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Free Game Test List on ios

66 games
LewisLewisfrom Skich app
Tone Sphere

Explore the world of Tone Sphere, the celestial rhythm game. Over 70 songs and 250+ levels with space travel and emotive music.

Tone SphereBit192 Labs
Get ready to ride and explore the immersive world of Tone Sphere! The Empyreal Bon Voyage series is finally here to celebrate one million downloads! Experience the ultimate cosmic rhythm action game that will take your breath away. Embark on a thrilling adventure with over 70 pulsating songs and more than 250 challenging levels that await you on the Sphere Map! This game is specially designed for players who love to travel across space, jump through the stars, and enjoy the most emotional and moving music they have ever heard. ----------------- Check out the breathtaking trailer at: Explore more about the game at the official site: Connect with us on Facebook: ----------------- For optimal performance, make sure your Android device runs on 4.0 (ICS) or higher and has a minimum of 400MB RAM. ----------------- (c) Sta / Bit192 Labs
Galaxy on Fire 2 - Full HD

Save the galaxy from aliens, pirates, and madmen in Galaxy on Fire 2 HD, featuring 30+ star systems and 100+ planets.

Galaxy on Fire 2 - Full HDDeep Silver
Galaxy on Fire 2 HD is an extraordinary sci-fi action game, now available on Google Play. Its state-of-the-art 3D graphics and extremely rich gameplay make it one of the best games in its category on mobile devices. You'll have the chance to assume the role of Keith T. Maxwell, a hot-headed space military veteran, and protect the galaxy from treacherous alien invaders, cruel space piraties and lunatics thirsty for domination! The title offers 20+ hours of gameplay, featuring two exciting story add-ons, Valkyrie and Supernova, with loads of exclusive content, that can be purchased anytime, without any restrictions. Credit packs can also be obtained in the game, allowing you to set up your own space station called Kaamo Club, and use it to stock valuable goods, acquire various exclusive power-ups and dock your favorite spaceships. Galaxy on Fire 2 HD features a wide open-ended galaxy with over 30 star systems, 100 planets and space stations, as well as 50 fully customizable spaceships, over thousands of different weapons systems, upgrades and resources, providing you with an almost infinite variety of playing possibilities. The game's storyline offers a unique mix of mission-based, sandbox and story-driven gameplay. You'll enjoy playing with some of the most detailed 3D models in the industry, complemented by high resolution textures and stunning special effects. Additional audio features include a 3D sound, an orchestral soundtrack, and full voice-acting for an immersive gaming experience. Galaxy on Fire 2 HD supports screenshots that you can take from various angles and save onto your device with just the push of a button. To add a competitive element to the game, achievements and leaderboards are available via Google Play game services. To enjoy all the game's features, you need to have an Android 4.1 Jelly Bean or higher operating system. Don't miss out on Galaxy on Fire 2 HD's amazing gaming experience, dive into space and save the universe today!
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Playroom Racer 2

Race your favorite vehicles and smash your opponents in this stunning 3D mobile game! Choose from 7 different vehicles and 3 game modes. Upgrade for more content.

Playroom Racer 2Intuitive Computers
Rev up your engines and race through the stunning 3D scenes with your favorite vehicles, whether it's a sleek sports car or a humongous concrete mixer truck, in this sensational mobile game. Take on the AI-controlled opponents in the "Race" mode or hone your driving skills and race against the clock in "Time Trial". And if you just want to have fun, the "Practice" mode allows you to drive freely around the playrooms. And all this can be done for free! The game gives you access to 2 playrooms and 2 vehicles without any cost. However, you can purchase additional content from within the app and take your racing experience to the next level. When you upgrade to the Full Version, you'll get ads removed, 3 new playrooms, and 4 new vehicles. With a total of 7 different vehicles and 5 scenes to explore, the game is sure to keep you hooked for hours. Experience the realistic physics simulation with easy to learn touch or tilt controls and enjoy the stunning 3D graphics that bring the playrooms to life. Get ready to smash the competition and take your place on the top of the leaderboards.
Scan Alien

Identify aliens disguised as humans at the airport using the latest scanners in this fast-paced action game.

Scan Alienmarge co., ltd.
Uncover the extraterrestrial invaders masquerading as humans! [Plot] At an international airport, whispers of alien infiltration masquerading as illegal immigrants have spread. To confront this dire threat, the government has implemented state-of-the-art scanners to scrutinize incoming passengers and track suspicious personnel. Your mission is to serve as security officers and identify potential alien activity amongst individuals passing through the scanner disguised as human beings. [Gameplay] As passengers pass through the scanner, their silhouette is collected for later analysis. It's up to you to scour the scanned human figures and pick out any anomalous details that may hint at an extraterrestrial presence lurking within. Once you've identified a potential threat, swiftly apprehend them before they slip away unnoticed. The key to success is keeping your wits sharp and identifying any seemingly out of place characteristics that may indicate a hostile alien presence. Catching these invaders is crucial to saving the planet!
Pizza Snake

Pizza Snake - eat pizzas, collect stars, complete 8 fun levels, optimized, no violence, no in-app purchases, contains ads, perfect for all audiences.

Pizza SnakeIno Detelic
Pizza Snake is an addictive and thrilling snake game for everyone to enjoy. Your task is to maneuver the snake around to gobble up as many delectable pizzas as possible and score points. Keeping the points in mind, you collect the stars to advance through the game. To win the game, you must gather all of the 80 luminous stars divided among the 8 levels. The game is incredibly optimized, occupying only 8MB of storage, just a fraction of the storage needed for typical photo apps, making it an easy game to keep on your phone. When playing, keep your finger away from the snake's head to achieve a higher score and more stars. Experience the unique and super fun levels as you embark on your journey, including the Classic, Midnight, Winter, Jalapeño, Maze, Snooker, Abstract, and Big Classic levels. The game's 2 difficulty modes - Normal and Hard - ensure a fair challenge for all players. The game boasts stunning high definition graphics that will amaze players of all ages. The upbeat and catchy original music, when combined with the game's engaging and challenging gameplay, will undoubtedly keep you hooked. With no violence and no in-app purchases, this game is perfect for all ages, making it an excellent pastime for the entire family. As a bonus, there are secrets hidden within the game and advertisements that enable you to take a little break between the levels. Join the Pizza Snake fan club at or visit the game's website at to get started on your mission. Play Pizza Snake today, and become the best pizza-eating snake in the world!
Kart Stars

Race to the finish line in the World Karting Championships! Customize your kart, compete with real drivers, and win coins and rewards.

Kart StarsMinicades Mobile
Get ready for an unbeatable adventure with World Karting Championships! Take part in super thrilling races and compete against skilled players from all over the world. Enter the ultimate challenge and become the world's champion by racing through 300 exciting rounds in vintage, sprint, and super karts. Get your kart upgraded and earn coins by finishing on the podium and beating your competitors. Receive high praise from satisfied gamers such as Doug McGuire, Alba Gonzalez, and Edward. Chase your dreams and enjoy the Exciting Campaign mode, where you can unlock exclusive rewards by demonstrating your racing skills through 300 different and tricky race modes. Take part in an unforgettable experience by racing against 150+ real famous drivers including James Courtney in Race the Stars. Feel the power as you customize and upgrade your kart within Vintage, Sprint and Super Karts options. Also, customize your driver and personalize him with Helmets, Suits and Headwear. Showcase your abilities using powerful boosters such as engine blueprinting or tyre boosters to help you win challenging rounds. Get the chance to race globally from all sorts of breathtaking environments such as night, city, snow and ice or even the outback desert! Navigate to over 30 tracks and participate in the recommended 300 round world championship season. Compete with your friends and share your progress using Game Center and Facebook. Buckle up, relax and get involved in an unbeatable karting game. The game offers in-app purchases, although they're not mandatory to advance through the game. You can look for many other amazing developments in Kart Stars coming your way in 2017!
Cue D

Strike all the lights and pot the ball in a limited number of moves to earn medals in Cue[D], a pool and puzzle game with 100 levels.

Cue DSpiel Studios
Welcome to a game that blends the thrill of pool with the challenging intrigue of puzzles - Cue D. The goal is to strike all the glowing orbs and sink the ball in the pocket. With 100 captivating levels and intuitive gameplay, Cue D is a highly entertaining and absorbing game. Each level requires players to make a limited number of moves to complete it before being graded based on speed and awarded medals of different colors. If any level proves too difficult, players have the option to skip it and move to the next one. With Cue D, challenge yourself to perfect each level and earn medals, earning 5 points for Gold, 3 for Silver, 2 for Bronze, and 1 for Rookie. Share your score and rank on Game Center and be proud of your achievements. describes the game as "futuristic digital pool," while highly recommends Cue D, describing it as a "unique mix that works out well." Don't forget to leave a review on the Appstore after trying out Cue D, and be sure to check out the promo video on YouTube. Follow Spiel Studios on Facebook and Twitter for more updates and entertainment.
Rainmaker - The Beautiful Flood

Rainmaker: use medallion to transform Tian's body to solve puzzles. 120 levels, innovative controls, physics and stunning scenery. Triumph with creative adaptation.

