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Goose Goose Duck

Goose Goose Duck is a social deduction game set in various environments with 50+ roles, 9+ maps, and 6+ game modes, featuring built-in voice chat and loads of cosmetics.

Goose Goose DuckGaggle Studios, Inc.
Get ready to embrace your silly side and dive into the expansive world of Birdverse in Goose Goose Duck, a social deduction game where it's all about teamwork. Alongside your flock of geese, you'll need to work together to accomplish your objectives while keeping an eye out for nefarious Mallards and Birdverse's other dangerous denizens. Goose Goose Duck features a variety of exciting modes, including the Classic, Draft, Corruption, and Trick-or-Treat modes. Choose from over 50 unique character roles, such as the Pelican, Canadian Goose, and Party Duck, each with their own special abilities. The game also offers a range of customization options, with loads of hats, costumes, pets, player banners, and farts to distinguish your goose from others. Explore nine different maps, each with its own unique atmosphere and hazards, including Bloodhaven, S.S. Mothergoose, Mallard Manor, Basement, and Ancient Sands. You can also enjoy the game's built-in voice chat and proximity chat options to communicate with other players as you work together to outsmart your opposition. The game also features a lounge with a claw machine that you can use to trade in-game tokens for even more customization options. You can play privately with friends or join public lobbies to meet and play with new people. Expect seasonal and holiday events to spice things up and unlock Task Race mode, allowing you to earn special tokens to purchase exclusive cosmetics and items. Connect with Goose Goose Duck's community on social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Tiktok, and Facebook, or join the Discord server for more updates and online camaraderie. Don't miss your chance to experience the thrill of social deduction with Goose Goose Duck!
Bloons TD Battles 2

Battle head-to-head with Monkey Towers & Bloons in Arenas to reach the Hall of Masters. Customize builds, weapons & cosmetics.

Bloons TD Battles 2Ninja Kiwi
Rise to the top and make a name for yourself in the highly competitive world of Bloons TD Battles 2 by battling your way through challenging arenas and claiming your place among the Hall of Masters elites. From the creators of the widely acclaimed Bloons TD 6 comes the latest iteration of the head-to-head tower defense video game that players cannot get enough of. Build your team of powerful monkey towers and gather your hero to take on challenge after challenge as you face off against tenacious opponents and ruthless waves of bloons. Experience Tower Defense Thrills Like Never Before! In the world of Bloons TD Battles 2, it's your strategic genius against the skills of another where each player competes against each other head-on. Outthink and overpower your opponent in thrilling, one-on-one gameplay with a host of powerful defenses, as you also plot a bloon offensive with the aim of overwhelming them. With a host of strategic choices at your disposal, victory can be yours if you plan carefully. Showcase Your Skills in Battle! With nine unique arenas to battle through, players can progress through the ranks as they improve their skills in skill-based gameplay and claim their rightful place among the elites on the dynamic ELO-based leaderboard. Work hard and smart to achieve success, earn unique badges and progress through increasingly challenging arenas to emerge as a victor and carve out a legacy that lasts a lifetime. Get Ready to Take the Fight to the Enemy! Equip yourself with familiar heroes and brand-new alternatives with unique upgrades, including the latest monkey towers - all with fifteen unique upgrades each. Take full advantage of the all-new Bloon send system that is optimized for economy building and attacks. You are the master of your fate in this epic game, so choose your towers wisely and unleash your strategy to attain victory and emerge as the ultimate winner. Stand Out with Customizable Loadouts! Win in style as you customise your loadout with an array of stylish cosmetic items. With hundreds of unique animations, emotes and bloon skins to choose from, you'll never tire of experimenting with different styles. And every new season brings fresh and exciting content, so there's always something new to look forward to in your favorite game. Are you ready to take up the challenge and smash your way through all levels of the Bloons TD Battles 2? Gear up, strategize, and unleash your battle skills to prove to the world that you have what it takes to be a champion!
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Cookie Run: Kingdom

Join the Cookies and build your sweet kingdom to battle against Dark Enchantress Cookie and her legion in Cookie Run: Kingdom.

