GamelistsDec 4-10, 2023 New games

Dec 4-10, 2023 New games

14 games
SkichSkichfrom Skich app
Eternal Paradox

Eternal Paradox combines RPG-style turn-based combat with 4X warfare and multiplayer arena battles. Save Elysium's destiny with your guild in The Ring of Ruin.

Eternal ParadoxGala Games Inc.
Eternal Paradox offers a unique and captivating gameplay experience by blending RPG and turn-based combat genres. Assemble your team of top-tier mercenaries and ready yourselves for an epic clash that will determine the fate of the world of Elysium. Engage in tactical battles throughout the single-player campaign, conquer vast territories in expansive 4X warfare, and assert your dominance in thrilling arena battles against other players. Take the fight to your enemies with well-coordinated tactical maneuvers that will leave them in awe of your prowess. Battle your way through a gripping storyline that will take you across the world of Elysium in epic quests, each with its own unique rewards and challenges. In this game, you'll need to master the art of 4X warfare to claim victory over your foes. Build and manage your own empire, expand your borders, and command armies in large-scale battles that will decide the fate of entire kingdoms. Join forces with other players in the game and form a guild, where you'll work together to quell any threats that come your way. Together, you'll engage in intense battles for control of The Ring of Ruin, a powerful artifact that could decide the fate of the entire world. Do you have what it takes to save Elysium from certain doom? Team up with your elite mercenaries, dominate the competition, and claim your place in the Eternal Paradox!
Praetor : Medieval Roguelite

Roguelite-based game inspired by Risk of Rain 1, players fight through biomes, buy items, and challenge bosses to advance with added costumes and armor.

Praetor : Medieval RogueliteNiji Games
If you're a fan of Risk Of Rain 1, you'll definitely enjoy this inspired game that's based on roguelite concepts and scaling up based on the time spent playing. The game involves buying items to strengthen yourself so you can challenge and beat the bosses and advance to the next stage. The game comprises of several unique biomes each with different types of enemies, making it a thrilling adventure. One can purchase various costumes or armor that make the game even more immersive. The game has a vast collection of items in 3 different rarities to help players fight and survive. One of the advantages of this game is that it's an early access game, which means it will continue to update with time, making the gameplay even better.
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Control Tsubasa, Kojiro, and the Captain Tsubasa crew in "Ace," featuring iconic storylines, tactical formations, and diverse game modes.

CAPTAIN TSUBASA: ACEProgram Twenty Three
Captain Tsubasa: Ace" is an officially approved mobile football game based on the popular "Captain Tsubasa" franchise. Gamers can take charge of well-known characters such as Tsubasa Ozora and Kojiro Hyuga. By performing breathtaking soccer moves, every match is recreated, complete with diverse gameplay options, tactics, and excitement. Authentic IP Licensing! Rekindle the Flames of Football Passion! With "Captain Tsubasa: Ace," 3D animations breathe life into the awe-inspiring moments of Tsubasa Ozora, Kojiro Hyuga, and Genzo Wakabayashi. While once spectators, players now command these heroes passionately competing on the field for every victory and love of soccer. Thrilling Battles! Tactical Tactics! Varied Gameplay Awaits! The game provides two unique gameplay types: Dream League and Ace Duel. Dream League emphasizes strategic formations, while Ace Duel focuses on real-time action. As individuals train their players, different developmental paths for each character can significantly impact their on-field performance and skill deployment strategies. Whether you're a hands-on individual or more tactical-minded, both modes offer opportunities to find enjoyment. Complete Roster! Well-Known Players Make Their Debut! Tsubasa Ozora, Kojiro Hyuga, Taro Misaki, and Takeshi Ishizaki are some of the characters gamers have witnessed grow from their youth to adulthood. These individuals who freely expressed their youth and passion will regularly appear in "Captain Tsubasa: Ace." In the future, stronger soccer players will join the sequence, competing with all. Follow the iconic players' journeys and relive the soccer development journey of characters like Tsubasa Ozora. Classic Story! Brilliantly Crafting Fiery Memories! Give every game your best! "Captain Tsubasa: Ace" brings back the unforgettable animated story for gamers to enjoy. Every memory, from chasing dreams to exhibiting the beauty of youth, will be passionately recreated, perfection displayed in-game with high-quality 3D graphics. Returning to the essence and emotions and together pursuing our shared soccer dream!
Dungeons of Aether

Dungeons of Aether is a turn-based dungeon crawler with four unique heroes, challenging combat, and puzzle-solving set in Julesvale's underground biomes.

