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Escape Granny's house in 5 days while being quiet and avoiding her. Can you survive? Advertisements included.


Introducing Granny - a bone-chilling, immersive horror game experience. This game beckons you to explore the eerie confines of Granny's house. But beware, Granny has no qualms about keeping you locked within her house. Your task is to free yourself from the clutches of Granny and make a daring escape. Hush now! Noise made from any source is instantly detected by Granny, and she will promptly hunt you down. Your only hope of survival is to stay hidden and remain alert. Seek refuge in wardrobes or under beds to stay concealed. You have a limited duration of 5 days to plot your escape, so make sure you act fast and smart. Best of luck survivor, you're going to need it.

Horror Show: Scary Online Game

Horror Show: Multiplayer survival game with 4 survivors vs. 4 serial killers. Scary puzzles, hide-and-seek, and bone-chilling sound effects await. Choose your side now!

Horror Show: Scary Online GameAzur Interactive Games Limited

Welcome to the Horror Show - the ultimate scare fest where you can choose to play as either the survivor or the maniac. Are you ready to put your survival skills to the test or awaken the evil within you to spread terror? The choice is yours! As a survivor, you will find yourself stranded in an abandoned town with other thrill-seekers. However, little did you know that you have stumbled upon the cursed playground of a twisted psycho. In this multiplayer survival game, team up with your fellow survivors and devise a plan to escape the nightmare town. Remember to support each other by healing and helping the captured ones to escape. Survival is key, otherwise, you'll fall prey to the maniacs and your fate will be sealed forever. Alternatively, you can play as a maniac and indulge in the ultimate hack-and-slash slaughter mania. Unleash your inner evil, track down your victims and put deadly traps in their path. The game features a series of serial killers with unique abilities to upgrade, which will help you formulate your own strategy for the most inventive murder. Prepare to hunt down the survivors one by one and spread terror like never before. Invite your friends to join in the multiplayer horror game for an even more unforgettable experience. With a limit of five players in the same game, unexpected moments, and unforgettable emotions await you at every turn. Together, choose your characters wisely, and play your role to win the horror brawl faster. Horror Show isn't your typical horror game for kids like Granny, Evil Nun or Jason as the leading role. It takes true nerves of steel to emerge victorious in this scary multiplayer game. The game's features include 4 survivors with unique abilities, 4 serial killers with different hunting tactics, classic 1 vs 4 survival gameplay, intricate puzzles inspired by Silent Hill and a scary online hide-and-seek game. You can engage with friends in real-time multiplayer mode, advanced upgrade system, unique and thrilling carnage graphics complete with bone-chilling sound effects. The multiplayer survival game provides a choice to either escape from a psychopath and stay alive or capture every survivor that crosses your path. The ball's in your court! Download Horror Show today if you dare! And don't forget to join our company community on social media! Facebook:, Instagram:, and YouTube:

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Interact with Erica's world using touch-video technology, and make choices to reveal the truth in this captivating FMV thriller.

EricaFlavourworks Ltd.

Immerse yourself in a living and changing world where every decision you make shapes the story in a groundbreaking interactive thriller called Erica. As Erica, a young woman tormented by nightmares, you are compelled to confront your traumatic experiences after being lured by new clues. Unravel the shocking secrets of your past as you explore the story through physical interactions with the environment using the revolutionary "TOUCH VIDEO" technology, developed by Flavourworks. Every touch counts, and your decisions have a profound impact on the narrative outcome. With multiple endings to the game, there is no single path that holds all the answers. From the captivating storyline to the seamless acting of the characters, Erica has deservedly garnered critical acclaim and awards. The game's high-quality visuals and game mechanics are designed to pull you into the haunting and mysterious world of the game. The beautiful cinematography and various gaming techniques keep you engaged throughout. It is impossible not to recommend this game, as it is lovingly crafted and deserves to be experienced. Pushsquare describes it as "an intricate narrative that’s engrossing at every turn," and Eurogamer raves, "ERICA is a high-class FMV game for a new age - well-acted, well-shot, and beautifully crafted." Experience the best-looking FMV game ever made, as claimed by GameCrate, and get ready for a thrilling and immersive adventure.

