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Free Game Center Achievement List on ios

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LewisLewisfrom Skich app

Escape in this Spider-themed infinite-runner metroidvania game, collecting boots to unlock new abilities while navigating tough environments.

ArachnowopunkELSIF games confirms that Arachnowopunk effectively combines the qualities of an infinite-runner and metroidvania game. According to Pocket Gamer, this game has managed to bring out unusual relatability in spiders that we haven't seen before. Your mission in the game is simple - escape. However, you won't have the luxury to take a u-turn. Searching for boots that fit all your feet will enable you to acquire new abilities, and they are the key to your success. On your way, you will encounter some challenging obstacles that require all your attention to avoid. Don't let anything hinder your way to success. For more details, visit the official website of Arachnowopunk:
Life is a Game

Life is a Game": a running and simulation game where choices and coins change your life path. Touching stories and pixel art. Numerous ending scenes. Play now.

Life is a GameStudioWheel
Get ready to embark on a unique gaming experience inspired by the famous saying “life is a marathon”. With a blend of running and simulation gameplay, this new game lets you run through your life while enjoying a special reminiscence system that allows you to reflect on your past decisions. Apart from its gameplay, the game is quite emotional due to its stunning pixel art and touching stories that’ll leave you feeling nostalgic. In this running game called "Life is a Game", your life and personality shift based on the types and number of coins you amass. Also, the choices you make through the Choice button throughout the game determine the outcome you’ll have. For example, if you were an artist as a child, your character evolves into a creative teenager and shows their artistic talents. Similarly, if you play a musical instrument, the chances of your character becoming a famous singer increase. You not only have to maintain a good relationship with others, but you also need to ensure your happiness index is in check. Among other things, you can experience different ending scenes that are based on the choices you make as a baby, a child, a teenager, a man in his prime, and an elder. A little Tip: Make proper use of your skills on the lower-left corner of your screen. Some items purchased from the shop might show up only in particular situations, so don't panic; keep an eye out for them. Download the game and stay connected with us on Facebook and our website. Start running now, and enjoy the journey of your life.
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A fast, addictive catch-em-up game with music and challenging perfects to unlock, offline and free to play.

CatcheeLaser Dog
Looking for a delightful and playful game with lively music? Look no further than this charming musical Catch-Em-Up! The goal is simple - catch as many of the adorable and colorful Catchables as you can. When you execute spin flips, your points will multiply, and chasing perfect catches is the key to maximizing your score. This game boasts fast and addictive gameplay that will keep you coming back for more. Its difficulty levels are a challenging but satisfying experience. With a vast collection of catchy tunes and unique Catchee themes to unlock, you will never be bored. Plus, your enjoyment won't stop when you are on the go - this game can be played offline too!

Monopong: a solo, minimalist arcade game to test your reactions with global leaderboards and achievements.

MonopongJoel Collins
Monopong is a straightforward arcade game analogous to the one where you control the ball and paddles all by yourself. Challenge your reflexes with worldwide leaderboards, and unlock accomplishments at different stages of the game. With its concise and sleek presentation, Monopong is a game that will keep you entertained for hours on end. The player is required to manoeuvre the paddle towards the ball to keep it bouncing on the screen's borders while avoiding any obstacles that come along the way. The game's aesthetics are impressive, with its high-definition graphics and smooth animation that adds to its immersive quality. Push yourself to the limit and beat your personal high score as you progress through the game's increasingly challenging levels. The game features an array of exciting power-ups that will help you score points and elevate your game to the next level. In terms of gameplay, Monopong is an excellent option, providing an addicting experience that will keep you coming back for more. It's an excellent game that can be played by anyone, regardless of their skill level, and it's guaranteed to provide hours of entertainment. Overall, Monopong is an exceptional arcade game that is enjoyable and straightforward to play, with an added competitive element through its global leaderboards.
Apple Knight 2

Explore dungeons, collect loot, and unlock new gear while fighting hordes of enemies in this polished hack-and-slash platformer.

Apple Knight 2Limitless, LLC
Set out on an epic adventure and fight against hordes of enemies with your trusty sword! Experience the thrill of exploring mysterious dungeons, discovering valuable loot and unlocking new weapons and gear. It's time to become the hero you were born to be! Apple Knight games are well-known for their meticulous attention to detail and seamless controls, but this game takes things to a whole new level. Embark on your mission with a variety of weapons and skins at your disposal, and dodge enemy attacks with your lightning-fast reflexes. With two secret areas to uncover in every level and the ability to parry and deflect melee and projectile attacks, every second is sure to be exciting! With fun and intelligent enemy AI, you can outsmart even the most cunning of foes and triumph over your enemies with ease. Of course, you'll need lots of Apples along the way to keep your strength up and your journey going. This game was made with heartfelt dedication and passion, so you can be assured of an amazing experience. Join our Discord and connect with other players for an even better gaming experience!
Leap Day

Leap Day is a daily-changing action platformer with new levels, locations, traps, and monsters, all with simple one-touch gameplay.

Leap DayNitrome
Experience the thrill of every day with Leap Day, a high-speed action platformer that brings a fresh new level every single day - and we mean every day, forever! Leap Day is packed with features that keep the excitement going: • Conquer a totally new level every day - you'll never play the same thing twice! • Explore brand new environments each day, with exciting new challenges to overcome! • Every player faces the same level every day, giving everyone a fair shot at the glory. • With fresh traps and monsters to battle each day, there's always something new to watch out for. • Complete each day's level to earn a coveted gold trophy in your virtual calendar - every single day! (As long as you've got the skills, that is!) • Did we mention? There's always a ton of new stuff to look forward to every day! But that's not all: Leap Day keeps things simple with portrait orientation and responsive one-touch gameplay that makes it easy to play on the go. Featuring a vibrant, retro pixel art world that oozes nostalgia, the game is a true labour of love from the talented Nitrome team. Important information: please note that this game contains third-party advertising and cross-promotion for other Nitrome games, but you can remove them with a simple, one-time in-app purchase. Don't miss out on the daily fun - download Leap Day today and start experiencing the excitement!
Sunny Fairy

Control a fairy protagonist on a journey to save friends and solve island crisis in a beautiful, language-free RPG with four unique endings.

