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CrashMetal 3D Car Racing Games

Experience fast-paced and thrilling car races in Cyberpunk 2077-style environment with stunning graphics and customizable cars in this highly recommended game.

CrashMetal 3D Car Racing GamesCRAZY.DEVS
Get ready to immerse yourself in the ultimate cyberpunk 2077 inspired car racing experience, bringing back the classic Need for Speed (NFS) vibes of the old days and taking them to a whole new level. Choose from a variety of sports cars and join the top street racing teams for some real heart-stopping action. Positioned in a stadium, this famous car driving game is filled with excitement and thrill that will keep you on edge throughout the entire ride. This popular racing game boasts of realistic physics and offers a plethora of new cars with breathtaking quality that you don't find in a typical drag racing game. Get ready to race through various modes of street scenes, relishing the 3D car games and by performing stunts that will leave you wanting more. The fun-packed endless racing and traffic rush will leave you hooked for hours. Take your career and PVP events to the next level with high-stake racing that will keep your adrenaline rushing. Get addicted to this car racing game and enhance your driving techniques like never before. If you're an offline racing game lover and consider yourself the best driver, showcase your skills in this drag racing 3D game. Enjoy the modern formula one cars that feature in this new car game on the play store along with the car race game. Learn the art of racing and parking to become a seasoned professional. Racing Games City Traffic Car Challenge, inspired by Cyberpunk 2077, is a perfect blend of thrill and action. Expand your collection with the best cars of 2022 and participate in online multiplayer events and races that are sure to keep you captivated. Car Driving Racing 2022 comes loaded with features that will take your gaming experience to the next level. Enjoy breathtaking next-gen graphics, deep customization, engine, and suspension tuning options, along with HD real cars and beautiful 3D graphics that leave you spellbound. Get your hands on this offline game and enjoy playing even without an internet or WiFi connection. If you're a fan of new car games or car games with 3D graphics, this incredibly interesting car game is highly recommended for you. Start racing now and feel the adrenaline rush that will keep you coming back for more.
Heroes Impact: Battle Arena

Heroes Impact: Battle Arena - an action-packed RPG 3v3 multiplayer battle arena game with RPG and battle royale elements. Join the valiant heroes and conquer all battle arenas in the huge magic world.

Heroes Impact: Battle ArenaPlaydarium
Enter the world of Heroes Impact: Battle Arena, an immersive and exciting action RPG 3V3 Battle Arena game filled with magic and adventure. If you're a MOBA enthusiast, then this new game is one of the best Action PVP games you can indulge in. As a brave hero in a stunning fairytale fantasy world, you will engage in battles with perilous enemies, hone your fighting skills, and unlock new opportunities in this mobile action-packed game that also has RPG and battle royale elements. Prepare for an amazing journey through the enchanting world of heroes and quests, where you will compete in 3 vs 3 PVP ranked battles with your friends against real opponents from around the globe in real-time. Teamwork is the key to mastering the dynamic MOBA Heroes Impact: Battle Arena. Impress your online friends with your PvP strategies and unlock every hero in the collection to become the ultimate legend! Experience different battle modes such as Arena and Capture the Flag. In the 5vs5 Arena mode, you will confront powerful knight enemies while in the Capture the Flag mode, your team will have to seize the flag faster than your opponents and transport it to their base to secure victory in a 3D action-packed game. With beautifully detailed 3D graphics, Heroes Impact: Battle Arena takes you on an endless and thrilling adventure in a fantastic open world. You'll also have a wide array of great anime 3D heroes to choose from, including the brave Warrior who can triumph over any foe in the battle royale, the fast and skillful Monk who defeats his opponents effortlessly, the heavily-armored Paladin who, if it were a paladin world, would have an enthralling paladin story, and the quick and agile Rogue who captures the flag and incinerates enemies with a range of weapons. The high-speed Archer makes for an excellent sniper, and a single shot from his weapon is enough to get rid of his enemies and secure victory. Heroes Impact: Battle Arena offers the thrill of a battle royale online and the fun of MOBA games in 3 vs 3 mode. As Heroes of the storm mobile, we fight for the ultimate survival and strive to be victorious in the online arena world. Enter a vast magical world, where you can choose your hero in an arcade RPG and start your epic adventure in a fantasy world of fun free games. Play with your online friends, be a part of a heroes team game, and combine your skills to beat your opponents in this mobile 3vs3 heroes MOBA battle royale game. Each victory in Heroes Impact: Battle Arena increases your ranking on the leaderboard, guiding you towards the ultimate goal of becoming a legend in this remarkable real-time strategy (RTS) game. Uncover a host of amazing gaming features in future updates for this free role-playing game. Don't hesitate, join Heroes Impact's quest today and start your thrilling adventure in this captivating world!
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Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons

