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Rage Swarm

Grab weapons, slay enemies, gather loot to beat the level in this action-packed game.

Rage SwarmVoodoo
Select a badass armament and charge through a horde of adversaries to conquer the level. Keep in mind to accumulate valuable spoils to level up your gameplay experience. Traverse through thrilling landscapes and battle against fierce foes in this action-packed game. The enemies are ruthless and won't hesitate to cut you down, so make sure to master your combat skills and wisely choose the best weapon to demolish obstacles. Devise your own strategy to outsmart and overpower your foes, while dodging their attacks and aiming for the kill. The game is bound to test your reflexes and quick thinking as you advance further into more challenging levels. Conquer every enemy that comes your way and emerge victorious!
Archer Hero - Arrow Master

Defeat hordes of monsters as the only archer hero, level up, and explore dangerous dungeons full of unique skills and challenging bosses. Good luck, Archer!

Archer Hero - Arrow MasterMorebox Game
As the only archer capable of resisting and defeating the oncoming unpredictable challenges, you are the savior of the world in the game, Archer Heroes. Players will enter a magical world of unknown dungeons, swarm with hordes of dangerous monsters, that will never give up. Survive in this magical, mystery realm by exploring dungeons to level up and combine various skills to enhance your power. However, beware that if you die, you will have to start from the beginning. So, good luck! Put the treasure you found in the dungeon to strengthen and improve your equipment to get better stats which will take your game to the next level. Upgrade talents that complement your playstyle. Experience a whole new universe and unique levels that will make you think less about grinding, but more about action. With tons of different monsters and super challenging bosses, players must level up and equip themselves with powerful equipment, increasing their stats, to be victorious. But keep your guards up as somewhere along the way you might get help from a crazy angel and a seductive demon. Archer Heroes offers random and unique skills to help players crawl the dungeons. Also, players can explore beautiful worlds with hundreds of maps to play. This free-to-play game allows players to purchase virtual items. The game may contain advertisements that may redirect them to a third-party website. In case of any problems, don't hesitate to contact Customer Service at
Royal Archero VS BOSS

Upgrade your hero with epic gear, fight monsters with archery skills, and unlock new heroes in Royal Archero VS BOSS battle royale.

Royal Archero VS BOSSW Online
In Royal Archero VS BOSS, an epic game with RPG elements, you'll get to experience the thrill of adventure. This game is not the same as other shooting games because here you can upgrade your character and gear. Get prepared, as the world is falling apart, and dreadful monsters have made it their battleground. You must use your exceptional archery skills to save the world. Royal Archero VS BOSS is one of the best action-packed choices among bow and arrow games for those who are looking for shooting games to kill their free time. The game developers were inspired by other remarkable action games when crafting this grand battle royale for the archer. With each completed level, you'll be able to improve your archery skills, which will transform you into a shooting master. Join the battle and become a shooting master today! As an archer, you won't ever get bored in this game. With various enemies to fight in different action-packed shooting settings, you'll always be on the move. Eliminate all the monsters to earn random equipment and rewards, which will aid you in becoming a master of the bow. You must demonstrate mastery over your bows and skills to be the last one standing in this battle royale. To level up, you must earn experience points and enjoy the tense and thrilling battle in endless action games. In these battle lands, you won't be alone. Many archer heroes are waiting for you to unlock them. Customize your own archer or shooter, and upgrade their abilities to better suit the action-packed shooting. When you have better shooting skills, you can defeat stronger monsters. With the increasing game time and experience in the battle royale, you'll learn many tactics and skills to form your own battle style. After each battle, you will receive decent shooter, bow, and armor rewards. Each one has its own unique power for archery or shooting. You can also use the materials dropped in the battle lands to forge a powerful bow and arrow. With so many equipment and skills, you have many combinations to choose from. To reach the end game in the action shooting, you must think creatively and master the action games. Royal Archero VS BOSS is simple to play but quick to master if you have a passion for shooting games. All you have to do is wave your fingers on your mobile device, and you'll feel like you're handling a real bow. Everything about the game is easy, but it provides endless fun. Take these action games with you wherever you go. Jump into the battle royale, practice your archery and shooting skills, and become a master archer. So what are you waiting for? Download the game and set foot on battle lands. Grab your gun and bow, shoot them all, and claim your rewards. We believe that player feedback is essential to the development of gun games and shooting games. As a result, we appreciate it if you could offer your valuable advice in your reviews.
Wizard Legend: Fighting Master

