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Best TBS mobile games 2023

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One Punch Man - The Strongest

Create your dream team of heroes and villains from the anime series ONE PUNCH MAN in this turn-based strategy mobile RPG, featuring exclusive items and costumes and Saitama's unique skills.

One Punch Man - The StrongestMoonton
Get ready for an action-packed adventure with the official One Punch Man mobile game, an amazing turn-based strategy RPG based on the popular Japanese anime series! With a wide range of customizable heroes and villains to choose from and tons of exclusive items and costumes, you can create your own ultimate team and lead them towards victory! The game is fully loyal to the original anime characters, featuring voice actors from the series to ensure authenticity. You can immerse yourself in the stunning world of One Punch Man and encounter iconic characters like Saitama, Genos, Terrible Tornado, Speed-o'-Sound Sonic, and Boros, who will take your gaming experience to the next level. As you enter the world of One Punch Man, you will have access to unique Saitama Skills that can aid you in PVE battles and help you out during regular battle modes. With a variety of modes and gameplay options at your disposal, including Institute of Genetics, Association Arena, Unnatural Disaster, Extreme Training, Awakening Trial, multi-player team play, and PVE campaigns, there is always a new challenge to tackle. With so many exciting modes to choose from, the game features a thrilling Saitama combat mode that allows you to take down enemies with a single punch - making quick clearance of challenges a breeze. So, what are you waiting for? Join the One Punch Man mobile game today and unleash your inner hero!
Mortal Kombat: Onslaught

Join the Mortal Kombat universe in their mobile RPG. Build a team of iconic fighters and dominate epic RPG battles to save the realms!

Mortal Kombat: OnslaughtWarner Bros.
For an eternity, the different territories have been entangled in a never-ending Mortal Kombat, resulting in fatalities and vengeance between light and darkness. Today, the Elder Gods are looking for a new warrior like you, to participate in these battles and determine the fate of the territories. Get ready to immerse yourself in the Mortal Kombat world in this mobile-exclusive RPG adventure, full of cinematic experiences. Build your own team featuring the legendary Mortal Kombat champions of your choice and prepare them to combat endless hordes of ruthless enemies. Experience the excitement of epic RPG Kombat in a fast-paced, strategy-focused game, featuring up to 10 characters fighting at the same time. Assemble an unstoppable team of four classic champions like Scorpion, Raiden, Liu Kang, and Shao Kahn, and train them to master new Kombos and Special Abilities. With their help, try to conquer the challenging Story Mode and make a name for yourself in the Earthrealm. Gather Mortal Kombat's iconic fighters and level them up from a colossal roster that includes veterans like Sonya Blade, Sub-Zero, Johnny Cage, Kitana, and Jax, among many others. Summon special fan-favorite variants of classic kombatants such as Smoke and Cyrax, and create powerful teams of four, based on their unique fighting abilities and class-based skills. Enjoy Mortal Kombat's innovative AAA quality graphics, fierce battles, cinematic cut scenes, and brutal fatalities, only available in this epic new RPG Story Mode. Duel your way through the game's multiple chapters and unlock new champions with unique abilities along the way. Take on the strategy gameplay challenge and build unstoppable teams, featuring Assassins, Warriors, Snipers, and Defenders, to face the different RPG game modes' unique challenges. Earn a vast amount of rewards and resources to increase your fighters' power, level up their combat skills, and unlock their Gear. To create an even stronger team, strategically equip Relics, powerful items drawn from Mortal Kombat lore, and earn bonuses and Fatalities! Train your team, ascend the Boss Tower and Chasm Modes, challenge players from the Earthrealm to Kombat! Take part in PvP Seasons, and climb the leaderboards earning special Arena rewards to show the world your mastery and the unique skills you have acquired. Download the game now, join this epic Kombat, and fight to save the universe from Shinnok's evil plans. You won't regret it! Join the Kombat conversation today and take your skills to the next level by following us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram or subscribe to our YouTube channel. You can also chat with us on Discord or sign up for our newsletter at
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Black Clover Mobile

Join Asta and his quest to become the Wizard King in Black Clover M: Rise of The Wizard King - a turn-based RPG featuring iconic characters and immersive gameplay.

