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Best new offline games🔥 pt 4

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Project MOLD: Roguelike ARPG

Project MOLD: a unique mobile sci-fi Roguelike ARPG, combat mysterious contamination and upgrade your character with distinct levels of difficulty.

Project MOLD: Roguelike ARPGLagrange Studios
Experience the ultimate science-fiction adventure with Project MOLD - the cutting-edge Roguelike ARPG game that promises an unparalleled mobile gaming experience. Embark on an enthralling journey as you combat mysterious contamination and master an array of potentially infinite game difficulties. Immerse yourself in a deep world characterized by exceptional mobile graphics with a futuristic flair and a grim dark ambiance. Engage in rapid action combat and explore infinitely generated playable levels with limitless game difficulties that challenge your mastery. Be on the lookout for a unique cast of menacing enemies that you must defeat using a diverse array of weapons and abilities. Tweak your character to optimize their performance as you experiment with unique weapons and abilities. Unlock potent new skills that will help you master rapid combat and select from various special abilities. Explore unique melee and ranged weapons and discover powerful gear to slash through hordes of infected. Enhance your gear's potential through the upgrade system and equip extraordinary items imbued with unique powers. Collect loot to improve your gear and complete various tasks to weaken the mysterious enemy and slow its growth. Infiltrate ships made out of concrete that have been taken over by the enemy and became its neurons. You'll use a diverse arsenal of weapons, abilities, and upgrades to battle your way through these hostile territories, but you must be prepared for brutal melee combat as your ammunition is limited. Make the most of the options available in the latest features, including the ability to revive once per Campaign without using currency, speed up the Modules fusing process, and info about collected loot & equipped modules on the death screen. Enhance your experience further with exciting new character upgrades, and accomplish unique tasks to earn better rewards. But beware- the enigmatic Mold is relentless in its quest to consume humanity, and you must do everything in your power to stop it before it's too late. Are you up for the challenge? Play Project MOLD now and find out!
Multi Impact Smash

Master the art of ball trajectory in Multi Impact Smash! Tear down structures and unlock new projectiles to conquer 100+ levels across 3 game modes.

Multi Impact SmashDmitrii Kolesnikov
Immerse yourself in the thrilling world of destruction and chaos with "Multi Impact Smash", the mobile game that promises to give you the ultimate gaming experience. Play as a demolition expert equipped with a powerful cannon and wreak havoc on everything in your path as you tear down, knock out, and smash objects like never before. Take on the challenge of hitting, striking, and kicking balls into various structures and obstacles to achieve the ultimate teardown. Utilize an addictive mix of strategy, precision, and outright chaos to demolish everything in your path. Unlock new types of projectiles, such as bombs, triple bullets, battering rams, or giant balloons, by smashing chests along your way. Become a master of cannonball trajectory by perfecting your aim, firing, and launching skills in a series of challenging levels. Timing and precision are key to your success in this innovative game mechanics that put your skills to the test. With over 100 unique bloodlines and 3 game modes, you will have to move through a tunnel, smashing pawns on your way and shooting down enemies flying at you, while avoiding rotating constructions. Experience realistic object physics as you watch chess pieces being destroyed, and feel the satisfaction of successful destruction like never before. Test your skills in different game modes and challenge yourself to pass them all with the highest score. While smashing objects is the primary goal, strategic planning is also essential. Some levels require precise hits to trigger chain reactions, while others demand careful teardown to avoid collateral damage. This game provides an addictively satisfying experience that will keep you coming back for more. Download "Multi Impact Smash" today and embark on the ultimate demolition adventure. Break all objects in the level to pass the stage, hit yellow crystals for more balls, collect coins to build altars, discover new types of bullets and knock chests for more coins. Experience beautiful minimalistic modern level design and an inspiring soundtrack to keep your adrenaline pumping. Can you conquer the teardown rush and become the master of smashing? The game's easy control mechanics will let you throw the balls in one touch, making it more convenient to play. With its 100 unique levels and 5 game modes, "Multi Impact Smash" holds a lot of secrets to discover- smash, collect, build, and explore all of them.
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Stupid Zombies Xterminator

Battle through zombie-infested rooms, gather coins, upgrade weapons to eradicate the infected in this action-packed game.

Stupid Zombies XterminatorGameResort
Welcome to a world where the city has been overrun by the undead and your mission is to restore order. Take on the challenge of navigating through each room, eliminating all zombie threats while maintaining a safe distance. Boost your abilities by collecting coins on the path to upgrading your weaponry and accessing new arms. Exercise caution and precision to survive this apocalyptic nightmare and cleanse the city of the zombie scourge.

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