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Broken Universe: Tower Defense

Build barricades or lure monsters into a maze, each tower defense game starts differently; explore multiple paths and strategies.

Broken Universe: Tower DefenseJinthree Studio
Prepare yourself to reconsider all of your defense tactics! Establish obstructions to prevent creatures, or tempt them into a maze and then attack them. Diverse stages that alter every time based on the way you play them. ■ Smart Tower Defense Develop your very own unique and innovative tactics in this tower defense game that involves a twist. Play however you prefer and however you can imagine it. You also have the power to choose where to land and determine how each game begins! ■ Uncommon Gameplay Experiment with a plethora of diverse tactics, from preventing every route and hiding securely behind your walls, to guiding monsters down a great line of fire. Utilize the rare towers and obstructions to develop your very own one-of-a-kind game style. Attempt to blast monsters so hard they are unable to approach, confuse and mix the monsters until they can no longer function properly, or concentrate on safeguarding and recuperating to construct an impenetrable fortress. You can even try getting a bunch of monsters to back into a corner and wiping them all out at once, or arranging them in a line and taking them out one by one. ■ An Array of Contents *Vibrant Planets *Upgrades and Technology *Various modules and fusion towers *Powerful skills and useful items □ User Permissions Guidance [Required] 1. Allow access to device pictures, media, and files - Necessary to store additional files and gameplay data required to run the game. - Necessary for storing game files and data on external SD cards. [Optional] - This application does not require optional access. ※ In the instance of the option, you can still play the game even if you don't accept it. ※ Following the approval of these permissions, you can reset and withdraw the money by the following method. [How to Set Access Rights] * Android version 6.0 or higher: Settings > Application > Privilege > Privilege List > Retract Access Settings * Android version less than 6.0: Due to the nature of the operating system, the access authority can only be revoked if the application is deleted. We suggest upgrading the Android version to use it more efficiently. ※ For additional information, make reference to the application's terms and conditions. ---- Jinthree Studio Assistance: Terms: Privacy Policy:
Dungeon Overlord

A tower defense, strategy, auto-chess, and rogue-like game with stylized monster portraits. Upgrade and enhance your towers to defeat waves of enemies and guard the core crystal.

Dungeon OverlordAvalonGames
This unique game seamlessly mixes tower defense, strategy, auto-chess, and a hint of roguelike. Every tower built in the dungeon must be positioned with strategic foresight, much like a game of auto-chess. Clear each wave of enemy attacks to earn a new card and upgrade your tower with three identical cards. Furthermore, you may acquire several weapons to amplify your tower's strength (known as monsters in this game). The game features stylized monster portraits that could be considered works of art. Dozens of monsters with formidable abilities await to be commanded by you. It's recommended to focus on upgrading one monster per game. Random events will arise during challenging gameplay. Don't overlook enhancing your monsters outside of combat. Protect the core crystal successfully to achieve victory. Stay connected through Discord: and follow the game on Facebook: Do you have the confidence to complete the challenge?
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Infinitode 2: Infinite Tower Defense

Endless tower defense with countless enemies, towers, upgrades, miners, and trophies! Complete story mode, dig resources, design maps, and unlock infinite possibilities!

Infinitode 2: Infinite Tower DefensePrineside
Get ready for an ultimate Tower Defense (TD) game that offers a unique experience with an endless gameplay option. Make a stand against an infinite wave of enemy attacks for as much time as you can and unlock amazing rewards by completing the storyline. With 14 distinct kinds of towers, 11 types of foes, and a comprehensive gameplay, this game is packed with features despite its tiny size. Enjoy over 40 different levels that come with leader boards to keep track of your progress, and several quests without the endless grind. Your towers earn experience, abilities and come with different aiming tactics that can be heavily upgraded. Also, miners are available for digging resources to unlock new global upgrades, and a Map editor can be utilized to create any custom map, and you can earn rewards with each unique map created. Music tracks are a great addition to the game experience and are stored in maps and played with a synthesizer, enhancing the gameplay while providing players with the ability to create maps and share them with others. The game also comes with a massive permanent upgrades tree with over 300 unique researches, and many hardcore quests give trophies in 3D. With detailed statistics for each game, you can track your gameplay progress. The game can be synced with your PC, or any other device available, and everything can be unlocked for free without ads. Interestingly, the game can be passed to unlock a Developer mode with infinite possibilities, making it more engaging every time you play!

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