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Higan: Eruthyll

Lead Gopher Troupe to reclaim reality from eternal nightmare in Higan: Eruthyll - a 3D RPG with dynamic instructions, gorgeous cutscenes and intense battles.

Higan: EruthyllBILIBILI
Higan: Eruthyll is an engaging 3D-based combat RPG that beautifully brings fantasy to life on stage. The wonderful world of Planet Eruthyll is equipped with a range of tactics that are dynamic at their core, making for an exciting experience coupled with touching stories that unfold in fantastic cutscenes. Board Shuttles Across the Worlds, Reclaim Reality As the Director, lead your Gopher Troupe in a fight to overcome the Arrival of Fantasyland. Travelling via shuttles, rescue people from a deadly sleep state and reclaim reality from eternal nightmare. Experience Magnificent Battle and 3D Cutscenes Top-notch voice actors amplify the spectacular 3D cutscenes into a captivating audio-virtual reality fusion. The game throws a range of vibrant colours, overwhelming ult skills, movie-like ACT gameplay and splendid chase camera, creating an immersive and engaging gameplay environment. Dominate the Game at Fingertips with Dynamic Instructions Unique dynamic instructions form the backbone of a unique and engaging gaming experience. Using tactics in bullet time, you can dominate your opponents in an intense and thrilling battle scenario. Control the Magic Tech, Reboot a Renaissance of Fantasy Art Technological advancements with elements of magic create a distinct, unique art style. Indulge in the visual splendours like hyperspace, refraction of light, and all the other marvels that are in store for you. Assemble Your Own Squad and Lead Them Against Fantasyland Using various characters, from multiple classes and elements, to play inspirations of different themes, make for a personalised touch-engaging experience. Build a squad that suits your best style, rise against Fantasyland, and help Planet Eruthyll defeat the darkness once again. Follow Us on Social Media Platforms Stay updated on Higan: Eruthyll by following us on our website, Twitter, Discord and Facebook. Join our ever-growing community and be a part of the Higan family! Website: Twitter: Discord: Facebook:
Aether Gazer

Escape war-torn Earth, build Idealbild, fight Visbanes, and customize a squad for exciting combat in Aether Gazer, an action-packed game with unique characters and stunning visuals.

Aether GazerYostar Games
In a world where warfare has become the norm, the Earth has become uninhabitable and humans have sought refuge by transferring their minds to Gaea, an advanced artificial intelligence orbiting the planet. The human consciousness is divided into ten distinctive zones known as sephirah, that have their very own sets of customs and beliefs, all working together towards building the utopian society of Idealbild. However, lurking beneath the surface and residing in the Source Layer, malicious computer viruses named Visbanes are determined to bring down humanity's future paradise. In this thrilling game, players must fight against the Visbanes and protect the consciousness of humanity by utilizing the unique skillset of each character during combat. Build up power-ups to perfect your combos and modify your squad in order to unleash unrivaled strength and reach the promised future of Idealbild. Explore a dystopian world full of stories and treasure, customize your arsenal of abilities at will, and seamlessly switch your character's fighting style on the fly. Experience a premium level of character design with advanced NPR rendering technology and immerse yourself in a captivating and unforgettable soundtrack. Each character has a unique voiceover to match their persona, making the game all the more immersive. Visit Aether Gazer's official homepage at for more information, and keep up to date with the latest game news by following Aether Gazer on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.
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Collect beautifully crafted Souls, form the best squad, and explore your own town in this stunning visual RPG with rich gameplay and compelling storyline.

