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Laqueus Escape 2

Escape the facility again by solving puzzles and challenges in this mysterious game. Will it be easier this time? Find out!

Laqueus Escape 2SmartCode
Have you ever found yourself in a mysterious facility, not knowing how or when you arrived there? If you have, then you know the challenge that awaits you: finding your way out. But fear not, because this time around, the journey will be somewhat less strenuous than before. Or will it? You won't know unless you give it a try. Prepare yourselves for a thrilling adventure filled with mind-bending puzzles and various challenges. As you enter this strange facility once again, you must gather your wits and steel yourself for the challenges that lie ahead. Prepare for the unexpected, for every step you take might lead you closer to your goal, or further away from it. The facility is riddled with traps and obstacles that will test your skills and endurance. But do not despair, for with enough persistence and intelligence, you will overcome every challenge that comes your way. Get ready to embark on an adventure unlike any you've experienced before. Explore the bizarre and perplexing environment the facility has in store for you. The journey may not be easy, but the sense of accomplishment you'll feel upon completion will be well worth it. So, what are you waiting for? Step into the facility and let the challenges commence!
Angry King: Scary Pranks

Infiltrate the angry king's castle as court jester Leonard Goodfellow. Solve puzzles to play pranks, while avoiding being caught. Register for special prize.

Angry King: Scary PranksKeplerians Horror Games
The ruler of the kingdom, King Richard, is a merciless and highly irritable monarch, who wields his authority over his subjects with an iron fist, from the confines of his heavily fortified castle. Under his tyrannical reign, people cower in fear, and no one has the guts to confront him. However, there is one person who has the courage to challenge his authority, the local jester, Leonard Goodfellow. He infiltrates the castle with the aim to play pranks on the king and reduce him to a laughing stock in front of his subjects, thereby stripping him of his fear-inspiring persona. Play as the mischievous Leonard and embark on a thrilling adventure inside the King's castle. Prepare yourself for some truly ingenious pranks, while skillfully avoiding detection by the king and his vigilant guards. Explore an exciting new gaming experience from the Keplerians universe. Solve intricate puzzles to prank the notoriously Angry King and savor the impact of your hilarious shenanigans. Pre-register today and become the first in line to play the thrilling game "Angry King". As a special reward, you will receive an exclusive prize when the game officially launches.
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The Wreck

In The Wreck, guide Junon through her most important day; relive the past, alter the present, and embrace the future.

The WreckThe Pixel Hunt
Embark on a journey with Junon, a failed screenwriter in The Wreck - a captivating 3D visual novel where you are the master of her fate. In this game, you get to play a crucial role in helping Junon through the most significant day of her life fraught with challenges. Junon's life is in turmoil, her career is in shambles, her personal life is falling apart, while she's emotionally numb. On top of that, an emergency call from the hospital about her estranged mother's critical condition brings everything to a head, making this day all the more critical for Junon. Without your help, her story may turn from a dramatic arc to a catastrophic crash. Take a dive into Junon's past and relive her most poignant memories, including a tragic secret that lies at the centre of her existence. Piece together the fragments of her life, gain an understanding of her trauma, and use this knowledge to alter the present and change the course of her life. Unlock new dialogue options, mend broken relationships, and offer her a chance to heal. With nowhere lower to go, you can bring Junon superb peace and show her the beauty, humor, and hope that life's bleakest days can often hold. Help her find solace within herself and embrace the future with a newfound optimism, paving the way for a better tomorrow. The Wreck is an emotional and compelling tale of human resilience; experience it for yourself today.

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