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Best puzzle mobile games 2023

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Tiny Connections

Tiny Connections is a puzzle game where players connect houses with infrastructure in tight spaces while balancing efficiency and community well-being.

Tiny ConnectionsShort Circuit Studio
If you enjoy puzzle games, Tiny Connections is the perfect challenge for you. You will have to connect houses with essential services such as water and power while considering the well-being of the community. It is not an easy task to achieve as the game's layout is designed to test your cleverness and strategy. Your objective in Tiny Connections is to link households of the same colour to their matching stations while avoiding any roadblocks. The game gets increasingly difficult with each level you unlock, but worry not as the game makers have included power-ups to help you out. Tiny Connections has a simple, user-friendly interface that provides a relaxing experience for players to enjoy as they connect houses. You will be able to escape the chaos of daily life by immersing yourself in this game. The game has features such as an easy Connection System, supporting seamless connections between the houses from matching infrastructure. The powers ups such as tunnels, junctions, house rotations and powerful swaps will enhance your strategy and advance the game. Dive into real-world maps that were inspired by real countries and include unique challenges for players to overcome. To add to the excitement, Tiny Connections has daily and weekly challenges where you can compete for rewards and put your skills to the test. Furthermore, you can earn achievements and climb the global leaderboard to show others your gaming expertise. This game is designed to be inclusive and accessible to all players with a colourblind mode that supports multiple variations. In conclusion, Tiny Connections allows players to immerse themselves in this world of puzzles and strategy, and available in multiple languages such as English, French, Dutch, German, Spanish, Russian, Italian, Japanese, Thai, Korean and Portuguese.

Relax & solve puzzles while helping characters progress through their emotional story in the beautiful scenery of Linea. Collect fireflies & secrets.

LineaInfinity Games, Lda
Linea is a puzzle narrative game that invites you to lend a hand to the characters by drawing a line from their starting point to the end of the bright path. This game offers an opportunity to relieve stress, explore beautifully crafted worlds, challenge yourself, and get emotionally invested in interesting stories. Embark on a mesmerizing journey where you help various characters complete their own unique stories by solving puzzles and discovering new lines of dialogue. Each story is different from the last, with its own locations, characters, and dialogue to uncover. Linea ensures that you get hooked by introducing additional objectives as you progress through the game. What makes Linea stand out is its blissful musical score and ambiance that will enchant you throughout the course of the game. Every short story features new characters with individual goals, and you need to pass levels to help them progress. Linea is a challenging game to give you that sense of achievement, packaged in a cute and minimalistic vibe. In addition to solving puzzles and uncovering dialogue, collecting fireflies is another fun part of the game. These mystical creatures are scattered throughout the puzzle levels and collecting them opens up a whole new level of reward: special collectibles in the form of photographs of locations you have visited. The more fireflies you gather, the more secrets you uncover. In summary, Linea invites you to explore charming stories, discoveries and secrets, and a gallery filled with stunning photographs to be unlocked and revealed. Infinity Games has again come up with an enticing game that makes for a truly enjoyable getaway. Download Linea today and experience the perfect blend of puzzle-solving, narrative excitement, and mini-games all wrapped in a relaxing gameplay package you won’t soon forget. Visit to learn more.
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Puzzle Light: Physics Escape

Maze Light is a physics-based puzzle game with challenging mazes, minimalist design, and light & shadow mechanics. Test your reflexes and problem-solving skills in this monumental adventure.

