your own fantasy world. Build anything you like without any limitations or restrictions, from a farm or epic fantasy city to a beautiful castle. Your imagination will be the only limit. With hundreds of items at your disposal, such as castles, trees, fences, animals, farms, bridges, houses, towers, and rocks, you can build anything you fancy in this game. The open world feature ensures that you are not restricted to any particular space. Besides, you can build, rotate, and place items anywhere in the world. The game’s beautiful 3D graphics make building more fun and realistic. In every update, new exciting items are added, adding more possibilities to what you can create. You can also control the camera view and rotate and zoom to your liking. Further features include 3D touch support and haptic feedback for an excellent gaming experience. The game has Sandbox mode and Ultimate Sandbox modes that guarantee you unlimited resources, which means you do not need to gather resources and can build anything instantly. Pocket Build has the game’s First-person mode and Survival mode, and lets you mine & collect resources, and build & craft your world from scratch piece by piece, unlocking endless possibilities. Minecraft fans are sure to appreciate the game. If you fancy free building, Pocket Build has a unique Free Building feature that allows you to place and rotate items freely without any restrictions. Besides, you can build anywhere in the open world and create your adventure. Pocket Build is perfect for anyone looking to get creative, spark their imagination, and not be limited by anything. Whether you are a creative person or want to be more creative, Pocket Build offers the perfect opportunity to explore your creativity. So, become a Pocket Builder today and unleash your imagination!
The Escapists 2: Pocket Breakout

Experience the ultimate prison escape challenge in The Escapists 2: Pocket Breakout. Customise, strategize, and team up with friends for a hilarious sandbox adventure.

The Escapists 2: Pocket BreakoutTeam 17 Digital Limited
Get ready for an exciting update in U.S.S. Anomaly as it breaks into Pocket Breakout, the latest prison experience! The Escapists 2 is a captivating and amusing sandbox strategy game that sets a challenging task of escaping from prison. Create your custom inmate with a plethora of customization options. You can either go solo or team up with up to 3 friends to design the ultimate escape with local multiplayer. Don’t wait; download The Escapists 2: Pocket Breakout now! It would be a felony not to! The game comes with several unique features such as: A prison simulator game that is addictive and immersive! Explore 13 selected prisons that are packed with indie sandbox madness. You’ll need a variety of items to help you escape, so buy, bargain, and battle your way through the prison in search of crafting components to create dozens of combinations! To plan your escape successfully, make sure you attend roll call, work your job, and remain inconspicuous throughout your stay in prison. Life in prison is regimented, so robust time management is vital. Use your time wisely! Acquire knowledge from the library and increase your physical fitness by working out at the gym to break out with brains and brawns. The updated combat system allows you to chain and block attacks in your effort to break out epically. Be clever! Traverse through prison life, make friends, deceive guards, and bribe them outright! The game puts a lot of emphasis on being crafty.

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