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Life bubble: My Mini Planet

Create your own world and become a planet crafter in Life Bubble. Shoot imposters, collect resources, and explore all planets. Protect your mini world in terradome.

Life bubble: My Mini PlanetHoma
Hello adventurer, are you ready for an out-of-this-world experience and the ultimate chance to build your own universe? Look no further than Life Bubble! This incredible game provides a unique combination of universe exploration and terraforming in an exciting and immersive package. Players will have the opportunity to create their own planet, mine precious minerals, and even fight against the imposters that threaten to destroy everything they have built. Life Bubble allows you to take control and become a pro planet crafter. You can craft your own destiny by discovering, collecting, and using valuable resources to expand your world. Protect your world and rescue stranded astronauts along the way. Using your trusty space rocket, you can navigate through your little big planet and other nearby celestial bodies. Keep your planet finder on to locate unexplored territories, and expand your universe to include new worlds full of untold riches. In Life Bubble, you can create your universe dream dale that is filled with rich minerals and maintain your terradome mini-world. Fight the imposters that seek to destroy your universe and become a universe tycoon. Are you ready to explore, mine, and fight your way through the universe? Download Life Bubble today and become the master of your own universe!
Among Water: Meditation Idle

Explore the animal ocean as a cat fisherman and solve the mystery of the post-apocalyptic world. Upgrade your boat and fishing skills and discover new lighthouses.

Among Water: Meditation IdleTapteek
Immerse yourself in a thrilling sea adventure as a cat fisherman in this captivating game. Delve into the depths of the animal ocean and unearth rare treasures while discovering its hidden secrets. Elevate your boating and fishing expertise to make your journey more pleasant. Explore a magnificent world adorned with awe-inspiring lighthouses in this captivating pocket mobile game that cat lovers will undoubtedly enjoy. Transform into an animal tycoon by upgrading your boat with new modules to catch valuable fish and resources. Hone your skills and create unique objects to maximize your profits in this fast and straightforward game. Upgrade your fishing game with advanced tools and techniques, transforming from a humble kitten to a skilled fisherman sailing on a mega-yacht, exploring uncharted waters. Unravel the post-apocalyptic world's mystery and learn about the reason for living underwater by reading messages and letters encountered inside water bottles. Discover the story of an incredible flood that devastated the planet, and gain a deeper understanding of the game's world and story. ------ FEATURES -------- Indulge in an incredibly exciting game and catch fish with the cat fisherman by tapping one button on the screen. The game is perfect for kids, adults, and anyone who loves cats and mobile pocket games. Explore a fascinating post-apocalyptic world with the help of the cat fisherman, finding new stations and lighthouses that reveal the area's history. Carry various goods and become a courier, unlock new lighthouses stations, and boost your earnings. Enhance your fishing and boating skills to gather rare fish and resources, and watch your profits grow. Gain a loyal friend in the form of a slug who can assist you in achieving your goals. The game's dynamic Day-Night Cycle, captivating plot, and engaging events keep you hooked on your adventure. Relax with the soothing ASMR sounds and pleasant BGM while immersing yourself in the game's world. Enjoy an immersive meditation experience with calming music and ambiance. Take advantage of special monthly deals, seasonal updates, and limited-time offers to acquire new kittens and gifts. Whether you're an idler or a clicker, Among Water is a calming animal fishing simulator that allows you to explore the game's oceans and become a fishing legend. Sail on unimaginable ships and catch the game's jackpot with the cat fisherman.
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Fatty Fight

In Fatty Fight, master matching skills in PvP battles with heroes, decks, and arenas. Compete worldwide, unleash attacks, and climb the Trophy Road for victory!

Fatty FightNo Six Five
Delve into the enthralling world of Fatty Fight and take part in an exciting PvP adventure that will test your skills. Engage in strategic matching and fierce battles, where your actions determine whether you come out on top or not. By matching blocks, charging up heroes, and leading your team to victory, you will face off against some of the most formidable opponents in the game. Notable Features Mastery of Matching Get ready to experience exhilarating match-3 gameplay, where the objective is to strategically match blocks. Create clusters to charge up your heroes and unleash powerful attacks on enemies. Remember, clusters count, and larger ones guarantee better attacks. Dynamic PvP Battles Enter epic and dynamic battles, where a team of four heroes faces off against a group of four enemies. Plan your moves carefully, harness the unique traits and abilities of each hero, and outsmart your opponents to achieve victory. It's an incredible battle of wits and skill! Hero Classes Select heroes from four distinct classes with each having their skills and abilities. Whether you prefer the brawn force of the Warrior, the ranged precision of the Ranger, the sturdy defense of the Paladin, or the mutable magic of the Warlock, there is a Hero to suit your play style. Tactical Deck Building Construct your Battle Deck with one character from each hero class. Choose from an array of offensive, defensive, and balanced abilities to create a deck that best suits your playstyle. Carefully consider your selection, as it will impact your tactical advantage in every game. Thrilling Arenas Step into unique and visually stunning arenas and battle it out with your opponents. Each arena expands your knowledge of the Fatty Fight world. Explore the world from the humble village of Plainwood to the grandiose Cake Throne. Intense Multiplayer Action Engage players from around the world in turn-based PvP Battles. Ascend through the ranks, prove your skills and climb up the Trophy Road. Experience an immersive and strategic gaming experience that caters to players with all skill levels. Unleash powerful attacks, resurrect fallen heroes, heal your team, and devise tactical strategies to dominate the arena battlefield. Forge your path to victory and let your battle prowess shine in Fatty Fight!
Idle Arena RPG Clicker Battles

Recruit and evolve heroes, strategically battle, and collect loot in Idle Arena, the futuristic idle game with multiple gameplay modes and periodic events.

Idle Arena RPG Clicker BattlesArctic Wolf Studios
Enter a thrilling futuristic idle game where you can earn and collect rewards even while you're away from your device! With the option of choosing from a wide range of languages to play in, including English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Korean or Russian, and more to come in the future, anyone can enjoy this game. In this game, you're able to recruit your heroes from a wide selection of commoners to immortals, all gathered at an intergalactic bar. Train them up and watch them evolve into fierce warriors who'll have no trouble achieving their full potential. Join the Idle Arena battleground and choose your troops carefully, unleashing powerful skills to domineer over your opponents. Earn over 100 items and pieces of equipment to gain an advantage in the fight. Objectively, multiple gameplay modes awaits you from campaign modes, tower trials to world bosses, and much more! Can your heroes defeat the hordes of powerful enemies that stand in their way? Craft mighty weapons and armours to unlock more powerful equipment by ascending your gears and take on more challenges to reveal great rewards. You can even join forces with friends and aspire to lead the strongest guild in Idle Arena by fighting in alliance wars. Moreover, there are exclusive periodic events such as The Wild Chase and Treasure Hunts that players can participate in to unlock unique rewards. With more features coming in the future, players can expect to have regular excitement in the game. Idle Arena is an exciting idle game set in a futuristic world with 5 different factions, each with their own unique strengths and weaknesses. Recruit your heroes to progress in the game and fight against your foes. Gain rewards by completing quests and winning battles, and better yet, the loot chest continues to accumulate resources even when you're AFK. Discover various gameplay modes to unlock more rewards and face new challenges. Idle Arena is free to download and play, but keep in mind some game items can be purchased for real money. If you'd prefer not to use this feature, don't worry: password protection for purchases can be set up in the settings of your Google Play Store app. As per the game's terms of service and privacy policy, you must be at least 13 years of age to play or download Idle Arena. Ready to play? Get ready to join the battle, but don't forget to connect to a network!
Epic Ape Madness

Monkey Mafia PvP Adventure RPG - Explore Apetown, build your shelter & gang, and fight for survival in an anarchy where only one ape comes out on top.

