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King Arthur: Legends Rise

Epic Arthurian Squad RPG with unique turn-based RPG battles, collect and upgrade mythical heroes and creatures, and restore Camelot to its former glory with cross-play and cross-progression.

King Arthur: Legends RiseKabam Games, Inc.Release date: Jun 06, 2024
Step into the future of Turn-based RPGs with King Arthur Legends Rise! In this epic fantasy Arthurian Squad RPG, players can experience a massive action-packed and interactive world with cross-play and cross-progression available on both mobile and PC. Set in the legendary kingdom of Camelot, players must collect and upgrade a roster of mythical medieval creatures and heroes to restore the realm's former glory. However, the challenge is far from straightforward, as the kingdom is on the brink of war with ancient gods awakening to enslave humanity. Led by the powerful knight, Clarisin, players must explore a reimagined Arthurian story across 20 chapters of fully voiced dialogue and epic cinematics. The immersive narrative poses some critical questions about the cost of Excalibur's power and Camelot's fate, which only players can step up to answer. With an emphasis on player choices and best-in-class battles, King Arthur Legends Rise presents a fresh take on the turn-based RPG genre. Players must battle in ten open-world zones with side quests, puzzles, and medieval treasure to unearth. The game's real-time combat system requires players to lead powerful knights, mages, rogues, and more creatures against treacherous enemies and allies. Players can equip their eclectic selection of heroes with powerful medieval weapons called Relics, which alters their abilities and strategies. As players progress, they can expect new game modes, heroes, and story chapters to continue enjoying this unique gaming experience. Powered by the Unreal Engine 5, the game's cinematic medieval-fantasy visuals offer stunning 3D animations, visually arresting effects, and an immersive environment that feels as rich as the narrative. Finally, with 2 million pre-registrations, gamers can receive Clarisin and be well-equipped with a powerful knight and essential materials to upgrade their collection of heroes. In a world where dragons and ancient gods are on the march, players must make a deal with the dragon to save humanity. With King Arthur Legends Rise, gamers will find a turn-based RPG unlike any other available today.
Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance

Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance propels you into a thrilling D&D journey with action-packed battles, challenging puzzles, and dark secrets.

Baldur's Gate: Dark AllianceInterplay Entertainment
Get ready to embark on a thrilling journey through the beloved realm of Baldur's Gate like never before with Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance. This game immerses you in an unforgettable Dungeons & Dragons experience, where you'll face heart-pounding action, challenging puzzles, and a web of mysterious secrets and devious plots. You'll need to hone your skills with a wide range of weapons and magical abilities to combat the forces of darkness and prevent them from taking over the land. With stunning graphics and immersive gameplay, Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance will transport you into a fantastical world full of adventure and danger. You'll encounter menacing foes and formidable monsters, pushing your skills to the limit as you fight to save the realm from total destruction. As you explore the vast and intricate game world, you'll come across intriguing quests and complex challenges that will test your intelligence and strategic thinking. You'll need to use all your wits and cunning to unravel the mysteries of the land and uncover the secrets that lie hidden beneath its surface. With an epic storyline and engaging characters, Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance will keep you hooked from start to finish. Whether you're a seasoned Dungeons & Dragons player or a newcomer to the world of RPGs, this game is sure to provide hours of thrilling gameplay and unforgettable adventure. So gear up for battle and get ready to face your destiny in this epic adventure like no other.
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Dragonheir: Silent Gods

Explore Adenthia and assemble a team of 200+ heroes to fight the darkness. Roll dice, strategically battle and make choices to shape your story in this open-world, seasonal RPG.

