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Mini Soccer Star 2023

Play Mini Soccer Star, become the superstar player in dream league matches. Score goals, win cups, join famous teams, and become a football super star!

Mini Soccer Star 2023Viva Games Studios
Introducing the new soccer game Mini Soccer Star, be ready to immerse yourself in a realistic soccer game experience like no other and become a star player on the field. With Mini Soccer Star, you can establish yourself in the world of soccer by playing various football matches, gaining popularity along the way, and becoming the most recognized soccer superstar in the league. Play matches in your desired league, score goals, and win the cup to become the world champion of soccer. Our physics-based system simulates realistic movements and actions, making for an incredible gaming experience. Mini Soccer Star features a wide array of real teams and leagues/cups from mls, premier, bundes, la liga, and even national teams. You can also be part of the world league by joining the renowned European football teams and playing for the US country team. In no time, you will soon become an illustrious football superstar! The game incorporates a plethora of features to engage you such as offline soccer games, career mode, goalkeeper mode, advanced animation system, and AI, among others. The controls are incredibly simple, and all you need to do is just swipe and tap. Enjoy challenging soccer training missions that offer addictive gameplay, and use the various customization options to personalize your player. You can even save your significant goals for posterity, thanks to this game's unique feature. Mini Soccer Star boasts remarkable graphics, has a reasonably small game size to help you save storage space, and provides Google Play Services Achievements and Leaderboards to get you hooked. We would love to hear from you! Please contact us through for any queries, suggestions, or feedback.
Soccer Super Star

Play Soccer Super Star for an immersive, easy-to-learn football experience with advanced physics. Unlock star players and play in weekly offline tournaments.

Soccer Super StarReal Freestyle Soccer
Enter the incredible world of football by playing the newly launched game called Soccer Super Star. You will experience real-time and kicking physics that are bound to enthrall you in an unforgettable and impressive way! With the game's easy-to-use controls, you do not need to practice for hours to enjoy an engaging arcade soccer game. All you have to do is flick your finger across your screen to kick the ball and score a goal. But don't be fooled, the shots you tackle will get tougher, and a solid strategy will enable you to defeat defenders and score goals. Additionally, as you progress through the game, the challenges will steadily increase, enhancing the already immersive kicking experience. You have to be the hero in every match! Soccer Super Star has been crafted beautifully, as the dynamic levels and artwork add to your overall football experience, making it even more authentic. Soccer Super Star is a well-executed game in terms of gameplay for soccer enthusiasts. You will enjoy a high degree of independence that will allow you to reflect your personal strategy as the game progresses, and you move up in dream Leagues. The advanced game engine and AI enable an accurate simulation, allowing for realistic freedom, and accurate ball physics. With Soccer Super Star, you can have a truly immersive football experience. One of the great features of Soccer Super Star is that it can be played offline, and for free. You can manage your team of eleven without the internet. The latest 2020 motion capture technology was used to secure actual star players. You will get to unlock these star players, adding a new layer of excitement to your gameplay. Join weekly offline tournaments and become the hero for your country and club as you head for glory! The game controls are super simple. You will have an intuitive flick to pass and kick gameplay. Sweep your finger across the ball to drive, curve, and power the ball past walls of defenders towards the goal. The Soccer Super Star Team is eager to receive your thoughts on the game. Please share your feedback with us at Download the game today and score big!
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NBA 2K21 Arcade Edition

NBA 2K21 brings current NBA stars to 30 arenas or on the blacktop, with multiplayer and MyCAREER modes, and physical controller support.