Wizard Legend: Fighting Master is a Roguelike action game where players fight mutated desserts. With over 50 skills and 100 magic artifacts, the game offers infinite challenge mode and more.

Wizard Legend: Fighting MasterLoongcheer Game
Wizard Legend: Fighting Master is a thrilling Roguelike action game that offers more than 50 different types of magical skills and 5 different magical elements. With each unique combination of skills, players can create their own fighting style. The game is also packed with a wide array of artifacts that boast a variety of effects, making each battle more unpredictable and dynamic. The story follows the little wizard as he embarks on a quest to rid his beloved desserts of their mutated and dangerous form. The Dessert Company, responsible for the mutations, must be stopped, and the little wizard is the only one capable of doing it. In the world of Wizard Legend, players can dive headfirst into a Roguelike game that grants a plethora of magic skills right from the start. Additionally, players can find new, random skills as they progress through the floors, keeping the ones they like best in their magic book. Players are encouraged to collect powerful magic runes and over 100 different magic artifacts, each with its own unique function, to upgrade their arsenal. Boss fights and glory rankings challenge players to fight harder and improve their skills. In Wizard Legend, players can also collect various magic cloaks and books to use against different enemies. The game features an infinite challenge mode, endless mode, and daily boss challenges, providing endless entertainment and challenges. Join the community of Wizard Legend on social media and stay updated on the latest news, events, and updates. Don't forget to follow Loongcheer Game on Facebook and Twitter, and join the Discord and TapTap communities to engage with fellow Wizard Legend players!
Mage Legends: Wizard Archer

Mage Legends is a challenging, addictive action-packed roguelike game where you play as a magic-wielding hero fighting off countless waves of enemies in multiple dungeons.

Mage Legends: Wizard ArcherNOXGAMES
Welcome to the world of Mage Legends - a super wizard RPG game that promises tons of adventure and fantasy battles. Become a magical archero and use your spells to take down monsters in multiple dungeon battles. Get ready to face off against countless enemies who want to eliminate you, but as the only mage hero with powerful spells, you are able to resist and defeat the monster legends that come your way. Rise up from the ashes and establish yourself as a legend in this age of magic. In Mage Legends, the more monsters you kill, the stronger you become. Fight for epic loot, treasures, items, and valuable equipment to make yourself even more powerful. Enjoy the magic adventure as you deal with waves of enemies and countless monsters. With challenging quests, epic dungeons, and crazy waves of enemies, Mage Legends is an addictive, action-packed adventure. You can collect rare equipment, weapons, and skills to make your mage stronger and better equipped to defeat enemies. The game offers easy one-finger controls, making it simpler to move and shoot as you complete tasks and earn rewards. You can immerse yourself in epic fantasy worlds, face challenging monster legends fights, and become a pro shooter. Battle through different locations such as ancient forests, deadly deserts, graveyards, and inferno dungeons. The game offers different modes of gameplay, and you can choose from various skills to progress through the dungeons, thereby creating different battle styles. As you move on, you'll encounter legendary bosses and archers, but you can use your spells to defeat them all. You can improve your unique skills and gain rare equipment by completing daily tasks and gaining extra rewards and materials. Mage Legends offers a high difficulty mode for players seeking a greater challenge. Will you be the most legendary mage brave enough to stand up against the evil and bring peace back to the world? Download Mage Legends now and embark on an amazing adventure!