Two brothers embark on an emotional journey to find the Water of Life while relying on each other's strengths. A unique story-driven adventure game.

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons505 Games
Experience the highly-acclaimed narrative-driven adventure game which received critical acclaim from gaming publications, such as Joystiq, Polygon, and Eurogamer. Initially developed by Starbreeze Studios and directed by award-winning Swedish filmmaker Josef Fares, Brothers is a must-play game that has won over fifty accolades, including Game of the Year, BAFTA, and DICE awards. The game begins with a gripping story of a man gravely ill, and his sons, Naia and Naiee, determined to find a cure for their father's ailment. They embark on a perilous journey to find the "Water of Life," where they rely solely on each other to survive. As they progress through the game, the brothers must use their unique varied strengths, sizes, and speed to overcome puzzles, explore magnificent locations, and fight significant boss battles. The gameplay allows you to control both brothers simultaneously, using dual virtual joysticks, creating a cooperative play in single-player mode. Each character's strength is remarkable, with one strong where the other is weak, one brave where the other is afraid, and their bond grows as they progress through their journey. Notable for its emotional power, Brothers is an extraordinary tale narrated without words, immersing you wholly into its imagination. As you progress, an unforgettable story unravels, and with stunning graphics, it promises to be a journey you will cherish forever.
Guns and Spurs 2

Guns and Spurs 2 offers a vast open world set in the Old West, allowing players to become bounty hunters, capture outlaws, and participate in various activities and customization options.

Guns and Spurs 2Sakis25
Experience the excitement of the Wild West in Guns and Spurs 2, an open-world shooter game set in the Old West. Take on the role of Jack Lane, a skilled bounty hunter with a thirst for adventure and a reputation to match. He's come to town to make a name for himself by capturing the West's most notorious outlaws and bringing them to justice. Immerse yourself in a vast, open world that boasts stunning natural landscapes like rolling plains, dense forests, majestic mountains, and bustling towns ripe with opportunity. Embark on a journey of epic proportions as you venture out to capture all 33 of the most-wanted criminals in the West. Choose between using your weapons to defend yourself in engaging, tactical firefights, or try your hand with a lasso to capture your enemies. You have the power to decide the fate of your targets ā€“ dead or alive. Apart from taking on bounties, the Wild West is rife with other opportunities and activities to explore. Participate in horse races as you gallop across the plains, deliver goods through the rugged terrain, herd cattle through the wilderness, and more. To make things more interesting, you'll come across strangers along your journey. Help them out or brush them off as you see fit, but know that your actions will have consequences. Assuming your role as a bounty hunter comes with other perks, too. Hunt down wildlife and claim their pelts for extra cash. Delve into the cursed skulls scattered throughout the lands and release the ancient curse lingering within. As you go, take the time to customize your character and horse to match your style, with a wide selection of clothes, hats, and horse skins available to use. Whether you're armed with a keyboard or gamepad, the game has got your back. Get ready for an exhilarating journey through the heart of the Wild West, where the excitement never ends. With a minimum of 2GB RAM requirement, get ready to experience the Old West like never before.
Pro Car Driving Simulator

Valet Simulator: a realistic parking game with a variety of vehicles to master the art of valet and earn epic cars. Skillfully park in green spaces, avoid accidents and upgrade your skills.