NBA 2K21 Arcade Edition2K
Experience the excitement of NBA superstars, such as Damian Lillard, Kevin Durant, Steph Curry, Zion Williamson, and Anthony Davis in the new NBA 2K21 game. Available on Apple Arcade, enjoy a competitive Quick Match in one of 30 NBA arenas or challenge your friends in the multiplayer mode, where you can pick your favorite NBA player from the 2020-2021 season like Jayson Tatum, Ben Simmons, Jimmy Butler, Chris Paul, Kyrie Irving, and others. NBA 2K21 flaunts an enhanced graphics engine that delivers the highest resolution possible on Apple devices, resulting in a smoother gameplay experience with more stunning visuals, animations, and AI. Choose from four diverse modes including Arena Quick Match, Online Multiplayer, Blacktop Quick Match, or MyCAREER, where you can create your journey to NBA legend status. Cross-platform play provides you with the flexibility to play NBA 2K21 on your own or against friends via iCloud, whether you're on an iPhone, iPad, Mac, or Apple TV. For controller users, NBA 2K21 comes with physical controller support, allowing the use of your Xbox or PS DualShock controller depending on your preference. Lastly, NBA 2K21 provides players with the flexibility to play in 13 different languages, including Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and Turkish, making it suitable for a broader audience. Compatibility is not an issue, as the NBA 2K21 game supports the following Apple devices: iPhone 6S and later, iPhone SE, iPad, iPad Air, iPad mini, iPod touch, iPad Pro, Apple TV HD, iMac, iMac Pro, Mac Mini, Mac Pro, MacBook, MacBook Air, and MacBook Pro. Ready to slam dunk? Get your game on, and Everything Is Game in NBA 2K21.
NBA 2K22 Arcade Edition

NBA 2K22 Arcade Edition - Live your NBA dreams and become a GM and Head Coach of your own franchise in MyCareer, online multiplayer, and more!

NBA 2K22 Arcade Edition2K
Get your head in the game with NBA 2K22 Arcade Edition, the latest addition to the popular basketball series exclusively on Apple Arcade. This game allows you to live out your NBA fantasies on the hardwood as you play alongside today's top stars like Damian Lillard, Karl-Anthony Towns, and Jayson Tatum, among many others, for an authentic NBA 2K experience. Choose among your favorite NBA teams and feature in Quick Match with the updated 2022 NBA rosters while competing against your competitors. Play Blacktop mode with your friends in head-to-head competition, or select the Association Mode and become the GM and Head Coach of your desired NBA franchise. You can control your team's finances, sign free agents, and scout potential prospects, and try to lead your squad to the NBA championship. Live out your dream NBA career in MyCAREER mode where you can customize your appearance, position, jersey number, and stats. Train and level up your players, and get listed into the NBA All-Star games in due course. MyCOURT enables you to customizing your personal court, improve your abilities and improve your gameplay skills. Experience NBA 2K22 like never before with NBA 2K22 Arcade Edition and indulge in the game with its ample features. Choose your favorite mode such as Blacktop, Play Now, and Association Mode which allows you to build your dream team from scratch. In addition, you can scout prospects, sign free agents, and control your team’s contracts, finances, salaries, personnel, etc. Play online with friends or single-player via iCloud on mobile devices or Apple TV, and with cross-platform gameplay, you can use Xbox or PS DualShock controllers. The game also includes new and improved controls for casual controllers and AI assistance for better gaming experience. NBA 2K22 Arcade Edition is a must-have game for basketball enthusiasts to quench their hoop thirst, showcasing your basketball skills.
NBA Now 23

NBA NOW 23: Play as real NBA players, collect cards, build teams, and compete globally. Mobile game with easy controls and in-app purchases.

NBA Now 23Com2uS
Take on the challenge of the best basketball players in the world and prove your skills in NBA NOW 23! This app offers an authentic NBA experience where you can play on real NBA courts with real players. The gameplay is simple and easy, yet exciting. You can precisely control the ball while going in for a dunk with just one hand. And with the coach system, you can meet actual coaches of 30 NBA teams. The game offers all NBA teams in every stadium across the full '22-'23 NBA season schedule. Live cards update player stats according to each player's real-life performance. Build your own championship team by collecting NBA players from various ranks — from All-Stars to legendary players who are now retired. Choose your desired lineup, whether it's a small ball lineup, twin towers or any combination you prefer. Challenge yourself in the ranked battle and compete against users from all over the world! With the friend battle feature, you can even play with your friends across the globe. Plus, test your skills in predicting the result of real-life NBA games in the app's Prediction feature. NBA NOW 23 is available in various languages. This app also offers in-app purchases for game items, and you may be charged with real money for some items. Please read the Terms of Service/Refund Policy carefully before purchase. To improve your gaming experience, the app may require access to your camera, photos, and push notifications. This access permission is optional and can be changed in your phone's settings. Contact the Customer Support if you need help or have any questions about the app. Join the league and show them what you got! Become an all-star and enjoy a thrilling basketball experience in NBA NOW 23!
NBA Ball Stars