Sunny FairyMaster Q Project
Get ready to embark on an epic journey with a charming fairy in this captivating RPG that has a delightful storyline. Unleash your adventurous spirit and explore the diverse maps while overcoming battles and driving the plot forward. The game functions entirely without text, allowing you to plunge into the enchanting world with your imagination running wild! When it comes to map controls, you can move your fairy protagonist to any location by simply tapping on it. If you want to survey the location, tap on it once again to search the area. Talking to other characters is as easy as tapping on their avatar and moving to their position. In terms of battling, there's no need to worry about attack or defense as it's taken care of by AI. The support function, on the other hand, is controlled by the player, and you can switch your gear or recover instantly by tapping the button. The story is divided into four fascinating scenarios, which can transform depending on the actions you take as the protagonist. Would you like to rescue your childhood buddy and begin a grand adventure around the island? Or would you prefer to confront an impending disaster that requires you to travel around different parts of the island? Alternatively, you might want to go for END 3, in which you help everyone out and cultivate a bright future. Finally, there's END 4, which is only for the most dedicated players. If you're looking for additional features, then the paid function is perfect for you. With "New Game+," you can begin anew and retain the experience from your previous save. Furthermore, you'll need "Scenario Timer Display" to clear END 3 and END 4. Lastly, "Double Experience" can be extremely helpful if you want to wrap up the game quickly or are having difficulty doing so. By logging in to Google Play Game Services, you can compare your completion time for each ending with others, thus making the game even more engaging. For more information, visit and immerse yourself in the incredible gaming experience!
Magic Touch: Wizard for Hire

Use magic to pop balloons and prevent enemies from attacking the castle. Draw shapes to cast spells, collect coins, and unlock new abilities in this Nitrome game.

Magic Touch: Wizard for HireNitrome
In search of a skilled mage for the role of castle defender. The task at hand requires the ability to cast spells with precision and efficiency, in order to protect against intruders employing a variety of balloon-based tactics. The successful candidate must possess self-confidence and the fortitude to confront the enemy army single-handedly. While advanced magic techniques would be advantageous, they are not a mandatory prerequisite, as skills can be mastered over time. It is important to note that the spell book and potions will need to be provided by the applicant. There may also be minor assistant duties such as preparing tea and answering phone calls. If interested, please submit your CV and potions portfolio to The game, brought to you by the award-winning Nitrome team, responsible for exciting titles such as Gunbrick (Editors Choice Jan 2015), Platform Panic (9/10 - Gamezebo, 9/10 Gold Award - Pocket Gamer, 4/5 Touch Arcade), and Icebreaker: A Viking Voyage - Game of the Year 2014 Pocket Gamer), has an absorbing gameplay mechanic that involves drawing shapes on the touch screen. The shapes correspond to different balloons, and when matched, they pop, sending any impending knights tumbling to the ground. The objective of the game is to defend the castle by resisting the attacker's advances for as long as possible. Notable features of the game include intuitive gesture recognition drawing gameplay. The game is easy to understand and play, making it accessible to a wide range of audiences. Additionally, it offers full game center support to compete with friends and foes. Players can collect coins to unlock new spells, slow down time, turn enemies into frogs, summon a mighty Dragon, cover the floor in flames, and make the Castle Turrets grow Gun Turrets. While some of these features are fictitious, they add to the game's whimsical charm. Please note that third-party advertising is present in this game. However, it is possible to remove the ads with a one-time in-app purchase. Coins, used to enhance gameplay, can be acquired through play, in-app purchases, or promotional offers. Lastly, cross-promotion for other Nitrome games is included in this game, even if advertising is removed.
Slime Pizza

As the Slime Pizza delivery boy, your task is to collect scattered pizza while avoiding the watchful eye of the patrol officer. Stick to walls, absorb key items, and complete multiple levels.

Slime PizzaNitrome
Play as the heroic delivery boy of Slime Pizza who, unfortunately, crash lands and accidentally scatters all the pizza! Your mission is to help him collect all the scattered pizza, while dodging the watchful eye of the planet's patrol officer. With the special ability to stick to wall surfaces and absorb key items, you will need to travel through various themed levels and uncover hidden secret rooms along the way. Beware of the traps and enemies that will try to prevent you from completing your task. Save the day and get back on track to make those pizza deliveries happen, because the customers are waiting for their delicious food. Keep in mind that the game features third-party advertising and cross-promotion for Nitrome's other games, which can be removed with a single In-App Purchase. So, join the adventure now and don't let anything stop you from completing your quest to deliver all the pizzas!
Sprint RPG

Bone Dungeon: A fast-paced rogue-lite game with intense combat and memory gameplay. Defeat the Bone King and his monster horde to escape.

Sprint RPGNitrome
The Bone Dungeon is calling you to embark on a perilous adventure filled with precious treasure. Equip yourself with your trusty sword, shield and stylish heels, and run towards the dungeon to defeat the Bone King and his minion army. You must act swiftly to outsmart your enemies and avoid danger in this fast-paced Rogue-lite game. The game offers a unique feature where you can race against the clock in either wooden clogs or soft slippers. Choose wisely and use your epic weapons to hack, slash, fish-slap, or fly swat your enemies. As you progress, memorize the enemy patterns and outwit even the smartest of foes. Keep track of all the monsters in your bestiary handbook and fill your shelves with priceless lost relics. For added entertainment, dress to impress and dazzle your enemies with that stylish disco wig! Prove your skills and test your bravery by scoring high in endless mode. However, be warned that the game requires one-handed gameplay, leaving you just one free hand to pull your hair out in frustration. It's important to note that this game contains third party advertising and cross-promotion from other Nitrome games. However, you can easily remove these through a one-time in-app purchase. So, will you take the risk and dive into the Bone Dungeon or will you shy away from the challenge? The choice is yours.
Faraway 6

Escape challenging puzzles and discover the truth about Faraway in the all-new sci-fi sequel with stunning ambiance and an immersive soundtrack.

Faraway 6Snapbreak
Step into an all-new space adventure in Faraway: Galactic Escape, where unique environments and challenging puzzles will keep you on your toes with unexpected twists. Get ready to embark on an epic journey that pushes the limits of your mind, puzzle-solving skills, and sense of adventure in this 6th sequel. Join Allison as she journeys to Faraway to save her family and unravels the mysteries surrounding this distant land. You'll experience the thrill of exploration and the pressure of time as you navigate this captivating finale to the story. Immerse yourself in the original ambiance soundtrack, which creates a beautiful backdrop for the story's twists and turns. Explore breathtaking new locations within the galaxy, taking in unexplored parts of the universe as you navigate through the adventure. The stunning visuals of Faraway's unique setting will inspire you to uncover the secrets hidden within it. Challenge your mind with 18 new levels of puzzles that will test your skills in a fully-realized 3D environment. Discover the story behind Faraway piece by piece as you solve intricate puzzles and uncover hidden notes. Finally, uncover the truth behind Faraway with a grand finale that will leave you with a sense of awe and satisfaction. After unlocking all the notes, you'll learn the origins of Faraway, its purpose, and the motivations behind Allison's family's fateful journey. With Faraway: Galactic Escape, you can start playing for free with the option to purchase additional levels and experience the entire story. This addictive game will keep you wanting more and give you a sense of completeness as you complete this grand heroic adventure.
Crush the Castle Legacy Collection

Crush the Castle Legacy Collection: demolish castles with upgraded graphics & power-ups, traverse 300+ levels, & earn new achievements.

