GamelistsBest offline mobile games😎 Part 2

Best offline mobile games😎 Part 2

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Agent A: A Puzzle In Disguise

Infiltrate, uncover, and solve puzzles in the award-winning Agent A, an espionage-themed point-and-click adventure with stylish visuals and hidden secrets.

Agent A: A Puzzle In DisguiseYak & co
As an Android Excellence award winner, Agent A is the perfect game for all secret agent enthusiasts. Get ready for a thrilling adventure as Agent A, where you will need your savvy detective skills to infiltrate Ruby La Rouge's hidden lodge and save the world from her harmful plans. But beware, Ruby is no amateur spy and will not be an easy target. With its retro futuristic gadgets, contraptions, 35 unique environments, and 100 inventory-based, hidden object and logic-based puzzles, this indie point and click adventure will keep you on the edge of your seat. You'll find yourself mentally noting the out of place objects or strange occurrences as you sleuth through the labyrinth of puzzles. These observations will come in handy later as you solve hundreds of tricky puzzles and collect hidden objects to unlock the next step in the trail of puzzles. With 50 puzzle screens to select, this quirky game of cat and mouse has something for everyone. Do you think you're the cat or the mouse in this game of wits? Agent A comes with 30 achievements and is an episodic tale of espionage that covers five chapters: Chapter 1 - A puzzle in disguise, Chapter 2 - The chase continues, Chapter 3 - Ruby's trap, Chapter 4 - A narrow escape, and Chapter 5 - The final blow. With stylish visuals inspired by the 1960s, Agent A elevates the user experience which makes it perfect for escape room enthusiasts. Good luck Agent!
Alien Invasion: RPG Idle Space

Play as an alien spider and destroy all humans in this free RPG idle game. Absorb and evolve to dominate. No internet needed.

Alien Invasion: RPG Idle SpaceMULTICAST GAMES
Are you a fan of survival games? Are you also interested in role-playing games? If you are, then Alien Invasion: RPG Idle Space is the perfect game for you! Feel like an alien, discover evolution and eradicate all humans from the planet! In the year 2042, the earth is under attack and the aliens are devouring everything in their path. No one can stop the fear monster, who looks like a big spider, and it now roams in the idle land. This free offline game is all about growth and spider evolution; if we can compare this alien with a spider or xenomorph. These ancient aliens want to eat all the time and never spare anybody. Become an invincible alien, try solo leveling and absorb weak individuals to get their DNA for your idle evolution game. Destroy all humans on the spaceship in the idle space and create your own army of aliens. Idle RPG games have been around for a while and have gained immense popularity since their inception in 2013-2014. Welcome to the club of idle gamers – download our Alien Invasion: RPG Idle Space and experience the thrill of a fantasy RPG and Idles Alien Invasion surviving game. Some new survival games are interesting, but not all of them are compelling and engaging. Our game combines different genres, such as idle survival and RPG, making it a cool survival game. You can also classify it as an idle clicker or tapping game as you have to eat humans while on the move. Our main character is similar to a spider or xenomorph from popular movies. However, it is an alien who wants to eat and destroy all humans. Try out this idle adventure and hunt everything that is in your path. Have you heard of Dead Space? Our stimulating game is just as scary, maybe even less so, as you don't need to run away from monsters or shoot back. You are the big alien spider, and everything is under your control. Play Alien Invasion: RPG Idle Space, a free game that does not require Wi-Fi, and enjoy the thrill of conquest! Privacy Policy: Terms of Use:
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Heroes Strike

A mobile MOBA with various modes, 3v3 combat, and a balance of strategy and action. Free-to-play with easy progression and frequent content updates.

Heroes StrikeWolffun Pte Ltd
Looking for a MOBA game that doesn't need internet connection? Look no further! This game offers modern and trending game modes such as 3v3 Modern MOBA, Battle Royale with 12 players, Game of King with 8 Players, and many more modes that get updated on a monthly basis. What makes this game unique is its 3v3 combat style that offers the perfect blend of fun and depth. Equip your hero with two skills of your choice besides the main hero ability, giving you a great mix of strategy and action. Each hero comes with their signature attacks and abilities, providing a vast collection of characters to choose from. The game offers various types of skills such as attack, defense, stun, and support. This game is designed with freebies in mind, as it provides solid heroes in each class plus five different skills to start with. You'll find generous rewards and easy progression with all items available for free. As a MOBA game player, this game is definitely worth checking out. It's a fair, "all-about-skill" mid-core game with simple rules and easy to learn controls. The characters and skills are balanced, and new content is frequently added such as new heroes, skins, skills, arenas and modes. Lag won't be a problem as the game has servers throughout the world, offering a seamless gaming experience. There are also fun events available all the time, giving you great opportunities to earn decent items. So, prepare your tactics, battle side by side with your allies, and climb up the League in this exciting game!

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