EversoulKakao Games Corp.
Indulge in a captivating anime-inspired RPG as you collect the most exquisite Souls in this visually stunning game. [ FEATURES ] ◌ CHARMING SOUL COLLECTIONS ◌ ■ Acquire a myriad of exquisitely crafted Souls from 6 different factions with exclusive abilities and animations. Assemble your ultimate Soul squad with them. ◌ STRATEGIC BATTLE PLANNING ◌ ■ Take advantage of faction strengths, party buffs, and formations to hone your skills for an unforgettable battle experience. ◌ VISUALLY MESMERIZING RPG ◌ ■ Immerse yourself in a breathtaking Visual RPG with incredible artwork, graphics, and animations inspired by a variety of anime. The game is complemented by beautiful audio specially designed to enhance your gameplay experience. ◌ DESIGN YOUR TOWN ◌ ■ Create and explore an enchanting town with diverse structures and decorations. Roam freely and interact with your Souls, take on missions, and fight off monsters that may be lurking in the corner. ◌ SHAPE YOUR DESTINY ◌ ■ Interact with colorful Souls bursting with personality. Your decisions determine the fate of your relationship with them. Choose wisely! ◌ EXPAND AND UPGRADE ◌ ■ Gather unique Souls that can be upgraded and used to unlock exclusive stories through interactions with them. ◌ THRILLING GAMEPLAY ◌ ■ Climb the ranks of the Arena leaderboard, engage in epic fights against bosses with your guildmates, explore labyrinths, and go on dungeon runs for an immersive PvE and PvP experience. ◌ IMPRESSIVE STORYLINE ◌ ■ Follow a gripping narrative that unfolds as you assume the role of the Savior summoned to protect a parallel world from a catastrophic event. ◌ AUTO BATTLES AND IDLE MECHANICS ◌ ■ Effortlessly collect resources while idle and earn rewards even when sleeping. Leave everything on autopilot! ■ Developer Contact ■ For America & Europe: For Asia: ============================= ■ This game is available in English, Korean, and Chinese (Traditional) languages only. ■ Official Community ■ Join our official community based on your region! [America & Europe] Website (America/EU): Twitter (America/EU) Discord (America/EU): Support (America/EU): [Asia] - Website (Asia/KR): - Facebook: - Support (TW): - Support (SEA): ■ Minimum Specifications ■ ‣ Android 7.0 or higher ‣ Samsung Galaxy S8 or newer ‣ RAM 4GB or higher [Mandatory App Permissions] None. Eversoul does not require any mandatory permissions. [How to Withdraw Permissions] - For Android 6.0 or higher: Settings > Applications > Select App > Permissions > Withdraw access. - For versions under Android 6.0: Withdrawal of permission is not possible; the app must be uninstalled. We advise that you upgrade your Android version.
Goddess of Victory: Nikke

Goddess of Victory: Nikke - command an anime girl squad with unique sci-fi weapons to defeat Rapture and save humanity.

Goddess of Victory: NikkeLevel Infinite
Punishing: Gray Raven

Lead humanoid soldiers as the Commander in a post-apocalyptic world against machines infected by Punishing. Enjoy unique visuals, combat system, and voice actors.

Punishing: Gray RavenHK Hero Entertainment Co., Limited
Introducing Punishing: Gray Raven, the ultra-exhilarating and full-fledged 3D action RPG available for smartphones! As the commander, you have been entrusted with the humanoid "constructs," which are humanity's last hope against the invading machine threat known as the "Punishing." Your objective is to lead the constructs and fight against the machines that have been corrupted by the Punishing. Prepare to use your fingertips to execute stunning skills and embark on a journey to save humanity from extinction! For a limited time, logging in will allow you to choose one free, highest rarity S-class construct from a selection of five! In the near future, humanity touched the forbidden realm of endless exploration of science and technology, and as a punishment, the "Punishing" appeared as a disaster that symbolizes "penance." The Punishing not only destroys the fragile human body, it also corrupts the logic circuits of machines, turning them into slaughter weapons controlled by intense destructive impulses towards humans. After less than a century of resistance, the once prosperous civilization of mankind left little trace and was replaced by "Corrupted," machines that had been corrupted by the Punishing, wandering on the abandoned Earth. Humanity entrusted the last hope of resistance against the Punishing to the "constructs," which embody a human "soul" within an artificial body, and as the protagonist and commander, you will lead the constructs and engage in a battle to reclaim Earth... Enjoy an exhilarating new style 3D action game. The stunning 3D graphics, the sense of speed and impact of every strike, and the unique battle mechanics with puzzle elements, will provide you with a brand new combat experience. By disabling signals during battle, you can utilize your skills and achieve a strong combo by connecting normal attacks with skills. Experience a new and exhilarating battle system that allows you to enjoy both strategic and action-packed combat! The visuals of Punishing: Gray Raven are full of post-apocalyptic atmosphere, with a predominantly low-saturation color palette capturing the gloomy world. As the constructs launch their attacks, their radiance shines through the despair, providing a beacon of hope in the bleak world. Get to know the unique "constructs" and bond with them in the "dormitory" between battles. Customize the interior of the dormitory, give gifts that suit the personality of each construct, and increase your level of intimacy with them. Doing so unlocks special dialogue and hidden episodes. You can also experience the story from the enemies' perspective and encounter even deeper storylines. The voice cast includes popular actors like Yui Ishikawa, Ai Kayano, Ayako Kawasumi, Minami Tanaka, Haruka Tomatsu, Jun Fukuyama, Yoshimasa Hosoya, and Yoshitsugu Matsuoka. The voice acting will connect with your consciousness and bring an extra level of immersion to the game. "From this point on, this is a story of rebellion. Oh, children of humanity who yearn to return to the mother Earth, victory be upon you." Punishing: Gray Raven has a basic free-to-play model, but certain in-app items require payment. For more information on Punishing: Gray Raven, check out the official website at or follow them on Twitter @punigray_staff or on LINE at Supported devices include Android devices with 8.1.0 or higher, 3GB or more of RAM, 4GB or more of ROM, and Snapdragon 665, Kirin 960, Exynos 9810, or Helio G70 or higher. For any technical support inquiries, please contact
Epic Seven