Hello Guest Game

Hello Guest": a thrilling horror game where you must outsmart an AI-powered creature that adapts to your every move.

Hello Guest GametinyBuild

Attention all iPhone and iPad owners! Prepare to be scared out of your wits with Hello Guest - the ultimate stealth horror game that will keep you on the edge of your seat. In this spine-tingling thriller, you are the night watchman tasked with guarding the eerily quiet Golden Apple Amusement Park. Unbeknownst to you, a fearsome creature is lurking in the shadows, waiting to pounce. But this is no ordinary creature. Hello Guest features an advanced AI that is constantly learning from your every move. It's a creature of the night, that hates the light, and will stop at nothing to catch you off guard. Beware of its sneaky tactics, as it always tries to approach you from behind. Get ready for a bone-chilling adventure unlike any other. With stunning graphics and heart-pounding sound effects, Hello Guest will keep you on your toes from start to finish. Can you survive the night and outsmart the AI-Powered creature? There's only one way to find out.

Emily Wants to Play

Emily Wants To Play. Delivering pizzas seems simple enough, until an eerie silence becomes the messenger of creepy doll-girl Emily's game of survival in this mobile horror game.

Emily Wants to PlayShawn Hitchcock

Get ready for an eerie adventure! Imagine you are a delivery person approaching the last house on your route in a dark storm. The exterior of the house is strangly boarded up with the grass overgrown and the interior lit with some eerie light. You make your way to the front door and call out for attention. Unfortunately, no response comes back to you; the only noise around is the deafening sound of the storm. You quickly realize that you're in a bizarre place to deliver pizza, and you want to leave as soon as possible. But fate has other plans for you as the main door suddenly shuts itself behind you, and you're trapped inside. Now you have no choice but to figure out how to escape from this creepy dwelling. As you wander through the mansion, you'll find that you're not alone in there. Three menacing dolls and an enigmatic girl named Emily also haunt the house. To survive, you'll need to stay away from them while finding ways to remain alive in their presence. In the mobile version of Emily Wants To Play, the power goes out right at the start due to the storm, but Emily is there to guide you through it. Please note that Emily Wants To Play is only compatible with newer iOS devices such as iPhone 6, 6s, 6+, 6s+, 7, 7+, 8, 8+, iPad Air 1/2, iPad Mini 3/4, iPod Touch 6th generation, and newer models.

Emily Wants to Play Too

Deliver a sandwich to a crime research facility and face creepy dolls and their friends in the larger, scarier sequel, Emily Wants to Play Too.

Emily Wants to Play TooShawn Hitchcock

Get ready for a spine-chilling adventure like never before! The dolls that everyone thought were lifeless have been kept safe and sound. The previous pizza delivery boy had warned people about the dolls being sentient, but nobody took him seriously. This time, play as a fresh character, entrusted with delivering a sandwich to the very building where the dolls have been kept. Little do you know that what awaits you there is beyond your wildest nightmare! Emily and the dolls return with a new bunch of characters, plenty of scares, and surprises to keep you on edge. Use your wit and determination to outsmart the dolls and their terrifying games in order to escape the building alive. Emily Wants to Play Too boasts tons of thrilling, new horror gameplay, promising to deliver a bone-chilling experience. With larger gameplay than its predecessor, consisting of better visuals, new characters, and games, this game offers new ways to scare you right out of your seat! It’s a Friday night, and you’re scheduled for a delivery. Your next destination is a crime laboratory. Unbeknownst to you, three eerie dolls were recently taken for storage and examination to this facility. These aren’t just any dolls, they're malicious, and they have their own minds. They have plans and are gathering new friends. Although you’re just here to deliver a sandwich, the dolls won't hesitate to silence any witnesses. Your peaceful delivery run is about to take an unexpected turn. Brace yourself, for what follows will be a night you'll never forget. Explore the area, avoid the dolls, steer clear of their cohorts, and search for an escape. Before long, Emily will join the party too. Because Emily Wants to Play Too!

