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SharkBladeSharkBladefrom Skich app
Joe Danger Infinity

Shrunk Joe Danger must defy death on a new micro-world with 20+ new vehicles, boss battles, and hundreds of new levels. Addictive and beautiful.

Joe Danger InfinityHello Games
Immerse yourself in the thrilling world of Joe Danger's Huge Adventure in a Micro World! The game has received high praise from respected gaming publications such as PocketGamer, TouchArcade, 148Apps, and Kotaku, who unanimously agree that it's joyous, addictive, endlessly fun, and looks beautiful. As the world's most determined motorbike stuntman, Joe Danger finds himself trapped in a tiny world with over hundreds of challenging new levels to conquer. Delve into the world of danger and defy death by taking control of over twenty new vehicles such as motorbikes, cars, airplanes, a tank, and even a runaway firework. Face tough obstacles such as dodging snooker balls and fighting remote control helicopters. You can even use a block of cheese to ramp over bowls of soup! The remastered version of Joe Danger Infinity boasts a major graphical overhaul and new engine that comes with many major enhancements. It includes iOS 15, 64-bit architecture support, ProMotion support, better power performance with new optimized shaders, antialiased higher resolution graphics, Metal support, multitouch improvements, extended Bluetooth controller support, and much more, including localisation updates. Amidst the new vehicles and obstacles, there are also boss battles to overcome, and over twenty-five unlockable characters for you to discover. There are also hundreds of levels to explore and conquer, allowing for hours of endless fun and acclaimed gameplay. Compete with others and pull tricks and combos to beat your friends! Mobile Gaming nailed it with Joe Danger Touch, praised by AppGamer with 10/10, calls it "mobile gaming done right." AppSmile gives it a perfect score of 10/10 by complimenting the game with, "All the best parts of a console game." IGN says that it's a "lovingly crafted" game and has given it a 9/10 rating. Eurogamer gave it 9/10 and said that it's "funny and super addictive." PocketGamer gives it 9/10 and dubbed it "a gorgeous, must-have motorbike game." Digital Spy adds to the list with 9/10, calling it "one of the most fun games on iOS." Joe Danger Infinity is brought to you by the indie studio, Hello Games, who are dedicated to creating innovative and entertaining games. Your support and continuous five-star ratings will keep the updates coming! So go ahead and delve into the world of Joe Danger at and follow us on
Dan the Man

Dan The Man: Action Platformer introduces multiplayer mode - team up with a friend or join a quick match online. Retro pixel graphics, endless survival, and customisable heroes await.

Dan the ManHalfbrick Studios
Dan the Man: Action Platformer has released its most requested feature yet - MULTIPLAYER! You can now team up with a friend or find a quick match online to play the classic "beat up a horde" style coop mode. Take on an Army of Soldiers, Robots, Bats, and Epic Bosses to clean up the streets of fury. Make sure to grab all the coins along the way! The game has a funny and engaging storyline, awesome upgradeable fighting skills, and an epic arsenal of weapons. With enough enemies and boss fights, Dan The Man's arcade fight fest offers an unforgettable experience to both hardcore Action Platformer enthusiasts and indie game lovers. In addition to the multiplayer mode, Dan The Man offers other classic modes such as Campaign Mode, Endless Survival, Adventure Mode, and more. You can upgrade your favorite character and unlock new abilities and epic combos to give your enemies a tough time. You can also customize your character with epic skins and clothing that offer extra advantages in combat. The retro pixel art graphics of Dan the Man will remind you of old arcade games filled with action, platforms, and lots of fighting. You can join the action anytime and play for free! Don't forget to catch up on the story that precedes the game by watching the web series. Please note that the game contains optional in-app purchases. You can disable this feature in the settings menu of your device. View the game's privacy policy and terms of service on the Halfbrick website. The game uses permissions to ensure that it stays up to date, to access online/cloud save options and for in-game purchases and push notifications.
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Henry Danger Crime Warp

Help Kid Danger and Captain Man stop The Time Jerker and his allies in Henry Danger Crime Warp, a non-stop action game with five worlds to explore.