Rainmaker - The Beautiful FloodSweaty Chair Studio
Rainmaker is an intriguing puzzle game that follows the story of a young adventurer named Tian in his quest to uncover the source of the rainfall. In order to solve the game's puzzles, players can use a mystical medallion to transform Tian's shape into different objects. Critics have praised the game's interesting gameplay mechanic and calming background music, leading to an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 from AppAdvice and TapSmart, and a rating of 7 out of 10 from Pocket Gamer, who praised the game's stunning visual design. With over 120 challenging levels to conquer, players can become as light as air, as heavy as a rock, or as bouncy as a basketball in this unique take on puzzle solving. Additionally, players can create their own challenging levels and play hundreds of online levels created by other players. To ascend into the sky and beyond, players must use their strategic thinking and timing skills to adapt to each new challenge presented by the innovative controls and physics mechanics, simply by tapping the screen to morph Tian's shape. As players journey through the game, they will explore a vast array of breathtaking scenery and beautifully crafted environments, all while following Tian's surreal tale of discovery. In order to triumph over each challenge, players must use their ingenuity to adapt to the game's innovative physics mechanics and manipulate Tian's shape to overcome any obstacle in their path.

Escape through the picky Nothing Door to win! Solve 40 levels, fight enemies and bosses to destroy everything in this retro puzzle game.

NothingDoorAdam Frank
Looking for a challenging retro-style puzzle game that will transport you into a world of mystery and intrigue? Look no further than Nothing Door! The game begins with the player trapped in a room with no apparent means of escape, aside from a mysterious door, known as the Nothing Door. This door is known to be highly selective, only allowing certain individuals to pass through its threshold. Do you have what it takes to gain entry? Nothing Door is a 1-bit game that combines elements of both classic and modern puzzle genres to create a unique and exciting gaming experience. This cleverly designed game is sure to keep players on their toes, with its challenging puzzles and clever twists. To succeed, players must think ahead and plan out their moves carefully, as one false move could mean being trapped in the room forever. With 40 mind-bending levels, four easy-to-learn items, and six enemies to defeat, players will have their work cut out for them. And just when they think they have a handle on things, the game throws a curveball with a particularly tricky item. But fear not; with some strategy and quick thinking, players can overcome any obstacle and emerge victorious. So, if you're ready for a challenging, retro-inspired puzzle game that will keep you on the edge of your seat, check out Nothing Door. Who knows where it will lead you?
Adventure Escape: Hidden Ruins

Join Professor Burns and his team to explore an ancient civilization, solve puzzles, and escape traps in Adventure Escape's Hidden Ruins.

Adventure Escape: Hidden RuinsHaiku Games
Are you ready to solve fascinating puzzles, explore a stunning ancient civilization, and avoid treacherous traps? Adventure as Professor Burns, a distinguished archaeologist who is on the verge of uncovering the long-forgotten society of Kumari. You'll be accompanied by Peter, a technology genius with a passion for drones, and Rachel, the daughter of a billionaire with more intelligence than meets the eye. Your goal is to be the first to reveal the incredible treasure of the Kumari - the key to immortality. Warning: rival archaeologist Larissa is not to be trusted! Join millions of satisfied Adventure Escape players and find out if you can make it out of the Hidden Ruins alive. With beautiful graphics, the Kumari civilization comes vividly to life as you venture through the jungle environment to uncover the secrets of this mysterious place. With a variety of complex puzzles and riddles to solve, you'll have to gather tools and items to aid in your escape. Look for hidden objects that will help you reach your goal. The game is entirely free, with no registration required! Discover the secrets of Adventure Escape: Hidden Ruins, and uncover the long-buried treasure of the Kumari civilization today. Check out their website at or follow them on Facebook at
Ultimate MotoCross 4

Experience ultimate motocross racing with 5 game modes, 60+ challenges, and customizable settings. Share your scores in the online leaderboard.

Ultimate MotoCross 4Dream-Up
Are you ready for the ultimate gaming experience that will keep you at the edge of your seat? Get your motocross ready and tighten your grip for a ride of a lifetime. Challenge yourself to exceed your limits and increase your experience with our game. With 5 game modes, it is something that you cannot pass up. In Career mode, you can compete and try to be one of the three top players on the leaderboard, but be prepared to face the best pilots in the world. In Duel mode, you will be up against the crème de la crème pilot in the world. Time attack mode is where you can test your skills and break your own records. If you are looking for some action, Fight mode is where you can go against other players and emerge as the winner. Superbike mode allows you to make the most out of your motocross by driving it on asphalt roads. More than 60 challenges await you that you need to conquer with precision and care. To assist you in your journey, there is a tutorial available in the main menu to help you learn how to control your motocross. In addition, you can set your own preferred settings, including the control method, difficulty level, ideal point of view, music, rendering quality, and more. Find all your score by simply touching the “Scores” button in the main menu and share your score with other players in the online leaderboard. The game boasts high-quality graphics that will stun you with its realistic 3D real-time rendering and striking drift. Don't pass up this chance for the ride of your life! Drive your own motocross, exceed your limits, and become the top player in the world with our game.
GX Monsters

Unleash your inner monster truck driver in GX Monsters. Upgrade and customize your vehicle. Compete against players worldwide.

GX MonstersFunGenerationLab
Experience the ultimate monster truck racing game - GX Monsters, alongside thousands of other players across the globe! Unleash the power of extreme monster trucks, personalize the features according to your preference and embark on a memorable journey! Practice your skills in exciting single player events or participate in multiplayer for a thrilling adventure. Get ready to encounter the most intense monster action yet! :) FEATURES: • Acquire and upgrade 14 impressive vehicles • Personalize your monster truck with numerous customization options • Compete in both single and multiplayer modes • Move up the ranks by completing various levels. Support: Encountering any challenges? Don't hesitate to reach out to us at
Adventure Escape: Starstruck

Help Detective Kate Gray find the missing actress and solve the Starstruck mystery. Explore locations, meet unique characters, and solve puzzles in this free Adventure Escape game.

Adventure Escape: StarstruckHaiku Games
Adventure Escape: Starstruck is a thrilling game that follows the story of a well-known actress who vanished while running an errand to purchase a new pet. As the case starts to become more complicated after her personal assistant was found murdered at the city park, Detective Kate Gray has to explore every nook and cranny of the city to find her. Your exploration takes you through a celebrity mansion, a movie set, a creepy warehouse, and even the city park, where you meet peculiar characters such as a wildlife smuggler, an eccentric hip hop singer with his pet tiger, an irate yoga instructor, and the town drunk. The exceptional graphics bring the city to life and keep you engrossed in the game. You get to solve clever puzzles and riddles along the way while collecting items and tools to assist you in your search. One of the most exciting aspects of the game is finding hidden objects that guide you to solve the puzzle. The Adventure Escape is entirely free, and you can enjoy the entire game without being compelled to pay. Haiku Games, the small indie game studio that created Adventure Escape, has created a memorable cast of characters that are as amusing as they are unforgettable. Our Adventure Escape series has provided entertaining gameplay and kept millions of players engaged. You can search for "haiku games" to find us. Nobody knows if you can solve this Starstruck mystery, will you be able to find the movie star before it’s too late? Download and play the game now! Website: Facebook:
My Museum Story: Mystery Match

Become a mystery-solving detective, collect artifacts, and build your own museum in this free-to-play online game filled with thrilling adventures and challenging tasks.

My Museum Story: Mystery MatchZiMAD
💎 Welcome to our online game where you can unleash your inner detective and explore lost gems and artifacts to craft your very own mystery museum. 💎 In this thrilling game, you'll match and swap artifacts by color to uncover rare treasures, decorate your museum halls and embark on mystery quests. You'll face challenging puzzles that will take you on a thrilling adventure packed with surprises, romance, and gripping action. Get excited - your mystery quest awaits! The options are endless, offering you extensive creative liberty to customize your museum halls and surrounding gardens with Egyptian pyramids, Grecian art, and Japanese architecture. You can even merge different eras into a single exhibit to create a truly unique experience for your guests. ✨ Here are some of the amazing features of this game:✨ ✅ Easy and addictive gameplay—swap diamonds and jewels to complete fun match 3 puzzles. ✅ Infinite creative freedom—decorate your museum, and build a unique cityscape. ✅ Endless construction options—create your own Jurassic mansion, build fountains around the museum mansion and much more. ✅ Thrilling episodes—decorate your museum and embark on an adventure-packed with mystery, danger, and intrigue. ✅ Engaging game design—colourful game scenes and landscapes, and sparkling match 3 jigsaw puzzles will keep you engaged and entertained. ✅ Challenging tasks—to fill your museum with new items and lost artifacts. ✅ Multiple game locations—crawl through haunted museum halls, develop surrounding territories, and go on a search for amazing ancient artifacts of Egypt, Greece, and Japan. ✅ Adorable in-game heroes—accompany you on your search for hidden artifacts. ✅ Fun Facebook community—that shares your progress and creates a sense of community. ✅ Free-to-play—just install and start your own mystery museum story. If you encounter any issues, don't hesitate to contact us at Plus, come join our Facebook community, and follow us on Instagram to keep up with the latest updates! Indulge in our matching game, design your perfect city museum, travel to fascinating lands, and have fun!
Tiny Striker: World Football

Train and rise through many football leagues to become the world's ultimate Striker in Tiny Striker: World Football. Play for free! #1 Soccer Game in Over 98 Countries.