Epic Ape MadnessBrickworks Games
Step into the monkey city of Epic Apes: MMO Survival RPG, a multiplayer world devoid of humans, and test your survival skills. In this survival game, Apetown is a treacherous place, rife with danger and challenges. You'll need to team up with like-minded Apes, engage in PVP, and emerge as the last one standing in the madcap world of Epic Apes. Do you have what it takes to brave the dangers and reap the rewards of this epic adventure? Monkey Simulator • Assume the role of a sophisticated monkey. • In this expansive open world, your species is the epitome of evolutionary prowess. • Stand out in the crowd by customizing your appearance in this frenzied multiplayer monkey city. • Being an epic street hero is great, but not at the cost of complacency! Build your shelter • Build and stock your house with a range of practical items and decor to make your shelter more inviting. • As you develop your character, unlock new blueprints to aid in your endeavors. • Discover invaluable resources and fabricate some impressive firearms and gear. Survive by any means necessary! Adventures • Explore Apepire, a city of depravity and insanity, with the streets riddled with avaricious monkey mafia members. Enjoy all the perks of monkey life! • Acquaint yourself with the locals of Apepire, the harsh world, and the monkeys' customs. • Discover all the Easter eggs and secret hidden in this expansive open world of Epic Apes: MMO Survival RPG. • Roam across the map to participate in multiplayer adventures that cater to a variety of tastes. • Take on the cruelest street gangs in an all-out brawl. • Establish your supremacy in the monkey city and become the quintessential epic figure! PvP Arena • Jump into the Arena of Champions in search of some captivating PvP action! • Engage in fierce battles with other monkeys, with only one survivor emerging victorious. • Accumulate points and exchange them for incredible rewards such as guns, grenades and other game-changing items. • Assemble a group of your closest's friends and create an unbeatable gang to flaunt your weapons collection in PVP. Remember to carry grenades and guns! PVP and PVE Survival • Playing Epic Apes: MMO Survival RPG with your friends is straightforward. Create a clan of monkeys and experience the sense of belonging of a real-street Mafia. • Select a name for your monkey city gang and devise a strategy via chat. • Explore PVE sites and engage in multiplayer mode to level up. Beware of ruthless enemies and bosses who won't go down easily! NOTE: An Internet connection is needed to play. Follow us on social media: Instagram: The world of Epic Apes: MMO Survival RPG is eagerly waiting for anyone interested in a thrilling PVP experience. Can you survive in this monkey simulator?
Idle Survivors: Last Stand

A deadly plague ravages Earth, but it's actually an alien invasion! Collect powerful heroes, unite with players, and kick alien invaders out of Earth!

Idle Survivors: Last StandMAX GAME PTE.LTD.
📍Congratulations! You have a chance to receive a free 1200-draw box after downloading this game! Are you ready to embark on a thrilling adventure? In this game, the world is experiencing a fatal pandemic and your task is to prevent the virus from spreading as a commander. However, your investigation uncovers that the outbreak is an act of alien invasion! This is where you step in with your powerful heroes, unite with other players, and take back the Earth in an ultimate battle. >RELAXING RPG GAMEPLAY FOR ALL AGES This is the perfect game for busy individuals on the go! You can collect rewards anytime, anywhere without spending too much time and effort. >UNIQUE & AWESOME VEHICLES Experience an array of fancy vehicles that appear as your allies to assist you in defeating the alien invaders! You can unlock and customize the vehicles with unique skins. Moreover, equip the vehicles with powerful skills to take down the epic alien boss! >EASY UPGADE Build an immortal team with heroes from 5 different factions by summoning them. Enjoy a zero-cost reset and resonance level-sharing to have a smooth and free cultivation experience. >VARIETY OF GAME MODES Dive into different mini-games such as Sniper, 1V1 Gunshot, Memory Game, and more. Explore hero team strategies with various PVE modes including Endless Trials, Rogue-like Expedition, Heroes Story, and many more! >WORLDWIDE COMPETITION ARENA Compete in thrilling PVP battles against global players with your strategic hero deployment in 1V1 and 3V3 Star Arena. Climb to the top of the leaderboard and represent your honor in Cross-Server Arena. >BUILD YOUR GUILD Join a guild and fight against the alien bosses with your guildmates! Occupy all bases and dominate the Guild War together by sending strategic and organized troops! 🌟Get the latest news and meet other players by following our social media channels! Facebook: Discord: Email: Privacy Policy:
Mafioso: Mafia PvP online

Create and lead your own criminal clan in turn-based PvP battles against players worldwide, featuring 30+ unique characters in a colorful mafia city. Play Mafioso now!

Mafioso: Mafia PvP onlineHeroCraft Ltd.
For the past decade, the Mafia has seized control of nearly all criminal cities across the world. Create your very own criminal syndicate, recruit top-notch mafiosos, and show everyone who truly reigns as the gangster in the Mafia City! Mafioso is a game of turn-based strategy that lets players engage in online battles against one another. Play as the head honcho of your own crime family! Select from the mightiest fighters to engage in PvP battles online. Remember to maintain a balance between offense and defense, and also consider your team's secondary and support skills, since these could hold the key to your success in team-based games. Join your own squad and unravel new strategies to emerge victorious. Here are some highlights of this mafia game: - Engage in online turn-based PvP team battles with players worldwide - Establish yourself as the Godfather of your criminal clique - Over 30 charismatic characters, each with unique abilities - Exciting designs and impressive locations - Enjoyable in-game chatter and sound effects - Vibrant Mafia City Mafioso: Expand your clan with new members! Embark on a global clan war in Mafia City! Form an alliance with players worldwide, unlock all characters, improve their abilities, and put together a formidable criminal enterprise that can win the global mafia war. You are the top dog of the gangsters. Play turn-based strategy games like Mafioso now! _____________________________________ Are you searching for new turn-based strategy games? Follow us on Twitter: @Herocraft_rus Watch us on YouTube: Join us on Facebook:
Chaos Road

Chaos Road: Epic action-packed race shooter game to eliminate crime bosses, access unique weapons, improve car equipment, and survive riot battles.

Chaos RoadSupercharge Mobile
Get ready to hit the asphalt in a high-action car racing game with an exciting twist! Chaos Road combines racing, shooting, combat, and guns with classic shoot 'em up style to deliver an epic gaming experience. In this game, you must rid the city of chaos by eliminating multiple crime bosses, destroying enemies' champions along the way, and launching rockets and dodging bombs on the lane. With an arsenal of unique special weapons, you can take the fast lane in a traffic race and attack and smash car rivals on the road to revenge the city! In Chaos Road, you'll need to chase bosses and gangs to reach the top champion spot and rid the city of riot. Help yourself along the way by improving your car and equipment, adding gun armor, equipping drones and acquiring unique special race weapons to accelerate through the horizon of different fast lane roads while shooting and smashing enemies riding cars, bikes, trucks, tanks, planes, and more. Battle for survival in a high-speed top racing and shooting free game. Challenge the big bosses of criminal gangs in traffic, where each boss has their own vehicle with challenging gun weapons. Every battle is a faster rocket! Detonate your enemies with guided missiles, rockets, laser beams, gamma-ray, nuke, bomb and power ups that will help you in the riot. With an adrenaline-pumping soundtrack and stunning graphics, Chaos Road is the action game of 2021! Get it now for free on Facebook or Instagram. Keep in mind, Chaos Road is a free-to-play game, but some game items can be purchased for real money.
Shootero: Galaxy Space Shooter

Shootero is a stylish arcade shooter like Galaga with rogue-lite features, crazy air combats, and infinite replayability. Conquer the galaxy!