Five Nights at Freddy's 4

Protect yourself from Freddy and his friends until 6am with only a flashlight. Watch the doors and listen for unwanted creatures. #FiveNightsAtFreddys

Five Nights at Freddy's 4Clickteam USA LLC

Experience terror at its peak with Five Nights at Freddy's, the ultimate horror game. This remastered version is better than ever, available now on PC. You'll need a device with a minimum of 2 GB RAM to run it smoothly. The last chapter of the original Five Nights at Freddy's story is more chilling than ever before. You'll find yourself yet again fighting against the infamous Freddy Fazbear, Chica, Bonnie, and Foxy. This time, you'll also have to contend with much worse creatures that skulk in the shadows. As a child with an unknown role to play, you must safeguard yourself through the long night until 6am. Watch the doors and keep an eye out for any unwanted visitors lurking in the closet or hanging out on the bed behind you. You must rely solely on your flashlight to protect yourself. The beam will keep any creepy creatures at bay, but be careful! Listen closely, and watch for movement. If something is too close, shining your flashlight directly into its eyes will make it curtains for you. You can expect a more immersive experience with this remastered version, including interface and audio in English with subtitles available in French, German, Dutch, Spanish (Latin America), Italian, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, Japanese, Chinese (Simplified), and Korean. Five Nights at Freddy's is guaranteed to have you on edge every step of the way. Get it now and feel the horror! #MadeWithFusion

Five Nights At Ghost House

Survive the night! Defend yourself from terrifying ghosts and become the ultimate hero. Challenge your friends in the survival arena. RAM: 512.

Five Nights At Ghost Housekarem Abdallah

Attention all gamers! Brace yourself for the latest version of the spine-chilling game that will require a minimum of 512 of RAM to play. The game boasts breathtaking graphics and immersive gameplay, promising a thrilling experience for both kids and adults. Prepare yourself for a bone-chilling adventure as you face daunting challenges while trying to evade the clutches of ghostly apparitions. Your bedroom becomes a trap for you, and you must navigate every corner with utmost care while keeping an eye on the doors and defending yourself against the malevolent entities that lurk within. Surviving the night until 6:00 AM may prove to be a daunting task, but do not fear, you can fend off these creatures by mastering your skills and becoming the hero of this game. Are you ready to test your strength and skill against your friends? Challenge them to a survival arena and boast about your achievements on social media platforms like Facebook and YouTube. This game will be a worthy addition to your gaming collection.

Granny's House

Escape from Granny's House with parkour, team play, hide-and-seek, battles, and crafting. Collect and customize characters and gear, and explore the metaverse.

Granny's HouseSUPERCAT Inc.

Dare to enter Granny's House and help free the trapped children without being caught in the ultimate escape challenge! Develop your skills and outsmart enemies to reach the last door of the mansion and uncover the hidden truth within. Granny's House includes your favorite modes, such as Parkour, Story, Hide and Seek, and Great Escape. In the PvE teamplay mode, form a group of teammates with different roles to take on the adventure together. In Hide and Seek, Survivors must disguise themselves as objects to avoid Pursuers until the end. But Pursuers must find all the hidden Survivors to win. In the Escape (2 vs. 6 Multiplayer Team Match) mode, Survivors must work together to escape within a time limit while Pursuers try to capture Survivors or prevent them from escaping until time runs out. In the Escape (Item) mode, double the thrills with items and skills to build various strategies to survive or pursue. Combine different skills to go faster and make the game easier in the Great Escape PvE mode, and defeat oncoming enemies to earn rewards for excellent play. In Red Light, Green Light mode, reach the end zone within the given time, and in the Battle Run mode, keep running until you become one of the last three contenders. In Ignition mode, team up with friends and light torches to escape or become Pursuers and capture Survivors by turning off the light. In Occupation mode, fight to occupy opponents’ points and rally your team to victory. In Infection mode, Survivors must avoid becoming infected by Pursuers and escape while Pursuers attack to take over Survivors' roles. Granny’s House also offers a craft option, where you can build your own map structure and game rules. Collect characters and gear to enhance and dress them up, and enjoy the endless fun of the Great Escape mode. Join the Metaverse Square community to connect with players worldwide and earn rewards by opening gift boxes and treasure chests, or catch the Mine Robber to earn bounties. Claim rewards and level up characters by clearing different game modes and missions. Download Granny’s House now for an unforgettable escape experience! [Official Community] Facebook Page: YouTube: [Terms and Conditions] [Privacy Policy]

Slender Rising

The definitive horror game for touchscreens and the scariest on the AppStore. Investigate haunted places day and night and find the mysterious signs before the enemy takes you.

