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Best indie mobile games 2023

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AnnaAnnafrom Skich app

Boxville is a 2-in-1 adventure puzzle game and animated film about cans living in a city of boxes, featuring hand-drawn graphics and logical puzzles.

BoxvilleTriomatica Games
Boxville is an imaginative game that merges a puzzler with an animated movie. You will accompany the speechless cans, who reside in a town of boxes and share their stories using scribbles on cardboard. The game offers two distinct modes, one for solo fulfillment and puzzle-solving, the other for collaborative play with friends and family. The game's design has been tailored to allow players to savor the experience without the accompanying pressure of a typical puzzle game. You can investigate the world at your leisure, take in the plentiful environmental puzzles and brainteasers, all carefully chosen to elicit a relaxing experience. The story starts in Boxville, a quaint little city full of happy, content cans, with Blue Can as the protagonist. One day, an inexplicable earthquake rips the city apart, costing Blue Can his closest companion. It is up to you to support Blue Can as he navigates the aftermath, finds his friend and uncovers the secret behind the earthquakes. All the while, he will encounter new friends, adversaries, impediments and exciting encounters. Every scene in Boxville is hand-drawn and animated with particular attention to detail. The soundtrack has been meticulously crafted to complement each scene adequately, and speech bubbles replace all dialogue, lending the game a whimsical, surreal nature. In conclusion, Boxville is a visually stunning game with some thrilling challenges that both solo and group players can enjoy.
No Place for Bravery

Play as Thorn, an aging warrior on a mission to find his lost daughter in a harsh world. Fight your way through battles in this 2D action RPG.

No Place for BraveryGlitch Factory
Embark on a perilous journey with Thorn, a seasoned fighter who has faced countless battles and is now on a quest to reunite with his beloved daughter in a world torn apart by chaos. In this action-packed 2D top-down RPG, you must utilize your agility to evade and deflect enemy attacks while delivering swift and lethal strikes in response. As you travel through the unforgiving landscape, you will encounter fierce enemies and engage in intense battles filled with bloodshed. But amidst the chaos lies a hauntingly poignant story of Thorn's determination to bring his family back together. The path to redemption is paved with danger and unforgiving battles, but with every challenge overcome, Thorn draws closer to his ultimate goal. Master the art of sword fighting as you explore the perilous world, filled with ancient ruins and abandoned cities teeming with danger. Push yourself to the limit as you face off against unforgiving foes, using cunning tactics and lightning-fast reflexes to emerge victorious. Thorn's story is a gripping tale of love and loss, and the lengths a father will go to protect his family. Will you be the one to guide him through his trials and reunite him with his daughter?
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Coromon: Classic monster collecting with a modern twist! Over 120 creatures to train, tactical turn-based battles, and a compelling narrative. Try before you buy!

CoromonFreedom Games, LLC
Coromon is an exciting modern twist on traditional monster-catching games. Players can try out a portion of the game before purchasing it for $4.99. The game offers over 120 unique creatures to collect and train, allowing players to customize their trainer using hundreds of options. Additionally, players can explore a thrilling JRPG narrative and take on the role of a Battle Researcher in the Velua region. The adventure starts off smoothly for players until an unknown force attacks. Players need to build a squad of Coromon to fight back against the invaders and protect the region from further danger. When players are not exploring and battling in the game's narrative, they can challenge other Battle Researchers in online head-to-head combat to improve their battle skills and climb the leader boards. Tactical turn-based battles require players to choose their actions carefully based on available resources and carefully selected skills, attacks and status effects to overcome enemies. Players can also explore six major zones and cities, including frozen glacial caverns and blistering deserts, while playing a role in a fully-fledged JRPG narrative, complete with plot twists, turns and revelations. The game allows players to customize their playing experience by choosing the easiest setting for a stress-free immersive experience, or focusing on resource management and tactics for a more challenging game. Players can also use the built-in Randomizer and Nuzlocke modes for more unique gameplay experiences. Mobile players can enjoy new features such as Battle Dome mode, daily and weekly challenges, 12 new language options and more. Luxury items can be purchased to enhance the adventure, such as the Fruit Drone and Remote Storage. Additionally, Style Crystals can be earned to customize the look of Battle Researchers, while premium Coromon skins will allow for the collection of even more exotic creatures. To stay updated on the latest news, players can follow Coromon on social media, including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Discord. The adventure in Coromon awaits. What will players discover?

Persephone: Complete Edition with 100+ puzzles! Use death to solve puzzles and explore 10 enchanting environments with unique mechanisms.

PersephoneCriss Cross Games
Unleash your puzzle-solving skills with the new Persephone Complete Edition, providing you with over 100 levels contained in ten captivating chapters. With the whole story of Persephone, Demeter, and Hades enclosed, there is plenty to explore. Persephone presents an intriguing possibility that death may not be an end, but rather a means of resolving puzzles. How, when, and where you decide to die influence your progress in the game. Be awed by ten different environments and over 100 puzzles, each designed with its unique intricacies. Delve into a magical world empowered by stunning graphics and melodious tunes that will wrap you up in excitement.
Happy Game

Help the little boy escape his three nightmares while solving puzzles and avoiding creepy creatures in this psychedelic horror game with a haunting soundtrack by DVA.

