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Card Guardians

Build decks and strategize against monsters in the fantasy world of Valentia. Fight bosses, explore kingdoms, and win battles in this epic CCG adventure.

Card GuardiansTapps Games - PT
Welcome to the magical world of Valentia where the peaceful existence was disrupted by the Day of Chaos. The land became filled with mysterious magic, corrupting all living creatures and bringing forth monsters and the Guardians of Chaos. Are you prepared to embark on a thrilling journey filled with adventure and build your card battle deck to win battles against monsters? Step into the shoes of the hero in this epic RPG adventure game and explore the various unexplored realms of Valentia filled with dangers and mysteries that threaten the peace of the land. Use your strategic skills to create battle strategies and overcome the challenges that come your way. Download Card Guardians for free and indulge in the gripping story that unfolds in the game while enjoying the thrill of card battles. As you progress in the game, you will gain access to a plethora of cards that you can use to build your RPG strategy and overcome your opponents. Journey through dungeons, castles, forests, and deserts while engaging in battles, and gather the powerful cards necessary to defeat the enemies overtaken by the Magic of Chaos. The final challenge in each kingdom will be the Chaos Guardians, the powerful bosses that you'll need to face. To emerge victorious, you must construct the best card deck and come up with a foolproof strategy to overcome them. Explore your enemies' weaknesses and use them to your advantage while being careful not to make any strategic errors in this world of roguelike games. Your journey to explore the kingdoms of Valentia will lead you to unknown species and treasures protected by Chaos Magic. You'll need to be equipped with the best card battle deck to face these challenges. Download Card Guardians, the ultimate card deck building RPG, for free and indulge in a world of adventure! While Card Guardians: Deck Builder is a free offline game, it does offer optional in-game features and items.
Miracle Merchant

Create potions & collect them in solitaire style gameplay. Mix and match cards to please customers in this puzzle game.

Miracle MerchantArnold Rauers
Miracle Merchant is an intriguing game that allows you to embark on a journey as an apprentice of an experienced alchemist. Your responsibility is to concoct potions perfectly tailored to the needs of the awaiting customers utilizing different ingredient cards assembled through mixing and combination. Each game proposes a unique set of cards, which are randomly generated, testing your skills and leaving you with a chance to gather an impressive range of excellently crafted potions after completing games. Aside from the excitement of the game, there are daily tasks that keep you engaged and hooked. Also, you can compete with other players globally and establish yourself as the leading merchant by recording high scores through online leaderboards. Miracle Merchant's distinctive solitaire style gameplay, mind-bending 2-3 minute playtime, and immersive mix and combine puzzle gameplay are some of the features that make it stand out. In addition, there are 41 collectable and unique potions to explore, with daily games and global highscores. To enjoy this fantastic game, head over to and
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Night of Full Moon

A dark fairy tale come to life with exquisite 2D artwork and over 500 cards to choose from. Conquer over 93 mysterious villains with your chosen Little Red Riding Hood profession.

Night of Full MoonGiant Network
- Experience a captivating storyline filled with twists and turns Immerse yourself in a free exploration of a dark fairy tale world... The once-beautiful Black Forest is now under a curse, perpetually snowed in An enigmatic red figure has appeared, heralding a change... As you guide the little girl on her quest to find her missing grandmother, will you uncover the truth behind the legend? Get ready for unraveling the mystery… - Enjoy exquisite 2D artwork and animations, crafted exclusively for the game Choose from 6 unique professions for Little Red Riding Hood, each with its own perks. Witness stunning card effects during battles that'll leave you spellbound! Download the game now and enter into an enthralling card war! - Encounter mysterious events that occur at random What decision will you make when you find yourself at a crossroads? Remember to choose wisely, for once you make your choice, there's no turning back... - Multiple storylines to explore Who is awaiting your rescue? Who dares to stand up against your mighty 1V1 extermination? Browse among over 500 cards to find the ones that suit your fairy tale best. - Take on a wide range of challenging bosses! Awaken mythical monsters that have been slumbering for ages. Tackle over 93 different villains, each one more mysterious than the last. The road to victory awaits you! - Stand together and face the odds! You don't have to face the dangers alone – choose your own retinue! Indulge in thrilling PvE hunting duels that'll keep you hooked! Begin your journey to victory now! Like to know more about us? Get in touch: Stay updated about our latest mobile games by following us on Facebook: Chat with us on Discord: Connect with us on Twitter: Find us on Wechat: Night of The Full Moon Join us on Weibo: Night of The Full Moon

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