Fight monsters in a lab using unique weapon combos in this casual, bullet hell, and roguelike action game - LabBuster.

A massive threat is imminent as monstrous beings have escaped from the laboratory, causing the fate of the world to rest in your capable hands. In LabBuster, gear yourself up, equip a weapon, and battle these creatures as they infiltrate the doomed facility. Will you be able to overcome the challenge of the dungeon-like stages? LabBuster is an engaging shoot'em up, bullet hell and roguelike action experiene. How many bullets can you dodge? Meet the cute yet uncompromising monsters and face your mission head-on with the goal of eliminating them all. To survive the laboratory, construct your own combination of distinct modules. You may select one of eight exclusive weapons, ranging from a laser gun to a bubble gun. Power up and level up using sturdy gear to improve your stats. Take note of the fact that LabBuster is free to play, yet there are in-app purchases available that can be made on a discretionary basis. To avoid potential future errors, it is advised that in-app purchases on your device are blocked in advance if you do not want to make any at all. It's important to mention that should you choose to delete the game without connecting your account, all of your save data will be lost. In order to provide a customer support service, access authorizations for photos, media, and files (READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE, WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE) are necessary. For disabling access for permissions, the steps may potentially differ based on the operating system version and the device being used. It's critical to keep in mind that the App may not work properly, resource failure may occur or the game may not be accessible if it is used without the requisite access.
Heroics Epic Legend of Archero

Heroics: Collect 50+ weapons, gear up your hero, breed a pet, explore 100+ unique dungeons, and beat the ancient evil in this thrilling RPG adventure game.

Heroics Epic Legend of ArcheroAzur Interactive Games Limited
Embark on an epic adventure through ancient forests and sinister castles in Heroics, one of the best fantasy RPG adventure games available both online and offline. Fight hordes of randomly generated enemies using more than 50 powerful guns, throwing weapons, and ancient magical artifacts at your disposal. Choose from deadly weapons such as pistols, rifles, swords, axes, knives, and other weapons to build deadly combinations that can take down legions of monsters. In this roguelite role-playing game, the gear you equip your champions with matters too. Forge or loot equipment from legendary sets to unlock unique benefits and stay alive. To help you in your quest, you have faithful battle friends who are ready to fight alongside you. Choose a reliable comrade-in-arms that suits your gameplay style and level up your hero with unique skills. Each playthrough in Heroics is unique and challenging, making it impossible to get bored. The game features a large selection of additional weapons, unique enemies and bosses, excellent graphics, and an exciting storyline that will keep you engaged for hours on end. You have to battle through more than a hundred dungeons and defeat the dungeon boss to get a huge reward. As a hero, you will embark on a quest to save the land from an ancient evil. Combining thrilling combat, challenging levels, and RPG elements, Heroics is an archero themed fantasy action RPG game that every fable needs. Play Heroics for free and become a legend by saving your lands.
Arcade Hunter: Sword, Gun, and

Fight monsters with epic skills and powerful weapons, loot for gold and rare equipment, crawl through dungeons and defeat bosses in Arcade Hunter.

Arcade Hunter: Sword, Gun, andABI Global LTD
Embark on a thrilling adventure into a world of monsters and demons, where you'll join an army of Arcade Hunters on a quest for glory! With an extensive range of powerful weapons at your disposal, your ultimate goal is to become a legendary MASTER HUNTER. You must use your skills to take down massive herds of monstrous beasts and uncover hidden treasures. Crawl through perilous dungeons and battle challenging bosses with unique special abilities. But don't worry – with the right combination of sword, gun, and magic, you can rise above all obstacles and emerge victorious. Arcade Hunter boasts a host of exciting features, including addictive arcade-style gameplay and breathtakingly beautiful environments. The game also offers a myriad of unique weapons and armor to unlock, as well as epic heroes with distinct combat styles to choose from. As you journey through this fantastical world, you'll enjoy thrilling AFK Rewards, the chance to open Legendary Chests, and the opportunity to enhance your ultimate Power with just a tap. Whether you're fighting for gold or for good, one thing is certain: millions of Hunters and Monsters alike are waiting for you to start your adventure in Arcade Hunter: Sword, Gun, and Magic! Please note that Arcade Hunter is free to download and play, but some in-game items can be purchased for real money. To disable this feature, please adjust your device's settings. Additionally, players must be at least 13 years old to download or play Arcade Hunter, and a network connection is required.
Firefighter: pixel shooter