Henry Danger Crime WarpNickelodeon
Get ready to experience the ultimate adventure with Henry Danger Crime Warp, the brand new mobile game developed in partnership with Game Shakers and Henry Danger! The notorious Time Jerker and his malicious cronies have broken free and escaped through time, and it's up to you to stop them. As you join forces with Henry Danger, Kid Danger, and Captain Man, you must collect as much coinage as possible while sliding, jumping, diving, and even punching giant popcorn monsters in this non-stop dash to save the day! Not only do you get to play a REAL game from two of Nickelodeon's biggest TV shows, Game Shakers and Henry Danger, but you also have access to an array of exciting features, such as swiping your finger to jump, slide, and punch your way through time, unlocking new levels as you progress, and warping through 5 different worlds to take down Swellview's worst villains. In addition to all of that fun, you can power up as either Kid Danger or Captain Man and collect coins to upgrade your gear, making the game feel even more satisfying with every move. What are you waiting for? Download the Crime Warp app on your Android device today and embark on the adventure of a lifetime! It is important to note that Henry Danger Crime Warp collects personal and non-personal user data in accordance with applicable law. This data may be used for various purposes, including responding to user requests, enabling users to access features and services, personalizing content and advertising, and managing and improving Nickelodeon's services. For more information on the use of personal user data, please refer to the Nickelodeon Group Privacy Policy. For users residing in the EU, Henry Danger Crime Warp may use persistent identifiers for game management purposes. By installing the app, you give your permission for such usage of persistent identifiers for all users on your device. So what are you waiting for? Join Henry Danger and friends in this exciting adventure and save the world from the Time Jerker and his evil allies! Don't forget to check out the Nickelodeon End User License Agreement and Privacy Policy for more information. Download the app today and start exploring the Henry Danger Crime Warp!
Sky Dancer: Free Falling

Sky Dancer: an auto-runner where falling is as important as running, with stunning minimalist 3D visuals, immersive sound design, and challenging gameplay.

Sky Dancer: Free FallingTopebox Co. Ltd.
Experience the ultimate tranquility while auto-running and cliff-jumping in Sky Dancer," praised Pocket Gamer. If you're looking for a new running game with a thrilling twist, Sky Dancer is the perfect one for you. It's a game where falling is just as significant as running; therefore, watching your step is a must, as stated by Apple. Sky Dancer is a well-balanced game that will test your limits in the dangerous game of Sky Dancing, a beautiful planet with stunning visuals, and the perfect game for adrenaline-junkies. As you progress through the game and become accustomed to it, you'll realize that nothing else matters in your world. It's just you and the sky dancers' limitless challenges. The game's 3D minimalist art style is genuinely mesmerizing and visually pleasing, a true feast for the eyes. Sky dancer's gameplay is easy to understand and play, tapping by two fingers to jump and tapping the left or right part of the screen to move. The game's audio and music are incredibly immersive, providing a surreal and beautiful soundscape, even through your iPhone's speakers. Unlock different unique dancers with every achievement you unlock, and with an abundance of handcrafted quests, test your skills and challenge yourself to repeatedly beat your score. Play Sky Dancer on both iPhone and iPad, and your progress will be in sync with iCloud support. Plus, compete with your friends using Game Center.
Sky Dancer 2

Sky Dancer 2: Jump, dodge obstacles and fight monsters in epic boss battles. Auction-packed gameplay, with a combination of rogue-like and RPG elements. Free to play.