Crush the Castle Legacy CollectionArmor Games Studios Inc
The widely acclaimed physics destruction game is making a comeback with the Armor Games' latest offering, Crush the Castle Legacy Collection. Experience the bedlam and confusion of the original series with improved graphics and fresh accomplishments. Your aim is to use your trebuchet to launch exceptional missiles at your adversaries to bring them down and attain maximum points to emerge victorious. This package comprises all levels from Crush the Castle, Crush the Castle: Players Pack, Crush the Castle 2, Crush the Castle 2: Players Pack, and Crush the Castle: Adventures. With 300+ levels from the entire Crush the Castle franchise, get ready to be thoroughly entertained. Indulge in these timeless classics with magnified graphics and revised achievements, and see how much improvement has been made. You will have various projectiles such as stones, bombs, and others at your disposal to cause irreparable damage to the imposing towers and castles. Take advantage of the power-ups that serve to increase your destructive potential and make your conquest even more compelling. Get ready to defeat your foes and emerge as the ultimate victor with Crush the Castle Legacy Collection!
Cut the Rope: Time Travel

Feed Om Nom's ancestors candy across history in Cut the Rope: Time Travel. Explore exciting locations and enjoy twice the fun with two monsters.

Cut the Rope: Time TravelZeptoLab
Experience an exciting journey with Om Nom as he travels back in time to satisfy the sweet tooth of his ancestors with some scrumptious candy. Cut the Rope: Time Travel takes you on an adventurous ride through different ages, offering you a unique blend of time-traveling, candy-munching, and physics-based action. You can delve deeper into Om Nom's escapades by watching the thrilling "Om Nom Stories" and other captivating videos on our YouTube channel at With two adorable monsters to feed in each level, Cut the Rope: Time Travel is twice as much fun while retaining the familiarity of its gameplay. If you have enjoyed playing Cut the Rope, then Cut the Rope: Time Travel is a must-try for you. Hurry! The clock is ticking! Explore thrilling locations that include the Middle Ages, Renaissance, Pirate Ship, Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece, Stone Age, Disco Era, Wild West, Asian Dynasty, Industrial Revolution, and Future. Om Nom's hungry ancestors are eagerly waiting for you to feed them some delectable candy! Are you already a fan? Then, like us on Facebook at, follow us on Twitter at cut_the_rope, watch us on YouTube at zeptolab, and visit us at Important note: To enable the app to display special offers correctly, it requires the "SYSTEM_ALERT_WINDOW" permission.
Deemo II

Echo and Deemo journey through a rain-soaked world playing Charts, finding clues, and interacting with characters to save the land from destruction in DEEMO II.

Deemo IIRayark International Limited
DEEMO II takes you on a musical adventure in a kingdom plagued by 'The Ancestor', a destructive monster that causes a rain of white flower petals that wipes out everything in its path. You play as Echo, a girl who miraculously returns after blooming, and Deemo, an enigmatic guardian at the central station, as they navigate through this rain-filled world to find a way to save it. Discover the secrets of the world alongside Echo as you explore the central station, getting to know the diverse resident characters whose stories intertwine with the main plot. Use your newfound knowledge and magical musical charts to clear away the destructive rain and progress through levels that will test your rhythm skills. With over 120 tracks to enjoy, the game features a broad range of composers from Japan, Korea, Europe, and the Americas, with styles ranging from classical and jazz to chill pop and J-pop. The graphics and animation of DEEMO II create an immersive experience, with hand-drawn backgrounds and 3D models that make everything pop, making it feel like a storybook. DEEMO II features professional Japanese voice actors who bring the game to life with movie-quality animated cutscenes. From the studio that brought you Cytus, Voez and Cytus II, DEEMO II offers another captivating rhythm game experience that pairs fluid mechanics with a meaningful story. Are you ready to save the world through the power of rhythm?
Super Fowlst 2

Squash demons, dodge danger & strike it rich! Fowlst's sequel brings new power ups, abilities, enemies, levels, and a cast of unlockable characters.

Super Fowlst 2Thomas Young
In the much-anticipated sequel to the hit games Super Fowlst (2018) and Fowlst (2017), our brave chicken hero is back to save the day once again. With more menacing demons and even bigger bosses to conquer, Fowlst is ready to take on the challenge with new powerups and abilities. You'll never have the same experience twice, with unlimited stages that are generated differently each time you play. The controls are easy to master, and you can even use a controller for a more immersive gaming experience. As you journey through each level, you'll encounter a variety of enemies, from spiky demons to flatulent demons and even giant snakes. But fear not, because you can also pilot powerful mechs to help you on your quest. New abilities such as the body slam let you wreak havoc on everything in your path, and upgrading your inventory will allow you to carry even more powerups to use to your advantage. Watch out for portals, cannons, buzz saws, spiky things, and fire, all of which add to the exciting gameplay. With the addition of five new bosses and a wild cast of unlockable characters, you'll never run out of challenges to overcome. Plus, there's a chance to hunt down a different bonus treasure every day for extra coins. With bigger explosions and tons of exciting new features, Fowlst's latest adventure is sure to impress. So don't hesitate, hit that download button and get ready to join the ranks of Fowlst's biggest fans.
Nimian Legends: BrightRidge

BrightRidge is an open-world RPG with stunning visuals and shape-shifting abilities that lets you explore a magical fantasy world.

Nimian Legends: BrightRidgeProtopop Games
Get ready to explore an enchanting, hand-crafted open world RPG fantasy wilderness filled with glistening waterfalls, lush forests, towering mountains, and ancient dungeons. Roam freely by running, swimming, and even flying! With the ability to shape-shift into powerful dragons, soaring eagles, and quick-footed deer, BrightRidge offers an incredibly immersive experience, making it one of the best exploration games available on Android today. As a solo indie developer, I am incredibly grateful for the amazing support and encouragement from the Android community. BrightRidge is a game that comes straight from my heart, and I enjoyed creating this world. I hope you will enjoy exploring it in your own way! Start your adventure today with two magical adventures in Story Mode – The Ballad of BrightRidge and Love & Tin. Or, indulge in Explore Mode, where you can experience BrightRidge without any quests or enemies. Can you find the ancient whale that swims the oceans or the hidden ruins that dot the land? Unlock the power to shape-shift into various species and explore BrightRidge from a new perspective. Soar through the sky as a majestic eagle or a winged dragon. Run through the forest as a wily fox or as a dashing deer. Flutter peacefully among the flowers as a delicate butterfly, which happens to be a fan favourite. Become a nature photographer and capture beautiful landscapes with the Photo Mode. Take pictures of elusive deer drinking by the river or capture the golden sunset amidst the ancient ruins. Use Spirit View to track animals, each with their own habitat and behavior. Customize almost everything in your world with BrightRidge’s extensive options. Change the time of day, turn on Watercolor Mode, add effects and filters, and much more. On newer devices, you can increase the detail to make the game even more immersive. Discover the Legends and Lore of BrightRidge by finding hidden Legend Spots that dot the land. Each one unravels a bit of the history and people of BrightRidge. You can also visit the cozy halls of BrightRidge Inn, sit by the fireplace, dance with guests, or listen to their stories. Experience dynamic weather, from rainstorms, lightning, and thunder to gentle breezes and gusting wind, and even quiet snowfalls that add to the game’s realism. Relax and explore at your own pace with Explore Mode, or challenge yourself with Story Mode. With no ads or in-game purchases, BrightRidge is a complete game that offers tons of content and adventure. Watch the trailer at and follow @protopop on Twitter and on Facebook for news and updates. If you experience blue graphics issues, go to Options > Settings > Resolution, and choose Forward Rendering. If the game closes after the logo, restart your device. A big thank you to Nullzone, Liam, Curtis, DK_1287, and Jack for helping me test and supporting BrightRidge. This project has been a major challenge, and your support has helped me get through difficult times.