Draft, collect and manage an NBA team in quick, intense, puzzle battles. Use combos to power up your roster and make a run for the championship.

NBA Ball StarsNetmarble US, Inc.
Experience the thrill of NBA Ball Stars, the ultimate puzzle game featuring fast-paced battles and star players of the league! Step into the role of an NBA manager and lead your favorite team through challenging Championships. Utilize your incredible matching skills to power up your players' abilities and unlock signature moves. Engage in thrilling puzzle battles that require strategic maneuvers to dominate your rivals. Employ Ja Morant, Kyrie Irving and Stephen Curry into your lineup, as well as other NBA stars you can collect such as James Harden, Chris Paul, and Jimmy Butler. Strategize when forming your squad by taking into account your players' unique skills to ultimately conquer your opponents. Charge up player abilities through puzzle combos to make impressive plays, such as slam dunks, fast breaks, and steals. Enter real-time player-to-player match-ups to win rare rewards and elevate your leaderboard ranking. Battle fiercely with other competitors to make a clear run for the Championship. NBA Ball Stars Features: Collect NBA Stars: - Draft an impressive roster of top NBA players of the league - Collect the signature stars of the Celtics, Nets, Bucks, Lakers, Knicks, and more - Fuel their Offensive and Defensive skills with every passing level - Strategize based on the abilities of your players - Squad up with the strongest team to claim the victory PvP Puzzle Game: - Combine puzzle matches with the NBA to create exhilarating gameplay - Connect 3 gems to charge up your players' skills to unleash stunning moves, such as steals, fast breaks, and slam dunks - Spectate awe-inspiring board clearing effects that secure you the win Team Up and Compete: - Challenge other authentic player-created teams - Score a win to claim exclusive rewards - Elevate your leaderboard ranking and secure valuable trophies Get NBA Ball Stars today to elevate your score and secure a place at the top.
NBA Clash: Basketball Game

NBA Clash: fast-paced, head-to-head 3-on-3 basketball game with NBA Stars. Outplay opponents with special abilities and dominate the leaderboard.

NBA Clash: Basketball GameNifty Games Inc
Experience the thrill of basketball like never before with NBA Clash - the fast-paced head-to-head game that will have you hooked! Show off your skills by utilizing quick drives to the basket, long-range 3-pointers, and explosive dunks to school your opponents. Unlock new NBA Stars as you climb the leaderboards and build your ideal team with the best strategies to dominate the competition and become the ultimate NBA Clash champion! Outplay your opponents with NBA Clash's extensive library of Action Zones and surprise them with a range of tactics such as killer pump fakes and fadeaways to clutch shots and rim wreckers. Activate critical abilities such as "Minus 1: Teamwork" by Luka Doncic or "And 1" by James Harden to set your team apart from the rest. Choose from legendary players such as Giannis Antetokounmpo, Stephen Curry, and Kevin Durant and watch them execute their unique abilities to give you an edge over your competition. Get ready to become a basketball superstar with NBA Clash as you unlock more NBA Stars as you progress. Master your favorite player's actions zones and create killer crossovers and unstoppable dunks. With infinite ways to mix and match your lineup, you can create the ultimate squad and take home the championship! Feel like you're on the court with NBA Clash's arcade-style gameplay, and go head-to-head against other players from around the world in tactical and fast-paced battles. With 30 teams to choose from, pick your favorite NBA squad and show the world what you're made of by climbing to the top of the leaderboard! So, whether you're a basketball fanatic or just love fast-paced competitive games, get in the game and show everyone who's the real King of the Court! Rep your favorite team from all the teams in the league, including Los Angeles Lakers, Brooklyn Nets, and Houston Rockets. NBA Clash is the ultimate test of your basketball knowledge and skills that you simply cannot miss!
NBA All-World

NBA All-World: Ball out in drill mini-games, rep your neighborhood, and challenge NBA players. Customize your player with exclusive gear and compete.