Cookie Run: KingdomDevsisters Corporation
◼︎ THE ADORABLE COOKIES WE ALL LOVE ARE BACK! Experience the magic of Cookie Run: Kingdom with our beloved Cookies, brought to life by an incredibly talented cast of voice actors. Fall in love with their charming voices as you witness their epic skills and personalize their outfits with new trendy costumes. ◼︎ EMBARK ON AN UNFORGETTABLE JOURNEY THROUGH EARTHBREAD Unravel the mysteries of the ancient Cookies and their kingdoms, and join forces with GingerBrave and his friends to defeat the powerful Dark Enchantress Cookie and her army. Get ready for an exciting adventure in Cookie Run: Kingdom! ◼︎ DESIGN YOUR DREAM SWEET KINGDOM Create the kingdom of your dreams by choosing from a variety of eye-catching decorations that are unique in every way. Explore the vibrant kingdom life by producing various materials, crafting items and designing fun activities. ◼︎ CONQUER THE BATTLEFIELD Form the ultimate Cookie team with endless combinations of toppings and treasures to prove your battle prowess in Kingdom Arena, Cookie Alliance, Super Mayhem and Guild Battles. Develop diverse strategies to emerge victorious! ■ BRING YOUR GUILD TO GLORY Work with your guildmates to climb to the top of the rankings. Expand your guild's domain, gather Guild Relics, and become the strongest guild out there! [Access Required] For devices running Android 10 or older: Storage: allows the app to install the game and store game data • READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE • WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE For devices running Android 11 or newer: ※ If you play the game as a guest, your data will be deleted when you delete the app. [Denying Access] Select Allow or Deny in Settings, Privacy, or the selected permission.
Botworld Adventure

Explore Botworld to collect rare scrap and discover new bots. Battle using unique strategic system. Collect, customize, choose species and create/join guilds.

Botworld AdventureFeatherweight
Looking for an adventure in a web browser-based game? Look no further because Botworld is the game for you. This open world game offers a huge and diverse environment that you can freely explore. Go out and discover the world with your team of bots while collecting rare scrap and meeting interesting characters along the way. Make sure to keep a strong team, for Botworld is full of surprises. Get ready to face off with your foes with the unique strategic battle system. Watch your bots use their advanced AI in charging, stunning or blasting around the arena while you choose the perfect abilities to outsmart your enemies. With each bot having unique abilities and a powerful ultimate, combining it with your favourite player abilities will surely yield maximum effect. Discover, build, and collect rare and powerful bots to build your ultimate team. Search the world for new bot recipes and collect rare scrap to build and upgrade your bots. You can even customize their powers and abilities as they level up and become stronger. You can select from four animal species; cats, dogs, buffalo, and lizards and choose a unique look to add your personality to the character. Choose your appearance and become fully immersed in the world of Botworld while playing as your favorite species. Finally, Botworld offers guilds where botmasters can collaborate and go on quests together. You can join existing guilds or create your own, allowing you to share strategies and discoveries through the guild text chat. Taking on these guild-exclusive events with your crew will let you score unique scrap and outfits. Enter the world of Botworld now and start your adventure.
Heroes Strike

A mobile MOBA with various modes, 3v3 combat, and a balance of strategy and action. Free-to-play with easy progression and frequent content updates.

Heroes StrikeWolffun Pte Ltd
Looking for a MOBA game that doesn't need internet connection? Look no further! This game offers modern and trending game modes such as 3v3 Modern MOBA, Battle Royale with 12 players, Game of King with 8 Players, and many more modes that get updated on a monthly basis. What makes this game unique is its 3v3 combat style that offers the perfect blend of fun and depth. Equip your hero with two skills of your choice besides the main hero ability, giving you a great mix of strategy and action. Each hero comes with their signature attacks and abilities, providing a vast collection of characters to choose from. The game offers various types of skills such as attack, defense, stun, and support. This game is designed with freebies in mind, as it provides solid heroes in each class plus five different skills to start with. You'll find generous rewards and easy progression with all items available for free. As a MOBA game player, this game is definitely worth checking out. It's a fair, "all-about-skill" mid-core game with simple rules and easy to learn controls. The characters and skills are balanced, and new content is frequently added such as new heroes, skins, skills, arenas and modes. Lag won't be a problem as the game has servers throughout the world, offering a seamless gaming experience. There are also fun events available all the time, giving you great opportunities to earn decent items. So, prepare your tactics, battle side by side with your allies, and climb up the League in this exciting game!
Bullet Echo

Bullet Echo: a tactical top-down shooter where you use stealth, team up, and shoot to win. Dozens of heroes, multiple modes, and unique abilities.

