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WolframWolframfrom Skich app
Dice Merge Puzzle: Master Roll

Dice Merge Puzzle: Master RollBombay Play - Tile and Block Number Puzzles
Super Blast - PvP Match

Super Blast - PvP MatchMinor Games
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Match Masters ‎- PvP Match 3

Match Masters ‎- PvP Match 3Candivore
Block Heads: Duel puzzle games

Block Heads: Duel puzzle gamesBombay Play - Tile and Block Number Puzzles
Dolls Stack: Match & Merge!

Dolls Stack: Match & Merge!Voodoo
Match Tile Scenery

Match Tile SceneryWord Puzzle Games
3 Tiles - Tile Matching Games

3 Tiles - Tile Matching GamesEtalon Ltd
Super Dots - Brain Puzzle

Connect colorful dots and master challenging levels in Super Dots, a strategic puzzle game with stunning graphics, power-ups, and hundreds of addictive levels.

Super Dots - Brain PuzzleHappy Games!
Prepare to embark on a captivating and stimulating journey of puzzle-solving with Super Dots, the ultimate matching and connecting dots game! Your goal in Super Dots is to connect more than a couple of dots of the same color, creating striking and vibrant pathways. Each level presents you with a unique grid of multicolored dots, and it's up to you to carefully draw lines to join and collect them. You can use our unique booster system to blast through the levels even quicker and easier. Features: Challenging puzzles - Super Dots offers an extensive range of meticulously crafted puzzles to test your matching and connecting abilities to their limit. From basic dot matching to more complicated formations, each level presents a fresh challenge that will keep your brain engaged and assist you in relaxing. Strategic gameplay - Super Dots necessitates strategy and careful planning. You'll have to think ahead, make smart decisions, and connect the dots efficiently to achieve your goals. With every move, you'll feel the thrill of strategy paying off. Vivid Graphics and Mesmerizing Sound - Immerse yourself in a world of vivid colors and eye-catching graphics as you navigate through the game. Super Dots features stunning visual and audio effects that enhance your gaming experience considerably. Collect and Master - Your ultimate goal in Super Dots is to collect as many dots as possible and master each level with the highest scores. As you progress, you'll discover power-ups, bonuses, and surprises that add a new layer of excitement to the game. With limitless possibilities, the fun has just begun! Endless Fun - With hundreds of levels to explore, Super Dots guarantees endless hours of entertainment and enjoyment. The game's difficulty gradually increases, ensuring that players of all skill levels can enjoy the challenge. Social Features - Engage with your friends and challenge them to see who can master the most challenging levels. Share your accomplishments and compete to beat your high scores in exciting leagues to earn the best rewards. Relaxing and Addictive - Super Dots achieves a perfect balance between relaxation and addiction. Whether you want to unwind after a long day or challenge yourself to conquer the complex puzzles, this game offers it all. Train Your Brain - Super Dots is not just about connecting dots but also an excellent way to exercise your brain and improve your problem-solving skills with its strategic gameplay and intricate puzzles. Join the Super Dots-connecting craze! Download Super Dots now and experience the ultimate dots-matching adventure. Connect, collect, and master the art of puzzle-solving in this addictive and challenging game. Whether you're a casual gamer or a seasoned pro, Super Dots has for everyone. Get ready to embark on a thrilling journey of connecting, collecting, and matching – one dot at a time! Remember, every dot counts. Can you connect them all? Download Super Dots now and find out! If you have any inquiries about the game, please contact our support team at Please note that Super Dots – Brain Puzzle is a free-to-play game; however, some in-game items can be purchased with actual money. A stable network connection is necessary to play. Please review our comprehensive terms of service for more information.
Farm Dots - Brain Puzzle

Connect dots of the same color to solve hundreds of challenging puzzles, expand your farm, and compete with friends in Farm Dots.