Epic Seven x Tensura Collaboration adds Rimuru, Milim, and Shuna as heroes in this vast world of battles, raids, and PvP arenas.

Epic SevenSmilegate Holdings, Inc
An exciting collaboration between Epic Seven and Tensura is now available, introducing the heroes Rimuru, Milim, and Shuna. Join the fun by participating in the Epic Seven x Tensura Collaboration Events that is currently ongoing. Witness the birth of the 7th world as Diche, the Goddess of Life, summons all of her remaining power and grants shape to the Guardians and the Heir of the Covenant. An epic story awaits you in this modern-day adventure game, so prepare to be fully engaged. The game features fully playable 2D animation with dazzling skill animations that can be seen in battles, akin to cutscene-quality 2D animated graphics that make the game more appealing. There is also a Raid Labyrinth where an ancient queen awakens from her slumber, allowing you to embark on a monster hunt with pretty incredible rewards. Players can take part in the PvP Arena, where they compete for fame and victory. Showcase your unique strategies to the world every season and earn recognition. Also, team up with fellow Guild members and participate in intense 3v3 battles in the Guild Wars, where you work your way up to become the best group. Another mode is the World Boss, which allows you to fight against the World Boss with up to 16 Heroes in an epic battle. It is an opportunity to test your combat skills and see how well they measure up to the competition. Additionally, the World Arena mode is available. It allows you to fight against players from all over the world in real-time, providing an opportunity to showcase your strength and defeat strong opponents. Epic Seven is not supported on Galaxy S4 and under, but it is available on Android 6.0 and above. The game is also available in English, Korean, Chinese (Traditional), German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, and Thai, proving its inclusivity. Access permission information is optional, and required access permission is none. Join the community on STOVE, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram to get the latest updates and tips on Epic Seven. Take advantage of this memorable adventure game and experience a journey that is both engaging and exciting.
War of the Visions: Final Fantasy Brave Exvius

Experience a new FF tactical RPG with a tested battle system, job classes, and a weighty storyline on the Ardora continent.

War of the Visions: Final Fantasy Brave ExviusSQUARE ENIX
Get ready to experience the latest tactical RPG in the Final Fantasy series, where your strategic prowess will be put to the test and you can indulge in a rich and immersive storyline. The continent of Ardora is plagued with a conflict over domination, with even small independent countries like the "Crimson Lion of Leonis" facing threats. See what fate befalls the young twin princes of Leonis as they navigate their inescapable destiny within the midst of vicious conflicts. From there, a story that would later be known as "The Phantom War" begins. The game ensures a seamless and fun experience for players both old and new to the tactical RPG genre, with features like "Auto Mode" and "Fast Mode". Efficiency is key with "Skip Tickets" and the ability to repeat certain scenarios until you get the desired material drop implemented to save your energy. The Final Fantasy series showcases powerful Limit Breaks, which can be used to vanquish formidable enemies. A diverse range of jobs from the familiar Knight, Dragon Knight, White Mage, and Black Mage, to original ones such as the Arithmetic Mage are also available to players. Progress your favorite jobs and face challenges that come your way. Furthermore, the summit of the game experience is the summoning of powerful and familiar beasts of previous titles, namely Shiva and Odin, who come to aid you in battle in stunning 3D. The musical score of the game is crafted by Elements Garden (Noritaka Ubukata), familiar to the players of the FFBE series. A full orchestra creates a powerful and immersive atmosphere that will transport you to the vivid and dynamic world of the Phantom War. The main storyline features complete voice acting from an all-star cast of voice actors, so indulge in their premium performances and immerse yourself in the story of the Phantom War. This game is perfect for those who have played the Final Fantasy series before, are looking for a mobile RPG with an in-depth and engaging storyline, and desire a game that oozes with fantastic visuals and impressive 3D movies. Players who enjoy fantasy, adventure-evoking, turn-based strategy games with hero development elements and single-player and guild battles will love this latest and greatest edition of the celebrated role-playing game. With free-to-play mechanics, fantastic voiceover actors, and intricate and challenging gameplay, the Phantom War is definitely worth a try.
Azur Lane