Happy GameAmanita Design
In this brand new adventure game, a young boy experiences a horrific nightmare from which he needs rescuing. You will immerse yourself in this psychedelic horror experience and face three unforgettable nightmares that will test your skills. Throughout the game, you will be tasked with solving deeply disturbing puzzles in charming yet eerie surroundings. Beware of suspicious smiley faces and pink bunnies that could be lurking around any corner! As you progress through the game, you will be enveloped in the creepy, haunting songs and screeches of the Czech freakfolk band DVA. Your mission is to help the young boy endure and escape his nightmares, restoring happiness and normality to his life. Will you be able to navigate the nightmares and solve the puzzles to awaken the boy from his terrible dream? This game promises a unique, spine-tingling experience that will keep you on the edge of your seat. With its distinctive visuals and impeccable sound design, it creates a world of terror and wonder that will leave an indelible mark on you. So, take on the challenge and embark on this hair-raising adventure to rescue the young boy and bring him back to the light.
Retro Commander

Retro Commander is a post-apocalyptic RTS with single & multiplayer modes, a campaign story, crossplay, and customizable elements. Play missions, research tech, and form alliances.

Retro CommanderNoble Master Games
Retro Commander is an RTS game set in a world that has suffered a catastrophic disaster. It offers players the chance to lead their armies to victory in thrilling single player or addictive multiplayer modes, with co-op play available too. The game aims to be both enjoyable and accessible, with a modern user interface. You can challenge the AI, play against your friends, and compete in cross-platform multiplayer matches with a ranking and rating system to show your progress. The game features a post-apocalyptic environment with day-night cycles, rain, snow, wind, and solar flares, which add to the immersion. The game's deep campaign follows different factions, each possessing specialized technologies such as robots, stealth, drones, and shields. You can engage in various missions like elimination, survival, capture the flag, defense, and battle royale across land, sea, and air with common troops available to all factions. You can even undertake rescue and escort missions. There is a rich tech tree that enables you to research and build specialized structures and troops, including EMP weapons, portals, and even nukes. The Tech Snatcher allows you to steal enemy technology, offering an extra strategic edge. The game supports modding, too, with a map editor that allows you to create your own player-modded maps and campaigns. All of the game's elements, including troops, structures, graphics, and sound effects, can be modded for more personalization. In Retro Commander, teamwork is heavily emphasized, and you can form clans and teams to fight co-op style with other players and AI. Challenge yourself in single player skirmishes against the AI or delve into the comic-based story campaign. The multiplayer mode allows for LAN and internet play with rewards and ratings to keep things competitive. With Retro Commander, you'll find an engaging and varied RTS game with a unique post-apocalyptic world and amazing gameplay options.
Super Meat Boy Forever

Super Meat Boy Forever: Meat Boy and Bandage Girl's baby is kidnapped by Dr. Fetus. Run, jump, punch, and slide through thousands of challenging, randomly generated levels.

Super Meat Boy ForeverHeadup
Super Meat Boy Forever is a continuation of the story of Meat Boy and Bandage girl, taking place a few years after the previous game. They have been enjoying a tranquil life with their delightful baby Nugget until Dr. Fetus shows up and ruins everything by kidnapping Nugget. Devastated by this unforeseen tragedy, Meat Boy and Bandage Girl set out on a dangerous journey to rescue their beloved baby from Dr. Fetus' evil clutches. This game is not for the faint of heart. Super Meat Boy Forever is packed with challenging levels where death is an unavoidable consequence. Players will feel a sense of accomplishment every time they beat a level, despite how harsh it might seem. Running, jumping, punching, and kicking will be necessary to advance through both familiar and new settings. However, what sets Super Meat Boy Forever apart from its predecessor is the option to replay the game multiple times. Each replay will generate a brand-new experience since the levels will be randomly created, offering a plethora of unique and secret locations to discover. The game features thousands of levels so that players can test their skills again and again, without ever experiencing a repeat level. Say goodbye to the mundanity of everyday life and dive into the amazing world of Super Meat Boy Forever, where players can fight bosses, uncover secrets, unlock new characters, and immerse themselves in a captivating story that is bound to leave a lasting impression. With cinematic cutscenes that are beautifully animated and an incredible musical score, Super Meat Boy Forever is set to take the gaming world by storm. Players will laugh and cry as they experience this epic journey alongside Meat Boy and Bandage Girl, learning valuable lessons and emerging from the experience better people (or probably not, but marketing can be a challenge). Finally, the long-awaited sequel to Super Meat Boy is here. Run, jump, punch, and slide your way through thousands of levels in this epic adventure that guarantees hours of excitement and joy.