Black Clover MobileGarena
In a world on the brink of destruction by a demon, a magician saved it and later became known as the "Wizard King." However, the magical world is once again in crisis and Asta, a magicless boy, sets his sights on becoming the "Wizard King" to fulfill a promise to his friends. Join in on the adventure with《Black Clover M: Rise of The Wizard King》, a licensed RPG based on the hit anime series from "Shonen Jump" (Shueisha) and TV Tokyo. Explore a fantasy world full of magic and enjoy an easy-to-play strategy turn-based gameplay while experiencing classic original storylines. The game's battles are powered up to a new level with top-quality scenes built with the UE4 engine and high-quality 3D modeling. Each character has unique animations, making for smooth and engaging battles that challenge the gaming market's aesthetics. Mages also have different roles and abilities, allowing for flexible character formations and gorgeous link moves with bonded characters that present the bonds and adventure experiences between partners. Play a tactical turn-based RPG that recreates classic team battles. It features fast-paced combat where anyone can enjoy it with just one tap. Collect original Mage characters and build your Magic Knights squad. Each character can unleash their classic skills and form many link moves by collaborating with squad members, recreating intense battle scenes. Select your Magic Knights squad members to create a unique combat style! Rank up and improve your favorite characters by summoning mages and letting original Black Clover characters join your squad. Upgrade materials are available by using them in-game and strengthening your relationship with them through the Bond System. Rank up and Promote your mage all the way to the top regardless of grade and enjoy exclusive artworks on their character pages, plus various special costumes. Explore various dungeons for an enjoyable battle experience, including "Quest" which recreates the anime storyline, "Raid" for advanced challenges, "Memory Hall" to compete against bosses, "Arena" for thrilling PvP experiences, and "Time-limited Challenge" to face formidable enemies. Moreover, form your exclusive guilds and participate in "Squad Battle" with other members, offering multiple challenge modes to satisfy your battle desires! Explore the Magic Kingdom, a world full of hidden gems and small details. Gather resources through "Patrol Stages" and engage in activities such as gathering ingredients for cooking, fishing, all while exploring the magical world. Play with the original Black Clover voice cast with full Japanese voice acting, including a star-studded cast such as Gakuto Kajiwara, Nobunaga Shimazaki, Kana Yuuki, Junichi Suwabe, Daisuke Ono, and other well-known voice actors. Join the adventure now on the official website, or Twitter, For customer service inquiries, visit
Eternal Paradox

Eternal Paradox combines RPG-style turn-based combat with 4X warfare and multiplayer arena battles. Save Elysium's destiny with your guild in The Ring of Ruin.

Eternal ParadoxGala Games Inc.
Eternal Paradox offers a unique and captivating gameplay experience by blending RPG and turn-based combat genres. Assemble your team of top-tier mercenaries and ready yourselves for an epic clash that will determine the fate of the world of Elysium. Engage in tactical battles throughout the single-player campaign, conquer vast territories in expansive 4X warfare, and assert your dominance in thrilling arena battles against other players. Take the fight to your enemies with well-coordinated tactical maneuvers that will leave them in awe of your prowess. Battle your way through a gripping storyline that will take you across the world of Elysium in epic quests, each with its own unique rewards and challenges. In this game, you'll need to master the art of 4X warfare to claim victory over your foes. Build and manage your own empire, expand your borders, and command armies in large-scale battles that will decide the fate of entire kingdoms. Join forces with other players in the game and form a guild, where you'll work together to quell any threats that come your way. Together, you'll engage in intense battles for control of The Ring of Ruin, a powerful artifact that could decide the fate of the entire world. Do you have what it takes to save Elysium from certain doom? Team up with your elite mercenaries, dominate the competition, and claim your place in the Eternal Paradox!

Battle against darkness in SOULS, a tile-based RPG featuring 60+ unique heroes, exquisite artwork, and immersive gameplay. Become a hero and save the world!

SOULS is an enthralling game that will take you on a journey through a shattered ancient continent, plunged into complete darkness. The game's stunning art style is meticulously crafted to fully submerge you in this epic adventure. With a roster of over 60 unique heroes, each with their own distinct personality and set of skills, you'll have plenty of help in your quest to save the world. Immerse yourself in their world and delve into their unique personalities and abilities. As you encounter various enemies, use your heroes' unique skills to defeat them and overcome the challenges that await you. The game's tile-based combat system adds a layer of strategy to the gameplay. Experiment with different formations and hero combinations to discover the most effective way to win battles. As you progress through the game, you'll have the opportunity to explore the world and uncover hidden surprises lurking in the shadows. Embark on a heroic journey and become the savior the world needs. The fate of the world is in your hands - go forth and conquer!
Worms W.M.D Mobilize

Prepare for explosive, tactical warfare in Worms W.M.D Evolve. Experience stunning 2D visuals, utilize an assortment of weapons and vehicles, and engage in local and online multiplayer battles.