Experience naval warfare like never before in Azur Lane, a beautifully designed anime game with a unique mix of RPG, 2D shooter, and tactical elements. Build your own fleet and defeat enemies in both AI and manual battles.

Azur LaneYostar Limited.
Do you dream of embarking on the ultimate Naval Warfare adventure? Azur Lane is the game for you! With an unforgettable blend of RPG, 2D shooter, and tactical elements, this wondrous anime game is like no other. One of the most beloved features of Azur Lane is its easy and intuitive gameplay, which is based on the concept of 2D side-scroller. Take command of up to six ships in a flotilla, skillfully avoiding the enemy's gunfire and bringing them down with ease! Whether you prefer AI-controlled battles or manual control, the choice is yours in Azur Lane. Build your very own fleet with a vast selection of warships from around the globe, with over 300 ships in total. Each ship boasts unique stats and a beautifully designed character to represent it. But the enchanting character interactions don't stop there! Several characters in Azur Lane benefit from Live2D interaction technology, adding an extra layer of depth and personality to your gameplay. Join the community of Azur Lane players and discover an unforgettable world of thrilling naval battles today: visit the official homepage, Discord server, Twitter account, and Facebook page to join the adventure now.
Honkai: Star Rail

Hop aboard Honkai: Star Rail's Astral Express for a space RPG adventure with compelling allies and reimagined tactical combat.

Embark on a thrilling space adventure like never before with Honkai: Star Rail, a new HoYoverse space fantasy RPG. Climb aboard the Astral Express and witness the endless wonders of the galaxy filled with adventure and excitement. Along the way, players will meet new companions from a variety of distinct worlds, and may even come across some familiar faces. Work together to overcome the obstacles caused by Stellaron and uncover the hidden truths behind it all. The universe is full of surprises, and in Honkai: Star Rail you'll get to experience them all. Discover never-before-seen views of the galaxy, from space stations full of Curios, to foreign planets trapped in eternal winter and starships hunting down abominations. With multiple fantastical worlds and civilizations to explore and mysteries beyond imagination to uncover, the adventures you will embark on are seemingly endless. With state-of-the-art rendering engines, innovative facial expression systems and original scores by HOYO-MiX, the immersion provided by Honkai: Star Rail is unmatched. As you shape the story of your galactic journey, your choices will define the outcome in a universe filled with conflict and collaboration. The allies you make along the way will be just as compelling as the adventures you'll have. With endless encounters and limitless adventures, the companions you meet will make your virtual journey unforgettable. From spunky amnesiac girls to noble and upright Silvermane Guards, indolent Cloud Knight generals, and even mysterious and secretive professional beauties, you'll get to know your companions and work together to confront the Stellaron crisis. Utilize a brand-new command combat system to defeat enemies and exploit their weaknesses. With exciting battles that have a satisfying rhythm, you'll use techniques and suppress enemies with different Types' Weakness Breaks, then finish the fight in style with a stunning Ultimate. In the randomly-generated mazes of the Simulated Universe, you'll encounter surprising random events and almost 100 different Blessings and Curios. These will grant you an incredible boost in abilities, allowing you to challenge a more unpredictable combat environment. With full voice-over in four languages, the characters of Honkai: Star Rail come alive. Dozens of emotions, hundreds of facial expressions, thousands of lore pieces, and millions of words make up the universe's beating heart. Experience a dream team of voice actors assembling the entire story. They will transcend their virtual existences and become your tangible companions, creating a new chapter in this tale together with you. To get support for Honkai: Star Rail, contact customer service at You can also visit their official website at or connect with other players on their official forum at Be sure to follow them on Facebook at, Instagram at, Twitter at, YouTube at, Discord at, TikTok at, and Reddit at for the latest updates.
Blue Archive

Command charming allies against military threats in this interactive 3D RPG with an exciting unfolding storyline. Play Blue Archive now!

