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Feb 26 - Mar 3, 2024 New games

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SkichSkichfrom Skich app

Experience world-class racing in RACING X. Customize your cars, compete online, and explore visually stunning racetracks, becoming a true racing legend.

Immerse yourself in the dynamic and vibrant world of RACING X, where top-tier luxury cars and cutting-edge graphics come together to ignite your passion for speed. With an impressive selection of iconic tracks at your disposal, prepare to dominate the world on wheels. climb the ranks and participate in thrilling timed events to become a legendary racer - it's all at your fingertips. Personalize your ride to the extreme with over 100 world-renowned cars to collect and customize as you see fit. Every detail of each car has been meticulously crafted to ensure an authentic experience- and with the tuning simulator, you have complete control over your vehicle. Explore a breathtaking selection of real-world and fantastical locations across 80 tracks inspired by iconic landmarks. From the thrilling Hollywood Universal Studios to the mysterious Maya ruins and even an alien base, each race transforms into a cinematic blockbuster experience. Choose your racing mode of choice, whether that's single-player mode, unlocking massive supercars at your own pace or challenging up to 11 players from around the globe in online multiplayer events. Prove your worth as a true racing legend, no matter the mode you choose. Party under the bright lights in our sprawling club scene and join fellow global car enthusiasts. Share the spectacle of over 20 luxurious cars, socialize, dance, and indulge in passionate discussions about your shared love for racing. With consistently updated social events, the party never ends!
MerX: Multiplayer PvP shooter

MerX is a free-to-play online multiplayer FPS shooter and brawler with 3D graphics, unique heroes, and intense online PvP battles.

MerX: Multiplayer PvP shooterThematica Point
Calling all enthusiasts of online multiplayer FPS shooter and action brawler genres! Get ready for an intense modern cyber war that is absolute chaos with high-octane fights that keep you on your toes. The crowd goes wild as mercs from all backgrounds ramble onto the cyber arena with hopes of glory and victory. Choose from a wide selection of unique and powerful characters, ranging from aging veterans to nanotech freaks, each with their own special abilities and styles. With rankings and fans attention on the line, you must pave your way to the top as a legendary merc. MerX is a mobile-based multiplayer FPS shooter & brawler game that boasts next-gen 3D graphics and captivating battle characters. The game is free to play and optimized for mobile devices, bringing console-quality experiences straight to your fingertips. Its immersive graphics and fluid controls make it easy to get into the game and dominate your opponents with ease. Choose your character in the game's cyber arena and tailor your unique strategy to thrive in any battles you come across. The cast of characters boasts immense versatility that's perfect for any task you undertake. With a comfortable movement system, autofire, and switchable aim assist in your arsenal, you'll bend the battlefield according to your will. Engage in epic showdowns against other players worldwide and challenge them to intense PvP matches. The game rewards winners with higher rankings, valuable loot, and in-game currency that you can use to enhance your arsenal. With various skins, outfits, and customization options, you can personalize your game to your liking and stand out from the crowd. The game’s developer, Unknown Corporation, promises to keep the game fresh with new heroes, skins, modes, and special events in the future. So get ready for an action-packed and endlessly evolving game! MerX is the ultimate game for anyone looking for an immersive and challenging multiplayer FPS shooter and brawler experience.
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Experience the essence of classic RTS games in CASK, a mobile real-time strategy game. Build a nation, command armies and explore a vast virtual world!

CaskFernando Pastor
Try out CASK, the ultimate mobile RTS game, and embark on an epic adventure! This game will throw you into a strategic journey in which you will collect resources, build your own nation from the ground up, and rule the virtual world by commanding armies. Get a chance to enjoy vibrant casual gameplay sessions of 30 minutes, and experience the mechanics of classic RTS games in a whole new way with CASK. Start your very own village with a Town Hall and two Villagers from scratch and grow it by collecting wood, food, and gold. You'll be able to build houses, castles, towers, and train more villagers or soldiers such as knights and archers. Get ready to launch daring attacks, defend your territory on all fronts, and surge across vast continents to attain dominance. Join the world of CASK and explore your skills in strategy-making!
Cardio Quest

Track your fitness and battle monsters in Cardio Quest, a fantasy RPG video game that turns workouts into gaming marathons.

