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Alien World - dbd alien games

Experience limitless fun in this 3D Sci-Fi war games FPS offline with impressive graphics and various game modes including team deathmatch and offline sniper shooting.

Alien World - dbd alien gamesIram Shehzad
Welcome, action enthusiasts! Get ready to indulge in the world of 3D Sci-Fi war games FPS action. Unleash your inner sniper and dive into multiple Sci-Fi war games, filled with endless fun. Are you a fan of commando gun shooting games FPS? Well, your wait is finally over. Discover the ultimate action game & Sci-Fi war games FPS offline 2022 now. Prove your worth by completing all missions and become the number one commando in the adventure shooting games genre. The advanced gun games will put your skills to the test. Enjoy the Sci-Fi war games FPS offline 2022 for free without Wi-Fi and experience a new level of entertainment. Team Deathmatch is one of the most impressive features of the Sci-Fi war games FPS offline. The gun game of 2022 offers fantastic graphics coupled with a handy campaign mode to make your game-time more enjoyable. Take your gameplay to a new level of fun in the Sci-Fi offline fps shooting game of 2022. Take on the role of a secret commando in our latest 3D gun shooting game. Unleash your inner soldier and defeat the enemy in one of the best offline shooting games out there. Rule the battlefield as an army soldier and become a super-soldier in our advanced gun games. Play multiple secret missions while indulging in the best shooting offline games for free. Our Sci-Fi war games FPS offline boosts many exciting features, including a "shoot-to-kill" mode in the best FPS offline shooting game. Compete against intelligent enemies in team deathmatch, enjoy the offline Sniper Shooting Game Mode, take on the assault mission gameplay in the action game category, or play the free-for-all gun shooting game mode. The Gun Shooting Games offer a 3D gameplay that is recommended for players of all ages. These offline games provide non-stop entertainment by indulging in fps shooting game levels. In our gun games offline, you can compete with friends and enjoy a 3D perspective of offline shooting games. This shooting game is highly recommended for fans of all ages, as it guarantees non-stop entertainment.
Bug Heroes 2

Enter the battle-filled world of Bug Heroes. Control two heroes simultaneously to master 25 unique bug characters in a MOBA-like game.

Bug Heroes 2Foursaken Media
The Bug Heroes is a thrilling adventure game where you will find an intense battle between swords, guns and armor happening right on your counters, floors and your yard with the help of uniquely designed heroes. A new adventure game brought to you by Monsters Adventures and Heroes & Castles, this game is a perfect blend of fast-paced action, defensive gameplay, and strategy. You can choose from an arsenal of 25 heroes to master that includes a hook-wielding pirate, a wise sensei, a bumblebee boxer, a poison-obsessed stinkbug, and many more. You can select your squad of two heroes and customize them as per your preference. With seamless switching between the two heroes, you'll have to unleash their powerful abilities in the epic battles. Your quest will take you to scavenging for food and junk, fortifying your base, building turrets, leveling up your heroes, equipping weapons and armor, and surviving! The game's features include MOBA-like cooperative and competitive multiplayer options, tons of single-player content like missions, an endless mode, and a base vs base skirmish mode. You can also increase your Bug Heroes' skills and buy weapons, armor, and gear. Scavenge for food and defend your Food Stash by constructing turrets and upgrading them. Upon completing missions, you can earn stars that unlock more powerful upgrades. The Bug Heroes game also offers an opportunity to master both melee and ranged combat techniques. You can slice your enemies with swords, blast them from long-range with guns and magic, swat bugs off ledges, and more. The game also allows you to use tactical gameplay where you can use cover to defeat your enemies. With over 75 characters of different types to battle with, the Bug Heroes game is full of challenges. Moreover, the game allows syncing across multiple devices with cloud storage for easy accessibility to your game. If you have any questions or comments, you can follow the developers on Twitter or like them on Facebook. Don't miss out on an opportunity to indulge in some action-packed gameplay with the Bug Heroes!
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Become the galaxy's deadliest merc and take down Dr. Simon's mutant army in SHADOWGUN. Tactical combat, sci-fi environments, and console-quality graphics on your smartphone.