Shootero: Galaxy Space ShooterCriss Cross Games
Looking for an immersive arcade shooting game that will transport you to the galaxy, where you can indulge in some serious air combats and conquer the universe? Look no further than Shootero – a highly stylized space shooter game that combines classic galaxy attack gameplay with rogue-lite features to offer an unmatched gaming experience. If you are a fan of games like Galaga, you are sure to love Shootero! With Shootero, you'll be facing brutal opponents and traps of distinct movement patterns and attack modes in an intense and action-packed setting. You'll have to dodge missiles, lasers, and bullets coming at you from all directions, all while maintaining your focus and your aim on taking down your enemies. But with more than 50 different skills available to upgrade your spaceship and drone aircraft, and the ability to choose your bullet pattern and build your strategy for each galaxy battle, you can take control of the game and beat the odds! But what really sets Shootero apart is its infinite replay value. Every run is unique thanks to the various x-factors that can impact your game, including skill combos, enemy movements, and different attack modes. You can challenge yourself over and over again to perfect your skills and become the ultimate galaxy conqueror! So what are you waiting for? Download Shootero today and embark on the ultimate galaxy adventure of a lifetime!
Pocket Farm

Swipe to harvest crops, tap to complete orders, and upgrade your farm in this addictive endless game. Discover new crops and become a farming master!

Get ready for an exhilarating farming experience with Pocket Farm! This newly released game promises endless hours of fun with its addictive harvesting gameplay. Harvesting your crops is a breeze with a simple swipe and completing orders is as easy as tapping. With your crops growing over time, you can harvest them once they are ripe to complete orders and earn coins. As you progress, you'll have the opportunity to upgrade and expand your farmland to increase production and expand your farm. Master the game and unlock new crops to discover and add to your farm. If you need assistance or have any questions, our team is always ready to assist you. Send us a message at and we'll be happy to help. Experience the satisfaction of farming and create your very own prosperous farm with Pocket Farm!
Once Upon a Tower

Play as a strong princess, fight enemies, escape the tower and beat the dragon in this medieval roguelike adventure game.

Once Upon a TowerPomelo Games
Embark on a daring journey through a medieval tower in this engrossing roguelike adventure, and save the princess from captivity! Are you ready to face mighty foes and vanquish a fierce dragon to establish your supremacy? If you are searching for an epic offline adventure, Once Upon a Tower is the perfect medieval-style roguelike game for you. With its distinct indie feel, comprehensive features, and impressive gameplay, you can put your strategic prowess and cunning tactics to the test while escaping from this tower. Are you trapped inside a high tower, feeling like a princess waiting for help to arrive? Look no further because the valiant knight you were hoping for isn't coming, as he was devoured by the fierce guardian dragon lurking around. Good news: you can free yourself and attain freedom. Arm yourself with the knight's discarded hammer and show your strength, and let's venture to the bottom of the tower. Experience a unique downward movement through the tower in this indie action game, with a remarkable roguelike aspect where each princess is powerful enough to leave the tower without relying on a knight in distress. Don't let the hurdles intimidate you; you can overcome the challenges posed by enemies and even defeat the dragon. It's time to unleash your true skills and let the adventure engulf you word by word. With Once Upon a Tower, you can expect: - Enemies who become more aggressive and dangerous as you slide down the tower. - The roguelike construction ensures that every adventure is unique: if you fail, you must start again from atop the castle. - Multiple princesses to release from the tower! - A plethora of power-ups that strengthen your princesses. - A plethora of action-packed moments! Bend the rules of traditional fairy tales and embark on an adventure like no other. Once Upon a Tower is waiting for you to fulfill your conquering fantasies!
Pocket Vikings

Swipe to defend and collect resources, tap to attack monsters and upgrade your army in Pocket Vikings - the addictive endless defending game.

Pocket VikingsHadi Games
Experience the thrill of battle with Pocket Vikings - the captivating game that will keep you hooked for hours on end! Immerse yourself in an endless defending adventure where you swipe your way through resources and build your army to protect your land. Battle it out with monsters by tapping on your screen to attack - it's that simple! Upgrade and expand your kingdom for a larger army and quicker production. Strategize and be constantly prepared for the influx of new enemies that come your way. With addictive gameplay and stunning graphics, Pocket Vikings is a must-play game for those seeking a never-ending adventure. Best of all, it's completely free to download! Get in touch with our team at if you need any help along the way. Join the battle today with Pocket Vikings!
Tank Hero: Awesome Tank War g

Defeat waves of enemy tanks & strong bosses with over 100 skills and upgrades. Beware, once you die, you restart. Simple controls and addictive gameplay.

Tank Hero: Awesome Tank War gBetta Games
Ready your tanks and get ready for the ultimate battle! Enemies have been spotted, and it's up to you to defend your territory. With your unique abilities, you must fend off incoming waves of enemy tanks until you find the perfect moment to unleash a counter-attack. Remember – if you fall, it's back to square one. This game features simple controls that allow you to easily maneuver your tank while attacking. Upgrade your arsenal to remain competitive against tougher enemies or bosses. With over 100 skills to choose from, including random talents that grant permanent boosts, you'll be able to maximize your firepower and unleash your full potential. If you're new to tank games, don't worry. The game is easy to pick up, but don't be fooled – it's incredibly addictive. Download it now and discover why millions of players worldwide are hooked on Tank Hero. Best of all, it's free to play. While the game is free, we offer in-app purchases to enhance your experience. These items can be incredibly helpful when you're facing challenging opponents and you need an extra boost. We value our players' opinions and encourage you to contact us with any feedback, questions, or suggestions you may have. You can reach us via email at Follow our Facebook page for updates and to share your tank hero experiences with others. Join the battle today and see if you can dominate the competition!
Origami Paradise

Create origami animals and habitats with custom paper, paint, and stickers in Origami Paradise. Find rare animals and their interactions in a charming world.

Origami Paradise is a captivating idle game that immerses you in the universe of origami, an intricate, paper-folding art. Create a world filled with intricate and detailed origami animals, using various papers, paints, and stickers to customize each creature to your preferences. Build animal habitats and decorate them with little critters and natural environments, and observe as your animals interact with their surroundings in unique ways. This game features an expansive customization system that allows you to create origami animals of your own design, with a variety of paper choices, paints and stickers. You can decorate your world with your animals and other creatures, creating islands chock-full of habitats that perfectly blend into the environment. Every animal will react differently to its environment, which creates an immersive and realistic experience. As you progress through the game, you can unlock an array of habitats and islands that will grow the scope of your world. Special rare animals are hidden throughout every island, adding an element of mystery and challenge as you strive to locate them all. Immerse yourself in the world of origami, and let your creativity run wild with Origami Paradise! This game is currently in the preview version, but we look forward to your valuable feedback and support as we continue to work on the game's development. Visit the official website, Facebook Page, Discord, Twitter, and Instagram to learn more about the game and stay updated on its latest developments.

Defend your town against hordes of Orcs and goblins across 8000 waves of enemies in Towerlands - a fantasy, medieval strategy, Tower Defence & RPG game.

TowerlandsBlack Bears Publishing
Prepare for a journey to the wondrous world of Towerlands, a medieval strategy idle game packed with role-playing elements. Your quiet town is in peril from hordes of orcs, goblins, and other dangerous foes. You must act fast and expand your tiny tower into an impressive stronghold to defend your home. Defense and clash are the name of the game. Use your tactical and striking skills to triumph over every battle, prepare for over 8000 waves of enemy attacks. It's essential to hire and train new warriors, creating a robust army to prevent the destruction of your castle. Unique heroes and modules placed on the tower will help protect your land, merge and combine them in any order for the best battle outcome. Improve your stronghold by building military structures in the city to train your army and provide top-notch weapons. Boost the gold mine and upgrade the Tower and units to keep enemies at bay. With thirty different types of towers, forty combat modules, and fifty characters at your disposal, develop your efficiency by crafting artifacts and special perks. Explore and conquer the vast world map with various points of interest, capturing cities, castles, and caravans of enemies to overflow with wealth. Join forces with friends by creating or joining a clan to fight other clans globally. Every week, participate in the TD Battle of Clans and fight for valuable treasure and glory. Teamwork is essential to succeed! Download Towerlands, and enter into a world of strategy, role-playing, and tower defense. In case of game-related problems, reach out to Play now and let us know your thoughts!
Forest Island

In the relaxing game Forrest Isle, grow and care for natural habitats and cute baby animals. Enjoy calming music and sounds of nature.

