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Fracctal Monsters

Fracctal Monsters: a must-try virtual monster-taming game with pet care, combat, and exploration!

Fracctal MonstersFracctal Labs Inc.
Get ready for an amazing adventure with Fracctal Monsters, the ultimate monster-taming game that offers a delightful blend of pet care, intense real-time action-based combat, various training modes, and vast areas to explore. For those who enjoy virtual pet games, Fracctal Monsters is a must-try game that promises to take you on a wild ride. This game boasts a collection of unique monsters that you can nurture, train and upgrade to help you take on incredible battles. With its user-friendly interface and innovative gameplay, you will enjoy hours of fun as you explore the stunning fantasy world of Fracctal Monsters. You will discover new territories, engage in spectacular battles, and develop powerful strategies to defeat your opponents. This game's unmatched visuals and captivating gameplay will keep you engaged right from the start. The lifelike graphics will make you feel like you're in a dream-like world you won't want to leave. The game's sound design is also top-notch, which enhances the experience and makes it more immersive. In Fracctal Monsters, you will get to create the ultimate monster team by choosing from a wide variety of characters that possess unique traits. You will have to nurture these creatures, train them, and level them up to increase their strength and abilities. The combat in Fracctal Monsters is extremely engaging thanks to its real-time action-based gameplay. You will feel the adrenaline rush as you clash against other monster tamers in fierce battles. You will need to develop unique strategies to outsmart your opponents and emerge victorious. Finally, Fracctal Monsters offers several training modes that allow you to improve your monsters' skills and abilities. You can exploit these training modes to develop and implement unique training programs for your team. In summary, Fracctal Monsters is an excellent game that offers an immersive and exciting experience for monster-taming enthusiasts. Get ready to embark on a journey and create a team of powerful monsters that will dominate all in their path!
Nexomon: Extinction

Nexomon: Extinction - Collect and tame 381 unique monsters in a classic turn-based monster-catching game. Join the Tamer's Guild and restore balance in a world on the brink of extinction.

Nexomon: ExtinctionVEWO INTERACTIVE INC.
Get ready to play the first chapter of an exciting new game for free! The popular game, Nexomon: Extinction, has finally made its way to Android. Get ready to experience an adventure like no other with Nexomon: Extinction - a game that will take you back to the good old days of monster-catching games. With a brand new epic storyline filled with unique and eccentric characters, as well as over 380 types of Nexomon to collect and tame, you're sure to be hooked in no time! The world is falling apart, with Tyrant Nexomon battling it out to take control of humans and monsters. You must join the Tamer's Guild to help restore balance before there is no hope left. Begin your journey by leaving behind the orphanage you grew up in. Choose your first Nexomon and start your life as a tamer. Explore a world full of Nexomon, with 381 types to collect from nine elemental categories, complete with powerful evolutions and much more. Join the fight and help the Tamer's Guild defeat the Tyrant Nexomon. These creatures are ruling the world and there seems to be no stopping them. Can you change the tide of the battle? Face off against challengers and dangerous enemies in beautifully animated and engaging turn-based battles. Discover a diverse range of regions, from arid deserts to freezing tundra, and navigate through challenging environments while managing their effects on your Nexomon. Explore the immersive world of Nexomon, uncover secrets, complete side-quests and encounter a variety of eccentric characters. Train hard to become the greatest tamer. Dynamic difficulty means that the game will become more challenging as you progress through it. Even defeated trainers come back stronger, so be prepared to face them again. You can now enjoy this top-selling console game on your Android device. Don't wait any longer and join in on the fun! Visit the Nexomon website at, and join the community on Discord at You can also follow them on Facebook at, Twitter at and on YouTube at
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Catch, train and evolve over 300 unique Nexomon to save the world from the Nexomon King and become a hero in this epic journey.

