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MikabearMikabearfrom Skich app

Ailment: Dead Space Standoff is an engaging sci-fi shooter game with survival horror elements, liveable characters, hundreds of weapons, and an intriguing storyline.

If you are on the hunt for an action-packed game with a riveting story, look no further than Ailment: Dead Space Standoff! This game has garnered critical acclaim and has been recognized as one of the top indie games of 2019 on Google Play Store. The game takes place on a spaceship far away from Earth. The protagonist wakes up in the med bay after being unconscious for three days and finds that all of his crewmates have become his enemies. The last memory he has is of returning from a rescue mission on another spaceship, only to find everyone dead. The main character must try to recall what happened to him and unravel the mystery. Characters in the game are charmingly talkative and humorous, providing a reprieve from the dark ambience. The game is full of references to popular sci-fi movies, which adds to the immersive experience. In the game, players will encounter a wide array of pixel guns and equipment to battle steep odds against infected and stupid zombies. It's a hardcore boss fight experience with an amazing plot. Atmospheric music and realistic sound effects further enhance the whole gameplay. Ailment doesn't require an internet connection, so players can immerse themselves virtually anywhere. With challenging gameplay mechanics, intriguing stories, and simple controls, Ailment is perfect for gamers who enjoy roguelike elements, survival-based gameplay, and action shooter games. So download Ailment: Dead Space Standoff right now, and embark on an exciting adventure in space!
Minimal Dungeon RPG

Explore dungeons, battle monsters, and seek the mystery of your origins in Minimal Dungeon RPG - an innovative, simplified RPG with a rich storyline.

Minimal Dungeon RPGCapPlay
In the depths of the Casa valley, an illuminating beam pierces the veil of darkness. From its rays, you are born. As a piece of the legendary Demon Lord, a quest to unveil the enigma of your past commences. However, the road towards discovery is no tranquil endeavor. Launching from Casa, you must tread across a menacing continent plagued by wolves, rock creatures, and other monstrous beings. They all sense something anomalous inside you, something that stirs fear within their wretched souls. They will stop at nothing to eliminate you. Equipped with your arsenal of weapons, you must battle each foe one by one and reap the spoils of your victory. The greater the number of adversaries slain, the greater the rewards obtained. Upon overcoming numerous obstacles, you face the final Boss. Will you attain the position of Lord over this land? The answer is YOU if you emerge victorious. Embark on a wondrous journey with Minimal Dungeon RPG, an innovative game based on the traditional RPG genre. Multi-roomed dungeons are interconnected for an immersive experience. Tasks, hostile entities, and rewards come in the form of simple squares within the chambers. Simply click on a particular square to play and maneuver through the dungeons. This game is ideal for those who love dungeon-crawling games, presenting an enjoyable and uncomplicated experience. The game's wealth of features comprise immersive storylines, intriguing side missions, and Dreamland. Both of which provide opportunities to gain supplementary materials and lucky treasure. All assets and items are stored within the Bag, whilst the Magic Store satisfies every purchasable resource required. Amidst such features, you must seek answers to one question: Who is Claude? Capaplay's 2020 award-winning game innovates with its simplified minimalist design, offering a new way to experience RPG games. Want to share feedback or questions regarding the game? Please Contact the support team via or the Customer Service Center. Join the game's community at Discord Group: and social media platforms - Facebook:; Twitter:; Reddit:
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European War 5: Empire

Command and conquer across six eras with 150 historical battles, 22 civilizations, and 90 military units in this grand strategy game.

European War 5: EmpireEasyTech
Embark on an epic journey through history, spanning over 2000 years and more than 150 major battles, conquering the world through 6 different eras with the help of over 100 legendary generals and 22 vibrant civilizations, represented by 90 diverse military units. As you start building your grand empire, there are countless tasks waiting for you to tackle, from seizing the cities of enemies and gathering vital resources for your empire's growth, to recruiting new generals in the tavern and courting beautiful princesses from faraway lands. Utilize your strategic wit to trade in the market, reinforce the frontier defenses, and defeat the hostile generals that pose a threat to your ultimate goal - a vast and prosperous empire that stands the test of time. In Battle mode, you'll engage in 150 incredible battles, spanning 6 different time periods ranging from the Classical Age to the Industrial Age, reliving the feats of legendary conquerors like Alexander, Genghis Khan, Caesar, and Barbarossa. Take control of your armies and lead them to triumph, conquering your foes in epic battles that will be remembered for centuries to come. Of course, no great empire can be built without diplomacy, and World Conquest allows you to exercise your diplomatic skills as you chart your path to world domination, establishing economic ties, signing peace treaties, and declaring wars with other countries as you see fit. As you progress through the ages, upgrade your armies, recruit new generals, and leverage the unique talents of princesses who can help your empire thrive like never before. It's time to take your place in history, as you lead your empire to glory, with style, determination, and tactical genius. Will you conquer the known world, or fall victim to the harsh realities of history? Only time will tell, commander.

Coromon: Classic monster collecting with a modern twist! Over 120 creatures to train, tactical turn-based battles, and a compelling narrative. Try before you buy!

