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Best new mobile games🔥 pt 4

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Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann EN

Join Team Gurren for an epic journey in the Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann mobile game. Fight BOSS battles, embark on expeditions, and build your own Team Gurren.

Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann ENWanda Cinemas Games
Get ready for a nostalgic adventure with the first Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann mobile game, developed by TRIGGER. Join forces with Team Gurren and embark on an epic journey that will take you to the good old days of action-packed gameplay. You'll be fascinated with the story of Simon, a young digger who lives underground. Discover the secrets of a shiny little drill and a face-shaped mecha, and pierce the very fate of the universe along the way. Experience a wide variety of gameplay modes, from carefully managing your village at Littana to taking on the thrilling Expedition Teppelin. Join forces with your friends to fight BOSS battles or engage in a Sky Duel with other players. The possibilities are endless! You'll need to be strategic in your approach to gameplay if you want to succeed. It's not just about fighting hard; you need to fight smart too! Utilize the power of your mind, your team, and clever tactics to beat the competition at Teppelin. Remember the words of Kamina: “Winning a fight takes guts and a cool head!". Collect all the original Gunmen to build your very own Team Gurren. Unleash the power of bro force and the ultimate move with Gurren and Lagann. Add powerful beastmen, Enki and Lazengann to your team to make it even stronger. Craft your very own Team Gurren and become the champion of the game!
iSurvivor: Epic Shoot ‘Em Up

Fight hordes of monsters to rebuild a peaceful world. Survive, rescue allies, and use every skill to increase your chances of survival.

iSurvivor: Epic Shoot ‘Em UpGCenter
In a world ravaged by monsters under the control of a demon boss, everything has been destroyed. A once peaceful jungle is now also under attack by these monsters, turning lives into zombies. As one of the few remaining survivors, your task is to fight and eliminate hordes of monsters in order to rebuild a peaceful world. Start your adventure by attempting to escape whilst also rescuing any remaining survivors. Monsters roam the world and relentlessly chase after any living creature. The previously beautiful world has now become an apocalyptic wasteland. Some survivors evade the monsters' attacks and try to stay alive, coming together in armies to fight back against the monsters. This game combines various genres such as survival, adventure, action, snake, and prey games. ▶FEATURES - Survive in a world filled with monsters and zombies. - Utilize your skills to prolong your life. - Choose the necessary items to increase your chances of survival. - Allocate your skills according to each hero's strengths. - Be flexible with your strategies by combining life skills. - Eliminate monsters and zombies to become the last survivor. - Experience multiple games in one level. ▶HOW TO PLAY - Touch, hold and move your hero to fight against monsters and zombies. - Find and rescue allies to create a powerful army, and adjust your formation based on the snake and prey game. - Choose support items that fit your actual situation to increase your chances of survival. - Collect equipment during your adventures and improve your combat skills.
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Assemble With Care

Restore old objects and help reconnect the townsfolk of sun-soaked Bellariva in this tactile puzzle game with a beautiful impressionist style.

Assemble With Careustwo games
Indulge in the warm, pleasant ambiance of this vintage puzzle game, where you are tasked with repairing old-school objects. Follow the journey of an antique-restorer, Maria, as she travels to the sun-kissed town of Bellariva, to aid the townsfolk in rekindling their ties with one another. “Perfect for mobile devices” - The Verge “Affecting and authentic experience” - Gamesradar “Exemplary case illustrating the serene satisfaction of fixing broken trinkets ... it certainly leaves an impression” - Eurogamer The craft of video game creation can be considered an art, and this game is an exquisite example of it - Touch Arcade ==== Breathe life into the defining symbols of yesteryears, and unravel their mysteries, while traveling through the eyes of Maria. Enjoy the heart-warming tale of the residents of Bellariva, with their endearing peculiarities, as you partake in their quest to reconnect with each other. The reminiscing of bygone days is enhanced by the original soundtrack, inspired by the tunes of the 80s, lending the game a sense of nostalgia. Be awestruck by the intricate, impressionist style of the visuals, that are hand-illustrated, giving the gameplay a state of uniqueness.

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