Cardio QuestPress Forward Games
Venture into a world of fantasy and magic with Cardio Quest, the cutting-edge role-playing video game that pushes players to become healthier and more active. Embark on a memorable adventure that involves fighting fierce monsters and earning valuable loot, all while working out in real life. No need to be a seasoned athlete, as the game tracks your heart rate during exercise to ensure it's tailored to your fitness level. Experience the thrill of seeing your Hero triumph over evil as you strive towards your fitness and wellness goals. Keep tabs on your progress with the workout tracker and climb up the leaderboard rankings. Connect with friends and challenge foes, leveling up as you reach new heights in your workouts. Join us in the Open Alpha and be a part of the new era of connected fitness. With Cardio Quest, the possibilities are endless.
SWAT Shooter Police Action FPS

Swat Shooter is a 3D action game with 17 guns, customizable weapons, multiple enemies, and a city map with missions.

SWAT Shooter Police Action FPSArarat Games
In Swat Shooter, an action-packed 3D first-person shooter game, players can quickly and easily take down criminals using a variety of firearms. This thrilling game boasts an impressive array of features, including 17 distinct guns and the ability to customize weapons for heightened personalization. Battle against numerous enemy gangs and explore various cities, each equipped with unique missions to accomplish. Swat Shooter also features a realistic and modern art style, complete with levels set against contemporary locations. And, with impressive sound design and immersive environments, this game offers a cool and atmospheric experience for players to enjoy. So, are you prepared to dive into the ultimate action-packed experience with Swat Shooter?
Close Cities

Build beautiful cities in different worlds over time with Close Cities' 160 unique puzzles. No need for architecture knowledge, just start tapping and dragging!

Close CitiesJuanma Altamirano
Get ready to sit back and relax with Close Cities, a captivating puzzle game that challenges you to construct majestic cities across multiple unique worlds. Embark on a journey where the only way is forward! With 160 levels to conquer, you are sure to become a true legend in Close Cities! Be prepared to put your problem-solving skills to the test and face unique challenges at every turn. You start with a blank slate, and it's up to you to create stunning metropolises. Choose the right pathway, select the perfect location, and use your fingers to tap or drag pieces into place. Not an architecture expert? Don't worry, Close Cities is user-friendly and designed to provide an enjoyable experience for everyone. The game's tutorial guides you through the game mechanics at a relaxed pace, so you can sit back, relax and enjoy. To succeed, you must conquer all 160 levels throughout multiple worlds, each with its King and 16 challenging levels to unlock and build their empire. Are you up for the challenge? Experience time travel and explore unique and diverse settings, all while accompanied by relaxing melodies that complement the game's serene gameplay. Get lost in the captivating world of Close Cities today!
My Stable Horse Racing Games

Saddle up for the ride of your life: compete, breed & care for your horses as a jockey in My Stable Horse Riding World - Horse Racing Games.

My Stable Horse Racing Games999+ Games
Are you prepared to embark on a thrilling horse riding adventure? Look no further than My Stable Horse Riding World: Horse Racing Games. As a jockey in this captivating game, every gallop takes you closer to victory in stable horse racing games. Enjoy the thunder of hooves beneath you as you skillfully navigate the twists and turns of challenging racetracks or care for your beloved horses at your very own horse farm. Experience the adrenaline coursing through your veins as you race through stunning race courses and strive to become the ultimate champion in this derby horse racing game. Immerse yourself in the horse racing world, where speed, skill, and strategy combine for a genuinely exhilarating gameplay experience. Welcome to the immersive world of horse race management and become the horse master of your dreams. In this game, you will not only own a stable but also take on the responsibility of caring for your majestic horses and expanding their bloodline through strategic breeding in horse breed games. Start your journey by creating your horse stable and challenging your friends to win the coveted horse ranch race. Take on the role of a dedicated caretaker, tending to your horses' needs, including feeding, grooming, and providing medical attention to ensure they are in top racing condition in champion horse race games. Race against time and fierce competitors, striving for glory in the offline horse-riding games. Dodge obstacles, experience bursts of speed, and feel the rush of adrenaline as you push your horse to its limit in My Stable Horse Riding World. With every win, your reputation as a skilled jockey grows, allowing you to unlock new opportunities and challenges in horse trainer games. Put your horse riding skills to the test and show off your talent by winning that derby horse racing to become the ultimate horse jockey in this horse trainer game. Take care of your stable horses, grow their breed, and customize your horse stable to earn the title of the best caretaker. Enter the challenging horse race tracks in My Stable Horse Riding World, tactfully cross multiple hurdles, and show your horse's guts as a jockey. Features: - Establish and personalize your very own horse stable in this captivating horse racing game - Compete on diverse and challenging racetracks, proving your skills for glory - Experience authentic racing gameplay, featuring realistic physics, track conditions, and competition dynamics in horse games - Take on the crucial role of a caretaker, attending to daily tasks such as feeding, grooming, and medical attention in horse riding games.
Ghost Hunter : Pixel Survival

Stop the Great Devil from escaping a gate to hell by purifying demons leaking through cracks. Use powerful skills and weapons to become the best ghost hunter.