Dungeons of AetherDan Fornace LLC
Embark on an exciting journey underground and discover the enigmatic secrets of Julesvale in Dungeons of Aether. Take control of four distinct heroes and perfect your strategy-filled combat skills while utilizing a blend of various items and abilities. Overcome treacherous foes by drafting dice and solve challenging puzzles to emerge victorious. Dungeons of Aether is a turn-based dungeon crawler that has been masterfully crafted by Nikita ‘ampersandbear’ Belorusov from Aether Studios. The game is different from Rivals of Aether, which is renowned for its high-level competition and fast-paced action. With Dungeons of Aether, you can pace yourself to explore the depths of the dungeons while still facing daunting challenges. Your decisions will either take you down further into the dungeons or push you to an early grave. Will you make it out with the treasure, or will you instead leave in a coffin? The game's combat system utilizes a dice draft feature that guarantees each encounter is unique and challenges you to adapt your dice pool each turn. Use fate to your advantage and overcome the competition, obtain rewards, and tilt the tables in your favor. Features of Dungeons of Aether include: - Get to meet 4 brand new heroes, each with unique skills and memorable personalities from the realm of Aether. - Engage in STORY MODE and visit the steampunk town of Julesvale, where you'll explore sprawling caverns beneath it. - Explore every DUNGEON BIOME, including Julesvale Mines, the Lava Caves, the Underground Oasis, and the Mineral Deposits, while collecting informative Journal Entries along the way. - Take risks and brave random challenges in CHALLENGE DUNGEONS that test your skills in the generated dungeons if you want to experience true roguelike difficulty.
Harvest101: Farm Deck Building

Build an efficient and diverse farm in medieval times with Harvest101, using your deck-building skills to gather resources and prepare food strategically.

Harvest101: Farm Deck BuildingBanjiha Games
Harvest101" is a solo-playing game that involves building decks and implementing apt strategies to succeed in a medieval farm. Start off with a set of 10 cards and explore your farm's resources, while encountering various events. Utilize your expertise in deck-building to set up a proficient and multi-faceted farm. With your deck-building skills, tailor strategic responses and stock up on food for every week. Score high rankings with your friends by completing quests, achievements and exploring hidden interactions. You can use card packs to reveal new cards and share unique deck approaches. You'll have to effectively manage different resources such as stone, wood, grain, gold, and food to maintain the farm's operations smoothly. Additionally, you'll enjoy adorable illustrations and exciting events that will keep you engaged. Special card effects and themes are also available to check out in the game. ReniehouR, the iconic professional-gamer and Yuwon Lee, the famed TCG designer played a part in the development of the game. Sadly, no unforeseen surprises or hidden eggs are part of the gameplay.
Land of Goals: Soccer Game

Land Of Goals" lets you create and customize your own soccer star, compete with LALIGA legends, and explore unique PortAventura World-inspired soccer pitches.

