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A Monster's Expedition

Explore islands and learn about human history in adorable puzzle game A Monster's Expedition; supported from Apple Arcade.

A Monster's ExpeditionDraknek Limited
Welcome to A Monster's Expedition, a mesmerizing open world puzzle adventure for monsters who are curious about the human world. Discover the fascinating history of humanity by exploring hundreds of islands, both near and far, by pushing trees to create pathways. Crafted by the most talented puzzle designers in the industry, A Monster's Expedition comes with relaxing gameplay and cute graphics. Don't take our word for it, Eurogamer calls it "glorious," while PC Gamer describes it as a "warm and cosy puzzle game with brain-teasers that will sooth your synapses rather than fry them." With simple but profound mechanics, this adorable game offers countless possibilities to uncover. There are many islands to visit, some right in front of you, others well-hidden off the beaten track for genuine puzzle lovers. Immerse yourself in human culture as you discover new exhibits from the "Human Englandland" dig site. Each exhibit is accompanied by expert "insights" that may or may not include idle speculation, rumor, and hearsay. However, it's essential to note that "Insight" isn't a legally binding term. Join curious monsters in exploring human culture, mythology, and history in this enchanting game from the creators of A Good Snowman is Hard to Build and Cosmic Express.
Alter - Between Two Worlds

In a tile-based adventure, Alter lets players explore dual worlds, solve complex puzzles, and help Ana in her soul-searching quest.

Alter - Between Two WorldsCriss Cross Games
Alter is an exciting puzzle game where players can uncover two parallel universes. A journey through this game will reveal wonderfully crafted levels with precise and intricate details. The purpose is to unravel challenging puzzles by using simple and easy-to-learn controls, pushing or moving blocks. Along the way, players can explore multidimensional enemies and environmental elements, such as platforms, blocks and switches. The unique aspect about Alter is the feature of travelling back and forth between these worlds with the ability to solve new puzzles. Plot: Playing as the protagonist, Ana embarks on a soul-searching quest marked by grief and happiness that leads her to a mysterious temple in the barren desert. The ultimate goal is to assist Ana to overcome all challenging obstacles in her path by collecting atomic elements. Together, players will explore various regions rich with diversity and experience the unimaginable. Specs: • Discover diverse and distinct environments with each chapter offering unique visual displays. • Navigate through two parallel worlds. • Unlock new levels by solving tricky puzzles. • Novel puzzle mechanics introducing a captivating and entertaining game. • Enjoy original and vibrant soundtrack, adding to the perfect gaming experience. • Playable on both tablets and smartphones.
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Journey through surreal world, explore different landscapes, match blocks, and listen original songs in this addictive puzzle game.

Embark on an exhilarating journey through an otherworldly realm where time, space, and nature are intertwined in a mesmerizing way. Enter into a sombre chamber haunted with secrets that are yet to unfold. Through its labyrinthine doors, you will be transported to a wide array of magical worlds, cascading with breathtaking landscapes that promise to leave a lasting impression on your soul. Get yourself engrossed in this alluring puzzle game with immersive gameplay, exceptional visual effects, and an intriguing storyline where you will have to match blocks and surmount challenges to progress. Enjoy the transcendental melodies of 11 original tracks that will take you on an emotional rollercoaster ride, from soothing violin notes to harmonica and accordion ambience. "AppAdvice appreciates this game with its excellent block sliding puzzle gameplay blended with fantastic graphics, giving players the ultimate puzzle experience."
Angry Birds Journey

Join the Angry Birds on a magical Slingshot Adventure to rescue adorable Hatchlings and solve puzzles in exotic locations. Play now for free!