Dragonheir: Silent GodsNuverse Games
Dragonheir: Silent Gods is an engaging RPG set in a vast high-fantasy open-world environment, where you command a team of more than 200 heroes. The game offers an unparalleled tactical combat system that counts every move and decision, making each choice critical to achieving victory. With frequently updated seasonal content and elements of chance, Dragonheir keeps the gameplay fresh and stimulating, offering a world full of adventure and exploration opportunities. ◉ Game Features ◉ 〓 Adventure In An Open World 〓 Discover the vast open world of Dragonheir: Silent Gods, where adventure awaits around every corner. Hunt for hidden treasures, solve challenging puzzles, compete in cooking and drinking contests, and mold your hero's story in your own unique way to create an unforgettable experience. 〓 Roll The Dice 〓 Dice rolls play a crucial role in combat, adding an element of randomness to every situation, from stealing to negotiation, drinking contests, and more. 〓 Assemble A Heroic Team 〓 With more than 200 unique heroes and their individual abilities and attributes, the world of Adenthia is full of allies waiting to join you in the fight against the dark forces. Cooperate with your friends to complete PvE mode, conquer challenging enemies and create legendary stories together. 〓 Strategic Combat 〓 Experience thrilling chess-like tactics, utilizing different character abilities, and a bit of luck as you roll the dice to see who will come out on top. Every hero placement and the environment play a pivotal role in combat, making your choices critical to your success. 〓 Make Choice Shape Your Story 〓 Immerse yourself in the magical high-fantasy world of Adenthia as the chosen one, fighting against the three-headed dragon oppressor with your team. Exploring ancient caverns and uncovering secrets, every decision you make will alter your journey. Create your own legend and forge a unique story to be told. 〓 Seasonal Update 〓 Seasonal updates bring new locations, enemies, characters, and even refresh options for your build. 〓 Infinite Hero Builds 〓 With diverse builds and customization options for every character, the possibilities for creating a standout team are endless. Chose wisely as each member of the team possesses unique abilities, strengths, and recruiting tactics. Embark on the adventure of a lifetime and experience the multiverse in Dragonheir: Silent Gods!
Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition

Neverwinter Nights, an enhanced classic D&D RPG game on Android with 100+ hours of gameplay, multiplayer, and improved graphics.

Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced EditionBeamdog
Embark on an unforgettable adventure across the Forgotten Realms in Neverwinter Nights, the renowned Dungeons & Dragons RPG game now optimized for Android devices. With over 100 hours of gameplay, including the original campaign and six additional free DLC adventures, you can play solo or team up with friends to experience all that this game has to offer. The latest update features an optimized UI with a virtual joystick and context-sensitive button to make gameplay effortless. The UI automatically scales or can be customized according to your preferences. Multiplayer gameplay is now cross-platform with support for mobile, tablets, computers, and consoles. Join community-run campaigns and play with up to 250 players! Neverwinter Nights features improved graphics with pixel shaders and post-processing effects that enhance the visuals and make the graphics cleaner. You can adjust the contrast, vibrance, and depth of field options to create your preferred visual environment. The game's fascinating storyline features the original campaign where you will uncover intrigue, betrayal, and dark magic in the city of Neverwinter. Additionally, the Shadows of Undrentide expansion allows you to embark on a new adventure from the Silver Marches to discover the mysteries of the magical civilization. The Hordes of the Underdark expansion takes you further into the depths of Undermountain to challenge a growing evil. You can also delve into over 40 hours of new adventures across the Forgotten Realms with the premium modules. Neverwinter Nights supports the English language and is optimized for tablets and screens of 7 inches or larger. Challenge yourself and explore the vast world of Neverwinter Nights today!

Play as a hero of Armello's Great Clans: quest, scheme, hire agents, explore, vanquish monsters to become King/Queen of Armello. Easy to pick up, hard to master, with dynamic gameplay and unique heroes.