Sky Dancer 2Topebox
Greetings, Sky Dancers – The Challengers! Prepare yourself to venture forth on a voyage of discovery, seeking out new beginnings. You'll face a multitude of challenges as you traverse perilous terrain, plagued by formidable monsters. But with your strength and dexterity, we have faith that you will be the first to reach the promised land, bathed in tranquility under the watchful gaze of the Almighty. Sky Dancer 2 offers straightforward gameplay whilst still requiring a range of tactics and skills. It's up to you to manoeuvre your character around obstacles, perform jumps, and battle demons in your quest for success. However, with a little help from passive abilities and an equipment system that dovetails perfectly with your skills, you'll have all the support you need to excel. Our key features are: - Action & More Action: Familiarise yourself with the game's basics before diving into epic boss battles. Sky Dancer 2 delivers an extra layer of challenge with convoluted terrains and an abundance of new hurdles and worlds to unlock. - A satisfying clicker mechanic during battles to ease your stress, accompanied by stunning visuals that are guaranteed to please. - The game introduces rogue-like elements, enabling you to implement various tactics and choose your skills with greater precision, consequently leading to victory. Sky Dancer 2 requires strategy, skill, and a wise selection of skill combinations. - The game delves into RPG elements, providing you with lots of equipment and weapons to use. Customise your character to suit your individual preferences, resulting in highly unique looks, skills, and abilities that set you apart from the crowd. PLEASE NOTE: - Sky Dancer is a free download, and you can play it without paying. However, certain items in the game can only be acquired by using real money. If you'd rather not use this feature, you can disable it in your device's settings. - Privacy Policy:
Dan the Man Classic

Dan the Man, the retro-inspired beat 'em up brawler, now available on Halfbrick+. Play as Dan and customize him with epic skins and clothing to defeat enemies.

Dan the Man ClassicHalfbrick Studios
Exclusive for Halfbrick+ members, Dan the Man is the ultimate Beat Em' Up Brawler that provides an unparalleled gaming experience without any ads or in-app purchases. This game will take you on a nostalgic trip down the memory lane, transporting you to the old-school arcade gaming world. Assume the role of the iconic protagonist, Dan the Man, and enjoy the hilarious storyline, upgradeable fighting skills, and an epic stockpile of weapons. Dan the Man offers you the classic game modes that you have always cherished and adored. Campaign Mode offers you a new adventure of Dan, while Endless Survival lets you fight endlessly and climb to the top of the rankings. Enjoy a variety of challenges and different kinds of games in Adventure Mode, and unlock exclusive skins and prizes that will give you an edge in the game. Upgrade your favorite character and unlock new abilities and longer combos to make them powerful and unbeatable. Personalize your own hero with epic skins and fashionable clothing to suit your preferences and style, and attain extra advantages in combat. The retro pixel art graphics of Dan the Man will enthrall you with its visual appeal and transport you to the golden era of arcade gaming filled with platforms and action-packed fighting. Get ready for an ultimate showdown and relive the best moments of your childhood gaming nostalgia. Read our Privacy Policy at and our Terms of Service at before diving into the world of Dan the Man!
Banana Kong

Run, jump and swing through the jungle as Banana Kong, outrun an avalanche and ride animals to overcome obstacles. Outscore friends with endless, dynamic levels.

Banana KongFDG Mobile Games
Embark on an exciting adventure through the lush jungle, dark winding caves and swaying treetops in this high-octane game. Assume the role of the daring Banana Kong, navigating obstacles and outrunning a relentless wave of bananas at break-neck speed. The game's highly responsive single-finger tap and swipe controls ensure a smooth and immersive gaming experience, allowing you to jump, bounce and swing from vines with ease. This journey through the jungle is fraught with danger – massive boulders, ferocious crocodiles, hungry piranhas and scorching lava are just some of the obstacles you'll encounter. You'll have to think fast and react even faster to make it to the end. But don't worry, you won't be alone – as you race through the jungle, you can ride on the back of a boar or soar through the air with a toucan, two of the many animals that will aid you on your quest. Race against your friends and outdo them with your agility and skills. The game fully integrates with Game Services, so you can easily view your friend's high scores and monitor their progress. With endless levels that are generated dynamically, every session is a unique and thrilling experience, with new challenges to overcome. As you progress through the game, use your quick reflexes to collect as many bananas as possible to fill your energy bar, which allows you to activate a power-dash feature, attacking obstacles or taking shortcuts to reach your destination faster. Climb to the treetops or delve deeper into underground caves to discover hidden secrets and unlock special bonuses that can enhance your gameplay. Banana Kong boasts many features that make it one of the most visually stunning and responsive games out there. The game's HD Display support and Cloud Save functions allow you to play on any device and continue your progress seamlessly. With its easy-to-use one thumb controls, you can launch and play the game within 10 seconds. Enjoy an epic thrill ride that's both fast-paced and addictive, with endless entertainment that is perfect for any gaming enthusiast.
Jetpack Joyride

