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ALT City

ALT CITY: a massive multiplayer crime simulator filled with interactions, professions, car upgrades, weapons, and gangs. Rise to the top and choose your own path.

ALT CityLEVEL26 games
ALT CITY is an outstanding MMORPG that provides a unique blend of open-world games and fighting games with shooter gameplay. It enables you to become a virtual gangster in San Andreas crime city. You can collaborate with other players to accomplish your goals swiftly and become more robust in a session comprising hundreds and thousands of people. You can sell your items to other players or exchange them and partake in online robbery games with your friends to create your gang. The game offers many classic features of online open-world games that allow you to master new professions and skills, move freely to any area within the metropolis, buy weapons, and change your skins. You can also tune and upgrade your car. With plenty of options, you can take away what you need from other players, ask for their help, cooperate with them for an efficient raid, or take revenge on them. In ALT CITY, you can rise from rock bottom and ascend to the wealthiest of Alt City to have luxurious apartments or mega-mansions. You can take part in solo or massive crime gangster raids, drive a theft auto, or rob to succeed. However, you need to stay alert because other players can steal your car or rob and raid you anytime. This game allows you to decide who you want to be and what you want to do. The highly interactive and flexible gameplay allows you to start your business, become a prosecutor, or join a gangster band. You can play your role precisely as you please and be a gangster and play your robbing games or a law-abiding citizen and fight against gangsters. You can also be a businessman or a banker and build your way to success. ALT CITY is an impressive MMORPG that involves solo activities, multiplayer interactions and engaging gameplay carefully crafted like robbery games such as San Andreas crime city. It is a shooting game created with the utmost freedom of action, interaction, and cooperation with other players and without mandatory role-playing. It is undoubtedly cooler than many other online open-world games!
Mini World: CREATA

Mini World is a 3D sandbox game for adventure and exploration. Survive, build, and play community-made games with friends in an enormous world.

Enter the world of Mini World and engage in the Toilet Monster Battle while embarking on thrilling adventures across a plethora of maps. Prepare to confront a diverse range of challenges that await you at every turn. This free 3D sandbox game revolves around exploration, adventure and the opportunity to bring your dream world to life. In contrast to other games, there is no need for grinding or leveling up, nor any in-app purchases that restrict access to features. Everyone can enjoy complete gaming freedom. Take on the Survival Mode by gathering resources and constructing tools and shelters that will ensure your survival. Continue to make and upgrade your provisions, and you will eventually face off against epic monsters in the Dungeon – whether alone or with your friends. Let your creativity run wild with the Creation Mode. You will have access to all the necessary sources right from the start, allowing you to construct anything you can imagine. You can build your own floating castle, create a mechanism that harvests automatically, or even form a map that plays music. Your imagination is the only limit. Connect with the community and delve into engaging mini-games made by other players. These field-tested mini-games span various genres such as parkour, puzzle, FPS and strategy, making gameplay more exciting and varied. Additionally, you can enjoy quick gameplay sessions and even make new friends online. Featuring monthly updates, Mini World keeps content and events refreshed. Enjoy a diverse gaming environment that consists of an enormous sandbox world with a multitude of unique monsters, blocks, materials, and mines. Take advantage of the powerful game-editor that allows for the creation of different mini-games, varying from parkour, puzzles, FPS and strategy. The game even provides localization support in 14 languages. Take part in different game modes, including Survival Mode, Creation Mode, and mini-games created by fellow players. The Gallery allows you to upload or download maps others created for others to enjoy, or simply view maps currently being played and downloaded by other gamer enthusiasts. Stay in touch with us by contacting or following us on Facebook, Twitter and joining our Discord Community.
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Action-adventure MMORPG Cyberika takes you to a cyberpunk universe. Your character fights with punks, races through neon-lit streets, and upgrades weapons, skills, and body.

CyberikaBrickworks Games Ltd
Enter the futuristic world of Cyberika, an action-adventure MMORPG, set in a cyberpunk universe named Bradbury Complex. Spoiler alert: this is not a walk in the park. You face a world of poverty and next-gen tech side-by-side, where money and guns solve everything and the police are powerless. The law of the jungle prevails, and you need to keep up to survive. Start your adventure in an old apartment on the outskirts and upgrade to luxurious penthouses in the Downtown, buying the latest fashion, high-end weapons, and impressive cars. But don’t forget to get your body augmented to be fit for this cyberpunk world! Hack your way through the city by exploring different neighborhoods controlled by gangs, or join forces with other players to complete quests and battle robots, bosses, cyber-ninjas, and other enemies. Choose from the vast arsenal of weapons, implants, and combat systems to create your own fighting strategy. Speed through the neon-lit streets in your customized car or relax at your apartment, and check out Cyberspace, where you can participate in battles or end up in cyber-prison if you're not careful. And to make sure you stand out from the crowd, customize your jacket, car, or gun to give it your personal touch. The gameplay is accompanied by an immersive retrowave and synthwave soundtrack, featuring the leading exponents of the genre, such as Magic Sword and Power Glove. Whether you're a seasoned gamer or new to the industry, Cyberika Online offers endless hours of exciting gameplay. So why wait? Join the Cyberika community on Facebook, Instagram, Discord, or Twitter and experience the future, Cyberpunk-style!

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