Farm Dots - Brain PuzzleHappy Games!
Prepare yourself for an adventure filled with complex and captivating puzzles in Farm Dots, the ultimate connecting and dots-matching game that provides both a challenging and relaxing experience! Join the Dots - In Farm Dots, you have one task- link more than two dots of the same color to create vibrant and stunning pathways to finish each level. The levels have grids with differently colored dots and it is your mission to use your skills and connect them. By joining more dots, you get closer to mastering the game and to make the journey faster, make use of our unique booster system. Features: Challenging Puzzles - Farm Dots offers meticulously crafted puzzles that will test your matching and connecting skills. With each level presenting a fresh challenge from basic dot matching to complex formations, you keep your brain engaged and entertained while reducing stress. Strategic Gameplay - In Farm Dots, strategy and careful planning are necessary. You have to think ahead and make wise decisions on how to connect the dots efficiently and achieve your goals. With each move, you feel the thrill of making a successful strategy. Vivid Graphics and Mesmerizing Sound - The stunning visual effects and captivating soundtracks in Farm Dots immerse you in a world of colorful and intense graphics, heightening your gaming experience as you navigate through the game. Collect and Master - Your ultimate objective in Farm Dots is to reach the highest scores by collecting as many dots as possible and mastering each level. The game offers power-ups, bonuses, and surprises that will add a new layer of excitement to the game. Build your Farm - You can complete cozy and exciting areas as you progress through each level, continually expanding both your farm and land. Endless Fun - Farm Dots promises endless hours of entertainment and fun with hundreds of levels to explore. The game's difficulty gradually increases, ensuring that players of all skill levels can enjoy the challenge. Social Features - Connect with friends and compete to see who can master the most challenging levels. Share your accomplishments and challenge others to surpass your high scores in thrilling leagues and gain the best rewards. Relaxing and Addictive - Farm Dots provides the ideal balance between relaxation and addiction. You can unwind after a long day or challenge yourself to conquer complex puzzles, this game offers it all. Train Your Brain - With its strategic gameplay and intricate puzzles, Farm Dots is not just about connecting dots but also a fantastic way to exercise your brain and upgrade your problem-solving skills. Do not miss out on the Farm Dots experience! Download Farm Dots now and embark on an exciting and addictive adventure. Connect, collect, and master the art of puzzle-solving in this game that offers something for everyone, be it a casual gamer or a seasoned pro. Get ready to start your thrilling journey of connecting, collecting, and matching - one dot at a time! Remember, every dot counts. Can you connect them all? Download Farm Dots today and find out! If you have any queries about the game, feel free to ask our support team: Please note that while Farm Dots - Brain Puzzle provides a free-to-play experience, you can purchase some in-game items with real money. Playing the game requires a network connection. For further details, refer to our comprehensive terms of service.
Dice Empire

Strategically manipulate numbers to unlock innovative gameplay possibilities in Dice Empire. Explore unique realms and solve complex puzzles for a brain-teasing challenge.

Experience a whole new level of mental stimulation and strategic gameplay with Dice Empire, a revolutionary dice game that surpasses all traditional dice and card puzzle games. This unique game allows you to do more than just roll dice, as you'll have to think carefully about how to manipulate numbers to unlock endless gameplay possibilities. If you're a fan of classic puzzle games like Yahtzee and Solitaire, Dice Empire will provide an even more captivating and immersive gaming experience. You'll be amazed by the evolution of classic dice games, which elevates your puzzle-solving journey to unparalleled heights. With Dice Empire, you can explore different realms that go far beyond the realms of standard card games. Not only will you experience spectacular scenery, but each world in Dice Empire is unique, with specific challenges and mechanics that bring a fresh twist to every level. Dice Empire will definitely stretch your cognitive abilities, with brain-teasing puzzles that are sure to outsmart even the most seasoned puzzle and dice game enthusiasts. Are you ready to roll the dice and take on challenging puzzles in a way you've never experienced before? Download Dice Empire now and get ready for an engaging journey filled with innovative challenges and breathtaking worlds.
Abyssrium Match

Double the excitement and triple the cuteness! Enjoy the relaxing underwater world and fun mini-games in AbyssRium Match's match-3 adventure.