Land of Goals: Soccer GameLaLiga Entertainment
Step into the world of soccer and become the ultimate superstar in Land of Goals! In this exciting game, you have the opportunity to create your own story and become the best soccer player in PortAventura World. Meet and compete with the stars of LALIGA and score incredible goals using your exceptional skills. Don't miss out on the chance to experience this thrilling adventure for yourself! ⚽ CUSTOMISE YOUR CHARACTER ⚽ Choose your favourite team and create a completely unique avatar by collecting various LALIGA and PortAventura themed items. With a variety of kits and accessories at your disposal, challenge yourself to create the best combination and make your avatar stand out from the rest! ⚽ UPGRADE YOUR GEAR ⚽ Upgrade your equipment and make sure you're unstoppable on the pitch. Ensure you're wearing the best soccer kit and show off your skills! ⚽ SPECIAL ABILITIES ⚽ Activate your special abilities to gain an advantage over your opponents. Whether it's using the speed booster to leave your opponents behind, the shield to protect yourself against tackles, or adding a goalkeeper to make it harder for your opponent to score, the choice is yours! ⚽ INCREDIBLE SCENARIOS ⚽ Experience soccer like never before by playing in unique locations such as the Wild West. Get inspired by the landmarks of PortAventura World and become the fastest soccer player in the land of promise! ⚽ LALIGA STARS ⚽ Compete against LALIGA star players and win great prizes in every battle. Prove you're the best and work your way through the different lands of PortAventura World. ⚽ REWARDS ⚽ Complete daily and weekly challenges and get the best rewards. Collect coins and items and use them to upgrade your avatar. ▶️ Features: • Create a unique avatar and customise them to your liking. • Experience a thrilling story and become the ultimate soccer superstar in Land of Goals. • Compete against LALIGA stars. • Use special abilities to your advantage. • Play on unique soccer pitches inspired by PortAventura World. • Play quick games at any time. Additional information: This game is free to play but offers in-app purchases. An internet connection is necessary to play. Read more about the privacy policy here: Stay connected with Land of Goals: Visit our website: Follow us on Instagram: Like our Facebook page: Find us on TikTok:
Wild Wind

Reclaim your lost partner from shadows in high-speed hack-and-slash game. Intense combat, epic bosses, diverse environments, and unique enemies. Unlockable bonus character.

Wild WindIan Chiao
Embark on an action-packed adventure to save your beloved partner from the darkness in this fast-paced hack-and-slash game! Immerse yourself in high-octane battles against a variety of foes as you journey through breathtaking scenery. ◆ User-Friendly Controls: Execute swift attacks, make high jumps and double jumps all with a single finger. ◆ Unique Adversaries: Battle against enemies of all shapes and sizes with different behaviors that will require strategic thinking to defeat. ◆ Epic Confrontations: Take on fearsome bosses in thrilling battles and learn their moves to emerge victorious. ◆ Varied Environments: Travel across stunning landscapes and explore distinct levels with their own unique characteristics. ◆ Playable Bonus Character: Unlock a mystery character with a unique playstyle that will keep you coming back for more.
Lightning Princess: Idle RPG

Charge through electrifying battles with the Lightning Princess to claim the throne! Level up, enhance gear, and fight other princesses online.

Lightning Princess: Idle RPGSuper Planet
The electrifying action RPG, Lightning Princess, has just opened its doors to new players. By participating in the 7-Day Challenge Event, players have the chance to claim wonderful rewards, like Rubies 66,500 and SS tier 1★ boots x1. In this game, the Lightning Princesses were bestowed special abilities by the lightning god, but now that he is missing, it is time to claim the empty throne. Battle other Lightning Princesses to become queen and reign supreme. The gameplay of this lightning-fueled RPG involves smashing Seal Stones, crushing bosses, and using lightning skills and special attacks to breeze past stages relentlessly. The battles are electrifying and hack & slash in nature, where players take down endless fleets of enemies, annihilate monsters with lightning skills that strike from the skies, and dual play modes make it possible to play on manual control or autopilot. Players can enhance their Lightning Princess to become the strongest version of herself. There are shiny accessories and relics to make her more powerful, and purchasing in sets will enhance her abilities and costumes make her stronger. Black Stones and abilities that add to the princess' rage, and even super-cute pets can help in battles. The game also features The Arena, which is a battle against other Lightning Princesses. You can assess your powers and seize incredible rewards with promotions. There are 6 Types of Dungeons to explore, each with its unique resources needed for the princess' growth. Finally, in the Tower of Darkness, players must defeat a powerful enemy within the time limit to obtain Awakening Stones. Overall, the graphics and sounds in Lightning Princess are breathtaking, while bird's-eye-view battles make it seem like you are in the thick of the fight. For players who want an electrifying experience, Lightning Princess is the perfect game. Head to the Official Community, to check out the latest news and events for Lightning Princess.
Hello Neighbor Nicky's Diaries

Investigate your sinister neighbor's house to uncover his secrets. Solve puzzles, sneak past cameras, and equip yourself to uncover the truth.