Worms W.M.D MobilizeTeam 17 Digital Limited
Get ready for the return of the playful worms in their latest explosive outing. Worms W.M.D Evolve presents a fantastic world of hand-drawn 2D graphics that are both intriguing and creative. It's an epic adventure complete with new weapons, vehicles, and structures, as well as classic armaments and gameplay mechanics, resulting in an ultimate worms experience. Set off on a difficult journey through a series of ten training missions and twenty campaign missions that become progressively more challenging. In thrilling multiplayer showdowns, either locally or online, engage in hilarious strategic warfare against adversaries. Use powerful weapons to flatten your enemies, like the mighty Concrete Donkey that'll reduce them to fragments and the Holy Hand Grenade that can obliterate them into smithereens. You can rain down a fiery onslaught from the sky with helicopters or completely decimate them with unstoppable tanks. This is Worms in its purest and craziest form, with an extraordinary collection of 50 weapons and utilities at your fingertips. The visuals of Worms W.M.D Evolve are stunning, with brand-new worm designs and gorgeous digitally-crafted 2D artwork that will leave you awestruck. One groundbreaking addition to the series is the introduction of vehicles, including tanks that are optimized for warfare to dominate the skies with helicopters and more. In addition, you can take cover and hide your worms within buildings for a tactical advantage during battles. The essence of the beloved series has been faithfully reimagined in our revolutionary new engine which has recaptured the cherished mechanics that fans hold dear. Prepare for the triumphant return of the iconic Classic Ninja Rope as well. From the fan-favorite classics to a bunch of thrilling new additions like the Devious Cell Phone Battery, the Unexpected Gift, and the earth-shattering OMG strike, you'll have a vast arsenal of 50 weapons and utilities available to you. If you think the selection of 50 weapons and utilities is not enough, strategically positioned guns are scattered throughout the terrain, allowing your warmongering worms to wreak even more havoc. Worms W.M.D Evolve truly offers a rollercoaster of laughter and excitement with a robust single-player experience. Unleash your skills in a variety of training and campaign missions, and then venture into the online multiplayer arena to create mayhem with other gamers. The matches can have up to two players, each commanding four worms on an expansive and dynamic battlefield.
Reverse: 1999

Reverse: 1999 is a time-travel RPG. As the Timekeeper, you must save Arcanists from being "sifted out" of time, while uncovering the mystery of the year 1999.

Reverse: 1999Bluepoch Co.,Ltd.
Reverse is a captivating 20th Century Time-Travel RPG game developed by Bluepoch. Set in a world where the "Storm" has thrown everything into chaos on the last day of 1999, you become an observer of different ages as the Timekeeper. With Sonetto, a strong Arcanist in your team, you travel through time after each "Storm" to rescue the Arcanists from different parts of the timeline. The game has unique visuals that blend Pop Art and classical oil painting. You can meet various Arcanists from different regions and times, and a cast of diverse voice actors brings the story to life. This game is a thrilling journey across time, taking you from the Roaring 20s to the millennium's turn, on a quest to unravel the mysteries of the "Storm" and the year 1999. These adventures include spellcasting and combat that make for an immersive gameplay experience. Join the Reverse community on Discord, YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook. Time waits for no one - start your Reverse adventure today.
Infinite Magicraid

Join the global community and embark on an immersive journey with 200 heroes. Collect, cultivate, and master unique skills for unstoppable battles.