Abyssrium MatchWemade Play Co.,Ltd.
Get ready to immerse yourself in the enchanting underwater world full of cuteness and excitement, as AbyssRium Match is back with more than 60 million active players! Step into the shoes of the charming fish and embark on a relaxing adventure full of eye-catching moments. AbyssRium Match is an exceptional match-3 puzzle game that will cater to your taste with a dash of emotion and a spoonful of calmness. You will encounter endless surprises, rewards, and exciting challenges throughout the game, which will keep you occupied for hours. Collect coins, power-ups and other rewards to decorate your aquarium and join competitions to open treasure chests and win more boosts. Indulge yourself in the aquatic world's fun mini-games for daily surprises and loads of enjoyment. Blow away everyday stress and relax with unique coral reef arcade fun, while seizing the opportunity to win rewards in-between the mini-games. You certainly don't want to miss out on fun opportunities that come your way! Jump right into the match-3 adventure and start playing today! Create your peaceful underwater aquarium, just for yourself, and invite cute fish friends to leave memories with giant whales, as per your taste. Explore the diverse and adorable sea creatures and relish restful moments filled with the beauty of the underwater world. Find peace and relief from stress, relax in your space with calming music, and forget the outside world for a while. AbyssRium Match lets you grow your aquarium in your own style with your own taste. Adore the growing coral reefs and watch them wither before your eyes. Play match-3 games, invite cute fish friends, and unlock levels to decorate your aquarium. Gain more rewards between levels and decorate your aquarium to your heart's content. This exciting match-3 puzzle game comes with eye-catching scenery and enchanting melodies throughout the gameplay. The adorable creatures swimming in the depths will warm your heart, and the relaxing aquarium will provide you with the perfect way to end an exhausting day. Start your day with AbyssRium and fill it with peace and calmness. AbyssRium Match gives you the option of deciding which permissions to grant, and you can use the game without agreeing to optional permissions. You retain the right to reset or withdraw access permissions as needed. So what are you waiting for? Dive into the relaxing and enchanting world of AbyssRium Match, grow your aquarium, relieve your stress, and immerse yourself in the beauty of the underwater world filled with cute fish and animals!
Merge Dice: Gem Master - Brain

Merge Dice: Gem Master - BrainGames To The Moon
Hexa Block Puzzle - Merge!

Hexa Block Puzzle - Merge!Big Cake Group Limited
Slidey®: Block Puzzle

Slidey is a free brain training puzzle game with endless challenges, exciting soundtracks, and customizable skins to earn experience.

Slidey®: Block PuzzleHabby
Introducing SLIDEY, the latest puzzle game that trains and challenges your brain like never before! With two available themes: ClASSIC and CATS, indulge yourself in endless fun with unique and innovative gameplay. SLIDEY provides a simple puzzle where you slide blocks left and right to create and clear full lines. The game is free to download and easy to learn. Experience the wildest adventure of your lifetime and get hooked for hours! Slide and slider and get addicted! The game comes packed with exciting features that keep you engaged: ● Engage in a new kind of brain training that keeps you entertained for minutes or even hours ● Endless challenges mean you can continue to play and still find something new ● Earn experience as you progress and unlock new shaman masks and gifts ● The enjoyable, customizable soundtrack, and custom sound effects make the game even more immersive! ● Not to forget, it's absolutely FREE! Are you having fun with Slidey? Get to know more about the game and updates on our social media pages: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: In case of any queries, contact our tech support at

Rotate abstract objects in the spotlight to reveal recognizable silhouettes. 100+ unique levels with stunning graphics and relaxing gameplay.