Hello Neighbor Nicky's DiariestinyBuild
Are you ready to unravel the dark secrets of your enigmatic Neighbor? Rumors circulate that he is a heartless murderer. Enter his home and conduct a dangerous investigation to uncover the truth. This psychopath's house is ever-changing and growing, posing a formidable challenge for you to conquer! Can you uncover the spine-tingling secret in town and reveal the fate of Mr. Peterson's missing son? Only one way to find out! Welcome to the world of Hello Neighbor: Nicky's Diaries! Get ready for a spine-chilling adventure of stealth, horror, and puzzle-solving, all wrapped up in a lively and familiar setting. This first-person adventure will take you to a suburban neighborhood like no other. Your Neighbor, Mr. Peterson, is still lurking around. Meet your unpredictable neighbor, whose behavior changes based on your every move. He is always watching, learning, and waiting to obstruct your progress. Numerous perplexing puzzles are waiting to be solved. To uncover Nicky's dark past, you must crack complex puzzles and ingeniously utilize hidden objects scattered throughout the setting. Sneak past the CCTV cameras, deactivate the motion sensors around doors, and use all the tools at your disposal. The HOW is entirely up to you. Equip yourself with essential tools. Utilize JUMP BOOTS to reach high vantage points, X-RAY GLASSES to locate the Neighbor and slip past him unseen, EMP devices to disable traps, or even GLUE to neutralize the infamous Neighbor's threat. Brace yourself for the dreaded BASEMENT. Take a deep breath before entering the basement because more challenges await than initially meets the eye. That's correct; you'll face more than one challenge. Achieve mission success. Master each mission, earn a 3-star rating, and unlock all rewards. Expect side missions to unveil even more than you bargained for. Daily login rewards. Claim your consecutive login rewards daily, from rewards like Scraps to EMPs, Goggles, or Glue, and use them all to outsmart the Neighbor! Jump into side missions. Have you completed all the missions with 3 stars? The adventure isn't over yet! Dive into the side missions and delve deeper into the lore to uncover what the sinister Neighbor has done!
Disney Dreamlight Valley

Disney Dreamlight Valley: A life-sim adventure game where players complete quests, explore and forge friendships with Disney and Pixar characters while restoring Dreamlight Valley.