Pro Car Driving SimulatorMad Hook
Get ready for the ride of a lifetime! Experience the thrill of parking a vast array of vehicles and work your way towards earning exclusive access to a new range of epic cars. Valet Simulator: car parking, driving game is your chance to become a true master of the art of valet while vying for the highest number of stars. Indulge in the experience of luxury vehicles as you take to the road. With its incredibly realistic graphics and extensive variety of vehicles, Valet Simulator provides an immersive and authentic parking simulation that is unmatched. This is the best parking school you will find, complete with the latest and most stylish cars on the market! Looking for a fun way to kill time? Enjoy the thrilling rush of mastering the art of parking with Valet Simulator. To play, simply park the cars skilfully in the designated green space and speed through levels without burning your wheels. Be alert and avoid getting hit by other vehicles as you navigate the lively road traffic. Become the master of drive park valet! Download and play Valet Simulator NOW! šŸŽ®

Pan Gun: a 3D, fast-paced, third-person shooter battle royale. Experience unique movement mechanics and customize your character with cool skins and weaponry.

PAN GUNPan Global Publishing
Welcome to Pan Gun, an action-packed 3D third-person shooter battle royale game that offers an exciting and immersive gaming experience. With unique movement mechanics and groovy gameplay, this multiplayer shooter game is both easy to learn and hard to master. Say goodbye to annoying gameplay of FPS battle royale or brawler games as Pan Gun is the exciting mobile gun game you have been waiting for. Participate in beta testing and contribute to the game's development by providing feedback to make it even better. Pan Gun offers a thrilling gameplay experience on your mobile screen, allowing you to indulge in jumping madness and sniper shooting. Fight against players from all over the world in 3D flying shooter battles and rise through the global ratings. With over 25 master heroes to choose from, each with their unique strengths, weaknesses, and special abilities, customize and build up your squad. Personalize your character's look with countless cool helmets, jetpacks, skins for masters, and guns to stand out from your rivals. Pan Gun boasts a grand arsenal of realistic weapons, with over 60 models such as pistols, shotguns, SMGs, assault rifles, machine guns, and sniper rifles, each with unique visual modifications and specs. Utilize extraordinary special weapons like a banana bomb, crab mine, or sticky frog to add an extra edge to your gameplay. Play with friends through multiplayer arena matches on different maps and arenas, where you can fight together and take your gaming experience to the next level. With stunning 3D cartoon graphics and detailed maps designed for fast-paced PvP combat, backed by competitive battles and ultimate abilities of masters, Pan Gun guarantees a five to seven-minute battle filled with fun. It only gets better; Pan Gun is always evolving, with more masters, weapons, maps, modes, and events, ensuring that your gaming experience never gets stale. Stay updated by following Pan Gun on Discord, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter. Don't forget to leave your feedback on Google Play. With Pan Gun, shoot sharp, fly high, reach the top and become a master!
The Fall : Survival

Survive a year alone among zombies, questioning if you're the last one alive in this post-apocalyptic game demo.

The Fall : SurvivalFunnyghost
Experience the thrilling adventure of surviving amidst a post-apocalyptic world filled with relentless zombies in this game. This is a free demo of the game, and to enjoy the full version, click on the link at the bottom of this page. After being stranded alone for almost a year, the protagonist is plagued with an inescapable question - is he the last person on earth? Despite the odds, the character remains steadfast in preserving his sanity and fighting to survive. But with each passing day, his hope dwindles; we can almost feel his desperation and the crushing feelings of loneliness. Will this be the day he breaks free from this nightmare and finds a way out? Only time will tell, and the player is thrust into the game's gripping narrative, caught up in the midst of it all. Through the character's perspective, we experience all the thrills and chills of survivorship. The game creates the perfect balance between exploring, scavenging, and fighting for survival. The game's graphics is stunning, with incredible attention to detail. The world feels realistic, and every encounter is an adrenaline-charged experience. The soundtrack complements the visuals, enhancing the game's emotional impact and leaves you at the edge of your seat. Overall, this game is a perfect choice for anyone who has ever wondered if they could survive in a post-apocalyptic world. Dive into this immersive and compelling adventure and find out if you have what it takes to survive amidst hordes of the undead!
Grand Criminal Online

Grand Criminal Online": multiplayer open world PvP action game. Choose your path, team up for heists, rob ATMs, and customize your character. New vehicles, weapons, and clothing added in version 0.36 update.