Bullet EchoZeptoLab
Are you a fan of action-packed shooter games? Bullet Echo might just be the game for you! This tactical top-down shooter game is filled with thrilling PvP game modes where you can either stealthily strike your enemies or team up with your friends and shoot your way towards victory! With dozens of heroes to choose from, each having their own unique play style, weaponry, and abilities, you can be sure to find the perfect one that matches your gaming style. Together with your friends, you can create a winning strategy and aim to be the last team standing! Bullet Echo was designed by the masterminds behind some well-known games such as C.A.T.S.: Crash Arena Turbo Stars, King of Thieves, and Cut the Rope. We assure you that you are in for a treat with this game! If you want to experience a unique genre of tactical stealth action, Bullet Echo is the game to play! Your vision is limited by the beam of a flashlight, but you can still hear your enemies' footsteps and shots, making the game more thrilling. The game is designed for team play; so, start playing with your friends online right away, and your hero's level will match the highest level in your party. Bullet Echo offers multiple game modes like Team vs. Team, Solo, and Battle Royale mode, where 5 small teams compete against each other on one map. You can also unlock and upgrade new heroes in the game, each having their unique set of abilities. Ranking up will increase your hero's power, and you can unlock new perks to enhance your gameplay experience. To stay on top, you can participate in championships, accomplish missions, and receive valuable resources to help you progress in the game. With every fight, you can unlock new heroes with unique weapons, perks, maps, and game modes, making it more exciting and keeping you hooked on the game! In conclusion, Bullet Echo has everything you need for an incredible gaming experience, and you can join the official Discord server of the game for more thrilling action:
Bombergrounds: Reborn

Bombergrounds is a fast-paced and chaotic battle royale game with team modes, animal heroes, and power-ups. Unlock skins and upgrade to become the best.

Bombergrounds: RebornGigantic Duck Games
Experience wild and action-packed Bomber battles that you won't find anywhere else! Join forces with your pals and work together to become victorious. Earn powerful animal characters with unique abilities that can be used in various modes, and level them up to their maximum potential. Collect exclusive skins, socialize and team up with your peers to jump headfirst into the fray! FEATURES Game Modes Battle Royale Get ready for a hectic free-for-all, where up to 12 players duke it out to claim the Victory Royale! Duck Grab (team mode) A fun and laid-back 3 versus 3 game mode (team mode), where you aim to secure 10 Golden Ducks that your team has possession of for 10 seconds to clinch the win. Team Fight (team mode) Let the best team win! Outsmart the enemy team in a Best-of-Three battle. If you lose, you're knocked out for the round. Duel An age-old one-on-one match. Leave your opponent in the dust to achieve victory! .. and many more coming soon! Animal Heroes & Powers Unlock a plethora of adorable animals with lethal powers that are simple to operate but difficult to master. Do you have what it takes to reach the top? Level up your Animals! Max out your animals to level 10 to unleash their maximum potential. Check out the game and daily shop every day to expedite your animal's progress. Bomber Pass The Bomber Pass is the best way to rake in rewards in Bombergrounds. You'll be able to earn skins, characters, gems, resources, and more by playing! Trophy Road Beware newbies! This system is for the pros. Win matches and earn trophies, unlocking cool new ranks and loot. Leaderboards Climb up the leaderboards locally or globally. Is it within your power to become the finest player in your nation or, better yet, the world?! By downloading this game, you accept our terms of service and privacy policy as stated on our website at Terms of Service: Privacy Policy: Need support? Visit Social Media & Websites Instagram: Twitter: Copyright Gigantic Duck AB 2022, all rights reserved.
Disney Sorcerer's Arena

Enter the competitive world of Disney Sorcerer's Arena, where every choice shapes your legacy. Collect and battle with hundreds of Disney and Pixar legends in real-time PvP.

Disney Sorcerer's ArenaGlu
Explore the bold and challenging world of sorcery in Disney Sorcerer's Arena, the ultimate turn-based RPG game that takes real-time PvP to epic heights. Every decision you make in this game impacts your legacy, so assemble your roster of legendary warriors wisely and test your combat powers in thrilling action-packed battles. Join forces with hundreds of Disney and Pixar heroes and unleash your strategic prowess with their unique character abilities. Strategize your gameplay like a true sorcerer and dominate the arena with brute force and cunning tactics. In this game, you can also join Club Conquests, which offers epic team battles and daily events that will test your mettle. The game features in-game advertising and offers optional in-game purchases of virtual currency that you can use to buy virtual items, including randomly selected ones. Privacy & Cookie Policy, User Agreement, and terms of service of Electronic Arts Inc. are applicable to the game and must be reviewed before playing. You must be over 13 to use the direct links to the internet and social networking sites included in this game. This game requires an internet connection and is powered by Google Play Game Services. EA may retire online features of the game after 30 days' notice posted on Follow the game on Twitter @sorcerersarena and on to stay updated with the latest happenings and news. In conclusion, if you want to immerse yourself in the fantastic world of sorcery and fight battles with legendary heroes, then this is the game you must play.
Tap Wizard 2

In Tap Wizard 2 Idle RPG Magic Quest, you play as a wizard on a survival journey, mastering magical skills and fighting dark magic forces. Choose your wizard, learn different spells, and progress through multiple eras.