ShadowgunMADFINGER Games
Step into the future with SHADOWGUN, the highly immersive game set in the year 2350. Corrupt corporations rule the galaxies and they hire the best bounty hunters, known as SHADOWGUNS, to carry out their dirty work. You step into the shoes of the notorious bounty hunter, John Slade, with the mission of infiltrating Dr. Edgar Simon’s fortress and defeating his mutant army. The battle is not easy, with cyborgs, genetically-enhanced humanoids, and battle droids forming Dr. Simon’s guard. Do you have what it takes to fight alongside S.A.R.A.—Slade’s personal android assistant—and defeat the enemy with the most advanced weaponry and ships? The game AI is highly advanced, with enemies that use real military tactics to defeat you. Flanking, seeking cover and strategic team-play will be required to keep you on your toes. Solve hacking mini-games for a chance to catch your breath from all the intense blasting action. The level of graphics immerses players into the game with advanced lighting effects, beautifully rendered environments, and professional voices. The game’s immersive storyline offers multiple outcomes, giving you ultimate control over the way the game ends. SHADOWGUN is the first installment of a major franchise, so be among the first players to unlock the Shadowpedia and explore the SHADOWGUN universe. From the mind of a madman comes an array of challenges, with mutated grunts, killer machines, level bosses, and more. SHADOWGUN is optimized for Sony Xperia Play, Tegra 2, Mali-400, Adreno and PowerVR devices, and supports gameplay with nVidia Shield, Moga Pocket, and Moga Pro controllers. For an even easier ride, the Easy mode comes with a lowered difficulty setting, and you have the option to configure your move axis for gamepads. Small devices are accommodated for as SHADOWGUN fits comfortably on your screen. For progress safety, gameplay data, and achievements, SHADOWGUN offers cloud backup support. However, it is important to note that the gamepad controller does not work on Samsung Galaxy S4. The expansion details directly follow the events of the original Shadowgun with the addition of four new levels, a new enemy creature, gun, type of gaming interaction, collectibles and soundtrack, as well as fresh graphics, animations, and cut scenes. Get in on the action and join the SHADOWGUN community on Facebook and Twitter.
War Tortoise 2

Explore a vast world in a War Tortoise battle tank & unleash firepower to defeat enemies. Evolve & customize your Tortoise with abilities, pilots & support units.

War Tortoise 2Foursaken Media
As the commander of the War Tortoise, a formidable combat machine, it's your duty to navigate an enormous open world while annihilating waves of enemies with your devastating firepower. With the option to play actively or passively, you can develop your own strategy as you explore the game's extensive universe. Unlock an array of pilots and heroes while further enhancing your Tortoise and supporting units with countless abilities. In your leisure time, fish and accumulate a diverse array of aquatic lifeforms. Embark on marvelous journeys, all the while endeavoring to bring peace back to the war-battered land. Key features of the game include a vast, uninterrupted landscape that provides players with a unique blend of high-energy and laid-back gameplay styles. Customize your War Tortoise's weaponry and armor with a myriad of options as you discover new Pilots and Heroes. Employ the assistance of supporting units, while harnessing powerful permanent abilities acquired through fishing. Graphics are advanced, and the effects are truly awe-inspiring, with huge battlefields for the ultimate gaming experience. There's plenty more to discover in this game that's both action-packed and relaxed, allowing players to develop their own play style while encountering epic battles.
Shadowgun: DeadZone

Shadowgun: DeadZone is an intense multiplayer third person shooter with console-quality graphics and over 20 unique weapons.

Shadowgun: DeadZoneMADFINGER Games
Assemble your group of allies, construct a team, and dominate your opponents in the most visually stunning multiplayer third-person shooter crafted specifically for mobile devices. This high-octane online bullet extravaganza provides the deadliest weapons in the galaxy to bolster your quest for greatness. "If you require proof that mobile games are becoming more like their console and PC counterparts, then look no further than Shadowgun: DeadZone." - PocketGamer.co.uk "Shadowgun: DeadZone is one of the most visually impressive shooters we've ever encountered." - SlideToPlay.com "They've designed what might be the greatest mobile multiplayer shooting experience." TouchGen.com EXPERIENCE IMPRESSIVE MULTIPLAYER BATTLES WITH CONSOLE-QUALITY GRAPHICS. ADRENALINE-THROBBING ACTION • Intense, fast-paced multiplayer skirmishes with up to 12 players online. This third-person shooter drops you into the heart of a futuristic warzone, so make sure you stock up on ammunition! • Choose between two popular game modes: Deathmatch (a pure killing spree) and Zone Control (Capture the Flag style warfare). • Pick from a line-up of ten unforgettable characters. Customize your character to match your combat style! • Select from more than 20 distinct, futuristic, and dangerous firearms, including sub-machine guns, assault rifles, and plasma throwers. Supplement your arsenal with dangerous gadgets such as sentry guns and landmines. GRAPHICS: WE HAVE A LOT! Shadowgun: Deadzone raises the bar for mobile PvP shooters in terms of realism. Immerse yourself in the atmospheric world of the Shadowgun and enjoy the moody graphics and slick animation. FANTASTIC FEATURES • Intuitive, fast-paced cover system. If things become too high-stress, you can rest for a moment - just approach an object and you'll take cover with a minimum of fuss. • Earn perks to increase your experience and become the greatest badass possible. • Access a private server and create your own war - make your own rules! • Slaughter your way across unique and highly detailed maps from the Refinery to the Palace. • Fight, kill, die... then kill again! If you are killed in action, you'll quickly return to the battle. __________________________________________ Don't forget to follow us on social media: Facebook: facebook.com/shadowgun Twitter: twitter.com/madfingergames YouTube: youtube.com/madfingergames Twitch: twitch.tv/madfingergames Do you have a question? Check out madfingergames.com/support.
Brothers in Arms 3: Sons of War

