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Idle Fishing Tycoon Simulator

Build and manage your own fishing village, hire animal friends as managers, and catch rare fish. Relax and become an animal tycoon.

Idle Fishing Tycoon SimulatorBuff Studio Co.Ltd.
Welcome to Idle Fishing Village Tycoon, the new game that allows you to run your very own village and become an animal tycoon! In this idle tycoon simulation game, you will build your Fishing Village with unique attributes and watch as it develops systematically, all while enjoying watching your animal friends grow. With each level of development, the exterior of your buildings will change to make your village even more attractive. Among the features that make Idle Fishing Village Tycoon stand out are its interesting link between animal friends, each with their own unique abilities that you can explore. Additionally, you can collaborate with your friends during special events and get rewards even when you're offline. Playing as a manager in Idle Fishing Village Tycoon is easy: hire your animal buddies to manage your boats, transport fish, and sell them at the marketplace. As the game progresses, you can upgrade your boat to catch more expensive fish, experience the fishing game with sales that are divided into clear stages, and even get benefits from playing offline. Enjoy the benefits of an offline game without having to tap endlessly, and relax your mind while you manage your adorable animal managers and keep your village looking beautiful, day and night. As a casual simulation game, Idle Fishing Village Tycoon provides a unique, relaxing experience that sets it apart from other idle games. If you have any suggestions or feedback, please reach out to us at Lastly, please help us create even better tycoon games and relaxing, calm games by recommending Idle Fishing Village Tycoon to your friends who love idle games, cute games, and manager games.
Horse Riding Tales

Customize your character and horse, train, race, join clubs and solve mysteries in this multiplayer horse riding game.

Horse Riding TalesFoxie Ventures
If you're a fan of horses, you'll love Horse Riding Tales, the ultimate multiplayer online horse racing game. Start as a stable hand and work your way up to become a dressage and horse racing superstar! With amazing 3D graphics, you'll enter the world of Meadowcroft, a peaceful equestrian town surrounded by fields and plains full of cute animals. Customize your character and tame wild horses such as the Mustang, Dapple Grey, Appaloosa, and other paint horses. Train them to race against other players in galloping online races. You can also explore the outskirts of your farm and beyond, searching for the mythical Pegasus and Unicorn horses who once roamed free in the sky. Compete in the prestigious Meadowcroft riding academy against other students in equestrian tournaments. Show off your skills and participate in show jumping competitions dressed up in the coolest cowgirl gear you can imagine. Join forces with your club members and take part in weekly challenges where you can win amazing prizes. You can also collect cute animal pets, from foxes and wolf pups to mystical tigers. Craft western riding accessories such as saddles, bridles, blankets, and more using resources you collect in the world. Also, complete horse care quests in your stable to keep your animal in high spirits. The happier your horse is, the better it will perform in equestrian events. Download Horse Riding Tales for free today and discover a world of endless possibilities. With updates on the way, including Shetland ponies and more fantasy pegasus and unicorn horses, this game takes mobile equestrian games to a new level! Please note, this game requires a network connection and offers optional in-app purchases that cost real money. You can disable in-app purchases by adjusting your device settings.
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WGT Golf

Play #1 free mobile golf game featuring over 15 championship courses, multiplayer modes, Topgolf experience and realistic golf simulation with virtual equipment.