Tap Wizard 2TopCog
Embark on a thrilling journey in Tap Wizard 2 Idle RPG Magic Quest, filled with magical action and wizardry. As a player, help your wizard character learn the art of spells and battle against the malevolent dark forces to protect the Chronosphere. If you're a fan of Fantasy RPGs with exciting quests and idle clicker games, then you'll love this Warrior Wizard magic game. Equip yourself with magical skills to eliminate sword-wielding monsters and dark spirits. Learn how to master fire, ice, lightning, and poison spells to combat them successfully and save the wizarding world from their grasp. This Fantasy Idle Action RPG is the perfect game for anyone who enjoys Wizard Battle Survivor and Idle RPG clicker games with elements of combat between good and evil. Become a master of the craft, slay your enemies and save the day. In Tap Wizard 2, the wizarding world's survival is dependent on your magical ability. Play as a magic mage on a quest to fight evil and become one of the elite warriors in this fantasy world. Choose from an array of cool wizards and mages with different magical abilities and fight to protect the wizarding world. Tap Wizard 2 Idle RPG Magic Quest offers a variety of features to keep players on the edge of their seats. With Other Cool Features like Power, Research, Enchanting, XP, Awakenings, Eras, Totems, and More! awaken your wizard to unlock game-changing abilities such as Retribution, Golden Envy, or Arcane Surge! Level up and upgrade your spells using Skill Points from the massive Memory Tree. Encounter 20 different enemies and utilize unique types of Runes to quell them, and collect 12 unique Totems with intriguing abilities. This game comes with an active community and a continual update of game content, with developers eagerly awaiting feedback. So, select your favorite wizard, master the magic spells, and defeat the dark forces, and embark on the wizarding journey of a lifetime.
Elemental World

Fascinating action RPG with randomized worlds, rogue-like gameplay, and pixel art graphics. Master the elements, improve skills, and defeat hordes of monsters.

Elemental WorldJuly Hot
Experience the ultimate adventure with this captivating pixelated RPG, enriched with rogue elements, and stunning graphics. Traverse through a variety of randomized worlds, combining different elements and casting powerful spells that will assist you in fighting against the hordes of monstrous creatures. Explore the environment and hone your skills in the quest to uncover the secrets of the Elemental World. Choose to play as the ingenious Mage, the adept Hunter, or the skillful Ronin and fight against an endless horde of foes. In this exciting game, each experience is unique with its randomized worlds and challenging rogue-like elements that will push your abilities to the edge. Master the elements and create up to three different combinations of elements from a total of six, resulting in devastating and explosive spells that will leave your enemies in awe. Scroll through spell books to learn new abilities and unleash them with ease using the smooth dual joystick controls. Utilize your quick reflexes in combination with your intelligence to take advantage of the environment. Burn grass, freeze puddles, and blow barrels using high-level strategies. Discover hidden passages, uncharted territories, and obscure treasures. Unveil the weaknesses of endless monsters and tough bosses and solve the mysteries of these intricate worlds. Experience a nostalgic trip down memory lane with the great pixel art graphics and be enchanted by the immersive music that will keep you hooked for hours on end. Challenge your friends to an epic brawl or team up in thrilling co-op games. Embark on an unforgettable journey, filled with mystery and magic. Join the fight against dark enemies and conquer the Elemental World in this fantastic action-adventure RPG.
The Deer God

Survive and evolve as a breathtaking 3D pixelated deer in a unique world filled with quests, puzzles, and reincarnation.

The Deer GodCrescent Moon Games
Embark on a stunning pixel art adventure that will put both your beliefs and platforming abilities to the test with The Deer God. This awe-inspiring game is all about survival, karma, and reincarnation, taking place in a one-of-a-kind 3D pixelated universe filled with grand landscapes and breathtaking lighting depicting the night/day system that will satisfy your gaming cravings. Experience life through a deer's eyes, overcoming challenges and discovering new ways to live as one of the most beautiful creatures on Earth. With exciting quests, interactions with various animals and characters, and the ability to reincarnate into other animals, make the most of every opportunity to use the power of statues, level up your antlers for increased abilities, and solve ancient puzzles to unveil secrets. Deep dive into a beautifully crafted story, one that will keep you intrigued and motivated throughout the gameplay. A spectacular Original Soundtrack from Evan Gipson adds a touch of magic as you never before experienced. The Deer God offers a fascinating and unforgettable gameplay experience filled with several features including an immersive 3D world made up of pixel art that leave no stone unturned, tons of items that can be collected and used throughout the journey, and a dynamic night and day system that brings every aspect of the game to life. Stay up-to-date with the latest news and info. Follow us at: • • •

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