Forest IslandNanali Studios
Escape to a world of natural beauty and sweet creatures with this idyllic idle game. Take a break from the hectic pace of everyday life and unwind with the adorable baby animals at your side. In this game, you can enjoy growing a variety of natural habitats at a pace that suits you best. Whether it's the creatures of the sky, sea, or forest, all the cuddly animals on earth are here to help you relax and have fun. Experience the simplicity and ease of this lovely idle game that can be enjoyed by everyone. You'll encounter all kinds of cute animals and birds, each with their own unique charm and personality. Create your own natural habitats such as lakes, jungles, plateaus, cliffs, and more. The soothing background music and gentle nature sounds in rest mode are sure to calm your mind and body. Join the ranks of 1 million users who have already discovered the joys of this relaxing game, earning it a 5-star rating. Check out the official Instagram account for more adorable animal antics and game highlights. For any concerns or questions, you can reach out to the support team through the provided email address. Be sure to review the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service before diving into this nature-filled world of fun.
Jackal Squad: Pixel World War

Drive an armed jeep, rescue hostages, and defeat Fascists in Jackal Squad - Top Gunner - Arcade Shooting. Pixel graphics and modern gameplay with over 100 levels to conquer.

Jackal Squad: Pixel World WarROCKET SUCCEED TOGETHER
Travel back in time to the 80s with the iconic game Jackal Squad - Top Gunner - Arcade Shooting. This top-down run and gun shooter adds a classic flair to your mobile phone. The game is set in World War II, where the Allies are under attack by the Fascists, and your comrades are held hostage behind enemy lines. You play as a member of the elite Jackal squad, assigned the intense mission of driving an armed jeep into hostile territory to rescue and extract prisoners of war. Do you have the courage and the expertise to complete the mission successfully and end the war? To control your jeep, simply touch and drag in the desired direction. Utilize your weaponry to attack the enemy within your weapon's radius - the closest enemy will be prioritized if multiple targets are present. Complete missions, including rescuing your imprisoned comrades and escorting them to safety, triggering supporting skills by lighting up the battlefield, or destroying the enemy's electricity station to gain access to the gate, and emerge as the top gunner. Upgrade your jeep and weapons to the maximum power for a better shot at victory. The game's pixel art graphics take players back to arcade gaming's golden era. You'll find everything from jeeps and guns to explosions and military installations, creating a nostalgic atmosphere on your device. Relive the childhood vibes with Jackal Squad. The gameplay is modern and easy for everyone to understand, with an auto-aim mechanism that allows continuous shooting. Use your skills to dodge attacks, collect items, destroy enemy bases, and rescue your comrades. With over 100 levels to conquer, you and your friends and family can enjoy endless fun. What's more, the game can be played offline, allowing you to enjoy it anytime, anywhere. Don't miss this eagerly anticipated game - try Jackal Squad - Top Gunner - Arcade Shooting today! Connect with us for updates and community events on our fan page and community group
Jetpack Joyride

Fly with jetpacks, surf the wave-rider, and dodge obstacles while collecting coins to escape the lab with Barry Steakfries. Join over 750 million players on Jetpack Joyride.

Jetpack JoyrideHalfbrick Studios
Jetpack Joyride is an electrifying endless running game that will get your heart racing and leave you begging for more. Created by the same geniuses behind the highly successful Fruit Ninja, this game will blow your mind with its insane features. Prepare to join the one and only Barry Steakfries as he embarks on a mission to outrun the scientists and claim ultimate victory at the end of the lab. You'll have to equip yourself with some of the coolest jetpacks, including high-tech gadgets and power-ups, in order to make your way past lasers, zappers and even guided missiles. The thrill of this game is brought out through the numerous features that make it unique. You'll get to experience the rush of being on a wave-rider, ride crazy vehicles and even become a giant mechanical dragon or bird that shoots money, all in the quest to boost your ranking! Dare to complete some of the most audacious missions and gain the recognition you deserve. Plus, you also have the option to customize your look with ridiculous outfits while collecting coins and earning millions of dollars. If you're looking for more action, storm the lab with giant mechs and engage in battles with friends. Test your reflex and skills with the simplicity of one-touch controls and enjoy new free game modes during special events. Join over 750 million players, download the game today and let the fun begin! Please note that there are optional in-app purchases available which can be disabled in your device settings. For more information on our policies, please visit our website.
Cell to Singularity

Tap to evolve life from single-cell to human and beyond. Upgrade tech to survive on Mars. An addictive, informative clicker game.

Cell to SingularityComputerLunch
Embark on an incredible journey through the history of life and its evolution in this captivating cosmic clicker game. In the beginning, the universe was barren, and lifeless. Suddenly, a blink of an eye in geological time, everything changed. Dive deeper into the primordial soup on Earth, where the organic compounds responsible for the origins of life lie. You are the driving force behind the evolution of life in this epic game. Unlock the next section of the evolution of life with every click and gain Entropy, the currency of life in the universe. Unravel the twists and turns that marked the milestones of evolution- the extinction of dinosaurs, the discovery of fire, and the industrial revolution, to mention a few. Be prepared to witness unwritten chapters of evolution, including a futuristic paradigm beyond modernity. ▶ Evolution, science, and humanity's epic story awaits your input. ▶ The most precise game of human evolution on the planet. ... Features: ● Addictively informative gameplay extending over countless hours. ● Accumulate Entropy with every tapgaining evolutionary currency for life in the universe. ● Intuitive, uncomplicated controls allow you to generate Entropy and to evolve new animal species. ● Advance through a civilization's technological tree by devoting ideas to advancing scientific and technological progress. ● Discover the splendour of animal life, from Fish to Mammals, Monkeys, and Lizards, in stunning 3D habitats. ● Unravel the curiosity of futurism and technological singularity. ● Explore and learn scientific facts about the evolution of life and natural history while you play. ● Experience a space adventure through speculative science fiction as you click beyond modern civilization. ● The game's epic soundtrack features classical music, perfect for immersing you in a mood of creation. ● Upgrade the evolution of a single-cell organism to a civilization that stands at the threshold of a technological singularity. ● Embark on a science odyssey into the simulation of life on earth. ● Upgrade your technology to withstand the challenges of survival on mars and in a terraforming endeavour. This scientific evolution game offers the opportunity to upgrade life from single-cell organisms to multi-cellular organisms, fish, reptiles, mammals, humans, and beyond. Experience the evolution of life on Earth- past, present, and future. Will humanity endure and survive the next phase of evolution? ... Let us be friends on Facebook Follow our journey on Twitter Journey with us on Instagram Join us on Discord to share ideas and chat ... Terms of service: Privacy Policy:
My Little Universe

Build your own planet and fight off monsters with your pickaxe in this addictive, action-packed world-building game.

My Little UniverseSayGames LTD
🌖 Create Your Own Universe and Play God in My Little Universe Game Step into the shoes of a creator and experience a world of endless possibilities in this intriguing casual world-building game – My Little Universe. This game requires you to mine, craft, log, dig, smelt, and build to perfection while fighting off primitive monsters that seek to destroy your omnipotent vision. Armed with just a pickaxe and your godly strength, embark on a mission to build a wondrous world that will ignite your creativity and imagination for more than seven days. Get ready to hold the whole world in your hands! 🪐 🚀Start your journey as an orange man in a rocket ship and transform a barren, lifeless planet into a magnificent masterpiece using your sheer willpower and determination. Collect up to 15 different types of resources and use them wisely to design a beautiful planetary paradise that will be the envy of other gods. 🚀Your trusty pickaxe will be your best companion as you fight off monsters, dig for minerals, break rocks and mine for gold. Upgrade your pickaxe through eight different levels to boost your divine productivity and harvest even more resources for your building exploits. Build a thriving civilization under your watchful gaze by constructing industrial facilities that process minerals, smelt metal, and create eight unique types of weapons such as axes and swords. 🚀 With 10 different types of in-game environments to explore, expand and diversify your kingdom, you have all the control to build a universe that suits your divine intentions. Beware of the 8 different monsters, including abominable snowmen, unfriendly ents, and alien fungal foes, that stalk your planet, determined to halt your all-powerful plans. 🚀 My Little Universe features simple and attractive graphics, and an immersive soundscape that adds to the allure of this intriguing, genre-crossing adventure. With tons of action, adventure, and hours of playtime on the horizon, get lost in your own world and give life to your own creation myth. Download My Little Universe now and experience the thrill of creating your universe. Privacy Policy: Terms of Use:
Path of Immortals

Play as a Druid, Berserker, or Ranger and battle dangerous demons to save the world in this roguelite game with infinite skill combos.