Ghost Hunter : Pixel SurvivalSUPERBOX.Inc
Embark on a mission to save the world from the Great Devil who seeks to dominate it by coming out of a gateway to hell. The gateway was mistakenly created through a summoning ritual by a demon follower. Your objective is to prevent the Great Devil from coming out by purifying the ghosts and demons that continuously leak through the cracks in the gate. The world must not be consumed by evil energy, thus you must cleanse the souls contaminated by it. With easy controls and a cool movement feature that includes a dash function, navigate through this world of ghosts and demons and delve into its unique pixel art. Utilize the power of various characters to create more potent skills and strategically use powerful weapons and skill combinations for each chapter. As you collect experiences and get stronger, busting demons becomes more feasible. Collect and upgrade your newly designed equipment and weapons to become the best ghost hunter with sensational powers and fancy skills. Join the fight to save the world and prevent the Great Devil from taking over by visiting the official site, liking their Facebook page, or sending an email to
Battle Derby

Battle Derby: F2P multiplayer Battle Royale game. Upgrade cars, unlock chests, defeat opponents, collect coins, and battle in multiple game modes.

Battle DerbyTriple-O Games
Are you ready for an adrenaline-filled battle in Battle Derby, the multiplayer Battle Royale game with a frenetic rhythm? Get ready to choose your car, upgrade it and enjoy the different game modes to prove your skills, become the last survivor or defeat as many opponents as possible to unlock chests, events, level up and more! In this intense game, players choose the best car for the battle, from the power of a truck to the speed of a sportscar. With Deathmatch, Find&Destroy, and Battle Royale game modes to choose from, there is something for everyone. In Deathmatch, the one who defeats the most enemies wins, get 7 defeats before the time limit. Find&Destroy is for those looking for extra action in the arena, destroy as many enemies as possible. But for the most competitive players, Battle Royale is the mode to conquer. A total of 16 players enter the arena in Battle Royale, searching for resources, and battling each other until only one player remains. Players choose the area of the map where they will appear at the beginning of the game. After a short period, a ring-shaped borderline will appear and start closing in, trapping everyone inside. Whoever stays outside gets eliminated. This game mode requires strategy and is super exciting. Collect coins during battles, win prizes, and get new cars to play with to upgrade in Battle Derby. Plan your strategy and choose the car that best suits the arena and the game mode. Your fighting skills will be your best ally. Complete the daily quests to improve and get daily prizes while practicing your skills to level up and have fun. With different cars, chests, pieces, and more, Battle Derby's item collection is infinite. Battle Derby is a free-to-play experience that everyone can enjoy, including casual, midcore or hardcore players, with a Privacy Policy and an option to Delete Personal Data. Get ready for battle and experience the excitement, strategy and fun in Battle Derby!
Ex Astris

Ex Astris: Turn-based RPG with innovative Obscuran Maneuver system and world exploration of a planet split by massive ring-shaped storms.

The vast emptiness of space has always been a beacon of hope, a sign of mankind's limitless potential. However, as we venture further into the unknown, it seems as though we've left behind the beauty and complexity of the world we know. Welcome to Ex Astris, where you'll take on the role of an investigator, exploring the rich and fascinating world of Allindo on a wondrous interstellar adventure. Prepare to be amazed by the incredible landscapes and diverse cultures you'll encounter across the planet's two hemispheres, separated by enormous storm systems. #DiscoverTheUnknown As you travel across this strange world, you'll meet a huge variety of beings, from alien creatures to intelligent beings that are almost human. To truly explore and uncover the secrets of Allindo, you'll need to gather a team of skilled companions and craft powerful Laylah-Keys to enhance their abilities. #InnovativeGameplay Ex Astris offers an innovative blend of turn-based action and real-time strategy, allowing you to perform powerful team combos and joint attacks with your allies. Use the Obscuran Maneuver system to counter enemy attacks and gain an edge over your foes in battle. #UnravelMysteries As you delve deeper into Allindo's rich history and culture, you'll discover intricate puzzles to solve and challenging foes to defeat. The secrets you'll uncover along the way will help you piece together the mysteries of this incredible world. Follow us online to keep up with the latest news, videos, and updates on Ex Astris. The universe is waiting – are you ready to explore? Official Website: Facebook: Twitter/X: YouTube: Instagram: Need support? Contact us at
Please, Touch The Artwork 2

Help quirky characters find lost possessions in hand painted Belgian art. Solve puzzles in a colorful world. Restore paintings to uncover mystical foes.