ShadowmaticTriada Studio Games
Shadowmatic is an innovative and award-winning game that offers an engrossing puzzle-solving experience, perfect for igniting your imagination. You will manipulate complex and abstract objects to project their shadows into surrounding environments, revealing recognizable silhouettes that must be identified to progress. The game boasts impressive visuals that blend with the captivating gameplay to create a relaxing atmosphere. As you advance, you will encounter infinite and unexpected silhouettes that increase in difficulty. In Shadowmatic, you will explore several distinct environments that each have their unique concept, atmosphere, and soundtrack. Available for a single in-app purchase, the game osfers more than 100 levels in twelve unique settings, featuring secondary objectives, nonlinear level progression, and a 3D parallax view. You can enjoy various benefits from the game, such as an assistant button, hints system, arcade mode, and achievements. The game has received high acclaim from various sources. Pocket Gamer described it as "beautiful to the point of becoming a work of art," while CNET called it a "delightful and captivating game." The Guardian praised the game for modernizing the ancient Chinese art of shadow puppetry. Shadowmatic also features remarkable music arrangements that complement each room's distinctive atmosphere and are best experienced with headphones. The Assistant button can be found in the right upper corner of the screen and helps you solve puzzles by rotating objects slowly in the right direction. The game's sound is available separately on Google Play Music. You can follow the game's progress on social media and contact Triada Studio directly via email if you have any questions. Triada Studio, the creators of Shadowmatic, have over 20 years of industry experience in computer graphics and animation, which has helped them develop an experimental in-house 3D engine to power this remarkable game.
Wood Block Puzzle Classic

Wood Block Puzzle ClassicPlay Infinity Entertainment
Farm Jam: Animal Parking Game

Farm Jam: a 3D puzzle game that challenges you to unblock and release all animals from the corral in the right sequence. Hilarious gameplay, optimized for gamers who love challenging games.

Farm Jam: Animal Parking GameZenolit LTD
Welcome to Farm Jam, a unique blend of farming simulator parking games and traffic puzzles in stunning 3D graphics. Get ready to explore Ol’ Sharpeye’s farm on this township sightseeing experience. Farm Klondike Adventures is all about life on a big farm with animals. Ol’ Sharpeye has been living here for generations, and he won’t let any rich city tycoons take his land away. But there’s something peculiar going on with the animals - strange things are happening, and Ol' Sharpeye suspects foul play. If you're up for a challenge, you can help him solve the mystery and stop the "animal games" that are brewing. Don't let Old Fred’s warnings about the animal jam discourage you from helping. In this parking game, your goal is to free all the animals from their paddocks by sending them to the right escape zone in the correct order. You'll need to use your dimensional and creative thinking skills to solve each level's 3D puzzle. Keep in mind that the animals can move both forward and backward, and you must free them all before nightfall. Watch out for the obstacles in our logic game, like electric fences, carts, and Old Fred himself, who will block your way to animal freedom. It's like a block puzzle game, but with a unique twist. Each level is more challenging than the last, and you'll need to use boosters like HINT, SHUFFLE, CELL, REVIVE, LAMP, and TICKER to progress. In the AREAS section of the game, you can discover Old Fred's stormy past and build up all corners of the farm to uncover the secrets. Each area has surprises in store for you, and completing levels earns you stars to create the best farm ever. With Soothing countryside visuals, hilarious animals and game combinations, forming queues, matching animals of the same color, and playing with sound ON, you'll be entertained for hours. So, if you love challenging match puzzle games, Farm Jam is your perfect destiny!
Wild Jam 3D: Block Parking

Wild Jam 3D: Block ParkingGy Game
Hexa Sort


Match colorful triangle blocks to unlock the Mayan totem but avoid running out of space in this fun puzzle game, Tunich.

TunichMidnight Tea Srl
If you are looking for a game that is easy to learn and fun to play, Tunich is definitely an excellent choice. The objective of the game is to fill six hexagons with colorful triangle blocks, and unlocking the totem piece that is enticingly inscrutable. However, to unlock the totem piece, you need to match six same-colored triangles. When you have finally obtained all six same-colored triangles, tap the Mayan totem to wipe the board clean and avoid running out of space. However, be careful because there are limited available slots on the board, and you don't want to run out of space for your triangles or unlock the totem before you are ready. Tunich features two distinct game difficulties. You can play at your own pace, with unlimited reloads and no time limits. The game also boasts impressive graphics and an enjoyable soundtrack that heightens your gaming experience. Unlike any other match-three puzzle game, it offers a unique gameplay experience that will keep you on your toes. Tunich is an addictive puzzle game that promises hours of entertainment and requires a sharp mind to master. If you are up for a challenge, it is a game worth playing!

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