Path of ImmortalsDreamPlus Games
The fate of the world is in your hands, and even one misstep can lead to being overwhelmed by demons! Assume the roles of the three courageous Survivors - the Druid who commands the power of storms, the Berserker who relishes close combat, or the Ranger who wields a deadly bow - and embark on a journey to rid the world of demon infestation! The lives of both angels and humans hinge on your success, and only by battling untold numbers of demons can you hope to secure a future for all! Features: - Step into the shoes of one of three distinct Survivors - Experience roguelite gameplay with innumerable skill combo possibilities - Take on thousands of demons in epic battles! - Able to navigate the map using just one hand In order to guarantee adequate data storage for devices lacking in internal storage, the following two permissions - READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE and WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE - are mandatory for downloading data files from the CDN server. Refusal to grant these permissions may cause initialization and activation issues with the game. Furthermore, the READ_PHONE_STATE permission is necessary in order to generate a device number, without which Visitor Account creation is unfeasible. Don't hesitate to contact us at if you have any problems. Don't forget to follow our official Facebook account at

Build and manage your dream town in Township, a unique city-building and farming game featuring crops, mines, zoos, and exotic trade.

Township is an exceptional combination of the city-building and farming gameplay! Create and manage your perfect town, where you grow diverse crops and process them at your own factories for selling in order to develop your town. Trade with different countries and build community buildings like restaurants, cinemas and more to give your town a special flavor. Venture into the mine and collect resources and ancient artifacts in order to get more profits. Build and manage your zoo, collect animals from around the world. Do you have what it takes to become a city-manager and farmer to build the town of your dreams? Get started with Township now! Experience a wide range of features in Township such as different buildings and decorations providing you the flexibility to create your dream town with ease. Manage and expand farms, grow and process a various range of crops in factories. Your town is packed with charismatic townspeople who would give you orders to fill to maintain the town growth. The town's mine is a special place where you can discover ancient relics and collect valuable resources. Take care of lovely animals which includes exotic and indigenous animals, and even breed them with your zoo. Enjoy and bring the feel of various countries in your city with the help of country flags and famous landmark decorations like the Statue of Liberty, Big Ben, and many more! Play with your Facebook or Google+ friends, and make new friends in the game community; create your own clans and socialize with other players. The game is free to play, but you can purchase some in-game items for real money. An internet connection is required to play the game and enjoy various social interactions, competitions, and other features. Check out Township's Facebook or Twitter profiles if you want to learn more about the game. If you have any queries, do not hesitate to contact Township's Tech Support team by sending an email or by checking the Web Support Portal. Please read the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service before playing the game. Start building your own dream town in Township!

Orbia: a casual game with vibrant visuals, challenging levels, collectibles, and unique characters. Play alone or compete with friends.

OrbiaJOX Development LLC
◆ Winner of the Most Casual 2018 Google Play Awards ◆ Orbia is a game that challenges you and your buddies to conquer levels in a colorful and extraordinary world. To achieve your goals, you must overcome obstacles that are continually moving with precision. The gameplay is designed so that everyone can pick up and play with ease. You must improve your abilities as you progress through progressively complicated stages. By collecting rewards, you can maximize the benefits by chaining combinations. Orbia boasts high-quality, minimalistic and vibrant graphics, which provides an amazing visual experience that will leave you breathless. The sounds and soundtrack that accompany the game are well-polished, making it more enjoyable. With hundreds of levels in different worlds to enjoy, Orbia is jam-packed with content, so you'll never be bored. Each world features a distinct protagonist with unique abilities and style. Unlock a plethora of unique skins to create your own personalized character. Playing a game with friends is one of the most enjoyable experiences out there. With Orbia, you can compete with friends and share the fun.
Dear My Cat

Dear My Cat is a soothing virtual pet sim with relaxing music, easy clicker gameplay, and island decoration. Join your endearing cats on a dreamlike journey.

Dear My CatLike It Games
Embark on a journey with your virtual pet in Dear My Cat and explore the serene Sky Island. This is an ideal game for relaxation and aiding in calm sleep with its cute characters and dreamy backdrops. By playing with adorable virtual cats, this game can help uplift your mood, ease anxiety and stress. Additionally, this game is perfect for people with busy schedules who require a little relaxation. You can expand and decorate your peaceful Sky Island by unlocking new destinations and creating new animals such as dogs, whales, and raccoons. Every destination has its own unique theme including thermal springs, ramen shops, and campsites. The calming and stress-relieving background music with high-quality soothing sounds can be changed according to the different seasons. This is an easy, simple, and low-pressure clicker game that eliminates stress. Loads of mini-games and puzzle games are added every month where you can watch the adorable pets while they take part in various activities such as fishing, campfire, and napping. Apart from relaxation, you can relieve your anxiety and stress while decorating your Sky Island. This is a free island decoration and improvement game where you can use different decorative items to beautify the island and change its theme. You can also visit your friend's island and show off your own island to them. Moreover, players can craft accessories for their virtual furry friends and expand their environment for a larger living space. This game is ideal for cat lovers, animal lovers, cat moms, cat dads, students, and workers who require relaxation. It is also best for people who love cute animal games or cat games, and relaxing, idle, or role-play games. For those who love pocket camp games like Animal Crossing, this also suits their tastes. The Dear My Cat background music can help one fall asleep quickly and improve sleep quality. Therefore, playing the game before bed can also help increase sleep efficiency. If you want to stay connected, Dear My Cat has its official Instagram and Facebook accounts in English. The game's Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions, and Operational Policy are all available in English language, as well. For more queries, contact them at Lastly, this app requires minimal permissions as it does not require any special access. Turn off app permissions anytime in your Settings app on your device.
Micro RPG

Save the kingdom from crafty monsters invading the place and become a legendary hero in Micro RPG through unique whirling attack gameplay.

Micro RPGJoliYeti
Experience a thrilling and action-packed adventure with Micro RPG - a turn-based game that tests your reflexes, strategic thinking and luck. Every decision counts and a single misstep can lead to fatal consequences. The kingdom is under siege by monsters who have cunningly taken advantage of the absence of the knights. In this dire situation, only the unsung hero, Theobald, a humble peasant, can save the realm. With your spade transformed into a sword, become a legend by defeating the monsters and restoring peace to your home. Micro RPG offers a unique gameplay experience with fast-paced whirling attacks that allows you to target multiple monsters at once. Completing quests earns you coveted rewards for every win. Upgrade your hero and weapon set to maximize the damage inflicted on your enemies and create powerful combos for maximum destruction. With 6 worlds filled with a variety of monsters to explore, Micro RPG ensures that you'll always encounter new challenges. You can unlock new weapons and heroes as you progress through the game. The thrill of Micro RPG awaits. Join Fred & Dom on this epic journey. Subscribe now at for a game you won't forget.
Burrito Bison: Launcha Libre

Join Burrito Bison and his new friends to launch, bounce, and fight through unique adversaries to retrieve the recipe book and become the world salsa champion.