Please, Touch The Artwork 2Thomas Waterzooi
Get ready to embark on a cozy adventure that merges the search-and-find mechanics of 'Where's Waldo' with the astounding Modern Art in the sequel to the award-winning game franchise, 'Please, Touch The Artwork'. Completely free and entirely ad-free, players can enjoy this game offline. Play as a lost skeleton painter amidst a surreal and colorful world where hand-painted Belgian art from the renowned modern art pioneer, James Ensor, adorns the walls. Traverse through multiple paintings and come across amusing and eccentric characters who will need your assistance in finding their lost possessions. Expect to encounter casual puzzles along your way. Players must repair and restore damaged paintings to their former glory by fixing gaps and cracks, all while thwarting a mystical vandal. This second installment of the game is filled with delightful surprises, enchanting characters, plenty of humor, and mesmerizing hand-painted art. It is a laid-back experience perfect for anyone above twelve years old. With support from the Flemish Government to commemorate the Belgian EU Presidency 2024, this game is not only visually stunning but also offers five different worlds to explore. Players can avail in-game hints to help them when they get stumped, and navigate through the world using simple point-and-click controls. Zoom-in to get a better look at the intricate details of the modern art and be swept away by the relaxing, atmospheric sound. Don't miss out on this unique gaming experience that is visually stunning and promises to entertain players of all ages.
Eggy Party: trendy party game

Create, customize and collaborate with friends to unleash your creativity in Eggy Party. Embark on epic adventures and uncover endless possibilities in the Eggyverse.

Eggy Party: trendy party gameNetEase Games
Get ready to immerse yourself in the exciting world of Eggy Party by NetEase Games! Let your imagination run wild and join the ultimate party extravaganza filled with endless possibilities. Embark on epic adventures and explore imaginative realms with your adorable Eggy Friends by your side. Creativity knows no bounds in Eggy Party! Showcase your artistic skills and become the master of your own universe by customizing your Eggy avatar and designing your dream world. Whether you want to build multi-level mazes or craft intricate obstacle courses, the choice is yours! Connect and collaborate with fellow Eggy enthusiasts from different parts of the globe to tackle challenging quests, compete in thrilling mini-games, or simply hang out and socialize in vibrant virtual worlds. Every day is a new adventure in Eggy Party! Dive into the Eggyverse and unlock a diverse array of attractions and activities that will leave you awestruck. From adrenaline-pumping roller coasters to mind-bending puzzle challenges, there is something for everyone to enjoy. Traverse through whimsical theme parks, mysterious dungeons, and enchanted forests as you embark on a journey filled with wonder and excitement! The Eggyverse is the ultimate destination for creative expression and endless fun! Design your own custom games, share them with the community, and watch your creations come to life. Whether you're a pro builder or a first-time creator, you can unleash your imagination and leave your mark on the Eggy Party universe. Join the party of a lifetime by downloading Eggy Party now! If you want to learn more about Eggy Party, visit their official website, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, or Discord.
Flying Tank

Customize and upgrade your tank to defeat 6 main bosses and reclaim Earth in a horizontal shmup. 24 missions, no ads, and no microtransactions.

Flying TankHEXAGE
Get ready to engage in an intense side-scrolling shooter game. Vanquish colossal bosses, launch explosive bombs from the air, and gather an arsenal of thrilling, high-powered weapons. The time has come to reclaim the plundered Earth and you are the last hope to do so. ★ Take on the challenge of 24 missions full of non-stop action ★ Play against distinct factions and confront diverse enemies ★ Experience pulsating gameplay with 6 major bosses and more than 18 boss fights ★ Enhance your Tank with an array of Weapons and Bombs and exploit every opportunity to turn the tide ★ Every Tank has its own exclusive special ability to support you in combat ★ Choose from over 30+ upgrades, including Bullet-Time, Overdrive, and Drones, to adapt your gameplay style and weaponry ★ Bluetooth game controllers are supported for the ultimate gaming experience🎮 ★ For no charge, you can play 8 of the missions in the FREE version ★ Purchase the Premium content with one-time payment and enjoy a wealth of additional content ★ This game boasts no ads and no microtransactions. Get lost in the world and immerse yourself in the adventure.


♥ Zsolt Szabo designed the enticing artwork ♥ Discofield crafted the mesmerizing sound design ♥ Kubatko wrote the incredible original soundtrack

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