Infinite MagicraidDHGAMES
★Adventurers Worldwide Can't Get Enough: Over a Million Downloads!★ Participate in unlimited events, earn endless rewards and try out fresh gameplays whenever you please! Start your quest in Sword Harbor with your team of heroes and thwart Lihem, the wicked god's plan to destroy Lowes Continent! Features: ★Offline Rewards and Auto-fighting★ Passive gameplay will get you various upgrade materials and rare heroes without any effort. Auto-fighting mode can continue up to 150 times in the background. Play hands-free and reap unlimited rewards! Sink into a real strategy game with full immersion! ★Personalized Hero Growth★ Uncover a hero's potential to obtain exclusive weaponry with unique skill effects! Forge equipment and artifacts through dungeon challenges and raise your overall prowess! The Emblem and Aura Systems help you keep a tight grip on the cultivation and ensure a well-balanced set of attributes! Regress heroes for free and get back all the invested resources! ★Collect Over 200 Heroes From 10 Factions★ Summon the souls who serve the evil god's will and bring forth the power of gods, elves, dwarfs, and wizards. Each of the 10 factions has its own strong suit, and more are on the way! With unique skills, each hero can be a valuable asset on both the PVP and PVE battlefields. Acquire heroes with exceptional abilities and lead them to victory! ★Exciting Strategic Battles with Diverse Content★ Experience over 1,000 various hero skills, creating endless possibilities on the battlefield. With over 10,000 hero combinations, you can flexibly adapt to any environment! Switch effortlessly between auto-battle and manual control to dictate the pace of combat! ★Non-Stop Game Events with Rich Rewards★ New weekly events will provide rich rewards! Mini-games provide the comforting atmosphere of leisure. Monthly festivals and special dungeons offer refreshing gameplay! ★Beautiful 3D Stages and Thematic Dungeons★ 12 hand-drawn Campaign stages transport you through immersive scenes: Sword Harbor, desert, forest, snowfield... Conquer different themed dungeons for bountiful rewards, and triumph over stages to earn mighty heroes! Lead your team to glory on the battlefield and explore the vast world of Lowes Continent! ★Connect with a Global Community of Adventurers★ Connect with other adventurers worldwide. Add friends, establish a guild, and exchange gaming experiences to receive extra rewards! Compete with other adventurers to achieve victory and gain the spotlight! Join us: Email: Facebook: Discord:
Defense Derby

Experience the ultimate PvP Tower Defense game in Defense Derby. Bet, defend and rise through the ranks in this unprecedented game.

Defense DerbyKRAFTON, Inc.
Introducing Defense Derby, the ultimate game that will change the way you experience PvP Tower Defense. Show off your strategic skills and become the last one standing in the 4-player PvP Derby Mode. Protect your fortress from a continuous barrage of monsters that grow increasingly stronger as you progress through the game. Employ the Unit Scouting System to recruit essential units in exchange for Derby Chips. Develop early-game bets or resilient late-game tactics to defend your castle and stay ahead of your opponents. In the 3X3 BINGO Deployment Strategy, strategically deploy units based on their type, faction, and attack range to achieve maximum synergy effects. The Guardian's Journey System lets you compete against players worldwide and climb through the ranks. Reaching higher levels unlocks exclusive castle skins and various in-game currencies. Defense Derby offers several PvE modes to choose from. Challenge yourself with Blitz Mode Tower Defense, face a variety of monsters in Dungeons Tower Defense, collect rewards in Idle Mode Tower Defense, and enjoy playing with friends in Friendly Derby Mode Tower Defense. Stay up-to-date on all things Defense Derby by visiting the official links provided. Remember, if you deny permission to the audio recording/playback function, you won't be able to use it. You can still play Defense Derby without agreeing to the optional terms. However, keep in mind that Defense Derby's terms agreement can be reset or revoked at any time. Get ready for an unprecedented PvP Tower Defense experience!

Embark on a console-level adventure with high-end 2D graphics and captivating storyline; customize your strategy for PvP and take on the Evil Castle.

Embark on a thrilling adventure today and experience a game that offers console-level graphics and immersive gameplay. Download now and participate in the "Real Adventure" which is packed with an array of exciting features. To top it off, take advantage of the "Infinite Draws" event and acquire your desired character. You can receive a five-star Recruitment Contract just by logging in. This thrilling adventure RPG game boasts of 2D graphics that are of high quality with intricate details. Live 2D characters which are beautifully designed by renowned illustrators await you in a world filled with exciting fields that add to the thrill of your adventures. The intuitive and user-friendly interface of the game is designed to optimize both landscape and vertical screens, immersing you completely in an expanded world where everything comes to life. The game pack system is reminiscent of classic console games that will appeal to the nostalgics, and the captivating story will take you on a journey to a multi-universe world where you will discover what lies beyond. In Browndust, the quarter-view perspective battle system will keep you on your toes. A 3x4 simulation battle system designed to maximize tension will make every move of yours count. The intuitive turn-based battles will add to the excitement of your adventures. If PvP battles are your cup of tea, then you will certainly enjoy the User-vs-User feature of Browndust. Test your strategies and experience the sweet taste of victory. The Evil Castle content will test your limits and add a new dimension to your adventure. Head on to the official website, Discord, Twitter, and Facebook to keep up with the latest events, news, and updates. Don't wait any longer! Start your Browndust adventure now!

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