Puzzle Light: Physics EscapeViva Games Studios
Maze Light is a stunning puzzle game that defies the mind, showcasing stunning isometric graphics and a subtle design. Immerse yourself in an array of bright levels overflowing with intricate mazes, gratifying puzzles, and dynamic obstacles. Challenge your dexterity, reflexes, and analytical skills in this masterpiece game. Key Features: Demanding Puzzles: Experience an array of puzzles that will put your brainpower and speed to the test. Ensure that you plan your movements meticulously and adapt to different situations, to reach your end goal. Physics-Based Mechanics: Manipulate gravity, friction, bouncing effects and more to overcome the hurdles, navigate through the labyrinth, and guide your ball through the exit. Use various strategies and approaches to search for the perfect way out. Colorful & Simple Design: Bask in the beauty of an appealing visual experience, featuring a simplistic art style. Each level is packed with vibrant shades that come to life before your very eyes. Light & Shade: Use the play between light and shade to exploit secret paths, manipulate obstacles, and solve complex puzzles. Multiple Levels: Level up through a multitude of levels - each with its own peculiar difficulties, challenges, and riddles. None of them has the same obstacles, providing a fresh and enjoyable experience platform with each new step. Precise & Swift: Assimilate the skill of precision as you take aim, shoot, or toss your ball with perfect precision to dodge obstacles and escape each labyrinth. Monumental Experience: Light & Shadow Labyrinth adds a memorable gaming experience to your playlist, providing a fusion between physics, puzzles, and maze challenges for an immersive thrill. Start your adventure through the Light & Shadow Labyrinths. Prepare to test the limits of your intelligence and speed. Can you uncover the maze's secrets and conquer the puzzling monument waiting?

Explore Chengying plain with a boy and girl to discover Treeman's truth, solving puzzles by changing viewpoints while unraveling a self-discovery story.

AntivineUSERJOY Technology Co., Ltd.
Are plants capable of feeling emotions? This is a question that the game Antivine poses to the players. Embark on an exciting adventure with a unique boy from the village and a girl with amnesia, in the breathtaking but treacherous Chengying plain filled with dense vines. Solve puzzles and overcome obstacles as you journey towards the source of the Treeman. In order to discover the truth behind the Treeman, it is said that one must first obtain an order, and only then will branches sprout out of one's body, transforming them into a plant. To find a cure for this phenomenon, one must search for the mountain God on the other side of the land. Changing your perspective is one of the central themes in Antivine. With a simple click, players have the power to change their surroundings and perspectives, clearing all puzzles in their way. At its core, Antivine is a captivating self-discovery story that delves deeper into complex issues such as identity and the meaning of true existence. Players will enjoy a relaxing pace, solving puzzles and meeting a new friend along the way. Explore an intricately designed world and find the answer to life's fundamental questions. This enchanting game has received numerous awards and accolades, including the Merit Award of Bahamut ACG Creation Contest Game, Special Award of Rayark Vision Get Wild Award, Gold Award of Youth Innovation Design Festival Tech and Game Design, and Gold Award of K.T. Creativity Award Digital Game. Join the exciting journey and uncover the fate and truth that awaits the boy in this captivating game - Antivine. Are you ready to take on the challenge?
50 Tiny Room Escape

Escape from 50 Tiny Rooms by solving puzzles, code locks, and riddles in fully 3D levels. Uncover the mystery behind 5 seemingly unconnected people.

50 Tiny Room EscapeKiary Games ltd
50 Tiny Room Escape is an innovative game that combines classic room escape and point-and-click quest elements. The story begins with the player waking up in a closed room, and they must uncover how they arrived there and what is happening around them as they progress through different rooms. Throughout the 50 puzzle rooms, players will encounter various challenges such as code locks, riddles, and other problem-solving puzzles that must be solved to open the final door out of the room. The plot revolves around five different individuals who have all experienced mysterious closed rooms; while they may seem unconnected at first, players will eventually uncover the truth about their shared experience. This game is ideal for adults who enjoy challenging puzzle games. All 50 rooms can be completed without any in-app purchases, making for a completely free gaming experience. The game's world is fully 3D and should be rotated to reveal different perspectives, creating a stunning isometric diorama effect. There are 50 completely different rooms to explore and escape from, each with their own unique layout and puzzles. Additionally, almost everything in the game world is interactive, giving players a more immersive experience. The various puzzles and riddles in each room are so challenging that players may feel like they have no way out. The story includes an unexpected final twist that adds to the suspense and intrigue of the game. Are you ready to take on the challenge of escaping these tiny rooms filled with puzzles and riddles? Download the game now and test your problem-solving skills!
LEGO Bricktales

Design puzzles from your imagination in LEGO Bricktales. Help your grandfather save his amusement park by exploring beautiful dioramas and solving puzzles.