Fight fire monsters in the pixel dungeon, upgrade equipment, and save the world in firefighter RPG shooter game.

Firefighter: pixel shooterALEXPLAY FZCO
🔥Ready to step up and take on the challenge of navigating through the fiery depths of the pixel dungeon? Embrace your inner hero and embark on a survival adventure as a firefighter!🔥 Firefighter is a thrilling 3D pixel survival game. It merges elements of RPG, shooter, and action games into an epic adventure for players. Your mission: Save the pixel world from dangerous fire monsters. Put your skills to the test and fight the intense battles even when offline. As you progress, upgrade your equipment and pixel gun to take on more challenging levels and fiery bosses. In this battle game, destroy all who stand in your way! 🏆 Aside from the convenience of playing this RPG shooter offline, you'll also enjoy: 👾 no frustrating ads; 👾 stunning retro pixel graphics; 👾 a variety of levels and pixel guns to discover; 👾 a plethora of fire monsters to face. Jump into the firefighter's boots and experience the excitement of surviving in the pixel dungeon. Embody the pixel world's hero it needs! 🦸‍♂️
Rogue Egg: Hatch Hero

Treasure hunter Eggsy wakes up in another world and needs your strategy skills to climb to the top spot and become the best in the universe.

Rogue Egg: Hatch HeroMK-VII
Big news for all gamers out there! Eggsy, the famous 'Troublemaker' and treasure hunter, has been lost in a wormhole and found himself in an unknown world. Now, it's your chance to help him survive in this strange universe by devising an unbeatable strategy to defeat monsters and bosses alike. With your exceptional skills, you can raise a team of unique characters and equip them with attractive weapons to secure the top spot in this alternate reality. Get ready to face an extreme combat experience where you can destroy tons of monsters with a single hand. Enjoy thrilling quests without any boring fillers and complete stages quickly. With various item combinations and skills, you can become a strategy genius and design brilliant tactics to secure victories. Don't be fooled by the cute looks of your characters, as they possess powerful and unique skill evolutions. Keep a close eye on them and make use of their abilities to create a winning team. In case of emergency, you can use the SOS signal to get an airdrop chance and break through the limits of survival. Join Eggsy on his thrilling adventure and become the best treasure hunter of all time. Travel through time and space with your unbeatable strategy skills and reach new heights in this exotic and beautiful world.
Magic Archer: Monster Islands

Embark on an epic hunt, defeat monsters, and bosses. Obtain powerful weapons and equipment. Compete with other players and become a legendary hero archer in Magic Archer: Monster Islands.

Magic Archer: Monster IslandsYADARKO TRADING LIMITED
Join the battle and prove yourself as a hero who can brave terrible monsters and fight forces of evil. Take part in the legendary hunt and save the magical realm from an army of enemies in Magic Archer: Monster Islands! Power up your abilities to godly levels, obtain new and incredible weapons and equipment (from unique to legendary) to triumph over epic bosses! Play through thousands of challenging levels and battle hordes of monsters to obtain endless treasure. Combining abilities and weapons, you can create an unstoppable force to defeat even the deadliest monsters. Collect hunting trophies to earn gold or use them to create powerful potions and enhance your gameplay. Utilize weapons, equipment, and pets to achieve your ultimate goal - victory! Immerse yourself in a new fantasy world packed with high-adrenaline action and challenges. Enter the arena and become the archer that this world deserves. Compete with other players to climb the leaderboards and become a true legend. Fame and fortune await you! Features: - Explore a vast number of colorful magical worlds and treacherous dungeons. - Uncover the power of unique weapons, cool armors, mystical artifacts, and pets. - Upgrade your abilities to create an unstoppable combination and emerge victorious. - Fight against impossible bosses and frightful monsters. - Collect trophies and sell them for gold or use them for magical potions. - Compete with players worldwide and lead the ranks. Get ready to become the ultimate Magic Archer and take part in an unforgettable adventure. Join the battle and slay millions of monsters to gain heaps of gold in Magic Archer: Monster Islands. Begin your hunt right now!
Tank Hero: Awesome Tank War g