Embark on a retro-styled adventure through 7 magical worlds to save Princess Moon in this challenging and rewarding journey.

BumballonCrescent Moon Games
Embark on a thrilling quest through seven enchanting realms filled with stunningly rendered imagery and throwback gaming references. Brave countless dangers in order to protect the enchanted kingdom of Bumballon and liberate the lovely Princess Moon from captivity. Each setback in your adventure will help you better prepare for the next challenge, transforming Bumballon's grueling and exciting expedition into an educational and gratifying experience.
The Creeps!

Defeat the creeps in your closet using toy weapons and strange powers in battles against a variety of monsters, from ghosts to robots.

The Creeps!Super Squawk Software LLC
Your closet has been occupied by some very unwelcome guests - the Creeps. But fear not, for you have an array of toy blasters, glue bottles, flashlights and boomerangs that can rid you of these nocturnal creatures. Choose your weapon carefully to defeat your enemies and prevent them from sneaking up on you in the middle of the night. To make things more interesting, you also have the power to summon a giant spider that can slow down your enemies or a UFO that can sap their energy. These powerful allies can make a major difference in your battles against the Creeps. Get ready to face an array of ghastly foes, including Ghosts, Zombies, Vampires, Aliens, Dinosaurs, Robots, Pirates and many more. Each type of monster has its own unique strengths and weaknesses, so it is important to be strategic in your approach to defeating them. With its engaging gameplay and imaginative world, Creeps is the ultimate game for anyone who loves a challenge. Whether you're a fan of classic shoot-em-ups or looking for something new and exciting, Creeps is the perfect choice for you. So gear up and get ready to face the nightmarish creatures hiding in your closet!
Virtual Table Tennis

Play the best 3D physics-based multiplayer table tennis game. With various modes and AI opponents, play online or Bluetooth multiplayer matches.

Virtual Table TennisSenseDevil Games
Virtual Table Tennis™ is a leading 3D physics-based and online multiplayer game, available to play exclusively from the App Store. This game has been recognized by Apple in their compilation of "The Best Games You've Never Played". The cornerstone of Virtual Table Tennis™ lies in its multiplayer feature, allowing players to compete against each other over the Internet or through Bluetooth. Moreover, the 3D physics engine employed by the game creates natural and realistic motion for the Ping-Pong balls, making the virtual game come to life. The AI system of the game imitates a human's behavior and comes with varied styles, such as reaction time, speed, strength, endurance, and defensive skills. The precise and visual controls of the game allow players to execute a range of shots and smashes during competition. Customizations in "Options" are possible, thanks to the flexibility of the control options. With an assortment of game modes such as Animation tutorials, free practices, Arcade Mode, Tournament Modes, and Multiplayer Mode, the game adapts to diverse playing styles. The game offers a unique feature that allows players to play their music and the game music will stop itself if iTunes is detected to be playing. Virtual Table Tennis™ doesn't just stop at a great physical game but offers integrated compatibility with Game Center, Twitter, and Facebook. Additionally, the game's 3D sound system adds depth and enhances the player's experience. The game is packed with intricate details that players won't be able to perceive until they've tried it themselves. Download Virtual Table Tennis™ now to experience the ultimate virtual Ping-Pong experience.
Whale Trail Junior

Fly as Willow, collect Blubbles, meet bonkers characters, get instant bonuses, compete with friends, and enjoy the Gruff Rhys soundtrack.

Whale Trail Juniorustwo games
A captivating game, once featured as Apple’s Game of the Week and has garnered over 26,000 five-star ratings, Willow the Whale takes players on an epic journey. Navigate the skies, collect Blubbles, dodge obstacles, face off against enemies, and encounter an array of quirky characters. The game has been described as a stunning visual experience, with a simple, intuitive gameplay that can be easily mastered with a single touch. According to TNW, this game is poised to be the next big hit in iOS gaming. Gizmodo raves about its gorgeous and endearing artwork, calling it a steal for its affordable price of only a dollar. Meanwhile, TouchArcade, Edge, and Pocket Gamer agree that this winningly simple concept, with its stellar graphics and sound effects, is set to become the next big App Store phenomenon. T3 describes this game’s beauty as simple yet stunning. The game offers truly unbeatable value for your money, and it has been praised for its intelligent system upgrades, dynamic challenges, and tricky missions to unlock. It features a mesmerizing soundtrack by Gruff Rhys of The Super Furry Animals fame. You can play in two different game modes: Classic and Challenge, both of which offer exciting ways to enjoy this game's unique gameplay. Krill serves as in-game currency, earned in levels and used to upgrade Willow's skills and unlock playable friends. ‘Treats’ can be used mid-flight for instant bonuses. Players face 96 challenging levels and are tasked with earning a 3-star rating on each. The 'Frenzy' mode allows players to take on the Thunder Bros and massive increases in speed add a newfound sense of excitement. Game Center integration presents the opportunity to compete against friends. Willow the Whale is a game that brings together an endearing cast of characters - and with the game's rich storyline, striking graphics, and simple gameplay mechanics - it is easy to see why this app has earned so much acclaim. Get ready for an extraordinary adventure as Willow and her friends take you through the clouds in a journey like no other.
Ball-Hop Bowling

Roll the ball, redeem prizes, customize themes, and compete globally in Ball-Hop Bowling—featuring simulation-quality physics and bonuses for super high scores.

Ball-Hop BowlingRenown Entertainment
Experience the thrill of the original 9 ball classic with the added excitement of score boosting bonuses in Ball-Hop Bowling! This alley roller game offers amazing 3D graphics that look and feel just like the real thing, transporting you right into the world of arcade-style bowling. Customize your game by choosing from an array of balls and collecting several fun themes to enhance your playing experience. With vibrant graphics and effects, you'll feel as if you're playing in a real-life arcade. Not only can you aim for the bonus icons to enhance your game, but you can also earn achievements by redeeming sets of prizes with your tickets. Play against other gamers for the top score on global leaderboards with charming themes that will evoke a sense of nostalgia. Ball-Hop Bowling also features simulation quality physics that will affect your gameplay, resulting in the need for advanced skills like tilt, bank shots and sensitivity settings to maintain extreme control. As you earn more bonuses, you will be rewarded for your skills with higher scores and set yourself alight with the bonus target multipliers that will get you "On Fire" or "Burning Up"! This game will never leave you bored as you have multiple balls, themes and prizes to unlock and you can even play without internet or WiFi. Ball-Hop Bowling also offers several advanced modes and tips that enable you to retrieve the balls you missed or perform stunning shot styles throughout gameplay. Get ready to have fun with this delightful game by installing Ball-Hop Bowling today where you can conveniently sign in to Game Center and compete in the global leaderboards for an unforgettable experience. Additionally, you may obtain announcements and updates when you follow @RenownEnt on Twitter, or "Like" Ball-Hop Bowling on Facebook ( Should you encounter any bugs or have any suggestions while playing, please email or post them on the Facebook fan page.
Smash Bandits Racing

Smash Bandits offers an intense road race experience filled with destruction, car upgrades, leaderboard competition, and crazy challenges.