Tiny Striker: World FootballFat Fish Games Ltd
Tiny Striker: World Football, the latest installment in the wildly popular Tiny Sports series, invites you to take your position as the ultimate Striker and lead your team to victory. Begin your journey in the lower leagues and ascend to the world stage, competing against football clubs from across the globe. Assemble and train your team to go head-to-head with the toughest opponents. Use your skillful flicking techniques to curl shots around defenders and lob them to your teammates. Play in live Event Matches, world tournaments, and cup matches, and transfer to other countries, teams, and leagues to challenge the world's best teams in the UK, Spain, France, Portugal, Italy, and the Netherlands. Boost your striker's power and curl skills through rigorous training, attract sponsors to improve your earnings, and work with your agent to elevate your career. You can even view, capture, and share your match highlights with your friends and followers. Tiny Striker: World Football has already achieved #1 in over 98 countries, including the UK, USA, France, Portugal, Italy, Spain, Australia, and Canada. With over 6 million downloads, the Tiny Sports series continues to impress. Join the ranks of elite players and become the ultimate Striker. Provide your feedback to improve the game by leaving a review or getting in touch with us through our social media channels. By downloading this game, you are indicating your acceptance of Fat Fish Games Ltd's Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy, which can be found on our website. If you wish to have any of your data related to the game removed, please contact us at And the best part is, you can play Tiny Striker: World Football for free!
Basketball Party Shot

Dunk with friends or alone to become a basketball star! 8 player support, multiple balls & game modes, and online leaderboards.

Basketball Party ShotEvgeny Borodin
Are you ready to slam dunk your way to the top? Basketball Party Shot is the ultimate multiplayer experience that allows up to eight players to compete for the title of basketball star. Whether you want to challenge your friends or take on the arcade mode, this game is perfect for you! Unleash your inner basketball fanatic and unlock new balls such as a soccer ball, tennis ball, and football ball, just to name a few. Show off your skills and compete with others online using GameCenter. With two unique game modes, arcade and multiplayer, you can choose how you want to play. Dominate the online leaderboards and prove that you're the best of the best. Basketball Party Shot boasts cartoon 3D graphics that are simply stunning. The realistic physics make playing the game exciting and unpredictable. Whether you're an experienced basketball player or just love a good party game, Basketball Party Shot has something for everyone. So why wait? Download the game now and get ready to score big!
Badminton Stars!

Badminton Stars - fast-paced mobile badminton game for solo play, global competition, and custom character development. One tap simplicity with high replayability.

Badminton Stars!FredBear Games Ltd
Badminton Stars is the ultimate mobile game that brings you the fastest racquet sport in the world. With its simple one-tap control mechanism, Badminton Stars requires intense focus and swift reaction time to master. Embark on your badminton career in your local village and rise to the National Championship in the single player campaign. Customize your character’s skills to match your personal play style and enhance your appearance and equipment. Once you’ve improved your skills, you can enter the world championship or challenge your friends in the asynchronous multiplayer mode. Decorate and expand your home with items and trophies and use boosters to help you win against your toughest competitors. With multiple special moves earned through game progression, every match is different, adding to the high replayability value. Try Badminton Stars and remember that your non-perfect hits can catch your opponents off guard and your drop shots can be just as deadly as your smashes. Badminton Stars VIP subscription offers weekly, monthly and lifetime membership packages that can be cancelled at any time with no long-term contracts or cancellation fees. If you subscribe via iTunes, your account will be charged at confirmation of purchase, subscriptions automatically renew unless auto-renew is turned off within 24-hours before the end of the current period. Subscriptions can be managed through your account settings on your device. Visit the privacy policy and terms of use pages on Fredbear Games website for more information.
Great Race: Route 66

Cruise Route 66, choose classic car, beat competition, see attractions, perform tricks and experience America, with vintage collection.

Great Race: Route 66Part Time Monkey Oy
Embark on an adventure of a lifetime as you cruise through the iconic Route 66, starting from the flourishing Illinois to the tranquil shores of California! Take the wheel of a classic car from a hand-picked vintage collection and leave the competition in the dust. But don't miss out on the opportunity to relish in the sights and stops that lay ahead. - Perfect for the ultimate road trip experience! - Outspeed and demolish your rivals! - Show off your skills with numerous tricks, like Barrel Roll, 360, Long Air, Crash and Destruction! - Ride through 8 prestigious states of the U.S.! - Unveil all 15 vintage cars up for grabs! - Observe authentic attractions along the Route 66! - Witness the beauty of sunrise, daytime, sunset, and nighttime! - Secure your progress with iCloud Backups. Warning: Playing this game may trigger a genuine desire to hit the actual road in real life.
Soccer Dribble Cup: High Score

Dribble, reach the goal, and shoot to score in this mobile-compatible game with only three rules.

Soccer Dribble Cup: High ScoreGosiha Pte. Ltd
This exciting game is all about showing off your dribbling skills as you maneuver your way past every defender on the field. With just three simple rules to remember, it's easy to get started and start having fun. Your objective is to get the ball to your opponent's goal and score! What's great about this game is that you can enjoy it on your phone, tablet, or watch, giving you the flexibility to play no matter where you are or what device you have available. Don't let its simplicity fool you though - this game is filled with challenges and opportunities to show off your skills. As you navigate through each level of the game, you'll need to use your quick reflexes and strategic thinking to outmaneuver all of the defenders in your path. But with enough perseverance and skill, you'll be able to score that winning goal and emerge victorious! So what are you waiting for? Start dribbling your way to victory and take on the challenge of this fun and addictive game today - you won't be disappointed!
Mini Boxing

Play as Nick-Joe and defeat six funny boxers to win the championship. Unleash three attacks in this arcade-styled game.

Mini BoxingGiuseppe Calcagno
Take control of the Fighter "Nick-Joe" and lead him to become the champion of the Boxer tournament. But, be prepared to defeat six humorous, yet powerful boxers on your way to victory. Mini Boxing is a basic game, consisting of a three move-set. The first move is the classic and speedy light jab, followed by a medium punch, and lastly, the heavy upper cut punch. The game is inspired by the popular arcade games from the 80s, reflecting its retro roots in every design aspect. The game's charming graphics are super-deformed, giving off a quirky vibe. The gameplay mechanics have been kept simple, allowing players to enjoy the game without needing any prior gaming experience. Mini Boxing has joypad support, which enhances the overall gameplay experience. The character animations are fluid, granting a seamless transition between moves. You can choose from six unique fighters, each with their fighting techniques. The game's sound FX adds to the overall charm, making the game an experience like no other. Indulge in the world of Mini Boxing, and have endless fun with its amusing and entertaining gameplay.
EarthGang: Mirrorland

Join EarthGang in Mirrorland, fight enemies, collect coins, and unlock exclusive content. Can you make it to the end?

EarthGang: MirrorlandGreenpoint Studios Ltd
Welcome to the fascinating world of Mirrorland! Immerse yourself in the adventure with Olu and Wowgr8 of EarthGang as they embark on a challenging journey from Rags to Royalty, culminating in the utopian land of Mirrorland. Be vigilant and alert at all times! Surviving the tumultuous journey requires deftness and agility as you dodge, punch, kick, and run across obstacles while dealing with hostile crows, speed-crazy drivers, rogue robots, ferocious tigers, stampeding animals, soaring monkeys, and brainless zombies alongside your EarthGang comrades. Be the master of the game by amassing coins and unlocking the supercharging feature that unleashes your epic power move to eliminate obstacles in your path. Rejoice as victory will pave the way to unlock exclusive EarthGang videos, audios, and discounts! Enter this immersive gaming experience with three difficulty levels that offer exciting and thrilling challenges. Are you ready to embark on a quest like no other? The adventure awaits!
Rocket Road

Rocket Road is a fast-paced game where you dodge traffic to explore different roads. Play on Bet4Fun against friends worldwide.

Rocket RoadRicardo Montemayor
Immerse yourself in the high-octane world of Rocket Road and navigate through traffic with lightning speed! Test your agility and lightning-fast reflexes to steer clear of any oncoming cars and avoid a catastrophic collision. Embark on a thrilling adventure through various roads and uncover new and exciting routes in your quest for adrenaline-pumping entertainment. How far are you willing to push your limits? Exciting news - invite your friends and challenge players worldwide to experience the exhilaration of Rocket Road by playing it on Bet4Fun! Simply head over to the Bet4Fun button located in the Main Menu and get started on your epic journey. Compete with your friends to see who will come out on top as the ultimate Rocket Road champion. Are you ready for the challenge?
Trench Racer

Race, blast, and escape through trenches and tunnels with weapons. No ads, free campaigns, controller support. Upgrade craft and weapons with earned coins.

Trench RacerDavid Hill
Are you ready for an action-packed journey through the trenches and underground tunnels? Get your game face on and prepare to eradicate enemy strongholds by wielding an impressive arsenal of powerful weapons. Your ultimate goal is to reach the wormhole gate and escape before you meet your demise or your craft runs out of energy. With our game, you won't have to worry about pesky ads obnoxiously interrupting your gameplay. We offer IAPs that unlock additional campaigns, but the majority of the game can be played without any purchases. You can even replay the included free campaigns as many times as you'd like! For an authentic arcade experience, a game controller is the perfect addition to your gaming setup. Otherwise, on-screen buttons and an aim-able weapon firing pad will do the trick. As you progress through the game, you'll earn coins that can be used to purchase faster and tougher craft, as well as upgrade your weapons for even more firepower. Don't miss out on the chance to dominate your enemies and emerge victorious!
Tennis Stars: Ultimate Clash

Play tennis online in cities around the world against real players. Easy controls, power-ups, and tournaments. VIP Access available as a subscription.