LEGO BricktalesThunderful
LEGO® Bricktales introduces an innovative approach to building puzzles where you can use your creativity to come up with your own solutions. You can bring your creations to life in a stunning LEGO world where each puzzle has a constructive resolution. Follow a fascinating journey to save your grandfather's failing amusement park by exploring a variety of LEGO diorama biomes, ranging from bustling city corners to towering medieval castles, and tropical Caribbean islands, all made brick by brick. Accompanied by your little robot friend, solve puzzles and earn new skills to further delve into the secrets and mysteries of the worlds you encounter. From aesthetic designs such as market stands and music boxes to functional physics-based puzzles like cranes and gyrocopters, each diorama offers multiple construction spots that let you unleash your intuitive brick-by-brick building. In addition to completing specific quests and puzzles, you can customize the amusement park rides to your liking. Your grandfather has called for assistance as the park is on the verge of closure and the mayor is threatening to shut it down if the necessary repairs are not made, leading to the family losing the land. Hence, your goal is to use an alien technology-based device powered by happy crystals to revitalize the park. Harvest happiness crystals by making people happy and resolving their issues, all while travelling to different locations worldwide using a portal. Save the day and be part of an exciting building adventure. LEGO Bricktales presents a globetrotting adventure filled with fun secrets to uncover and lively dialogue to enjoy. You can explore five distinct story world biomes and the amusement park hub, all crafted entirely from LEGO bricks. You will discover the most intuitive brick-by-brick building in a LEGO video game that lets you see your creations come to life in a three-dimensional world. Different types of puzzles will put your building skills to the test, providing varying challenges, such as using your engineering genius to build a bridge for a digger or designing a new throne for the King. Complete a construction spot to unlock Sandbox Mode, where you can perfect your building skills using a vast selection of additional bricks from various themes. You can collect numerous items and unlock new options for your wardrobe or sandbox mode, allowing you to make a unique character of your own design.
Teeny Tiny Town

Build your own town by merging and constructing structures in the captivating puzzle game TEENY TINY TOWN. Challenge yourself and expand exponentially.

Teeny Tiny TownShort Circuit Studio
Get ready to experience the delightful and addictive world of TEENY TINY TOWN, the charming puzzle builder that lets you create, merge, and expand your own tiny metropolis. As an aspiring architect, you'll start by combining various items on the board to build new structures – from humble trees to grand houses and beyond. Watch in wonder as your town blossoms and grows before your very eyes, powered by your own creativity and puzzle-solving prowess. With each new level comes unique challenges and opportunities, as well as exciting new resources to unlock and incorporate into your expanding city. You'll need to carefully manage your resources and make smart decisions as you strategize your way to maximum growth and development. Along the way, you'll enjoy relaxing music and ambient sounds as you master the art of efficient urban planning and compete on global leaderboards. With engaging levels, delightful details, and endless possibilities for expansion, TEENY TINY TOWN is the perfect way to unleash your inner architect and build the miniature metropolis of your dreams. So what are you waiting for? Set your sights on greatness and join the fun today!
Land Builder

Build your world piece-by-piece and expand as you earn stars. Land Builder is a relaxing and engagingly simple puzzle game.