Smash Bandits RacingHutch Games
Featured in TouchArcade's Top 10 list of games, Smash Bandits Racing is an adrenaline-fueled road race adventure developed by the makers of Smash Cops. Jump behind the wheel and hit the gas as you race through America with the cops hot on your heels in pursuit. Be sure to stay one step ahead of the game with cool car upgrades, including faster vehicles and getaway gadgets. Upgrade from a compact car to a high-speed sports car like the awe-inspiring Hennessey Venom GT and unleash your inner speed demon. Immerse yourself in an ever-changing world of dirt tracks and logging towns, smashing your way through destructible scenery with an intensity that's never been seen before. But beware, the relentless Sheriff McBride and his cunning deputies will bring all their resources to bear to halt your progress. Take command of the leaderboard with each smash and crash, earn TV ratings, and cash, to play against your Facebook and Google+ friends, and become the most infamous Bandit in the network. Start each race with an edge when you choose from a selection of helpful gadgets such as stinger-proof tires, the "Stunner" car taser, and even a tank. With innovative one-finger control, driving, drifting and evading the law was never easier - no matter where you're playing. Test your driving prowess in over 100 challenges developed by the Smash Bandits Racing event organizers for endless replayability and entertainment.
Golf is Hard

Perfect your score in a challenging game of golf, but don't walk on the grass!

Golf is HardColin Lane Games AB
In 1491, during the reign of Scottish nobility, the origins of golf transpired. It began as an innovative means of delivering radishes to far-off sheep's palettes. Experience the idyllic beauty of a summer day and venture on an 18-hole golf course, where there is a ceaseless quest for achieving a perfect score of 18. Golf is notorious for being an arduous sport, challenging the skill and patience of even the most seasoned player. It is prohibited to walk on the grass in an effort to protect the pristine integrity of the golf course.
Swamp Attack

Defend your swamp from monster attacks using weapons like flamethrowers and molotov cocktails. Upgrade and switch between weapons to survive.

Swamp AttackOutfit7 Limited
Enter the dangerous and adrenaline-fueled world of Swamp Attack! Your quiet swamp retreat is under siege by a relentless horde of deadly monsters, including zombie-style creatures, crocs, and even aliens. Take up arms and prepare to defend your home in this intense and action-packed tower defense game. Are you up to the challenge of defeating these fiendish creatures? You’ll have to come up with a tactical strategy to fend off the enemy force. Aim and fire your weapon by tapping the screen, drag and drop explosives on enemies, and switch between weapons in the heat of battle. With an arsenal including dynamite, flamethrowers, crossbows, blob-throwers, and molotov cocktails, you’ll have everything you need to take down every last monster. Prepare for hours of thrilling gameplay with over 390 single-player levels, 40 multiplayer levels, and quick missions for an instant adrenaline rush. Challenge yourself with eight action-packed episodes and test your limits in Challenge Mode. You can even invite your Facebook friends to play for in-game rewards! Upgrade your weapons and equip yourself with over 30 defense tools, including the mighty shotgun, reckless minigun, and super atom bomb. With 45 different monsters to battle, each with their own unique abilities, no two levels are ever the same. And when all seems lost, you can always drink a potion to continue playing or instantly top up your energy to keep the fight alive. Swamp Attack is a free game, available for download now. So what are you waiting for? Grab your weapons, get locked and loaded, and defend your home against the invading hordes! With the option to purchase items to assist you in progressing to new levels, Swamp Attack is the ultimate tower defense game to keep you on the edge of your seat. Terms of use: Privacy policy: Customer support:
Red Ball 4

Roll, jump and bounce Red Ball to save the world from minions in an exciting adventure with 75 levels, tricky traps, and epic boss battles.

Red Ball 4FDG Mobile Games
Attention! An evil group of subordinates is planning to transform our planet into a cube. Who will be the one to prevent this perilous fate? Of course, it's the heroic Red Ball! Your mission is to roll, jump, and ricochet through 75 levels of thrilling adventure. As you make your way, be wary of cunning obstacles and fierce monsters that stand in your path. This all-new Red Ball adventure features epic boss fights, groovy tunes, exciting physics elements, and full cloud support. Plus, you can even use an HID controller for a smoother gaming experience. With so many exciting features, this game is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat. Can you help Red Ball save the world? The fate of our planet is in your hands!
Ys Chronicles 1

Action-packed RPG Ys Chronicles brings immersive storytelling, one-touch combat, and unique fight mode to mobile. Reviewed as a must-have for mobile RPG fans.

Ys Chronicles 1DotEmu
Ys Chronicles 1 is an enthralling, heroic-fantasy JRPG game that submerges players in a stunningly beautiful Japanese art universe. This mobile version is specifically tailored for touch-based gameplay and is a remake of the first episode of the renowned franchise titled "Ancient Ys Vanished: Omen," which was initially released on PC and PSP in the 2000s. Through Ys, players will take on the role of Adol Christin, a valiant and adventurous young swordsman. At the start of the game, he disembarks on a mysterious beach in Esteria, which is under attack by demoniac creatures that are ravaging kingdom cities. The inhabitants of Esteria are counting on Adol to defeat the demons and liberate their kingdom. To achieve this objective, the player will need to locate six holy books that contain the ancient lore of Ys, and thereby gain the knowledge to bring peace to Esteria. Along the way, players will discover magical weapons and artifacts that will enhance their skills and abilities, making them powerful enough to confront the enemies that lie ahead. Ys Chronicles 1 delivers a compelling and poetic atmosphere that is characterized by stunning artistic direction, an exceptional soundtrack, and a captivating storyline. Moreover, this game features a unique combat mode that requires players to "BUMP" into enemies to attack them, a feature that provides an enjoyable and exhilarating experience. As a result, this one-touch fighting system has been ideally adapted for touch-based devices, making the game even more thrilling and immersive. Several reputable game critics highly recommend Ys Chronicles 1, with Pocket Gamer noting that it works surprisingly well on touchscreens, Android Police remarking that DotEmu, the developers, are experts of the classic game port concept, and Touch Arcade proclaiming the gameplay to be a must-have for every mobile RPG fan. This recommendation is largely driven by the fact that DotEmu developed this port to be technically perfect. Interestingly, Ys Chronicles 1 offers two different game modes: Adventure and Time Attack, as well as two graphic modes (adventure mode only): Chronicles and Original. Additionally, the game includes a virtual pad, controller support, achievements, helpful hints to assist players' progress, and is available in several languages such as Russian, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese, French, English, and German. Finally, it is compatible with Android TV, enabling players to enjoy the complete experience from the comfort of their couch. Overall, Ys Chronicles 1 is an excellent game that every gamer must try out.
Sweet Sins: Kawaii Run

Lead seven adorable characters in a challenging, endless runner adventure filled with quests, piñatas, and achievements, in Sweet Sins.