Defeat waves of enemy tanks & strong bosses with over 100 skills and upgrades. Beware, once you die, you restart. Simple controls and addictive gameplay.

Tank Hero: Awesome Tank War gBetta Games
Ready your tanks and get ready for the ultimate battle! Enemies have been spotted, and it's up to you to defend your territory. With your unique abilities, you must fend off incoming waves of enemy tanks until you find the perfect moment to unleash a counter-attack. Remember – if you fall, it's back to square one. This game features simple controls that allow you to easily maneuver your tank while attacking. Upgrade your arsenal to remain competitive against tougher enemies or bosses. With over 100 skills to choose from, including random talents that grant permanent boosts, you'll be able to maximize your firepower and unleash your full potential. If you're new to tank games, don't worry. The game is easy to pick up, but don't be fooled – it's incredibly addictive. Download it now and discover why millions of players worldwide are hooked on Tank Hero. Best of all, it's free to play. While the game is free, we offer in-app purchases to enhance your experience. These items can be incredibly helpful when you're facing challenging opponents and you need an extra boost. We value our players' opinions and encourage you to contact us with any feedback, questions, or suggestions you may have. You can reach us via email at Follow our Facebook page for updates and to share your tank hero experiences with others. Join the battle today and see if you can dominate the competition!
Dashero: Sword & Magic

Survive through endless waves and defeat gigantic bosses with swords, crossbows, and magic in the award-winning, free-to-play Legend of Heroes roguelike action RPG.

Dashero: Sword & MagicTrèfle & Co. Game
Looking for an action-packed game that will keep you on the edge of your seat? Look no further than Legend of Heroes! Winner of multiple awards, including the Pocket Gamer Big Indie Game Silver Award and the DEA Digital Entertainment Silver Award, this roguelike action RPG is sure to wow you with its thrilling gameplay and unique mechanics. In Legend of Heroes, you'll take on the role of a brave survivor tasked with defeating hordes of abominable monsters. Armed with powerful weapons like mega crossbows and greatswords, you'll need to max out your stats and hone your skills to take down each enemy in your path. With seamless melee and ranged combat, you can customize your fighting style to suit your preferences - whether you prefer to shoot arrows from afar like an archer or get up close and personal with your greatsword, it's up to you! One of the most exciting aspects of Legend of Heroes is the unique skills that you'll unlock as you progress through the game. Choose from a wide array of abilities like Chain Strike, Headshot, and Thunder Arrows to take down your foes with ease. With intuitive controls that are easy to pick up, you'll be able to focus on the action rather than struggling to figure out complicated button combinations. Explore a variety of environments and use the terrain to your advantage to dispatch enemies quickly and efficiently. With nine different soul knights to choose from, each with their own special powers and abilities, there's never a dull moment in this thrilling RPG. Upgrade your equipment to create overpowered weapons imbued with unique skills, and take on giant boss monsters in heart-pumping battles of strength and skill. With an endless supply of gameplay that's completely free to play, Legend of Heroes is the ultimate action RPG for fans of the genre. Like what you see? Follow Legend of Heroes on social media for updates and news about the game, or send an email to with any questions or feedback. Join the ranks of the brave and become a true hero today.
Mighty DOOM

Enter a cute yet infernal animated universe as Mini Slayer, rip and tear through hordes of demon enemies, and become the ultimate dungeon-crawling demon hunter in Mighty DOOM.