Grand Criminal OnlineNext Level LLC
Grand Criminal Online (GCO) is an action-packed, multiplayer open-world game featuring a variety of game modes, including sandbox PVE, sandbox PVP, and RP. Your character can be whoever you wish them to be; a law-abiding citizen working an office job, a gangster on the lookout for quick cash, or an executive with stock in leading companies ā€“ the choice is yours! Your ultimate goal is to succeed by any means necessary! Version 0.36 of the game now offers exciting new features, such as new car physics, a friends system, the ability to create your own game servers, a drone for aerial views, new tasks like 'Robbery ATMs,' and new character achievements. The game also offers modern graphics, numerous modern and military vehicles, a varying arsenal of weapons (knives, grenade launchers, machine guns), a broad clothing selection, and character customization options. In addition, the sandbox mode is a thrilling feature. Here, you can choose your character's path and decide how you are going to make a living, from driving a car to owning stock in multinational companies. With sandbox gameplay, the opportunities are limitless. Explore varied cities, from suburban homes to towering skyscrapers, and team up with criminals for heists. If you consider yourself a fan of gangster games, mafia stories, racing, street PvP wars, criminal action, luxury yachts, and modern tanks, Grand Criminal Online is the perfect game for you. Join our gangs on Facebook and Instagram to stay informed about the newest updates to the game!

Take down hostiles and control the situation in Recurrence, as SWAT units are brought in to neutralize the threat.

The objective of Recurrence is to command SWAT teams to neutralize hostile elements and bring stability to the operation. Lead your squad as they engage in tactical combat scenarios to bring order to chaos. In this immersive game, you will have to rely on your instincts and strategic skills to overcome challenging obstacles in a dynamic environment. Navigate through a range of hazardous locations, from abandoned warehouses to high-security complexes, as you strive to complete your missions. As you progress through the game, you will encounter increasingly dangerous enemies, each with their unique strengths and weaknesses. Plan your moves carefully, and execute them flawlessly to stay one step ahead of your opponents. Recurrence offers a realistic combat experience that will test your reflexes and coordination. Use a range of advanced weaponry and gadgets, including grenades, smoke bombs, and ballistic shields, to defeat your adversaries and emerge victorious. With stunning graphics and sound effects, Recurrence immerses you in a world of high-stakes missions and intense action. Take control of the situation and lead your team to success in this adrenaline-fueled game.
Slash of Sword 2 - Offline RPG

Fight for survival and justice in Slash of Sword: Rebellious Jousting, a tactical RPG with immersive storyline and decision-making options. Customization and leveling up options available.

Slash of Sword 2 - Offline RPGNoTriple-A Games
Rebel Jousting is an exciting sequel to the mobile RPG game, Slash of Sword, with revamped visuals, new stages, and a riveting plotline. You stand accused of a criminal act you did not commit and have been sentenced to the battlefield as a result. Prepared to engage in battles filled with bloodshed and strategic maneuverings against a variety of challengers to survive. As you progress, you should strive to improve your abilities, discover fresh locations, and engage with characters to bring about fairness and equity. Will you make the decision to assist a wounded man, previously a bandit who robbed regular travelers, or will you not lend a hand? Will you reveal the treasure you discovered to the owner, or would you rather keep it to yourself? Alternatively, do you let the abductor take the girl away, or do you confront him and return the girl to her father? It is completely up to you! ā–£ Enjoy an immersive storyline with several possibilities for the course of events. ā–£ Make choices that will influence the way the story unfolds and how the characters view you. ā–£ In the tactical combat system, you'll need to pick your moment to attack, as well as block or evade at the appropriate time. ā–£ Sign up for tavern fist fights. ā–£ Visit several cities, communities, woods, and caves to explore locations. ā–¶ The Plot - Work your way through a labyrinth of occurrences with your brother, Richard. Transform from an ordinary traveler into a legendary combatant and discover who unjustly accused you and why. Meet interesting figures with distinct stories and offer them assistance. Alternatively, combat unique adversaries and obtain unique prizes by triumphing over them. ā–¶ Customization - With access to a vast collection of various weapons, including one-handed and two-handed swords, as well as shields and armor, you may customize your character's appearance. You may change your character's haircut and grow a beard or a ponytail. Wear a hood to protect yourself from the rain or wrap yourself in a cape to add character depth. ā–¶ Power Leveling - As you explore the game world battling adversaries in the arena or against bandits, you will become a more experienced warrior. Become a sword or shield expert, or improve all of your abilities over time. Learn how to weaken your adversary via counterattacks or how to win quickly with a flurry of fast blows. Rebel Jousting is supported by devices that do not need an internet connection. It has been produced by the same creators who produced Glory Ages - Samurais.
Bug Heroes 2