Join the human-headed boy and girl on a journey to escape the town by making money by tapping cans, buying, selling, and scavenging in Caramel Column.

AznanaCaramel Column Inc.
Let's leave this place, buddy! Let's hit the road!" This particular game is an ideal choice for people who adore immersive stories, appreciate charismatic characters with animal features, and desire a free game-play until the final payout. The objective is to make enough cash to flee the locality. You can accomplish this by tapping on cans to accumulate dimes, making lucrative sales, and foraging at the dumpsite for hidden gems. The game's plot features Aznana, a character with a head of an animal, a boy riding a bike, and a girl with no body that is incapable of speech. These characters' interaction is vital throughout the game, with one incessantly chattering and the other entirely dependent on the former. To conclude the story, players must steer both characters to the end successfully. Caramel Column, the brains behind the game, has made the game available on their website ( and can also be accessed via their Twitter handle (@GamesCaramel). Moreover, Maki Ono, the game designer, and the composer Kanon Wakeshima have undoubtedly outdone themselves with this game.
Devolver Tumble Time

Devolver Tumble Time - physics-based puzzle game featuring Devolver Digital characters, powerups, collectibles, and microtransactions. Watch ads, unlock characters, and compete in daily challenges.

Devolver Tumble TimeDevolverDigital
Devolver Tumble Time is an innovative and revolutionary physics-based puzzle game that combines a creative approach to monetization with a memorable brand integration. Select your preferred character from a wide variety of fan-favorite Devolver Digital games and clear their exceedingly charming heads from the tumbler to skyrocket your scores. You'll earn power-ups and activate unique abilities by successfully matching and eradicating the cutesy character heads. Be prepared for the opportunity to view some fascinating ads while you're at it. Unlock new characters as you amass points, conquer daily challenges, and indulge in in-game transactions. Who wouldn't want to purchase items in Tumble Time? It's downright addicting. In addition, keep an eye out for brand-new characters from all your beloved Devolver Digital games, along with some that might be completely unknown to you. And, of course, there are the delectable and captivating ads to watch. Spend hours of fun engaging with the mind-bending physics involved in this mesmerizing puzzle game. Matching and clearing the adorable character heads will provide hours of entertainment. Win virtual currency beyond your wildest dreams in Tumble Time and earn flowers, socks, and collectible donuts. Don't pass up on the opportunity to have an erratic chain reaction of chaos and enjoy every moment of in-game microtransactions. Did we mention the amusing and, at times, bewildering ads? Sit back and enjoy the scenery.
OXENFREE II: Lost Signals

Uncover the mysteries of Camena and stop the cult, Parentage, from opening a new portal in this supernatural narrative adventure. Your choices shape the story.

OXENFREE II: Lost SignalsNetflix, Inc.
Exclusively offered to Netflix members, immerse yourself in the latest investigation into a mystifying enigma with OXENFREE II: Lost Signals, an interactive narrative game set in a familiar world featuring shadowy members of a cult, ghastly radio transmissions, and space-time portals. Strange electromagnetic waves are causing disruptions with electronics and radio devices in the small coastal town of Camena. Riley Poverly hesitantly returns to her hometown to examine the phenomenon, but what she discovers is beyond what she expected. OXENFREE II: Lost Signals, developed by Night School, a Netflix Game Studio, is the mind-bending sequel to the critically acclaimed OXENFREE adventure game. Play the game as a standalone or delve deeper into the OXENFREE universe by playing the original to find connections that are up to you. While playing, your choices will have a significant impact on the story. Your decisions on how to deal with these supernatural events will shape the story in this exhilarating mystery. Your choices during conversations and dialogues will shape the story, forging a deeper friendship with an old acquaintance from high school or ignoring a lost fisherman in distress. Your decisions will influence who Riley becomes, the relationships she forms, and the story paths available to you. Use the new walkie-talkie to converse with your contacts and gain insights regarding the mysteries of Camena. You may ask for information, connect with the locals, or completely disregard them β€” your choices have repercussions. Five years ago, a group of teenagers unintentionally created a portal, ripping through reality and schedules on nearby Edwards Island. Now, the Parentage, a perplexing cult, is deliberately attempting to create a new portal to extract something. Who are they, and what do they seek to achieve? Are they striving to communicate with ghosts? Camena frequencies are being penetrated by eerie ghostly signals that you can tap into by using the signature radio mechanic of OXENFREE, which can communicate with supernatural entities, manipulate the world, and travel to the past by tuning into "time tears" or abnormalities in spacetime. OXENFREE's future was on the line in the previous game, and the stakes are higher in OXENFREE II. Explore the beautiful and hazardous terrain of Camena by climbing and rappelling. Take risks, and you may just be able to save the future, not just for Riley, but for everyone. Overall, Night School, a Netflix Game Studio, created a thrilling and mind-bending adventure that's sure to bewilder you with unexpected twists and turns, with OXENFREE II: Lost Signals, an exclusive offering for Netflix members.

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