Disney Dreamlight ValleyGameloft
Let's embrace the enchanting life-sim adventure game, immersing you in countless exploration and captivating events showcasing familiar Disney and Pixar characters, both classic and modern. DISCOVERING THE WORLD OF DISNEY DREAMLIGHT VALLEY Dreamlight Valley was a picturesque realm brimming with harmony among Disney and Pixar characters, but this utopian dream perished with the arrival of the Forgetting. The Night Thorns sprouted across the valley, causing a loss of the magical memories that created this miraculous land. As a result, the inhabitants of Dreamlight Valley retreated behind locked doors in the Dream Castle, awaiting someone to solve the mystery and restore Dreamlight's beauty. ENTERING THE WORLD OF DISNEY DREAMLIGHT VALLEY: A RIFT IN TIME Once a kingdom rich with wonders and magical artifacts, Eternity Isle had plunged into the abyss of time as Jafar meddled in the magic. Your journey leads you to this far-flung island as you acquire a new Royal Tool, the Hourglass, and unravel secrets of the realm while discovering hidden treasures. Your goal is to prevent Jafar from stealing the Spark of Imagination, an ancient relic holding the threads of Dreamlight together. With the help of the Hourglass, you are the key to fixing time rifts and thwarting Jafar's evil plan. THE ADVENTURE OF UNRAVELING SECRETS IN DREAMLIGHT VALLEY Liberate the Dream Castle from the sinister grasp of the Forgetting and access Realms of cherished Disney and Pixar characters. The unique challenges of each realm feature numerous puzzles to solve in your quest for reigniting friendship back in the Valley. Your adventure begins within Dreamlight Valley, but your journey will take you to infinity - and beyond. Brave the deep caverns and explore the secrets that lurk in the Forest of Valor by taking on iconic Disney and Pixar heroes and villains. Who knows who or what you may encounter in this adventure. CREATING LASTING FRIENDSHIPS IN DREAMLIGHT VALLEY Indulge in recreational activities like gardening with WALL-E, cooking with Remy, or fishing with Goofy to establish a cozy friendship. Residents of Dreamlight Valley from charming princesses to vile villains bring their own story arc, quests, and rewards. Socialize with your beloved Disney and Pixar characters daily, and make friends with your treasured characters. REVIVING THE ONCE GLORIOUS DREAMLIGHT VALLEY Break free of the Forgetting's suffocating grip and restore the once-glorious Dreamlight Valley to its former glory by making it your own. Build the perfect neighborhood with customizable layouts, stylish landscaping, and hundreds of decorative items. Will you settle on the sandy beaches of Moana, or will you make Buzz Lightyear your next-door neighbor in the Plaza? EXPRESSING YOUR INNER DISNEY STYLE IN DREAMLIGHT VALLEY Channel your inner princess, villain, or Disney bounder and accessorize yourself with the trendiest outfits and decorate your home with thousands of fantastic items in Dreamlight Valley. Create your designs using the Touch of Magic tool, with Disney and Pixar-inspired templates. Capture wonderful moments with an in-game camera and take memorable selfies with Mirabel, or snap a photo with Remy's culinary creation. Please be advised that the Apple Arcade version of Disney Dreamlight Valley Arcade Edition does not contain in-app purchases, and hence the Star Path seasons and the Premium Shop cannot be found in this version. Join our community at, and follow us on our social media to stay updated with the latest news and events. Don't forget to follow us on social media: Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: YouTube: Discord: TikTok: We respect your privacy, and we outline our terms of usage at,, and
Death's Door

Play as a crow who reaps souls in this fantasy RPG to uncover death's secrets and recover a stolen soul. Talon-sharp combat and whimsical bosses await.

Death's DoorNetflix, Inc.
The game "Death's Door" is an exclusive RPG title available for Netflix members that puts you in the feathered skin of a crow responsible for reaping souls. However, when an unknown thief steals one of the souls under your care, it's up to you to embark on a journey that takes you through dungeons filled with dangerous creatures and bosses. As a soul-reaping crow, it's your job to ensure that the dying pass on smoothly, but things take a turn for the worse when the soul of a giant is stolen. Join the crow on a journey to retrieve it and uncover a conspiracy that threatens to destabilize life and death itself. Explore a variety of vibrant and fantastical realms, such as the Estate of the Urn Witch and the Frog King's swampy dungeon. Utilize an arsenal of weapons, including swords, hammers, bows, and magic spells, to defeat enemies and victory harder bosses as your journey to unravel the mystery unfolds. Thanks to the game's upgrade system, you can customize your crow and evolve its strength, dexterity, haste, and magical abilities to ensure it functions as the most efficient lil' soul reaper in the world. The game features an enthralling cast of characters, each with their problems that can only be solved by a tiny yet powerful soul-reaping crow. From these characters, you may learn more about the soul thief and other matters that influence your task. Developed by Acid Nerve and 22nd Century Toys, "Death's Door" is a fantastic game that combines stunning visuals, whimsical combat, and a riveting storyline that immerses players into a world full of wonder, danger, and intrigue.
Sonic Dream Team

Sonic Dream Team is an action-packed game with a captivating story, 6 dynamic characters, and challenging dream worlds to race through.