Tennis Stars: Ultimate ClashSpiel Studios
Tennis Stars: Ultimate Clash is an enjoyable, laid-back game that allows players to play tennis online against real opponents. The game's controls are user-friendly, requiring only one hand to use; players need only swipe in the direction they wish to hit the ball, making it easy for anyone to learn. Featuring pleasing graphics that complement the game's relaxed atmosphere without appearing overly serious. Meanwhile, you can avail yourself of instant matchmaking and pure performance with no lag, adding to the game's smooth and enjoyable experience. Notably, the player is provided with the option to complete tours to unlock new characters or upgrade their skills or use power-ups to defeat their adversaries. This game invites you to play in a wide range of cities across the world, including New York, London, Melbourne, and Beijing, among others. Moreover, Tennis Stars: Ultimate Clash provides players the opportunity to engage in real-time chats with their opponents, adding a fun social aspect to the game. Additionally, one can participate in weekly tournaments, compete with other players, and climb up the ranking to test their mettle. Tennis Stars: Ultimate Clash is a unique gaming experience that allows players to enjoy tennis as never before. Download it now to experience the thrill of the game like never before! It's worth noting that while the game is free to download and play, some aspects require real money to purchase, but users can choose to turn off in-app purchases in their device's settings if desired. Furthermore, VIP Access is a auto-renewable subscription service that provides access to all available planes and VIP characters, removes ads, and provides 500 daily bonus coins. The service can be purchased as a weekly pack with a free 3-day trial or a monthly pack, with all charges automatically billed to the user's iTunes account when they renew. Users can cancel auto-renewal by adjusting their account settings after purchase. Finally, all in-app purchases are entirely optional, allowing players to complete the game without them. Links to the game's privacy policy and terms of service are included below for further information. Privacy Policy: Terms of Use:
Drag Boat Speed Racing

Customize and race high-performance boats against opponents across the USA in Top Fuel Hotrod: Drag Boat Racing. Choose from hundreds of parts and locations.

Drag Boat Speed RacingStudio Pareidolia Limited Liability Company
Welcome to Top Fuel Hotrod: Drag Boat Racing, where you can experience the thrill of high-speed boat racing. This game sets the bar for realistic Speed Drag Boat Racing and it's available on your iPhone. You can customize every aspect of your boat, from the piston to the engine, which is simulated in detail, allowing you to build your engine the way you want it. TOP FUEL HOTROD presents hundreds of different parts, allowing you to create unlimited combinations to make your boat the fastest. Weather conditions such as wind direction and chop will affect how straight your hull flies, allowing you to drive your boat as you want. Compete against opponents across 20+ unique locations, across the USA. Race to win prizes and trophies, and hold the title of "World Champion" in this exciting game. TOP FUEL HOTROD features over 16 different boats spread over 4 different racing classes: River Racer, Eliminator, Pro Modified, and Top Fuel Hydro. Experience the new multiplayer feature where you can compete against your friends. You can utilize the featured engine customization feature to choose the parts that can boost your boat's performance. Be aware that the more parts you have, the more likely the system will break. Use DYNO to test your build, and it can provide you with a power band and HP ratio. Provide your builds to friends and get set for the races to enjoy their reaction. Don't forget, if you subscribe as a Gold or Platinum member, you are opting to join an auto-renewing subscription program that will renew itself every month. You may visit for both Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions.
Sushi Factory

Cute sushi puzzle game with customizable restaurant interior. Earn money by putting sushi on plates, collect recipes and upgrade interior! Solve levels easily with one hand.

Sushi FactoryUNIT5
Immerse yourself in a delightful sushi puzzle game that's sure to put a smile on your face! In this game, you'll whip up sushi dishes for your guests while earning cold, hard cash. Solve a variety of puzzles as you collect new sushi recipes and upgrade your restaurant's charmingly cute interior. With puzzles that are easy to play with just one hand, this game promises a range of difficulty levels to suit players of all skill levels. You'll encounter adorable chefs with their own special skills and abilities, plus over 70 sushi characters with unique personalities and styles. Customize your restaurant to your heart's content, mixing and matching different combinations for a truly unique look. And with a new menu every day, you'll always have plenty of opportunities to earn rewards. To play, simply slide the chef and push the sushi onto the plate. Clear each level to earn stars and unlock new recipes to add to your menu. As you become a master sushi chef, you'll earn more money and prestige, making your dishes all the more valuable. And don't worry if a level proves too tricky; you can use up to three help items to assist you at any time. Unlock new chefs by completing missions or using coins to purchase them. If you're looking for a fun, cute, and brain-boosting game, this sushi puzzle is the perfect choice. Take on the challenge and create the best sushi restaurant the world has ever seen!
Dungeon and the Hole

In Dungeon and Gravestone, drop blocks into a hole to progress through the dungeon. Aim for high scores while avoiding losing all your blood.

Dungeon and the HoleWonderland Kazkiri inc.
Looking for a new kind of game that involves dropping blocks into a hole? Look no further than "Dungeon and Gravestone," a casual game that takes place in a roguelike RPG world. The goal of the game is to drop the blocks falling from the top of the screen into the hole, building your own dungeon as you go. Be warned, however: the fate of the town lies in your hands. The Demon King of Death is coming, and your task is to stop him. Play through the game to try and get the highest score possible as you build your dungeon from the ground up. So how does the game work? You'll be given a red bar of blood, and as you drop blocks into the hole, that bar will slowly recover. This means that the more blocks you can drop, the longer you can play. If you come across any obstructive blocks during gameplay, don't worry. Simply tap on them to erase them from the screen and continue playing. If you need to move the blocks around, tilt your smartphone in the desired direction. One of the game's best features is the force field. By pressing and holding on the screen for a long period of time, you can generate a force field that will move the blocks into the middle of the screen. This feature can be extremely helpful in moving blocks to the position you want them in. Another way to succeed in the game is by creating heroes. These heroes can open treasure chests or fight monsters, helping you to accumulate gold points. When you have tapped many blocks and accumulated enough gold points, the golden slime will appear. Drop the slime into the hole to subdue it and earn a large number of blocks of the same color. To help you along, there are several different items available in the game. These items include mini blocks, big holes, fences, and heroes. Use them wisely to your advantage. If you're new to the game, here are some helpful tips to get you started. At the beginning of gameplay, there will be many blocks of the same color. Try to aim for as many lines and treasure chests as possible. Additionally, when your blood level starts to get low, use mini blocks, big holes, or fences to quickly increase it. Keep tapping to break blocks and accumulate gold points, aiming for the appearance of the golden slime. Ready to take on the challenge? Download “Dungeon and Gravestone” now and start building your own dungeon today!
Kitty Q

Help Kitty Q, a half-dead cat in a quantum box, escape using puzzle skills and quantum physics knowledge in this free, ad-free, and unique game adventure!

Kitty QPhilipp Stollenmayer
Prepare to embark on a mind-boggling journey as you open the box and discover the half-conscious Kitty Q. Your objective is to assist Kitty Q in escaping from her peculiar quantum superposition by applying smart puzzle-solving skills and innovative thinking. Introducing Anna, the great-granddaughter of the renowned physicist and Nobel Prize laureate, Erwin Schrödinger, available to guide and accompany you through the bizarre quantum environment. Within the box, everything operates under its own curious laws, as Anna pointed out. Nonetheless, with the assistance of Anna, you will explore the specialized subject of quantum physics that Erwin Schrödinger is renowned for. Each conundrum in the game builds on one of those remarkable observations, experiments, or occurrences within the realm of physics, defying commonly established principles. In Kitty Q, brace yourself to discover intriguing scientific facts about quantum physics, with over 20 scientific facts included in the game. Marvel at the behavior of tiny particles that occasionally violate every known rule, test your math skills with a challenging letter and capture a selfie with the self-styled, half-alive cat amidst the uniqueness of the quantum world! Kitty Q, the quantum adventure, has been developed collaboratively with the Cluster of Excellence* ct.qmat, and is available free of charge, with no advertisements nor in-app purchases. The development of this project was made possible by the funding provided by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research, as part of the initiative ‘Research in Germany'. *A Cluster of Excellence is a team of outstanding scientists that delve into unsolved puzzles and new challenges. Their discoveries could have a crucial impact on our lives in the future. Quantum physics takes center stage for ct.qmat.
Grizelda: Lynx and the Nine Lives

Retro RPG with puzzles, dungeons, and treasure. Rescue the princess and collect 9 souls. Adorable characters in a 1990s-like adventure!

Grizelda: Lynx and the Nine LivesJustin Fox
Embark on a thrilling journey with Lynx in an effort to liberate the imprisoned princess while amassing 9 souls along the way. This retro-style RPG will put your puzzle solving skills to the test, as you explore challenging dungeons and search for valuable treasures. Transport yourself back to the 1990s with this delightful adventure game, complete with charming characters that will tug at your heartstrings. The hand-drawn graphics provide a visually stunning experience that will leave you awestruck. This RPG offers a unique blend of old-school gameplay mechanics and modern-day graphics, making it a must-play for gamers of all ages. With charmingly designed levels, memorable puzzles, and an epic story, Lynx's adventure is sure to keep you captivated for hours on end. Join Lynx on his quest to rescue the princess and collect the elusive souls. With its retro aesthetic and puzzle-filled gameplay, this RPG is a throwback to classic gaming, promising a nostalgic experience that will take you on an unforgettable journey through a fantasy land filled with wonder. Are you ready to step into Lynx's shoes and embark on an unforgettable journey?
Choro 2021

Play Choro 2021, an action-adventure platformer with a Latin flavor. Flee a socialist utopia turned post-apocalyptic nightmare with a brave and dreamy companion.