Mighty DOOMBethesda
Prepare to blast your way through hordes of mini demons in Mighty DOOM, a top-down 3rd person shooter set in a brand new animated DOOM universe. Step into a rogue-like adventure where you'll face off against a terrifying array of hellish foes and unleash your inner demon hunter. With fast-paced, arcade-style shooting action and customizable character upgrades, Mighty DOOM offers a unique and thrilling gaming experience that's not to be missed. Enter an animated DOOM universe with all-new locations, stunning visuals, and adorable demon threats. Inspired by collectible toys from DOOM Eternal, Mighty DOOM lets you level up your character and upgrade legendary weapons in a dungeon-crawler experience unlike any other. Take aim and fire in non-stop gun game action, dodging ranged enemies and unleashing your ultimate Glory Kill. With simple touch controls and a rogue-like gameplay that's easy to learn but difficult to master, Mighty DOOM puts your skills to the test in a thrilling demon slaying adventure. Choose from three unique weapons to switch on the fly and unleash your might against foes. From the Rocket Launcher to the Unmakyr or BFG, each weapon offers a unique set of abilities to inflict maximum carnage. Upgrade your gear and weapons as you progress through the game, unlocking devastating dungeon hunter abilities and insane combos to conquer Hell's armies. Prepare for epic boss fights against adorably violent versions of legendary DOOM bosses like the Baron of Hell and Cacodemon. With their own unique attacks and strategies, each boss offers a thrilling challenge that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Overall, Mighty DOOM offers a fast-paced, action-packed shooter experience that's perfect for gamers of all skill levels. With hundreds of challenging levels to conquer and countless upgrades to unlock, this top-down shooter is sure to become a fan favorite. So what are you waiting for? Download Mighty DOOM today and become the ultimate demon hunter!

Lone Archer battles the never-ending waves of evil while navigating through different worlds and leveling up skills & equipment.

Step into a breathtaking world where survival is a continuous battle to preserve your existence. Welcome to Archer Heroes! You are the Lone Archer, the last hope to vanquish the ongoing waves of evil that threaten to wipe out all life. Show your mettle and demonstrate your amazing skills in the exhilarating combat as your life counts on it. But beware, once you lose, you will have to start all over again. Proceed with caution! Experience the excitement of creating multiple combinations of unique abilities, created solely to help you survive. Make your way through different realms while facing an unfettered stream of monsters and challenges. Key Features: • Unfold random and never-seen-before skills to make your way through the dungeons. • Traverse breathtaking worlds, and hundreds of maps found in this new universe. • Defeat thousands of unexpected monsters and conquer mind-boggling obstacles. • Increase your stats by leveling up and equipping compelling gear. We welcome any questions! Please feel free to contact us anytime at or through Facebook:
Path of Immortals

Play as a Druid, Berserker, or Ranger and battle dangerous demons to save the world in this roguelite game with infinite skill combos.

Path of ImmortalsDreamPlus Games
The fate of the world is in your hands, and even one misstep can lead to being overwhelmed by demons! Assume the roles of the three courageous Survivors - the Druid who commands the power of storms, the Berserker who relishes close combat, or the Ranger who wields a deadly bow - and embark on a journey to rid the world of demon infestation! The lives of both angels and humans hinge on your success, and only by battling untold numbers of demons can you hope to secure a future for all! Features: - Step into the shoes of one of three distinct Survivors - Experience roguelite gameplay with innumerable skill combo possibilities - Take on thousands of demons in epic battles! - Able to navigate the map using just one hand In order to guarantee adequate data storage for devices lacking in internal storage, the following two permissions - READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE and WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE - are mandatory for downloading data files from the CDN server. Refusal to grant these permissions may cause initialization and activation issues with the game. Furthermore, the READ_PHONE_STATE permission is necessary in order to generate a device number, without which Visitor Account creation is unfeasible. Don't hesitate to contact us at if you have any problems. Don't forget to follow our official Facebook account at
Knight's Edge

Compete and climb leaderboards in Knight's Edge, the free multiplayer 3v3 game with various loadouts, unique perks, and elements.