Slender RisingMichael Hegemann

Are you looking for a horror game that will give you goosebumps? Look no further than the chilling "Slender Rising." With over 5000 AppStore reviews and a 4.5/5 rating, it's no wonder that this game has been declared "THE DEFINITIVE HORROR GAME" by players all around the world. Fully optimized for touchscreens, this game is inspired by popular urban legends and has left over 10 million players worldwide terrified. Whether you're new to the game or a seasoned veteran, you won't want to miss the official sequel, "Slender Rising 2," which is available now. The game has earned high praise, with TouchArcade stating: "Inarguably the pinnacle of the mythos on iOS." "Slender Rising" offers both day and night modes, allowing you to investigate haunted places with a flashlight during the night, with additional night vision and thunderstorm modes for even more shock value. The controls are easy to use, with multiple optional joystick control schemes available. As you play, you will be immersed in an intense horror atmosphere complete with frightening sound effects and terrifying music. The enemy will be coming closer, and you'll feel the fear as you escape their deadly stare. The suspense is endless as you search for mysterious signs before the enemy takes you. Find seven signs to escape. With Unreal Engine powered graphics and special effects for the newest Apple devices, the game creates an even more intense atmosphere. Plus, it runs smoothly on older devices from the iPhone 3GS upwards. For the ultimate experience, put on headphones and play alone at night - if you dare! And if you experience any issues with sound, simply close all background apps. Don't miss out on the scariest game on the AppStore – "Slender Rising" is the one horror game you won't want to miss!

Slender: The Arrival

Slender: The Arrival is the official video game adaptation of Slender Man. Survive as you're stalked by Slender Man, with added features for online competition.

Slender: The ArrivalBlue Isle Studios Inc.

Venture into the unknown. You're stranded, without any assistance. You'll be voiceless. You're in for Slender: The Arrival, the ultimate game manifestation of Slender Man. It's the product of Eric "Victor Surge" Knudson, the mastermind behind the paranormal phenomenon that's been triggering curiosity and nightmares all around the globe. The game has been developed in collaboration with Mark Hadley and Blue Isle Studios.

Dead by Daylight Mobile

Dead by Daylight™ update invites players to experience the thrill of being both killer and survivor. Customize your strategy and play with iconic horror characters. Fits in your pocket.

Dead by Daylight MobileBehaviour Interactive

Experience the thrill of the hunt in the intense multiplayer horror and action game, Dead by Daylight™, now enhanced with a massive update. Immerse yourself in The Fog and prepare for a game of deadly cat and mouse.

CASE: Animatronics

Survive the night and uncover the hacker behind the twisted animatronics in Animatronics: a first-person stealth horror game.

CASE: AnimatronicsOOO VALNAT

Prepare yourself for an utterly terrifying experience in Animatronics, an heart-pounding and challenging first-person stealth horror game. In this nerve-wracking game, you will step into the shoes of Detective Bishop, an exhausted detective who works tirelessly at the police department late into the night. Your life takes an unexpected turn when you receive a distressing call from an old friend and strange things start happening all over the department. As Detective Bishop, you are trapped in the police department of an unknown horror, controlled by an anonymous hacker. All the exits are tightly locked, and the power has been sabotaged, which means there's no way out. But that's not the worst part. You have been injected with an unknown virus that turns animatronics into terrifying monsters. Everywhere you turn, they are watching you with their piercing red eyes and following you with the sound of clanking metal. Unravel the mystery of this dreadful nightmare, survive the night, and get to the bottom of what's causing all the madness. You don't know what you're up against, but you must use your detective skills to uncover the secrets, all while hiding and running from the creepy animatronics. Can you survive, or will you succumb to the terror that awaits you in Animatronics?

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