CoromonFreedom Games, LLC
Coromon is an exciting modern twist on traditional monster-catching games. Players can try out a portion of the game before purchasing it for $4.99. The game offers over 120 unique creatures to collect and train, allowing players to customize their trainer using hundreds of options. Additionally, players can explore a thrilling JRPG narrative and take on the role of a Battle Researcher in the Velua region. The adventure starts off smoothly for players until an unknown force attacks. Players need to build a squad of Coromon to fight back against the invaders and protect the region from further danger. When players are not exploring and battling in the game's narrative, they can challenge other Battle Researchers in online head-to-head combat to improve their battle skills and climb the leader boards. Tactical turn-based battles require players to choose their actions carefully based on available resources and carefully selected skills, attacks and status effects to overcome enemies. Players can also explore six major zones and cities, including frozen glacial caverns and blistering deserts, while playing a role in a fully-fledged JRPG narrative, complete with plot twists, turns and revelations. The game allows players to customize their playing experience by choosing the easiest setting for a stress-free immersive experience, or focusing on resource management and tactics for a more challenging game. Players can also use the built-in Randomizer and Nuzlocke modes for more unique gameplay experiences. Mobile players can enjoy new features such as Battle Dome mode, daily and weekly challenges, 12 new language options and more. Luxury items can be purchased to enhance the adventure, such as the Fruit Drone and Remote Storage. Additionally, Style Crystals can be earned to customize the look of Battle Researchers, while premium Coromon skins will allow for the collection of even more exotic creatures. To stay updated on the latest news, players can follow Coromon on social media, including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Discord. The adventure in Coromon awaits. What will players discover?
Dungeon and Puzzles

Dungeon and Puzzles is an award-winning game that challenges players' logical thinking in 150 handcrafted rooms. Use various tactics to optimize solutions and clear the dungeon.

Dungeon and PuzzlesMing-Shiuan Yu
Accolades: Dungeon and Puzzles, a game that has been revered by many, was selected as an official participant at the 2021 BitSummit THE 8th BIT event. It was also awarded the Excellence in Casual award at Busan Indie Connect 2020 and a Bronze Award at Bahamut 2020 ACG Creation Contest. Overview: Dungeon and Puzzles is a breathtaking game that tests players' logic and spatial awareness with its intricate 2D puzzles. The game offers players a wide range of tactics to take down monsters, they can choose between using a sword to deal the blow from close range or a bow and arrow to take out the obstacles from afar. The game has a shield to push obstacles back and a special glove to pull the monsters forward. The game features a remarkable maze that has 150 exclusively designed rooms, of which players will have to gain a better understanding of the game to solve the puzzles and make their way through the rooms. To optimize the solutions for each room, players will have to come up with innovative tactics and try different move combinations to beat the puzzles in fewer attempts, achieving advanced goals. Furthermore, players will have to stop using old ways of thinking, take on a fresh perspective towards the problem and reexamine every aspect of it before making a move. Features: Dungeon and Puzzles is a combination of a thrilling Dungeon adventure, challenging Sokoban gameplays and exciting Puzzles, all wrapped in a Fantasy-themed Pixel Art envelop. It also features a non-linear dungeon map that is open for players to explore. Connect with us: Don't forget to follow us on our Twitter handle, Like our Facebook page and join our Discord server to connect with other players and stay updated.
Tents and Trees

Tent placement puzzle game - use logic to fill a grid with tents next to trees, following numerical clues. Over 1000 levels available.

Tents and TreesFrozax Games
Enter the fascinating world of nature puzzles where every tree awaits to be matched with a tent! In this captivating game, the objective is to place a tent beside each tree. The number emblazoned on every grid indicates the number of tents required per row and column. Manage the placement with care as tents cannot touch each other. It's a game of intellect, so avoid random guesses and focus on planning every step of the way. Each level offers a unique solution, requiring a deft strategy to conquer the increasing difficulty. Immerse yourself in the game's thrilling features, including thousands of levels and an array of themes such as dark mode. Unlimited hints at no cost allow for gameplay with ease, with no time constraints to worry about. New challenging levels are released daily to keep players constantly engaged, and different grid sizes offer a progressive difficulty curve. Enjoy the game on any device, with both landscape and portrait mode accessibility for phone and tablet users. This game is perfect for offline play, making it an even more user-friendly experience. Get notified with news, updates, and insider tips, while also being connected to exclusive content by following our social media channels and visiting our website. Terms of use and privacy policy information are available online for interested users. Join today and plunge into this exceptional game that infuses puzzle-solving and natural sites in a fantastic journey.
Island Empire

Island Empire: a turn-based strategy game. Fight in the Campaign, expand your empire, defend your territory with walls, and buy units for war.

Island EmpireHBRZ-Developer
Island Empire is a highly addictive turn-based strategy game, which is straightforward to understand but requires practice to become a master. Battle through the Campaign where each level presents with its own unique challenges and tests your skills in every possible way. Develop a winning strategy, enhance your empire, and ensure a stable economy by making all the necessary decisions in the gameplay. Build sturdy walls to defend your territory, and recruit your army with brand-new units to conquer other empires. - Features - Campaign Mode with 40 free challenging levels and novel gameplay experience. Get ready for strategy, economics, defense, and attacking modes where every decision counts. Enjoy playing on randomly generated maps with an endless supply of gameplay options and local multiplayer mode for up to 8 players. Playing and winning the game is all about skills and intelligence, not with money as there is no pay-to-win option available. Feel free to create custom maps with the built-in map editor feature and demonstrate your strategic prowess. Unlock Optional DLC that consists of an additional 80 levels, thereby providing you with a never-ending source of entertainment. Play offline whenever you want and achieve supreme victory over your enemies. With cute pixel graphics, the game is visually appealing and offers a unique gaming experience. Experience the thrilling musical score by Matthew Pablo that complements the gameplay perfectly, Visit, to know more about the inspiring music created by this talented artist. If you are looking for a game that is both engaging and entertaining, Island Empire offers the best combination of strategy, challenges, and fun. Whether you are a newbie or a professional gamer, you are bound to have a fantastic time playing this addictive game, and it guarantees to provide you with countless hours of gaming pleasure.

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