Angry Birds JourneyRovio Entertainment Corporation
Get ready to embark on a thrilling and enchanting Slingshot Adventure with the Angry Birds as they set out to recover the Egg Wonders! Employ your skilled techniques to launch birds with the slingshot, bring down menacing towers, and free your sweet and lovable Hatchlings in this amusing and enjoyable slingshot game. It is a relaxed and carefree adventure for you to unwind and loosen up to, making it the most fun and friendly Angry Birds production yet! Also, you will encounter and resolve countless captivating puzzles such as uniting fireflies with their mates and many others. Features: • An accessible game that is easy to grasp at all times! • Puzzles that are both pleasurable and soothing to solve! • Hundreds of riveting and captivating game levels! • Enjoyable leisure in every stage! • Win numerous coins and fantastic bonuses as you complete different levels! • Play with both the traditional and NEW Angry Birds cast! • Embark on an epic adventure and visit fascinating and unusual geographical areas! • Keep up with the exciting storyline of the Egg Wonders! Do you require assistance? Why not visit our assistance webpage or send us a message at Do you like it? Then like us on Facebook: Angry Birds Fighting is free to play, but it contains optional in-app purchases. ---------------------------------------- Periodically, we might update the game, for instance, to incorporate new elements or to fix glitches or other technical flaws. Please note that if you do not have the most recent version installed, the game may not run smoothly. If you do not have the most recent upgrade, Rovio cannot be held responsible for the game malfunctions. While playing this game, the energy consumption of your device is balanced by Rovio. Terms of Use: Privacy Policy:
FurryFury: Smash & Roll

FurryFury: a fast-paced, physics-based arena puzzle brawler featuring cute, deadly beasts, various pickups, and multiplayer matchups.

FurryFury: Smash & RollCosmic Publishing
FurryFury is a game that relies on your skills in controlling the movements of cute little beasts as they compete against each other in fierce battles within deadly arenas. Think of a game of pool, but instead of balls, there are these adorable furry creatures, and instead of a table, they play in dangerous arenas. Additionally, there are unique abilities, various pickups, and a battle-royale twist. Participate in either 1v1 duels or 2v2 multiplayer matches, both of which are fast-paced and based on physics. Alternatively, play through story mode where you will encounter challenging bosses and explore a peculiar world. You can even invite a friend to join you on your adventures. Select your favorite monster from a wide range of choices, and make use of their unique abilities while adapting your strategies to suit ever-changing conditions. Utilize power-ups and gradually evolve to unleash your beast's full potential and launch devastating combo moves. Indulge in the character customization mode by gathering beasts and unlocking all the skins available. Express yourself by finding your favorite sets of skins, trails, and dialogues, and showcase your choices to your friends. In addition to the aforementioned features, FurryFury also includes ranking, adventure mode, daily quests, achievements, and a season pass that promises non-duplicate rewards. With this fair and free-to-play game, your playing skills are the only thing that counts. Although FurryFury is easy to learn, it is difficult to master - ultimately making it the best original arena puzzle brawler game of its kind.
Daddy Long Legs

Control Daddy Long Legs, a creature on stilts, and walk as far as you can in this simple yet challenging game. Collect gifts and unlock fun costumes.

Daddy Long LegsSet Snail
Meet Daddy Long Legs, the infamous tall-walking character. Take charge of this fabulous creature and get ready to walk on stilts in this weirdly satisfying and hilarious game. But beware, walking with stilts is no easy task. Take it one step at a time and avoid falling down. Don't be fooled by the simplistic nature of the game. Consider it a challenge to see how far you can go. You can even unlock different looks for Daddy and make him look fabulous. Your ultimate goal is to walk as far as possible, but with legs that are five times longer than the rest of the body, it won't be an easy feat. Tap the screen to change legs and watch Daddy Long Legs stumble hilariously across the screen. It's strangely addictive and rewarding with each new attempt. The game features include playing as Daddy or Horse, collecting gifts to unlock fantastic new costumes, competing with friends, and experiencing simple, challenging, and quirky gameplay. It also offers cheap laughs and realistic faceplants. You can compete for the global high score or even the daily high score. Daddy Long Legs is perfect for players who enjoy tough challenges and enjoy laughing at silly furry creatures. Give it a try and see how far you can go with this hilarious game on stilts.
Chiki's Chase

Chiki's Chase is an action-packed platformer with 2-button play, unlockable characters, and endless randomized levels. Collect upgrades and hats to rank up.