Fly with jetpacks, surf the wave-rider, and dodge obstacles while collecting coins to escape the lab with Barry Steakfries. Join over 750 million players on Jetpack Joyride.

Jetpack JoyrideHalfbrick Studios
Jetpack Joyride is an electrifying endless running game that will get your heart racing and leave you begging for more. Created by the same geniuses behind the highly successful Fruit Ninja, this game will blow your mind with its insane features. Prepare to join the one and only Barry Steakfries as he embarks on a mission to outrun the scientists and claim ultimate victory at the end of the lab. You'll have to equip yourself with some of the coolest jetpacks, including high-tech gadgets and power-ups, in order to make your way past lasers, zappers and even guided missiles. The thrill of this game is brought out through the numerous features that make it unique. You'll get to experience the rush of being on a wave-rider, ride crazy vehicles and even become a giant mechanical dragon or bird that shoots money, all in the quest to boost your ranking! Dare to complete some of the most audacious missions and gain the recognition you deserve. Plus, you also have the option to customize your look with ridiculous outfits while collecting coins and earning millions of dollars. If you're looking for more action, storm the lab with giant mechs and engage in battles with friends. Test your reflex and skills with the simplicity of one-touch controls and enjoy new free game modes during special events. Join over 750 million players, download the game today and let the fun begin! Please note that there are optional in-app purchases available which can be disabled in your device settings. For more information on our policies, please visit our website.
Banana Kong 2

Banana Kong is back with new levels, challenges, and animal friends. Run, jump and bounce through forests, caves, treetops, and more. Compete with friends and collect bananas for upgrades!

Banana Kong 2FDG Mobile Games
Join the celebration as Banana Kong makes its glorious return with an epic sequel that promises to delight both long-time fans and new players alike. Brace yourself for an unforgettable run through a vast array of landscapes, including *fresh* forests, caves, tree tops, lagoons and even the frigid north pole. Get ready to jump, run, swing and bounce on lianas like never before! Get inspired as your favorite animal friends make a grand comeback, each with its unique abilities and traits. And that’s not all, fancy a penguin ride on a snowy slope or perhaps, surf the waves on an ocean surfboard. Anything is possible in this wondrous new world filled with a host of surprises. Even better, Banana Kong 2 retains its easy-to-use controls, which fans all over have come to cherish. Banana Kong 2 raises the bar with exciting and fresh challenges. Embark on exhilarating, new missions, rack up bananas and earn golden Kong coins to redeem upgrades, hats, and items from the zany jungle shop. Rise up the ranks to become the King of the Jungle! Race against friends to see who will travel the furthest. Instantly access leaderboards and view the best scores directly in-game. Compare your own records and unlock achievements while perfecting your gameplay. The game engine is highly dynamic, providing endless fun throughout the never-ending run. The level is constructed randomly, making each session a unique challenge. Accumulate as many bananas as possible to fill your energy bar, and power-dash through obstacles with ease. Discover secrets and earn add-ons to maximize your gaming experience. Features: - Countless surprises with every run! - Hi-Resolution and Ultrawide Screen support - Original soundtrack from acclaimed composer Tee Lopes - Full Game Center Compatibility - A diverse array of six animal rides, and more! - Easy-to-use controls, one thumb is all you need - Cloud Save - Launch the game and play in 10 seconds flat.

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