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Pilot Brothers 3: Back Side of the Earth

Investigate Tasmania's animal decline in 1958. Suspect: Carbofos. Help Brothers Chief and Colleague save rare elephants.

Pilot Brothers 3: Back Side of the EarthMahjong Brain Games
Welcome to Berdichev, in the spring of 1958. Sensible Brother Chief and his less intelligent assistant, Brother Colleague, stumbled upon a report in the papers about the significant decrease in the population of rare animals in Tasmania. Being the concerned citizens that they are, they decided to embark on a mission to the island to investigate the matter. After some digging, they discovered that the main culprit behind the decline of wildlife was Carbofos, a toxic chemical agent that was being used extensively by the local farmers. However, they soon realized that the situation was much more dire than they had anticipated. The poor elephants were in danger of extinction! Will you join Chief and Colleague in their quest to save these magnificent creatures and put an end to Carbofos? Be prepared to face numerous challenges and obstacles on your journey, as you navigate through Tasmania's rugged terrain and interact with its diverse wildlife. Use your wit and problem-solving skills to bypass traps and puzzles, collect clues, and uncover the truth behind the toxic chemical's usage. This is not just a game about saving elephants, it's a game about raising awareness and taking action against environmental hazards. With rich and immersive visuals and soundscapes, you'll feel like you're actually there, on a mission to save the world, one elephant at a time. Do you have what it takes to be a hero? Play now and find out!
Pilot Brothers 2

Help Pilot Brothers save their cat from the Experimental Chef Sumo in a world filled with challenging puzzles and absurdly witty mini-games!

Pilot Brothers 2Mahjong Brain Games
Join the daring detectives Brother Chief and Brother Colleague on an exciting adventure in this hair-raising case! The villainous Experimental Chef Sumo has kidnapped Arsenic, the beloved cat of the Pilot Brothers, with the sinister plan of serving him as a dish with a side of French fries. The skilled duo must use all their wits and experience to track down Arsenic before it's too late. Your mission begins with constructing the face of the catnapper with the help of a witness. As you progress through the game, you'll find yourself taking on challenging puzzles and slipping past ticket collectors at the railway station. You'll even drive a railroad handcar and chase a train to rescue Arsenic and bring him home. But that's just the beginning! The Pilot Brothers must also cross a treacherous river without a bridge to continue their pursuit. Can you join them in their perilous journey and help them save Arsenic? With nine increasingly difficult levels, this game keeps you on your toes as you help the Pilot Brothers in their quest. Choose to play as Brother Chief or Brother Colleague and experience different perspectives throughout the game. Expect fast-paced arcade mini-games and absurdly witty puzzles that will keep you entertained for hours. Don't miss your chance to join the famed duo in their search for the serial maniac and save Arsenic in this heart-pounding quest!
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Flight Pilot Simulator: 3D Flying Games

Fly your way through a range of missions and planes, from props to supersonic jets, in immersive scenarios with realistic graphics and controls.

Flight Pilot Simulator: 3D Flying GamesFun Games For Free
Are you dreaming of flying higher and higher? Take up the challenge in Flight Pilot Simulator 3D and experience ultra realistic 3D graphics with impressive animations. Enjoy a wide variety of real-life planes, ranging from single engine prop planes to supersonic jets, from airliners to military aircraft. Complete fun and challenging missions, such as emergency situations, search and rescue missions, rough landings, fires, and races. Discover a captivating open map full of surprises that you can explore in free flight mode. The intuitive mobile controls and addicing gameplay will keep you engaged for hours. Fun is 100% guaranteed! Flight Pilot Simulator 3D is not your typical repetitive game. Be a hero by racing against time to save lives during emergencies, control fires in the mountains, or land safely on a tiny airstrip or on an aircraft carrier warship. Play anywhere, anytime, as no internet connection is required. Flight Pilot Simulator 3D won't consume too much data from your mobile plan as it is free to play. Our team is working hard to ensure the game runs smoothly on all Android phones and tablets. Should you experience any issues, please report them to us via Get ready to soar through the skies in Flight Pilot Simulator 3D!
My Taxi Company

Manage a taxi company, pick up passengers, complete tasks, and build an empire in My Taxi Company game.

My Taxi CompanyRoastery Games
Are you curious about the experience of owning a taxi business? This is your chance to find out! With My Taxi Company, you can put your management skills to the test by building and operating an entire empire of taxi cabs. As the game provides you with control over a brand new taxi company, your goal is to complete operator missions and pick up passengers from their respective locations before transporting them to their final destinations. Your efficiency in accomplishing these tasks is key to success, so be sure to prioritize speed and accuracy. With each mission completed, you will earn a profit - allowing you to expand and develop your very own taxi empire. Hone your strategic business skills in this exciting game and become the ultimate taxi company tycoon!
Sport car 3 : Taxi & Police - drive simulator

Customize and race diverse cars in online competition. Explore a range of modes, detailed interiors, and settings in this stunning, Sports Car 3.