Knight's EdgeLightfox Games, Inc.
Have the courage and perseverance to become the ultimate winner? Step into the arena in Knight's Edge and pick out your preferred weapon to take down the monsters along with your team and see who will emerge triumphant out of all. The question is, are you up for the challenge? It's GAME ON as you go head-to-head with the opposing team in quick 3v3 multiplayer battles, with the team that slays the monsters first earning the victory. Counter the other team's advances by pushing their monsters back to their side and grabbing the loot for your team with each victory. The faster you overcome the monsters, the better the rewards! ANYONE CAN TAKE THE FIELD as the game is easy to handle by simply dragging to move and releasing to attack. Use your Special Ability to deal even more damage to your opponents. In DIFFERENT LOADOUT EVERY MATCH, every game creates new and unique options as you level up and choose different Perks for each match. This ensures that the monsters and opponents are taken down in a variety of ways, leaving no room for repetition. GEAR UP and take control of weapons with various elements and types to unlock new Perks to pick from and upgrade in order to extinguish the monsters and opponents more effectively. BE THE BEST by ascending the leaderboards and triumphing as the ultimate Champion of the KNIGHT'S EDGE. Please note that Knight's Edge is absolutely free to download and play, however, some items in the game can be obtained by using real money. If you prefer, in-app purchases can be disabled on your device settings. To play the game, a constant internet connection is required.
Legends of Libra

Join the exciting adventure of Legends of Libra! Take on hordes of enemies, upgrade your arsenal, and become a true hero as you explore mysterious worlds and conquer epic bosses.

Legends of LibraSozap
Experience an action-packed adventure with Legends of Libra, an exciting fantasy game that promises hours of thrilling gameplay. Play solo or with friends, and immerse yourself in a multiplayer RPG game that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Choose your epic hero and weapon and get ready to take down the evil forces that threaten the universe. Become a star hero and show the world that you are the one who will save the day! Join the fight now by clicking the install button and set foot on the battlefield to start your epic adventure. UNLEASH YOUR INNER HERO! Unleash your inner hero with Abe, a grumpy but kind-hearted jungle resident, or Clara, a daring and intelligent scientist. Embark on an unforgettable journey filled with action-packed levels and defeat waves of enemies and archero warriors. Unlock new heroes as you progress and restore balance to the universe. Every battle counts, so gather gold, blueprints, weapons and equipment to upgrade your skills and defeat powerful enemies and bosses. Create your own playstyle by choosing between fast, powerful, or balanced weapons and combining them with the right armor, gun, sword, bow, arrow, helmet, and trinket. Get your hands on legendary weapons that will enhance your skills and grant you unique abilities. Cooperate with other players to gather gold, resources and equipment, or challenge them in the arena to gain fame and fortune and to become the ultimate star of Libra. Enter one of the many Libra temples scattered throughout the world and unveil their mysteries. Each temple has a portal that will take you to mysterious worlds among the stars. Solve puzzles, avoid traps and bullets, and race against time to uncover valuable loot that will benefit your mission. 🎮 Enjoy simple and intuitive controls that are perfect for playing on the go. 🦸‍♂️ Upgrade your character's abilities with powerful talents. 🥊 Combine and enhance your equipment to create the ultimate arsenal. 🔧 Maximize your potential by combining different skills. ⚔️ Fight unique enemies and bosses that require different strategies. 🌎 Explore fascinating worlds filled with colorful environments. ✨ Discover bonus levels packed with valuable loot. 🎁 Participate in daily events to receive amazing rewards. If you enjoy playing archer, shooting, brawl stars, or archero games, then Legends of Libra is the perfect game for you. Download it now and become a Legend of Libra!
Lunch Hero

In Lunch Hero, pick your hero and fight monsters, upgrade armor and skills, and explore new realms for a thrilling mobile RPG experience.