Indulge in the free-to-play golf game by Topgolf Media, that has been featured on top sports channels such as NBC Sports, Golf Channel, DIRECTV and FOX Sports. The game boasts an array of prominent golfing destinations, including the likes of Pebble Beach, Bandon Dunes (rated as the top resort by Golf Digest), Chambers Bay and St Andrews, all of which have hosted PGA Tours. The game is designed with advanced GPS and 3D technologies, delivering a complete experience of playing a real game of golf. PREMIUM GOLF COURSES The game invites you to explore more than 15 championship standard golf courses, including Pebble Beach (the host location for the U.S. Open five times), Bandon Dunes (rated as the top resort by Golf Digest), Chambers Bay (host location for the 2015 U.S. Open), Bethpage Black (host location for the 2019 PGA Championship and 2024 Ryder Cup), Celtic Manor (2010 Ryder Cup), Congressional Country Club (2011 U.S. Open), Kiawah Island (2012 and 2021 PGA Championship), Olympic Club (2012 U.S. Open), Pinehurst Resort (2014 U.S. Open), Royal St. George's (host location for The Open Championship in 2011 and 2020), St Andrews (host location for The Open Championship in 2015 and 2021), and Valhalla Golf Club (host location for 2014 and 2024 PGA Championship). DIVERSE GAME FORMATS Compete against friends or other players in head-to-head games with live chat and competitive leaderboards in multiplayer games. Choose from single-player full 18-hole stroke play and quick 9-hole closest-to-the-hole games. Experience the exclusive Topgolf mode, that lets you enjoy up to six players competing against one another and scoring points by hitting targets in the outfield. There are free tournaments including the Virtual U.S. Open (held in collaboration with the USGA, with a grand prize trip to the actual U.S. Open Championship), WGT Virtual Tour Championship (in partnership with Golf Channel), and many more. REALISTIC GOLF SIMULATION Equipped with virtual golf equipment, including drivers, woods, hybrids, irons, wedges, putters, and golf balls, players can choose from a range of shot types such as full, punch, pitch, chip, flop, and putt. Players must also play different golf lies all over the course, including the tee, fairway, rough, fescue, bunker, and green. These realistic simulations create a complete golfing experience. VIRTUAL GOLF EQUIPMENT Players can upgrade their virtual golf clubs and golf balls to improve their skills in the game, with the WGT Pro Shop featuring equipment from their favourite golf brands such as Callaway, Cobra, Odyssey, Ping, Scotty Cameron, TaylorMade, Titleist, and much more. TURN SOCIALISING INTO A SPORT Invite friends to compete in multiplayer games equipped with live chat, join a country club to meet new people, improve your golfing skills, and take part in exclusive events and private tournaments. Give your friends virtual equipment and boosts from the Pro Shop. GET IN TOUCH Access the game through a fast internet connection, as WGT Golf Mobile has some stunning graphics to immerse you into the game. The game is free to play, with the choice to purchase credits to upgrade equipment or compete in challenges to earn credits. World Golf Tour players can also log in and use their existing accounts and virtual golf equipment. For more information, visit the WGT Help and Support page. Also, refer to the privacy policy and terms of service on the WGT website.
Among the Stars

Build space stations, manage power, and engage in diplomacy with eight unique alien races to defeat a new threat in Among the Stars.

Among the StarsCublo
Explore a distant future where a once peaceful galaxy has been devastated by war and ravaged by an ominous new threat that looms large. In this strategic card game, you represent one of the alien races fighting for survival. Your mission is to help build space stations throughout the galaxy, encourage diplomacy, trade, and ultimately defeat the threatening new enemy that all races face. Your ultimate goal is to make your space station the most impressive in the galaxy. To accomplish your mission, you must select locations through card drafting to build and extend your station to score victory points. Your goal is to carefully manage your power reactors to sustain your expanding base while balancing and harmonizing your station's five types of locations to achieve the optimal victory strategy. Eight different alien races with unique skills make the game even more exciting and challenging. Your race's extraordinary skill can be employed to take advantage over your opponent or create a combo that advances your strategy and leads you to victory. You can also undertake optional objectives on each mission to gain an edge over your opponents, with the option to play it safe or risk it all for greater rewards. Enjoy an engaging single player challenge-based campaign or play an asynchronous online multiplayer game for three to four players. A rules-based AI system provides a clever, strategic challenge. With 120 card locations, there's plenty of replayability and great depth to enjoy. Additionally, you'll have access to leaderboards, in-game manuals, and our tutorial, making Among the Stars the perfect game for newcomers and seasoned players alike.
Rolling Twins

Rolling Twins: A casual music game with one-touch controls. Drag and hold the ball to match the rhythm and unlock new songs. Beware of traps!