ArmelloLeague of Geeks
Armello is an epic adventure that merges three types of gameplay; The intricate plans of card games, the intricate strategy of board games, and the thrill of fantastic RPGs. Playing as a champion from one of the clans in Armello, you will embark on a journey filled with quests, plots, hired agents, explorations, conquering of beasts, magic spells and confrontations against other players, all for a singular end goal; to be the King or Queen of Armello. The Kingdom of Armello is both gorgeous and perilous. Dangers, curses, and brigands are found around every corner and the spreading Rot disease spares no creature. • Simple to Learn but Challenging to Excel: Armello is easy to get into, but its intricate and progressively evolving possibilities arise as you proceed. It comes with a highly acclaimed tutorial mode with an in-depth storyline. • Swift & Thought-Provoking: Exploring Armello is rapid, entertaining, and filled with decisions that are both lethal, tactical, and politically intricate. • Numerous Playable Characters: Each exceptional Hero holds various powers, statistics, AI traits and can be equipped with an Amulet and Signet Ring to cater to your playstyle. • Dynamic Playground: A stunning, changeable world that creates a new map of the game for you and your acquaintances, complete with a dynamically changing quest system that assures that no two games of Armello play out identically. • Turn-Based Day & Night Cycle: Using Action Points to traverse carefully designed hexagonal board pieces of Armello and our fuzzed turn-based system, you can play cards even when it is not your turn. • Authentic Tabletop Feel: We have spent a great deal of time cherry-picking the most enjoyable elements of the tabletop experience, such as our physics-based dice. • Animated Cards: More than 150 artistically animated in-game cards created by renowned artists from all over the world. • Superb Musical Score by Michael Allen and internationally acclaimed artist Lisa Gerrard.
Baldur's Gate: Siege of Dragonspear

Lead your hero party in tactical battles and magical traps in a 30-hour Dungeons & Dragons adventure on your tablet.

Baldur's Gate: Siege of DragonspearBeamdog
This game is designed for tablet users and may not perform well on smaller phone screens. Embark on the epic tale of Baldur's Gate in Siege of Dragonspear, a Dungeons & Dragons adventure filled with intrigue, sorcery, and ferocious beasts. Lead your crew of courageous heroes into the depths of perilous dungeons, complete with tactical combat and mystical traps, throughout this incredible thirty-hour journey. Siege of Dragonspear chronicles the events that occurred between Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition and Baldur's Gate II: Enhanced Edition. The land of Forgotten Realms is in turmoil as a crusade led by a strange warrior named Caelar Argent marches from the north, confiscating supplies and forcing locals into military service, thus disrupting the Sword Coast's trade. The leader's background is shrouded in secrecy, adding to the mystery. -------------- Features -------------- - Familiar voices: The original voice cast of Baldur’s Gate has returned to bring their exciting characters back to life, including four new additions. - Introducing a new class: Summon the aid of spirits with the newly added Shaman class! - Start anew: Enjoy the story of Siege of Dragonspear as a fresh experience with a new character. - The complete journey: Import and export saved files to play the entire adventure as a single character, making for a seamless Baldur's Gate experience. - Play with friends: Experience platform-independent multiplayer across all devices. It's recommended to play this game on a tablet-size device with a screen size of at least 7 inches. Gameplay toolbars may be hidden behind soft keys on devices running OS versions older than 4.4 Kitkat.
Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition

Join an epic adventure into the icy tundra of Icewind Dale, equipped with new spells, items and over 30 new kits and classes.

Icewind Dale: Enhanced EditionBeamdog
Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition is an epic Dungeons & Dragons game optimized for tablets. It is recommended that phones with screens under 7 inches not be used and Chrome OS devices are not supported. Players will embark upon a perilous journey into the Spine of the World, a harsh and unforgiving mountain range characterized by its snow-shrouded slopes. Here, in the icy tundra of the Forgotten Realms, players will encounter fierce adversaries that have adapted to survive amid the mountain peaks. Evil lurks beneath the region's carven glaciers and mountainsides, plotting to wreak destruction upon the land. Are you brave enough to take on the challenge and try your luck in the land of Faerûn? Originally released in 2000, Icewind Dale has been revamped and enhanced, allowing a new generation of players to experience the thrill and excitement of this epic adventure. Players can expect to discover a host of new spells and items, including magic armor and weapons, in addition to more than 30 new kits and classes, such as Blackguards and Wizard Slayers, making it possible to create the ideal adventuring party. The Enhanced Edition boasts a completely new interface, including the new Quickloot bar, giving players access to a range of new features and customization options. Additionally, players can now join their fellow adventurers in cooperative, cross-platform multiplayer games, providing a truly immersive and interactive journey. The Enhanced Edition also includes previously cut quest content that has now been fully restored. Countless bug fixes and improvements have been implemented, providing players with an even more enhanced and enjoyable gaming experience. Please note that all in-game movies are only available in English. Join the battle and immerse yourself in the world of Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition.
Grim Quest

Grim Quest is an accessible turn-based combat solo RPG with dark fantasy and choose-your-own-adventure vibes, featuring lore-rich worldbuilding. No monetization schemes, just in-app purchases and removable ads.