Blue ArchiveNEXON Company
Blue Archive is a role-playing game that combines youth, academy, and military elements. You have been designated as an advisor to Schale, the Federal Investigation Club located in Kivotos, a colossal academy city consisting of numerous schools. With the help of your charming allies, resolve the numerous incidents that take place in Kivotos and create unforgettable memories along the way. Experience thrilling 3D battles alongside cute characters that come to life with detailed animations and skill cutscenes. Use your strategic prowess to lead your team to victory while considering their abilities, terrain, and synergy. The more time you spend with your allies, the more you'll uncover their charms and deepen your bonds. Interact with them through the in-game messenger, Momo Talk, and reveal their hidden secrets. The main story is an exciting journey filled with unpredictable plot twists surrounding the girls’ friendship, love, and thrilling military action adventures. Uncover the daily miracles that occur in the lives of these characters through their relationship stories and sub-stories that shine a light on the daily lives of various clubs. Be sure to keep up to date with Blue Archive's official site, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube channels. Please note that an internet connection is required to play this game. For an optimal gaming experience, we recommend using an Android OS 9.0 or higher, Galaxy Note 8 or higher, and 6GB RAM. By downloading this game, you are accepting our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. Please be aware that we do require certain permissions, such as Save Photo/Media/Files to save game execution files and videos, and Upload Photos/Videos, Camera, and Phone to collect phone numbers and promote text messages. Optional permissions do not impact the gameplay, and you can manage app permission through your device's settings. Lastly, Blue Archive features in-app purchases that can be disabled through your device settings.
Neural Cloud

As leader of the Exiles, gather and train diverse Dolls in search of a way out of the dire situation. Discover secrets, engage foes using strategy, and build a new home.

Neural CloudDarkwinter Software Co., Ltd.
Caution! Irreparable Damage: System viability severely compromised..." This poses an unprecedented danger to the existence of the Dolls. In the midst of powerful adversaries and a future that is clouded with uncertainty, the scattered Dolls brace themselves in search of the slightest hope of salvation. Though humankind has forsaken them, you, as the head of "Project Neural Cloud" have firmly taken a step forward in this unfamiliar territory, founding the "Exiles" and taking in wandering Dolls. As the leader of the Exiles, you will delve into the world's secrets, find a way out of this dire situation, and reveal the truth... 「Unusual and complex characters」 Advanced Dolls from diverse backgrounds anticipate your directives. Find and increase the number of Exiles by training your favored Dolls and aiding them in breaking free from the chains that bind their neural clouds. Unveil their secretive pasts...Shh, these are secrets that you and your Dolls share. 「Battle requiring both power and tactics」 Experience a completely novel combat system that incorporates the fundamentals of roguelike games, with intricate settings and characterization. Dare to risk it all and confront overpowering foes, exercise caution and prepare your maneuvers with a bigger picture in mind, or adapt to the situation and improvise, as there are numerous paths to triumph. Coordinate your troops and develop feasible team compositions while utilizing friendship buffs, and entrust the remaining matters to the Exiles. 「Pleasant and practical creation mechanism」 As you proceed with your journey, collect components to establish and elevate structures within Oasis, the Exiles' renovated headquarters. Fashion a city based on your preferences, enhance its infrastructures, and erect dormitories to gain invaluable resources and strong buffs. May you and your adored Dolls savor a brief respite before your forthcoming adventure.
The Eminence in Shadow RPG

Play as the Seven Shadows and battle enemies in Master of Garden, with 3D graphics and anime cutscenes. Free-to-play with in-app purchases.