Chiki's Chasedvdfu
Chiki's Chase is an exciting action platformer that promises fast-paced gameplay with challenging obstacles to tackle. Take control of Chiki and his buddies and immerse yourself in a world of mysterious creatures, explosive scenarios, and magical gateways. How far can you possibly go in this thrilling adventure? This mobile-first game features easy-to-learn 2-button control mechanics that put all the action in the palm of your hands. With over 25 impressive power-ups in your arsenal, you will sure have no problem surmounting the hurdles ahead. Unlock various characters with their unique fighting styles that infuse more variety and excitement to the game. Visit friendly shopkeepers along the way that will make your journey even more pleasurable. Chiki's Chase owns pixel art that adds a charming and nostalgic feel to the game, complimented with an awesome soundtrack that keeps you pumped for the next level. Get ready for endless levels full of surprises, traps, and dangerous enemies that will test your reflexes and skills. Get the paid version and access to over 25 trendy hats collection that you can flaunt as you rank up your characters to handle up to ten upgrades at once. Best of all, there are no ads interrupting your game experience, neither do you need any WiFi or your device's push notification to play. Get off the fence and join the league of Chiki's Chase players. Purchase now and thank us later.

Juicy mobile platformer, with perfect controls, 150+ levels and tough, thrilling obstacles to master; winner of various awards.

See/SawPhilipp Stollenmayer
Get ready to experience a mobile platformer like never before with controls that deliver precision and swiftness in over 150 challenging levels. Get set to slice, spear, and pound your character as you strive to grab the very last coin in every level. This game has earned numerous accolades such as being one of the "Best 10 games" at the Google Play Indie Games Showcase 2019, as well as being crowned as the "Best Mobile Game 2019" at the German computer game prize. has dubbed it as "game of the week" and praised it as "a brutal and elegant modern classic" with a rating of 4.5 out of 5. According to, it is "fabulously clever and addictive", and has described it as an "excellently made platform". Meanwhile, has given it a 9/10 rating, calling it "superbly complex". Lastly, has rated it 9.5/10, making it a must-have game for gamers looking for a thrilling and addictive challenge.
Boom Mania

Blast through levels with Bomberman-style gameplay, fight bosses, collect new bombs and gear, and save your friends from Xaraxas.

Boom ManiaCzech Games Edition
Step into the shoes of a skilled bomber and emerge as the ultimate champion in Goblin history. This exciting game takes you on an adventure to rescue your kidnapped friends from the clutches of the nefarious lord Xaraxas. With a Bomberman-style gameplay, you will explore nine different worlds filled with a host of enemies to take down, powerups to collect, and objectives to complete. Experience the thrill of fighting mighty bosses and testing your skills in challenging battles. With the option to customize your character using a plethora of bombs, armor, and magical items, you can optimize your gameplay and become invincible. Collect stars to unlock new gear and explore procedurally generated levels that ensure that the gameplay is always fresh. The game features handcrafted pixel-art environments and cute enemies that will keep you glued to your screen. You can even take on AI opponents in the special arena challenges, showcasing your skills and strategy. The game's smooth and precise control is designed specifically for touchscreens, ensuring that your gameplay is effortless. This game is a breath of fresh air for Bomberman fans worldwide. With its cool pixel graphics, fantastic chiptunes soundtrack, and smooth controls, it's no wonder that players are raving about it. You can pay once and play forever, which means that your journey to become the ultimate champion need never end. So, what are you waiting for? Dive into the world of Goblin history and become the best bomber around!
Quest Hunter

Quest Hunter": Isometric RPG with puzzles, bosses and treasure. Play alone or with a group of friends. Free demo, full game purchase.

