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Pre Master

Immerse yourself in the world of underground gangs and traditional martial arts in K-city, as you track down a conspiracy and discover your missing brother.

Pre Masteryanstudios
Pre Master" is an immersive game that aims to blend the world of "underground gang" and "traditional martial arts". The setting takes place in a cluster of small fishing villages in the southern area which later evolved into the tranquil coastal town of K-city after the violent "Dragon's Head War" incident. As a martial arts expert, the protagonist, Hu Zhen, receives a cryptic letter which leads him to K-city to investigate the disappearance of his younger brother, Hu Jia, who, to his surprise, has been implicated in the shady dealings of K-city. Players will embody Hu Zhen, acquire skills, and train under various apprenticeships while simultaneously uncovering the hidden conspiracy in K-city to complete their mission. The game offers various playing modes such as attribute cultivation, kicking system, apprentice system, task system, and moves and weapon system. The attribute cultivation follows the standard RPG format, while the kicking system offers six distinct martial arts techniques with several challenge modes for players to explore their skills. The apprentice system allows players to train apprentices and take them outside to duel with other characters or participate in tournaments as they progress through the game. The task system encompasses a routine plot, although there are several twists and small climaxes throughout the story. Finally, the moves and weapon system provide players with almost fifty combat moves to combine in any manner they see fit, as well as an arsenal of weapons ranging from knives, sticks, swords, and daggers to pistols- offering a comprehensive experience of martial arts combat.
Rage Night

Rage Night offers customizable fighters, dynamic campaign, stable online multiplayer, and cross-play. Monthly updates and beginner-friendly intuitive controls make it even better.

Rage NightNetcode Studios Inc
Rage Night is an action-packed game that offers a thrilling online multiplayer experience. It boasts a robust online system where players can battle against each other in real-time matches. With dedicated servers and matchmaking, the game ensures fair and competitive gameplay. You can climb the ranks and claim your place on the global leaderboard. The game features a unique and dynamic campaign mode that allows players to battle through different scenarios and unlock new characters, weapons, and items. Customize your fighters with unique weapons, entrances, flags, and victory selections that are earned through gameplay, not by buying them. You can also invite friends for private matches and compete for a place on the live in-game global leaderboard ranking stats. Rage Night makes it easy for beginners to jump right into the action with intuitive controls that are suitable for players of all skill levels. The Single-Player Mode and one-button Special Moves put you in control of the fight. In addition, the multi-platform cross-play feature lets you play the game on Android phones and tablets or other available platforms. You can invite a friend or challenge another player across devices to battle it out in real-time PVP ranked matches and become the RAGE NIGHT Champion. The game also receives monthly updates to keep the gameplay fresh and exciting. More fighters, skins, and content are added to the game monthly, making it an immersive and visually stunning world. In recent updates, the game has enhanced its graphics and details for a more immersive gaming experience. You can now preview items before buying them, ensuring they are worth spending earned points on. Additionally, the game now features sounds for entrances and victory emotes, making every battle even more thrilling. The live tips announcements in the main lobby helps players improve their gameplay and take their skills to the next level. The News section and icon keep players up-to-date with the latest tournaments and other news within the Rage Night universe. You can also enjoy the game in your preferred language with the added language localization options. Overall, Rage Night offers a thrilling online multiplayer experience with customizable fighters, beginner-friendly controls, and regular updates and improvements. Download the latest version of the game now and become the ultimate RAGE NIGHT Champion!
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Dark Steel

Become a true combat master in Dark Steel - a medieval fighting game with smooth combat, 3D graphics, and exciting multiplayer battles. Choose your class and fight for honor in the medieval arena.

Dark SteelDark Curry
Enter the world of medieval games where you can break free from the chains of bondage and seek revenge against your oppressors. Start your journey to becoming a true combat master by selecting your class from knight, ninja or warrior, and face your enemies in PvP battles with realistic gladiator physics. Experience sword games that will transport you to a real medieval arena right on your mobile device. Use simple gestures on your touchscreen to battle against your opponents and upgrade your knight or ninja by earning dark steel. Join other knights in the multiplayer mode and compete to obtain knight fight weapons and dark steel armor in this action-packed medieval fighting game. Use gladiator knights to fight for honor in PVP and fighting arenas with boxing elements. Progress through the game by collecting different types of medieval knights fight armor and dark steel weapons of different rarities and styles. Choose your class, and make your character unique in offline fighting games and sword fighting games by selecting different colors, hairstyles, beards and scars to prepare for battle. Experience the thrill of the campaign mode as you travel through different chapters facing progressively stronger assassins or knights. Earn gold, weapons, and armor to become a powerful warrior in the medieval arena and offline games. Participate in temporary events that will test your skills, strength, and resilience. Work with friends to defeat rivals in your way and share the loot in the knight fight arena and medieval RPG. Experience a unique and unforgettable fighting game experience with Dark Steel. Enjoy smooth sword fighting combat systems with 3D graphics like never before, and an exciting multiplayer battle mode to play with your friends and rivals. Use your chosen knight games classes to fight and become a master in the medieval games arena. Discover your inner fighter and triumph in medieval sword fighting games. Join the Discord community and become part of the medieval games community.

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