The Eminence in Shadow RPGCrunchyroll Games, LLC
Discover the amazing story of The Eminence in Shadow with Master of Garden's epic modes. Get access to new chapters, characters and beat challenging levels with anime updates after each episode. With 3D graphics and anime cutscenes, the game's story showcases unforgettable scenes from the anime and untold events from the light novels. If you're a fan of The Eminence in Shadow, you'll love Master of Garden! Experience every chronicle and event story supervised by Daisuke Aizawa, the author of the original light novels. Follow the fate of the Seven Shadows during their "missing two years" away from Shadow, only in "Master of Garden". Get ready to engage in 3D battles in anime-style graphics and destroy your enemies. Join forces with Rose, Alexia & Beta, and let them unleash their power. Build your perfect party using any character from The Eminence in Shadow, and watch unique battle animations that will blow your mind. Deepen your bond with your favorite heroine and get one-on-one time with her every day on the home screen. Don't be surprised if she shows a new, unexpected side of herself. The game features an amazing cast of voice actors, including Seiichiro Yamashita, Kana Hanazawa, and Hisako Kanemoto among others. Listen to the opening theme "HIGHEST", composed by Tom-H@ck and arranged by KanadeYUK. Basiscape Co.Ltd has worked on the music for ELDEN RING, DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY, and others. The anime creators, including Daisuke Aizawa, Touzai, and Kazuya Nakanishi, have also contributed their talents to this game. Nexus, the studio behind Sword Art Online, WORKING!!, and The Irregular at Magic High School, has produced the animation. If you're a fan of The Eminence in Shadow, love anime, manga and light novels, dream of reincarnating into another world, want to become the eminence in shadow, defeat evil cults, experience major misunderstandings and can't resist a great RPG, you'll love Master of Garden. The game is free-to-play with in-app items available for purchase. Follow instructions in "App Support". Crunchyroll Games, LLC has published the game under license, and the terms of service and privacy policy are available on the website. Don't miss out on the latest mobile anime RPG!
Soul Tide

Soul Tide is a fantasy game that mixes character collection, home simulation, and dungeon exploration to change the world's fate.

Soul TideLemcnSun Limited
Soul Tide is a game that perfectly blends the captivating elements of anime girl collection, a home-based simulation, and dungeon exploration. The story is set in a make-believe world tormented by witches who sought to bring the land to its knees, but players take on the role of heroes who can steer things in the right direction. If you are looking for more information on the game, you can visit the official homepage at Players can also join the official Discord server at to connect with fellow players and get help in the game. Moreover, the official Facebook page, which can be found at, and the official Twitter account,, provide more insights and updates about the game. Before getting started with the game, be sure to read the End-User License Agreement and the Privacy Policy, both of which can be found at and, respectively. These documents define the relationship between the players and LemcnSun, the developer of Soul Tide.
Langrisser Mobile

Langrisser's update features new heroes, breathtaking anime art, classic strategic battles, real-time battles and guild battles. Over 300 levels to replay.

Langrisser MobileZlongGames
Get ready to experience the all-new update “Universal Prayer of Redemption” in Langrisser, where the exotic girl from ancient tribes and an eminent bishop with hidden ambitions are introduced to the players. The deadly combination of new characters--SSR heroes Polyal and Lugner-await your challenge. The update brings the latest feature, the Frost Crystal Realm--the fourth Sacred Field, new Secret Realm event, and limited edition skins up for grabs with the return of Echo of Light. Embark on a new chapter of the holy sword’s great legend on the continent of El Sallia in a magic quest. Langrisser’s core gameplay makes a welcome comeback in its classic turn-based strategic battles. As players, you have to counter your enemies’ units with the classic class priority system, use terrain bonuses to your advantage for the perfect strategy for victory. Upgrade classes and change your heroes’ classes according to the situation to formulate the perfect strategy. The stunning anime art style delivers an authentic and beautiful vibe that captures the distinct personalities of each character. Slay epic bosses with your friends in real-time battles and become the mightiest guild in El Sallia by joining a guild. Get awesome rewards in guild battles, which are sure to be a new and exciting challenge awaiting players. Langrisser Mobile brings us vocal superstar Ryotaro Okiayu and over 30 anime and gaming voiceover legends such as Yui Hori, Mamiko Noto, Saori Hayami, and many others as the game provides the first fully-voiced experience in Langrisser’s history. The historic melodies of the Langrisser series make a welcome comeback with the original composer Noriyuki Iwadare heading the score. Langrisser Mobile provides access to over 300 classic levels through five generations of Langrisser games. The heroes of light and darkness unite in the battle for the future where Elwin, Leon, Cherie, Bernhardt, Ledin, and Dieharte are back once again. Join the action and challenge yourself with Langrisser Mobile. Follow their Facebook page @LangrisserEN for updates and visit their official website

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