Choro 2021Zitelmann
Get ready to explore a Latin-flavored post-apocalyptic world in Choro 2021, the thrilling action-adventure platform game. In this game, you find yourself in a socialist utopia gone wrong, where chaos and horror reigns supreme due to the passing of Comandante Choro eight years ago. As you navigate this dangerous world, you'll control a stylish gunslinger who dreams only of escaping the madness. However, fate has other plans for him when he meets a courageous young lady who is determined to rescue her homeland from certain doom. Together, you'll battle against hordes of enemies, including thugs, soldiers, zombies, and god-forsaken cannibal mermaids. But the adventure doesn't end there, and you'll also face off against the nefarious Doctor Knoche, Comandante Choro himself and the legendary Liberator. Do you think you have what it takes to stand against the might of these foes? Gear up and get ready to fight in Choro 2021! Remember to share your feedback with us so that we can continue to improve this thrilling adventure for you and other gamers alike.
Open the Door: A Short Story About Life

Open the Door is a peaceful 3D adventure game with beautiful dreamscapes and easy gameplay, encouraging players to find joy in life.

Open the Door: A Short Story About LifeTatsuya Koyama
Hey there, we're thrilled to have you here. We know you must have stumbled upon a plethora of captivating apps that have been fighting for your attention. But for some reason, you have ended up on this page. So let us introduce you to Open the Door; a compact yet immersive 3D adventure game. Get ready to be transported to an array of striking dreamy environments, where you can explore every nook and cranny, snatch coins, and find joy in the tiniest moments. Each door welcomes you to a world of possibilities, hidden in the fantastic settings you'll stumble upon. Unlike other games that might drive you up the wall with mind-numbing puzzles or challenging death-defying missions, we've created a game that can cater to anyone's needs, pace, and preferences. Immerse yourself in a beautiful story with no interruptions, whether it's during your coffee break or just before hitting the sack. We believe that Open the Door is more than just an average game. It's an outstanding gaming experience that everyone would savor differently. While not intended to be brain-teasing, the game paints a colorful metaphor about life, one that comes with no strings attached and unexpectedly might leave a positive impact that resonates with you. We hope you choose to Open the Door and step into the world we've created just for you.
Echo Of The Pureland

Dragon-controlled dwarves fled while natural disasters and social unrest afflicted humans. Teenagers on a hiking adventure mysteriously wake up in the dwarf kingdom.

Echo Of The PurelandNatsu Nuts Games
On Draconis, a distant continent, the dwarves have built a flourishing empire with their exceptional skills in mining and metallurgy. However, the dragons' insatiable greed for riches resulted in the occupation of the dwarves' homeland, leading them to wander in search of a new refuge. Meanwhile, malevolent forces ravaged the human world in parallel, causing frequent natural calamities and social unrest in various regions. A group of teenagers, seeking adventure, embarked on a wild journey but were caught in a sudden deluge. To escape the downpour, they sought shelter in a cave and rested. However, they were struck unconscious by a sudden lightning bolt, and when they woke up, they were astonished to find themselves alone in the Dwarf Kingdom without their friends, facing an array of unprecedented challenges and adventures.
Sacrifice of Saints

Experience an epic RPG platformer with Sacrifice of Saints. Fight underworld villains with heroes' skills, 5 customizable characters, and 24 minions to defeat.

Sacrifice of SaintsOVIO STUDIOS
Sacrifice of saints is a thrilling 2D RPG platformer game that offers players a gripping experience with stunning visuals and thousands of meticulously drawn frame by frame animations. As a player, you'll join the Saints in their quest to protect their realm from the nefarious forces of the underworld. With the power bestowed upon them by the Ancient One, the Saints must fight bravely against their enemies. However, be warned that every power comes at a price. Embark on a journey to help the Saints increase their strength and save their realm from the clutches of the underworld's villains. But be aware, there's more to this epic story than meets the eye. This game delivers an exceptional visual treat with detailed backgrounds and realistic fight animations that will make you feel like you're a hero inside an animation film. With a diverse range of enemies and extraordinary skills for heroes, minions, and bosses, this game sets the standard for visually appealing games that are bound to keep you engaged. The game has five different heroes, each with six skills, and features twenty-four minions, each with at least three skills. The bosses are the ultimate challenge with 9 to 11 skills, each animated frame by frame, making it an intense and engaging experience that's hard to resist. The game features incredible levels, each designed with attention to detail to deliver an immersive and epic fighting environment. With the option to explore thematic underworlds and fight enemies in their own dungeons, you're in for a treat. If you're looking for a challenge, choose from a selection of challenge maps with different enemies and levels of difficulty. Unlock 5400 different runes and gems by finishing levels, killing minions, and bosses to increase your talents and powers. With each rune, your abilities improve, making it easier and more fun to face enemies. Gems make your weapons more powerful and enhance their visual appeal. Craft your weapons and gears with 41 weapon options available for each character, 205 in total. Customize your weapons and create countless combinations to suit your style. You can also use pre-made weapons specifically designed for you to make sure that each battle is different from the last. Gather elements hidden in the maps and create potions and scrolls to fight better, restore your health and energy, or reduce attack damage. With so many options, there's always something new to try. The game is free-to-play, so download it now and save the world. OVIO STUDIOS in Istanbul, Turkey, developed this game. For more information and suggestions, visit or reach out to
DOMINO: The Little One

Embark on Domino's eco-odyssey to tackle environmental challenges in a hand-drawn world. Experience personal growth and inspire change.

DOMINO: The Little OneArcelik A.S.
INTRO In a world where climate change and environmental destruction are a constant threat, a young hero named Domino embarks on an eco-odyssey into their own mind. DOMINO: The Little One is an immersive narrative experience that takes you on a journey through a world where the effects of global warming and ecological challenges present themselves in challenging ways. DESCRIPTION Immerse yourself in Domino’s introspective adventure and explore the hand-drawn world where dreams meet reality, uncovering more about themselves and the world around them with each step. As you navigate the twists and turns of Domino's subconscious, you'll unravel the threads of their self-discovery, and witness the power within them to bring about change. This is a journey of empowerment and self-awareness, a powerful call to action that extends beyond the digital realm. KEY FEATURES Heartfelt Journey Experience Domino's emotional journey through a hand-crafted world where reality blends with the surreal, revealing the innermost turmoil of the protagonist. Growing Companion Watch Lilac Domino evolve and explore the idea of hope, resilience, and the cycle of life as the symbol stands tall against the titular character's growing fears. Environmental Undertones Tackle puzzles and challenges that mirror Domino's internal struggles, while also highlighting the ecological concerns that our planet is facing today. Poetic Depth Engage with a narrative that's both poetic and thought-provoking, drawing comparisons between nature's rhythm and humanity's journey, emphasizing the bond between the two. Inspiring Change Through captivating storytelling, understand the impact of one small decision, and embody the philosophy that taking the first step can cause a chain reaction leading to substantial changes. A Message for All Ages Domino delivers a universal message that reminds us that change starts from within. The game emphasizes that we all hold the power to make a difference, inspiring players to take that first step and start making a change regardless of their age.
Bike Rider : Moto Traffic Rush

Race through traffic-packed streets & shoot down enemies in Bike Rush. Customize your ride & weapon upgrades. Defeat tough opponents in heart-pumping boss battles.

Bike Rider : Moto Traffic RushSupercharge Mobile
Experience the ultimate rush of high-speed racing combined with intense combat in Bike Rider: Moto Traffic Combat. This exhilarating game puts you in charge of a powerful motorcycle, as you speed through congested streets and fight against enemies. As a skilled rider, you must maneuver through traffic and evade obstacles to outrun the competition. But that's not all, with a wide range of bike customizations and weapon upgrades, you can customize your bike to become the most sought-after ride. Prepare to confront the toughest rivals in this fast-paced game. Bike Rush will keep you on the edge of your seat with thrilling boss battles and challenging gameplay. Additionally, the game's outstanding graphics and lifelike physics will make you feel like you are really racing on the city streets. Be prepared to push the limits as you race like never before. Bike Rush: Moto Traffic Rider is the ultimate game for those who love speed, thrill and high-intensity action. Will you become the ultimate rider and win the game's intense combat racing? Play now to find out!
Dark Season : Last Hunting

Hunter fights to defeat the King of the Abyss in this intense shooter game. Basic controls mix with roguelike elements to create a unique experience.

Dark Season : Last Hunting6000Software
Get ready to take on the role of Hunter in a world consumed by darkness. The god of light has vanished, and the only way to restore peace is by taking down the King of the Abyss. This is easier said than done, as the Dark Season is a world of intense and gripping shooting action. One of the best things about this game is how easy it is to control. Using just one finger, you can shoot and dodge your enemies with ease. But as you progress, the game opens up, offering you more and more ways to explore and play. You'll run into a plethora of traps and monsters too, all with their own unique attack patterns. To help you along your journey, you'll encounter numerous hunters and sub-weapons, which you can use to tailor your gameplay experience. Each hunter comes equipped with various skills and attacks, and it's up to you to decide which hunter is best suited for each challenge. But don't think just because the controls are simple, this game is easy. The rogue-like elements of the game keep things fresh, and every time you play, you'll encounter new monsters and situations. It's up to you to make the best use of your skills and weapons! Overall, the Dark Season offers a unique and thrilling experience that is easy to pick up and play but impossible to put down. If you're looking for a challenge that will keep you engaged for hours, look no further! If you have any questions or need assistance, you can contact the support team through the email provided.
Drifter: A Balloon's Adventure

Ruby the Red Balloon dodges birds and collects wisps to light up stars, completing levels and unlocking achievements along the way.