Enter the battle-filled world of Bug Heroes. Control two heroes simultaneously to master 25 unique bug characters in a MOBA-like game.

Bug Heroes 2Foursaken Media
The Bug Heroes is a thrilling adventure game where you will find an intense battle between swords, guns and armor happening right on your counters, floors and your yard with the help of uniquely designed heroes. A new adventure game brought to you by Monsters Adventures and Heroes & Castles, this game is a perfect blend of fast-paced action, defensive gameplay, and strategy. You can choose from an arsenal of 25 heroes to master that includes a hook-wielding pirate, a wise sensei, a bumblebee boxer, a poison-obsessed stinkbug, and many more. You can select your squad of two heroes and customize them as per your preference. With seamless switching between the two heroes, you'll have to unleash their powerful abilities in the epic battles. Your quest will take you to scavenging for food and junk, fortifying your base, building turrets, leveling up your heroes, equipping weapons and armor, and surviving! The game's features include MOBA-like cooperative and competitive multiplayer options, tons of single-player content like missions, an endless mode, and a base vs base skirmish mode. You can also increase your Bug Heroes' skills and buy weapons, armor, and gear. Scavenge for food and defend your Food Stash by constructing turrets and upgrading them. Upon completing missions, you can earn stars that unlock more powerful upgrades. The Bug Heroes game also offers an opportunity to master both melee and ranged combat techniques. You can slice your enemies with swords, blast them from long-range with guns and magic, swat bugs off ledges, and more. The game also allows you to use tactical gameplay where you can use cover to defeat your enemies. With over 75 characters of different types to battle with, the Bug Heroes game is full of challenges. Moreover, the game allows syncing across multiple devices with cloud storage for easy accessibility to your game. If you have any questions or comments, you can follow the developers on Twitter or like them on Facebook. Don't miss out on an opportunity to indulge in some action-packed gameplay with the Bug Heroes!
Bus Simulator 2023

Drive a variety of buses on realistic maps worldwide. Customise and manage your own bus company in career mode or play online with friends.

Bus Simulator 2023Ovidiu Pop
Experience the thrill of being a real bus driver with Bus Simulator 2023! Take control of modern city buses, coach buses, and school buses with realistic interiors that are sure to captivate you. Moreover, the game's cutting-edge 1:1 physics engine and detailed maps from around the globe immerse you in a realistic driving experience. Choose from a wide selection of buses like diesel, hybrid, electric, articulated, coach bus, or school bus and customize your bus according to your preferences. This bus simulator boasts next-gen graphics, a vast array of buses to choose from, and the opportunity to explore multiple cities from all over the world in career mode, freeride, and online multiplayer mode with your friends. This game's features include lifelike intracity and outside-of-the-city maps from various locales, including San Francisco and Texas in the United States, Buenos Aires in South America, and Germany, Spain, Prague, St. Petersburg, Dubai, Shanghai, and more in Europe and other parts of the world. You can also choose from an extensive range of customization options such as paint, accessories, body parts, air conditioning, flags, decals, and many more to make your bus truly unique. You can open or close doors, and watch animated people as they get on and off the bus. Drive through any location of your choice, be it city, countryside, mountains, desert, or snow, during different times of day and weather conditions. You can even simulate driving a school bus, complete with three different bus models, and use the bus company management system to hire drivers, assign custom routes and schedules. Bus Simulator 2023 features an intelligent traffic system, immersive online multiplayer mode, and cooperative gameplay. Add your friends, use live chat, and play together on coop bus routes. Be the best bus driver in the world and climb the leaderboards, unlock achievements, and earn recognition! Make your best bus driver dreams come true with Bus Simulator 2023!

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