Sweet Sins: Kawaii RunPlatonic Games
Prepare to be mesmerized by the delightful art style of Sweet Sins, a never-before-seen endless runner game. It's a speedy, knotty, and adorable journey that provides a classic arcade challenge for gamers who are on the hunt for a new thrill. In Sweet Sins, you will take Luna, Sandy, Rica, Nana, Red, Ivy, and Moira on a unique infinite run experience. The game's user-friendly design makes it simple to comprehend, yet it can take a while to master. Here are the game features that will make you fall in love with it: - A charming and highly addictive casual game - Simple and straightforward controls; swipe to the right, left and up to kick ass! - Players can collect various adorable Miimo creatures. - The game includes fantastic levels, challenging quests, and of course, piñatas! - With the help of the Game Center, you can compete with your friends and top every leaderboard. - Sweet Sins has a distinctive, stunning, and adorably cute 'kawaii' graphic design. This game does not require internet connectivity, and all in-app purchases are for appearance purposes only. You don’t need to buy anything to complete the game. Sweet Sins was brought to life by a team of two, so we genuinely appreciate your input; feel free to contact us at with any comments or suggestions. Get ready to download the cutest game on the planet! Kawaii desu ne ~~
Monsta Bounce

Run, jump and survive in Monsta Bounce! Be careful of the enemies and compete with friends on Facebook and GameCenter.

Monsta BounceGoro Fujita
Monsta Bounce is an addictive Endless Runner game that will make you jump and survive like never before. Your ultimate goal is to achieve the greatest distance possible, but it won't be an easy task. Enemies will constantly try to block your path, so you need to be alert and quick on your feet to avoid them.There will be obstacles on your way, try to dodge them and keep your pace. Challenge yourself and compete against your friends on Facebook and GameCenter. See who can last the longest and travel the greatest distance. With stunning graphics and immersive gameplay, Monsta Bounce promises endless hours of fun and excitement. So, put your reflexes to the test and start jumping to survive!
Ball King

Crush your friends' score by throwing ducks, frogs, and old radios through the basket in two exciting game modes, with no ads or timers.

Ball KingQwiboo Ltd
Become the ultimate monarch of the court with Duck, Frog, or Radio Toss game! Obliterate your buddies high-scores by aggressively launching objects into the basket! Participate in two thrilling game modes and reach new levels by unlocking fresh settings and items to throw – with over three million players already on stage. Expect a hassle-free, entertaining experience with zero distractions from pushy ads or pesky timers limiting your play time – just non-stop, pure fun! Get ready to rule the game!
King Tongue

Use your tongue, jump, and combo your way through 40 arenas to defeat bananas armed to the teeth in King Tongue. Play offline and unlock new characters.

King TongueAnkama
Welcome to BANANABUNGA! In a world where the Banana King has declared war on the monkeys, thousands of bananas fully prepared with advanced weaponry come from every corner to attack. But now it's payback time and you're in charge, as KING TONGUE, the monkey lord that will make these bananas go bananas using only your tongue as a weapon. Although it might sound like a weak weapon, it's actually a real grapple that will allow you to hang, swing and throw yourself all around using just one button. With no mercy for bananas, you're public enemy #1 in Bananaland and you won't give an inch. King Tongue is an epic old-school arcade game that will keep you hooked for hours, using jumps and combo sequences to try and achieve the highest score! Face the waves of bananasoldiers waiting to strike with more improbable weapons than the last, from bananazookas to bananacopters, superbananas and more. It's up to you to find their weaknesses and exploit them. With 40 magnificent arenas located in 4 different peaceful worlds, you will drool over the beautiful settings before turning them into a battlefield! Unlock new monkeys and see who comes after King Tongue! Play with Ping Thongue, Hong Tongue and Queen Tongue - each of them having their own unique style and specialty. The holy grail of this epic quest lies in the infinite mode where you have to prove you're the boss! Test yourself and become the ultimate King of the kings! Install BANANABUNGA now to play the game offline and show everyone who's in charge!
Halfpipe Hero

Halfpipe Hero: a retro-style, one-tap skateboarding arcade game with wicked challenges, sweet tricks, and cool heroes to collect.

Halfpipe HeroBit Free Games
Are you ready to take on the Halfpipe Hero challenge and prove your skateboarding abilities? Get your deck and prepare to ride the pipes in this fantastic retro skateboarding game! The game's aesthetic is retro pixel graphics, providing a fun and straightforward gameplay experience. Building speed is as simple as tapping the screen, and with each successful trick, you'll go higher and faster. Are you ready to land some spectacular moves and show off your skills? Halfpipe Hero features exciting hero challenges, providing an opportunity to unlock new locations and heroes. The game is easy to play, with the one-tap gameplay providing the perfect balance of simplicity and fun. Show off your tricks and stunts by executing backside inverts, flips, grinds and more. Explore diverse locations, from exotic beaches to tunnels beneath the city in wicked challenges as you grind your way to victory. The game includes an option to collect new heroes and skins, enhancing the fun and excitement of the game. What's more, Halfpipe Hero includes wipeout clips, animated GIFs that players can share with friends on social media. The retro style is a nod to classic 80s game hits, featuring pixel graphics that are pleasing to the eye. You can also groove to your beats in the game, with killer tracks that guarantee an epic game experience. Bit Free Games are behind this fantastic game, and they're keen to hear from players. So connect with them on Facebook and Twitter for news and exclusive updates. What are you waiting for? Join the Halfpipe Hero challenge and become the ultimate skateboarding sensation!

Redungeon: Survive endless, increasingly difficult dungeons filled with traps and unlock characters with unique skills. Beware of in-app purchases.

I find myself in front of a trembling wall that comes rushing towards me, spelling instant doom. My footing gives way as I step into a spike hole, sealing my fate yet again. The last glimpse I have is that of a gelatinous monster engulfing me. And as usual, I am brought back to life for another go at it. Do they wish me harm or are they simply aiding me in my quest? Step into the realm of Redungeon and brace yourself for a thrill ride! Key Features: • Each dungeon is endlessly unique, with its own share of randomly generated challenges. • Be prepared to face complex traps designed specifically to keep you at bay. • Play as different characters, each with special abilities that can turn the tide in your favor. • Talented composer Dave Cowen has crafted an excellent soundtrack for the game. • With a deluge of colorful pixels on the screen, each with its own distinct persona, get ready to explore a vibrant world. • The game can be played either via swipe-based controls or on-screen buttons. Additional Information: While the game does feature ads from third parties, it is possible to eliminate them through a one-time in-app purchase. You can also collect coins within the game or use real money to purchase them.
Bushido Bear

Hack, slash, and defend the forest as angry sword-wielding ninja bear against endless waves of evil demons in Bushido Bear!