Drifter: A Balloon's AdventureMakers
Embark on an adventure with Ruby, the crimson balloon, as she soars through the skies. Fly through obstacles and dodge avian dangers to complete each level and unlock achievements. Gather Illuminated Orbs Keep an eye out for the glittering golden orbs scattered throughout your journey. These luminous orbs aren't just aesthetically pleasing; they also have fantastic capabilities. Check your wisp meter at the top of your screen to see the number of orbs you've collected. Illuminate Dazzling Stars At certain points, you will come across dazzling stars that light up the sky. Using the orbs you've collected, move closer to them and brighten them even more. Remember to use your orbs carefully to make your glittery dreams come true! Finish at the Checkpoints When you've finished a level, three empty stars will appear. Use your star power to transform them into checkpoints. These checkpoints allow you to respawn at that point if you need to take a break or if a feathered foe bumps into you and undoes all of your progress. Watch Out for Feathered Friends Not all the birds are your buddies! Although some may seem friendly, they all have sharp beaks. Steer clear, or you might lose some of your headway in the game and have to start over. Credits Creative Directors - Paul Parolin, Zachary Muir-Vavrina Developers - Bryan Han, Steve Reaume Illustrator & Asset Designer - J.R Schmidt Sound Design - Kris Ryken Producer - Ziyad Patail Executive Producer - Sumit Ajwani
Pin Hockey: Ice Arena

Experience first-person hockey gameplay, with easy controls, stunning 3D visuals, and realistic physics. Strategize and compete against various teams in different leagues.

Pin Hockey: Ice ArenaZeeppo Games Ltda
Pin Hockey Ice Arena is an original and immersive ice hockey game that lets you experience the action from the eyes of the player. With its first-person perspective, Pin Hockey Ice Arena allows you to feel as though you're right in the middle of the game, a refreshing change from other mobile hockey games. The gameplay is incredibly intuitive and easy to pick up, with an interface that allows for quick learning. However, mastering this game will take time and practice. Once you've got the hang of things, prepare yourself for a truly unique and exciting hockey experience. With different teams and leagues to play, you'll never get bored of Pin Hockey Ice Arena. The game boasts detailed 3D visuals with stunning graphics that transport you right into the arena, and its realistic physical engine ensures that the puck physics are accurate to a tee. While Pin Hockey Ice Arena is free to play, certain in-game items can be purchased using real money. However, these features can be disabled by turning off in-app purchases in your device's settings. Whether you're a seasoned ice hockey fan or just love exciting sports games, Pin Hockey Ice Arena is a game that is sure to keep you entertained for hours on end. Visit and Like us on Facebook to share feedback and suggestions for the game.
Pathos: Nethack Codex

Choose from 13 classes in Pathos and journey deep into a dungeon filled with danger. Defeat your nemesis and escape with all the loot you can carry.

Pathos: Nethack CodexCallan Hodgskin
Pathos is a captivating game that will take you on an epic adventure inspired by Nethack's rule set. With the option to choose between 13 diverse characters, you can courageously venture deep into the dungeon filled with numerous levels and unexpected twists and turns. Prepare yourself for the ultimate battle against your nemesis in the fiery pits of hell, all while collecting and carrying the loot you gather throughout your journey. For assistance and updates, you can reach out to the creators via email at, or connect with them on Twitter at Join the Pathos community on Reddit at, or through their Discord server at Notably, the game was developed with Invention, which speaks to the high quality you can anticipate from the game's mechanics and graphics. Embark on an unparalleled adventure with Pathos and experience the thrill of the dungeon like never before.
Shadow Fight 3

Choose a side and create an epic hero in Shadow Fight 3. Battle using the unique combat styles of 3 clans and collect sets to fight stronger foes.

Shadow Fight 3NEKKI
According to legend, a hero will emerge to bring an end to the war over shadow energy. To accomplish this feat, the hero must master three distinct fighting styles, acquire the best weapons available, and challenge the most formidable opponents. In a world teetering on the brink of an epic battle, three warring clans fight for control of the powerful force unleashed by the Gates of Shadows years ago. The Legion warriors aim to destroy the perilous energy, while the Dynasty clan desires to harness its power. Meanwhile, the Heralds clan, comprised of enigmatic ninjas, seek to uncover the shadow energy's darkest secrets. Three clans, each with a unique outlook on the world, offer three unique fighting styles. Which clan will you align with? Summon your courage and fury to emerge victorious! Shadow Fight 3 is a fantastic fighting game that affords you the opportunity to showcase your gaming prowess to the world. Assume the role of a hero and save the universe from certain doom. A 3D online RPG, Shadow Fight 3 continues the fascinating narrative of the Shadow Fight universe, introducing new characters into the mix. Brace yourself for exciting action, thrilling brawls against formidable opponents, and a captivating journey through a realm where mystical forces hold sway. ENGAGE IN EPIC BATTLES Ready to throw yourself into an insane fighting game? Choose your hero from a gallery that includes black ninjas, honorable knights, and skilled samurai. Customize your hero's equipment colors and win skins unique to each combat arena. WIN HERO BATTLES Each of the three clans offers its own fighting style. Create your own personal version. Your hero can emulate the slyness of a ninja or channel the strength of a knight into powerful shadow energy blows that can change the course of a battle. COMPLETE THE STORY Heroes from all corners of the universe impatiently wait for a warrior of your caliber to appear and fight for justice, bringing an end to the war over shadow energy. Choose the clan with whom you'll align, impact the storyline, overcome powerful bosses, and, in so doing, challenge your enemy. After that, travel to other worlds and journey through time to uncover new details about this gripping plot. BECOME A SKILLED FIGHTER Even after you've defeated the main battle, the hero fighting game continues. Participate in duels against AI-controlled heroes and emerge victorious against other players' characters. Fight the most powerful warriors and strive to claim a place on the TOP-100 leaderboard. Become a legend in your region! COLLECT WEAPON SETS Collect your personal set of weapons and armor and experiment in battles. After acquiring a full set of equipment, you'll gain unique abilities that will assist you in duels. Develop a strategy and attack till the very end. JOIN IN THE EVENTS Play in themed RPG hero tournaments where you can win rare skins, colors, weapons, and armor. These fights will introduce new heroes and unveil fascinating details about the universe of Shadow Fight. DELIGHT IN THE GRAPHICS The stunningly realistic combat animations and breathtaking scenery rival those of console games. Shadow Fight 3 is an exciting RPG combat game in which the attributes of a knight fighting game, ninja adventures, and street fights coalesce. Customize your hero and enjoy the combat. Fight on as a hero until the final engagement! JOIN THE COMMUNITY Find us on social media to learn the game's tips and secrets from other players like yourself! Share your adventure stories, stay updated on happenings, and participate in contests where you can win fantastic rewards! Facebook: Twitter: Youtube: Important: *Shadow Fight 3 is an online game that requires a stable internet connection
Jurassic Survival

Survive against giant dinosaurs in a mysterious island. Hunt, gather, craft and build shelter. Tame dinosaurs, join forces with players, and explore hidden dungeons.

Jurassic SurvivalMishka Production
Prepare to embark on an exciting adventure as you find yourself stranded on an uncharted island populated by enormous dinosaurs. Dealing with the biting cold and insatiable hunger, you will have to gather resources, hunt animals and construct buildings in order to survive in the face of these colossal beasts. Whether you choose to work with other players or to claim all the resources for yourself is up to you, but you must never forget that the most important priority is to stay alive. Bear in mind that: > FRIENDS CAN BE MADE WITH BEASTS Although it may not be the safest method, taming these behemoths could have its perks. You might be able to make use of them to help with construction work, or make them a tool to overthrow your enemies’ camps. > SUSTENANCE, REFRESHMENT, AND WARMTH The island is full of ripe fruits, fresh meat, and water, all of which you must collect while defending yourself from attackers. > HOME SWEET HOME When in doubt, build up walls around yourself. Gather as many materials as you can and build the safest abode and use caution when setting them up, as some of these giant creatures can simply stride over them and make their way in. > CRAFTSMANSHIP AT ITS FINEST Your best bet is to exercise a little more foresight. It may be tempting to go running after small animals with puny sticks, but manufacturing elaborate weapons, advanced shields, and gathering unique equipment will increase your chance to hunt bigger prey. > THE HIGHEST FORMS OF LIFE If you assume that you will only come across dinosaurs and other players on this island, you might want to think twice as there are unexplored dungeons that are filled with fearsome creatures. > COMMUNITY BUILDING If the thought of fending for yourself does not appeal to you, consider teaming up with fellow players to build a common dwelling, where you can conduct raids on the most dangerous animals and build large structures together. These hints only begin to scratch the surface of the rich and immersive world of this game. Do not hesitate any longer, and join us on this epic journey. Don’t forget to follow us at:
Ducklings IO

Swim as a duck, rescue ducklings, avoid boats, upgrade your home and have fun in this kid-friendly game - Ducklings.

Ducklings IOJesper the End B.V.
Unwind and immerse yourself in the life of a duck with the game, Ducklings! Maneuver through the pond and save as many adorable ducklings as you can. Keep an eye out for the unruly boats that could cause you harm. Boost your abode by collecting more ducklings and showcase your unique and stylish nest to your fellow pond inhabitants. Ducklings is a family-friendly game designed for all ages!
The Bugs

Guide and encircle cute cartoon bugs to destroy plants and survive in The Bugs. Use various boosters and collect coins to unlock new bugs and meadows.