Burrito Bison: Launcha LibreKongregate
Meet Burrito Bison and his new friends Pineapple Spank and El Pollo in an epic adventure that will leave you wanting more! Already played by more than 15 million users on, our beloved hero is back and ready to take on the evil gummies. The gummies have invaded and it's up to Burrito Bison and his squad to bounce, crack, soar, eat cake, and fly their way through the skies to save the day. Burrito Bison wants to reclaim his stolen cookbook from the evil chef so that he can make the finest salsa in the world. Buckle up and blast off into the sky with your rocket belt to experience the most thrilling and delightful adventure yet! With three resilient wrestlers on your side and dozens of upgrades available, you will become stronger, faster, and more agile as you fight your way through the five unique opponents who each have a specific weakness. Take them down, and you'll be generously rewarded! For the first time in the series, players can face off against a Final Boss in an alternate universe full of gummies – a sure sign this is not a game to be missed. With loads of pinatas to crack open, there's no telling what other rewards await. It's worth noting that Burrito Bison: Launcha Libre is free to play, but some in-game purchases are available – although, you can disable them via your device's settings if you prefer.

Conquer planets, expand your empire and profit from crafting 68+ materials in ExoMiner. Build your legacy in an interstellar adventure.

Have you ever had the dream of becoming the ruler of planets? To leave an everlasting mark on the pages of history and compete with iconic figures such as the Medici, Rockefeller, and Bezos? Would you like to advance through the ranks and accumulate unimaginable wealth while creating technologies that can change lives forever? Get ready to embark on a journey across the galaxy with ExoMiner! DISCOVER NEW PLANETS Your rise to riches is just the beginning. Establish yourself as a daring entrepreneur and continue to expand your empire to the far-reaching corners of the galaxy. ENJOY YOUR ACHIEVEMENTS ExoMiner is an easy-to-play game. Follow the journey of your corporation as it evolves from a mere mining operation with a small spacecraft to a massive empire that controls entire worlds. MAKE PROFITS THROUGH CRAFTING The old adage, "two businesses are worse than one" doesn't apply here. Your profit margins won't be limited to just planet settlement. With the discovery of new materials and the ability to invent new technologies, you can craft a variety of items to increase your profits. 68+ MATERIALS TO MINE Mining ores doesn't have to be monotonous. There are over 68 various types of ores, alloys, and ingots that you can explore and mine. Turn these materials into salable items and increase your profits to further develop your empire. BUILD YOUR EMPIRE WHILE YOU'RE AWAY Your miners, ships, and heavy machinery can work tirelessly for hours without your direct input! Take a break to grab a snack, work, or sleep- your empire will keep on growing! What are you waiting for? Countless planets await you- the galaxy is your playground! Build your empire and leave your name in the stars with ExoMiner!

Raid dungeons, collect loot & cards, build & share unique levels! Fantasy ARPG, CCG & dungeon builder. Clear levels by your friends & rebuild MONOLISK!

MonoliskTrickster Arts
Embark on a thrilling adventure as you explore countless handcrafted dungeons, gather valuable loot and creature cards, and create your own dungeons to share with others in MONOLISK - an action-packed mobile game that combines elements of fantasy, collectible card games, and dungeon building. Discover the pleasure of designing levels, get your heroes fitted with the latest gear and take on your friends' custom-built levels! In this online RPG, test your skills and strategic abilities as you conquer numerous dungeons through hack 'n' slash gameplay. Spend hours collecting intriguing cards that offer a wide range of creatures, abilities, equipment, and environments. Have the freedom to build your team of 5 unique heroes and personalize their gameplay using multiple styles and customizations. Experience the thrill of building your very own levels and challenge your friends to clear them. You also get the opportunity to craft new cards and expand your collection as you embark on this endless adventure. Finally, join in the mission to help rebuild the shattered MONOLISK world and make a name for yourself! MONOLISK gives you the chance to let your creativity shine, and tell your own story while helping others reclaim their world.
Lunch Hero

In Lunch Hero, pick your hero and fight monsters, upgrade armor and skills, and explore new realms for a thrilling mobile RPG experience.

Lunch HeroMP Games
Looking for an awesome arcade game for your mobile device? Look no further than Lunch Hero! Start your adventure at the tavern where you'll encounter a variety of magical beings, including warlocks, magicians, and elves, all eager for a good fight. Choose your hero and embark on a voyage to a mystical land where you'll face off against hordes of monsters and acquire new abilities and gear. This thrilling action RPG will leave you speechless! Experience various tactics, exciting combat sequences, and fierce fighting powers. Prepare to: Discover New Realms Sail to otherworldly places with unique landscapes and unexpected challenges that await you. Assemble Your Warriors Add more incredible heroes to your group of troublemakers and carefully select the best ones for each strategy. Battle Against Villains You'll encounter swarms of terrifying creatures and epic supervillains that will test your skills and bravery. Enhance Your Skills and Gear Upgrade your weapons and master new maneuvers to construct superior armor sets for all your heroes. Push Your Limits Feeling daring? Lunch Hero has no shortage of difficulty levels and more action than you can imagine. Get ready for the ultimate challenge!
Fastlane: Road to Revenge

Reclaim your city by outracing gang bosses in Fastlane: Road to Revenge. Upgrade vehicles, challenge players worldwide and defeat 11 bosses.

Fastlane: Road to RevengeSpace Ape
They came and took over your beloved city. But instead of surrendering to their might, you decide to take back what's rightfully yours by dominating the competition in Fastlane: Road to Revenge, an action-packed arcade shooter that won't cost you a penny! In this game, you get to collect and upgrade up to 20 exotic yet powerful cars, each capable of wreaking havoc in the streets. In addition, you can also unlock 10 unique UAVs, making it easier to strike your enemies from above. And when things get really intense, you can activate the game-changing vehicle transformations that turn your rides into either a Talon Gunship, Vulcan S-22, or a Tempest C-3 and unleash total annihilation on your rivals. To prove your worth as the top boss, you must take on and outmatch other players worldwide. Every successful overtake nets you extra score bonuses, but be warned, the road ahead is packed with challenging environments and lethal obstacles that can quickly end your winning streak. Can you survive the 30-player leagues with escalating difficulty? Fastlane: Road to Revenge also boasts an 11-boss story campaign that pits you against some of the craziest yet toughest opponents you'll encounter on the road. Put your skills to the test and complete the campaign to finally uncover the identity of the boss who dared challenge you. If the adrenaline-filled gameplay and intense rivalries are not enough, the game also lets you customize your own in-game soundtrack. Choose from a wide selection of beats that keep you focused and energized. Fastlane: Road to Revenge is a free download, but in-app purchases are also available to enhance your gaming experience. Disable this feature if you want. Please note that a network connection is required to access in-app purchases and league promotions. Head over to or follow us on Facebook ( and Twitter ( for more information about this game and upcoming changes. Read our Privacy Policy at and Terms of Use at before playing Fastlane.
AdVenture Communist

Build a glorious state in this communism simulator. Collect potatoes, gold, and researchers to climb the ranks and contribute to the supreme leader.

AdVenture CommunistHyper Hippo
Welcome to AdVenture Communist, the ultimate communism simulator that allows hard-working comrades like you to dig potatoes, collect science, and seize the means of production to climb to the highest rank! The path to glory begins with glorious potatoes! Gather them to obtain resources and contribute to the state, and climb glorious ranks. Gold is the most precious currency used to purchase science, capsules, and time warps to propel the glorious state to new heights. Capsules contain researchers, science, and gold - obtain them by completing missions and visiting the store to receive free daily gifts. With capsules, you can climb up the ranks with speed and finesse, just the way Supreme Leader likes it! Supreme Pass allows comrades to collect bigger and better tier rewards when completing special missions. For each season, you have 30 days to complete missions and collect exclusive tier rewards. The shop is the one-stop-shop for everything you need to build a glorious state. You can purchase gold, time warps, or specific researchers to help boost your production. Researchers come with glorious powers that make them unique while boosting different modifiers. There are five modifiers researchers have - speed, chance, production, cost, and trade. Comrades have the opportunity to play limited-time events that are on a regular rotation to earn rewards to take back to the motherland. Climb the leaderboard and collect event-specific researchers for even more rewards! Collect resources even while you idle or sleep - the state keeps producing while you are away, although we will miss you dearly! AdVenture Communist is a satirical game for entertainment purposes only. It uses humor and exaggeration and is purely fictional. We do not single out, support, or denigrate any real-life geo-political situation, past, or present. If you encounter any problems, contact the state by clicking on Rank > Settings > Get Help or by visiting our support website at Do your duty and follow our state-mandated social media sites on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. AdVenture Communist can be downloaded and played for free, but it also allows you to purchase virtual items with real money inside the game. You can disable in-app purchases in your device's settings. Playing AdVenture Communist requires an internet connection. AdVenture Communist includes advertising for third parties, some of which may be targeted to your interests. You may choose to control targeted advertising by using your mobile device settings. Check out our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy to know more.
Wild Tamer: Next Age

As a Druid, tame and strengthen animals to protect the Sleepless Forest against ancient souls in Wild Tamer's huge open world.