Rolling TwinsCobby Labs
Rolling Twins, the perfect music game for your leisure time! With its seamless blend of rhythm and music, you are in for a treat of unexpected emotions. This game presents a vast array of musical styles ranging from Pop and Rock to KPOP and EDM for you to immerse yourself into. Featuring an easy-to-play design- where one-tap controls are all you need, this game presents a relaxing and casual experience that you will love. With its fantastic design and colorful graphics, players are promised an unparalleled aesthetic experience. The game is fairly simple - hold and drag the ball to move it left and right and drag the balls to the tiles to meet the rhythm of the music. While you're at it, be wary of obstacles that could hinder your progress. With the goal of completing as many songs as possible, challenge yourself to unlock new songs by collecting diamonds and coins. For a complete musical immersion, it is suggested to wear headphones and let the rolling balls take you away! Get ready to enjoy the rhythm and experience the beat like never before with Rolling Twins!
Amazing Thief

Play as a daring thief evading the police in an intense rooftop chase. Go beyond the limits of speed in this thrilling game.

Amazing ThiefAHP App
Dawn had just broken when the ruckus outside my window startled me awake. Peering through the panes, I spotted a deft burglar leaping across rooftops with effortless grace, evading the futile pursuit of the authorities. His agility was astounding, rendering police powerless against him.
Fighting Tiger: Liberal

Fight for survival and love as Kung Fu fighter, Gin, in Fighting Tiger - Liberal. Use various fighting styles and weapons to defeat the Savage-Tiger Gang.

Fighting Tiger: LiberalJiin Feng
You play as Gin, a skilled Kung Fu warrior who wants to exit his gang. Unfortunately, his gang has other plans for him. Gin must fight for his life and that of his girlfriend, knowing that the wrong move can result in instant death. Take advantage of a range of fighting styles, including Liberal Kungfu techniques such as Chinese boxing, Sanda, Bajiquan, Chinese sword fighting, as well as using a gun to knock down enemies with a variety of attack moves. This sophisticated game boasts a highly sensitive 3D fighting control system that's incredibly easy to use on your mobile device. Not only that, but players can enjoy highly advanced 3D characters and huge scenes as they fight their way through the game. The motion is smooth and intense, with punching, kicking, catching, throwing, dodging, and many other techniques to use in the street fight brawl. You can also pick up a variety of weapons to strike your enemies. Improve your fighting skills by learning Kung Fu and martial art using 3D interactive mode. With Fighting Tiger - Liberal, players will engage in battle against the evil forces of the Savage-Tiger Gang. The ultimate goal is to rescue Gin's lover, Shan from their clutches. Defend yourself against these deadly attackers using a wide variety of techniques and attacks. Master them all, and you just may survive.
Among the Dead Ones

Scavenge, fight and survive in Autumn County against The Dead Ones. Realistic graphics, combat, crafting and updates, with local and online multiplayer coming.

Among the Dead OnesNicky Lee
Set in the ominous town of Autumn County, Connecticut, Among the Dead Ones lets you scavenge for essential supplies to aid you in the fight for survival against the undead. With realistic graphics and a day and night cycle powered by Unreal Engine 4, the game immerses you in a world of despair and horror. A hauntingly atmospheric soundtrack adds to the eeriness of this game, as you explore the dark corners of the town and encounter various obstacles in your quest to stay alive. But this is just the beginning - as more features and new content are set to be added through updates. You can look forward to the possibility of crafting new items by scrapping materials from junk items or unused ones. Besides, exploration of a bigger world with more buildings, towns, and cities and many more landmarks to be added is in the works. Expect changes in the combat system, including various zombie variations and better AI. Among the Dead Ones will also have complete combat gameplay overhaul. More weapons, items, and tighter combat features that make you bleed will definitely let you enjoy the best aspects of gaming. The gameplay systems will be enhanced too. You'll be able to fish, cook and refine your skill when it comes to base-building along with experience, leveling up, and RPG elements. One of the exciting new additions will be local and online multiplayer gaming. You can form teams of eight players locally and 32 online and host and join servers to broaden your experience of adrenalin-pumping gaming. Customization options such as equipment systems let you equip your character with clothes, armor, and accessories you pick up along the way. Besides, character movement too has undergone an overhaul, including swimming, climbing, vaulting, parkour, and prone movements. The UI, HUD, and controls too have undergone a complete overhaul and promise a more intuitive touch experience. Players might be thrilled to note that controller support has been added too. The game is perfect for players who enjoy the zombie genre, and the endless possibilities that come with the updates will make it even more worth playing. It is essential to note that this game was developed by one dedicated and determined person, with an immense amount of hard work and determination put into its creation. Among the Dead Ones promises to become an exciting and thrilling experience for everyone.

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