Grim QuestMonomyth
In Grim Quest, enjoy a fusion of tabletop RPG elements, dungeon crawling, and roguelike mechanics, with an added classic turn-based combat system that makes it easy and fun to play. The game boasts of detailed worldbuilding, compelling written storylines, and an abundance of lore that's reminiscent of a solo Dungeons and Dragons campaign, or better yet, a choose your own adventure book. In addition, Grim Quest offers a single player mode that's totally offline. It's a refreshing change in the gaming world where microtransactions, lootboxes, overpriced cosmetics, and energy bars have become the norm. The game offers only a handful of inconspicuous ads and optional in-app purchases to help support its development. Experience the fun of delving through a unique dark fantasy world with its history and lore. Battle enemies and work your way to boss battles with a classic turn-based combat system that ensures your adrenaline is pumping every second. Customization is also a unique feature, with 25 exceptional spells and 20 active and passive skills to choose from. With 27 character backgrounds, each with different gameplay effects, there's an option for every player. Get into the game world through text-based events that are interactive, and acquire weapons, armors, accessories, consumables, items, and crafting ingredients that'll help you complete quests and collect 60+ scattered lores. You can also relax and play things easy with different difficulty levels, optional permadeath, and adjustable settings, making it a perfect game for first-timers and veterans alike. Grim Quest is the first chapter of the Grim Saga game, followed by Grim Tides, an exceptional old school RPG that adds more excitement and adventure to the Grim Quest world.
Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition

Create a hero, lead your party and explore an open-world epic in Baldur's Gate. 75+ hours of content with new additions and in-app purchases available.

Baldur's Gate: Enhanced EditionBeamdog
Attention gamers! If you're a fan of classic RPGs, then you don't want to miss out on Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition. This game has been given a serious facelift to cater to modern-day adventurers. It's important to note that this game is best suited for tablets with screens that are at least 7 inches. Once you start playing, you'll notice that every choice you make matters. You get to customize your hero, gather a party and set out on a grand adventure in an open-world setting. With over 75 hours of gameplay, not a single moment will be dull. What sets this game apart is the amazing additions made to the original classic game. You'll enjoy an improved interface, dynamic zooming, and so much more. Explore more of the Sword Coast with the Tales of the Sword Coast expansion or test your skills in the marvelous arena of The Black Pits against a myriad of monsters. Join the Sun Soul Monk, Rasaad yn Bashir, on a journey to the Cloud Peaks to find his missing brother in the 'Brothers Lost' expansion. If you are looking to expand your experience further, be sure to check out the available in-app purchases. Play the Neera and the Red Wizards expansion to save the mage Neera from the notorious Thay’s Red Wizards. Take revenge on those who betrayed Dorn Il-Khan in the Luskan expansion, 'Path of the Bloodied'. Customize your character portraits with the Jason Manley-designed 'Gallery of Heroes' or even further customize your character with some of the new voice sets. The game's story revolves around a conflict that forces you out of your home under mysterious circumstances. As you progress through the game, you realize that there are sinister forces at play that put the Sword Coast on the brink of war. Don't miss out on this epic adventure that will keep you engaged for hours on end!
Baldur's Gate II: Enhanced Edition

Escape or embrace evil and ascend to godhood in this D&D game. Includes 60-hour campaign and additional downloadable content.