The BugsGlobal Royagers
Join the colorful and addictive arcade game, The Bugs! Your mission is to destroy all the plant life on the Bug's clearing. Your bugs will need to eat flowers, mushrooms, and thorny plants to survive. Guide your bugs as they encircle and consume plants. Keep your bugs safe from danger. Along the way, you'll discover different boosters to aid in increasing your bugs' speed, damage, health, and other skills. The bomb booster is particularly useful if you need to destroy all plants within the area at once! Eat and collect gold coins to unlock new bugs and meadows in every location. Each location boasts unique plants with diverse skills. To survive, efficiently use your bugs to hold out for an extended period! Here's why you'll fall in love with The Bugs: - Simple yet addictive gameplay - Explore different clearings with various difficulty levels - Adorable cartoon bugs - Awesome boosters to help you at critical moments - Enjoyable even without an internet connection - Ad-free Download now and embark on this exciting journey with The Bugs!
Jewel Run

Jewel Run modernizes the asymmetrical multiplayer genre online, with team strategies and intense action. Steal jewels or defend your base, with endless customization options.

Jewel RunCerbere Games
Prepare yourself for thrilling team-based gameplay and non-stop action with Jewel Run! This cutting-edge game takes the asymmetrical multiplayer format to the next level by bringing the experience online and making it accessible on both PC and mobile platforms. Work together with your teammates to defeat an imposing opponent, or feel the rush of claiming victory over an entire opposing team singlehandedly. Take Your Pick You can play as a daring thief seeking adventure and riches by teaming up with an alliance of up to 7 fellow treasure hunters. As Mr. or Mrs. Crosby however, you'll go it alone to protect your peaceful way of life. Don't hesitate to employ your strength and all the tools you have at your disposal to safeguard your belongings. Defend or Steal? For thieves, the objective is to travel through the maze-like garden, harvest gems from trees, and bring the haul back to their base. However, carrying too much loot will slow you down! Meanwhile, the outnumbered and lumbering Crosbys have a plan of action: strategically deploying their bumbling dogs to corner the thieves and tackle them with precision. Catch a few thieves and the victory is yours. Express Yourself Feel free to play humorously, mischievously, or competitively with your friends. Dash to unattainable speeds, lure the canine guards away from your team, or snatch as many jewels as you can at once! And unlock character customization options such as unique outfits elements, and map gameplay features like alarms that highlight your location to the opposing team, trick walls that'll block the pursuers, bushes to hide in, and even teleporters. Every session presents a new set of challenges and electrifying action. Keep in mind that while Jewel Run is free to play, the Premium DLC is necessary to gain access to most character customization options and map gameplay features. However, if you play with someone who has the Premium DLC, you can play on the premium maps at no cost! A Singular Visual Experience The Jewel Run designers were influenced by the renowned filmmaker Tim Burton. The dark and twisted universe of Jewel Run is bathed in glowing and colorful visuals, creating an unmatched gaming atmosphere. Players will step into a world that is full of peculiar and captivating individuals, as well as locations that will leave them spellbound.
Think About Aliens!

Rescue Daði & Gagnamagnið and defeat music-hating aliens in this rhythm-platformer game featuring original music, artwork and hidden characters.

Think About Aliens!Byssuthur
Are you a fan of Daði & Gagnamagnið? Then, you should not miss their official video game! In this platformer/rhythm game, you will help Daði to rescue his band and fight against the aliens who hate music. The game offers a unique story that fits between the "Think About Things" and "10 Years" music videos, including original music from Daði Freyr, hidden characters, and exceptional artwork. The team who developed this game consists of six passionate video game enthusiasts, including Daði Freyr and Jói from Gagnamagnið. For five months, they devoted their time and effort to make a memorable experience for all Eurovision and video game lovers out there. For the best gaming experience, we advise you to use headphones or turn your speaker volume up. But, be aware that the game has sequences that use flashing lights, which may affect some people prone to photosensitive epilepsy or photo sensitivities. So, what are you waiting for? Join Daði & Gagnamagnið on their mission to save their band and music from the aliens' hands!
Buffet Knight

Play as Buff Knight, the unstoppable hero, in this epic retro pixel RPG runner and rescue the Princess from the Red Vile Dragon!

Buffet KnightBuff Studio Co.Ltd.
Are you ready for an epic adventure where you take control of Buff Knight and stop at nothing to slay the dragon and save the beautiful princess? Buff Knight is a 2D Pixel RPG Runner that has become a sensation in Korea, and now it’s your turn to join the fun! Buff Knight features awesome 8-bit retro sound and pixel graphics that create a unique and stunning game world. The game offers two different gameplay modes, Story and Endless, where you can play as Buff Knight or Buffy the Sorceress. The controls are simple and easy, and you can use your sword or spells to fight the evil monsters. As you progress through the game, it becomes more intense, with new and stronger monsters ready to test your skills. The game allows you to develop new strategies and builds, so you can choose to be a Buff Knight or a Buff Mage. There are plenty of items to collect, each with multiple levels of upgrades, and more than 20 ancient artifacts to find, which will help you buff up your skills. Buff Knight is highly addictive, and with its unique 2D Pixel RPG runner game concept, you can pick up where you left off after dying. Do you have what it takes to become the most buff Knight the world has ever seen? The game features an awesome high-score system where you can compete against your friends and see who is the most buff Knight. Buff Knight has received rave reviews, with many gamers declaring that it has taken over their lives. This game is RPG madness, and it’s a definite must-have on your device. The game has also won numerous awards, including the 2014 Korea Game Awards Indie Game Award, and it has been the #1 paid game in Korea and the #1 paid RPG in Japan. This Lite version of Buff Knight includes ads and limits the running speed of Buff Knight. If you want to play the game at its fastest speed, we recommend that you buy the premium version. Please note that data will not transfer from the free version to the paid version, so keep that in mind when playing Buff Knight. For your convenience, we recommend that you buy the paid version so that you can have the best possible gaming experience. Join the hundreds of thousands of Koreans who helped Buff Knight claim the #1 spot and become a Buff Knight legend. Follow us on Facebook to enter our Hall of Fame contests or to get the best tips and news about Buff Knight.
Ninja Arashi

Play as legendary ninja Arashi to rescue his kidnapped son from shadow devil Orochi in Ninja Arashi. Upgrade skills, defeat enemies in 3 maps with 45 levels.

Ninja ArashiBlack Panther
Ninja Arashi is an electrifying platformer game with mixed role-playing game components. As the protagonist Arashi, you embody a legendary ninja on his mission to rescue his abducted son from the wicked grasp of the shadow devil Orochi. Equipped with unparalleled acrobatic skills and deadly armaments, Arashi must navigate through treacherous obstacles and hostile adversaries who are fiercely devoted to defending the nefarious Orochi. Ninja Arashi boasts of straightforward yet thrilling gameplay, providing gamers with an unexpected and exhilarating experience. In order to keep up with the escalating difficulty of the game, you must amass gold and diamond from defeated enemies and the surrounding environment to upgrade your abilities. Maneuver past cunning traps, fiercely combat opponents who obstruct your path, and ultimately accomplish your quest to save your beloved son. Key features of Ninja Arashi include three distinct maps comprising of 45 stimulating levels with easy-to-control movement. As you progress through the game, you'll uncover the intricate beauty of high-resolution graphics designed to immerse you in the shadowy world of the game. The game's silhouette art style is both striking and unique. Character skills can be upgraded and costumes can be purchased, allowing you to customize your gameplay experience. You can further challenge yourself by engaging in tough battles and eventually develop into a master ninja.

Fly, fight and solve puzzles in a radiation-filled world to save your loved one and the planet in the unique gameplay of Grayland.

Grayland1DER Entertainment
Questioning if it's an invasion or an accident, is everyone friendly or hostile? Only in Grayland will you be able to unveil the truth and traverse through a unique and captivating world full of mystery. Grayland presents an intense noir story of reuniting with your loved one who has been abducted by humans. You embody a little bird that finds itself in the midst of a war between humans and alien forces. Fly and fight your way through the levels filled with hazardous radiation and venture into mines and buildings to defeat the monstrous bosses. Can a seemingly small bird manage to find a solution that the most significant leaders and officials cannot? Play Grayland to reveal the entire story. Get ready to discover diverse enemies and untangle the intricate puzzles of the game while continuously seeking the truth. Never give up, prove to yourself and your opponents that regardless of size, your actions and efforts hold great significance and profoundly impact the world's fate. You can even be the one to save the day! Grayland comes packed with unique gameplay that's sure to keep you entertained, and you get to face off against different bosses that challenge your skills throughout the game. The exceptional story seamlessly merges with beautiful surroundings and an impressive art style, making for an overall immersive experience. You also enjoy challenging levels and the option of picking your color to spruce up your gameplay experience. Grayland won the 2019 Google Indie Game Showcase Finalist. Any challenges, suggestions, or feedback are welcome. Connect with the game developers on different platforms such as Discord, Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube to share your ideas and thoughts. With Grayland, indulge yourself in an epic adventure that will have you coming back for more!
Crust Crusaders

In Crust Crusaders, every topping gives a unique ability. Auto-rotate feature lets you play with one touch. Defeat evil veggies, save the planetary pie.

Crust CrusadersAstro Hound
Experience a unique twist in your gaming journey with Crust Crusaders! This thrilling game is not just your usual shoot-and-kill type, but it actually lets you choose your own destiny by selecting your toppings. Your choice of toppings directly affects your abilities, such as pepperoni that unlocks a powerful double blaster or mushrooms that provide a shield to protect you from harm. With this innovative feature, every playthrough is definitely one of a kind, guaranteeing endless hours of fun! Get ready to embark on a mission to liberate the planetary pie from the hands of the evil veggies. As you progress through the levels, expect to encounter a wide range of enemies that pose a serious threat to your cause. To succeed, you must make strategic decisions and use your toppings wisely. Crust Crusaders offers an easy-to-use gameplay feature that is perfect for everyone, even newcomers to mobile gaming! With its auto-rotate function, you can control your character using just one touch, making it easy to enjoy the game without any complications. Immerse yourself in a visually-appealing game environment, enhanced with vivid colors, stunning graphics, and captivating sound effects that transport you to another dimension. With Crust Crusaders, experience a gaming adventure that is out of this world!
Big Tower Tiny Square 2

Leap over lava, flap over pipes, and rise to the challenge in Big Tower Tiny Square 2, the toughest instalment yet! Save Pineapple, climb the tower, and dominate the leaderboard.