Quest Hunter2 Zombie Games
Step into the world of Quest Hunter, an isometric action-role playing game, where your decisions can change the course of the story. Unravel the devious plans of your foes by discovering tons of treasures, secrets, and hidden gaps in randomized dungeons. Solve puzzles, level up your skills, and vanquish enemy monsters to become an invincible killing machine. Enjoy the game alone or together with your friends on the couch in a cooperative mode. Play online party with up to four players to fight against the forces of darkness that lurk in the shadowy corners of each level. Embark on a unique adventure of a story-driven RPG by influencing the narrative with your choices in the dialogue. Prevent the world from falling into eternal darkness by outmaneuvering the sneaky foes of the game. Keep your torch lit to scatter the lurking creatures away and guard yourself from their lurking shadows. Upgrade your character by developing new skills and attributes to become an unstoppable killing-machine. Create, find, and upgrade your weapons and armor to boost your chances of defeating cunning bosses. Cook deadly potions or create bombs and dig up treasure maps to become the wealthiest adventurer in the game. Complete various quests and puzzles that require players to move, turn, light, switch over, and dig up unique treasures to find stashes and hiding places. Monsters and bosses line up for battle, each with their special brand of cunning. Be prepared to fight light-fearing beasts, insidious bandits, and cunning bosses. Collect trophies of your enemy's defeat and build a collection of treasures as you progress through each level. Try your luck by finding your way out of the dungeon, and never forget: only the torch light will keep you safe. Start by playing the first locations for free and later upgrade to the full game via in-app purchase. Follow Quest Hunter on Facebook, Twitter, and Discord at, @2zombiegames, and, respectively.
King of Thieves

Join a guild of thieves, steal gems and build your fortress to protect your treasure. Use ancient spells to defeat other guilds in the arena!

King of ThievesZeptoLab
Clash of Clans

Build your village, raise your clan and compete in epic clan wars with unique troops, defenses and spells. Clash now!

Clash of ClansSupercell
Enter the world of Clash and join millions of players worldwide in building your village, raising your clan, and competing in epic Clan Wars! Get ready to meet every unique troop including beard-wearing Barbarians and fire-wielding Wizards! In Skeleton Park, a new Clan Capital District with indestructible barriers, create chaos and destruction in enemy districts with the all-new Graveyard Spell! Scare your opponents with strong new defenses like the Mini-Minion Hive and Reflector! Also, customize your Player House and earn Capital Trophies in Clan Capital Leagues! This update includes the explosive Super Miner and a significant upgrade for Shovel of Obstacles. Classic Features remain the same in Clash of Clans! Join a Clan of players, fight in Clan Wars with your team, test your skills in Clan War Leagues, and forge alliances, work together with your Clan in Clan Games to earn valuable Magic items. Make an elaborate battle plan with countless combinations of Spells, Troops, and Heroes, compete with the best players worldwide to reach the top of the Leaderboard in Legend League. Collect resources and loot from other players to upgrade your own Village and turn it into an unbreakable fortress. Also, unlock epic Heroes like the Barbarian King, Archer Queen, Grand Warden, Royal Champion, and Battle Machine. Conduct research and upgrade your Laboratory to make your Troops, Spells, and Siege Machines more powerful. Create your own custom PVP experiences through Friendly Challenges, Friendly Wars, and special live events. You can watch Clanmates attacking and defending in real-time or view the video replays. Additionally, fight against the Goblin King in a single-player campaign mode through the realm, learn new tactics, and experiment with your army and Clan Castle troops in Practice Mode. Journey to the Builder Base to explore new buildings and characters in a mysterious world. Turn your Builder Base into an unbeatable fortress and defeat rival players in Versus Battles, get skins and sceneries to customize your Village. Please note that some game items can also be purchased for real money. However, Clash of Clans is free to download. To use or not these features, disable in-app purchases in your device's settings. Moreover, under our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service, you must be at least 13 years old to download or play. If you enjoy playing Clash of Clans, you may also like other Supercell games like Clash Royale, Brawl Stars, Boom Beach, and Hay Day. Technical support is available through or Contact us in game by going to Settings and Help for more information.