Wild Tamer: Next AgeSupercent
The Sleepless Forest is under threat from an ancient malevolent spirit, causing the creatures within to become untamed and unpredictable. As a skilled practitioner of Druidism, it is your task to become the ultimate Wild Tamer and protect the forest from destruction. In this game, you will embark on a quest to hunt and domesticate all of the wildlife that roams the Sleepless Forest. Along the way, you must collect and enhance equipment imbued with animalistic properties, allowing you to become stronger and better prepared for the challenges ahead. Furthermore, you will have access to Relics - powerful items with special abilities that will aid you in your battle against the ancient souls that threaten the forest. With so much to do and see, it is imperative that you explore the expansive open world, where you may encounter special world events and engage in the Legendary Animal Raid alongside fellow Druids. Should you require assistance, our customer service team is available to help you with bug reports and technical support via the in-game customer support feature. For optimal gameplay, Android 6.0 or higher is recommended. Finally, please review our Operating Policy, which includes our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service, accessible via the provided links. Our company, Supercent Inc, is dedicated to your satisfaction and ensuring the highest quality of gameplay. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact our customer center via the in-game customer support feature or by email at We are located at 295 Olympic-ro, Songpa-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea.
Merge Farm!

Merge and manage your farm with Merge Farm! Use merging mechanics to grow your crops and sell them for bigger harvests. Download now!

Merge Farm!Zynga
Prepare yourself for the ultimate farming adventure with Merge Farm! brought to you by the creators of Gram Games. Unlike other mundane farming games, Merge Farm! introduces a new level of gameplay by incorporating merging mechanics that adds an exciting challenge to growing your farm and collecting fruits and vegetables. Take charge of your land by planting an array of crops and merging them together to enhance the quality, size, and range of produce. The bigger the crop, the bigger the harvest, which translates into more cash that you can spend on improving your farm. With unlimited farming possibilities, managing your crops is a must as you navigate through daily tasks like deciding on the perfect location to plant, managing animals, and customizing your farm with fun décor like garden gnomes and tractors. A farmer's life isn't easy - but with Merge Farm! you can take the farmer's life into your own hands. Experience the endless cycle of planting, growing, and harvesting and discover the fruits of your labor with time. Keep your eyes peeled for the highly sought after traveling merchant's orders, complete them and make a profit to purchase even more crops and expand your farm. If you're looking for a challenge, Merge Farm! is definitely the game for you. Inject your mind with engaging gameplay where you can experiment and merge a variety of crops, discover new forms and upgrade your land. Embark on this journey and harvest your way to success. Can you handle the merging and harvesting tasks thrown your way to build up your farm? Download and play Merge Farm! today and start farming your heart out. Please note that your use of Merge Farm! is governed by Zynga’s Terms of Service which can be found on their website at
PewDiePie's Tuber Simulator

Create your own YouTube channel and compete with famous gamers like PewDiePie, Markiplier, and Jacksepticeye in PewDiePie’s Tuber Simulator. Customize your studio and avatar, create videos, and earn views and subscribers.

PewDiePie's Tuber SimulatorOuterminds Inc.

Hatch and mutate wacky ducks in CLUSTERDUCK. Sacrifice ducks down the hole to make room for new ones. Discover secrets.

Are you ready to be the ultimate duck hatcher? In CLUSTERDUCK, players aim to hatch as many ducks as possible in order to unlock an array of bizarre genetic mutations. The more ducks that hatch, the higher the probability of breeding ducks with swords for heads and horse hooves for wings! It’s a strange and wacky world out there. When necessary, players can sacrifice ducks directly into *the hole* to make room for new arrivals. But, be warned: there may be something terrifying lurking in its dark depths. The best part about CLUSTERDUCK is the chance to collect hundreds of head, wing, and body variations. Each of these options comes in varying rarities, from common to legendary. Furthermore, each duck also has an individual personality and witty quirks that will make players laugh out loud. Are you ready to discover all the secrets of *the hole* while hatching and mutating the wackiest ducks conceivable? Start playing CLUSTERDUCK today!
Deep Town

Dig deep in Deep Town: Idle Mining Tycoon, discover hidden artifacts and build mining stations for resources. Automate workflow, terraform planets, and become a mining tycoon.

Deep TownGame Veterans
Indulge in the world of Deep Town: Idle Mining Tycoon if you are a fan of idle games or digging games, and aim to become the preeminent mining tycoon. Unveil the concealed backstory behind Deep Town and simultaneously explore story artifacts by digging deeper and constructing mining stations to produce a plethora of resources! Get ready to enjoy one of the top-most idle miner games or idle tycoon games where unearthing buried treasures and resources for the production of your factory awaits you. A Miner Dig Deep game, which delves into underground cities brimming with gold and artifacts, tasks you with strategic planning to delve deeper and collect them, kick-start large productions, and rake in revenue. Manage buildings and unused resources, earn enough money, and upgrade your productions to initiate an industrial revolution that helps to streamline and automate your mine production. Expand your town factories and achieve a production boost with drones that enable you to automate the workflow and boost other buildings! Deep Town: Mining Factory-Idle Tycoon is a mining simulator or an idle industrial simulation game that mixes digging, crafting, and management to earn profits and advance your town. Our idle tycoon game aims to build a mining empire and optimize resources to attain higher productivity. You can use special spells 💣 to explore more than 10 different zones and uncover the crust of your town and rockets 🚀 to travel into outer space to mine on asteroids! Progress through one of the top drill mining games and avail an opportunity to terraform your planet 🌎! Become a pro manager by multitasking and prioritize workflow to maintain a constant flux of idle revenue - craft recipes, smelt raw resources into bars and activate the rainwater 🌧 from your water collector to grow seeds into plants in your greenhouse🌲🌱, utilize miner robots to make your mine deeper and reach the planet's core. ⚒️Key features of Deep Town: Idle Mining Tycoon⚒️ Amazing Animation and Design: If you are on the lookout for mining games tycoon or drilling games with stunning graphics, this is the dig mine game you wouldn’t want to miss. The futuristic designs of the tools, robots, and places will captivate you instantly. Everything you encounter, whether exploring asteroids or fighting off epic bosses, appears realistic and enhances the thrill of the game. Simple Yet Addictive The unique gameplay of this idle games tycoon guarantees to keep you engaged for hours on end. Our deep-world industrial game enables you to automate your production workflow and, in turn, increase your idle income to build a planet of mines. Upgrade your control panel to empower your spells to dig and destroy blocks FASTER! Go deeper to uncover more areas to build mines, oil buildings, and chemical mines. Dispatch explorer bots on secret expeditions, discovered in hidden caves, to collect artifacts, construct your mine town, build industry and become rich! Become a King This mining simulator allows you to wield supreme power. Play with futuristic robots from your robot factory and make a fortune. Capitalize on selling your items at just the right time in the trading portal, upgrade your drone bay and escalate your productivity. Mine for over 15 different resources, including coal, copper, gold, obsidian, and more. Furthermore, unlock daily gifts and rewards, climb the leaderboard and establish your guild as the highest-rated one in this idle miner simulation. If you are searching for drill games, gold mining games, or factory games, try our multi-craft build and mine game, which will make you a digging tycoon. Our game is free, and if you need mining games or tycoon games offline, you can play our idle tycoon simulator game offline. Guild up with Friends :⚒️ 🤖 Join a guild and compete with other guilds 🤖 Chat about strategies and request resources 🤖 Create your team or search for an existing guild 🤖 Win rewards of chests brimming with rare gems and honor badges 🤖 Compete in WEEKLY EVENTS 🤖 Place on Top 30 or All-Time leader board 🤖 Invite your friends to have fun 🤖 Donate or request materials from your guild members Install Deep Town: Idle Mining Tycoon, play the top idle tycoon games and explore the combination of spells that helps you to dig faster. ⚒️
Super Starfish

Swim through space as a Starfish, dodge space debris, customize your aquarium, and discover new zones in this mesmerizing and intuitive game.