Big Tower Tiny Square 2EO Interactive LTD.
The ruins have undergone a facelift. The saws are as sharp as ever. The lava is now hotter than before. You're in for a rough ride in Big Tower Tiny Square 2, the most grueling addition to the series yet! Leap over lava, dodge pipes, and ascend the towering structure to rescue your beloved Pineapple. Big Square returns to its roots, scaling the original tower to settle the score with Big Square and save Pineapple. Don't let the simplistic visuals fool you! Each section of the tower was meticulously crafted to pose a difficult challenge. Precision and patience are vital in navigating the labyrinthine structure to succeed. This fifth installment of the Big Tower Tiny Square franchise offers a Story Mode with approximately 2 hours of engrossing content, as well as an awesome soundtrack to immerse you in the experience. Top the Leaderboards and unlock Achievements while following a cohesive plotline.
The Journey of Grace

A game that teaches the story of Grace's name and the concept of God's grace through a challenging journey with grace-filled creatures.

The Journey of GraceThe Journey of Grace
Grace, a young girl, is bracing herself for her first day at a new school which has left her feeling apprehensive. Her mind is swarmed with concerns and doubts about the impending journey. Her mother comes to her rescue by sharing the story behind her name, which would change Grace's perception of the journey. The Journey of Grace is an immersive game that takes the players on a spiritual expedition, acquainting them with God's boundless grace. The virtual trek is through a dense forest, up a rough and craggy mountain with an ominous darkness on the other side of it. During the adventure, the players will come across various grace-infused creatures who epitomize God's exemplary prevenient, saving and sanctifying grace, which will help the players navigate the terrains of the expedition with ease. Embark on the Journey of Grace and let the spirits of the virtuous creatures guide you in experiencing God's unfailing grace. Explore the perils of the forest, the challenges of the mountain, and the shadows of the darkness and see how Grace's story serves as a testament of the redemption that awaits you. Let the game be an unmissable opportunity for you to experience the grace of God like never before.
Car Tuning

Become a car mechanic, fix and design cars while solving match 3 puzzles. Learn tools, paint parts, create power-ups, and enjoy hundreds of levels.

Car TuningGiraffe Games Limited
In this entertaining match 3 car tune-up and design game, you can unleash your inner mechanic by designing, repairing, and customizing cars while solving exciting match 3 puzzles. Revamp and restore broken-down vehicles using an array of tools to restore them to their former glory. Indulge your creativity and style by making smart design choices that will turn these cars into magnificent pieces of art. Learn how to use different tools to fix up broken vehicles, beautify cars by painting and cleaning the parts, and complete match 3 puzzles to earn power-ups. Experience hours of fun with numerous levels to complete in the match-3 mode. The game's light and enjoyable gameplay will keep you immersed as you progress through the adventure. Get the game for free and choose to purchase in-game items if you wish. If you prefer to disable in-app purchases, you can do so from the settings menu of your device.
I Love Potatoes

Save Potatoland by helping Chips solve problems and make new friends in this 3D animated adventure game. Learn about sustainable living and social change.

I Love PotatoesONF / NFB
JOIN CHIPS TO SAVE HIS COMMUNITY – ONE SPUD AT A TIME Welcome to Potatoland, the land of Chips and his fellow villagers, who feed their Potato Monster with spuds to get their daily necessities and luxuries. But all chaos breaks loose, the monster collapses, and all the potatoes vanish. Chips and his tribe are now lost and without a clue about how to survive. It's time for you to step in and save the day. Be fast and team up with Chips, unravel clues, and think outside the box to introduce the tribe to novel ways of solving old predicaments and saving their village. I Love Potatoes is a fascinating educational game that's perfect for all ages, ranging from 7 to 77. Get inspired by the stories of various innovators worldwide and learn the basics of social reform and sustainable living while having the time of your life! Download I Love Potatoes today and start growing some new notions to reap the benefits of positive change. FEATURES: - A FREE, engaging, and habit-forming game that adds a fun touch to educational apps. - Stunning 3D graphics that are highly imaginative, involving cute characters and an exceptional storytelling experience. - Encourages families and friends to work together harmoniously towards a collective goal. - Illustrated by the gifted Oscar® candidate, Patrick Doyon, the maestro filmmaker (Sunday). - Produced by the NFB's Digital Studio, which has garnered over 100 awards across the globe. - Co-created by Minority Media Inc., the creators of Loco Motors and Spirits of Spring. - BONUS: Includes information on the history-makers who served as an inspiration to the game. Created by Vali Fugulin in association with Minority and the NFB. Fully illustrated by Patrick Doyon.
Ocean Is Home: Survival Island

Survive on a desert island by finding food, crafting items, building houses, and exploring the island with different modes of transport in Ocean Is Home.

Ocean Is Home: Survival IslandBirdy Dog Studio
Imagine yourself stranded on a deserted island with nothing but your wits to survive. Ocean Is Home provides you with the opportunity to experience this reality. Your main objective is to endure by seeking shelter, hunting for food, building your home, and crafting tools necessary for your existence. The game presents an open-world environment, giving the players full freedom to explore the vast landscape. You must construct your own dwelling from scratch with the resources available to you on the island. Gathering and crafting items and ammunition for hunting animals are fundamental to exploring and prospering on the island. The advanced system of player skills expands your abilities and knowledge, as you progress through the game. The game also offers a variety of transport options to satisfy your exploration desires. As a beginner, it is crucial to start by mining wood and stone, and converting them into construction materials and tools for various purposes. Food is scarce on the island, so you must either find a source of food or start your own farm to provide sustenance. Ocean Is Home is actively engaged on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Feel free to contact their team at if you have any enquiries or concerns. Enter into an immersive gameplay of Ocean Is Home and endeavour to survive on a deserted island fraught with danger and challenges.
Bangbang Rabbit!

Protect your Rabbit Kingdom from monsters in an immersive hack and slash game. Customize your warrior and show off your fighting skills for epic rewards!

Bangbang Rabbit!
Prepare for an adventure-packed, role-playing game that will keep you on the edge of your seat. The Rabbit Kingdom is under attack by ferocious monsters and only a true legend can save it. That legend could be you! Jump into the arena, grab your sword, and defend your home from the invasion! Engage in adrenaline-inducing battles with a host of foes on various scenarios. By tapping the screen, you can unleash your fighting skills and vanquish all the monsters that come your way. Collect incredibly useful weapons and armors for your rabbit warrior by participating in various randomized events. With countless combinations of unique skills, you can customize your rabbit warrior to survive in the monster-infested worlds. The captivating dark fantasy setting combined with hack and slash gameplay will keep you entertained for hours on end. Thanks to the game's simplicity, you can make ruthless attacks by simply using the arrow keys. Strengthen your rabbit warrior by improving your equipment and trying out different combat tactics. You'll not just enjoy the epic graphics but also get rewarded with gold and gems for fighting and making the right choices on random events. Get these rewards by showing off your fighting skills and claim your spot as the most feared warrior in the Rabbit Kingdom. Join this fight-filled, fantasy world by following us on social media for more information and support. Remember to check out our Facebook page and reach out to us at Are you ready to take on the monsters and become the ultimate hero? Then come on, let's fight!
Soccer Rally

Soccer Rally 2: Fast-paced multiplayer car football game with 33 unlockable skills, team-up modes, and customizable cars that's easy to pick up but hard to master.

Ready to become a legend? Soccer Rally 2 is the mobile car football game that started it all in 2012, and it's back and better than ever. Get ready for intense 2v2 car football action, fast cars and cross-platform online multiplayer that will have you hooked. With 33 special skills to unlock, you can customize your gameplay to suit your style and dominate your opponents. Whether you team up with friends or climb the ranks solo, the road to becoming a Soccer Rally champion is full of twists and turns. As you progress, you'll unlock awesome cars for your garage, each with its unique specifications and handling. Soccer Rally is easy to pick up but hard to master, and the challenge ramps up with each new level. Get ready to hit the field and show the world what you're made of. Are you ready to become a Soccer Rally legend? Contact us at with any questions or comments.
Dreamau Adventures

Dreamau Adventures, un juego de plataforma 2D, donde debes ayudar a Dreamau a rescatar a su prometida en más de 40 niveles y venciendo a jefes finales malvados.

Dreamau AdventuresDreamau
🌟 Get ready for an exciting journey through a vast 2D platform world with Dreamau Adventures! Test your skills and help Dreamau rescue his kidnapped fiancée from his evil brother. Be careful as you overcome each level, collect as many stars as possible, and defeat multiple bosses. 🕹️ Features: ■ 40+ well-designed levels spread across 3 worlds ■ 10+ enemies and 3 final bosses with unique mechanics ■ High-resolution graphics with a contemporary style mixed with classic elements ■ Smooth user interface ■ Achievement system, cloud saving, and global ranking ■ Simple and intuitive controls that can be customized ■ Stat upgrades such as critical chance, attack damage, and health ■ Collect coins, stars, and lives 💡 Note that Dreamau Adventures is entirely free to play, but there may be some in-game items available for purchase.