Baldur's Gate II: Enhanced EditionBeamdog
Attention tablet gamers! Phones with screen sizes smaller than 7 inches are not recommended for this game. Trapped, tortured, and kidnapped by the powerful wizard Irenicus, you must fight to retain your birthright powers before succumbing to the malevolent energy coursing through your veins. The ultimate decision rests with you - can you resist your wicked impulses, or will you embrace them and become the infamous Lord of Murder? Continue the epic adventure that started in Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition or craft a new persona entirely in this Dungeons and Dragons role-playing game with stunning isometric graphics. Baldur’s Gate II: Enhanced Edition features the gripping Shadows of Amn campaign, which spans 60 hours, and includes these incredible add-ons: Throne of Bhaal: Embark on a perilous expedition through Tethyr as you make a stunning ascent into the celestial limits of the gods. A thrilling conclusion to the Bhaalspawn saga. Fist of the Fallen: Accompany Sun Soul Monk, Rasaad, in his twisted revenge story and help him find peace. The Black Pits II: Gladiators of Thay: Employ cunning strategies to outwit your captors, evade traps, and struggle to stay alive. The add-ons below are available for purchase within the app: A Price Paid in Blood: Assist the vicious Blackguard Dorn Il-Khan in satisfying the bloodlust of his dark overseer. A Voice in the Dark: Ally with the master thief Hexxat and recover ancient lost treasures from tombs ranging as far as distant Zakhara. In Defense of the Wild: Support the Wild Mage, Neera, in her confrontation with the insidious Red Wizards school. Please be aware that voice-overs are in English only and translations are text-only.
Vendir: Plague of Lies

Vendir: Plague of Lies - a classic party-based RPG set in a dark fantasy world with a deep storyline, immersive battles, intricate crafting, complex skill tree and moral choices.

Vendir: Plague of LiesEarly Morning Studio
🗡️Embark on an epic journey with your party in this dark RPG, where the fate of the kingdom rests in your hands alone.🗡️ Vendir was once a prosperous kingdom, yet now it is under the brutal rule of King Elrik, who governs with an iron grip. Harsh judgements and brutal punishments have become the norm. However, following an ancient prophecy, two siblings set out on a perilous journey across the kingdom from one end to another, provoking Elrik's wrath at every turn. In the midst of a plague of lies, it's up to you to uncover the truth. Vendir: Plague of Lies is a classic RPG that centers around party-based gameplay, featuring a rich storyline and combat mechanics that require a great deal of coordination. You can expect countless hours of adventure filled with unforgettable characters, intense battles, involving quests, as well as gear and character skill progression that'll remind you of RPGs from the late 90s and early 2000s. 👑 Immerse yourself in an immersive world filled with "old school vibes" reminiscent of CRPG classics. Experience a tactical RPG in a world of dark fantasy. Can you evade King Elrik's wrath and rescue the kingdom? ⚔️ Indulge in epic turn-based battles. The combat system is complicated and nuanced, but simple enough to grasp quickly. You may wield magic, swords, or both. ⚒️ Journey across The Land of Vendir, looting and fighting your way through the treacherous landscape. Expect to see a slew of intricate crafting mechanisms and exciting collectibles that have a profound impact on the story. 🛡️ Explore a complex skill tree replete with hundreds of abilities. With a variety of classes, such as Warriors, Thieves, Necromancers, and Plague Doctors, there are plenty of reasons to delve into this game again and again. 🗺️ Immerse yourself in a fascinating tale that'll take multiple paths based on your decisions. You are the protagonist in conversations filled with lore, and your choices will have long-term consequences.
Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms

Master formation strategy and collect iconic Dungeons & Dragons characters to complete hundreds of adventures in a fantasy world based on official D&D books.