Download for FREE and upgrade to the Full Game for just $0.99! Become a Nexomon master by catching, developing and adding to your collection of over 300 distinct creatures! Build an unbeatable Nexomon team to save your friends and thwart the Nexomon King, conquering legendary champions in an epic quest to become a true hero! Unravel the game's many features - catch and train over three hundred different Nexomon from seven distinct starter options. Evolve your Nexomon into more powerful variants and discover 15 unique and potent legendary Nexomon. Traverse the Nexoworld and challenge powerful and daunting foes in ten stunning and vibrant regions. Expect fully animated monsters and epic battles in a High Quality gaming experience like no other. Plus, stay in the loop by following us on Facebook, Discord, Instagram and our website –

Catch more than 170 monsters in this pixel-art RPG with over 30 hours of offline gameplay and multiplayer battles.

Welcome to the world of monster catching and training! If you're a fan of open-world role-playing games that involve building a team of monsters and battling other trainers, then you're sure to enjoy this epic RPG that's designed specifically for monster trainers. With over 170 different monsters to choose from and more than 30 hours of offline gameplay, there's never been a better time to dive into this fascinating world. This paid game offers an incredible value: for just 99 cents, you'll have access to a world filled with adventure and excitement. Whether you enjoy catching monsters, battling in the arena, or completing quests to earn rewards, there's something here for everyone. The open world is loved by millions of players around the world, and it's easy to see why once you start playing. As you begin your adventure, you'll discover dozens of pocket monsters that you can capture and train. With over 99 different evolutions to choose from, the possibilities are nearly endless. Battles are fully animated and intense, with lots of strategy involved in choosing which skills and stats to adjust for each monster. The multiplayer aspect of this game is particularly exciting, as you'll be able to engage in PVP battles, duels, and arena fights with other trainers from all over the world. And with pixel graphics that harken back to classic RPG maker games, there's a real sense of nostalgia that fans of old-school monster games are sure to appreciate. Items play an important role in this game, too. You'll be able to use different items to gain an advantage in battles or to train your monsters more effectively. Plus, with an open world filled with role-playing elements, you'll feel like you're truly living the life of a monster trainer. All in all, this paid game is an incredible value for anyone who loves role-playing games, monster battles, and training pixel art monsters in RPG maker style. Join the millions of players who have already discovered the magic of this world, and become a master trainer today!

Coromon: Classic monster collecting with a modern twist! Over 120 creatures to train, tactical turn-based battles, and a compelling narrative. Try before you buy!

CoromonFreedom Games, LLC
Coromon is an exciting modern twist on traditional monster-catching games. Players can try out a portion of the game before purchasing it for $4.99. The game offers over 120 unique creatures to collect and train, allowing players to customize their trainer using hundreds of options. Additionally, players can explore a thrilling JRPG narrative and take on the role of a Battle Researcher in the Velua region. The adventure starts off smoothly for players until an unknown force attacks. Players need to build a squad of Coromon to fight back against the invaders and protect the region from further danger. When players are not exploring and battling in the game's narrative, they can challenge other Battle Researchers in online head-to-head combat to improve their battle skills and climb the leader boards. Tactical turn-based battles require players to choose their actions carefully based on available resources and carefully selected skills, attacks and status effects to overcome enemies. Players can also explore six major zones and cities, including frozen glacial caverns and blistering deserts, while playing a role in a fully-fledged JRPG narrative, complete with plot twists, turns and revelations. The game allows players to customize their playing experience by choosing the easiest setting for a stress-free immersive experience, or focusing on resource management and tactics for a more challenging game. Players can also use the built-in Randomizer and Nuzlocke modes for more unique gameplay experiences. Mobile players can enjoy new features such as Battle Dome mode, daily and weekly challenges, 12 new language options and more. Luxury items can be purchased to enhance the adventure, such as the Fruit Drone and Remote Storage. Additionally, Style Crystals can be earned to customize the look of Battle Researchers, while premium Coromon skins will allow for the collection of even more exotic creatures. To stay updated on the latest news, players can follow Coromon on social media, including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Discord. The adventure in Coromon awaits. What will players discover?

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