NBA All-WorldNiantic, Inc.
Introducing a whole new ball game in the digital world - NBA All-World. Suit up, gear up and dominate the court in this latest addition to the basketball gaming genre. Represent your hood by exploring the vicinity and challenging NBA celebrities. Apart from experiencing 1v1 gameplay, you can showcase your skills by taking part in mini-drill games. The game allows you to elevate your cool quotient by customizing your avatar with hip outfits from preeminent sports and lifestyle brands. NBA All World is a pioneer in revolutionizing basketball games and will test your mettle by engaging you in exploring, collecting, and competing against some of the fiercest opponents in the game. Cement your legacy among the greats by giving this game your best shot! _______________ Some useful notes: - This is a free game to play, but in-game purchases are offered. - NBA All-World is designed for smartphones and not optimized for tablets. - It is crucial to play the game with a strong network connection (Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G, 5G, or LTE) for accurate location information. - Devices running on Android 8.0 or above (API 26) with at least 4GB of RAM are compatible, however, compatibility is not guaranteed for devices without GPS capability or those connected only to Wi-Fi networks - Niantic reserves the right to modify compatibility information anytime. - The game is best experienced with a screen resolution of 720 x 1280 pixels. - The game's information is current as of January 1, 2023. © 2023 NBA & NBPA. All rights reserved. Niantic reserves the rights to the game.
EA SPORTS FC™ Mobile Soccer

Build your ultimate team with real-world soccer legends, play in PvP modes and compete in UCL tournaments with EA SPORTS FC™ MOBILE 24.

EA SPORTS FC™ Mobile SoccerElectronic Arts
Introducing EA SPORTS FC™ MOBILE 24, the ultimate soccer gaming experience. Join millions of soccer fans from across the world in building your dream Ultimate Team™, featuring world-class talent like Vini Jr., Erling Haaland, Virgil van Dijk, Son Heung-min and many more. Play as your favourite team from top leagues around the world, including LALIGA EA SPORTS, Premier League, and more, and score goals with some of the best players from the current season. Get ready to face the toughest opponents in immersive PvP modes, such as Head-to-Head, VS Attack, and Manager Mode and showcase your skills on the pitch. With true player personality reflecting the authentic characteristics of real soccer stars, this game boasts dynamic game speed, allowing for more player attributes and impact. Players get to experience an elite shooting system and impact controls like Power Shot, Hard Tackle, and Knock On, which make defending and scoring easier and more exciting. EA SPORTS FC MOBILE 24 offers realistic sports game thrills with real-time 11v11 gameplay, authentic soccer game action and immersive features such as dynamic cameras and impactful replays. Football fans can experience realistic stadium SFX and enjoy live on-field audio commentary. Unlock stadiums and weather modes to add to the realism of the game, and customize everything from kit to boots, including Club Crest, Ball, Jersey, Kit style, and Number. Featuring over 15,000 fully licensed players, 650+ teams, and 30+ leagues from around the world, players can experience the biggest competitions, leagues, and players in football history. Play with football legends such as Ronaldinho, Steven Gerrard, and Wayne Rooney and join the biggest football competitions and leagues including the Premier League, LALIGA EA SPORTS, UEFA Champions League, Bundesliga, Ligue 1, Serie A, CONMEBOL Libertadores, and many more. In the UCL TOURNAMENT MODE, players can unlock all 32 qualified teams and play from group stage to final to become a Champion. Experience the authentic UCL broadcasting package, UCL stadium art, official UCL ball and the iconic trophy ceremony with localized UCL commentary to bring the most immersive match atmosphere. This must-play soccer game requires an Internet connection, and includes in-game advertising. The app uses Google Play Game Services and allows players above the minimum age of digital consent to communicate via League chat. It includes optional in-game purchases of virtual currency that can be used to acquire virtual in-game items, including a random selection of virtual in-game items. FC Points are not available in Belgium. Get ready to join the club and build your dream team with EA SPORTS FC MOBILE 24.
Basketball Arena

Basketball game featuring real-time 1v1 multiplayer matches, slam dunks, superpowers, career advancement, tournament play, and more. All free to play!