Idle Champions of the Forgotten RealmsCodename Entertainment Inc.
Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms is a thrilling Dungeons & Dragons game that is loaded with the best characters from the official Wizards of the Coast D&D books. You'll start off with classic characters like Jaheira, Bruenor Battlehammer, and more. As you progress, you can unlock new characters like Farideh, Drizzt Do'urden, and Jim Darkmagic by participating in various adventures and events. The game's unique formation strategy mechanics will have you strategically positioning each champion to maximize their effectiveness. You'll need to constantly evaluate each character's gear and abilities to form the perfect combination of power that can take on the waves of Dungeons & Dragons monsters that await you. You'll explore the Forgotten Realms as you venture throughout the Sword Coast, discovering new and familiar locations alike. In addition to the game's offline progress feature, where your champions continue to battle monsters and earn gold even when you're not playing, you'll also be delighted to earn additional rewards by participating in the game's regular limited-time events. If you missed out on one of the limited-time events, don't worry, the new Time Gates feature allows you to unlock the champion you want. And if you're looking for even more challenges, the Patron System allows you to revisit and replay your favorite adventures with new restrictions that provide even greater rewards. Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms is a must-play game for every Dungeons & Dragons fan, with its gorgeous graphics, superb character designs, and enthralling gameplay that keeps you coming back for more. Download this game today to experience the ultimate adventure!
Gumballs & Dungeons

Gumballs & Dungeons" is a worldwide jointed server game where puny monsters counterattack bosses and you collect over 200 characters. Explore 22 random mazes.

Gumballs & DungeonsQcplay Limited.
Experience a thrilling adventure with Gumballs & Dungeons, the game that has been recommended multiple times by leading platforms throughout the course of three years. Set in a world full of surprises, you will take on the role of puny monsters that are equipped to counterattack fierce bosses and conquer the deadly Erathia continent. But, how far can you go and how long can you survive during the unknown journey? Featuring 22 randomly generated Roguelike mazes, the game gives you the freedom to start or stop at any point to explore these mazes. With each maze depicting different gameplay, it's hard not to get engrossed in the gameplay. Wage war on the most powerful bosses, devise strategies, and conquer each stage through little monsters' counterattack. Along the way, gather over 200 unique Gumballs, each with its own set of skills, and discover hidden Easter eggs. In addition to exploring the skies and building your fleet, you can continually produce coins and resources by upgrading your Alchemist Workshop. Immerse yourself in the game's amazing stories that boast over 100,000 written words. Connect and play with gamers from around the globe, and recall the initial fun of the game. To get started with Gumballs & Dungeons today, simply visit the G&D Official website and create your account. While playing, access support via Settings > Guide or reach out to the support team on their Facebook page. Please note that it is necessary to grant the RECORD_AUDIO permission to use the game's Voice Chat function, and GET_ACCOUNTS permission to sign in with your Google account. Join the worldwide gaming community today and join the fun!
Slice & Dice

Control 5 heroes, beat 20 levels of randomly-generated enemies, and take on the final boss. 100+ hero classes, 61 monsters, endless combos, and online leaderboards.

Slice & DiceTann
This game offers a complimentary trial where you can play without any ads, allowing you to use a single in-app purchase to unlock all the game’s features. In "Dicey Dungeons", you will oversee 5 heroes, each having their own personal set of dice. To win the game, you must battle your way through 20 tiers filled with monsters, with the final goal of taking on the ultimate boss. While it may sound easy, note that if you lose a single battle, you must begin again. So, think wisely and cross your fingers for good luck. The game features a simple turn-based battle system with 3D dice physics. Additionally, the player can opt to reroll dice to improve their chances of winning the fight. After each battle, level up your hero or acquire an item of value. All encounters that you may encounter throughout the game are randomly generated, ensuring that no two playthroughs are the same. It is comparable to a mini-puzzle, allowing players to undo their moves as much as they desire. The game is completely transparent, with no hidden mechanics; as a result, everything is visible at all times. As the player progresses through the game, new features become available. Over 100 hero classes are available, and with countless combinations, one can potentially have over 20,000 unique characters. Additionally, there are 61 types of monsters, 354 items to discover, and 18 extra modes that you can try out. The game is filled with over 300 difficulty modifiers, numerous accomplishments to achieve, and a "Ridiculous Combos" feature to keep things lively. Online leaderboards enable gamers to compete against one another. The "Infinite curse mode" is also available as a unique bonus feature for players.

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