Bushido BearSpry Fox LLC
Are you ready to face the most dangerous creature ever? Combine an angry, sword-wielding ninja with a bear, and you have a powerful enemy that can strike fear in the bravest of hearts. Prepare yourself for the excitement that awaits you in Bushido Bear, a thrilling action game developed by Spry Fox, the masterminds behind the acclaimed games Triple Town, Steambirds & Alphabear. Your mission is to protect your forest from hordes of malevolent demons that threaten it every moment. The only way to survive is to use your two massive swords and cut through your enemies with all your might. The longer you stay alive, the more enemies you will encounter, so make sure you are ready to resist their relentless attacks. Bushido Bear offers a variety of characters to unlock and upgrade, each with unique abilities that will enhance your gameplay. Lone Cub is a tiny ninja that can avoid enemies easily despite his slow movement, while Smoky Bear can teleport to any location in an instant, increasing your chances of survival. Neo Bear is a formidable adversary that will slow down time as he plans his devastating attacks. Collect all the bears to discover their potential and enjoy a thrilling gaming experience like no other. Get ready to embark on a journey full of adrenaline rushes, excitement, and endless fun with Bushido Bear!

Create art while playing pinball. Over 100 unique tables and stunning visuals in this Apple Design Award-winning game.

InksState of Play Games
INKS, the award-winning game from the creators of Lumino City, reinvents pinball with an artistic twist, bringing a blend of skilful tactical challenges and sheer joy to modern-day gaming enthusiasts. As the ink-covered ball smashes across a canvas, blocks of vibrant colour explode like fireworks, creating a visual masterpiece and a visual history of your game, and recording every moment of your progress to a perfect score. With over 100 unique tables, a beautiful and elegant design, and perfectly balanced gameplay, INKS combines the classic pinball game with the artistry of renowned painters such as Miro, Matisse, Jackson Pollock, and Bridget Riley. Each table becomes a unique work of art, sculpted by the player's every move, blending ink, colour, and pinball action together seamlessly. State of Play, the game's creators, are renowned for their beautiful and engaging gameplay and have brought their creative flair to INKS to offer a game that is as much an artistic masterpiece as it is a fun and engaging gaming experience. With INKS, you can share your favourite levels and high scores, and extend your playing experience with the purchase of Powerups, which include slow-mo 'Precision' aim and the 'Stopper,' saving your precious Gold Ball from being lost. Pocket Gamer gushed over INKS, calling it "amazing looking...vibrant, full of life. Are we excited about this?". INKS offers a unique package that combines the joy of pinball with a modern artistic twist, bringing together art and gameplay for everyone to enjoy.
MMX Hill Dash

Race over insane tracks filled with loops, jumps, and more in MMX Hill Dash. Upgrade your trucks and complete challenging trials.

MMX Hill DashHutch Games
Experience the thrill of 100s of race challenges in this addictively entertaining physics based driving game that puts your skills to the test. Get ready for an exhilarating ride as you race to the finish line across various tracks featuring deadly hazards, challenging hill climbs, heart-stopping jumps, gravity-defying loops, treacherous bridges and high-octane ramps that will have you on the edge of your seat. This crazy MMX racing game combines top-notch physics, fun crash scenarios and challenging gameplay, guaranteeing endless hours of entertainment that will leave you wanting more every time. Get behind the wheel and conquer challenging racing trials, upgrade your trucks, and compete on a truckload of custom upgrades, tracks, and hard courses. Choose from an extensive list of top trucks to race including The Micro, The Monster, The Classic, The Buggy, The Big Rig, The APC, The Tank, The JoyRider, The Bouncer, The LowRider, The Trophy Truck, The Racer, and The Beast. Sharpen your skills and take your racing game to the next level by upgrading your Speed, Grip, Stability, and Air Tilt features. With a variety of racing tracks set in the City, Desert, Snow, Volcano, and Big Air locations, there's never a dull moment. Experience the explosive follow up to the massively successful MMX Racing with the new MMX Hill Dash. So what are you waiting for? Download this thrilling game for FREE today, and get started on your quest to become the ultimate racing champion! For more information on our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service, please visit: Privacy Policy: Terms of Service:
All is Lost

Save doomed crews across the deadly galaxy in this stunning space rescue mission game - optimized for all Apple devices.

All is LostFoursaken Media
In the far-off destiny, humankind is scattered across an extensive and precarious cosmos. The teams of enormous space stations exist in an undying conflict for continuing existence. How many lives will you salvage? FEATURES - Discover an array of spaceships as you rescue crew affiliates from unstoppable destruction. - Successfully regulate your character and the surroundings as you steer through a direction to safety. - Encounter beautiful sceneries in multiple cosmic atmospheres. - An all-in-one application optimized for usage on iPhones, iPads, and iPods. - Reach achievements and earn top rankings on online signboards. - Assistance offered through GameCenter and iCloud. For more updates, don’t forget to follow us on Twitter: and like us on Facebook:
Rodeo Stampede: Sky Zoo Safari

Rodeo Stampede - an addictive game that combines animal games, cowboy games & zoo management, with offline play and stunning graphics.

Rodeo Stampede: Sky Zoo SafariYodo1 Games
Experience the ultimate wild west adventure in "Rodeo Stampede"! Get lost in the thrilling world of cowboys, animals, and a unique zoo experience. This gripping game blends animal games, running games and cowboy games into one entertaining and addictive gameplay. Step into the shoes of a fearless cowboy and embark on an epic journey through the uncharted wilderness. Test your mettle in bull riding and wrangle a wide range of stunning animals that include nimble zebras, majestic elephants and even ferocious lions. This is where your rodeo skills and lasso will come in handy. However, watch out! These animals won't go down without a fight. One exceptional feature of Rodeo Stampede is the immersive zoo experience. After capturing animals, you have the chance to build and manage your very own magical sky zoo. Make a paradise for your captured animals and invite visitors from around the world to witness the wonders of your zoo. Expand your zoo's facilities, construct new enclosures, and add unique attractions to keep your guests entertained. Rodeo Stampede stands apart because it can be enjoyed offline, making it the perfect game for on-the-go. No Wi-Fi? No worries! Explore the exciting world of Rodeo Stampede anywhere, anytime without the need for an internet connection. It provides immersive gameplay for those seeking adventure on the fly. The controls are quick to comprehend, ensuring players of all ages can have the adrenaline-pumping action. Lasso mechanics are simple but satisfying, allowing you to swing, jump and wrangle your way to success. The game's impressive graphics and jazzy animations bring the vivid world of the wild west to life, captivating players with its charming art style and close attention to detail. As you move forward through the game, you will face unique challenges and unlock new environments crowding with diverse creatures. With an ever-expanding list of animals, there’s always thrilling and exciting discoveries waiting for you. Unlocking and collecting rare and exotic creatures becomes an enthralling mission, keeping you hooked and yearning for more. Rodeo Stampede is not just another game; it is an unforgettable adventure that combines the thrill of bull riding, the charm of zoo management, and the excitement of being a cowboy. So saddle up, grab your lasso and be prepared to experience a world filled with action, challenges, and endless animal encounters. Do you have what it takes to be the ultimate cowboy and build the most renowned zoo in the wild west? Find out now in Rodeo Stampede! [Required Access Authorization] 1. Storage Share Rodeo Stampede screenshots and screen recordings on social media platforms. 2. Screen Recording Share Rodeo Stampede gameplay videos on social media platforms. [Optional Access Authorization] 1. Phone Run in-game events, reward prizes and check OS version and device model to handle customer inquiries. ※ Optional Access Authorization will not affect your gameplay experience other than the related services stated above. Privacy Policy:
Cobi Darts

Cobi Darts offers fun and challenging gameplay with multiplayer and single player modes including Classic 501, 3 Dart Master, Fun Fives, and more.