Sonic Dream TeamSEGA
Immerse yourself in non-stop action and thrilling adventures with Sonic the Hedgehog, now returned in Sonic Dream Team! Accompany Sonic and his comrades as they dive into a strange realm of dreams, unveiling an original and fascinating storyline. Take charge of six dynamo playable characters, each with their distinct abilities. Utilize your flair to make quick dashes, climb walls and take flight, all while combating the infamous Eggman. Prepare yourselves for a race through trippy dreamscapes equipped with wall-running, gravity changes and more! Fend for your friends and oppose Egman for suppression over an ancient artifact that can manipulate dreams. Embark on missions and take on bosses to earn collectibles of your treasured Sonic characters to expand your collection!
Goat Simulator 3

Cause chaos as a goat with friends in the open world of San Angora, or play seven mini-games in Goat Simulator 3 Mobile.

Goat Simulator 3Coffee Stain Publishing
Experience the return of Pilgor with Goat Simulator 3 Mobile, now available for your convenience. Why socialize with your family when you can explore an open world and wreak havoc on everything in your path? You can now be unsocial anytime and anywhere you want! Discover the same massive sandbox island of San Angora that PC and console versions offer and turn into a goat that satisfies all of your needs, whether that’s wearing hats, being tall or even fishy. Just like real-life, the game allows you to cause chaos without caring about the consequences. Headbutt innocent civilians (because why not?), drive recklessly without proper documentation, or even become a part of a yoga class. It's all up to you! Play alone or invite a friend to join you in the multiplayer mode so you can multiply the mayhem together. And if you don't have a friend to play with, don't worry. You can get the game on two different devices and pretend that you have a friend. We won't tell anyone, it will be our little secret! Seven different mini-games allow you to have endless fun with your friend. Or, if you’re not in the mood for being friends, you could also break off those bonds while playing these mini-games. Also, dress up your goat to make it look cooler and stronger. The game offers a wide range of different gears that will bring out the true powers of your goat. Lastly, the game features ragdoll physics that put Newton's laws of motion to shame. Goat Simulator 3 Mobile guarantees a fun and immersive experience that you can carry in your pocket wherever you go. Open up your world and experience the fun of creating chaos with your goat.
Retro Commander

Retro Commander is a post-apocalyptic RTS with single & multiplayer modes, a campaign story, crossplay, and customizable elements. Play missions, research tech, and form alliances.

Retro CommanderNoble Master Games
Retro Commander is an RTS game set in a world that has suffered a catastrophic disaster. It offers players the chance to lead their armies to victory in thrilling single player or addictive multiplayer modes, with co-op play available too. The game aims to be both enjoyable and accessible, with a modern user interface. You can challenge the AI, play against your friends, and compete in cross-platform multiplayer matches with a ranking and rating system to show your progress. The game features a post-apocalyptic environment with day-night cycles, rain, snow, wind, and solar flares, which add to the immersion. The game's deep campaign follows different factions, each possessing specialized technologies such as robots, stealth, drones, and shields. You can engage in various missions like elimination, survival, capture the flag, defense, and battle royale across land, sea, and air with common troops available to all factions. You can even undertake rescue and escort missions. There is a rich tech tree that enables you to research and build specialized structures and troops, including EMP weapons, portals, and even nukes. The Tech Snatcher allows you to steal enemy technology, offering an extra strategic edge. The game supports modding, too, with a map editor that allows you to create your own player-modded maps and campaigns. All of the game's elements, including troops, structures, graphics, and sound effects, can be modded for more personalization. In Retro Commander, teamwork is heavily emphasized, and you can form clans and teams to fight co-op style with other players and AI. Challenge yourself in single player skirmishes against the AI or delve into the comic-based story campaign. The multiplayer mode allows for LAN and internet play with rewards and ratings to keep things competitive. With Retro Commander, you'll find an engaging and varied RTS game with a unique post-apocalyptic world and amazing gameplay options.

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