Lunch HeroMP Games
Looking for an awesome arcade game for your mobile device? Look no further than Lunch Hero! Start your adventure at the tavern where you'll encounter a variety of magical beings, including warlocks, magicians, and elves, all eager for a good fight. Choose your hero and embark on a voyage to a mystical land where you'll face off against hordes of monsters and acquire new abilities and gear. This thrilling action RPG will leave you speechless! Experience various tactics, exciting combat sequences, and fierce fighting powers. Prepare to: Discover New Realms Sail to otherworldly places with unique landscapes and unexpected challenges that await you. Assemble Your Warriors Add more incredible heroes to your group of troublemakers and carefully select the best ones for each strategy. Battle Against Villains You'll encounter swarms of terrifying creatures and epic supervillains that will test your skills and bravery. Enhance Your Skills and Gear Upgrade your weapons and master new maneuvers to construct superior armor sets for all your heroes. Push Your Limits Feeling daring? Lunch Hero has no shortage of difficulty levels and more action than you can imagine. Get ready for the ultimate challenge!
Squad Alpha: Action Shooting

Squad Alpha: A top-down shooter with intelligent mechanics, upgradeable guns, over 200 levels, and unique agents to gather. Plan your moves, let the bullets fly, and prove your worth.

Squad Alpha: Action ShootingSayGames LTD
🔫 Squad Alpha: Ready for the Battle? Are you in search of an exciting, casual shooter game that offers tactical challenges to test your strategic brain? Look no further than Squad Alpha, a top-down shooter game with multiple advanced weapons, intelligent mechanics, and addictive gameplay that will trigger your desire to strategize while keeping your inner shooter satisfied. Take cover, plan your moves, and obliterate numerous targets to complete the unlimited levels of thrill. Gather remarkable rewards that will upgrade your gear and prove your worth as an agent in the elite Squad Alpha. 🔥 The Ultimate Mobile Shooter Game 🔥 ★ Think and Shoot - Squad Alpha has easy-to-grasp, top-down gameplay that is inviting to play. But don't rush out, guns blazing, because clever mechanics and cleverly designed levels require you to play tactically. You must pause and assess the situation, plan your moves, and shoot with precision to achieve mission objectives and progress through the progressive levels of complexity. ★ Non-Stop Action – Enjoy over 200 levels of exciting gameplay that require your unique tactical approach and innovative thinking to master. Conquer over 20 different bosses that challenge you, test your skills to the brink, and reward you generously. Rise to the elite status of the Squad Alpha agents. ★ Unite your Squad – Collect the entire squad of elite agents in Squad Alpha and discover unique styles, skills and four playful skins to customize their appearances. ★ Bullet Points - Squad Alpha has over 30 guns to collect, including pistols, shotguns, SMGs, and more. You can earn rewards to build up your arsenal and find gun upgrades that will fit your style of play. With grenades added to your arsenal, you're ready for any mission! ★ Fantastic Sound - The game has settled for fresh and straightforward graphics that are sufficiently light and highly adjustable with exquisite soundtracks to improve the action and adventure experience. Guns, Grenades, and Gumption 💡 Now is the time to plan your moves and let the bullets fly in an action-packed game that'll keep you on the edge of your seat—whether you only have five minutes or hours to spare. Squad Alpha offers a unique, top-down shooting experience that combines tactical challenges with engaging gameplay, sleek graphics, fantastic sounds, and countless collectibles that'll keep you coming back for more. Download Squad Alpha now for a guaranteed thrill and adventure. Privacy Policy: Terms of Use:

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