Cobi DartsCobra Mobile Limited
Looking for an exciting dart game that could provide a delightful gaming experience? Look no further because Cobi Darts is here to make your game time even better. Want to join your friends online and compete for the top spot? Or do you simply want to practice your aim and master the game? Cobi Darts offers both types of gaming modes. The game offers classic 301 and 501 games as well as the 3 Dart Master, Fun Fives, 3 Dart Finish, and Round the Clock among others. To make your game time even better, you can customize the characters you play with as well as choose different flight options. Cobi Darts is developed by Cobra Mobile, the acclaimed creators of Red's Kingdom, Let's Go Rocket and renowned iMessage games such as Cobi Arrows, Cobi Hoops, and Cobi Shoot. You can discover other amazing games by Cobra Mobile at If you face any issues while playing the game, don't worry. You can always visit to get technical support so that you can get back into the game in no time. Show your friends who the real Dartboard Master is with Cobi Darts!
Cobi Shoot

Test your shooting skills with Cobi Shoot! Compete with friends, shoot clay pigeons, fruit, ducks, and each other in Red vs Blue.

Cobi ShootCobra Mobile Limited
Prepare for thrilling shooting action in Cobi Shoot! This exciting game allows you to challenge yourself or compete with your friends to find out who is the ultimate sharpshooter. You have 30 seconds to shoot as many clay pigeons as possible, can you hit them all? Test your accuracy and avoid bombs as you shoot down fruit. Will you be able to get them all without hitting any explosives? Stop ducks from heading south and perfect your aim in the Red vs Blue challenge. With global leaderboards, comparing your score with other players worldwide is easy. Additionally, you can compete with your friends through messages. Explore various characters and find your own rhythm in this exhilarating shooting game. Cobi Shoot is created by the developers of Red's Kingdom, Let's Go Rocket, Cobi Hoops, and Cobi Hoops 2, all of which are popular games across the globe. Are you searching for more thrilling games like Cobi Shoot? Visit and explore the amazing collection of games that Cobra Mobile offers. In case of any technical difficulties, visit, and we will be happy to assist you in resolving them.

Sprnkls: a match 3 meets 15-puzzle, offering three game modes, Zen Mode, and infinite solutions. Features social sharing and daily power ups.

SprnklsFrosty Pop
Indulge in a match three puzzle game like no other with Sprnkls. This polished and engaging puzzle game is a cocktail of a classic game from back in the day, the 15-puzzle, and a match 3 style game. The result is a game that will test your wit, cleverness, and imaginative faculties because of the infinite solutions to each puzzle, depending on your strategic moves. If you prefer a casual and stress-free experience, you can unwind with our Zen Mode. No pressure, no limitations. Sprnkls boasts of a myriad of features that guarantee a momentous gaming experience. The game supports iPhone X, has three game modes, namely Zen, Timer and Moves, and power-ups replenish daily. Its touch and drag controls are highly responsive, ensuring flawless gameplay. Players enjoy playing Sprnkls with haptic feedback and sharing game highlights on social media platforms using GIFs. The game also has Game Centre leaderboards, achievements, and rare design inspired by mid-century posters. This game is versatile, and its mechanics range from easy to extremely challenging, depending on your preferences. Further, it is available in multiple languages. Sprnkls has a timeless design and a unique twist on the conventional match three mechanic that will keep you hooked for hours on end. With never-ending game boards, Sprnkls provides hours of unparalleled brain-teasing challenges.
Rainbow Slide

Jump through colored gates, avoid spikes, collect coins and unlock shapes/characters to score high in the endless, retro-inspired rainbow adventure.

Rainbow SlideSimon Natt
Embark on an exciting journey through the vibrant world of Rainbow Slide, where you will be challenged to slide your way up a colorful rainbow full of obstacles. Leap from level to level through brilliantly hued gates, timing each jump to perfection while being mindful of frightening spikes that will send you tumbling down. Test your skills and see how far you can slide up this endless, addictive arc, enjoying a gameplay experience boosted by the game's top-notch color mechanics. The retro-inspired graphics and sounds of Rainbow Slide will transport you to a simpler time, where old-school gamers dominated competition. Rainbow Slide features a whopping thirty missions for you to tackle as you ascend the rainbow. You'll encounter different shapes and characters along the way, each with its unique design and play style. Collect coins as you slide to unlock all the game's characters and shapes. Challenge yourself to reach the top of the leaderboard by setting a new high score in Rainbow Slide, and show off your skills to your friends. With fast-paced, challenging gameplay and loads of content to uncover as you go, Rainbow Slide is the perfect mobile game for any skill level. Playing Rainbow Slide is a breeze. All you have to do is tap the screen to jump, and you're off to the races! Follow @UmbrellaFun and @NattyGames_ for news and updates on Rainbow Slide and other great mobile games!
Match Land: Puzzle RPG

Match Land is a beautifully retro-styled match 3 RPG adventure game where you have a marketplace to run and a team of heroes to form and train.

Match Land: Puzzle RPGRace Cat
Step into the fantasy world of Match Land where you explore the medieval market in this role-playing, match 3 adventure. Building a team of heroes in the game and catching cute creatures to use as ingredients for your fantasy food shops, you'll be hooked from the very first bite! With an innovative twist on the traditional match-3 gameplay, Match Land features action and turn-based gameplay, where you can make multiple matches per turn to create massive combos. Make the most of the strategic gameplay and build up your fantasy food shops by unlocking and upgrading over 30 shops. In Match Land, building your ultimate creature catching team is key. With over 60 unique heroes to recruit, each with unique abilities, strengths, and weaknesses, you'll have a wide range of choices in forming your ultimate team. Get ready to put your skills to the test as you battle through over 700 levels and face off against 70 formidable bosses. With beautiful retro pixel art aesthetics, the game offers an immersive and nostalgic experience that will take you back to your childhood. Join the adventure in Match Land and be a part of creating a one-of-a-kind market experience that will keep you entertained for hours on end. Follow Race Cat on Twitter @racecatgames or visit their website at to learn more.

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