Sport car 3 : Taxi & Police - drive simulatorSportCarGames
Get ready to experience thrilling and diverse sports and car tuning gameplay with "Sports Car 3: Taxi & Police." This game boasts incredible graphics and a stunning driving style that will leave you feeling exhilarated. Select your preferred vehicle and customize it to your liking, then hit the streets to showcase your skills. With a range of exciting features and facilities, this game offers something for everyone. Compete online with a group of players in local multiplayer mode, or take on a variety of missions that include taxi and travel, freight, car parking, drag, street racing, hunter, car delivery, and more. Personalize your car with an array of features, including taillights, headlights, audio systems, recording, dashboard, front tray, hood, roof, carrier, and much more. Enjoy a detailed interior view of your car, complete with features such as wipers and a sports odometer. This game features professional driving settings, including options for clutch, pilot gear, automatic and manual gear, and more. Experience an accurate simulation and breathtaking graphics, with a variety of cars that possess precise details in accordance with reality. Expect to drive all kinds of vehicles, from Peugeot to Pars, and everything in between. Choose from different modes of day, evening, and night, with all types of weather: clear, rainy, and snowy. The user interface is designed to be beautiful and attractive, with the added bonus of a professional music player that allows you to play your own music through the game. Take full control of your ride by adjusting the height of the front and rear wheels separately. For support, contact the game developers via Telegram at @SportsCarAdmin or email them at Get ready to take on the ultimate driving experience with "Sports Car 3: Taxi & Police.
Police Sim 2022

Patrol gigantic cities with countless vehicles, upgrades and officers in this police simulator with amazing graphics and real-life features.

Police Sim 2022Ovidiu Pop
Immerse yourself in the thrilling world of law enforcement as you patrol the streets and become the ultimate Police Officer in this exciting driving simulation game. With vast open world maps to explore, numerous vehicle choices, upgrades and officers, and several types of missions, this new police simulator game has everything you need to enjoy the ultimate police experience. Choose your favorite vehicle from a superb collection of cars, classic police cruisers, super cars, hyper cars, and massive SWAT trucks that will make your patrolling escapades even more thrilling. You can either complete missions or navigate the huge maps in your car freely. You can engage in numerous types of missions in this new 2022 Police simulation game. Opt for a chase and hit the suspect's car in the Chase mission for a thrilling experience, or try out the police escort mission. Moreover, you can employ your squad to stop suspects' vehicles with spike strips in the Roadblock mission, or relish in giving out tickets in the Parking and Radar missions. If you like going undercover, this next-gen police simulator has you covered. With an exclusive set of challenges unique to the game, you can experience the excitement of car chases in the Fugitive mission or tail unsuspecting cars from a distance in the Follow mission. Success can be achieved in Stakeout missions when you take photographs of illegal activities. The Police Simulator Features include: ◾ A phenomenal variety of different vehicle types. ◾ A wide selection of police officers. ◾ Explore gigantic cities that are four times more extensive than before. ◾ Eight mission types with more updates in store! ◾ Realistic Controls that you can personalize to your preference. ◾ Features that enhance the realism and physics of the game. ◾ Visual tuning features and Police cruiser upgrades. ◾ Breathtaking next-gen graphics with weather effects like rain and fog. ◾ Ultra-realistic city traffic (cars, vans, trucks, motorcycles, bicycles). ◾ Pedestrian traffic to make the city feel vibrant. ◾ Several gaming modes, including Career, Free Roam, Multiplayer and more, featuring milestones and challenges. ◾ Periodic updates to keep the game entertaining and exhilarating. ◾ More exciting missions and police cars will be added in 2022. ◾ Request additional vehicles or features through social media platforms. Don't miss out on the opportunity to become a Police Officer in this realistic police simulator game. Install it now and begin your adventure! Privacy Policy:
Taxi Game 2

Drive your taxi through the city traffic, pick up passengers, take them to destinations and build your empire in Taxi Game 2 - the best driving simulator.

Taxi Game 2baklabs
Taxi Game 2 is the latest driving simulator with added career mode where you can improve your skills to become a pro taxi driver and create your own empire. Discover the constantly updated world of Taxi Game 2 and enjoy new car purchases, dispatch calls and exploration of various city zones. This free cab simulator offers the best gaming experience in comparison to other driving games available now. Taxi Game 2 has been designed with utmost attention to provide top-notch gameplay to all fans of taxi simulators. Explore the city while driving your taxi and witness the hustle-bustle of large crowds. Enjoy the freedom of a taxi driver, start your engine and race through the huge city traffic, picking up passengers and ensuring they reach their destination safely. However, beware, as driving isn't easy in the city where life moves at a fast pace. With pedestrians and other vehicles around, keep a watchful eye while you race through the city’s busy and wild streets, and refuel at gas stations whenever required. The Taxi Game 2 offers you the liberty to choose passengers. You will encounter several passengers throughout your journey, so deciding who to pick and drop off will be your choice. The city has a lot of clients to serve. Get yourself a full 3D open-world taxi driving simulator that offers GPS navigation (a simulation, of course), career mode and an array of engaging taxi driver gameplay. Experience the city through many routes and cherish top-quality graphics for a realistic approach. Join the new-age taxi game world with Taxi Game 2, which is free to download!
Los Angeles Crimes

Explore endless worlds and play free roam, team death-match, zombie survival, car race & soccer in Los Angeles Crimes, with realistic physics and PS4 controller support.

Los Angeles CrimesMohammad Alizadeh
If you are looking for a game that allows you to engage in a diverse array of captivating virtual realities crafted by gamers worldwide, then Los Angeles Crimes is the perfect game for you! With this game, you get to enjoy an array of engaging features that include free-roaming, team deathmatches, zombie survival, car racing, and soccer games among others. Additionally, you can seamlessly switch between first-person and third-person perspectives while playing the game. Moreover, you get to experience the thrill of active-ragdoll and realistic physics as you maneuver through the immersive worlds. As an added advantage, the game supports LAN connectivity and PS4 controllers through Bluetooth. With such amazing features, Los Angeles Crimes is the perfect game for anyone seeking a thrilling and immersive gaming experience.

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