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SILENT HILL: Ascension

Pre-register for free on Google Play for Silent Hill: Ascension, a Genvid Interactive streaming series where decisions impact the story with daily live story scenes.

SILENT HILL: AscensionGenvid Entertainment LLC
Don't miss out on this opportunity! Register for FREE via the Google Play Store and be one of the first to experience SILENT HILL: Ascension. Mark your calendars for October 31st and tune in at 9pm ET / 6pm PT for the live world premiere of this Genvid Interactive Streaming Series. SILENT HILL: Ascension places the fate of the narrative in the hands of the community, impacting the canon of the SILENT HILL universe. Follow the journeys of various main characters from around the world as they battle new and terrifying monsters lurking in the shadows. These abominations threaten to consume entire towns as recent murders and long-suppressed guilt and fears draw innocent people into the darkness. Join the immersive journey, as every decision you make will shape the story and potentially lead to moments of redemption, suffering, or damnation. Witness daily live story scenes, with each day presenting a new set of challenges based on your actions and the audience's choices. Plus, catch up on demand if you miss out on any of the excitement. This chilling series allows an audience of millions to work together to help characters survive or change their fateful trajectory. The stunning high-fidelity streaming visuals will immerse you on your phone into the horrors of SILENT HILL. Copyright © 2023 Genvid Entertainment LLC, Konami Digital Entertainment, and Bad Robot Games. Please refer to the Privacy Policy on
Daily Dadish

Daily Dadish: Retro platformer with 365 handcrafted levels, 10 characters, ticking clock & Dadish's quest to reunite with his kids.

Daily DadishThomas K Young
Embark on a year-long adventure with Daily Dadish! This throwback platformer will take you on a journey through 365 unique levels, one for each day of the year. Get ready to put your skills to the test against challenging enemies and obstacles, all while helping Dadish reunite with his children. With 10 playable characters to unlock, you'll have a variety of ways to tackle each level. Time is of the essence in Daily Dadish, so aim to complete each level as fast as possible to earn medals and stars. But it's not just about speed - you'll also need to rescue your children and a screeching possum along the way. Enjoy funny dialogues and a rockin' soundtrack filled with remixes of classic Dadish tunes as you experience the joy of fatherhood every day. Don't miss out on this one-of-a-kind adventure!
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Impossible Isles

Daily map-like puzzle game where you place tiles to make a map and score points. Imp resets world every day. Bonus points for certain tiles.

Impossible IslesWondering Star
Looking for a fun puzzle game that you can play and enjoy daily? Then look no further than this map-like puzzle game! With just a few simple rules, you can create your own map and earn points. However, the catch is that the game "resets" each day with a new set of tiles. With a new set every day, you'll need to use your skill and strategy to make the most of the tiles that you're given. Don't leave anything up to chance - every decision counts when it comes to scoring the maximum possible points! To add even more excitement, certain tiles offer secret bonus scores - if you can figure out the right way to place them! And of course, you'll want to compare your score with others on the daily leaderboard to see how you stack up. Whether you're a puzzle enthusiast or are just looking for a fun way to pass the time each day, this game is sure to deliver. So why wait? Start playing today and see how many points you can rack up!
Card Crawl

Card Crawl is a speedy dungeon-crawler game which challenges players to clear 54 cards and manage a limited inventory while unlocking new skills and achievements.

Card CrawlArnold Rauers
Step into the boundless adventure of a solitaire-style dungeon crawler game, Card Crawl, where you will journey through a dungeon of 54 cards specially designed for this exhilarating gameplay. As you navigate through the dungeon, you will need to strategically use item-cards to your advantage, battle against menacing monsters, and skillfully manage your inventory to progress through the game's various levels of difficulty. To elevate your journey beyond the traditional solitaire game, you can use five ability-cards to gain new unique skills on each run. With every stride, you can collect gold and unlock new tactics by adding 35 more ability-cards for an even higher score. For solo players, Card Crawl offers four game modes- normal, constructed, daily & delve, to cater to your preferences of gameplay. Google Play integration enables you to compete with other players and share high scores and associated decks. It also offers the possibility to challenge your friends and unlock tricky new achievements. With each game typically lasting between two to three minutes, it is the perfect choice for a "one more game" experience while waiting in line for your coffee or commuting to work. Card Crawl offers an engaging gameplay style that you can customize by building and sharing your custom dungeon decks via the dungeon deck editor. For more information, visit and embark on your solitaire-style dungeon crawler journey.
Leap Day

Leap Day is a daily-changing action platformer with new levels, locations, traps, and monsters, all with simple one-touch gameplay.

Leap DayNitrome
Experience the thrill of every day with Leap Day, a high-speed action platformer that brings a fresh new level every single day - and we mean every day, forever! Leap Day is packed with features that keep the excitement going: • Conquer a totally new level every day - you'll never play the same thing twice! • Explore brand new environments each day, with exciting new challenges to overcome! • Every player faces the same level every day, giving everyone a fair shot at the glory. • With fresh traps and monsters to battle each day, there's always something new to watch out for. • Complete each day's level to earn a coveted gold trophy in your virtual calendar - every single day! (As long as you've got the skills, that is!) • Did we mention? There's always a ton of new stuff to look forward to every day! But that's not all: Leap Day keeps things simple with portrait orientation and responsive one-touch gameplay that makes it easy to play on the go. Featuring a vibrant, retro pixel art world that oozes nostalgia, the game is a true labour of love from the talented Nitrome team. Important information: please note that this game contains third-party advertising and cross-promotion for other Nitrome games, but you can remove them with a simple, one-time in-app purchase. Don't miss out on the daily fun - download Leap Day today and start experiencing the excitement!

Wordle!: Challenge your mind with daily puzzles, unique game modes, and special boosters. Play at your own pace and flex your brain muscles!

Wordle!Lion Studios Plus
Discover a Wordle! Gather your friends and test who has the best vocabulary with Wordle!, the new addictive game. Challenge each other in guessing words in six tries or less, and earn points based on who guesses the word with the least amount of attempts. With several game modes, Wordle! guarantees to challenge your mind and spelling skills. Are you a crossword lover or a fan of viral word games? Start with Daily Puzzles mode, where you'll have to solve a new word every day with six attempts. Guess each letter and watch as the tile turns yellow or green to indicate if you're on the right track. Even better, share your score and play with your friends! Classic Wordle! mode is here for you too, giving you unlimited gameplay time. Get stuck? Use hints to solve the puzzles effortlessly. Want more challenges? Try Word Fever mode! Keep up with the timer and spell the word correctly before running out of time. Or level up and test your association skills with Secret Word mode, where you have to guess the letters of each word with only three attempts. Don't fret if you get it wrong; you can always start again. Wordle! offers exciting features for endless gameplay. Play at your own pace, use special boosters like Darts to remove letters, or Hints if you get stuck. Feeling brave? Try the tougher levels with longer words and become the Wordle! Champion. Play anytime, anywhere, and take your brain to the gym. Join the ranks of happy players and share your results with the world. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube, and be the first to know the latest news, updates, and tips on Wordle!. Contact us if you have any feedback or ideas on the game. Wordle! is a product of Lion Studios, the studio behind the award-winning games Mr. Bullet, Happy Glass and Love Balls. Play today and join the fun!

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