Land BuilderSayGames LTD
Land Builder is a game that allows you to create your own dream world, a puzzle game that provides a soothing and calming experience, and an adventure game that empowers you to craft the world of your imagination. It's a simulator game where you can piece-by-piece construct your own world. The concept is simple - put the hexagonal pieces adjacent to each other, and build your world in the manner that you want to. However, you can enjoy hours and hours of construction simulator fun and calming entertainment with Land Builder. You earn stars for each piece you place, and as you earn more, you unlock numerous world-building features such as factories, farms, oil rigs, monuments, leisure facilities, and other infrastructure that add further variety to your ever-growing world. Furthermore, each piece you place also earns you improvements to various elements of the game, such as making the details of towns, countryside, and sea more beautiful, clear, and appealing. The game's relaxing and soothing nature is such that it makes it more of a meditative indulgence than a daunting and tiring puzzle game. The horizon is infinite in Land Builder, and the game has been specifically created to make the puzzle adventure relaxing rather than frustrating. With its calming music, gentle sound effects and beautiful graphics, getting lost in the sea of Land Builder is always a satisfying and calming experience. The game doesn't have any wrong answers or false moves, and you have the option to undo your previous move anytime you want. Land Builder provides you with a whole new world of possibilities that can fire your imagination and boost your creative impulses. You can create any combination of countryside, town, and sea, build your own little village, a chain of picturesque islands, or a lively seaside city - it's entirely up to you how the landscape evolves. As you progress through the game, new bonuses are unlocked, providing you with more opportunities to reshape and adjust the world you've already created, allowing you to redesign the world as per your wishes or simply smooth out any inconsistencies. You can zoom in to see the beauty of each little piece up close or zoom out to see the whole expanse of the world you've built. Land Builder is a perfect game for anyone looking for a casual puzzle game that is both captivating and relaxing. Download and explore the game right now, and enter a world of endless possibilities. Privacy Policy: Terms of Use:
Cut the Rope 3

Join Om Nom, Nibble Nom and the Nommies in a physics-based adventure full of cute monsters and challenging puzzles. Become the Ultimate Explorer!

Cut the Rope 3ZeptoLab
Embark on an extraordinary journey with the lovable Om Nom and his adorable companion Nibble Nom to traverse unknown territories! Set off on this thrilling expedition with an aged map, uncovering incredible discoveries and conquering challenging conundrums across stunning locations. Solve each puzzle to unveil new breeds of Nommies and earn the title of the Ultimate Explorer. FOR ENTHUSIASTS OF PHYSICS-BASED ENTERTAINMENT: Satisfy your cravings with all the classic Cut the Rope features and an abundance of fresh characteristics that are sure to captivate you! FOR FANS OF ADVENTURES: Wander through breathtaking landscapes and singular levels that will test your cognitive abilities, while striving to amass as many brilliant stars as possible! FOR ADMIRES OF ADORABLE MONSTERS: Om Nom, the world's finest, cutest monster, the cute and competitive Nibble Nom, and an abundance of affectionate Nommies to collect! The latest addition to the world-renowned Cut the Rope family transports players into an immersive and colorful universe. The key to journeying is to reunite the anxious Nibble Nom with Om Nom, but how? Objects in each stage will provide assistance, but only if you are smart enough to use them. Determine the solution and embark on this exhilarating adventure today!
Assemble With Care

Restore old objects and help reconnect the townsfolk of sun-soaked Bellariva in this tactile puzzle game with a beautiful impressionist style.

Assemble With Careustwo games
Indulge in the warm, pleasant ambiance of this vintage puzzle game, where you are tasked with repairing old-school objects. Follow the journey of an antique-restorer, Maria, as she travels to the sun-kissed town of Bellariva, to aid the townsfolk in rekindling their ties with one another. “Perfect for mobile devices” - The Verge “Affecting and authentic experience” - Gamesradar “Exemplary case illustrating the serene satisfaction of fixing broken trinkets ... it certainly leaves an impression” - Eurogamer The craft of video game creation can be considered an art, and this game is an exquisite example of it - Touch Arcade ==== Breathe life into the defining symbols of yesteryears, and unravel their mysteries, while traveling through the eyes of Maria. Enjoy the heart-warming tale of the residents of Bellariva, with their endearing peculiarities, as you partake in their quest to reconnect with each other. The reminiscing of bygone days is enhanced by the original soundtrack, inspired by the tunes of the 80s, lending the game a sense of nostalgia. Be awestruck by the intricate, impressionist style of the visuals, that are hand-illustrated, giving the gameplay a state of uniqueness.

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