Super StarfishProtostar
Embark on an interstellar adventure as a Starfish and explore the vast cosmos. Despite the looming threats of incoming black holes, meteors, and quasars, your mission requires you to bring life to your space aquarium by skillfully dodging these obstacles. Super Starfish leverages advanced, state-of-the-art techniques to provide stunning and captivating visual effects. Be entranced by the magnificent and vibrant colors that form swirls as your Starfish drifts through the galaxy. Gather exotic flora to add to your personal space aquarium and give it a unique touch. Watch as your Starplants grow and flourish in the ideal home that you have created for your unique collection of Starfish. • For all players, the game offers effortless and understandable gameplay. Test it out now! • Explore the vast expanse of the universe and discover enthralling new zones! • Develop and score enormous combos with your specific swimming style! • Customize and cultivate your very own space aquarium! • Obtain over thirty stunning Starfish in different colors and shapes to be added to your aquarium. Do you have what it takes to find a Super Starfish? • Compete with your friends, and divulge spellbinding discoveries! Are you ready to reach new heights and become the next Fish Superstar?
Dreamdale: Fairy Adventure

Build, farm, craft and fight as a woodsman in the fairy tale world of Dreamdale, complete with quests, mystery islands, and monster bosses.

Dreamdale: Fairy AdventureSayGames LTD
🌲 ONCE UPON A TIME... Embark on a journey of a lifetime as a modest forest worker 🪵🪓 and establish a magnificent enchanted universe in this enchanted game. Excavate, extract, erect, cultivate, manufacture and battle your way through this engaging and creative RPG with real-time management facets that’s secure to offer hours of mesmerizing magical fun. Experience your storybook fantasies in the stunning world of Dreamdale. 👑 ⚔️ 🛡️ ALL THE INGREDIENTS OF GREAT ADVENTUREAn ingenious protagonist – starting with a bare baggage and a dependable axe, get chopping and mining to collect resources for the establishment of new structures or trade for coins and diamonds at the marketplace. Utilize coins to ameliorate your equipment and buildings or to expand your cartographic viewfinder to discover diverse resources. ★ Appropriate implements – each resource necessitates a particular tool for ⛏️ excavation and each tool can be upgraded to get additional resources faster. Advance through the game to find picks, shovels, angling rods, and various other tools, including exceptional golden tools that make you the quickest digger, miner, gardener or fisher ever. ★ A few reliable confidantes 👸🏼 – soon enough you will be joined by other townspeople who will aid you in expanding your world, tending to your farm, catching fish, crafting tools, and mining resources. Before you know it, you would be the leader of your own miniature empire of business, rushing across the map to manufacture, collect, enhance and expand. ★ A place for everything – construct storerooms for every variety of resource you accumulate and enhance your buildings simultaneously with your luggage to expedite trade and generate additional coinage. ★ Steady advancement – accomplish missions to earn XP, rank up and gain a huge range of rewarding perks to assist you to advance in the game, including a diversified range of player attributes that give benefits in diverse aspects of the game. ★ A little fortune – acquire added rewards and supplementary currency from chests that unpredictably appear on your map or excavate treasures where X shows the spot. ★ An air of mystery – Locate a vessel and sail to five distinct enigmatic isles where unusual, distinctive and especially treasured resources await you. ★ A touch of jeopardy 👹 – what RPG would be complete without a tinge of action? If you dare, explore eight different caverns, engage in combat with adversaries, and arrive at a decisive moment with monster 🐉 chiefs to secure fantastic loot, and return to your village as a genuine hero. ★ And just a little trace of magic – this is a fable, take note, so in the midst of all the industry, commerce, and adventure, don’t be amazed to come across pigs you can ride on saddles, 🪄 trees that continue to grow, and a myriad of other miraculous components to preserve your sense of awe alive in this fabled RPG. 🌤️ LIVE HAPPILY EVER AFTER Have you ever dreamed of being a farmer and a warrior, an excavator and a lumberjack, a merchant and a miner, a fisherman and a voyager, a pig-keeper and an authentic storybook hero? Make all your daydreams a reality in the idyllic and immensely captivating world of Dreamdale. Download the game now and embark on a true adventure. Privacy Policy: Terms of Use:
Idle Miner Tycoon

Automate your mine factory, build your business and become a mining tycoon in Idle Miner Tycoon. Collect resources, level up, and earn cash!

Idle Miner TycoonKolibri Games
Are you fond of idle clicker games and money simulators? Do you want to be a gold digger and build a millionaire factory? Then Idle Miner Tycoon is the perfect game for you! It is a mining management and money-making simulation game where you can build your own empire, mine gold, level up, and earn huge profits by investing. The game offers a great experience of automating the mine workflow, making it an effortless way to earn income in contrast to online clicker simulators. You can also earn idle cash income and gold and stay in the mining business even when you’re offline. The goal of this miner adventure game is to build gold resources and upgrade your mines, managers, and factory in order to make more money and achieve idle benefits. You also have to manage and upgrade more than 20 mines and collect various resources such as coal, gold, and jade to become a true gold miner. In comparison to other idle clicker money games, Idle Miner Tycoon differs in terms of being a mine manager capitalist where you can optimize your workflow for maximum profit and build your factory to become rich. You can hire managers to motivate your miners to dig more and earn more revenue. You can also invest in various resources and earn huge profits. The game has no adcap and you can become the richest factory manager tycoon in this idle miner simulation. So, become an idle hero millionaire tycoon and start digging for gold today! Try Idle Miner Tycoon on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Discord. If you encounter any problems or have suggestions, feel free to contact the Idle Miner Tycoon team via Don’t forget to check out the game's imprint, privacy policy, and terms and conditions before playing.
Merge Zoo

Merge candies to raise and merge adorable animals from collectible eggs in this free, addictive idle game, Merge Zoo!

Merge ZooGame Circus Studios, LLC
Merge Zoo is the latest mobile game brought to you by the makers of the popular idle game Taps to Riches. This free mobile game invites players to hatch rare, adorable creatures from collectible eggs by matching and merging candies to feed them and raise their levels. The game includes an exciting selection of exotic fantasy and hybrid animals to farm and hatch and fill your zoo with. Merge Zoo offers dozens of lovable creatures to collect, including zoo favorites, such as monkeys and lions, and even more fantastical creatures like unicorns and dragons, each with charming and cute animations to enjoy. The zoo gameplay allows players to evolve their zoos by earning cash and money even when they are offline. Players have to become a zoo tycoon by discovering all the animals and raising them in the action-packed fantasy world of Merge Zoo. Let your love for your animals grow, and they will love you back. Merge Zoo offers an addictive matching gameplay mechanism that allows players to merge candies to feed their unique animals. The game is free to play, but players can purchase some in-game items for real money. Merge Zoo is supported by ads displayed by the game developers and other online advertising partners to offer you ads that match your interests. If you prefer not to share your data, then please do not install or launch the game, as further explanation of this use and sharing of data is available in the Privacy Policy. Get set to take care of and collect all the cute animals, from horses, pandas, wolves, birds, and elephants to yetis, unicorns, dragons, lions, and tigers. Play Merge Zoo now and experience the joy of raising rare and lovable animals!

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