Experience action-packed multiplayer and single-player combat set in WW2. Climb the ranks, unlock perks, upgrade weapons, and win rewards in special events.

Brothers in Arms 3: Sons of WarGameloft
Immerse yourself in the heat of World War 2 battles with this thrilling multiplayer game. Step into the shoes of Sergeant Wright for a life-changing solo experience, in the aftermath of the D-Day invasion. Climb the ranks in multiplayer mode and try your hand at 2 gameplay modes: Free For All or Team Deathmatch across 4 maps. The key to success is unlocking game-changing perks by playing with each weapon class. Keep upgrading your weapon for increased deadliness. Venture into the single-player mode for a squad-based tactical advantage. Deploy your brothers in arms, using each soldier's diverse abilities: Air Strike, Molotov, Rocket Blast, Mortar Fire and many more. Upgrade your ally for enhanced damage output, ability cooldown, HP pool, AoE ability damage, among others. Get into the action-packed gameplay of this game featuring smooth cover-based third-person action with free movement. The game offers a variety of missions such as Assault, Sniper, Siege, and Stealth, with impressive killcam zooms. Arm yourself with the ultimate arsenal of weapons by unlocking new ones and upgrading them, with fire rate, recoil, reload speed, or clip-size upgrades. As you progress, you get to discover the game-changing power of experimental weapons. You can wreak havoc with their cool abilities such as Triple or Infinite Bullets, Electric Discharges, and more. The game boasts of impressive AAA-grade graphics, offering console-like visual effects that portray realistic indoor, outdoor settings with varied weather and time-of-day variations. You get to participate in special events with exclusive drops that come with prizes, and the ladder challenge with incrementally increasing levels of difficulty. Take advantage of the Smartwatch companion app that comes with various features. You can claim rewards, sign up for events, check weapon info, and much more on the app. It also comes with awesome skin animations and is available on popular smartwatches such as the Motorola Moto 360, LG G Watch, LG G Watch R, Sony SmartWatch 3, ASUS ZenWatch, and Samsung SM-R382. Visit the official Gameloft site for more information on upcoming titles. Follow Gameloft on Twitter or like them on Facebook for updates. You can also check out their videos and game trailers on their Youtube channel or get inside scoops on everything Gameloft from their blog. Please note that this app allows you to purchase virtual items within the app and may contain third-party advertisements that may redirect you to a third-party site. Read the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use to know more about the game. Download and play this thrilling game to experience authentic World War 2 battles.
War Tortoise

Take control of War Tortoise, a powerful tank in a shooter, idle and tower defense game, featuring 3D graphics, large-scale battles, upgrades, and auto-play mode.

War TortoiseFoursaken Media
Command the mighty War Tortoise, a massive tank bristling with potent armaments and intelligent gun turrets! Outfit this ferocious machine with weapons, recruit units, erect defenses, amass resources, and ultimately safeguard your domain against a massive onslaught of hostile forces. Blending shooter, idle gaming, and tower defense genres, War Tortoise furnishes an unparalleled and dynamic gaming experience suitable for anyone! KEY FEATURES: - An original fusion of shooter, idle game, and tower defense mechanics! - Stunning 3D graphics that depict enormous battles unfolding before your eyes! - War on a truly massive scale! - Discover an abundance of units, upgrades, and defenses to deploy! - Tailor your play-style with game-changing Perks! - Traverse eight new worlds, each boasting its own unique time of day and weather! - Face off against over a dozen fierce enemy types! - Ascend to new heights of power and prestige, and reap immense bonuses! - Sit back and enjoy the game's Auto-Play mode! - Assimilated languages include: Spanish, French, German, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean! SUPPORT: Please send any queries or requests for assistance to info@foursakenmedia.com!

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