Basketball ArenaMasomo Gaming
Can you handle the heat on the court? Get ready to challenge your friends on this thrilling basketball game, brought to you by the masterminds behind Head Ball 2! Step up and test your skills against real players in heart-stopping 1v1 multiplayer matches that are bound to get your adrenaline pumping. Dazzle your opponents with incredible slam dunks, nail those long 3-point shots, and unleash amazing superpowers that will help you win and earn valuable cups. In head-to-head matches, it's all about stealing the ball and scoring points to fill up the ball basket and claim your rewards. As you advance in your career, you'll unlock new characters and upgraded courts that will take you to even greater heights. But the excitement doesn't end there! Join real-time tournaments and compete against other players to become a champion and reap the most valuable rewards. Don't lose your win streak if you want to claim the top spot on the leaderboard! Connect with your friends by linking your social media accounts, and take advantage of Season Pass, Tournament, and Party Room bonuses to earn even more valuable prizes. Unlock new players, courts, and coaches, and use your superpowers to their fullest to climb the ranks and reach the top. Complete daily missions to receive legendary characters and big rewards every day, and remember, it's all free to play! Just make sure you have an internet connection, and you're ready to start the game of your life.
Rocket League Sideswipe

Rocket-powered cars play soccer in fast-paced 2-minute mobile games. Customize cars, win matches, and climb the leaderboard in Ranked Mode.

Rocket League SideswipePsyonix Studios
Rocket League Sideswipe is the ultimate fusion of car games and soccer, presented by the creators of the widely popular game, Rocket League. With this game, you can now join an upgraded version of multiplayer car soccer on your mobile device. The fast-paced soccer game features thrilling 2-minute matches where you can score goals and tweak your car's aesthetic in the Garage. Engage in game parties with your friends or play online games with players from all across the globe. To win matches, you must strategically drive supersonic race cars and drive the soccer ball into your opponent's net. If you have the skills, you can even fly into the air and do some trick shots, including the famous flip reset. Participating in worldwide Ranked Matches will help you dominate the soccer field and climb the top of the car soccer leaderboard. You can join in Casual Mode if you just want to have fun and perform mind-blowing maneuvers without worrying about your rank. The multiplayer soccer game takes action to the next level by combining soccer with rocket-powered cars. As you play online multiplayer games for free, master the game's intuitive touch controls designed explicitly for mobile gameplay. The game's Arena car action only requires three buttons to get you started, enabling easy-to-learn gameplay that leaves room for freestyle stunts. Chase down the soccer ball with aerial boosts and go offensive on your opponents. There are many random in-game changes in the casual Game Mode Mutator Madness that you can take advantage of with your two-player game and communicate with Quick Chat Stickers. The game's Rocket League Sideswipe Features are impressive, a perfect way to keep you busy and excited, and they include Car Customization,. Customize your cars with Items that are unlocked as soon as you play car soccer online. With thousands of customization combinations, you can personalize your unique sports car any way you want. You can even unlock cars, wheels, decals, among others, by playing soccer with a twist. In conclusion, Rocket League Sideswipe is a re-invented and improved version of the original Rocket League game for mobile devices. It is perfect for anyone who loves car games and soccer, and it offers captivating gameplay, various customization options, and endless fun. Download Rocket League Sideswipe today and join in on the action! Stay in touch with the latest news and updates by following their website, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Discord. Start with the car soccer tutorial to learn the controls you need and hone your skills to beat your rivals on the pitch in this next-level sports game.

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