Build colorful blob groups to progress in relaxing puzzle game Vlobs, unlocking new mechanics and a second mode.

VlobsLost Minds
Vlobs is the ultimate game for puzzle enthusiasts where players join clusters of vibrant blobs or vlobs, connecting them in distinctive ways to advance through the levels. The gameplay is simple and relaxing yet engaging enough to keep you engrossed as you attempt to fill the board correctly. As you work your way up the levels, you'll encounter interesting mechanics, new powers, and an array of challenges that make the game even more addictive. Once you progress far enough, you'll have access to a second game mode that is just as interesting and exciting as the first. So come and immerse yourself in the world of Vlobs and see how far you can go!
Leo's Fortune

Leo's Fortune is an award-winning adventure game with physics-based puzzles and beautiful hand-crafted levels that follow the tale of Leo in his pursuit to regain his stolen fortune.

Leo's Fortune1337 & Senri LLC
Embark on an adventure of a lifetime in Leo's Fortune, an incredibly designed platform game where you pursue a devious and enigmatic burglar who has stolen all of your gold. This compelling narrative is brought to life by stunningly hand-crafted levels that will captivate players. Explore gorgeous environments spanning verdant woodlands, barren deserts, bustling pirate towns, and snow-coated mountains on an exciting journey. Survive a multitude of perilous traps and overcome physics-based puzzles that beset you through 24 levels of hazardous platform action. Follow the trail of gold to discover the sinister truth behind this theft in this exceptional platformer that has earned considerable critical acclaim. Put your gaming skills to the test by completing Leo's Fortune to unlock Hardcore Mode - attempt to conquer the entire game without dying, a remarkable feat that few can achieve in this epic platformer. Challenge your friends to beat the levels as quickly as possible. Experience seamless gameplay with Game Controllers and Gamepads designed for Android devices, Cloud Save, Leaderboards, and Achievements. Watch the captivating Rube Goldberg trailer to witness how Leo's Fortune is brought to life in real-time on Sign up to the community on,, and let us know your thoughts, opinions, or other needs. Contact us at *Compatibility with your game controller or gamepad manufacturer is essential as certain Game Controllers and Gamepads have specific minimum device requirements. If using Android TV, a compatible gamepad is required to play. Conversely, handheld devices don't need a gamepad. Below are some possible solutions if you cannot continue playing due to issues post-Content download: On your device, navigate to Settings > Apps > Google Play, and select "clear cache" and "clear data." Then, try to restart the game. Read our EULA in great detail on and our Privacy Policy on
Where's Samantha?

Help George find his lost love Samantha in a whimsical 2D world full of physics-based puzzles and hand-drawn artwork. Narrated by Rufus Hound.

Where's Samantha?ROKiT
Looking for Samantha, the love of his life, George- a humble piece of cloth, is enlisting your help. Good news is that he has an excellent sense of humor that will make you go through a delightful adventure in the world of fabric. Overcoming puzzles and obstacles, traverse the gentle world of fabrics to unfold George's whimsical tale. This game is all about two pieces of fabric, fated to be together. This storybook-style game is a heart-warming tale of love that will charm you. Be prepared to dive into a vibrant 2D fabric world- hand-drawn with artwork full of whimsy. With George leading your way, venture through 45 levels of puzzles that vary in complexity. Every puzzle is based on the principles of physics, so be ready to use your intelligence to solve them. Admire the beautifully crafted hand-drawn artworks that come to life in the intriguing world of fabrics. Rufus Hound, the award-winning actor, presenter, and comedian, narrates this game. You can expect nothing less than the best narrative experience.

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